i love him so muhc:(

Viktor Nikiforov needs to stop acting all cool and fancy when he literally fell in love to a drunk, almost naked, japanese man that just gave him the time of his life and then he proceeded to fly to japan after seeing one (1) video of said japanese man skating his routine months after. and even though they got engaged months and months after, he learns his now fiancé japanese man doesn’t remember shit.

viktor nikiforov is the lamest person pass it on

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Charlie Cox



            Len Jean-Marie, M.D. That is the name written down in the business card he was first given and that he keeps in his wallet though the details are most definitely outdated.

Born in France, he moved to the States after he finished his medical studies to pursue further and better education in the Psychiatry field, and seemed to have a fascination with the colour blueThose are the three things he remembers best, besides the fact that he was his first patient.

There were a few other things about the man that made him feel he was trustworthy. Maybe it was the soft accent in his voice, or that he could understand what feeling like a stranger in a new land was. However, this was simply David’s intuition, as the man was nothing short of a professional who only cracked a smile when David really tried.

He could’ve saved him, David believes. No other psychiatrist broke into his facade as much as him, some of his blocked memories coming out to the surface and being worked on. There was real progress being made, and he was not going to credit that to the medication he had been prescribed ( it had never worked before ).

Though, as it turns out, David would be the one to save him.

His second patient, one who’d only started having sessions with him a month before, barged into the middle of their meeting. In his hand, a knife, sharpened enough that it could slice through skin with ease. Len’s skin, David realisedOnce spotted him, he seized him, tackling him to the ground and keeping him there until the police arrived. Len was thankful, though he soon came to find out that feeling grateful would affect David’s recovery. 

Thus, he dropped him through a phone-call. 

And David came back, once, twice, three times. He would not back down from his decision, and even got him to meet a new psychiatrist: His teacher, Dr. Poole

But David would never trust anyone more than he did him.