i love him tonnes

sapphiredragondx  asked:

Holy crap, how many pets are you planning on having!? I mean, is there an actual limit? I'm not upset, but I'm now very curious as to how far this will go.

I’m not planning on having any more. I mean, I wasn’t planning on this guy, but I wasn’t going to turn away a critter in need when I have space and food available for him~ There are tonnes of pets I’d love to get, but I’m not going to, at least not at this point.

lmao at people who constantly complain about Rick focusing on Percy and Annabeth and about fans who still focus more on Percy and Annabeth like yeah you’re totally right how dare people care more and be more emotionally invested in two characters we’ve had five previous books to do nothing but grow attached to those two particular characters hoW DARE PEOPLE WANT TO KEEP READING ABOUT THEM