i love hime that much

lmao let seokjin host more run and gayo episodes like…. his particular brand of extra is perfect for it? like all of his lil quips and his descriptions of the food were so dramatic? every time he jumped in it was hilarious… plus his giggles lift up the mood of the whole show

like… i think he really slips in between the cracks in other episodes like…. gets brushed off or just doesn’t participate too much… but most of the time when he gets the spotlight it really does fit the goofy vibe of the episodes


punk! dork Lucy & Natsu Lockscreens / Wallpapers

I asked @lolohime If I can use her drawings and tadaa ~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ  

I hope you like it guys and feel free to use them for your mobile phone °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

If you share the wallpapers on other websites (like facebook etc) please ask me first and credit the artist!!! 


okok so since I’m lazy busy, I’m going to post this separate for nOW.

what i’ve been TRYING to finish is dean and cas are standing next to charlie. Dean saying “so bi” and cas saying “so ace”…that shall come soon…hopefully.

Did somebody say Hinata Hyuuga headcanons?

I did. I said it. Here’s a list.

-Hinata develops a slight arrhythmia after her fight with Neji during the chuunin exams. It makes training and her missions in general difficult sometimes. She fights through it, but Neji never stops feeling guilty. (Side note, a common symptom of arrhythmia is fainting.)

-Hinata breaks down after Neji’s funeral. Everyone has left except for her and Naruto. She sinks to the ground and sobs, and it’s not long before he joins her, both of them holding onto the other for dear life.

-Hinata has her own honorary puppy at the Inuzuka household. She can’t keep it at the Hyuuga compound, but as far as Kiba is concerned, he just babysits for her. The puppy is named Haruko.

-Before being assigned to Team 8, Hinata was leery of bugs. She spent a lot of time with Shino, watching documentaries and hunting down specific bugs in order to get over it and improve their teamwork.

-When Hinata is tired or stressed during a mission, Kiba plays with her hair to get her to relax.

-Hinata bakes cinnamon rolls for her team every time they have to meet early for a mission, and sometimes when she just feels like it.

-Hinata and Hanabi will sleep in the same bed if possible, same room if not, after a particularly difficult mission for either of them. They just enter the room, and the other never questions it. They did this for three weeks straight after Neji's death.

-Kurenai taught Hinata how to knit when she was still a genin. Shino and Kiba still have the lopsided hats and too-small mittens she made for them tucked away safely.

-Hinata and Neji would always have tea after training. After the war, she continued this tradition with both Hanabi and Hiashi.

-When Hinata discovered her mother’s album of  pressed flowers at age 6, Hiashi taught her how to make them herself. He let her claim a section of the garden as her own and plant whichever flowers she wanted. In spite of her harsh training and their ever-distant relationship as she grew, he made sure that section of the garden always flourished the most.

-Once during a mission, Shino woke up to find his glasses missing. He had a spare pair, of course, and he blamed Kiba. Hinata took them just to see what they were like. When he found out, he let her keep them. Kiba was slightly indignant, but amused. Hinata still wears them on days when the sun is harsh. They’re pretty dark, otherwise.

-After the Bikochuu arc, Naruto asked Hinata to make the riceballs that looked like him one more time before he left with Jiraiya. He really liked them, after all. She happily obliged, as soon as she regained consciousness.