i love him so much that i can't be coherent about it

Shit the Foxes said on talk shows
  • Neil: So Kevin comes in at like 1 in the morning, brand new tattoo on his face, and he's drunk as hell but he's making this surprisingly coherent speech about being the deadliest piece of the board, and I'm just sitting there not saying a word because I don't know a thing about chess.
  • Dan: There's a video on my computer containing cuts from every single time Andrew sent a ball flying into someone's head set to the Donky Kong theme song. It's two and a half hours.
  • Allison: Neil has this thing where bad things happening to him are like a matter of fact. Once, he and I met up for lunch, and when the bill came he asked if he could pay me back later because he got mugged on the way over. As it turns out, what I mistook for Neil being a picky eater was actually Neil trying to eat without upsetting a shallow stab wound.
  • Renee: I don't drink alcohol because you can't account for what you'll do when you're drunk. Though sometimes that turns out fun. About a year ago we found out that Matt knows how to sing Sweden's national anthem backwards by heart, and that was hilarious. But on the other hand I've had Allison and Nicky competing on who can break a glass with their voice at three in the morning, so.
  • Matt: Kevin is definitely seems like everything in his life is about Exy, but get to know him and you realize that he has plenty of interests, it's just that he has no concept of doing things in moderation. So it's less a stick up his butt and more like, I don't know, a pool noodle or something.
  • Aaron: Neil doesn't have a concept of money, a fact which on any given day swings between hilarious and flat out tragic. He refused to pay $15.90 for new pants but said he'd pay for my med school if I stopped making fun of his new haircut. To be clear, both of these things happened in the same conversation.
  • Nicky: I love God, I do. He's always in my heart. But I guess God has abandonment issues because every time I see a commercial for a McFlurry I can just feel him testing me.
  • Andrew: The thing about the Foxes is that the stress level on any given day can fluctuate so wildly you get whiplash. One day you're getting yelled at for not blocking a shot, the next you're getting yelled at for "obstruction of justice" or whatever it is the Feds call it when you remind them that they can't come in without a search warrant. Why Wymack does this willingly is beyond me.
  • Kevin: On the one hand, the Foxes are much less organized, not to mention a smaller team. Every game, we're at an almost immediate disadvantage. On the other hand, Ravens are contractually forbidden from Irish coffee. So overall the decision isn't hard.
— bones | 05—final

pairing— jung hoseok x reader // min yoongi x reader, college! hoseok, college! yoongi
genre/warnings— angst, fluff
words— 9,245

:: summary— you were broken from a past relationship, and Hoseok wanted to fix you, but what price was he willing to pay? Would he end up worse off, or would you realise in time, that your best friend was the one…?

note inspired by this song here.

  » 01 :: 02 :: 03 :: 04 :: 05  ✓

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anonymous asked:

Cas' death and inevitable return has got me thinking up all sorts of crazy scenarios for when they are reunited. I would love if Dean has a super romantic dream regarding Cas while Cas is still dead just for the extra dose of Man Pain. There's too many romantic ways this story could go and considering i already see it as romantic i can't wait until it like smothering me with the romance. do you have a wishlist for scenes you'd want to see?

I have so many wishes… I have a tag for it :p 

#season 13 wishlist. 

I also have a #season 14 wishlist already as… well you will see below, but this is my domestic destiel wishlist :p

The main ones being (this is without the reverting to old coping mechanisms thing or afterwards):

1. Dean opens up to Jody, she comforts him and it’s made clear his grief is extremely deep, romantic and on another level to any time before with Cas or with anyone else.

2. Dean opens up to Sam about this and other things e.g.:

- admits he likes music other than classic rock

- actually orders something other than a burger

- openly revealing his bisexuality

- treating Sam and Sam treating him like a brother and not a parent/child dynamic

- more parallels with canon romantic couples with doomed love / one being dead / gone

- a scene where they tell Claire that Cas is dead and she focuses on Dean, maybe Dean can’t cope and walks away, Claire asks Sam how he’s doing, the whole scene SCREAMS that Dean is romantically grieving and this leads to my favourite wish item, the Jody / Dean comforting scene.

- when they get Cas back it’s this scene from 7x21 but so much stronger now:

Originally posted by teamfrwill

- when Cas is back we get a build up of so much romantic tension that we are all losing our shit for the second half of the season and I fall off my skis and break a leg just thinking about it. I don’t care. It will be worth it.

- 13x23 gives us some kind of 99% canon Destiel so we flail all next summer in happiness rather than the angst of this hiatus and 14x01 opens with CANON DOMESTIC DESTIEL BECAUSE IT IS THEIR FREAKING 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY AND I CANNOT THINK OF A BETTER WAY TO DO THIS EVEN THOUGH YES IT MIGHT BE TOO EARLY AND I KNOW I ALWAYS SAY ENDGAME BUT IM JUST SPITBALLING AND I WANT IT:



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I have a Valentine's Day based idea! sorry if it's stupid lolol Basically viktor has planned a day to show yuuri how many people love him to help him understand that he is valued and to help with his anxiety of not being good enough (cause vday can be platonic too!!) but yuuri wakes up and has other plans ;)) and Eros mode is switched on - viktor wants to tell him it's not the best idea BC people might come in but obvs he can't resist ;)) (you decide whether they're caught or not) <3333

Victor had it all planned out. He really did. He just wanted to show Yuuri how important he was, not only to Victor, but to everyone else in his life. Sometimes Yuuri needed to be reminded that it wasn’t only Victor who got his ‘life and love’ from him. What better day to show him that than on Valentine’s Day. A day of love. 

It was supposed to start with a phone-call from Yuuri’s family back home in Japan. They were going to tell him how much they loved him and how much they missed him. And afterwards, Victor was going to give Yuuri a plane ticket home for a long-weekend in a couple months to see them. He wanted to tell Yuuri that his family loved him and missed him.

Then he’d planned for them to take a walk down to the coffeeshop just around the corner with Maccachin where he’d give Yuuri a new collar he’d bought for the poodle. One that had a tag with engraved with: ‘if found, please call Victor and Yuuri at…’. It was supposed to show Yuuri how much a part he was of Victor’s small family. 

Phichit was supposed to call Yuuri after coffee. He’d even asked for a specific time so they wouldn’t be caught in the middle of walking or order coffee. He was going to tell Yuuri how much he missed rooming with him - their late night talks. After, Victor was going to show Yuuri the website he’d been looking at for new couches. Big ones that could fold out into a bed, so when (not if) friends came to visit, they could stay with Yuuri and Victor. 

After that, (and Victor had allowed extra time because Phichit really liked to talk sometimes), they were supposed to head back home where Yurio was going to visit. He was going to stop by on his way to practice and he was going to actually tell Yuuri how much he’d looked up to him in his youth (Victor had bribed him with the promise of choreography for next season). He was going to going to actually use his words to explain how dear Yuuri was to him. And Victor was going to suggest putting together an exhibition piece with all three of them in honour of their strange family dynamic. 

Then they were all supposed to head over to breakfast with Mila, Yurio and Georgi. Victor was going to show Yuuri a video he’d had the triplets back in Hasetsu make with the videos from his phone. He’d already watched it. It was heartwarming. It included scenes of well-wishes from friends at home (Yuuko, Minami, and Minako), and internationally (Guang-hong, Leo, Chris and Phichit, mostly) interspersed with snippets of rink time here in Russia where Yuuri was laughing and skating with his fellow rink-mates. 

Everything was supposed to fall into place. He’d planned it perfectly, he was sure. He wanted to make Yuuri’s heart swell with warmth and joy. Give him something to hold onto when his anxiety became too much; something Victor could remind him of when he was feeling particularly unsettled. It was the perfect sentiment for Valentine’s Day: the day of love, no matter the form. He’d planned it so the morning was for friends and family, an Agape love, with the evening reserved for him and a more Eros sentiment. 

It was supposed to be perfect. But Yuuri had made plans of his own. 

Victor gasps up at Yuuri as he slides his naked body smoothly over Victor’s as soon as their alarm rings. 

“Good morning,” he purrs, eyes dilated and aroused. He’s put on his full Eros persona and is giving Victor a show.   

“Yuuri-” Victor moans. Half of him wants to push his fiancé off, tell him to get dressed in time for his family’s call. The other half of him wants to see where this is going. 

“Shhh,” Yuuri grins, pressing a finger to Victor’s lips. “I have a Valentine’s gift I want to give you.” Victor isn’t going to refuse that. And then Yuuri does something with his mouth that drives any coherent thoughts from his mind

Ten minutes later, when his phone chimes with the call. Yuuri turns on the ‘do not disturb’ function, then throws it behind their pillows somewhere where it’ll be lost for half a day. Victor doesn’t even care. Not when Yuuri’s looking at him that way. Not when Yuuri’s captured his attention so thoroughly. 

It’s only two hours later, when Victor’s hands are tied up and out of the way, and he’s in a blissed-out state - Yuuri is gasping above him - does he hear the harsh slide of jingling keys in the lock of their apartment. 

“Oh, shit, shit,” He curses, “Yuuri, please, love,” he cries, “we need to-”

“Eyes on me only,” Yuuri demands, grabbing Victor’s chin roughly and pulling his attention back to his lover above him, unaware of what’s about to happen. 

Victor hopes dearly Yurio won’t just barge in on them because he’s powerless to stop Yuuri’s Eros right now. Yurio had been reluctant to take the keys to the apartment they’d given him months ago for his very reason - he doesn’t ever want to walk in on them. 

“Oiiii,” Yurio calls from the kitchen, “You guys back yet? Lets get this over with. I’m starving. I wanna go for breakfast.”

Yuuri doesn’t even falter in his rhythm, just raising one eyebrow as if to ask Victor ‘breakfast?’. 

“Yurio!” Victor calls out in the most even voice he can muster. “Just go ahead to breakfast by yourself! We’ll meet with you there!” 

“Huh? Why?” Yurio calls through the door. “I thought you wanted me to confess all that sappy shit to Yuuri. I’m not doing that in public.”

“Sappy shit?” Yuuri asks quietly, but Victor ignores him for a second. 

“Please, just-” he tires to explain, but breaks off with a gasp as Yuuri twists one of his nipples. 

There’s a pause where Victor’s sure Yurio’s right outside their bedroom door. It takes less than a second for Yurio to realizes what’s happening. “Are you fucking KIDDING ME?” He all-but shrieks. “Oh my god! I’m leaving. And you’re taking your key back at breakfast!” He yells, just before he slams their front door shut. 

“I ah, think we should finish up soon here,” Victor says reluctantly, turning his attention back to Yuuri. “We’re supposed to meet for breakfast. Actually, I had this whole romantic morning planned out-” he tries to explain. He’s afraid for a moment that Yuuri will be to embarrassed to continue. 

But his lover just smirks. “They can wait.”

"I Can't." A Sad Solangelo Fic

Hiya! This is a fic based on this post on @solangelo blog. Which I can only assume is a request based on this @willsolaced fic. Enjoy!

Nico di Angelo didn’t expect anyone to knock on his cabin door today. He didn’t expect it to be his boyfriend. And he especially didn’t expect him to be sobbing.

“Woah woah woah, what’s wrong, Sunshine?” Nico shook his hands in the air a few times before deciding to use them to pull Will Solace into his arms.

Nico scolded himself for hesitating, but what could he say? He had never even seen his boyfriend close to tears before. It was a bit shocking to him.

Nico had been sitting there on his bunk when there was a knock on his door. He answered to find an exhausted and disheveled son of Apollo on his front stoop.

Will’s eyes were red and his face wet, he was wearing his white doctor’s coat and was only wearing one blue rubber glove.

The blonde boy spoke from Nico’s shoulder. His voice was raspy and quiet, but definitely there.

“I can’t do this, Neeks.” He whispered.

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with love, from anonymous (chapter 1) - written with @westiris

Summary:  Isak just wants to get his coffee in peace, Even has a crush, and there’s a secret admirer on the loose. (Huge thank-you to @stardefiant and @koninginnen for reading over this and making my writing coherent!)

Pairing: Isak/Even

Chapters: 1/14

Words: 3,657

MANDAG 15.10

At this point, Isak’s pretty sure that his locker has become sentient enough to figure out how to fuck with him at the worst times. All he has the energy for is to grab his Bio textbook in time to catch the tram. He already has plans to veg out in front of his laptop with a bag of sour cream and onion chips, goddammit, he doesn’t care how much Eskild complains about his breath stinking up the whole place. He deserves it after the shitty day he’s had, because there’s no way a test on motion could’ve been that hard. Isak sometimes moves from his bed. He knows how it works.


ambivalentcats  asked:

Hey, my birthday is coming up on August 27th and a few days ago I gave you a prompt about how Lance gets bitten by a bug that makes it so he can't stop moving, and I was just wondering since you do Birthday fics if you could maybe get that out in time for it? You said you'd write it but I know you also said you have a lot of prompts to write so if not, no big deal! Thanks!!

Happy Birthday, sweets! I hope it was as lovely as you are! Have a fic!

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anonymous asked:

I'm really really curious as to why you've put Yuuri into Slytherin though haha. I'm a slytherin and honestly I can't see his traits fitting in there. I mean he's ambitious but he's also hardworking and loyal. I can't see Yuuri being the type to value cunning at all. :0

There are probably people out there who’ve said it much better and more coherently than me but I just see a lot of Slytherin traits in Yuuri. And I love the idea of him embodying everything good about the house and forcing people to reconsider their view that everyone in it is automatically evil.

He’s very, very ambitious, he wanted to not only skate with Viktor but was concerned that with Eros he could never be able to surpass Viktor. And he hates losing as Yuko said, not just dislikes but hates it. Both of those I see as very Slytherin things. I also see him as the kind of person who has a strict set of morals but within those morals he’ll do whatever it takes to win no matter the cost. None of these are bad things, although sometimes I think he puts too much pressure on himself and can’t live up to his own expectations. The HP wiki also describes Slytherins as ‘ achievement-oriented’ which is Yuuri through and through. He measures his own self-worth in his achievements and he builds his life around achieving goals (like a gold medal). 

He’s incredibly hardworking it’s true but that can fit into Slytherin too. And while I wouldn’t say he’s not loyal, I wouldn’t put it at the top of his list of traits. After all, he did say that all the people who loved him were abstract and left and didn’t come back for five years because his skating was so important to him. Again, this is not a bad thing and it plays into the ambition and determination aspect of his character. He’s also clever and resourceful when he needs to be and takes absolutely no prisoners when he’s being savage. He’s naturally competitive and willing to push himself to his limits to get there. 

I think he definitely has traits for every house. He’s hardworking, smart and very brave to do what he does. But I will always see him as a Slytherin.  

anonymous asked:

Ok ok a jerejean prompt: Jean is taller than Jeremy so if he does not bend down to kiss him, Jeremy has to stand on his toes but just, imagine, Jeremy is drunk and is failing So Hard to reach Jeans lips he's about to cry. He needs to give this boy kisses and hugs but he Can't Reach which brings out Emotional Drunk Jeremy Knox. Jean is thoroughly Amused.

Bless, you, anon for this prompt! :D

It starts with a party and too many drinks, as things often do. Trojans have earned their Class I Exy Champion title and everyone is celebrating their comeback from last year’s disastrous game against Foxes. Alvarez is pretty sure Jeremy has gone from most hated Trojans captain (as much as anyone can ever hate Jeremy Knox) back to the most loved one, and there are already tens of articles that talk about Trojans’ smart tactics and bettering their team through their loss the previous year, articles that praise Jeremy’s captainship and how much he has grown as both captain and a player, and how bright is his future.

Right now “the promising striker” and “an amazing leader to his talented teammates” is mooning over his boyfriend and Alvarez is trying not to smirk too obviously at the sight of two girls from USC Song Girls squad giving up on their attempt to gain Jeremy’s attention while Jeremy looks like he is on a mission to wrap himself around Jean.

Jean, who has been drinking water all night, is discussing the game with guys from lacrosse team and Laila, who even tipsy is more coherent than Alvarez can ever be when she’s sober.

“—a really good shot,” Jean says and there’s a small smile on his face that makes Alvarez and Laila exchange grins. Maybe they are too invested in Jean’s wellbeing and happiness, but Jean is one of them now, one of Trojans, and she just wants the best for her team. So what is she is feeling all warm and fuzzy when Jean who looked like death is on his heels, Jean who thought “fun is for children” looks happy? It’s been a long year. “Don’t you agree, Jeremy?”

“You are too tall,” Jeremy replies with a frown and Alvarez almost chokes on her drink. Here we go.

“What?” Jean is obviously confused about how that answer is related to their conversation and Laila is obviously trying not to giggle. There are elbows nudges between lacrosse players but they do try to continue their conversation about the game while Jeremy is… Alvarez is not sure what he is doing anymore? From her point of view, it looks like he is trying to climb Jean.

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anonymous asked:

Could you maybe write the reactions of RFA (maybe Saeran and V if you have time/inspiration?) to MC having anxiety issues? Like if they had an attack or they need them to order food in a restaurant or something? I really like your writing, and I feel like you could write something really good with this! (Plus I'm a lonely fuck with multiple anxiety disorders and this is just kinda self-indulgent; I'm sorry) If you can't, it's all good; I hope you have a really nice day, too!

Babe, I will always have the time for you, message me if you end up feeling too lonely I’m lonely too. Thank you so much. I love you, anxiety sucks, I know it can feel horrible when you try something new, but it could be the start of something great, please talk to me I’m lonely! I’m also a very nice guy and will always be up to meeting new people. If I don’t reply right away it’s because I don’t have internet or I’m asleep!


I should have tried harder to keep his sweater, MC thought bitterly. It always made them feel so safe and secure, and like nothing was going to happen to them. And, of course, the day Yoosung takes it back, is the day Zen wants to go someplace. They could already feel the anxiety bubbling up inside of them, and they had not even left the apartment yet. Zen was due to come any time, and they knew they shouldn’t be getting themselves worked up, that it would only lead to an attack, but they just couldn’t help it.

They could already feel their breath shortening and their heart start to race. They just couldn’t calm down. The attack was upon them. They knew what they should and shouldn’t do, of course, but things like logic tend to fly out the window at a time like this. All they could hear was their heart pounding, and their short, quick gasps. There’s too much noise, a coherent thought flew by. Shaking hands eagerly pushed against their ears and grasped their hair, what seemed like their only lifeline at the moment.


Zen was worried that MC had hurt themselves, he had been standing in the hallway for over 10 minutes, with no sign of MC. Sighing, he turned the knob, an eyebrow raising as the door opened. He took a step in, scanning the room. In a corner was MC, curled up, hands over their ears, eyes wide with panic. Rushing over to them, he saw no immediate signs of danger, but MC gave no response. Fumbling fingers he dialed Yoosung’s number, praying to whatever god was listening that he wasn’t in class yet.

“Zen? Is everything alright?” Yoosung’s high pitched voice rang out through the speaker.

“Something’s wrong with MC, they’re curled up and not giving me any responces, I’m not sure what to do.”

“What!” Yoosung sounded panicked, “I’m coming home right now! Please make sure MC is alright!”

The line went dead.


“d..ng…cm…ou..oi…ic..asy…ere we go. Come on MC, pull your hands away from your head. Good, just like that. Deep breaths, come one, in and out. In and out. There’s a good MC.” Yoosung’s voice was low and soothing, MC could feel the rumblings of his voice on their cheek. They felt calm, what had happened? Oh. That’s right. A panic attack. Letting their eyes flutter open, MC blinked owlishly around the room. Letting their eyes fall onto Yoosung last.

“MC, what happened? You had Zen and I worried.”

While they didn’t want to tell, they were more afraid of Yoosung’s disappointment in them. “I.. I have anxiety,” their voice was croaky, and they hated the sign of weakness. “I usually do fine with something to help me focus on the here and now, but..” they trailed off, not wanting Yoosung to blame himself for their attack. “But, you took your sweater, and it makes me feel so safe.” MC said in a rush. A chuckle sounded in MC’s ear. Yoosung grabbed the sweater from next to him, and put it on them as best he could given the seating arrangement.

“Well, We’ll just have to make sure you feel safe, no don’t we?”


  • Mostly MC would get anxiety about being seen with him
  • What if their picture was taken? People could look at them whenever they wanted, they wouldn’t be anonomus anymore.
  • Zen took care of that very well
  • Whenever they were feeling anxious, he would sit down and pull them onto his lap and whisper encouragements into their ear
  • They had some difficulties, but a lot of his fans were very understanding, and even if they didn’t like MC too much they would do their best not to talk about them.
  • This feels like a disappointment after Yoosung’s


  • This princess always takes orders for the café and does the talking
  • MC can just make what needs to be made, and deliver it if needs be.
  • They don’t have to talk
  • Everybody who’s not a regular thinks that they are mute
  • Jaehee always seems to know when they are reaching their limit
  • “Go sit down with a cup of tea, there’s not too many customers right now”
  • Knows the best ways to calm them down


  • MC can’t talk to the guards
  • They just can’t
  • They are big, and scary and loom over them. Their eyes are always watching what they are doing
  • MC just doesn’t like the guards. Period.
  • Jumin is conflicted
  • Eventually the settle on the guards will not follow MC around in the building, and Jumin will let MC pick out the less intimidating guards for when they are needed


  • He’s found that laughter is the best cure.
  • He carries around note cards with jokes on them
  • He writes several jokes and notes of encouragement on MC’s arms so he’s always with them
  • Always calls to check in
  • “God 707 is watching you. You are safe.”


  • The first time you go to a restaurant together it is hell.
  • His eyes are recovering from the surgery so he can’t order, and he leaves it to you to pick out what he’s having
  • Welp, fuck.
  • MC’s panicking a little
  • Actually, a lot
  • The first time the waiter comes to take their order, MC can’t form words so they just vioolently shake their head.
  • V notices something is wrong right away.
  • “What are we having?” was the whispered inquiry.
  • MC replied back, and V told the waiter when he came by.
  • “I noticed you were anxious about ordering. Is this normal? I don’t mind being your voice, as long as you’re my eyes”
  • Get a fucking room you two


  • The two of them are just one big heap of anxiety
  • They have to bring Seven along when they want to get ice cream
  • Looking into each other’s eyes calms them down immensly
  • Whispered I love you’s and tightly grasped hands
  • This has gotten really cheesy so I’m going to stop

I didn’t mean for Yoosung’s to turn into a ficlet, and don’t be afraid to let me know if you don’t like the way I described anxiety! I hope this is what you wanted! Let me know if you want something added or changed!

Tipsy Analysis: The MOMENT in Rocknaldo

Spoilery rambling under the read more. I currently have a migraine that I am not treating in the healthiest way (read: just had a glass of wine) but this episode man … Specifically a certain moment (I’ll do an analysis on the episode as a whole later because I actually really liked this one.

This ramble is about this certain moment …

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Put your empty hands in mine (I’m gonna stand by you) - 12x12 coda

Also here on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9812102

They arrive back at the bunker almost at sunrise.

Sam wishes them a goodnight, yawning around the words, and claps Cas on his back when he passes him by. It’s a comforting touch, meant to reassure them both that they’re still alive and well, and Dean immediately longs to do the same. To put his hands anywhere on Cas’ body, to make sure that their friend is truly okay. His fingers twitch restlessly and he balls them into a fist, to keep himself from reaching out.

“You should go to bed, too. You still look like crap,” Dean hears himself say, though there are a million other words burning on the tip of his tongue. Or maybe just three. Three words, finally said aloud by one of them after they were left unspoken for so long.

Cas turns around to look at him, one eyebrow raised. “I thought you said that I look devastatingly handsome?”

Dean is so taken aback by the dry-witted reply, that he flounders for a few seconds. He blinks at Cas, who cracks one of his crooked smiles which he usually directs at Dean whenever he means to cheer him up or comfort him. Right now, it does little to calm the anxious feeling deep inside him, considering that Cas’ clothes are still a bloody mess and he looks utterly exhausted under that smile.

“Yeah, well, maybe I’ll call you that again when you don’t look like you’re gonna fall over any moment,” he answers gruffly and then makes the mistake of stepping closer and actually reaching out to put one rebellious hand on Cas’ left arm.

“Dean, I am fine. My wounds are healed and I will recharge my batteries soon,” Cas tries to reassure him, making those damn dorky air quotes and Dean is taking another step closer, right into Cas’ personal space, before he can stop himself.

He takes a deep, shuddering breath and his grip tightens on Cas’ arm. “Just- just please, take it easy. You’re home now, Cas. And I don’t want you to leave all on your own in a few hours, hell, not even in a few days, okay? Just get some rest and… just stay,” he pleads, the words tumbling from his lips in a desperate rush.

Something flickers in Cas’ eyes, a look of hesitation which Dean has seen there before, but it’s different this time. It seems both more open but also more guarded than ever, which should be a contradiction in itself, but his mind can’t seem to define it any better.

“I won’t leave today,” Cas replies, his voice steady and calm. “But Kelly Kline is still out there and-“

“We have months to find her, okay?” Dean interrupts, not wanting to hear this argument right now. He’s not ready to let go yet, quite literally. “And I will go with you, when you follow the next lead on her.”

That hesitant expression slides off Cas’ face at that and he smiles again, all soft and pleased and happy, and Dean wants to move his hand up to trace that smile with his fingers so badly, he’s shaking with the need.

“It could become rather unpractical, if you don’t want to let me out of your sight again,” Cas says, but he’s only lightly teasing and obviously far more overjoyed and captivated by the way Dean moves even closer, until he can feel Cas’ breath on his face as he speaks.

“I almost lost you tonight. Again. Cas, I – I can’t…” Dean’s voice breaks and he swallows against the painful lump in his throat. His eyes burn at the unbidden memories of Cas lying there in that barn, torn up and bloody and his flesh rotting away right before his eyes, while Dean was unable to help him.

His gaze flickers down to Cas’ lips and Dean can almost see that black mass of goo bubbling up his mouth again and the panic seizes his heart back into an iron fist and he can’t – he can’t let go, he can’t say what he truly wants to say and at the same time can’t think about what he’d do if Cas died without knowing that Dean feels the same way. That he loves him, that he’s family, that he belongs to them – belongs to Dean, just like Dean wants to belong to him.

It’s always been such a scary thought, wanting to belong somewhere or to someone, knowing that good things don’t last and people he loves always either go away or end up dead. But in the last few years they have built themselves a home here at the bunker. It’s not home though, without the people in it. Without Cas.


Cas’ hand comes up against the left side of his face, shaking slightly, and Dean feels both electrified and worried about that unsure touch at once.

“Did you… did you mean it?”

The question leaves him in a whisper and he almost wants to take it back as soon as he utters it. Because what if he’s wrong? Cas had been dying. They had both been almost unable to keep eye contact, though for different reasons probably, and Dean is afraid that he’s reading too much into it, that those words hadn’t been solely meant for him that first time Cas had spoken them.

But Cas leans in even more, until there’s no space left at all between them, and Dean can smell the filth and blood still sticking to his clothes. He wants to pull them all off from Cas’ body and take him back to one of their showers where he can inspect every inch of him and clean him from every evidence of his injuries. His self-control is slipping alarmingly fast, considering how well he’s always been able to suppress the need of physical contact between them.

“I love you, Dean.”

Cas looks at him unwaveringly, the blue of his eyes intense in its determination and raw adoration, and Dean’s heart seizes so painfully, he thinks he might pass out himself.

He wants to say something. He does. But in the next second his lips are pressed against Cas’ mouth in something that can’t even be described as a real kiss. Dean’s mouth is open, since he can’t stop drawing in a desperate breath of air, and Cas doesn’t react for a long moment which makes Dean stay right where he is, completely still and only breathing against Cas’ lips, even as his body starts shaking.

Something salty runs down into the corner of his mouth and he realizes it’s his own tears, but before he can pull away and hide, Cas finally moves. His thumb brushes against Dean’s cheek right under his eye, wiping away the next tear that threatens to fall, and then he’s kissing back with an urgency that overwhelms Dean’s senses completely.

He doesn’t know how long they remain like that, wrapped up in each other, trading kisses and hushed whispers between each touch of their lips. It feels like it can never be enough and he’s sure that he will curse himself later for waiting this long, until it was almost too late, to give in to the feelings he’s harbored for his best friend for years. But right now he can’t bring himself to care, to regret anything that led them to this moment.

When they finally break apart, Cas is smiling at him and taking his hand in a gentle hold, his eyes alight with happiness. “Let’s go to bed,” Cas says, and he knows instantly and without any doubt that he means Dean’s bed. That Cas means to stay.

A smile breaks out on his own face and he nods, while he tightens his grip on Cas’ hand. “Yes.”

They leave the war room, holding onto each other all the way towards their room. He hasn’t said it back yet. Maybe the words will remain stuck in his mangled heart for even longer, even though he feels certain that he won’t be able to hold onto them forever. But considering the way Cas is looking at him, he knows. And that makes Dean feel more calm about it, more at ease that they will do this right, no matter what life will throw at them in the future.

They will face all of it together, as family.

But there’s one thing to be done, before they can crawl onto Dean’s amazing memory foam mattress and hold each other close like Dean has longed for so long.

He sweeps his eyes over Cas’ body again, the sight of all that blood still painful to look at, and his voice is firm and allows no argument when the next two words rush out of him.

“Shower first.”


A/N: Cas said “I love you”. He said it. TO DEAN. I am still an emotional mess because of it and will probably never recover. So I needed to write this coda down last night, before I could even think about sleep. Edited it today, hoping to think more clearly, but I don’t think I’m more coherent now than yesterday.

Also I suck at titles, but I was listening to destiel songs on my playlist and this stuck in my head. Hope you enjoyed it anyway <3

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Can I bitch about how much I hate how Neil is written in fic? They make Neil to be this weakling who can't blink without Andrew there and I hate it. Trash talking Neil Josten has a spine and as much as we know he loves Andrew we all know he's not going to let Andrew just rule him. Stop writing as if Neil is subservient to Andrew. I know why they do this. They need to "feminize" one of the characters and since they can't do it to Andrew it goes to Neil ugh I hate this fandom.

uh!!!! idk who you are but i love you for sending this to us because i agree 100%!!!!

literally, i felt this whole ask in my soul. under the cut i give you the ways in which the fandom treat neil like nothing more than a piece of meat only living to get fucked by andrew.

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I can't help but think about this. What if something like "Face the Music" happened? But the song is about Tom instead? That's how Marco finds out about Tom's crush on him :p

Ahh oh my gosh!!! This was so much fun to write! I really liked how this one turned out! It takes a bit of a turn but let me know if you like it or not! I didn’t even know if this was a fic request but I just HAD to write it! Enjoy!


“Oh Tom, I’m so happy you finally came to your senses to meet us here.” The clarity spoke. Tom rolled his eyes and she ushered him forward. “Come, come, bring your friend.” She told him. Marco smiled and followed Tom.

“Try to lighten up.” Marco urged. He nudged the demon, Tom blushed a bit and tried to maintain his annoyed look.

“How can I? These ceremonies are the stupidest thing ever.” Tom grumbled. “All they do is evaluate you in front of everyone to brag about how I’ll be the perfect prince.” Tom sighed. “And we all know that’s not true.” He added. “They’re just going to tell everything stupid about me, like that I like to smile and stuff.” He huffed.

“Tom, I’m sure that’s not true.” Marco assured. “They said they wanted to introduce the real you to the kingdom, and that’s gonna be great!” He promised. Tom smiled a bit and they went up on the balcony. There were crowds of demons below them yelling over each other. Once they saw the clarity exit with the prince and Marco they all became quiet, eager to hear what they had to say. Marco noticed Tom seemed nervous, so he touched his arm and gave him a warm smile. “Hey, it’ll be okay.” He promised, causing the demon to melt.

The clarity spoke up. “My people!” She called. “We summon you here to teach you of the underworld’s next ruler!” She declared. “Prince Tom will inherit the throne once he chooses a bride, he is strong and brave and perfectly poised.” She started.

Tom rolled his eyes and looked over at Marco. “I told you it was all going to be bullshit.” Tom muttered. Marco bit his lip and offered Tom a little smile as the clarity continued to talk Tom up and speak lies about how perfect he was. Tom made a face. “I just wish these things would capture the real me… I have flaws, all this does is put pressure on me to be perfect. But I’m not.” Tom whispered to Marco. Marco touched his hand.

“Nobody is.” He assured. The boys listened to the clarity continue her story, but she took a turn rather unexpectedly.

“But do not be fooled by his wonder, as our prince has flaws that cut him deep.” She added. Tom looked up in shock. He assumed she would talk about his anger issues, or all the problems he had with his father. But she didn’t. “As brave as Prince Tom is, he can not summon the courage to speak what his heart wishes him to.” She announced.

“What’s she going on about?” Marco asked. Tom gasped and pulled his hood over his face.

“Oh no… please no…” He begged quietly. But to his horror the clarity continued.

“For prince Tom knows who he wishes to be his bride, which may be his greatest flaw. A human has won the heart of our prince. And despite his efforts, prince Tom is unable to speak the truth to his best friend.” She continued.

“Wait, what?” Marco asked. “Tom, what is she talking about? You’re in love with a human?” Marco asked. Tom blushed violently and shook his head.

“N-no! It’s n-not true!” He looked at the clarity anxiously. “I didn’t think she was going to talk about this!” He groaned.

“Talk about what?” Marco asked.

“I told her I wanted her not to lie to the peopl! Tell them I had flaws, but I didn’t think she would say this!” Tom groaned and covered his face with his hands.

“Tom! Who is she talking about?” Marco demanded. But his question was answered at once when the clarity stepped aside so everyone could see Tom and Marco standing side-by-side.

“Prince Tom is in love with his human best friend, Marco Diaz.” She finished. The clarity began clapping, but the reaction from the citizens was much different. It was dead silent for a minute and then yelling and chaos erupted.



“Our queen will not be a mere MORTAL!”

Demons began screaming and yelling at Tom and the clarity. But Tom wasn’t paying attention to their negative reaction. As the clarity stepped forward and tried to calm them Tom looked over at Marco with a nervous look. He seemed like he was suffering, dreading the conversation that was about to happen.

“Tom?” Marco asked. Tom flinched at his voice. “Uh… did the clarity say you were in love with me?” Marco asked, but he knew she did. Tom swallowed hand and tugged on his horns. “Tom? Is that true?” Marco inquired. Tom jumped.

“I-I uh… I-I… i-i-it’s um….” Tom couldn’t get one coherent word out. Marco felt a little smile cross his lips and he took a step closer.

“Oh my gosh, it is, isn’t it?” Marco asked. He was now grinning very big but Tom was too flustered to notice anything.

“M-m-maybe?” Tom tried, shrugging a bit. He couched and twitched when Marco reached out to hold his hand. “M-M-Marco…?” Tom started nervously. Marco held Tom;s hand close and moved so he was right next to him.

“I never thought you’d feel the same way.” Marco whispered. “I-I was always too nervous to say anything.” Marco admitted, now it was his turn to blush. Tom was at a loss for words and Marco moved closer. “Why didn’t you ever tell me?” He asked.

“Same reason you never told me.” Tom admitted, finally being able to speak connectedly. Marco smiled and held his hand tighter. The two stood there looking at each other for a long while. They kept moving closer and closer. Marco let his eyes falls shut and Tom tilted his head a bit. Everything in that moment seemed perfect and magical, until they were yanked harshly back into the real world.

“Please! Citizens! Calm yourselves! It doesn’t matter who Prince Tom HAS feelings for, he is not permitted to be with a human!” The clarity called over the people. Tom and Marco jumped and looked over at her. “Despite his being in love, it carried no real weight in this matter. He will have to chose from a selection of three demon brides his father selects for him, and they are who he will marry on his nineteenth birthday.” She assured. The demons below them calmed down and began clapped, joyful for this law.

Marco looked over at Tom with wide eyes. “What?” He asked in horror. Tom was looking at the clarity, shocked and appalled as well.

“I-I didn’t know…” Tom admitted. He rn to the clarity. “I have no choice in who I get to spend the rest of my life with?” Tom asked. She patted his head.

“Of course you do Tom!” She assured. “You get to choose any one of the three brides your father chooses.” She told him. Tom spun to look at Marco, and then back at the clarity. He ran to Marco and pulled the human away from the scene.

“Tom, we can’t do this.” Marco told him, pulling away. “You have to marry somebody else in three years. And you’re forbidden to see a human!” Marco reminded. “It’s the law of the kingdom.” He added. Tom spun around to face Marco and took his hands, pulling him close to him.

“I don’t care what the kingdom has to say. I’m not going to let them decide for me.” Tom declared. “I’m not going to spend my life miserable and unhappy because it’s what expected of me.” He added. “Marco… I love you, I want to be with you. I don’t care if we need to hide it and I don’t care if I get in trouble for it.” Tom pressed his forehead against Marco’s. “I love you… please let me love you.” Tom begged. Marco wrapped his arms around the demon and pulled him down into a kiss.

“You’re mine now.” Marco whispered. “And I’d like to see this kingdom try and take you.”

The Lord Of Light has been KIND to me!

So as I was leaving for my job interview, I got a call to reschedule so I WATCHED BOATSEX LIVE.


JON TAKING HIS TIME AT THE DOOR, LIKE HE NEEDS TO READY HIMSELF TO MAKE THIS HUGE STEP. DAENERYS JUST IMMEDIATELY UNDERSTANDING. And Bran’s voice over about how he loved her (cue Jon staring at Dany) and she loved him (Dany staring at Jon). And then he just never breaks eye contact as he enters the room and closes the door. 

Jon Snow taking charge. Fuck. I didn’t realise how much I needed that.


I couldn’t stop the GRIN on my face. What is life.

Other thoughts:

- Cersei such a snake

- Jamie, finally being noble

- HOUSE STARK FTW. Ding dong the creepy paedophilic leach is dead

-Sam’s reaction to Bran being the three eyed raven LOL

-Night King about to FUCK SHIT UP guys. I’m so sad to see ice zombie viserion. But gave me so many chills.



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Eremin and "I can't do this" ? :)

It’s not very long, and the ending is kind of.. Well, you’ll see. I tried to be clever and cut it off like a TV episode or something, so let me know if that’s dumb, and I’ll never do it again.

Also, I was going to do angst, but then I made Eren cry, and I just didn’t want Eren to cry right now, so you get this instead. I hope it’s alright?


“I can’t do this.”

“Eren, it’s just—”

“No, Armin. I can't—” Eren took a deep breath and held it for a few seconds, eyes closed and grip tight in Armin’s hand. “There’s no way I’m doing this.”

“You can, and you will.” They’ve had this conversation at least a dozen times in the past week, and Armin tried not to let the fond exasperation leak into his tone. Sure that it did anyway, he gently said, “Dr. Ackerman is a great oral surgeon. You’ll be fine. Now lets go Inside, okay?”

“No.” He shook his head and locked his door. Armin had to turn away and hide a smile behind the hand that wasn’t connected to Eren’s. “There’s no way in hell I’m going in there.”

“Eren, it’s really not that—”

“You keep saying that, but Connie told me that it really is that bad.” Armin sighed and turned his whole body towards him.

“And you’d believe Connie over me?” Eren turned his head to the left with an exasperated expression, and Armin giggled, which made Eren smile in return.

“Not funny, babe,” he said with faux annoyance. “I’m freaking out over here.”

“I promise it’ll be okay. They’re putting you to sleep, so it’ll be over before you know it.” Eren groaned, so Armin continued. “Don’t listen to what Connie told you because every last word of it came straight from Jean’s mouth, and you know he just wants to hear about how you freaked out.”

“But I’m just… worried. What if I end up being allergic to whatever it is that they give me beforehand? What if I just stop breathing? What if—”

“Eren, stop. Breathe.” He watched as Eren took in a huge breath, held it for a few seconds, and released it. He repeated the process a few more times before Armin asked, “Better?” Eren nodded, so Armin continued. None of that will happen, but on the off chance that it does—" he ignored the absolutely horrified look that was thrown his way — “they will take care of you and make sure that you’re okay.”

Eren sighed, leaned his head back against the headrest, and asked, “Can’t you come back there with me? You know, for moral support or some shit?”

“No, I can’t,” he said for what was probably the fifth time that week. “But as soon as you’re done, we’ll go home together and watch a movie if you’re up for it.”

“If I’m up for it?”

“Well, you’ll probably still be really tired once they wake you up, but everyone experiences it differently, I think.” Eren still looked like he wanted to run away, and the time that they were scheduled to be there inched closer and closer, so he squeezed his boyfriend’s hand and pulled it up to his mouth to place a kiss there. “I swear to you on my parents’ grave that you will be fine. Nothing bad is going to happen, love.” He kissed his hand again.

With a sigh, Eren pulled his hand away and unbuckled his seat belt. “Time to go in, right?” Armin nodded, and Eren groaned. “Lets get this shit over with.”

They got out the car, walked inside, and after a few minutes of paperwork, Armin didn’t see Eren again for the next two hours.


“Armin Arlert?”

“That’s me,” he said as he locked his phone and stood up. He looked up and found Dr. Ackerman in the doorway that led to the surgical rooms.

“He’s crying for you, so please come with me.”

Armin followed him through the doorway and down the hallway that led to the room that Eren was in. Before he even got to his room, he could hear that Dr. Ackerman did not exaggerate; Eren was crying, and he kept asking the nurse where his boyfriend was.

As soon as he stepped inside, Armin said, “I’m here, Eren.” He walked over to his distressed boyfriend and grabbed the hand that Eren had immediately thrust out for him to take. “I told you that you’d be fine.”

“I missed you so much, Armin,” Eren said through a sob. His voice was muffled with all the gauze in his mouth. “Please don’t leave me again. Don’t leave me.”

“I’m not going to leave you, love.”

“And tell Jean to go fuck himself next time he gives you goo-goo eyes. You’re mine,” Eren said. His brows furrowed, and if he were completely coherent at that moment, he would have looked angry, but instead, he just looked worried.

“You don’t have to worry about that,” Armin said gently. “Everyone knows I’m yours, and they know I’d never leave you for anything or anyone.” Someone cleared their throat then, and Armin looked up to find Dr. Ackerman mock glaring at them while his assistant hid a smile behind her hand.

“If you two are done, I’d like to explain some very important stuff to you both right now and send you on your way. Does that sound good to you?” Armin smiled apologetically, and Eren tried to glare at the oral surgeon. It was really quite a site since Eren couldn’t quite do it properly at the moment.

“Umm, sorry. We’re done.”

“Thank you,” Dr. Ackerman said. “Now, the gauze needs to be changed every—”

Well, that was a cathartic episode. 

It read like a poem when I transcribed it. WTNV often does. 

“And a bit of the sky returned.” 

I love how happy Cecil was describing his weird town and acknowledging everything. He started out so sad, and it was like he came back to life as Night Vale became his Night Vale again. 

“Alice Isn’t Dead” had an episode where Keisha and (as i call her) Watcher alternated. On WTNV, Steve and Cecil alternated. Coincidence? Probably not. I loved this structure in both shows, it gives us the events in two people’s eyes. Parallel narration is cool. 

I could have done with a few more episodes of this storyline, because there are endless possibilities in the different parallel universes. But you never know when they explore something like this again. (LOL at the reality where cars are Stilton cheese, and the insurance agent consider living in that reality. I mean, I guess the cars would break down much more often and insurance guys would get richer?) Also I feel so sad for Cal. I know he was only in one episode, but damn, what a sad story. 

CECIL AND STEVE FEELS. That was beautiful. I love when Cecil takes off his radio presenter hat and just gets vulnerable and real, like at the end of “Ghost Stories”. Also, we get more detail of Janice’s disability. It’s actually very believable that Cecil felt replaced by Steve. (What happened to Janice’s father?) 

Cecil is finally acknowledging a lot of things Steve has wanted to talk about, in terms of Night Vale, the arrows and lines, etc. Steve, who has spoken openly about everything else, is finally acknowledging that Cecil’s mean words do hurt him. Just like Night Vale is finally acknowledging the angels, people are showing their true feelings, voicing them and being heard. Showing your heart and being vulnerable is a huge thing.(maybe especially for cis men?) You’re taking the risk that the other person doesn’t care and just laughs at your hurt feelings, or tells you to just toughen up. (Personal note: my family does this, and it sucks.) Cecil isn’t exactly subtle about it, and Steve had to put up a facade of self-deprecation, because it was so hurtful. He probably thought Cecil is just mean-spirited and would never take him seriously. But Cecil was able to finally acknowledge the reason he hated Steve so much. This is character development, for both of them. The Steve Carlsberg hating bits have been hilarious, but this just made me feel warm and fuzzy like a little..fangirl..caterpillar? That’ll do. 

I would have preferred hearing the various Hiram voices. We’ll hear from Hiram again, right? I really really like Hiram. 

I had an actual Russian Matryoshka doll, and all the dolls had the same hair and face. Design wise, it got simpler, but it was always the same hair color, so I was a bit confused by blonde and brunette dolls mentioned. I guess US ones have different hair colors and stuff? I’ve seen a South Park doll once, so maybe there are different designs. 

The part before the weather though, OMG. “Goodbye.” Have you no decency, Finknor?!! They even added the usual end music and TOTAL SILENCE. Stop toying with our hearts! 

Five years of WTNV. I should probably make a post about how I’ve been a fan for four years and all that it has meant to me. I don’t know if I can muster a coherent post right now. I’ll try to say something briefly. I can’t really fully express it. 

This show is a thing of beauty. You can just tell the creators and cast love doing it. The writing is carefully thought out and poetic, wonderfully whimsical and weird. All the characters are lovingly crafted and have their own voice, both in the writing and the acting. 

WTNV has helped me in times of depression and anxiety. It has introduced me to art and artists that I love, that I have learned from. Without WTNV, I wouldn’t know about Cecil, or Meg, or Dylan. I’m inspired by these people and the work they do. I have learned things about art and activism that will influence my own art. 

The fandom is diverse, intelligent, and kind. So are the writers and cast of the show. I have fangirled hard before, but I’ve never come across a cast with so much appreciation for fans and fandom culture. They have shown me the kind of appreciation and kindness that I never expected. My life is more beautiful because of this show. 

And hey,

Thank YOU, Joseph Fink. Thank you so much.  

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I know you've already talked about how amazing Kat was in this episode, but I just can't get over it? Going from being so vulnerable and wrecked about Jace (and how well it was done? Usually death scenes are so over blown they boarder on cartoonish? But not this one, oh no, not this one) to straight up I'm gonna murder my dead ass father? The absolute rage on her face as she stabs him not once, but multiple times? Damn girl. She's so tiny but in that scene she legit scared me. I'm just so proud.

I know it’s kinda like shit upon in the Tumblr fandom to like clary or clace, but honestly??? clary was the MVP last episode and clace was so amazingly heartbreaking in both the death scene and when Jace saved clary like??? Kat is fucking killing the game as her character and in her pairing - anon 2

i know!! she was frickin phenomenal as was dom and all of the c/lace moments were so well done, especially the death scene and the valentine scene. like if you look at kat’s performance in 1x13 when jace is being taken by valentine compared to this one, you can see how much she’s grown because the scene was so very affecting and genuinely heartbreaking without being (too) overdramatic (i mean this is still shadowhunters lol), plus jace’s “i love you” (which was??? improvised??? god bless) ended my life tbh like i didn’t think i would like a c/lace i love you at this point in time but it was just p e r f e c t - the perfect moment, the perfect delivery it was just………so good

like i’ve shipped c/lace this whole time but i’ve never been so so caught up in it like i was in this episode, when clary was about to get her head chopped off and the way they hug after and after jace dies the grief and the rage when clary straight up MURDERS her own FATHER by stabbing him a MILLION times holy shit i need a minute to get over it but yes 12 rounds of applause for ms katherine mcnamara tbqh

Hamlet: A very short and abridged version (Act 4)

Act 1 Act 2 Act 3

Scene I

The Queen’s room with the King and Guildencrantz

Claudius: Hey, honey. You’re a bit pale. What happened?
Gertrude: *shocked* Hamlet came in, screamed obscenities and killed Polonius. (Nervous breakdown, I tell you. Nervous breakdown.)
Claudius: *pats her head* Oh, Guildencrantz make sure that we get rid of him and everything will be fine. Let’s go to some friends. (What friends? Valium and alcohol? Opium?)

Scene II

Somewhere in the castle

Hamlet: Yes, I hid the body.
Guildencrantz: Where is it?
Hamlet: Lol. Nope. Mad! (And at this point I truly believe it. Being quite cheery for killing his almost father-in-law. Not giving a damn about his ex. Hiding a cadaver for fun.)
Guildencrantz: *sigh* Eh?

Scene III

Claudius: The guards looked everywhere, but they couldn’t find the body. Where is it?
Hamlet: Lalalala, you won’t ever find Polonius until you smell him.
Claudius: *pats Hamlet with a fake smile* Hamlet. You’re not well. We will send you to England with your friends. Only for your best. Get well! (Only that you make this seem new, but you plotted it for a while. And Hamlet new already anyway. But hey, better tell everything twice. 😉)
Hamlet: Cool! Bye!

Scene IV

A field somewhere in Denmark

Fortinbras (heir to Norway, was also tricked out of his throne by his uncle taking over, sounds familiar?): Hey, you Captain. Can you go to the King and tell him that we’ll march through Denmark on our way to war with Poland? Thanks! (FORTINBRAS!!!! MY FAV!!!!! *heart eyes* The best of the best! The one that they cut in every second production! The coolest of them all. – The only good thing about Benedict’s Hamlet was that they kept Fortinbras and gave him a great coat. THAT COAT! AND FORTINBRAS!)

The same field, Hamlet walks by (Denmark isn’t bigger than a shoe box by this account)

Hamlet: Oh, so many soldiers. Who is their commander and why?
Soldier: Fortinbras of Norway and we’ll conquer Poland.
Hamlet (on his own): I have to move forward with my revenge, as does he with his. Never lose focus.

Scene V

Queen: Oh please, don’t make me speak with Ophelia. I can’t bear it. How is she?
Horatio: Well, broken-hearted. Mad with grief.

Horatio brings in Ophelia

Ophelia *sings, mad with grief and barely coherent*: My brother’s gone, my boyfriend broke my heart, and then my dad was slain. *sobs*
King: Hey, how are you? *gently takes her hand and tries to sooth her* (I think for once there is an actual kind reaction from him. Ophelia’s situation is THAT horrible, that it melts even the coldest and lights the darkest of hearts. Who has no pity for her has no heart.)
Ophelia: I only hope that everyone is happy, not like me who can’t do anything but cry. Goodnight. *sad-smile* *leaves*
King: Oh god, please, Horatio. Follow her and make sure that she is well. – Oh Gertrude, this breaks my heart. To see the nice and kind Ophelia affected by sorrow that way. (You didn’t think twice when it was about Hamlet though, right?)
A guy storms in: Oh, god! Laertes is coming. With an army. And he is furious! (Laertes is back! After two or three hours! Hey, and somehow he doesn’t like that his family was destroyed by Hamlet’s and Claudius petty revenge game. Let’s see who’s side he takes!)

King: Not me. Hamlet was it!

Ophelia comes in with some flowers.

Laertes: Oh god. Pheli! (Honestly. Just reading and writing this makes me cry. I can’t find any funny responses or anything. Just imagine being a guy who goes on to university in high spirits. Comes back a few weeks later, because he heard his dad was murdered. And then he sees his sister. His little sister that was always something like his sunshine and she doesn’t even recognise him. Torn apart and driven made by grief.)
Ophelia: Here, everyone. Have some flowers. I miss my dad so much!
Claudius: Okay, Laertes. I feel your grief. Chose now. We can plot together to get revenge for your family.
Laertes: YES!

Scene VI

Letter from Hamlet to Horatio: Dear Horatio, had some fun with pirates. Guildencrantz are still going to England *winky face*. I’m back in Denmark. Come to me as soon as possible. – He, who you know is yours – Hamlet (If you ever wondered about the “Hamlet and Horatio are gay”-thing.)

Scene VII:

Laertes and Claudius work out a plan (because that went well so far)

Laertes: Tell me again, why didn’t you kill Hamlet if you know it was him?
Claudius: Because I actually truly love my wife and it would break her heart, beside it looks bad for me as a king. (You can totally make up which of the parts is more important. Claudius the guy, who did everything for love or Claudius the ruthless-powerhungry villain. Shapes the whole play and makes nearly equal sense.)
messenger brings in a letter: Hamlet is back and wants to meet you!
Laertes: He. Destroyed. My. Family.
Claudius: Yes, and I have a plan! Just tell me you’ll do anything for revenge!
Laertes: Yes.
Claudius: I know you are the best fencer – far better than Hamlet, so we’ll set up a match. To be sure we’ll poison your weapon and if that’s not enough we’ll have a drink with poison set aside for Hamlet as well. (Claudius doesn’t take chances. )
Laertes: Yes!

Gertrude comes in: Ophelia drowned.
Laertes: No more tears!

Act 5

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don't read this if you haven't seen ep 8 yet. what are your thoughts on nick & june in the ep? i'm unsure. it's not as bad as it could've been, & i'm still convinced that there's more of nick's story to be revealed or that he'll develop in some way. i don't think offred and nick are over by any means. i understand nick's inner conflict entirely - does he risk himself & offred, or does he say fuck it because at least it gives them hope & something to live for? i really think he can't decide. +

+ however his lack of communication w/ offred and almost messing her about isn’t fair and i’m starting to get angry at him for it. she doesn’t deserve that treatment, and it sucks when it’s coming from the only positive thing in her life rn. he needs to get his shit together and make a decision or at least voice his thoughts to her so she can understand. i’d love to know your thoughts :)

alright. i literally just finished watching the episode (i kept pausing it far too many times because it was just so disturbing) and i still have to gather my thoughts about it but i’ll share what i have now

ep 8 spoilers ahead!

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