i love him so much. a lot!!

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I'm just amusing myself with the idea that the Asgardians love and miss Loki's plays so much, especially now that Asgard is gone, and so they keep asking him for more plays, which Thor finds kind of ridiculous. And then finally Loki organises more plays, which always show Loki as the hero and saviour, and Thor is just /constant eyerolls/ but he sees how happy it makes people and realises this is Loki's only way of sharing 'triumphs' around a table with ale, as Thor used to do.

I am enjoying this headcanon a lot.

Like, if you need anything on a ship when your lives have been upended and you have no idea where you’re going, it’s entertainment, right? And this is familiar stuff, it’s emotional things about Asgardian history, and it’s fun, and initially Loki’s like “uhhhh what” about it eventually he kind of gets into the idea. Like, hey, well, okay, since you asked, and he’s not actually that humble about it and probably doesn’t take much convincing to dive back into these things. 

Though he probably leaves the heroic sacrifice one out and turns to new subjects - old adventures and such. And there’s limited resources for putting on plays but he can improvise. Black box theater! Experimental work! 

Thor thinks it’s kind of hilarious (really hilarious) and like, okay, Loki, you diva, but he does seem to be having fun and at some point he’s like “hey Thor you know what would be amazing, you could make a cameo as yourself, wouldn’t that be fun :D” and Thor gets…kind of into it. Everyone else is really into it too. It’s Thor! In a play! Cool!

And yeah, I think eventually Thor does work out what Loki is doing and why he enjoys it so much on a level other than just, you know, showing off, because of all the ways that Loki has chased the spotlight this is honestly the most harmless. 

And it does seem to make him happy.

So, I might be missing something, but haven’t the Star Wars films always had three main protagonists, historically two men and one woman?

EPISODE I: Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Padme.
EPISODE II: Anakin, Obi-wan, Padme.
EPISODE III: Anakin, Obi-Wan, Padme.
EPISODE IV: Luke, Han, Leia.
EPISODE V: Luke, Han, Leia.
EPISODE VI: Luke, Han, Leia.

For sure we can all agree that Rey and Finn are main protagonists of TFA. Who takes the spot of the third? It can’t really be Poe (as much as I love him), who doesn’t have a lot of screentime and whose only major plot point was setting up BB8 on Jakku.

That kind of leaves Kylo Ren, doesn’t it?


Anyone who says this arc was crap can FIGHT ME.

Okay first of all,

I love the relationship Himiko and Twice have (and I don’t mean this in a shippy way)

Spinner is freaking hilarious

And even though he’s working with the bad guys, he’s kinda always been a good guy himself?




Yeah um….I think that driver is dead? Poor guy.

I really hate the fact that I feel so bad for Overhaul right now, like he had his the work he dedicated his life to taken away…just like that, he was taunted, and humiliated…and tortured….like damn Hori.

Shigaraki cheated though, he waited for the heroes to do all the dirty work so he could claim the prize, that was pretty clever. He’s actually a lot more sinister than I thought.

Look at these poses lol, and who gave Shigaraki that jacket? Anyway, the art in this chapter was freaking AMAZING as usual, this is probably the reason why the chapters are so short…

This was a really good way to conclude the arc though (Horikoshi’s pretty good at concluding his arcs)

Dany and Tyrion

I love this scene so much. A lot of things can pass by if you don’t concentrate, but when Tyrion starts his argument with ‘My mistake….’ and tells her that Jon Snow ain’t eye-shagging her because he wants a successful military alliance, her face during all that was like ‘shit he’s making sense’ and then a quick ‘shit am I hoping that it’s true?’. Their interaction regarding Jon is quite comical.

And then when he’s finished, she gives him this look: 

It’s like “Nah…wait…nahh.” 

What I love about Jon is that no matter how much he pines after a woman, his face doesn’t show it, which made a woman like Dany question Tyrion’s assessment, and in turn made her pine after him even more xD Nothing’s more sexier than a man who doesn’t reciprocate. xD

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sometimes I hc Max's parents are the type of people who love each other more than they love him, they're so happy and in love but they act like Max hardly exists. They leave him behind a lot for dates and such. So when Max sees how much in love David and Gwen are, he just,, retreats into his shell. So one day he sees Gwen and David getting ready to go out for dinner, and he's about to open the fridge when one of them says "Max, come on we're goin out get on your stuff" and Max is just !!!! :0


Jealous! - Haechan

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Request:  Hello! Can I request when you’re dating Haechan and you like to tease him a lot so you’re being affectionate with Jisung and telling Haechan that Jisung is the og boyfriend and he gets jealous

A/n: I almost didn’t write this one, but I’m glad that I did lol :)


  • Haechan is so cute
  • I love his cute little smile so much
  • ughhh just such a cute and smiley boy 💓
  • (I love how I said all that ^^ yet look at him in the gif lol, he’s still really cute though)

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My husband gets sad sometimes because he tells me he thinks he has no creativity and I tell him he’s full of it and it’s a long conversation about our relationship from here, which is not the point right now.

So he wakes me up this morning, all excited, because his workplace does some bullshit team activity where everyone has to do mini bio crap to ‘get to know the team’ or whatever synergistic I IN TEAM horseshit, and it was his time in the barrel, and it’s a bit of a ‘truth and lie’ email game.

And he tells me the short story he’s come up with… about his life growing up in one of the country’s first squid ranching families. Milking the dairy squids in the morning, slopping the crabs, gathering the seaweed into bales. Making friends with the wild barn octopi.


He wrote a song for it.

Oh, give me a home where the cephalopod roam
Where the crustaceans and the porpoises play
Where never is heard, a discouraging BLORP
And the seas are not inky all day.




I love how much Crosby stans love him like, there’s just a lot of love and respect for the dude out there and yeah, also some gentle mockery, but you’re all so ride or die for him and say the absolute sweetest things abt him even on photos where he kind of looks like a foot and I just it makes me smile

Ghost Of You

Pairing: Merlin x Reader
Warnings: a lot of feelings, grieving, mention of death, loss
Tags: @whirlybirbs @cyber-nya @missredherring @im-an-elf99 @kingsman-fam (again if i’m forgetting anyone i apologise but note that i still love u)
A/N: This brought up a ton of pretty raw feelings, so I put a lot into this

Seven days, twelve hours and forty-five minutes.

That’s how long it’d been since you’d received the news. It hadn’t quite sunken in yet, that the love of your life, your husband, had gone. You half-expected to still wake up next to him every morning, that this was all some kind of twisted dream. Yet, every morning you woke, frantically checking the bed for him, and every time there was no sign. It broke you.

Sleep was something that came little and not so often. Not so much nightmares, it was more your own thoughts, your own demons keeping you awake. Sometimes, you just didn’t feel tired at all. Some nights, like this particular night, you just slept heavily and blocked out the world, and your reality for a little while. 

Your slumber was disturbed, and you opened your heavy eyes. It took you a moment to register the noise you could hear from downstairs, and you couldn’t quite believe your ears. 

Downstairs in the living room, there was an upright piano against one of the walls. You learned as a child, so did Hamish, so it made sense to have one in the house. The both of you played from time-to time, and it was the entertainment at Christmas time in particular. 

Pulling yourself from your bedsheets, you creeped down the stairs. The playing became louder and more apparent as you got closer. As soon as you recognised the song, you let out a tearless sob. It was Take Me Home, Country Roads.

At this point, you almost ran into the living room and towards the piano. You stared in awe, the keys moved as if someone was playing. Tears were running down your cheeks now and your body shook. You wasn’t scared, you was far from it. This was Hamish, your Hamish.

Take me home, country roads, to the place I belong…” you began to sing through your sobs. Every time you paused your singing, the piano stopped too, as if it was waiting for you. Sitting yourself down on the piano stool, you hovered your hands above the moving keys. Maybe, just maybe, it would be like holding his hand again.

When the song finally came to an end, you sobbed harder. It was like every emotion, every feeling, everything from the past week was coming to the surface. It was sinking in now, you felt it. How you’d kept it in for a week, you didn’t know. 

You slept in the living room that night. You wanted to feel close to him again, you wanted to feel like he was here. The next morning, you woke up to a familiar noise, and wondered if you’d been dreaming after the night’s events. Sitting up, you glanced at the piano.

Hamish was playing for you again.

Annie’s Song by John Denver was the song that was played as you woke up, and it was the song you both had your first dance to on your wedding day. For the first time a week, you had the energy and motivation to get up, get yourself dressed, have a shower, brush your teeth, and make yourself breakfast. 

Since you had the news, you’d never had the energy nor motivation to do any of those things. You had closure now, and the piano played all morning long.

Hamish never did leave you.

I wanna talk about Aya because why not.

I personally think that the way Ayato treated the kids with so much kindness when he first met them in the underground ward is so much more telling about how he’s grown as a person than a lot of other things he’s done like being supportive of Touka and being there for Hinami. Like it’s one thing to show the people you love that you care about them, but those kids are complete strangers who attacked him first. His tg self would have used force to get answers out of them. But Ayato barely hurt them and when he talked to them, the first thing he did was to calm them down and reassure them that he wasn’t going to harm them. 

I love him. Give me more Aya, Ishida, it’s important.

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IMPORTANT may i ask... which of phils shirts are your favorite

this is literally the most important question thank you

and i’m not saying this just bc he was wearing it in the sims vid, but his “pugs not drugs” sweatshirt HOLY FUCK is my fave. he just always looks so snuggly and comfortable in it, and imagining him with his pyjama pants and his glasses on with it…ugh i love it so much

(and also as we have established i have a major pug obsession sooooo)

what are ya’ll’s fave phil shirts??????? im genuinely curious now lol i guess you can tell a lot about a person based on their fave phil shirt

Inazuma eleven fandom meme

Yea I am sure I did it before but why not 😂

※How long have you been a fan of Inazuma Eleven ?

↣😎 I am the oldest here 😼 I have been I fan since end of 2008/ beginning of 2009 😏 lol I was about six years old 🙆

※How did you find out about Inazuma Eleven ?

↣T.V! It was broadcasted arabic dubbed and I loved it so much! I think I first saw episode 2 or 3

※Favourite IE Character(s)

↣ (man I hate questions that require a lot of writing 😑 I am not gonna write them all any way xD) KAZEMARU 💙, Midorikawa 💚and most aliea kids, Aphrodii 💗, Fubuki ❄, Endou💛

And many others and I am lazy🙌

※Favourite IEGO Character(s)

↣ Shindou 💝, Kirino ooo I love him so much he’s so similar to kazee 💖, Fei 💚, Taiyou 🌞, and many others

※Least Favourite Character(s)

↣ Yeah same for manys, those weirdo earth eleven people -_- I think there are others but I can’t remember

※Favourite OTP and ships/ BROTP? (I find them all the same tbh lol)

↣EnKazeee 🙈🙈🙈🙈💙💙💙💙, HiroMido 🙈🙈💚💚💚, Burn&Gazel, break trio and go break trio, RanTaku, Shiro&Atsuya, Teikoko trio, others

※If you were in a team of your choosing, which school?

↣original Raimon of course to support Kazemaru 💙 also I the idea of Eisei gakuen it feels really warm to be in such a team

※What position would you be playing?


※Favourite hissatsu move(s)?

↣( long answers whyyy) All Kaze’s, God Hand, Snow angel, lightening accel, Astro break, most ffi hissatsus, and alieas,,,, for go all taktak’s x), all kirino’s

※Favourite Season?

↣Of course Aliea arc the besttt, in addition to FFI arc, I also loved time travel thingie in Chrono stone

※Favourite Episode?

↣ ee I am bad at remembering numbers ¿? But any enkaze moment, any aliea kids moment and that’s all probably

※What does Inazuma Eleven mean to you?

↣Life I escape to when real life is troubling me lol

※Do you contribute to the fandom? (Graphics/Gifs/Writing/Art/ Supporter)

↣yeah all of that except gifs (I wish I could) and writing cause I hate writing lol,,,, I am mostly a supporter or artist

※Recommend some of your favourite Inazuma Eleven blogs

↣here we go the best people I love them soooo much thank you for existing

@shawn-and-aiden-frost-9 @ichiroutas-other-eye @ygreczed @suzusnowfuusuke @aishakami @kiarikakawaiii @mimirk63 @zafiro-satoshi @zappyspiker @inazuma-eleven-translations @letsplaysakka @vraberika @inazuma-sakka @iuniu @markofu @lynneryon

if you have time please check their awesome blogs 💖

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Okay, okay, here me out: HCs for Jared having a younger sibling by like a year and nobody really knows they're related because you're really quiet and don't talk a lot and Jared catches you making out with Connor behind the school (is that too long for a request I'm so sorry)


A/N: Enjoy :)

  • You and Jared had an agreement that nobody needed to know you two were siblings
  • It was okay anyway because you were a year younger than him
  • Nobody would even expect that you two were related because you were extremely closed off from the world and kept to yourself a lot
  • While Jared, well he loved to talk and be loud
  • And in your Junior year, you started dating Connor Murphy 
  • Connor didn’t even know that you and Jared were related until he saw one of your school-work papers
  • And he put two and two together
  • “Y/N? Is your brother Jared?” “What?”
  • And that’s when he found out that he had been dating his friends sister
  • So he didn’t take it that well
  • “That totally breaks bro-code.” “How do you know what bro-code is?” “I don’t, but this definitely breaks it”
  • He couldn’t believe that you were related to Jared
  • And now you were still keeping a secret from Jared
  • So one day, while you were at his house
  • You two were working on homework and his hands started to ~wander~
  • Lets just say that it ended with you straddling and making out with him
  • Suddenly there was a knock on his door and Jared’s voice
  • “Dude I have something to tell you and it’s urgent!” Can’t it wait till tomorrow?” “Let me in man.” “No, I’m uh, naked.” “Why are you naked?” “I was, um, taking a shower.”
  • That was the time the two of you almost got caught
  • The time that you two got caught though was after school, and you were waiting for Jared to pick you up behind school
  • And Connor saw you there so he went up behind you and grabbed you
  • You screamed slightly and turned around to see Connor
  • He kissed you and you closed your eyes for barely a second before you heard someone else screaming
  • “Y/N! What the fuck are you doing?” 
  • You quickly said bye to Connor and got into the car
  • “Connor you and I are going to fight tomorrow” “Just drive, Jared!”
  • He started immediately screaming at you
  • “You were making out with my best friend! How long has this been going on?” “A few months.” “And you didn’t tell me!” “No! Because you would’ve acted a hundred times worse!”
  • But Jared was actually pretty cool with it after he got his drama moment
  • So Connor would come around to your house more often and if Jared was trying to spend time with him, you would always join, which slightly annoyed him
  • But he was okay with it afterwards

I had a good day. I got to see my favorite podcasters and took pictures with them (except travis who needed to leave for the baby) and i had a lot of fun, but MOST importantly the presents i got for Nolan finally arrived and he looooved them. And despite everything, that was kind of the highlight of my day. Just seeing him get so excited.


Stray Kids reaction to you coming from Quebec and having a French Canadian accent

Hwang Hyunjin

So, Hyunjin doesn’t know a lot of English, but he would be in awe of your accent. he would love it so much. His face would get a bit red, and he’d get kinda flustered when you called him ‘cute,’ or ‘sweetheart,’ in English. When the two of you are tired, and he comes to visit, you normally just sit on the couch and listen to you talk.

“자기야 (darling)! I love you!”

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Bang Byungchan

This actual polar bear would be so surprised when you first spoke to him in English. Chan would hear your accent and his forehead and eyes would crinkle as he smiled. Since he already speaks English, it would be even better. Sometimes he would tickle you until you agreed to tell him stories.

“(Name)! You’re so adorable!”

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Han Jisung

This boy is such a sweetheart, oh my god! You know how he likes to do impressions, one day, you would play him a clip of a TV show in English, and you would imitate it. as soon as you started to speak, his eyes would start to twinkle. He would want you to speak to him every single second of the day.

“(Name), say that again! Please! Just one more time!”

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Kim Seungmin

Seungmin is young and still playful. So, you would be with him, Jeongin, and Woojin, just listening to them sing and figure out lyrics, and then you would say something in in English with your accent. All of the boys would look over to you, just plain amazed. But, Seungmin would get up, take your hand, and lead you into the hallway … where he would give you one huge kiss on the lips.

“Too cute …”

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Kim Woojin

Woojin is the oldest, so he’d be a bit more mature, but he still doesn’t know a lot of English. So, when you spoke to him for the first time in your native tongue, he would be shocked to silence. He would just stare at you, and smile like an idiot. This boy would be so giddy whenever you would say anything, because when he fell for you, he fell for all of you.

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Lee Felix

Lee Felix is the sweetest person to ever be created. Since he already speaks English, and he’s learning Korean, it’s a nice change. For him, he loves to hear you speak because he can reply fluently. This boy also adores your accent. He would love it so much that he would ask you to just ramble on about stuff sometimes to calm his nerves.

“Just a few more minutes, (Name) … I’m still a bit nervous.”

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Lee Minho

(just gotta say something real quick—nInE oR nOnE jYP, nINe oR nONE—)

Anyhow—this boy is so cute. Lee Minho is a gift from above. Your accent kinda makes him nervous. But, only because of how beautiful it is. His palms start to sweat and his head gets a little fuzzy. He can’t think straight, because all he’s looking at is you. Minho is head over heels for you, and your accent just adds to his “reasons why I love (Name) (L/N)” list.

“야 (hey)! Stop being so great! You’re making me sweaty!”

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Seo Changbin

Oh yes~ This dark boy would absolutely melt into a pile of mush when he heard your accent for the first time. He would keep stealing glances at you from across the room, and wait ‘til you guys were alone (because even though he’s a dark boy, he’s also a shy boy) to tell you that he loves you and your native language.

“Ah! (Name), I’m supposed to be dark, not cute! Stop making me like this!”

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Yang Jeongin

(on this blog, we love, support, and take care of baby jeongin because i adore him and his braces~)

So, this baby would get super shy when you called him anything in English. If you called him ‘sweetie,’ or ‘baby,’ his heart would start to go a hundred miles an hour and his face would turn firetruck red. The boys would tease him whenever he said anything remotely cute about you or your accent, but he would talk about it nonetheless. Because, after all, he loves you …

“Gah! (Name), the boys will tease me about this y’know?!”

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~ Admin CJ


I also know him because he looks like someone I know, just a little darker. I am a succubus after all, I go after anyone I can to feed off of the seduction I give them~

( @ask2pnyoitaly You nearly gave me a heart attack! I love your stuff so much aaaaaaa *0* but I hope this is a good answer for you! ^^

Do I technically need add @asktheitalianempire since Luciano is mentioned a lot? Idk :I Imma do it anyways)

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got any positivity for my boy T-Bone? :D

Ahh!!! T-Bone is such a good boy!!! He is a large boy, so there is so much to love of him!!! Give him a kiss on his hand, he deserves love!!! He is good and friendly and I care about him a lot!!! Truly an amazing boy!!

interesting how i really fall more and more in love with kihyun every day and getting to know his personality little by little is so!! exciting and fun and i just.. love everything about him so much… he’s so confident and so sure of himself.. he knows who he is he knows his Powerful like he just so..self aware i feel but u could look at all those things on its own and think he’s intimidating but there is so much more to him like… the members always have said he is cute and warm and still has a sense of naivety or innocence to him n i think it really shows in the way he acts sometimes like… he is so confident and has a lot of pride but he’s also so warmhearted and like,, simple hearted? like he’s really a kid at heart still like he has such a youthful heart but he’s so mature at the same time i don’t know how to put it into words but i just love every side of him… i love u so much mister kihyun

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Iris, I honestly think BTS are magical. I was sobbing in the bathroom earlier, having a mental breakdown, and then Hoseok went live. Even though I can't understand Korean, just listening to him talk makes me happy. I was a sniffling, broken mess and then by the end of it I was actually laughing along with him so much my cheeks hurt... I think what I'm trying to say is, I'm so glad I decided to stan BTS. I truly think it was one of the best decisions I made in my lifetime. 😊✨

I haven’t had a chance to watch anything that’s happened this week (thanks work!), but I’m so happy he went on VLive. I love the vlogs and I miss Hope on the Street a lot. It’s nice to be given the chance to connect with them as fans, even if it’s just sitting down to dinner with Jin or listening to song meanings from Namjoon. I find them all very relaxing and feel spoiled to even have them.

I’m sorry you’re going through a hard time. I hope it gets better. This time of year is hell for us mental health sufferers, so please take care.

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Omg but the kisaobi hero au is so great?! And it really chilled my blood when Madara AND Izuna appeared,like I really got tense in that part. I fucking can see poor child obito suffering with him. I love it so much!!


Thank you! I had a lot of fun writing that one.