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Light Up the Ice - Chapter 1

Summary: Aelin Galathynius has never really been into sports. Yes, she likes to keep in shape, and she works out, but watching people run up and down a field, trying to keep a leather ball away from each other? It’s always seemed a bit childish to her, and decidedly NOT a way for a grown adult to make a living.

Rowan Whitethorn has recently been drafted by the Terresen Staghorns, one of best teams in the EHL (Erilean Hockey League). And since he moved to Terresen from Wendlyn, it’s been hard for him to get more than 30 seconds alone from someone demanding a picture with him. Getting drafted straight out of college wasn’t exactly what he had in mind, but he’s not complaining. Until he accidentally meets a girl. More specifically, until he accidentally meets his neighbor. She seems to have no idea who he is and for some reason, that’s refreshing. But will she still want to be with him once he shows her the truth?

Author’s Note: Well, friends, here we are! My newest multi-chapter has begun! This is a spinoff of my one-shot Missed Dreams and Lost Sleep which, if you haven’t read, I suggest you read it before you dive into this one! You can find it HERE! I’ve been bouncing this idea off of @tacmc for about a month at this point and I am so excited to share it with you guys! Enjoy!

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Keeping his feet moving was the only thing that kept Rowan Whitethorn from falling asleep on the ice. He harshly tapped his stick on the ice, letting his teammate know he was open for a pass.  The puck glided across the ice to the other side, and he skated around the back of the net, changing his position to where he was supposed to be next.

He danced around the edge of goal, staying out of the way of the goalie and was ready, waiting. He didn’t see the stick of the defensemen in front of him, however, and his skate got tangled up in it.

He hit the ice, shoulder first, taking the other player’s stick with him and groaned. Before he could make a move to get back on his feet, he got hit in the chest with the puck. Hard.

Gasping and resting on his hands and knees, he heard the whistle blow.

“Whitethorn!” He looked up, finding Coach Brello skating through the neutral zone. “Where the hell is your head today?”

He made it back to his feet and winced as he rubbed at his chest through the thick pads. Ress retrieved his stick from the ice by his feet and clapped him on the shoulder.

Everyone knew Brello was fair, but he was harsh when it came to slacking off on the ice, whether that was at practice or during a game.

“Just didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, coach,” he said, standing to his full height of 6’4. “My building had a false fire alarm and we were all evacuated for most of the night. I’m here, I promise. It won’t happen again.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. Let me make sure you can get some sleep tonight.” Almost as one, the entire team turned to glare at him. “Speed backchecks, let’s go! Line up!”

There were quiet grumbles as everyone skated to the other side. Rowan’s line sidled up beside him.

Lorcan, the Terrasen Staghorns’ captain, and Rowan’s left defenseman glared down at him. “Getting real sick of running drills thanks to assholes who can’t do their job at practice.”

Fenrys, his right winger, snorted from Rowan’s other side. “Says the one who caused us to run puck control drills for forty-five minutes last week because you bounced the Valg’s captain’s head off the ice.”

“He deserved it. He was playing dirty.” The sentence was more growl than it was words.

Gavriel, his right d-man, said under his breath, “If you don’t both shut up, coach will have us running a lot more than just backchecks.”

As the whistle blew and Lorcan and Gavriel took off towards the puck at the center of the ice, Fenrys nudged him. “You sure you didn’t finally get some last night?” There was a gleam in his dark eyes. “Didn’t finally sample some of the sweet things Terrasen has to offer?”

He turned away so the fastest forward in the EHL wouldn’t see the blush attempting to creep onto his already flushed face. “No, man, I wasn’t with anyone last night.”

Lie. It was an outright lie, but only because Fenrys was talking about spending some time in the bedroom. He didn’t say anything about the front lawn of his building or the diner down the road.

The whistle blew, alerting them that Lorcan netted the puck. He and Fenrys took off, having to go 2x2 until one of the pairs scored. They hadn’t lined up fairly, and Rowan planned to use that to his advantage. Two forwards against two d-men would typically be pretty evenly matched, but with Fenrys’ speed and Rowan’s puck handling, they would make quick work of their captain and alternate.

Fenrys beat him to the puck – unsurprisingly – and passed it to Rowan as he made to curve behind Gavriel. He chipped it with his stick, sending it around Gavriel, who expected it to skirt in front of his skates. Lorcan anticipated it though and had fallen back, ready for the forward to charge ahead. Fenrys wrapped behind the net and with expert skill, Rowan sent the puck to him and fell back. Lorcan had to decide, keep an eye on Rowan or keep Fenrys from netting the puck.

He chose wrong.

Turning to press Fenrys, the puck slid to Rowan’s waiting stick. Rearing back, with a crack that filled the empty arena, he sent the puck flying towards the goal. It caught in the netting and the goal horn blew.

“Looks like Mr. Whitethorn finally decided to show up for practice,” Brello hollered from the box where he and the assistant coach were manning the horn controls. He glanced at his watch. “Next line, reset the puck and go. They completed the full drill in less than 50 seconds. If you cross a minute, you’ll be running drive drills until my wife gets home from work.”

The entire team knew that Brello wasn’t married.

Skating over to the benches, the first line grabbed their bottles. Rather than drinking his, Rowan sprayed the water over his face and neck, shaking his silver hair out.

“Good misdirect, Rowan,” Gavriel, said, one leg swung over the wall separating the ice from the bench.

As he nodded his thanks, Lorcan said, “Use that against Red Desert tomorrow night and they’ll have no idea what direction you’re coming from.”

The rest of practice flew by. Rowan tried to keep his mind on the game, on practice, but his mind kept drifting back to last night. Back to the laughs that he’d shared with her; to the 24-hour diner she’d shown him down the street; to when he’d stood outside her door this morning and asked if he could call her and she’d said no, temporarily causing him to think back through the whole night. Had he been that far off on how she’d been looking at him? When she’d said he could just knock on her door and then shut said door in his face, a devilish smirk on those lips, he couldn’t do anything but stare. And then smiled as he headed to his own door down the hall.

Pulling his phone out of his bag, he saw it was just after 5:30. People with real world jobs would just be getting off work now, so maybe he could catch her just as she was getting home. Maybe they could grab dinner. As he sat down in the locker room to take off his skates, that plan went out the window.

“Kennedy brothers, Whitethorn, Bourne.” He glanced up to see Brello holding a clipboard. He suppressed a groan. “I want you clocking another 3 hours in the gym tonight. Do it here, do it at home. Hell, do it at Planet Fitness for all I care. But I want at least an hour of cardio, an hour of free weights and an hour of bands. The rest of you rest up. I’ll see you at 10:30 for pre-game ice time tomorrow.”

Knowing that Bourne lived in a fancy high-rise with a gym and the Kennedy boys had a gym at home, Rowan elected to use the facilities gym. It wasn’t often he could work out in solitude. His morning run was the closest he got, but only because he was up before the rest of the city was.

Since he’d been drafted by the Terrasen Staghorns, it had been nearly impossible for him to get more than 30 seconds alone before someone noticed him, but so was the life of a professional hockey player in the Erilean Hockey League.

Coming from Wendlyn, he knew nobody here, yet everyone seemed to know him. Luckily, a few of his teammates – specifically, his new line –  hailed from the same lands, and he’d gotten in tight with them. They were now a force to be reckoned with, a perfect line of offense and defense and it was almost as if they had one thought process running throughout them.

That’s one reason that the girl from last night had been stuck on his mind. She looked at him like he was just a normal person, not a professional athlete. He wasn’t sure if she was very good at ignoring the obvious or if she genuinely didn’t know who he was.

Stripping out of his pads and putting on an old shirt from his days at the University of Doranelle, he tied the laces on his shoes and made his way to the gym. Might as well get this over with if he had any hope of seeing her again tonight.

Pulling the door open to her coffee shop, Aelin attempted to fight off a yawn. The little bell tied to the knob jingled, alerting Lysandra that there was someone coming in.

“Goooooood morning, boss, slash best friend, slash person who I love more than anyone else on this planet.” The dark-haired vixen called from behind the counter.

“Hey,” came a male voice from beside the door; Aelin’s cousin, Aedion.

She pointed a wet rag from where she’d been wiping down the counters in his direction. “Hush up. You don’t make my schedule.”

Aelin looked from her cousin back to her best friend, yawned, and said, “Somebody is obviously about to ask for another day off.”

“Blame him!” Lysandra said, pointing to Aedion, who immediately set his cup down and held his hands up in the universal gesture for I didn’t do anything. “He got tickets to the hockey game tomorrow night and wants me to go with him.”

Aelin fought the urge to roll her eyes and headed behind the counter. Lysandra handed her a cup of black coffee and she walked towards her office, sipping the sweet nectar as she unlocked the door. “I just don’t understand why you’d want to pay to watch a bunch of grown men play a child’s game.”

Aedion had stood and followed her into the back office Aelin used as her base of operations. He dropped a few envelopes on her desk and Aelin immediately began to open them, yawning again. Bills, ads, and teenage resumes; the usual mail she received. “Children don’t beat the shit out of each other when they play,” he said. “These guys do. It’s awesome.”

“Ooh.” The sarcasm lacing Aelin’s tone as she threw the sales flyers in the trash was evident.

“Come on, Aes,” he said, sitting in the chair in front of her desk. “My boss gave them to me because he can’t go. I really think Lys would have fun. Please?”

Turquoise and gold eyes met across the desk. Looking at her cousin, his bottom lip jutted out like a petulant child, she rolled her eyes. “Of course, I’ll let her have the night off. I’ll just cover the barista shift tomorrow night. It’s not a big deal.”

Aedion jumped up and ran around the desk, planting a loud kiss on his cousin’s cheek. Aelin pushed him away as she fought off another yawn.

“Okay, that’s the fourth time you’ve yawned since you stepped foot in the door,” Lysandra said, leaning on the frame of the doorway separating the office from the front of the Staghorn Café. “What’s up?”

Aedion turned and looked her up and down. “You didn’t finally get laid, did you?”

“Ugh, Aedion,” Aelin groaned. “You’re practically my brother. You don’t get to ask things like that.”

“Yeah, Aedion,” Lysandra said, smacking him on the shoulder and plopping into the seat he had just vacated. “But I’m the best friend, so I do. Who’s the lucky guy?”

Letting her head fall into her hands, she said, “I did not finally get laid.” She put emphasis on finally since so were they. It had only been 3 months since she and Chaol decided they just didn’t work as a couple. They were actually great friends now, his current girlfriend working as Aelin’s baker, filling her shop with the delicious scents of freshly baked bread and pastries. She and Nesryn got along surprisingly well, considering the awkward way they knew each other.

“The fire alarm got pulled in the building at, like, three this morning. I had to sit on the front lawn until the sun rose and they cleared the building for us to go back in. I’m just tired, that’s all.”

“So there wasn’t a guy involved?” Aedion asked, and the tips of Aelin’s ears involuntarily turned pink as she thought about him.

Lysandra squealed and shoved Aedion out the door. “Man the counter, babe.” She slammed the door in his face and sat back in front of the desk, her green eyes huge as she waited for Aelin to fill her in. A muffled “I don’t even work here!” could be heard through the door. Lysandra sat, waiting.

Aelin couldn’t stop the smile that broke across her face, causing Lysandra to squeal again. “It was him, wasn’t it? Your neighbor?”

“Rowan,” was all Aelin said, and Lysandra cried, “You got his name?!”

So Aelin gave her the quick recap of the night, from waking up to the alarm screeching to turning around and seeing Rowan in nothing but boxer-briefs, to watching the sunrise and grabbing breakfast from Emrys’ Diner down the block. By the time Aelin finished, she could tell Lysandra was already trying to decide what kind of dress she should wear as the maid-of-honor in their wedding. Her green eyes were wide and she asked, “What’s his last name?”

Aelin opened her mouth and then closed it. Somehow, she hadn’t gotten it last night. They’d mostly talked about trivial things; movies they liked, their favorite breakfast foods, the path Aelin normally took when she was running.

“I’m not sure,” Aelin said honestly.

“You have to find out! What if it’s like “Johnson” or “Peters” or,” she gasped. “Cox?”

Rolling her eyes, Aelin pointed towards the door. “Out. You can have tomorrow night off. Enjoy watching the man-children ‘beat the shit out of each other’,” she said, quoting Aedion.

Blowing a kiss across the desk, Lysandra jumped up and ran back out front.

Yawning, Aelin took another long drag of her coffee.

She was exhausted. She hadn’t gotten to run this morning or take a shower or even start her laundry from the night before. But it was worth it.

Glancing at the time on her computer, she saw it was 11:45 in the morning. She wouldn’t be home until nearly 10:00 that night. Hopefully, he wouldn’t stop by when she wasn’t home. Hopefully, if he did, he wouldn’t take her lack of answer as a lack of interest.

Hopefully, she’d be seeing him again tonight.

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If you ever have the time or energy to spend on that "Will as the Rose Bride" thing, I really would love to see it. Even if it would come out a bit goofy.

He glimpsed the boy in the yard behind the school. He had dark, curly hair and fair skin, and he was playing with several dogs that had gathered around him on the grass. No, not playing; Hannibal had assumed it was play, because he saw a boy surrounded by dogs, but the boy was kneeling and giving serious inspection to one of the dogs’ paws. The dogs were clearly strays, skinny, with matted fur. The boy’s school uniform fit well enough, but it was creased and unkempt in a way that indicated he didn’t much care that he was wearing it.

Alana came to lean against the railing next to Hannibal. “Who’s that?” Hannibal asked.

“That’s Will Graham,” said Alana. “I’m surprised you don’t know him. He’s well known among certain circles.”

Hannibal looked at Alana and saw a certain resigned affection in her face. “Our circles?”

“Mmm. He’s on the Student Council, you know.”

Someone else came stalking up to Will Graham now. He was big even for a senior. Hannibal knew him only by reputation: Jack Crawford, also on the Student Council. They were too far away to make out what Jack was saying to Will, just that Jack was raising his voice. Will bowed his head and hunched his shoulders. Hannibal frowned.

“Hannibal,” Alana said warningly, but it was too late. Hannibal leapt the rail and strode across the grass toward Jack and Will, his hands in his pockets in studied nonchalance.

“Is something wrong with the dog?” he said to Will, bending down a little. Will just looked up at Hannibal with large eyes and a stubborn set to his mouth. “I’m studying medicine,” Hannibal offered. “Human medicine, but I’m sure it can apply to dogs as well.”

“She hurt her paw somehow and it’s gotten infected,” Will said in a low voice. “I was going to take her back to my room and keep her there for a few days.”

“Ah,” said Hannibal. “Do you have any antibiotic ointment? I–”

“What the hell,” Jack barked.

Hannibal looked up as if he’d only just noticed Jack was there. Jack’s expression was thunderous. “Why, hello Jack.”

“We were having a private conversation,” Jack said through his teeth.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t see a sign,” Hannibal said mildly.

Jack looked as if he’d like to let Hannibal know what he thought of that with some force, but then he straightened up and smiled. “You must be the new challenger.”

Hannibal lifted his eyebrows. “I’m sorry?”

Jack gestured to Hannibal’s hand. Hannibal looked down at it and saw nothing unusual. He was wearing the ring Mischa had given him years ago.

“I’ll see you in the woods after school, then.” Jack jerked his head toward the place in question. “Don’t be late.”

Hannibal watched as Jack swaggered away. “What was that about?” he wondered.

“If you don’t know, then it’s already too late,” Will muttered. He picked up the little dog and sloped off in the opposite direction from Jack. Hannibal shrugged and went on to class.

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My crush is the CUTEST AND THE MOST SWEETEST BIRACIAL BOY.The first day we met we sat around and talked about poetry, music, and intersectional feminism and misogynoir.He's a poet and he's uber passionate about writing it,I lended him my book filled with love poems and he absolutely adores it .We both have one of the 400 writing prompt books so we're both going to write in them and then trade and read what each other have written.Hes 6ft,blue eyes, and dark brown curly hair!DID I MENTION HES 6FT

Ok so, this is something I wrote back on my Great Depression time. xD It's pretty dark and combined with FFXV it's...well.. darker xD Haven't checked it for mistakes yet but I'd love your opinion!

“Tell me a little about yourself.” The man with the dirty-blond hair asked.

He’s from Insomnia. Evita was certain because of his accent. Born and raised. You don’t really see psychologist from Insomnia. After the fall, there was only one other she’d come across. Ignis seemed to know a few things though.

Her molten gold eyes kept wondering behind him, following the patterns of the dark green wall behind him. Under different circumstances, Evita would be mesmerized by his incredible features. A face build by perfect carves and lines, no scars or wrinkles; and those eyes, emerald green and filled with compassion and love, even for the people he didn’t know. Like her.

She wondered for a second. Could a person really carry on with such feelings? Or is it simply part of his job?

She didn’t care about it. She didn’t care about anything anymore!

In any other time, she and her sister, Six, would be rendered speechless under the gaze of such a man.

“He’s the man of your dreams, isn’t he?” she heard her sister’s stern voice.

She’d thought about it a couple of times; a man worthy of her own beauty.

Evita was a young lady, she was to turn twenty the next week; she didn’t care about that either.

Tall, olive skinned, with golden almond-shaped eyes and copper colored, short, messy hair. Her black streak always being her trademark.

She looked a lot like her mother. Or so she remembered.

She didn’t have time for romance.

Evita and Six grew up alone. They were orphaned at a young age when the apartment they all lived in caught on fire. The flames taking mommy and daddy with them.

That wasn’t the reason she’d decided to visit the psychologist, though. The reason was… a dream!

“Evie?” she heard his calm voice ring inside her ears. It felt like an invisible hand, caressing her away from her dark thoughts, away from the wall her eyes kept staring at; leading her straight to his soft lips.

She wanted to listen to him, hear his advice. Take it so she could save herself. Or so she thought.

“Daydreaming?” he blessed her with a soft smile.

“There’s no reason to dream anymore.” The words fell from her lips like whisper. She didn’t want the world to listen. The world she’d come to know, was cruel, judging, painful. There was no place in it for her. “The world doesn’t give you a reason to dream.”

“How about life?” the young man asked again, mesmerized by her way of thought; by the darkness that surrounded her.

“Life is just a game, doc.” She smiled a bitter smile.

“Please, call me Ignis. Would you care to elaborate on that notion? Is life just a game for you?” is was incredible, there was nothing but compassion in his voice. No hate, no fear, no dread towards her, her words, her idea of the world.

That was… new.

“Not just for me. For everyone. It’s just a pointless, stupid game, that someone, somewhere came up with. A game where all of us are bound to play by someone else’s rules. Forced to do whatever others tell us. Unable to leave whenever we want; just whenever they get bored of us. When they’ve had enough. We all have our own daemons, but…” she took a few seconds to blink the hot tears away from her eyes, rearranging her thoughts as her eyes darkened “ you can get out of it if she blesses you. If she accepts to put you out of this misery we’ve learned to call life. It’s not always a blessing though. Sometimes, it’s the exact opposite.”

“Who is she?”

Evita smiled wearily “Lady Death.”

Ignis wrote something on his notebook “So you wish to tell me, Death… is a female figure.”

“Isn’t every wrong thing in the world a female figure?” she smirked “The Original Sin: Eos, Shiva, Leviathan; everything began with them.”

“I am curious,” Ignis continued after nodding at her chain of thought “this… Lady Death, tell me about her. Explain to me, how do you picture her?”

Evita’s look was dead serious the second the words left his lips “I don’t picture her, Iggy.” Her voice strong and low “She’s not a fragment of my imagination. I’ve seen her.”

Ignis’ heart skipped a beat at her words, a certain uneasiness taking its hold on him. He fixed his glasses before continuing “The dream for which you came to me.”

“Not exactly.” She breathed, her eyes falling upon the texture on the wall once more “See, it wasn’t a dream.” She explained what the Lady was for her “A tall figure, young face, a thin yet strong presence. Long dark hair, hugging her body like a veil; and her eyes… milky white and screaming chaos! Spreading terror as they fascinate any soul that dares to look at them. She always wears a long dark tunic, taking extra care not to hide her beautify terrifying face. On her right hand, a scythe, even more monumental than her own form, a shiny blade under which countless souls have fallen! That’s how she answers your song, when you call for her. Her face,” Evita let out a heartening sigh and a shiver run down Ignis’ spine as his blood had started to freeze. He didn’t know why, but something in her words, in the meaning of them, seemed so alive, so real; like he could almost see her, standing by her side “her face is so sad. She doesn’t like what she’s doing. Though, there’s no other way, she, herself, is just another pawn.”

“Stop telling him everything! He doesn’t need to know.” She heard her sister’s voice once again. Six was there, whispering in her voice.

Evita stopped talking.

“Can anyone call for her?” Ignis asked. He was so absorbed by her, he hadn’t written anything down in his notebook. Thinking back on that little detail, he smiled to himself for having pressed the recording button.

Evita didn’t answer. She was waiting for Six’s blessing to do so. The latter didn’t speak. She just walked around the room a little longer.

“You can tell me.” Ignis smiled “I don’t plan on calling her anytime soon.”

Evita’s eyes fell on Six’s figure, standing right behind him, covering the dark green wall.

“Tell him then. I’m not sure Her Highness will be more bothered than me.”

Evita opened her mouth, as if to say something but closed it right away, as she took a small breath, trying to pick the right words “Have you heard of the Swan Song?”

“Yes.” Ignis answered, filled with interest and need for knowledge “Swans sing before they die.”

“That’s just what humans do. A little before we die, we let out a soundless scream of sorrow and regret. To her ears, that scream takes the form of a song. A summoning spell.”

“How is it that you have seen her, then?” Ignis thought about her words “You’re still here.”

“It all started when my parents died. I was twelve years old and my sister was fifteen. Our apartment caught on fire because my mother forgot that damn cigarette before dad threw it away.” Six let out a huffed laugh at the thought of one thing leading to another. “It all happened so fast; I can’t recall how fast the fire spread along the house. I just remember Her! She came for mommy and daddy. She came for me! She lowered herself above me, like a mother, tucking her beloved child in bed before sleep. She whispered how it wasn’t my time, but we were to meet again. She moved so quickly, yet I, like the little child I was, followed. I needed to see; I needed to know what she was doing. Who she was.” She took in a breath, eyes wondering, following her sister’s moving figure; falling on the mesmerized eyes of her listener “They sang for her! I could hear their call. She lowered herself over them, like she’d done for me and; I couldn’t understand why but… she cried for them. It was only a single, heavy tear. When it fell and touched their foreheads, they went silent.”

Ignis was nailed in place. Unable to move, like her words were hands, keeping him down in his seat. Everything he heard, so real. Like he was the one to live through it. Like it was his parents, leaving their last breath in the arms of the dark-dressed woman. Images bombarding his mind; the apartment, the fire, the Lady in black, the shaking of fear and the smell of dread.

“And then,” Evita continued “She opened her ripped black wings and the room went dark.” She mimicked the movement a bird makes when it flatters it’s wings “I woke up in my sister’s arms the next morning. Six never spoke about it, but she’d seen her too. I know. I could see it in her eyes.”

“So tell me, Ignis.” she ordered after a few seconds of silence, her eyes glued with his “How can two kids, who had never felt pain or misery in their lives, dream about such horrid things? How can all this be but a dream? Let me tell you.” she smiled “It’s just another rule. What one cannot understand, must be just a bad dream. ‘Childish Imagination’ the previous doctor called it. ‘A teenager’s dark subconscious’. Six and I know better than that.”

 “Talk to me about your sister.” Ignis tried changing the subject, get her mind working on something else “Did she treat you right? Were you happy with her?”

“He’s pushing it.” Six roared, behind gritted teeth. Getting very close to his face while he just stood there, not even flinching; not paying any attention to anything but Evita.

“You’re pushing it, doc.” Evita’s eyes moved from her sister to him “We’re here because of the ‘dream’; not my sister.”

“I’m just trying to understand, Evie. Help me put the pieces together.”

“He’s either very good at his job, or a complete idiot!” Six breathed, raising her eyebrow at him. This time she was sitting in the chair behind him, her intense look not once leaving his figure.

“How can I help you understand?” Evita asked, not paying attention to her sister’s words.

“What brings you here.”

Evita brought Six back to the center of attention, despite her sister’s protests “My sister, Six, is my guardian angel.”

“Is?” Ignis noticed “I thought…”

“You thought right.” Evita cut him off “My sister is dead!”

“We always carry the thought of the ones we lost.” Ignis quoted, fixing his glasses at the bridge of his nose. “Would you tell me how it happened?”

“She was murdered.”

Evita took her time to collect her thought while Ignis waited for more information. He pushed her, with his own kind way, so her mind could think of the details, get everything he could out of her. He really wanted to help her move on.

Ignis made a notion with his hand and she continued.

“Her song was beautiful! It was the second time I saw Her. It was a rainy day, back in Insomnia. We hadn’t been back for a year. She went inside while I waited with a couple of friends, she had a duty to fulfill. A few moments later, I heard her song and a tear fell down my face.” Evita looked at the ceiling, taking a moment for the hot tears to dry out. “And well, here we are.”

“We?” Ignis found himself surprised by her choice of words once again “There’s none other here but you, Evie.”

Evita tilted her head to the side, looking at him with wonder in her eyes “You’re wrong, Ignis.” she said “There’s four of us in this room.”

The blood inside his veins froze solid, terror spreading all over his body. The vision of the young lady he had in front him had changed. The sweet, innocent version had become cold, like a porcelain doll.

It was only then that he noticed her wounds, scratches and bruises all over her face, neck, arms and legs. There was one, in particular, he got terrified upon noticing. A big wound on her eye! How? When? Why was he noticing it just now?

“What are you saying, Evie?” his voice broke, fear taking the better of him as it circled his heart and mind.

“You still can’t see her?” Evita smiled a sad smile “She’s right there!” she pointed at the leather couch next to the office’s door.

Ignis’ gaze followed her finger. His eyes instantly falling upon her.

The tall girl with the veil of raven hair and eyes grey as a winter’s cloud. She was dressed in white, just like Evita and she was also covered in wounds and scratches. Ignis’ eyes fell upon the left side of her entire body –the parts he could see anyway. It seemed as if it was still burning. How was that possible? The wound seemed to start at the middle of her cheek and run town to her fingers and toes.

“Hey, Iggy!” Six waved with a smile when he’d finally realized she was there as well.

“Who are you?” Ignis raised from his seat “How did you get in here?”

“Get –“ Six sighed while rolling her eyes “I was here from the start. You were just not ready to see us.”

“See… you?” he was starting to lose it, he was sure of it “Evita, what –“

When his eyes fell upon her, Evita’s dress was covered in blood, seemingly running down from the wound on her eye. He run to her side, wanting to help her; but she just stared at his direction, her golden eyes now milky white and her face… nothing like he was expecting.

Ignis expected to come across something. Pain, agony. The only emotion she showed was… regret.

That’s when he remembered.

“Lady Death.” He whispered, feeling his heart ready to burst out.

“Can you see her now?”

“I…” he’s voice broke at the emotions bombarding his mind “This can’t be happening.” He fell on his knees in front of her.

“It’s all just a dream.” Evita caressed his cheek while she explained as he leaned into her touch “Your way of avoiding the pain. All the stories you heard from me; all yours. The fire, that took your parents when Niflheim attacked Insomnia. The ‘murder’ of your ‘brother’, Noctis. All yours! Your very own Swan Song.”

Ignis’ eyes where willed with agony when he looked at her again “Who are you?”

“I am a Reaper.” She smiled wearily “I’m here to remind you who you truly are.”

Ignis burst out in tears at her words, realizing it was his time. That this was real.

“Your song is the most beautiful tone I’ve ever heard!” Evita breathed “You truly do not want to die!”

“But you must come with us.” Six stepped in, voice stern and yet breaking for him “Accept the end.”

And then, amongst the pain, the fear and the agony that ripped his heart apart, Ignis saw her standing in the corner, near the exit door.

A dark, shapeless figure; moving closer with every passing second. A single ray of light running along the blade of her scythe.

“My Lady.” He managed to say in between his shallow breaths her sad gaze caused.

‘She doesn’t like what she’s doing.’ He heard Evita’s words in his mind again ‘She’s just another pawn!’

“She’s not here for us, Ignis.” the sisters said in unison, their merged voice caressing his ears like a song “She’s here for you.”

Ignis looked at her through his eyelashes, coming across her haunting, void eyes. She bowed above him and shed a single tear. Suddenly, all the feelings he felt were gone. Pain had become peace, fear had become bliss.

It was all over.

But he didn’t care. He didn’t care about anything anymore!

Lady Death stretched her black, ripped out wings and room was filled in darkness.

“Death,” she whispered in a haunting screech “is only the beginning.”

Damn, Six :O And I thought I was angsty! This was amazing!

I got chills from reading this, seriously. Poor Ignis tho!

Please tell me you have a version for Gladio on this with your baby >< I’d love to read that too!

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: three days ago thomas stanley holland, a man who i USED to stan, tweeted "bye bye hair". harrison fucking responded to the tweet with an cheeky ass emoji. he knew that little shit he knew but he's holding out on us just like tom is. so tom's hair, the hair i love, the locks, the curls, the softness, is gone. next harrison is back at it again with instagram posts, this one with them riding horses but toms head is covered by a helmet. covered by a helmet. these boys, before we even truly knew it, were setting us up for cardiac arrest. so for three days we were left in the dark. then out of the blue we see tom with a hoodie covering his head strolling the streets in montreal with a laughing harrison beside him. we cannot see the hair. not one bit. THE LITTLE SHIT is specifically is pulling down his hood so we cannot see what he fucking did to his hair. AND THEN he posts another instagram story saying "guys it's not as bad as you think. i actually think it looks really good. i think you'll like it but i'm going to save it for an actual picture to show you." with harrison 'legit devil on the shoulder' osterfield smirking over his shoulder. these two boys are fucking teases and they know it. BUT IT DOESNT STOP THERE! Oh no. Tom then posts a photo on his instagram. throwback to my curls + tash. bitch, we all know you cut your hair. STOP TEASING US FOR FUCKS SAKE. we should've seen this coming. we should've listened to anthony mackie, he knew and we all should've listened. tom is a little asshole. so is harrison. i hate him. i hate them both. they can both CHOKE!

“Don’t you get it?! I am terrified. I am so scared of losing you. I’m worried you’ll wake up and realize that you wasted time on me. You’ll see me differently. My quirks will become annoying, and the things you used to love most about me, you’ll grow to hate.”

“I won’t.” He stepped forward, reaching to move my hair from my face.

“I’ve heard those words before.”

“Baby,” he whispered, gently pulling on my chin to force me to look at him. “I love you.” I opened my mouth to argue with him.

“No. Don’t. I love you. I love you,” he paused for emphasis. “I love you. I’m not going anywhere and I love every part of you. No matter what. I know it’s difficult to believe, but I love every little thing about you. Your big ears. Your cute nose.” He tapped my nose playfully with his finger. “The dark parts of your heart. Baby, believe me. I will love you for as long as you let me, and if that’s forever, then fantastic.” Before I could say anything else, he wrapped his arms protectively around me.

In that moment, I am equally comforted and terrified because I’ve never had something I was so scared to lose.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write
dating peter parker...

let me know if you liked this it’s tragically long i went overboard haha

  • first and foremost, peter would be the most loving/attentive/caring and overall best boyfriend to ever exist, ever 
  • he’s also a needy baby who likes attention 
    • “Y/N”
    • “Yes, Peter?”
    • “You haven’t kissed me in, like, five whole minutes” 
  • majority of the time you make peter very flustered so you’re usually the one to initiate the kisses because he’s a blushing mess 
  • he thinks you’re the most gorgeous person to ever walk the earth
  • he cannot believe you’re as in love with him as he is with you
    • “How’d I get so lucky”
    • “Peter stop it it’s not like I’m a magical princess I’m normal stoppp” 
    • “But are you sure about that”
  • he will adamantly deny that he likes staring at you but that’s all he does when you’re with him
  • he prefers to call it gazing because it sounds less creepy and the last thing he wants is for you to think he’s a creep
  • he likes to tease you about the fact that you had a crush on him for most of your freshman year and it annoys you endlessly 
    • “That’s so cute Y/N how adorable”
    • “I will literally break up with you right now”
    • “What no no I’m sorry I love you don’t do that” 
  • the first time he told you that he loved you he stuttered for a solid ten minutes, almost cried because c’mon Peter just tell her you love her you idiot she’s gonna hate you if you keep stumbling over your words like a madman oh my god you haven’t said anything in five minutes no one has ever been silent this long
  • finally he closed his eyes and choked out the words and when he opened his eyes he swore that he had never seen anything as beautiful as the way you were smiling at him in that very moment 
  • after that he has no problem saying it to you whenever he can no matter where you are or what you’re doing
    • “Mr. Parker can you please share what you were just whispering to Ms. Y/L/N with the rest of the class?” 
    • “Oh yeah I was just telling her that I love her because I do and I need to make sure that she doesn’t forget” *cue adorable smile*
    • Oh my god Peter please be quiet I love you too you weirdo” 
  • he kind of lives for embarrassing for you, he thinks it’s the funniest thing 
  • you love Ned too and it kind of makes Peter jealous sometimes which is just hilarious to witness
    • “You’re spending an awful lot of time with Ned” 
    • “…………..I spend every waking moment with you and Ned hangs out with us dummy” 
    • “Just checking”
  • you’re the only person he tells about being Spider-Man because you’re you and he can’t keep something like that from the love of his life that’s just not how it works
  • when he sends Happy voicemails every day he makes sure to update him on how you’re doing and whatever thing you do that day that Peter found adorable
  • when Happy finally texts Peter back he doesn’t ask Peter how he’s doing he asks about you 
  • Peter introduces you to Tony with a proud smile on his face as he practically shoves you at him 
    • “Mr. Stark Mr. Stark Mr. Stark this is my girlfriend the one Happy told you about I wanted her to meet you isn’t she cool Mr. Stark”
    • “As long as she’s not as hyper as you are I think I’ll like her very much”
    • “Oh great ‘cause she’s very calm right Y/N?”
    • “Peter babe please stop yelling in my ear” 
    • “I like her already!”
  • he’s very big on calling you my love because it makes you get all shy and you turn away from him since you’re getting embarrassed
  • he proudly talks about you to anyone within earshot and everyone comes to love you because adorable, precious Peter Parker does too
  • Aunt May might love you more than Peter does 
  • sometimes Peter will come home to find you already sitting at the table with her sipping coffee out of his favorite mug and talking about your days and he just lights up with happiness 
  • you yell at him every time he loses yet another backpack 
    • “when will you learn your lesson about webbing your bag to the wall in dark alleys where thieves and probably murders hang out”
    • “that’d be a never” 
  • you kind of hate that he’s Spider-Man since the job is extremely dangerous and he literally almost died fighting Vulture
    • “are you sure you’re okay? i don’t want you dying on me”
    • “i would never leave you my love i promise” 
  • you yell at him whenever he comes back to his house with new bruises and injuries but he knows you’re just yelling because you care and so he takes the yelling and the angry crying from you and hugs you really tight and strokes your hair and tells you that he’s fine and it’s just a scratch and gives you the whole you should see the other guy spiel 
  • he draws engagement rings on your ring finger and swears he’ll make sure it’s a real one day and not just a shitty circle drawing because yeah he’s fifteen and so are you but who cares you’re the one for him and living without you is a life he doesn’t want to even imagine 
  • it’s just not an option and never will be
  • he gets anxiety whenever you have to ride the train out of Queens and back into Manhattan alone since that’s where you live
    • “but what if something happens and i’m not there and you get hurt i wouldn’t be able to live with myself”
  • he goes through metro cards like water in the summer when he doesn’t have his student one because he refuses to let you take the train alone 
  • he never lets go of your hand when you’re together… so basically he’s never once stopped holding hands with you unless absolutely necessary
  • you telling him to ask Tony to let you become an avenger
  • you want to be Black Widow 2.0 
  • or maybe Scarlet Witch but you don’t have powers like Wanda does so Black Widow 2.0
  • Tony actually says he’ll think about it because whenever he goes to see Peter or Peter comes to see him you tag along ( “we’re kind of a package deal Mr. Stark” ) and you’ve grown on him considerably 
  • after Peter meets the Avengers for the first time you plead with him to let you meet them too and when he finally relents you almost faint in front of Cap and have a heart attack in front of Natasha 
    • “Sorry she’s a little excited she’s not usually like this” 
    • “I think I need a glass of water or an oxygen tank”
    • “Mr. Stark do you have an oxygen tank”
    • “She didn’t faint in front of me I’m offended Y/N”
  • Cap offhandedly says you and Peter are cute kids and you almost die
  • Peter is definitely not jealous aT ALL
  • you reassure him that you love him more than Cap and always will
  • you would never want Peter to think for a second that anyone else could ever take you away from him you love him too much to think about that
  • he’s just ridiculously head over heels beautifully in love with you and he wears that love on his sleeve for the entire universe to see and doesn’t care if he’s called “whipped” because hell yeah he is 
  • he managed to become the boyfriend of the most divine person he’s ever had the pleasure of meeting
  • who wouldn’t be a lovestruck mess over you is the better question
  • at least in Peter’s humble opinion
Petname Babygirl II pt.1

yoongi x reader

genre: smut, dom!yoongi, sugardaddy!yoongi

word count: 7.3k

Sleeping with some random guy was one thing. But realizing that he is your boss was a disaster until he offers you something tempting you cannot reject.

Originally posted by sugamysavagebaby

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Forgotten (M)

Originally posted by mayfifolle

Summary: Loving Kim Taehyung was just so cruel, since he only saw you as his childhood friend. But after years of wanting him to return your affection, you finally saw the look of love shine on his eyes - but it wasn’t meant for you. No, it was meant for her…
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Genre: Smut, Angst, bestfriend!au, university!au
Word Count: 4.5k
A/N: Original request here . 

Loving Kim Taehyung was like treasuring a forbidden artifact – you could appreciate it and love it from afar, but you could never touch it, never have it – just stand still and admire from a distance. Just like the artifact, he was untouchable and you could never have him the way you always wished for. Why? Well that was because he was your best friend since you were toddlers, but that was it.

You two were inseparable. Always playing and working together, making your classmates assume that you two liked each other. Of course, every time that accusation was made, you’d both deny it while saying how gross it was – but even then you knew you were lying.

At the mere age of 14, you realized that you didn’t just have a silly little crush on him anymore, no, you had fallen deeply in love with him. But who didn’t? His affectious boxy smile and playful bright attitude attracted many people towards him over the years, much to your dismay. But Taehyung always brushed it aside, and kept his attention solely on you. That is, once you two entered high school, then it all changed for the worse.

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Lazy Days with Tom (and Tessa)...
  • waking up, stretching, then turning around to face Tom who was already slightly pouting, wearing his signature puppy dog eyes
    • please,” he’d whine while making grabby hands towards you
    • sighing but finally giving into him
  • that day would be a designated lazy day where you’d do nothing but stay in bed and cuddle 
  • and fuck 
  • he’d have bedhead the entire day and it made him look that much more soft 
    • “mmm, you’re so warm,” he’d mumble into your neck as he draped his body over yours
  • hearing light scratching and whimpering at the door signalling that Tessa was up and not happy that she had not been fed yet
    • “she’s your dog, you feed her,” you’d argue as you both figured out who would have to get out of bed
    • “but you’re her mommy,” he’d pout and bat his eyelashes for extra effect making you roll your eyes and sigh
  • eventually you both get up because neither of you came to a conclusion 
  • Tessa jumping all over you and Tom once the door is opened
    • “c’mon, darling, this way,” Tom would coo at Tessa and you’d just swoon even harder for him
  • feeding Tessa before you even think about your own breakfast
    • “what do you feel like eating?” You ask before Tom comes up behind you, wrapping his arms around you waist and resting his head on your shoulder
    • but then whispering “you,” in your ear before lifting you onto the counter 
  • kitchen sex is a given, duh
    • “so really, what do you want for breakfast,” as you both become giggly messes cleaning each other up
  • deciding on pancakes cause its cliche and easy to make 
  • Tom eyeing the batter, wanting to stick his finger in it to smear it on your face
  • you aren’t dumb and you see right through him
    • “don’t even think about it,” while you’re in the middle of flipping a pancake
    • he just freezes because how did you know ????
  • him dancing around the kitchen with Tessa distracting you to the point of almost burning the pancakes 
  • him finally being useful and setting the table and cutting up some strawberries 
  • instead of sitting across from you, he set the table so he’d be beside you and you think it’s the cutest thing ever
    • “I just like being near you s’all,” he shrugs but you see the blush 
    • “I like being near you too,” you say, pressing a kiss to his cheek before grabbing his arm so he’d sit as well
  • having friends play in the background as you both talk about whatever comes to mind
  • he ends up smearing the maple syrup over your nose as you squeal 
    • “I’ll get it,” with a smirk and a wink before he kisses it off
  • you washing the dishes and him drying them because you’re a team™
  • Tessa getting ansty knowing she wants to go for a walk and probably go to the bathroom 
    • “we can let her out in the yard, she’ll be fine,” he promises but you see how sunny it is outside and suggest to go for a walk instead
  • even though it’s sunny, it’s pretty cold so Tom bundles you up in his sweater, pulling one of his beanies over your head, and pressing a kiss to your nose
  • Tessa almost dragging Tom around the park 
  • you can’t stop laughing at it
    • “baby it’s not my fault, she’s a strong girl,”
  • finally the three of you are getting pooped so you head back
  • where Tom pulls you into bed almost the second you’re back in your room
    • “let’s take a nap,” he mumbles 
    • he’s out before you can even reply
  • but you just play with his hair deciding on catching up on your reading since this is the only peaceful time you have 
  • Tessa barging into your room and jumping onto the bed, waking Tom up 
  • you can’t even scold her because Tom loves her so much 
    • “aw babygirl just missed her mommy and daddy,” he’d chuckle as Tessa cuddled in between the two of you
  • she’d get so many belly and head scratches 
  • best day for her hands down 
  • but then Tom shooing her away out of the room, confusing you
    • “why’d you kick her out ????”
    • “because I don’t want her seeing what’s gonna happen next,”
  • lazy, but passionate sex 
  • twice
  • Tom ordering pizza and setting a timer for when it should get there 
    • “it it’s not here in forty minutes it’s free!!” 
    • and you’d just laugh at him but it’s so cute 
  • flipping a coin to see who has to answer the door 
  • it ends up being Tom and he just grumbles about how you’re lucky I love you
  • he ordered so much pizza for two people 
    • “there’s no way we’re gonna finish all this,” 
    • “I’m a growing boy, let me eat,”
  • more sex because he can’t get enough of you 
  • but when it starts to get dark you lay your head in his lap as he plays with your hair while watching a movie 
  • you don’t realise you’ve dozed off until Tom’s peppering you with kisses
    • “I made us some tea, love,”
  • taking the mug and thanking him before cuddling into his side once again 
  • deciding to play mario kart but it just ends up in Tom whining like a little baby because he can’t seem to win against you 
  • makeup sex !!!!
  • finally you’re both getting tired
  • and Tessa’s already in bed with you, cuddling with you both as you and Tom just stare at each other in complete darkness 
    • “I love you so much, darling,” he’d whisper into your ear, sending shivers down your spine 
    • mumbling, “love you more,” in your drowsy state 
    • hearing a faint, “love you most,” from him before falling asleep against his chest with a smile on your face
  • Tom watches you drift off thinking how he’s the luckiest guy before falling asleep himself


kit-kat-ronnie  asked:

22 for Klance?? I want ppl to realise how strong my blue boi is

22 - “It’s not heavy.  I’m stronger than I look.”

Lance waits with Keith at the front of the dorm rooms, watching dead leaves get churned up in the cold, morning wind. Their breath comes out in visible clouds and Keith pulls his hood up around his ears. His large suitcase stands between them.

“You don’t have to wait with me.” He says.

“Nah, it’s fine. I was up. Figured you’d want the company.” Lance shrugs. He still wears his pyjamas underneath his coat. His short hair is spiked at odd angles from sleep. Keith smiles gently. 

“Well thank you. That’s nice of you.”

“Also someone said your brother was hot and I’m really curious.” Lance smirks. Keith elbows him sharply in the ribs, which only makes Lance laugh harder.

“Here I thought you were being a good friend.”

“I’m your only friend. The bar is pretty low.”

“Hey,” Keith warns. Lance’s smile falters. He presses the back of his hand against Keith’s but doesn’t dare to hold it. Not yet.

“Hey, you know I’m kidding. Hunk and Pidge really love you.”

“You’re so convincing.” Keith drones.

“I’m your roommate. It’s in my job description to sass you.” Lance bumps their shoulders. Keith concedes and laughs. He bites his lip and glances at Lance through his dark hair. His cheeks are flushed pink from the cold. Lance swallows. 

Despite their initial friction, Lance has become a valuable part of Keith’s university experience. He’s the only reason Keith has any sort of social circle, he’s the only reason his nutrition hasn’t collapsed completely… he’s the only reason Keith smiles on the hard days. Lance’s chatter and warm expressions have become a staple part of Keith’s routine, and if he’s perfectly honest, keith isn’t sure how he’ll make this christmas break without them. He sighs. Their shoulders still touch. Lance’s fingers brush against his.


But Keith is cut off by a sleek sedan pulling to a stop in from of them. The driver cheerily pushes the horn, before emerging. He’s tall, broad, and pre-maturely grey in the fringe, but otherwise youthful and handsome. Lance lets out a low whistle.

“Damn, Pidge was right.”

Keith elbows Lance again.

“Don’t talk about him like that.”

“I can definitely see you’re from the same genetic stock.” lance teases. Keith blushes.

“I’m adopted actually.”

“Huh…” Lance blinks. He tries to not look visibly uncomfortable, but he’s at a loss for words. He just nods.

“You two are still hot though. My point remains.” 

Keith groans and shoves him. He tries to distract Lance from noticing the growing blush on his cheeks. The two push each other and giggle until Shiro approaches. 

“Bro!” He exclaims, before sweeping Keith into a crushing hug. Lance had grappled with Keith enough times, fighting over the last donut or whatnot, to know that he was anything but weak. However, wrapped up in Shiro’s much stronger arms, Keith looks small and even delicate. Lance laughs loudly as Keith wriggles and shouts.

“Shiro! Stop! Put me…!” He kicks out his legs and tries to slip through his arms.

“I missed you! C’mon! Too cool to hug your brother now?” Shiro finally releases the smaller boy. Keith pouts. Lance clears his throat.

“Keith, are you being rude?” Shiro arches an eyebrow in Lance’s direction.

“What?” Keith follows his gaze. “Oh yeah! Shiro, this is my…” He pauses. roommate felt way too impersonal, but it was also accurate. Friend? No… that feels wrong. More than friend? God, that’s too strong, and he doesn’t want Lance to panic. 

“… my friend, Lance. He’s also my roommate.” Keith covers all the bases he can. He feels it accurately tells Shiro who Lance is anyway.

“Hey, I’m Takashi. You can call me Shiro.” Shiro holds out his hand. Lance shakes it.


“Thanks for looking after my brother.”

“Oh, I didn’t…”

“If Keith is still alive I know he had help.” Shiro laughs. Keith pouts. Lance grabs Keith’s wrist and rubs his finger along the soft skin on the underside. Keith sighs and feels warm.

“Well, Keith’s kept me in check too. I would have failed my exams if it weren’t for him.”

“Well that’s good. Glad he’s still focused on learning.” Shiro places his hands on his hips and beams like a proud father.

“Keith, sorry, but we’ve gotta head off if we wanna beat traffic.”

Keith nods. Shiro runs back to the car and pops the trunk. Lance grabs the suitcase before Keith gets a chance. 

“Lance, you don’t have to…”

“No, let me help.” He walks the suitcase over and hoists it up. “It’s not heavy.  I’m stronger than I look.” He winks and drops it into the back. Keith shakes his head.

“I know you are.” 

Lance sheepishly grins. He steps forward. His hands move awkwardly at his sides before he decides to gently punch Keith in the arm.

“Have a great christmas man.”

“You too.”

They share a quiet moment. Shiro counts to 10 before he interrupts. 


“Yeah, I’m coming.”

Keith and Lance share a glance. 

“I gotta…”

“I know. I’ll message you.”

Keith waves before he slips into the passenger seat. Lance stays on the curb, his hands sinking into his coat pockets, and smiles. Keith feels emptiness erupt in his chest. His hand pauses on his seatbelt. The car’s rumble vibrates underneath him and Shiro releases the handbrake. He begins to shift out of park.

“Wait! hang on!” Keith releases his seatbelt and opens the door. Shiro swears as he quickly hits the break so he doesn’t roll over his brother’s foot.

Keith jogs back up to Lance, who stands with a shocked but amused expression. 

His eyes widen further when keith kisses him.

It’s quick and chaste. A light pressure and hot breath. Keith pulls away and Lance blinks.

“I uh…” Keith’s eyes dart to the side. “I want to talk to you about…. about something when I get back.”

Lance’s shock fades and he melts into a wide grin. He tips Keith’s chin up and kisses him. A bit longer. His eyes closed and his hand just barely cupping his jaw. He pulls away and brushes Keith’s hair out of his face. He’s always wanted to do that and it sent a thrill through his stomach. 

“I’ll call you tonight. I can’t wait until you get back.”

Keith beams. He bites his lower lip.


He starts to walk backwards and fumbles with the car door handle.

“I gotta…”

“Go! I know!” Lance laughs.

“We’ll talk!”

“We’ll talk.” Lance nods. 

Keith slips back into the car and barely notices the movement of them pulling away and driving down the road. He’s too lost in his own happiness and thoughts. 

“Soooooo…. not just a friend then?” Shiro teases.

“Shut up.” Keith rolls his eyes.

“My bro’s all grown up!” Shiro wipes away a fake tear.

“I said shut up!”

The Boxer Part Two

Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Word Count: 5K



“You’re supposed to be in the hospital gown, it’s why we laid it out for you,” Y/N stated, pointing the pen in her hand at the white gown by his feet.

“I’m not wearing that paper shit,” Harry grumbled, “and I’m perfectly fine to leave.”

“That cut says otherwise,” Y/N says.

Harry watches as she sets down the clipboard and turns on the sink to wash her hands, she’s cute. She’s nothing like the kind Harry would go for. His usual prey would be at the bar, lonely, maybe going through a breakup, but he knew for sure that by the end of the night she would be in his bed. Y/N on the other hand looked like too pure for him, and he hated that look.

From his experience Harry had learned that girls like Y/N believed that they were too good for a guy like him. Girls like Y/N, with an innocent smile, soft skin, and soft voices, tended to only use him for one thing, to make their parents upset. Harry had seen it time and time again, it was only a matter of weeks before the girl would crush his heart and move on to someone better.

“I don’t feel anything,” Harry stated.

Harry had grown numb to just about everything. He couldn’t feel the punches thrown at him, he couldn’t feel his emotions, it all just seemed gone to him. He didn’t mind though, no emotions meant he couldn’t get hurt, and no pain meant he was unstoppable.


Boxer Harry Styles highers, incredibly perky Y/N as his on-call nurse.

Part One

Harry wasn’t sure which he hated the most, expression his emotions, or having to handle them.

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“Have some fire.
Be unstoppable.
Be a force of nature.”

body guard | jughead x reader

Originally posted by kylogue


anonymous said: hey, i’d like to request a jughead x reader where jughead is like super protective over the reader. like he walks with her in school. sits with her in pop’s. the reader is never out of his sight (only when she’s home). and the reader doesn’t really mind, bc there’s a killer in the town and stuff. and it’s kinda hot thank youu^^

“you do know you don’t have to follow me everywhere i go” you joke as you start your journey from riverdale high to the infamous pop’s chock'lit shoppe, jughead hot on your heels

but let’s face it, when wasn’t he? you’d grown up in neighbouring trailers and he was always so over protective of you, he’d walk you to and from school, to pop’s, to the drive in. everywhere.

you loved it, he was your best friend and essentially one of the only friends you had. jughead had been transferred to southside high but it didn’t stop him for walking you to and from school, no matter what.

“you’re not my bodyguard yanno?” you tease earning an eye roll from the dark and broody raven haired boy.

“there is a killer on the loose yanno” he pokes back stuffing his hands into his jacket pockets, a famous jones smile hanging off his lips.

“see that excuse expired a week ago- the killers been found and put away. i don’t need a security detail anymore”

you can see the clogs turning on his head trying to come up with a witty response to your playful banter

“maybe i just like to be sure that a beautiful lady like you gets to her beloved diner in one peace” he smiles sweetly nudging your shoulder with his own

“oo smooth jones, but unfortunately not smooth enough. this girl can look after herself” you smirk spinning around on your hells, the ice seemingly a lot more slippery than you anticipated

next thing you know your put on your ass, the cool snow melting through your jeans. you cuss and let out a muffled groan as you glance up to see a smirking jughead.

“oh i can defiantly see that mrs slick” he jokes offering you a hand up, you hesitantly grab his hand as he pulls you up off the cold ground.

“damn it!” you exclaim feeling the wetness on your butt, “my damn butt is soaking wet now great!” the boy goes red trying to suck in laughter

“it can’t be that bad, turn around” you huff turning letting the boy free range at staring at your butt

damn” he mutters, you spin around quickly trying to get a good look yourself “what! is it that bad? you panic

he licks his lips shaking his head “oh no defiantly not i think it looks rather-” he pauses “peachy”

you turn and smack his chest “stop it you perv”

he places his hands up in defensive, wincing at your contact on his chest “first of all-ouch” he pause and you roll your eyes

“oh please i barley touched you-” he narrows his eyes at you silencing you as you allow him to continue.

“second of all you asked me to look- so i was just admiring what you were so gracefully born with” he argues a smirk etched onto his face.

“you owe me a milkshake jones” you complain

“because i proved you wrong or checked out the goods” he comments as we continue toward the diner

“now that you mention it, milkshake and fires” you smirk batting your lashes at the boy as you use your back to push open the door.

“would you look at that you holding the door open for me, how very twenty first century of you (y/l/n)”

“add a burger to that order, ill grab us a booth” you yell to the beanie boy as you slip into your normal booth waiting for jughead to slide in opposite you

“you’re going to make me go into bankruptcy” he mumbles as he slides in next to you, catching you off guard.

he senses your tense “everything okay?” he asks stretching his arm behind you resting on the booth.

“yeah just you never sit next to me, always opposite” you smile biting your lip as you notice your closeness

“maybe i wanted to sit next to you for once” he beams bringing a hand up to tuck a piece of hair behind your ear

“and maybe since you let me check you out we’ve moved up in our level of friendship” he winks our food being placed in front of us

“what’s that supposed to me” you blush feeling the room growing hotter

“well i was hoping to move from platonic bodyguard to sexy serpent boyfriend” you eyes widen your stomach seemed to flip in your stomach.

“you think with that leather jacket your all slick huh?” you tease picking at your fries

“your bad boy leather jacket facade can’t win me over that easy jones” you smile feeling a little more at ease even though your insides were screaming at you to kiss him.

“oh really? you sure about that?” he smiles playfully, you kept your eyes trained on your fries knowing that one look into his eyes and you’d melt

“mhm” you muse

in one swift movement his beanie is in your hands and he’s running his long fingers through his luscious raven locks, a strand of hair falling infront of his eyes.

you stop breathing your heart hammering in your chest as your ovaries go into overdrive

you open your mouth to report with a snarky remark but you end up opening and closing your mouth at a loss of words, mumbling a inaudible response before your cheeks heat up.

“what was that?” he tease closing the gap between you slowly

“screw it ” you mumble pulling him by the collar of his leather jacket crashing your lips onto his, jughead spends no time kissing back pulling on your legs so they were draped over his lap.

you hands roaming over his chest before working their way up to his neck and hair as his hands stroke your leg, pulling your waist so they was no space between the two of you.

you were broken apart at the sound of pop clearing his throat, you turn red burying your head into his chest “sorry pop” jughead attempts to keep a straight face as the older man leaves our table, shaking his head.

“so was that a yes?” he asks

you bring your brows together “a yes to what?” you tease

“to being your sexy serpent boyfriend” he wiggles his brows placing a kiss on your neck

“i don’t know maybe just boyfriend” you joke cussing him to tickle you, letting out a small squeal gaining the attention of the owner once more. a scowl on his face.

“fine fine!!” you giggle

“fine what?” he argues

“you can be my sexy serpent boyfriend” you admit rolling your eyes as he boy grins helplessly

“only if i can be your sexy serpent princess”

he nods pecking your lips “you’ve always been my sexy serpent princess”

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can I ask tho, whats hobi's back story? istg my little sunshine is suffering

Harry Hook - “Flower”

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Request: “Hiii!! I was wondering if you could do one with Harry Hook and maybe Rapunzel’s daughter {she’s my favorite}? I love your blog btw, you’re an amazing writer!!! ❤️❤️”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Warnings: Blood and slight use of language

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