i love him so much. a lot!!

Pick me out

Friday night while hubby and sons were at the basketball games in the city.  I was working “overtime” at the store with Teddy.  After we closed Teddy was going to take me out for dinner when his friend Matt showed up.  The 3 of use had a nice dinner at the Marriott and then they took me up to a room.  In the room they took turns one fucking my pussy the other getting blowjobs, I took each one in the mouth then got them hard again and after teddy filled my pussy Matt took his turn and as teddy said he topped my off.  I came 3 times with them.  We went out to the parking lot and after Matt drove away teddy took me home.   On the way home he was saying who cock do you love, making me say how much i love his cock and the way he uses me.  After a while Teddy joked and said your are so horny for cock i bet you couldn’t even tell what cock is mine.  I told him how great his cock felt and can tell.   He dropped me off back at the store and i drove home that night completely satisfied.  Sunday afternoon i was home relaxing some great alone time as Hubby and the boys were  back to the city for basketball games.  I was laying in the sofa watching TV when the doorbell rang.  I got up and it was Teddy, i immediately got wet.  He came in and gave me a nice big kiss,  and told me he was thinking about the ride home Friday and still thinking that I  couldnt tell his cock. When i told him i could he said let see and told me to strip and go up on my bed.  I did exactly what he said and went upstairs and got ready for him.  He took a while to get up stairs but when he did i went right for his pants and for his cock.  He stopped me and said let see if you can and he took out a blindfold and put it on me and told me to sit on the edge of the bed.  Then it got hot, i heard teddy and then others whispering , teddy stood in front of me and said lets see if you can pick out my cock.  and the next thing i knew there was a nice hard cock rubbing on my lips.  I started sucking and knew right away it wasn’t Teddy uncut cock.  After he came in mouth the next one got in front of me.  I ended up sucking 5 cocks and knew that teddy was the 4th cock.  He said it was easy with blowjobs and then told me to get on all fours on the bed and one by one they fucked me doggie.  i came a lot while they took turns fucking me, but after they were all done,  it was close between the 1st and 3rd cock but i figured teddy would go 1st and i was right.  i fell on the bed after the last one came.  and just laid there exhausted for a few minutes.  When i sat up teddy took off the blindfold and when I looked around all his friends were gone.  Teddy then said he was wrong and that i really did love his cock.  I got up and there was a big wet spot on the bed and teddy told me not to clean it until tomorrow since it was on hubby side of the bed.  We went back down stairs and i expected to see all his friends but everyone left.  I asked teddy who was it and he would not tell me.  He said just keep wondering but then he said it cold be anyone and 3 of them were new cocks.  After he left I took a shower but i couldn’t stop thinking who it was i sucked and fucked that afternoon.

Ok but can we talk about the final battle

When the Jason says “hold the line” and the Zords are being crushed, I was so enamored with the movie. These TEENS are in battle to save everyone, people they don’t even like who treat them terribly and ignore them and kick them when they’re down, and these teens are willingly giving their lives to save the world. Jason leads in such a soft, unpredictable way yet his “hold the line” was so good???? Because he knows that his team HIS TEAM will be behind him, standing by him, protecting everyone. He knows this is their last stand. He knows this is the end. Yet his main priority is to keep his team close together, to keep them strong, and to reassure them that he’s still there, still leading them. I have a lot of feels and I love my children v much

How They Kiss You (Visuals)


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Darry always showed you that he loved you. He said it through his actions and his words. He would kiss you, long and slow and to him, he was saying ‘I love you.’


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Soda always made you feel loved and cared for. He wanted to make you feel as special as he thought you were.


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Ponyboy never knew much about love and affection. He told you that he loved you but that was long before he finally had the guts to actually kiss you. When he did, it was soft and sweet.


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Dally was never one to be really intimate around everyone, but when you were alone, he would kiss you a lot. He loved to set you on the kitchen counter so you could wrap your legs around his waist.


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Steve loved to see you smile. He would always end up making you laugh somehow right before he kissed you, so he could feel it, too.


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Two-Bit was always the one who loved to show the world that you were his. He would pick you up and twirl you around for the world to see.


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It was always you kissing Johnny first. He was scared that he would mess it up somehow, but honestly, you didn’t mind. You liked to be the one to show him what love felt like.

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Hi, I love your blog! Question: what do you think of Edward Ferrars? I feel as if a lot of people on the internet dislike him, but I can't see why. Do you like him as a character?

Thank you so much! :)

I think every Austen ‘hero’ has some flawed element about them which humanizes them. Certainly since we spend less time in their company than the heroines and, socially, none of the men are ever at risk of suffering the decline of genteel poverty if they do not marry, so altogether I’m less inclined to be as sympathetic to them as I am to the ladies they eventually wed. Of course Austen’s heroines are human and flawed, too, but it’s just made a lot easier to generally bash on the dudes because they have fewer excuses for being fuckups, honestly. (Except Emma Woodhouse, like, honeeeey STOP.)

I think the issue encountered with Edward is that he’s not as dashing as other heros, in the Austen canon in general, and in S&S in particular. There’s Willoughby to first compare him to–dashing. as. fuck. Then there’s the Colonel, who, though older and more reserved than Willoughby, has a sensitive and poetic soul, the true courage of an active soldier, and the deep passion of a romantic gentleman. Edward is dreadfully prosaic by comparison! And he was foolish enough to be ensnared by Lucy, at a young age.

It’s very easy to slag off Edward; and, as a lot of more sensitive young readers might more readily identify with Marianne sooner than steady, cool, rational Elinor, the temptation to agree with her judgements of Edward is immediate and powerful. Edward seems to bumble about the plot, inadvertently messing with Elinor’s feelings, and we despise him for putting her in the position she ends up in as a jealous Lucy’s confidante.

BUT, I gotta admit I have a soft spot for ol’ Ferrars. In his defense, he’s kind of perfect for Elinor, and that’s the point. Marianne has finite, naive, and shallow ideas of what True Love ought to look like, and writes off every other possibility as Lesser. Elinor doesn’t want High Drama and all that rot…she wants someone companionable, honourable, and kind. Of course she doesn’t escape being touched by the agony of love, because in a weird twist of ironic fate, she cannot wholly command her heart quite as well as everyone (read: Marianne) seems to think she can and does, and she and Edward experience their share of lovelorn misery thanks to misunderstandings and the constraints of duty.

Point The Second: Edward was very young and naive when he engaged himself to Lucy. He later admits that he very quickly realized how awful an idea this was once he’s gone and lived a grown-up life around literally any other people for even a short period of time; and it’s only because he was a young man, kept idle, in the company of a pretty girl determined to make herself pleasing to him, that he made a foolish promise. His misery has been low-key ongoing before he even appears on the scene in the book. His grim acceptance of his eventual fate as Lucy’s husband prevents him from even letting himself think of Elinor as a possibility–he honestly doesn’t believe himself to be attractive enough a prospect, and figures he is not exerting himself to please as a man might attempt to please a woman to gain her regard, because they just get along in a friendly way and they’re sort of almost family, after all. In this weird grey-area limbo, disaster strikes and they both find themselves caught up in their affections before they realize what’s going on, and before they can stop it. Should Edward have been more guarded? Possibly. But again, Elinor’s coolness of manner and level-headedness is well-known to all her friends and family. In the style of Jane Bennet, Edward might have felt his heart unfortunately involved, but may have doubted Elinor’s returning his feelings in the same fashion.

Ultimately, Edward’s mistake in attaching himself to Lucy is no worse than Marianne’s attaching herself to Willoughby–and better, for Lucy and Edward don’t even really love one another, so there’s zero heartbreak in their eventual split. And Edward’s honour and chivalry go a long way in absolving him for some of the inadvertent crap he pulled. Eyes wide open, he knowingly severs ties with his mother (and his inheritance) to keep a promise made long ago, in error, to a girl he cannot even respect, because he knows how cruel and damaging it would be to her if he were to give up the engagement, once it was made public. Such promises, even held in secret for years, were a huge deal, and to break them could have even meant legal repercussions–though given the Steele’s comparative poverty and the Ferrars family’s money, it’s likely they could have bought their way out of any suit brought against Edward in the courts by Lucy. No, Edward sticks it out for honour. It was wrong to make the engagement, but it would be even more wrong for him to be the one to break it. Lucy is the only one who can release him from it, and, thank fuck, she does.

A common theme in Austen is the danger and misery of marrying without affection–and, in several cases, the worst marriages are the ones where there is not even a shred of respect between spouses. This would have been Edward’s willing fate, and though it breaks our hearts to think of so strictly denying oneself happiness, it’s a sign of how deep his personal convictions are, and how admirable his sense of self-sacrifice, to keep his own terrible, foolish promise. Certainly, in intentions, Edward was more than ready to pay for his mistake for the rest of his life.

If Elinor is willing to forgive Edward, I certainly am, and I think, by the end of it all, Edward has certainly suffered just as much as Elinor, (even, I think, partially believing that Elinor might be likely to go on to marry the Colonel, mistaking their friendship for some deeper connection,) and was prepared to suffer a great deal more, in marrying Lucy, that his quiet bravery and steadfast honour make him a hero worth liking.

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Reasons why you ship steggy, go!

I think the main reason for me is the way Peggy was able to humanise Steve? Like, the title of Captain America would be intimidating to anybody, esp. for somebody who was dating the man - to constantly /not/ feel like you were overshadowed by him. Peggy to me, was someone who held very strong moral values of her own, and wasn’t swayed by what anybody else thought irrespective of who they were. That’s why a lot of people, including myself /and/ Steve admired her so much.

Peggy Carter believed in Steve before he was Captain America - she believed in the little guy who stood his ground and fought to do the right thing. It didn’t matter that he eventually became Cap, she had fallen in love with /Steve/.

And I feel like she was one of the only people who could ground Steve, keep him from not becoming his title, because that responsibility can go to /anybody’s/ head - and I feel like Steve would appreciate that - somebody who /could/ and /would/ say ‘no’ if something he suggested, or did, wasn’t necessarily the correct choice. So basically what I’m trying to say, is that they are unreservedly /equals/ and balance each other in a way I feel like, nobody else could.

Did that answer your question?

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How's taemin a real human being?? I've been a shawol for 6 years and I ask myself that everyday.

As I’m into my 5th year as a shawol I have no real answer either. Let’s be honest, he’s real. But he’s so real and unreal I can’t believe he’s real, but I also believe he’s real because I love him as a human being that is unreal but we don’t deserve that he’s real because our reality is a mess and he’s part of the beautiful things in life so he’s in irreallity but also in reality because he’s an adorable and funny person. I don’t know man, I just love him so much and I want to protect him and give him lots of food and watch him growing up and sing and dance as well as he does and want him to keep being unreal as much as real and beautiful he is.

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Every time I see someone insulting Zack Snyder and questioning (negatively) his love for DC characters, I feel like Clark in Man of Steel: YOU. THINK. YOU. CAN. THREATEN. MY. MOTHER?

Heh. I feel you my mans. Like… I fancy myself a huge fucking superman fan/10. Like he’s second to fucking none… But I don’t think I love him as much as Zack does. Because he fucking GETS it, and so clearly in everything he does - he fucking loves him. I doubted Zack for a minute or two when BvS was announced and TDKR was thrown around a lot… I was like oh fuck come on don’t do that to supes… but here we are.

and that love extends to all other DC characters. From Bats to Lois, to Perry and Alfred… etc etc

He fucking loves that shit

170322 Ken Fancafe Compilation

I’m an admin.

Yeah~ Hello! First off, thanks for coming to see Ken-sshi’s musical~! Ken-sshi is very grateful and loves you lots! He misses the Storlyght babies so much~ He says he’s doing the musical today too, so give him lots of love~ hoho! Please adore him lots~! Thank you! Have a great day today too!

T/N: Ken is talking about himself in 3rd person, formally OTL He also is not an admin.

운영진 입니다.

예~안녕하세요!우선 켄씨의 뮤지컬을 보러와주셔서 감사하구요~!켄씨가 굉장히 감사해하더라구요 많이 사랑하시기도하구요!뵬뷫애기 여러분들을 너무나 보고싶어하더라구용~오늘도 뮤지컬 한다던데 많이 사랑해주시고~허허!많이 예뻐해주세요~!감사합니다 !오늘 하루도 즐거운 하루되세요! 

Throwing a photo.


사진투척 입니다.


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I don't know if anyone's asked this before (and I'm sorry if they have), but may I have your opinions on Endverse (characters and world respectively)? If not, it's good, hope you have a good day :)

Hi, good morning! Sorry for the delay, this was too involved to answer on mobile.

I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT ENDVERSE, OKAY?????? One, because I love all the potential for Samifer (in this instance meaning Sam!Lucifer, but the other as well, I suppose). Like, Sam eventually going darkside and the two of their minds working together to be evil, because that is horrifying and fabulous, and I have no idea why we as a fandom always love when characters go dark, but it’s SO MUCH FUN!!!! Also, on the flip side, Sam holding influence over Lucifer and coaxing him to basically start rebuilding the world and creating life rather than destroying it, and like the overflowing gardens and orchards just ending up wherever they go, like Elsa, but with plants and animals and insects.

This is a thing.

On the flip side, I am currently reading through the Down to Agincourt series, WHICH IS AMAZING AND GIVES ME ALL THE FEELS, OKAY??? Seriously, it’s great. Lucifer isn’t actually involved very much. He’s in the first book, but only mentioned since then as Dean and Cas work hard to completely revamp the way they’ve been going about this whole apocalypse, and basically ‘what’s the point in fighting if we’ve forgotten how to live?’ And in the fic, right after S5 Dean leaves, and endverse!Dean dies, S7!Dean gets thrown into that verse- with no idea how or why, but the whole thing is fabulous.

I like this take on the endverse, where Castiel is all barbed wire and broken glass, and he and Endverse!Dean have a completely toxic and unhealthy relationship, yet are so fiercely protective of each other, so that it take S7!Dean and Cas a lot of time and effort to become friends, like it takes the entire first book, and then they end up this fabulous BFF team with Dean as the Commander and Castiel as his Second and they’re just like “I know it’s the apocalypse but we aren’t giving up on LIVING! Mow the damn grass! Make that cabin LIVEABLE, dammit! We are not a refugee camp! We have STANDARDS!” And they’re kind of hysterical and adorable.

I also like the way it originally struck me is that endverse!Dean and Cas are actually together in the alt future, and S5!Dean lands there in the middle of them having a huge fight in which they are using sex with other people to lash out at the other one, and to which Dean finally realized it when they were at the table in the cabin talking, and then very carefully repressed the shit out of it because he has way to much other crap to deal with to even try to think about that, like that was just one step too far for him. I think he repressed that whole visit, since it never got mentioned ever again.

I loved it, there’s so much you could do with it, plus the multiverse is confirmed canon, so basically ANY of it could happen across multiple universes, so every interpretation is therefore valid! And I am here for ALL of them!!! ^_^

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Hi guys, I just wanted to share this with you. As you’ll recall Mr C and I adopted two older cats Bobby (who I’ve posted photos of before) and his older brother.
Previously named Ziggy (an altogether too frivolous name for a rather serious cat) this chap is very shy with quite a lot of issues.
He is missing a few teeth which the shelter thought may be the result of a kick and has a lot of problems with anxiety and trust.
We have renamed him Sigmund (after Dr Freud who portended that it’s ok to have issues and talk it out) as it has a similar sound for recognition and a bit more gravitas.

Anyway, it has taken 12 weeks but Sigs has finally allowed one of us (me) to pet him and show him some love. He is a deeply affectionate older cat and I am so glad he now shares our home. So much love for Sigmund. ❤

What if Sasha really dies..I mean… I believe it will happen because the actress has a new job and a big one…. so …I think Jesus will be very sad because he liked her a lot and maybe he starts blaming himself because he helped her get there and didn’t try enough to stop her and then Daryl comforts him with telling him it wasn’t his fault because he knows how he feels and oh I would love to see that so much TT  I mean…it kinda happened but Daryl cheered him up with making him not to worry too much but if Sasha really dies, I wanna see Jesus to be really down and Daryl there to comfort him you know??? T_T


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Disclaimer: I do not own anything except for the story. Please do not copy or credit this as your work. Photo above is not mine.

Requested by Panda: Since drunk Jacob is back on our dashes again, I wanna see what it would be like when his s/o finds Jacob drunk off his ass and has to help him get back to the train. You can come up with what happens XD

Warning: Alcohol

Words: 907

A/N: Dammit I love drunk Jacob so much lol. He would be like Edward but even sillier I think. I pity Evie a lot in cases of extreme drinking. Also, I headcanon that Jacob has a tendency to forget after a little while under the influence of alcohol.

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You take a deep breath, close the book you were reading from and hop off of the train, knowing that the Rooks and the Fryes would be celebrating their latest victory over Lambeth in a nearby pub. As you walk there, you try to theorize about what may have happened to the Piece of Eden that had been buried in London and why it was more important to the British Templar Rite than any other before it.

Loud cheers and yells resounded across the entire street as you slowly approached a local pub. From the fully lit windows, you could see Rooks shouting and clapping each other on the back for their achievement against the Blighters. As a few Rooks move out of the way, you see Evie in the corner and enter the pub with as much discretion as possible. You manage to shove through the crowd towards her and she finally catches you slowly moving towards her.

“Y/N, thank God you’re here. Any luck with the Piece of Eden?” She asks and you shake your head.

“I can’t find any details as to what it could be. Perhaps we have to infiltrate one of the more heavily guarded Templar strongholds to get what we need.” You suggest and Evie nods in agreement.

“We can go over it tomorrow. My dearest brother has been looking for you.” She informs and tips her head behind you. You turn slightly to see him laughing with a beer in hand.

“Has he now? Seems to be enjoying himself. I’ll disturb him at a later time.” You shrug and Evie laughs.

“He does, doesn’t he? But I will warn you, he is on his fifth beer of the night and we both know what happens if he drinks a little too much.” She winks and you smirk at the memory.

“Ah yes, the urine incident. Don’t believe any of us are keen on reliving that experience. Alright, I’ll get him back to the train. I’ll meet you there alright?” You say and Evie nods again before you make your way to Jacob.

“Alright, love, I think you’ve had enough for tonight.” You tell him as you snatch away the beer bottle before he can object.

“Ah Y/N! Heard about the celebration, eh love?” Jacob shouts above the noise around you and you smile.

“Of course I did. But I really think you should go back now. There are more boroughs to conquer.” You reply and he tries to nod but it was almost comical in the way he did it.

‘He acts as if his head is a large stone.’ You say to yourself as you hand the bottle off to a passing Rook.

“I will see all of you Rooks tomorrow! Have fun lads!” Jacob hollers as you lead him to the exit.

Choruses of ‘Night Boss!’ and ‘Have fun tonight!’ echo around you as the two of you leave the pub. Well more like Jacob stumbling out and you partially carrying him.

“So which borough to conquer next, love? Southwark? Ooh or maybe the Strand. Heard the leader there was a challenge.” Jacob muses as you try to steer him on the path from where you came.

“Victor Lynch, yes. He is a handful. You will need your rest for that.” You answer and you try to hide an amused smile behind your words.

“Aye, Lynch can go and try to challenge us but I promise you, love, we will win. Hell, I might hand that over for you to keep.” Jacob slurs as he nearly slips out of your grasp.

“I’m not sure Evie would agree with that decision, darling.” You reply and he scoffs.

“Who gives a damn about what Evie says? She doesn’t have a say in everything I do.” Jacob responds almost angrily and you roll your eyes mentally.

“Come on Jacob. Let’s go.” You sigh and he complies upon hearing your forceful tone.

“So what have you and my sister gotten up to while I was taking out the Templars?” He asks and you ponder your next move.

“Besides searching for the Piece of Eden? Not much.” You reply nonchalantly and he doesn’t say anything. For a second, you think you’ve offended him by even mentioning the Piece of Eden. However, he just buries himself into your neck and presses sloppy kisses against it.

“Jacob, we’re almost there.” You sigh and he relents as he lets you drag him into the train and onto a bed in the middle of the sleeping car.

You help him in bed and take off his top hat as he flops onto the mattress. As you finish pulling the covers over him, he tugs on your wrist and motions you to sleep next to him. You give him a look but he pouts in response and you roll your eyes again before shuffling into bed next to him.

“G’night Y/N.” He murmurs into your ear and you press a kiss onto his cheek.

“Good night Jacob.” You reply as the two of you fall asleep to the sound of the train tracks.

also… thanks so much to everybody who says they like my liveblogs… i don’t always publicly acknowledge your replies/asks but they mean a lot to me!!

talking about fai makes me soooo happy and smooths out all my muddled thoughts… this is literally a form of self care lmao. he’s definitely a comfort character. i really love talking about him and saving caps of him and just… dissecting his character & arc!! it gives me a good perspective on my mental illness and also makes me feel better!!

i know it’s a bit niche and i want to say sorry to all of you that didn’t sign up for 10yo clamp manga? but also… he’s my icon and my url!! this isn’t a surprise!! i love him!!!!!! i love posting about him!!!!!!!!!! i beg of you deal with it because That’s Part Of Who I Am!!

all who unfollow during pub crawls are weak!!!!! (joke, but also: you should have expected this, and: my fai posts are great bc they are full of Genuine Love And Self Care)


So before I sound like an ungrateful little shit:

Thank you so much for displaying the first one on your blog. It still means a lot to me that you did. I was so shocked you liked it enough to show to other people.

But like I will actually die if I have to look at the original one more time, please forgive me. Every time I see it I just think about how much you probably want to replace it but didn’t want to hurt my feelings.

AND LISTEN. My dude, if you do not want to display my art at all that is FINE. That is cool beans 100% okie dokie artichokie. For starters I did the original way before the collective was even a thing, and you MAY in fact wanna put up something more related to Tarek, or! You may just! Not want to show mine at all and that’s completely absolutely fuckin fine like no questions asked no problem!!

But if you do decide to use my art as a banner anyway pls take this one I am begging you my anxiety is killing me

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I love your fic We Wayward Stars! Definitely my favorite Altean Lance fic. And, I can't belive I'm saying this, but you actually kind of made me like Iverson. I now see him as that crazy uncle that pretends to not care but actually does. Keep being awesome!

!! Thank you so much for your kind words!

Honestly like… Iverson is a flawed character but I was always a little sore with how people treat him as outright malicious when, I guess my read is that given his position, he’s used to having a lot of control and considering himself really responsible for the missions so Kerberos hits him hard because three bright, talented people he’s responsible for just evaporate into thin air, and he has nothing to show for it. The fact that Pidge unsubtly blasts him for answers that he doesn’t have is just kind of salt in the wound.

I think it’s noteworthy that he’s sort of the face of “someone in charge” we’re given on the Garrison’s side of things, but it also seems like he’s as personally involved in this as he can be- he’s actively leading classes, and when Shiro does reappear, Iverson is one of the people who meets him there. So- like I said, he’s super flawed, and I feel like he totally fanned the flames of Lance’s insecurity- but I also feel like he’s genuinely trying to… protect the cadets, a bit? Like he has this misguided thing of he could have protected Shiro and the Holts if they prepared them more.

In general, I think people underestimate just quite how much of a punch in the teeth the failure of the Kerberos mission had to have been. Like. Pidge’s father was the same rank as Iverson (I mis-remembered him being addressed as “Professor”, but, Shiro refers to him as Commander Holt), but Matt is wearing the cadet uniform when we see him, meaning it’s very likely that was going to be his very first mission. We don’t know exactly for what, but, Shiro is decorated- he has some kind of medal on his uniform in the missing persons’ report that we don’t see on anyone else. There’s clearly a reason Lance calls him a legend.

We mostly see how it hit the Holts, which makes sense, but it was probably a big thing. It’s easy for us to say that it’s wrong of Iverson to hide the truth but with something that dramatic, people want some kind of answer.

Again- Iverson is a flawed character, and I wouldn’t want him explored in a context that completely absolves him of any criticism, but I think there’s more going on with him and we’re going to see more of him, and I’ve seen people compare him to like… Lubos of all people and suggesting he might’ve sold Earth out to the empire, and danget, I’m not standing for that. 

guys im just gonna shout out my friends bc i have more friends now than i did the last time i did this (wow what a surprise (like legit)) im probably not gonna go super in depth bc it would be really similar between everyone so anyway yeah.

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(if you got any favorite speirton headcanons, I would love to hear them 😬)

I highkey have a lot of headcanon about them being parents for the easy boys so here goes

  • alright I honestly think of them as the primary parental unit in easy co. alongside nix and dick like lip is already the mom of the group even before ron arrives and when they start dating and being serious together, the boys honestly adopt him as their dad even when he’s scary af and would probably whoop their asses.
  • but the thing is, even with his tough and aloof persona, ron really cares about the boys as much as lip and yeah sure he doesn’t go around to give the boys soft pep talk - he rather eyebrows them into submission or give out this one bleak reality talk that made blithe cry - the boys honestly respect him and take his words to heart and they will do just about anything not to make ron upset.
  • also ron really loves lip this is highkey canon like he won’t care about someone just bc theyre deemed as “important”, ron speirs would skip any event if his husband is down with flu so he can stay at home and take care of lip.
  • and if he has to skip work for 3 days straight then so be it because he will never leave lip’s side ok.
  • whenever the boys are in trouble they will always send chuck to go talk to lip and one time lip is not available so chuck has to brave ron’s calculating eyes and dude lemme tell you the experience made chuck a braver man ok bc he withstood ron’s cool eyes and smooth words to deliver the news that malark is arrested for mooning the crowd at 7th St.
  • because of that chuck is now ron’s fav “child” bc he’s the least problematic and he’s the one person apart from lip who doesnt wither underneath his cold front.
  • ok but imagine this, lip and ron always going on nature hiking every two weeks or so bc ron highkey wants to be like bear grylls but lip insists that they go to the approved trails instead of the wildnerness.
  • and ron is actually a very romantic person at heart and only lip and luz know about it because luz helps him set up the whole romantic dinner at home vibe; buying flowers and decorating the living room with petals because ron is highkey a sap ok he even write their own wedding vow and both he and lip renew their vows every 5 years of their marriage.
  • imagine this #2 - ron dancing with lip in the middle of their living room; slow dancing, trading soft kisses and just necking through out the night and being in love for the rest of their lives.

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I'm glad they got mathematically eliminated cause I was starting to get annoyed with the "jordie knocking jamie out of the playoffs" like I get the bitterness, I want jordie to have all kinds of success but like I also want my team to get to the playoffs too yknow? And honestly I was starting to hope they beat Montreal tomorrow just to get them to be quiet. You don't have to publish this since a lot of them probably follow you, and I don't wanna cause drama I just wanted to vent a little! Ty :)

this is exactly how I feel!! I’m glad they were eliminated before tomorrow’s game. I love Jordie and wish the best for him but I love the Stars even more and I want them to have a good rest of the season. they deserve that. I understand there is frustration with the season and that people are expressing what they feel but there is too much negativity in the Stars fandom and it’s so tiring. like, the season is bad already there is absolutely no need to add to it

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Okay so, Obi-Wan tied up in blue silk, arms above his chest and a slight swell of his stomach. Its Anakin proving that yes, Obi-Wan is still hella desirable to him but he's making sure not to overstimulate Obi-Wan because pregnancy has made his usually sensitive spots even worse and Anakin doesn't want to hurt him, Force above no. But proving he's still gorgeous despite Obi-Wan feeling swollen? Oh yeah.

I feel like I have to start this with the tongue-in-cheek comment that if Obi Wan think she’s swollen with only a slight swell to his stomach he’s got a lot worse coming when the pregnancy gets to the last few months.

Okay, serious now.

Anakin would be so careful not to overstimulate Obi Wan. Like he’s so gentle with him and making absolutely sure that the silk tying him up isn’t too tight and that there is still good blood flow.

And he’s super generous with praise for Obi Wan. Telling him how much he loves him. How gorgeous he is pregnant with Anakin’s child. Anakin certainly doesn’t see Obi Wan as unattractive currently (if anything he sees him as more attractive) and he is determined to prove it. There is a bit of breaking Obi Wan apart but it’s gentle breaking him apart and Anakin is making sure he doesn’t push him too far or take it too fast.

(Also, man, that mental image. Makes me with I knew how to draw)