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bones | 05 ✓

• pairing: jung hoseok x reader // min yoongi x reader, college! hoseok, college! yoongi
• genre/warnings: angst, fluff
• words: 9,245
→ summary: you were broken from a past relationship, and Hoseok wanted to fix you, but what price was he willing to pay? Would he end up worse off, or would you realise in time, that your best friend was the one…?
• note. inspired by this song here.

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a/n: it’s finally the end, sobsss.  

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I have a Valentine's Day based idea! sorry if it's stupid lolol Basically viktor has planned a day to show yuuri how many people love him to help him understand that he is valued and to help with his anxiety of not being good enough (cause vday can be platonic too!!) but yuuri wakes up and has other plans ;)) and Eros mode is switched on - viktor wants to tell him it's not the best idea BC people might come in but obvs he can't resist ;)) (you decide whether they're caught or not) <3333

Victor had it all planned out. He really did. He just wanted to show Yuuri how important he was, not only to Victor, but to everyone else in his life. Sometimes Yuuri needed to be reminded that it wasn’t only Victor who got his ‘life and love’ from him. What better day to show him that than on Valentine’s Day. A day of love. 

It was supposed to start with a phone-call from Yuuri’s family back home in Japan. They were going to tell him how much they loved him and how much they missed him. And afterwards, Victor was going to give Yuuri a plane ticket home for a long-weekend in a couple months to see them. He wanted to tell Yuuri that his family loved him and missed him.

Then he’d planned for them to take a walk down to the coffeeshop just around the corner with Maccachin where he’d give Yuuri a new collar he’d bought for the poodle. One that had a tag with engraved with: ‘if found, please call Victor and Yuuri at…’. It was supposed to show Yuuri how much a part he was of Victor’s small family. 

Phichit was supposed to call Yuuri after coffee. He’d even asked for a specific time so they wouldn’t be caught in the middle of walking or order coffee. He was going to tell Yuuri how much he missed rooming with him - their late night talks. After, Victor was going to show Yuuri the website he’d been looking at for new couches. Big ones that could fold out into a bed, so when (not if) friends came to visit, they could stay with Yuuri and Victor. 

After that, (and Victor had allowed extra time because Phichit really liked to talk sometimes), they were supposed to head back home where Yurio was going to visit. He was going to stop by on his way to practice and he was going to actually tell Yuuri how much he’d looked up to him in his youth (Victor had bribed him with the promise of choreography for next season). He was going to going to actually use his words to explain how dear Yuuri was to him. And Victor was going to suggest putting together an exhibition piece with all three of them in honour of their strange family dynamic. 

Then they were all supposed to head over to breakfast with Mila, Yurio and Georgi. Victor was going to show Yuuri a video he’d had the triplets back in Hasetsu make with the videos from his phone. He’d already watched it. It was heartwarming. It included scenes of well-wishes from friends at home (Yuuko, Minami, and Minako), and internationally (Guang-hong, Leo, Chris and Phichit, mostly) interspersed with snippets of rink time here in Russia where Yuuri was laughing and skating with his fellow rink-mates. 

Everything was supposed to fall into place. He’d planned it perfectly, he was sure. He wanted to make Yuuri’s heart swell with warmth and joy. Give him something to hold onto when his anxiety became too much; something Victor could remind him of when he was feeling particularly unsettled. It was the perfect sentiment for Valentine’s Day: the day of love, no matter the form. He’d planned it so the morning was for friends and family, an Agape love, with the evening reserved for him and a more Eros sentiment. 

It was supposed to be perfect. But Yuuri had made plans of his own. 

Victor gasps up at Yuuri as he slides his naked body smoothly over Victor’s as soon as their alarm rings. 

“Good morning,” he purrs, eyes dilated and aroused. He’s put on his full Eros persona and is giving Victor a show.   

“Yuuri-” Victor moans. Half of him wants to push his fiancé off, tell him to get dressed in time for his family’s call. The other half of him wants to see where this is going. 

“Shhh,” Yuuri grins, pressing a finger to Victor’s lips. “I have a Valentine’s gift I want to give you.” Victor isn’t going to refuse that. And then Yuuri does something with his mouth that drives any coherent thoughts from his mind

Ten minutes later, when his phone chimes with the call. Yuuri turns on the ‘do not disturb’ function, then throws it behind their pillows somewhere where it’ll be lost for half a day. Victor doesn’t even care. Not when Yuuri’s looking at him that way. Not when Yuuri’s captured his attention so thoroughly. 

It’s only two hours later, when Victor’s hands are tied up and out of the way, and he’s in a blissed-out state - Yuuri is gasping above him - does he hear the harsh slide of jingling keys in the lock of their apartment. 

“Oh, shit, shit,” He curses, “Yuuri, please, love,” he cries, “we need to-”

“Eyes on me only,” Yuuri demands, grabbing Victor’s chin roughly and pulling his attention back to his lover above him, unaware of what’s about to happen. 

Victor hopes dearly Yurio won’t just barge in on them because he’s powerless to stop Yuuri’s Eros right now. Yurio had been reluctant to take the keys to the apartment they’d given him months ago for his very reason - he doesn’t ever want to walk in on them. 

“Oiiii,” Yurio calls from the kitchen, “You guys back yet? Lets get this over with. I’m starving. I wanna go for breakfast.”

Yuuri doesn’t even falter in his rhythm, just raising one eyebrow as if to ask Victor ‘breakfast?’. 

“Yurio!” Victor calls out in the most even voice he can muster. “Just go ahead to breakfast by yourself! We’ll meet with you there!” 

“Huh? Why?” Yurio calls through the door. “I thought you wanted me to confess all that sappy shit to Yuuri. I’m not doing that in public.”

“Sappy shit?” Yuuri asks quietly, but Victor ignores him for a second. 

“Please, just-” he tires to explain, but breaks off with a gasp as Yuuri twists one of his nipples. 

There’s a pause where Victor’s sure Yurio’s right outside their bedroom door. It takes less than a second for Yurio to realizes what’s happening. “Are you fucking KIDDING ME?” He all-but shrieks. “Oh my god! I’m leaving. And you’re taking your key back at breakfast!” He yells, just before he slams their front door shut. 

“I ah, think we should finish up soon here,” Victor says reluctantly, turning his attention back to Yuuri. “We’re supposed to meet for breakfast. Actually, I had this whole romantic morning planned out-” he tries to explain. He’s afraid for a moment that Yuuri will be to embarrassed to continue. 

But his lover just smirks. “They can wait.”

with love, from anonymous (chapter 1) - written with @westiris

Summary:  Isak just wants to get his coffee in peace, Even has a crush, and there’s a secret admirer on the loose. (Huge thank-you to @stardefiant and @koninginnen for reading over this and making my writing coherent!)

Pairing: Isak/Even

Chapters: 1/14

Words: 3,657

MANDAG 15.10

At this point, Isak’s pretty sure that his locker has become sentient enough to figure out how to fuck with him at the worst times. All he has the energy for is to grab his Bio textbook in time to catch the tram. He already has plans to veg out in front of his laptop with a bag of sour cream and onion chips, goddammit, he doesn’t care how much Eskild complains about his breath stinking up the whole place. He deserves it after the shitty day he’s had, because there’s no way a test on motion could’ve been that hard. Isak sometimes moves from his bed. He knows how it works.


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Could you maybe write the reactions of RFA (maybe Saeran and V if you have time/inspiration?) to MC having anxiety issues? Like if they had an attack or they need them to order food in a restaurant or something? I really like your writing, and I feel like you could write something really good with this! (Plus I'm a lonely fuck with multiple anxiety disorders and this is just kinda self-indulgent; I'm sorry) If you can't, it's all good; I hope you have a really nice day, too!

Babe, I will always have the time for you, message me if you end up feeling too lonely I’m lonely too. Thank you so much. I love you, anxiety sucks, I know it can feel horrible when you try something new, but it could be the start of something great, please talk to me I’m lonely! I’m also a very nice guy and will always be up to meeting new people. If I don’t reply right away it’s because I don’t have internet or I’m asleep!


I should have tried harder to keep his sweater, MC thought bitterly. It always made them feel so safe and secure, and like nothing was going to happen to them. And, of course, the day Yoosung takes it back, is the day Zen wants to go someplace. They could already feel the anxiety bubbling up inside of them, and they had not even left the apartment yet. Zen was due to come any time, and they knew they shouldn’t be getting themselves worked up, that it would only lead to an attack, but they just couldn’t help it.

They could already feel their breath shortening and their heart start to race. They just couldn’t calm down. The attack was upon them. They knew what they should and shouldn’t do, of course, but things like logic tend to fly out the window at a time like this. All they could hear was their heart pounding, and their short, quick gasps. There’s too much noise, a coherent thought flew by. Shaking hands eagerly pushed against their ears and grasped their hair, what seemed like their only lifeline at the moment.


Zen was worried that MC had hurt themselves, he had been standing in the hallway for over 10 minutes, with no sign of MC. Sighing, he turned the knob, an eyebrow raising as the door opened. He took a step in, scanning the room. In a corner was MC, curled up, hands over their ears, eyes wide with panic. Rushing over to them, he saw no immediate signs of danger, but MC gave no response. Fumbling fingers he dialed Yoosung’s number, praying to whatever god was listening that he wasn’t in class yet.

“Zen? Is everything alright?” Yoosung’s high pitched voice rang out through the speaker.

“Something’s wrong with MC, they’re curled up and not giving me any responces, I’m not sure what to do.”

“What!” Yoosung sounded panicked, “I’m coming home right now! Please make sure MC is alright!”

The line went dead.


“d..ng…cm…ou..oi…ic..asy…ere we go. Come on MC, pull your hands away from your head. Good, just like that. Deep breaths, come one, in and out. In and out. There’s a good MC.” Yoosung’s voice was low and soothing, MC could feel the rumblings of his voice on their cheek. They felt calm, what had happened? Oh. That’s right. A panic attack. Letting their eyes flutter open, MC blinked owlishly around the room. Letting their eyes fall onto Yoosung last.

“MC, what happened? You had Zen and I worried.”

While they didn’t want to tell, they were more afraid of Yoosung’s disappointment in them. “I.. I have anxiety,” their voice was croaky, and they hated the sign of weakness. “I usually do fine with something to help me focus on the here and now, but..” they trailed off, not wanting Yoosung to blame himself for their attack. “But, you took your sweater, and it makes me feel so safe.” MC said in a rush. A chuckle sounded in MC’s ear. Yoosung grabbed the sweater from next to him, and put it on them as best he could given the seating arrangement.

“Well, We’ll just have to make sure you feel safe, no don’t we?”


  • Mostly MC would get anxiety about being seen with him
  • What if their picture was taken? People could look at them whenever they wanted, they wouldn’t be anonomus anymore.
  • Zen took care of that very well
  • Whenever they were feeling anxious, he would sit down and pull them onto his lap and whisper encouragements into their ear
  • They had some difficulties, but a lot of his fans were very understanding, and even if they didn’t like MC too much they would do their best not to talk about them.
  • This feels like a disappointment after Yoosung’s


  • This princess always takes orders for the café and does the talking
  • MC can just make what needs to be made, and deliver it if needs be.
  • They don’t have to talk
  • Everybody who’s not a regular thinks that they are mute
  • Jaehee always seems to know when they are reaching their limit
  • “Go sit down with a cup of tea, there’s not too many customers right now”
  • Knows the best ways to calm them down


  • MC can’t talk to the guards
  • They just can’t
  • They are big, and scary and loom over them. Their eyes are always watching what they are doing
  • MC just doesn’t like the guards. Period.
  • Jumin is conflicted
  • Eventually the settle on the guards will not follow MC around in the building, and Jumin will let MC pick out the less intimidating guards for when they are needed


  • He’s found that laughter is the best cure.
  • He carries around note cards with jokes on them
  • He writes several jokes and notes of encouragement on MC’s arms so he’s always with them
  • Always calls to check in
  • “God 707 is watching you. You are safe.”


  • The first time you go to a restaurant together it is hell.
  • His eyes are recovering from the surgery so he can’t order, and he leaves it to you to pick out what he’s having
  • Welp, fuck.
  • MC’s panicking a little
  • Actually, a lot
  • The first time the waiter comes to take their order, MC can’t form words so they just vioolently shake their head.
  • V notices something is wrong right away.
  • “What are we having?” was the whispered inquiry.
  • MC replied back, and V told the waiter when he came by.
  • “I noticed you were anxious about ordering. Is this normal? I don’t mind being your voice, as long as you’re my eyes”
  • Get a fucking room you two


  • The two of them are just one big heap of anxiety
  • They have to bring Seven along when they want to get ice cream
  • Looking into each other’s eyes calms them down immensly
  • Whispered I love you’s and tightly grasped hands
  • This has gotten really cheesy so I’m going to stop

I didn’t mean for Yoosung’s to turn into a ficlet, and don’t be afraid to let me know if you don’t like the way I described anxiety! I hope this is what you wanted! Let me know if you want something added or changed!

Tipsy Analysis: The MOMENT in Rocknaldo

Spoilery rambling under the read more. I currently have a migraine that I am not treating in the healthiest way (read: just had a glass of wine) but this episode man … Specifically a certain moment (I’ll do an analysis on the episode as a whole later because I actually really liked this one.

This ramble is about this certain moment …

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Put your empty hands in mine (I’m gonna stand by you) - 12x12 coda

Also here on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9812102

They arrive back at the bunker almost at sunrise.

Sam wishes them a goodnight, yawning around the words, and claps Cas on his back when he passes him by. It’s a comforting touch, meant to reassure them both that they’re still alive and well, and Dean immediately longs to do the same. To put his hands anywhere on Cas’ body, to make sure that their friend is truly okay. His fingers twitch restlessly and he balls them into a fist, to keep himself from reaching out.

“You should go to bed, too. You still look like crap,” Dean hears himself say, though there are a million other words burning on the tip of his tongue. Or maybe just three. Three words, finally said aloud by one of them after they were left unspoken for so long.

Cas turns around to look at him, one eyebrow raised. “I thought you said that I look devastatingly handsome?”

Dean is so taken aback by the dry-witted reply, that he flounders for a few seconds. He blinks at Cas, who cracks one of his crooked smiles which he usually directs at Dean whenever he means to cheer him up or comfort him. Right now, it does little to calm the anxious feeling deep inside him, considering that Cas’ clothes are still a bloody mess and he looks utterly exhausted under that smile.

“Yeah, well, maybe I’ll call you that again when you don’t look like you’re gonna fall over any moment,” he answers gruffly and then makes the mistake of stepping closer and actually reaching out to put one rebellious hand on Cas’ left arm.

“Dean, I am fine. My wounds are healed and I will recharge my batteries soon,” Cas tries to reassure him, making those damn dorky air quotes and Dean is taking another step closer, right into Cas’ personal space, before he can stop himself.

He takes a deep, shuddering breath and his grip tightens on Cas’ arm. “Just- just please, take it easy. You’re home now, Cas. And I don’t want you to leave all on your own in a few hours, hell, not even in a few days, okay? Just get some rest and… just stay,” he pleads, the words tumbling from his lips in a desperate rush.

Something flickers in Cas’ eyes, a look of hesitation which Dean has seen there before, but it’s different this time. It seems both more open but also more guarded than ever, which should be a contradiction in itself, but his mind can’t seem to define it any better.

“I won’t leave today,” Cas replies, his voice steady and calm. “But Kelly Kline is still out there and-“

“We have months to find her, okay?” Dean interrupts, not wanting to hear this argument right now. He’s not ready to let go yet, quite literally. “And I will go with you, when you follow the next lead on her.”

That hesitant expression slides off Cas’ face at that and he smiles again, all soft and pleased and happy, and Dean wants to move his hand up to trace that smile with his fingers so badly, he’s shaking with the need.

“It could become rather unpractical, if you don’t want to let me out of your sight again,” Cas says, but he’s only lightly teasing and obviously far more overjoyed and captivated by the way Dean moves even closer, until he can feel Cas’ breath on his face as he speaks.

“I almost lost you tonight. Again. Cas, I – I can’t…” Dean’s voice breaks and he swallows against the painful lump in his throat. His eyes burn at the unbidden memories of Cas lying there in that barn, torn up and bloody and his flesh rotting away right before his eyes, while Dean was unable to help him.

His gaze flickers down to Cas’ lips and Dean can almost see that black mass of goo bubbling up his mouth again and the panic seizes his heart back into an iron fist and he can’t – he can’t let go, he can’t say what he truly wants to say and at the same time can’t think about what he’d do if Cas died without knowing that Dean feels the same way. That he loves him, that he’s family, that he belongs to them – belongs to Dean, just like Dean wants to belong to him.

It’s always been such a scary thought, wanting to belong somewhere or to someone, knowing that good things don’t last and people he loves always either go away or end up dead. But in the last few years they have built themselves a home here at the bunker. It’s not home though, without the people in it. Without Cas.


Cas’ hand comes up against the left side of his face, shaking slightly, and Dean feels both electrified and worried about that unsure touch at once.

“Did you… did you mean it?”

The question leaves him in a whisper and he almost wants to take it back as soon as he utters it. Because what if he’s wrong? Cas had been dying. They had both been almost unable to keep eye contact, though for different reasons probably, and Dean is afraid that he’s reading too much into it, that those words hadn’t been solely meant for him that first time Cas had spoken them.

But Cas leans in even more, until there’s no space left at all between them, and Dean can smell the filth and blood still sticking to his clothes. He wants to pull them all off from Cas’ body and take him back to one of their showers where he can inspect every inch of him and clean him from every evidence of his injuries. His self-control is slipping alarmingly fast, considering how well he’s always been able to suppress the need of physical contact between them.

“I love you, Dean.”

Cas looks at him unwaveringly, the blue of his eyes intense in its determination and raw adoration, and Dean’s heart seizes so painfully, he thinks he might pass out himself.

He wants to say something. He does. But in the next second his lips are pressed against Cas’ mouth in something that can’t even be described as a real kiss. Dean’s mouth is open, since he can’t stop drawing in a desperate breath of air, and Cas doesn’t react for a long moment which makes Dean stay right where he is, completely still and only breathing against Cas’ lips, even as his body starts shaking.

Something salty runs down into the corner of his mouth and he realizes it’s his own tears, but before he can pull away and hide, Cas finally moves. His thumb brushes against Dean’s cheek right under his eye, wiping away the next tear that threatens to fall, and then he’s kissing back with an urgency that overwhelms Dean’s senses completely.

He doesn’t know how long they remain like that, wrapped up in each other, trading kisses and hushed whispers between each touch of their lips. It feels like it can never be enough and he’s sure that he will curse himself later for waiting this long, until it was almost too late, to give in to the feelings he’s harbored for his best friend for years. But right now he can’t bring himself to care, to regret anything that led them to this moment.

When they finally break apart, Cas is smiling at him and taking his hand in a gentle hold, his eyes alight with happiness. “Let’s go to bed,” Cas says, and he knows instantly and without any doubt that he means Dean’s bed. That Cas means to stay.

A smile breaks out on his own face and he nods, while he tightens his grip on Cas’ hand. “Yes.”

They leave the war room, holding onto each other all the way towards their room. He hasn’t said it back yet. Maybe the words will remain stuck in his mangled heart for even longer, even though he feels certain that he won’t be able to hold onto them forever. But considering the way Cas is looking at him, he knows. And that makes Dean feel more calm about it, more at ease that they will do this right, no matter what life will throw at them in the future.

They will face all of it together, as family.

But there’s one thing to be done, before they can crawl onto Dean’s amazing memory foam mattress and hold each other close like Dean has longed for so long.

He sweeps his eyes over Cas’ body again, the sight of all that blood still painful to look at, and his voice is firm and allows no argument when the next two words rush out of him.

“Shower first.”


A/N: Cas said “I love you”. He said it. TO DEAN. I am still an emotional mess because of it and will probably never recover. So I needed to write this coda down last night, before I could even think about sleep. Edited it today, hoping to think more clearly, but I don’t think I’m more coherent now than yesterday.

Also I suck at titles, but I was listening to destiel songs on my playlist and this stuck in my head. Hope you enjoyed it anyway <3

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I can't help but think about this. What if something like "Face the Music" happened? But the song is about Tom instead? That's how Marco finds out about Tom's crush on him :p

Ahh oh my gosh!!! This was so much fun to write! I really liked how this one turned out! It takes a bit of a turn but let me know if you like it or not! I didn’t even know if this was a fic request but I just HAD to write it! Enjoy!


“Oh Tom, I’m so happy you finally came to your senses to meet us here.” The clarity spoke. Tom rolled his eyes and she ushered him forward. “Come, come, bring your friend.” She told him. Marco smiled and followed Tom.

“Try to lighten up.” Marco urged. He nudged the demon, Tom blushed a bit and tried to maintain his annoyed look.

“How can I? These ceremonies are the stupidest thing ever.” Tom grumbled. “All they do is evaluate you in front of everyone to brag about how I’ll be the perfect prince.” Tom sighed. “And we all know that’s not true.” He added. “They’re just going to tell everything stupid about me, like that I like to smile and stuff.” He huffed.

“Tom, I’m sure that’s not true.” Marco assured. “They said they wanted to introduce the real you to the kingdom, and that’s gonna be great!” He promised. Tom smiled a bit and they went up on the balcony. There were crowds of demons below them yelling over each other. Once they saw the clarity exit with the prince and Marco they all became quiet, eager to hear what they had to say. Marco noticed Tom seemed nervous, so he touched his arm and gave him a warm smile. “Hey, it’ll be okay.” He promised, causing the demon to melt.

The clarity spoke up. “My people!” She called. “We summon you here to teach you of the underworld’s next ruler!” She declared. “Prince Tom will inherit the throne once he chooses a bride, he is strong and brave and perfectly poised.” She started.

Tom rolled his eyes and looked over at Marco. “I told you it was all going to be bullshit.” Tom muttered. Marco bit his lip and offered Tom a little smile as the clarity continued to talk Tom up and speak lies about how perfect he was. Tom made a face. “I just wish these things would capture the real me… I have flaws, all this does is put pressure on me to be perfect. But I’m not.” Tom whispered to Marco. Marco touched his hand.

“Nobody is.” He assured. The boys listened to the clarity continue her story, but she took a turn rather unexpectedly.

“But do not be fooled by his wonder, as our prince has flaws that cut him deep.” She added. Tom looked up in shock. He assumed she would talk about his anger issues, or all the problems he had with his father. But she didn’t. “As brave as Prince Tom is, he can not summon the courage to speak what his heart wishes him to.” She announced.

“What’s she going on about?” Marco asked. Tom gasped and pulled his hood over his face.

“Oh no… please no…” He begged quietly. But to his horror the clarity continued.

“For prince Tom knows who he wishes to be his bride, which may be his greatest flaw. A human has won the heart of our prince. And despite his efforts, prince Tom is unable to speak the truth to his best friend.” She continued.

“Wait, what?” Marco asked. “Tom, what is she talking about? You’re in love with a human?” Marco asked. Tom blushed violently and shook his head.

“N-no! It’s n-not true!” He looked at the clarity anxiously. “I didn’t think she was going to talk about this!” He groaned.

“Talk about what?” Marco asked.

“I told her I wanted her not to lie to the peopl! Tell them I had flaws, but I didn’t think she would say this!” Tom groaned and covered his face with his hands.

“Tom! Who is she talking about?” Marco demanded. But his question was answered at once when the clarity stepped aside so everyone could see Tom and Marco standing side-by-side.

“Prince Tom is in love with his human best friend, Marco Diaz.” She finished. The clarity began clapping, but the reaction from the citizens was much different. It was dead silent for a minute and then yelling and chaos erupted.



“Our queen will not be a mere MORTAL!”

Demons began screaming and yelling at Tom and the clarity. But Tom wasn’t paying attention to their negative reaction. As the clarity stepped forward and tried to calm them Tom looked over at Marco with a nervous look. He seemed like he was suffering, dreading the conversation that was about to happen.

“Tom?” Marco asked. Tom flinched at his voice. “Uh… did the clarity say you were in love with me?” Marco asked, but he knew she did. Tom swallowed hand and tugged on his horns. “Tom? Is that true?” Marco inquired. Tom jumped.

“I-I uh… I-I… i-i-it’s um….” Tom couldn’t get one coherent word out. Marco felt a little smile cross his lips and he took a step closer.

“Oh my gosh, it is, isn’t it?” Marco asked. He was now grinning very big but Tom was too flustered to notice anything.

“M-m-maybe?” Tom tried, shrugging a bit. He couched and twitched when Marco reached out to hold his hand. “M-M-Marco…?” Tom started nervously. Marco held Tom;s hand close and moved so he was right next to him.

“I never thought you’d feel the same way.” Marco whispered. “I-I was always too nervous to say anything.” Marco admitted, now it was his turn to blush. Tom was at a loss for words and Marco moved closer. “Why didn’t you ever tell me?” He asked.

“Same reason you never told me.” Tom admitted, finally being able to speak connectedly. Marco smiled and held his hand tighter. The two stood there looking at each other for a long while. They kept moving closer and closer. Marco let his eyes falls shut and Tom tilted his head a bit. Everything in that moment seemed perfect and magical, until they were yanked harshly back into the real world.

“Please! Citizens! Calm yourselves! It doesn’t matter who Prince Tom HAS feelings for, he is not permitted to be with a human!” The clarity called over the people. Tom and Marco jumped and looked over at her. “Despite his being in love, it carried no real weight in this matter. He will have to chose from a selection of three demon brides his father selects for him, and they are who he will marry on his nineteenth birthday.” She assured. The demons below them calmed down and began clapped, joyful for this law.

Marco looked over at Tom with wide eyes. “What?” He asked in horror. Tom was looking at the clarity, shocked and appalled as well.

“I-I didn’t know…” Tom admitted. He rn to the clarity. “I have no choice in who I get to spend the rest of my life with?” Tom asked. She patted his head.

“Of course you do Tom!” She assured. “You get to choose any one of the three brides your father chooses.” She told him. Tom spun to look at Marco, and then back at the clarity. He ran to Marco and pulled the human away from the scene.

“Tom, we can’t do this.” Marco told him, pulling away. “You have to marry somebody else in three years. And you’re forbidden to see a human!” Marco reminded. “It’s the law of the kingdom.” He added. Tom spun around to face Marco and took his hands, pulling him close to him.

“I don’t care what the kingdom has to say. I’m not going to let them decide for me.” Tom declared. “I’m not going to spend my life miserable and unhappy because it’s what expected of me.” He added. “Marco… I love you, I want to be with you. I don’t care if we need to hide it and I don’t care if I get in trouble for it.” Tom pressed his forehead against Marco’s. “I love you… please let me love you.” Tom begged. Marco wrapped his arms around the demon and pulled him down into a kiss.

“You’re mine now.” Marco whispered. “And I’d like to see this kingdom try and take you.”



“Fucking unbelievable.”

“You’ve said that more than five times today, Baz,” Simon answered him, “It’s not that bad.”

Baz simply huffed and kept writing the orders. This was unbelievable, they were making them work even under the warning of a storm coming their way. What kind of monster do that? Who do they think they are?, “I should sue them. I will sue them.”

“And how exactly will you do that?” asked Simon while he poured milk into a cup.

“Did you already forget why am I in this shitty job?”

“Oh, right” Simon smiled, “You want to become a lawyer” he thought that Baz was going to be a great lawyer one day. Give a lot of juries severe headaches. “Everything will be fine, okay? We’re in this together.”

Baz felt his stomach jump at the last phrase. He looked out the window and saw the tree’s branches moving in the wind, people running around with umbrellas under the light but non-stopping rain. The storm wasn’t the problem, he liked rain, liked to stay in his house reading a book or watching a movie while the rain poured outside. What he didn´t like was having to stay in a coffee shop until late in the night because his boss said so.

Yeah, he’s definitely going to sue.

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If you directed/wrote K2, what would be in it?

MY GUY, thank you for this ask and I apologize because this is a mess but I had a lot of feelings, none of them even remotely promising I literally just dumped all my feelings into this, but here it is!!!!

  • So taking into account that most movies are like two hours long
  • roughly 1.5 hours of Harry and Eggsy crying and hugging and talking about their feelings
  • maybe 30-45 minutes of Merlin’s big gay fabulous wedding, ending with Eggsy drunk and singing a duet with Elton John on a piano
  • this would be my ideal and I guarantee it would flop at the box office and I would be visibly pushed out of Hollywood but fuck it, I would build a house out of the straight to DVD cases and I would live a happy fucking woman in it

Ok but here are some slightly better, but not by much, ideas,

  • When Harry and Eggsy reunite, I want them to be visibly moved. It doesn’t have to be sad and angsty. Let Eggsy be excited and relieved and happy Harry is alive. Let Harry apologize profusely for the words he said, tell Eggsy how proud he is, how good he had done
  • I want Eggsy to be clever and smart and loyal and good at his job, but I want him to keep his heart and be exhausted and bothered by a mission gone wrong and feeling like he has yet to earn his place
  • I want Harry to deal with doubt and PTSD regarding V-Day, I want him to be honest with Eggsy and how proud he is and not be ashamed to show it; and I want Eggsy to smile at Harry and not brush it off or make some fucking lame joke about it, I want him to say thanks, Harry, thanks for giving me this chance and believing in me
  • More of Eggsy being badass: give me a long ass car chase scene (booyoyyyyyyy, i am such trash for Eggsy being a cocky little shit while navigating the fucKINg streets of LONDON BACKWARDS WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT WHY DID NO ONE COMMENT ON THIS AT ALL DURING THE MOVIE), Eggsy using his gymnastic skills, maybe more hand to hand combat
  • Harry wouldn’t show up until maybe ¼ of the way through. Maybe fanfic spoiled me but I like this in between stage where Eggsy and co come to terms with Harry being gone
  • EGGSY LIVING IN HARRY’S HOUSE, opening scene: Eggsy going about his morning, getting on his suit, combing back his hair, staring in the mirror and he does the cheeky grin back at JB. Says something corny like “Feels like a good day to save the world, JB” but there needs to be a melancholy to it. Like he lingers in the door. Maybe Harry’s umbrella is there. Fingers tighten on the door before he closes it and walks down the mews ;________;
  • Maybe Harry doesn’t show up until the shop explodes? Not that he emerges from the rubble but he’s been incognito, maybe trying to uncover the extent of Kingsman being compromised, all across the world, and he HAS to go see if everyone’s okay
  • OH maybe Eggsy is in the hospital and Harry has the same “:O :|” face Eggsy had in the first one, low key this is all fanfic shit I want to see COME TO LIFE
  • I want that Statesmen to be fucking badass. I want them to gentleman. I want them with thick southern accents and calling everyone darling and wearing fucking three piece suits with pocket watches. They drink bourbon. They smash bottles over their enemies heads. They do bar brawls that put Harry to shame. Eggsy is instantly in love and thinks they are aces
  • I want Harry to be openly gay. Like, not in your face, but just states it and it’s there and everyone’s fine with. Badass spy who is unabashedly open about his sexuality. Wanna subvert shit, Vaughn? Do that. I know it’s pretty much certain Merlin is getting that but why stop at one? Eggsy is bisexual p.s. and Roxy is probably at least bi, if not a lesbian
  • So everyone is talking that Elton John is there for the gay wedding, but I honestly think that he’s doing the Saturday Night song, which is a fucking fantastic song, and yeah. That’s all I gotta say
  • Give me more Kingsman with lines and personalities and revealing how the whole thing works
  • Eggsy flies a plane because why not
  • More time with Harry and Eggsy hanging out in his house because I need it redo on the breakfast scene??? Vaughn???? VAUGHN
  • Eggsy being shown having a wonderful relationship with his mum, his friends and sister
  • Eggsy and Channing’s character better have time together because my basic bitch ass is shipping it already GIMME A NAME, I DECLARE MYSELF THE CAPTAIN OF THIS TINY SEA VESSEL
  • I’m hella excited for both Halle Berry and Julianne Moore because we get to see more women as spies and leaders, not damsels in distress and love interests
  • clash of English and American cultures, like it’s gonna be a fucking riot. Dumb sequence where they confuse their lingo, I don’t know what… like biscuits. Eggsy’s looking for cookies and asks for biscuits and the Statesman are like “for a snack??? Alright then” and like two hours later come out with fucking homemade biscuits and that delicious sausage gravy and Eggsy’s just like “what the fuck, mate I just wanted some fucking Jaffa cakes”
  • I feel like Chesters betrayal runs deeper than just killing Harry. He thought he was going to win, that Valentine’s plan was going to come to full fruition. What was he gonna do with the other Kingsman? What was he going to do with it when V-Day was over? What were his intentions? Someone out there was working with him and maybe they are coming back for vengeance or to complete their mission what’s this an actual plot idea??!! not just my dumpster ideas!!!
  • Drinking competition between Kingsman and Statesmen: who wins, bourbon or scotch? Answer, no one. Everyone gets absolutely fucked and Eggsy breaks a table by back flipping off of it and the Statesmen decide to take the Brits cow tipping and no one is functional the next morning. 
  • Harry is an insufferable shit and Merlin ages by decades in every scene
  • I couldn’t even begin to fathom what a plot would be to top what happened in Kingsman. That’s why I write drama and angst and slice of life, not missions and action and adventure. 
  • Give me more Ryan and Jamal. Like just let Eggsy get all happy and loose with his friends, forget his worries for a bit, just be himself again but he spends all his time gushing about his fit boss and Jamal and Ryan are just DONE
  • Just more of how Kingsman works. I want the inner workings, training recruits, maybe Eggsy and Roxy looking for their own, more of the manor–do they have a gym? A training course for stunt drivers? Who else works there? What do they do? What is their office Christmas party like? Do they tell tales of Merlin, the man with the magic eight ball head? Is it Harry who started the rumour?

In conclusion, don’t let me write movies. It would be an absolute disaster and there would be zero coherent plot. Just fandom pandering and dumb jokes, like shitposts come to life

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So Fujimaki has said Mura canonically can't sing at all (and from replace we know he also can't dance) and I feel he'd be laughed at for it a lot. Can I ask for his s/o encouraging him to sing and dance anyway?? Saying they like his voice and stuff.

Aw man, you hit the jackpot with this one. _( :3 」∠)_ You know, I kind of imagine him singing in that off-key muttering manner like Zuoxiao Zuzhou? (Z.Z. is the one with the lower voice in this song, he goes in 2nd). I can’t sing nor dance for hell either. 。゚(T‿T)゚。 Pretty sure I’d make a good career as a necromancer with my singing, it could wake the dead.

And fun fact… Atsushi has his character song that he sings by himself… I don’t know about you, but to me it sounds pretty good… so if this is “can’t sing”, then… what is my life… ( ._.)

… Let’s just go back to Fujimaki-sensei’s canon and off-key muttering. I can’t help but wonder what kind of a death wish one would have to have to actually make fun of Murasakibara…? You know what I mean.

PS. I’m adding links to the mentioned songs. My s.o. helped me with those and she’s just as batshit as I am, so… I’m truly sorry in advance for the horrible 1980′s landmines there. Brings back my childhood memories, I can thank my mother’s disastrous taste in music. (T ‿ T)

“Atsushi, it’s your turn!” You grinned and nudged him.

Okamura was still glaring at the microphone like he was trying to determine where his life had gone wrong and how had he ended up going to karaoke with the rest of the team. Aoi Sangoshō really wasn’t his song. Himuro pathetically tried to mask his laugh with a forced coughing fit. He had nailed The Other Self ten minutes earlier - he could have just as much been the real vocalist for that band - and was simply being a little shit now.

It was a rare occasion, but Murasakibara truly understood Okamura at that point.

And he knew that compared with his, Okamura’s singing was divine.

Okamura passed the microphone and Murasakibara stared at it blankly.

“Nnnnnmmm, I’ll skip,” he droned, offering it to you. “Singing’s bothersome.”

“You’ve been skipping every time so far,” Liu pointed out smoothly.

Sure you can talk, Murasakibara thought with irritation. Liu was unexpectedly revealed to be an absolute karaoke loving genius and his rendition of Nightmare was award worthy.

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What Your Favorite Fire Emblem Says About You
  • Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & The Blade of Light - You feel you ought to praise the original game for starrting this landmark series, and also pantless Marth is best Marth. Marth is definitely best Lord.
  • Fire Emblem: Gaiden - You constantly talk about and berate other Fire Emblem games for not taking enough inspiration from Gaiden, especially the lack of Summomers in later games. You hate Awakening for how it disgraced the beautiful continent of Valencia with horses. You take pride in 5 Range Archers. Boats are your best friend. You probably watch Ghast Station. Alm is definitely best Lord, he can use Bows & Swords (take that Lyn).
  • Fire Emblem: Mystery of The Emblem - Book 2 is where it's at. You know you fucked up when you missed one of the Starsphere Shards. You do however miss some of the characters who were playable in FE1.
  • Fire Emblem: Genealogy of The Holy War - YOU HAVE TO CONSTANTLY REMIND PEOPLE YOU CAN DO A NO INCEST RUN OF GENEALOGY. Chapter 5 is absolute torment. You cry that no Fire Emblem has yet to match the level of world building and lore as Genealogy. Ishtar is Bae. You secretly have a burning lust for Alvis. You can't help but yell "GLORY TO THRACIA." You read Kaga's note and cry about Jugdral could have been. Sigurd is definitely best Lord.
  • Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 - You probably relish your own suffering. You believe that Fatigue, Build, and Scrolls should return. You believe this to be the pinnacle of Kaga's work and you adamantly want him back despite being practically impossible. Staves are your best friend. Fuck you Saias. You wished there was Kempf flair on R/fireemblem. Leif is definitely better than Roy.
  • Fire Emblem: Binding Blade - You discovered fan translations and became absolutely adored by this game's sense of an epic continental war compared to Blazing Sword. You cry that half the cast is practically unusable. You get very annoyed by the amount of Wyverns you have to deal near endgame. Roy is without a doubt, your Boy. No matter how RNG screwed he gets, you always say Roy is best Lord.
  • Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword - It was your first Fire Emblem and you were amazed by the depth of amazing characters and story. You're afraid someone will poison your mutton. You are constantly attacked for merely liking Nino. #AlwaysRememberLeila. The phrase "I await on the Dread Isle" pisses you off so much. Deep in your heart you know, Hector is definitely best Lord.
  • Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones - The villains were amazing (except Gheb). THERE IS SO MUCH GAY UNDERTONES YOU JUST CAN HELP YOURSELF TO PAIR EIRIKA AND TANA. The pronunciation of La'Rachel is a call to war. There is no doubt you secretly have a lust for Seth and Lyon, don't you lie to yourself! Ephraim is definitely best Lord.
  • Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance - You believe this to be what all Fire Emblem should be. Great characters, complex themes, lovable assholes like Shinon, and overall superb game (except the voice acting). You have a complex love-hate relationship with the progidal asshole Soren. Ike is definitely best Lord.
  • Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn - Regardless of your feelings for Micaiah you wished you spent less time with her in game. 3-13 Archer is the TRUE MVP. The story is all sorts of flaws. Ike is so great he got swole as fuck, definitely best Lord.
  • Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon - You praise that it was a decent remake of the original. You prefer Kawaii Marth With Pants over Pantless Legendary Mullet Marth of FE1. The True OTP is Shiida!Wing Spear.
  • Fire Emblem: New Mystery of The Emblem, Heroes of Light & Shadow - You can tolerate the existence of Kris but you make sure to give spotlight to the other characters that actually matter. Wing Spear still decent!
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening - You finished your 1st Fire Emblem game, PLAY THE OTHERS. To this day you probably haven't noticed the plot hole at Dragon's Gate. You cry that Mustafa isn't recruitable. Grima is basically Loptyr-Lite in EVERY SINGLE WAY. You think Marth is the 1st Exalt (HE ISN'T). Krum is not best Lord, neither is Lasoona. The Lord of the story should have been Mustafa.
  • Fire Emblem: Fates (Conquest) - You picked Conquest because you either A) You want to marry Niles/Camilla/Xander/Leo or B) You're a veteran player in fear that the series is slowly becoming a waifu simulator. Chapter 10 of Conquest was frustratingly satisfying. You wished Leo was the main Lord instead of Corrin. You desperately hope that Conquest becomes the standard model for future Fire Emblems (just hopefully a better story also). No idea what continent you're on.
  • Fire Emblem: Birthright - You're an Awakening fan. Go play Conquest! Xander is the best Camus since Eltshan. Flora is the new Sigurd. Even you acknowledge how dumb the reason why children exist in this game. You have the satisfaction of having a more coherent story than Conquest. You finally get a good archer with Takumi and halberdier with Oboro (INB4 Nephenee fans). No idea what continent you're on.
  • Fire Emblem: Revelation - You have to bear the fact that Azura & Corrin ARE SO CANON. You can't deal with characters dying in story so you said "Fuck it I'll recruit them all" (except Scarlet, RIP). You still have no idea what continent Fates takes place on.
  • This was a joke. Calm down before you fire your keyboards. This joke was partly inspired by this post here. I updated and change stuff around to fit with Fates's release.
  • m.imgur.com/BoFZ3SU?r
  • Before anyone asks I tried to make fun of every Fire Emblem here even my favorites. Don't get so burnt about it.

I feel so strongly about the relationship between Tyrion and his father, I think it’s my favorite relationship GRRM shows on the page. 

And like, with Jon - the thing about Jon is that Ned is His Father but he’s going to have to come to terms with the fact that Rhaegar is his biological father, that Jon wasn’t Ned’s love child, that Jon wasn’t the result of some tragically short-lived romantic tryst on Ned’s part, that instead it was Rhaegar trying to fulfill a prophecy, that even tho Rhaegar was a Hero to most in the Seven Kingdoms, Rhaegar did some Horrible Shit to make this prophecy happen because he felt like he had no good choices while trying to save Westeros (something I think Jon will eventually be able to relate to, like, think of Jon switching the babies)

And with Dany - Dany is the same in her own way, in that she too needs to come to terms with her father. Right now she just has Viserys’s romanticized version of Aerys, and she knows that’s not really the Real Aerys but she’s not ready to face that yet, because it’s all tied up in her own right to the Iron Throne, because if the Lords Paramount were justified in throwing off a tyrant who betrayed the feudal contract, where does that leave her? It leaves her as the Princess that was Promised, but she doesn’t know that yet. So she too has to come to terms with her father’s actions, to realize that her destiny lies in something much greater than the iron throne, to realize that “a true king queen protects his her people” from the Others.

So with Tyrion and Tywin - the idea that Tyrion has some secret father in Aerys Targaryen falls flat. Aerys doesn’t mean anything to Tyrion. Sure, Aerys is That King That Refused To Betrothe His Son To My Sister, and That King My Father Served, and That King My Brother Murdered and That King That Joffrey Is Beginning To Resemble, but what is Aerys to Tyrion beyond an account in a history book? What would it mean to Tyrion, and to readers, to have Aerys be his True Father? That Aerys was a rapist? We already knew that. That Tyrion had a father that was arguably even more horrible than Tywin? What …? What does that…? What does that even do for Tyrion’s character, if he had a biological father even worse than Tywin? “Well, gee, I guess Dad Foster-Dad was right in denying me Casterly Rock back in book 3, cuz it looks like I’m the bastard son of a rapist tyrant and literally all of Tytos’s great-grandchildren are ahead of me in the line of succession, so I guess I’ll jump on this dragon and go save the world now”? How is that narratively satisfying?????

Honestly I don’t think A+J=T is how ASOIAF works. He’s going to tempt each of these heroes with their hearts’ desires, he’s going to put each of them through their own trials by fire, to temper them, to forge them into the heroes Westeros needs them to be. 

With Dany, I think she’ll be tempted with the iron throne, with children, with a Targaryen dynasty reborn, even more powerful than before. With Jon, I think it’s the choice to walk away, something he’s been trying to do since book 1, to seek out the scraps of his family. 

And with Tyrion, the thing that GRRM is holding out to Tyrion is Tywin’s legacy. It’s the chance to be Tywin’s True Son, to finally prove to his dead father that he learned all of Tywin’s sharp lessons. “See there, Father? he wanted to shout. See how fast I learn my lessons?” I think GRRM is proffering Casterly Rock and the chance to annihilate everyone in it. But Tywin’s legacy is poisoned, and if Tyrion grasps it, the world dies, I suspect. 

There’s a war inside Tyrion, a war between light and dark that makes him “the grayest of the grays”, a war that GRRM points at over and over and over again, from Tyrion’s black and white hair, to his black and white shadowskin cloak, to his post-Blackwater fever dreams of “black columns of smoke and white-hot ashes” And it’s this war that Tyrion has to win before he can even try to fight the Others. He has to forsake Tywin’s legacy, and grrm won’t do that with ~~~secret paternity~~~!!!! Tyrion has to make the choice, he has to realize that he doesn’t have to pick up the mantle of Tywin’s brutality and wrap it around himself like that old shadowskin cloak in order to be recognized as a human being.  Tyrion has to come to terms with Tywin as his father, but recognize that he doesn’t he doesn’t have to become his father.

One day I will write this word vomit more coherently, but today is not that day

anonymous asked:

so this is like, a legit question because i like to ask people about stuff like this a lot. why do you like sorey and mikleo as a ship so much? (i haven't seen the anime yet so I can't really speak for what people are saying about him an alisha, but i'm mostly curious???)

Anon, you know not what you have just done…. I’m gonna put this in smaller text to it’s less of a wall.

Why I love SoreyMikleo: A (hopefully) Coherent Essay by Nao
(Also I know I ranted about this before, but I am too lazy to find that post, so my apologies if I end up being redundant.)

Also, please note: I will be addressing facts about the game and the anime, so read at your own spoilery risk. Because I wrote as it came to me, not necessarily in storyline order.

So, to start off, it is obvious to say I really, really love SorMik. Just look at my blog (and blog preview, but I digress.) 

I love that their relationship is never played up as “romantic” in the sense that we are used to in most media. They don’t constantly hold hands or kiss, their speech isn’t filled with “I love yous” or “baby I need you” sort of stuff. Not to say that they don’t touch each other and it isn’t intimate (the ‘secret’ handshake, the shoulder touches, the waist touches, etc, etc.) The love is just… there.  You can see it in the way they’re drawn to look at each other, the way they glance at each other and just… understand.

It absolutely filled me with warm feelings when we find out Mikleo learned so much just for Sorey. He researched humans and tried to know everything Sorey would need to know if he ever left Elysia. It was never a question of “Sorey is going to leave” it was just “Sorey is going to leave and I am going to make sure he is safe and prepared when he does.” I don’t think Zenrus or anyone else even questioned that Mikleo would go with him, honestly. And even though it was obvious Mikleo did fear being replaced by humans on some level, he still never stopped.

And just how happy Sorey was when Mikleo said he was going with him. In the game, in the movie, and in the anime. With each creation of that scene he just seems to look happier. (And oh my god, Mikleo’s blushhhh.)

(More under the Read More because whoa, this is getting long, oops.)

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Hc that kurt is legit unable to realize that someone has a crush on him so reader's like super obvious about it & is 100% flustered around him & can't even form a coherent sentence & EVERYONE knows that she liKES HIM bc she's obviously not tryna hide it but STILL KURT DOESN'T REALIZE IT & scott's like: dude, she's head over heels crushing on you and kurt is like "vat? I do not zink so" UNTIL SHE BASICALLY SCREAMS TO HIS FACE "KURT I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU!!!" (1/6)

And kurt gets so nervous that he bamfs away and reader’s MORTIFIED BC HOW THE HELL COULD YOU NOT BE HE LITERALLY DISAPPEARED WHEN SHE TOLD HIM HOW SHE FELT so she’s like lying facedown on the couch wishing she was DED when she feels something tapping her shoulder so she mumbles “jean i made a fool of myself in front of the most beautiful boy in this goddamn school leave me alone to die” And she hears “I zink you are ze most beautiful girl in this school too but may I ask you not to use ze Lord’s name in vain, please?” AND SHE IS UP FASTER THAN LIGHTNING and kurt is sitting cross legged on the floor with his hands on his lap looking down and she says “K-Kurt holy shit– I mean… Regular shit? You were not supposed to hear tha- wait, what did you just say?” AND KURT OFCOURSE LOOKS LIKE A PUPPY BECAUSE HE’S JUST SO *clenches fist* GODDAMN CUTE and he CANT LOOK AT HER IN THE EYE and mumbles “I should have not disappeared vhen you said something so important, but I vasn’t expecting it. If you let me I vould like to answer as I should have… right now” AND SHE’S “YES ANSWER RIGHT NOW I AM READY 😍” and my beautiful blue baby is all “I did not realize you feel about me ze same way I feel about you, and vhen you told me I did not know vhat to do. I am in love vith you, too” AND SHE THROWS HERSELF AT HIM BC SHE’S EXPLODING WITH ECSTASY BASICALLY and falls on top of him on the floor squealing in happiness And Kurt grabs her waist and laughs because HE LOVES HER SO MUCH AND SHE LOVES HIM!!!! And they look at each other in the eyes and stop laughing and she leans down and THEY KISS AND EVERYTHING IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD.


On one hand, I love writing little snippets.

On the other hand, now what am I supposed to do with the knowledge that Shmi likes and is so grateful to Padme for buying her freedom, getting her off Tatooine, setting her up on Coruscant, but also resents her a little for just—dropping her there, with no way of actually seeing Anakin. 

(Not that Palpatine was much better, Shmi does not like Palpatine, even if she genuinely cares for Ensama, who continues to work for him. Maybe especially then.)

Or that Shmi can pretty much bully Obi-Wan into anything because he reminds him so much of Qui-Gonn, which means that Obi-Wan does a lot of breaking the code and feeling guilty about how he doesn’t feel guilty because Anakin is so much happier. (……..he’s happier too, because Shmi basically adopts them as Her Boys, Her Sons, and Obi-Wan is so hungry for a father or mother or someone that he could almost die of it.)

…….or how Shmi figures out after about five seconds that Anakin and Padme are a Thing, and sits them both down and has the I Got Pregnant Without Even Having Sex You Two Definitely Need To Invest In Some Reliable Birth Control talk. (”Mom,” Anakin groans, his face in his hands. “Look, if you want to carry on a secret marriage in defiance of the Jedi Order and Padme’s role as a senator, that’s your business. But I am not taking care of grandbabies for another five years, so plan accordingly.”)

(…..she does break that rule, sooner than anticipated, because Anakin brings home Ashoka, and it’s game over, Shmi loves her little granddaughter.)

Or that time Anakin comes back to Coruscant and brings home the clone trooper unit he’s been working with—just for dinner, but Shmi keeps flirting with the one sitting beside her, just to watch him stutter and blink and act really awkwardly about absolutely everything.

(“She’s beautiful,” he breathes when she gets up to fetch some dish, and then is very confused by why Anakin seems so horrified.)

He does wash the dishes though, and somehow manages get the words “dinner” and “with me” and “tomorrow” out in a semi-coherent sequence.

And they all have family dinner when they’re planetside, Shmi and Her Sons, and her boyfriend, and her daughter-in-law, and granddaughter, and….

I don’t know. Someone else write this for me???

vengerturtle  asked:

also I'm gonna stop bugging you I promise but I find it interesting that Steve is fixated on Tony for this??? like Carol's right there and just as involved so if Steve wanted someone responsible for "forgetting the little people" to suffer for it, he should be able to just watch Carol and get it. Tony isn't even awake to see any of this, Carol will be. But it's like he can't stand the thought of Tony NOT being around while this happens. 1/2

My headcanon is that whatever warped process produced this Hydra Steve - because he apparently considers normal Steve a separate person with emotions, not a part he played - didn’t manage to shake off a lot of his emotional attachments, and any Steve that wants to build a something this big wants Tony with him doing it. So even a warped world needs Tony there building it too. And also the thing about maybe some part of Steve wanting Tony to wake up and stop it.             


like he had all of the illuminati to choose from, but no. he worked with reed just fine.

but he went after tony without a second thought, like literally, the world is ending and all i can think of is him, he went after tony and they died together, fighting each other, because he loved tony so much, was so obsessed, so hurt at tony betraying him.

so it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that now he’s ranting at Tony’s body because FUCK YOU TONY HOW DARE YOU GET YOURSELF COMATOSE PLEASE I’M BEGGING YOU WAKE UP

like the best thing is steve realises this is his fault AND YET. WAKE UP, TONY. (so you could watch me destroy everything you’ve ever built). like, the destruction won’t be half as sweet if tony doesn’t suffer, right.

steve, you might want to examine these feelings for tony you have, just saying.


anonymous asked:

imma just go ahead and ask you: what are your thoughts on the last (*pause for short cry*) episode of Yuri!!! On Ice? i can't quite articulate myself (all that's going through my head is gwkwppwghld ほょはhahoqnapmg!/&1!"hekwnolaj and i can't decode that) so i was hoping to pick your brain a bit. thanks! ^^

Thank you so much, anon-friend, I am honored by the ask! Although I’m not sure I’m really the right person to help put things coherently, because honestly, all my favorite parts of the last episode have been kind of incredibly random. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Yuuri and Victor’s story and their pair skating and Yuuri in Russia, and I’m incredibly happy about all of those things, but most of my thoughts have been like this:

  • Man, Victor is a pretty crier. Can we all agree that Victor is the prettiest crier to ever grace an anime?
  • Hey, JJ has parents. Aww, JJ has really supportive adorable parents.
  • God I love Minami.
  • I really want to know how Minami met Yuuri’s family, and what that must have been like for him. My headcanon is that he went to the Hasetsu rink so he can see where his idol skates and then met the triplets. Their conversation went something along the lines of, “YOU love Katsuki Yuuri? WE love Katsuki Yuuri” and somehow Minami ends up being adopted by the Katsuki family.
  • I also headcanon that back at Minami’s own house he has as many posters of Yuuri on his wall that Yuuri had of Victor.
  • God I love Yurio.
  • Like, he went from “I’m going to win the gold and make that Pig retire!!” to “I’m going to win that gold so that fucking Pig better not retire!!”
  • I love that Yurio does his best skating when he is pissed off. He is so precious and fifteen it’s amazing.
  • I also really want Yurio and Minami to meet.
  • Look at Minami cry when Yurio skates:
  • I feel like while Minami was being adopted staying with the Katsuki family, everyone told him a lot about Yurio and how much they like him, and now he just feels like he cares about Yurio as much as they all do and he’s so happy for this brother he’s never met.
  • My emotional arc this season went from wouldn’t it be adorable if Minami, Katsuki Yuuri’s Number One Fan met Yurio, Katsuki’s Yuuri’s Biggest Hater, to, oh gosh, I want Minami, Katsuki Yuuri’s Number One Fan to meet Yurio, Katsuki Yuuri’s Secret Number One Fan who Doesn’t Want to Ever Admit that To Anyone.
  • Minami would be so pissed every single time Yurio insulted Yuuri. But then he’d realize how much Yurio cared about Yuuri and he want to be Best Friends Forever and Yurio wants none of this but is secretly pleased.
  • I just want the smol cheerful child to meet the smol angry child and be bros.
  • Man I spent way too much time thinking about these two, considering I don’t even ship them, I just super want them to be friends.

On a more analytical side, I will say that I thoroughly appreciate how Yuri on Ice handles rivals. Because we all know that in a sports anime that is going to have more than one season, the main character doesn’t win the first season. But we also know that they usually are defeated by the people who are the Number One Rivals to Beat and it’s lots of pain and sadness. And usually the destined rivals are super arrogant about winning.

  • But no, Yurio won for Yuuri, he won so Yuuri would keep skating, and he spent the entire time thinking about that and I think that’s so amazing.
  • You kind of get the sense with all the characters that they are genuinely happy for everyone who skates. They each want to win the gold for their own reasons but they’re also happy for the others and that’s kind of awesome. People aren’t rivals so much as fellow skaters, and that’s refreshing.
  • The only one there who saw the others as rivals and not as fellow skaters was arguably JJ and arguably that mentality is what crushed him. I think next season he’s probably going to make friends with the other skaters more.
  • Also, I want it noted JJ didn’t appear in Phichit’s hamster Thailand on Ice fantasy, which I find hilarious for many reasons, but also kind of sad because I think it reflects how he’s not friends with the other skaters (as something he did to himself) and again, I think this is something that’s probably going to change next season
  • I mean, I know a bunch of people didn’t, but still.

So, hahahaha, yup, those have been my thoughts, sorry that they’re kind of random and weird. Thanks for the ask!!

anonymous asked:

For the deamus prompt, I saw this headline (I would put a screenshot, but I can't attach pictures), the headline read "Straight guy worries he's being homophobic to gay roommate, realizes he's fallen in love with him."

I saw that before, it’s a very good prompt! I hope you like it anon! I’m exhausted rn so I apologise if there are any mistakes!

For @hpshipweeks

One of the things that Dean values most in the world is his friendship with Seamus Finnegan.

Ever since their first day at Hogwarts the two boys had been inseparable.

They didn’t always agree on things. Like when Seamus turned his back on Harry in 5th year or when Dean got chosen for the quiddich team and Seamus didn’t. 

But they never let trivial things like that get in the way of their friendship; both of them cared too much about the other to let that happen.

However that was before Dean walked into their dormitory one day to find his best friend in a heavy make out session with Ernie Macmillan and instantly Dean had felt his heart plummet in his chest and felt an undeniable twist of pain in his stomach.

Two weeks have gone by since that day and Dean still hasn’t talked to Seamus and to be honest it’s killing him.

Sure Dean always had a feeling that Seamus fancied blokes. He never outright said it but he had never shown any interest in girls so Dean wasn’t all that surprised.

What confused him was why he felt so sick and hurt by the image of Seamus with someone else. He just couldn’t understand why the memory of Seamus with his tongue down that blonde hufflepuff’s throat infuriated him so much.

Dean never considered himself to be homophobic but seeing Seamus with Ernie just…just felt so wrong. 

And he hates himself for feeling this way. Because it’s Seamus, his best friend and why should it matter who he wants to snog? 

Seamus never complained when Dean dated Ginny a few months ago and Dean always had a feeling that Seamus never fully approved of that relationship; so what gave Dean the right to be annoyed at Seamus for being with Ernie?

Dean was so lost in his own thoughts that he didn’t notice the person walking towards him until he literally bumped right into them. 

“Oh I’m so sorry” Dean exclaims, scrambling to regain his composer.

He steps back, blinking rapidly and then he realises just who he has run into. 


Dean takes a minute just taking in his friend, who he has been so careful to avoid these past few weeks. 

His hair is a mess (Dean feels anger bubble in his chest at the thought of Ernie tugging Seamus’s sandy hair to make it that way), his soft Irish skin seems paler than normal and his eyes that are usually bright with happiness have dulled and lack their natural spark. 

Dean feels his throat tighten because Seamus looks so tired. 

“Dean.” Seamus breathes 

In that moment all the frustration, anger and confusion flees Dean’s body and all he’s left with is guilt. Ever since that evening, Seamus has been trying to catch Dean on his own but he has refused to talk to him. 

He began waking up earlier, ignoring Seamus in class under the pretence of taking notes, sitting with Harry at meals in the Great Hall and pretending to have to go to quidditch practice whenever Seamus tried to talk to him. 

That’s when Dean realises that this has been hurting Seamus just as much as it’s been hurting him and the overwhelming guilt almost crushes him.

Dean manages a small smile, “Hey Shay”

Seamus’s eyes flit across Dean’s face rapidly, trying to gauge what his intentions are.

“Can we…can we talk?” Seamus asks tentatively 

Dean hesitates for a second then nods

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mittensmorgul  asked:

In reply to the now REALLY long meta thingy, and the notion of Amara/The Darkness being like anti matter that needs to be reunited with God, I'm gonna pull out my Sciency Goggles and say no, the darkness isn't antimatter, it's Dark Matter (and Dark Energy), which isn't the same thing. It's been there all along, we just can't actually perceive it easily. It wouldn't lead to the destruction of the universe, more like an expansion of the universe we are able to interact with. (1)

(2) I have a RIDICULOUS number of science-adjacent theories tying the Darkness back to the big bang. And the physics is one of the things that’s keeping me positive about the outcome, because again, Amara/The Darkness isn’t antimatter, she’s all the stuff that’s been “locked away” from our perception since the dawn of time, but actually makes up about 95% of all the mass-energy in the entire universe. Mathematically we know it’s there, and we’re on the verge, scientifically, of proving it.

(3) sorry to go full-on nerd in your ask box. I do that sometimes. I got so bad at one point that this is one of my tags: “i never in a billion years would’ve thought i’d quote einstein and nasa in a supernatural meta” :D

OH this is so much BETTER! Thank you. 

I’m just gonna go get my science geek on now and join you in this because I LOVE science based theories and relating God/Amara to a scientific theory feels me with glee. I guess my thoughts on the matter/anti-matter reading is the negative reading? Since it would literally mean the end of all things once God and Amara ‘join’ together in some way. But It’s funny because as I was writing that I did think that it would sound better if she was DARK matter instead because, well… DARK. Heh.

So we imagine that Amara is the Dark Matter in the universe compared to the visible ‘light’ matter or in this case, God.

Then what we know is that creation could not happen without her (without God’s “betrayal” according to the show so far) and that she has been there this whole time but has been reduced to an angelic bedtime story, invisible to all of God’s creation but still affecting it in a profound way.

Because that is the kicker here. Like Dark Matter, which is theorised to not only make up around 95% of the matter in the universe as you mentioned, but that it is the substance that is holding the universe together, keeping it in motion, and potentially responsible for the current structure of the universe in which life was able to form. The Darkness has a fundamental role in God’s creation. (perhaps in 11x20 we will find out more about this?) There has to be a balance. There cannot be light without dark, there cannot be good without evil, and that for humans to truly have free will, they have to have the choice before them… to eat the forbidden fruit or not?

Without going too far into it, just imagine what that world would look like had the Darkness never existed? Had it never corrupted Lucifer? There would be no sin. Without the option to sin, there is no free will.

When you consider that Angels are supposed to be beings of pure light (so not affected by the darkness and pure creations of God alone) they don’t have free will, they don’t understand the concept of it, and when they do use it, they tend to fall. Human’s already all have a little bit of Darkness in them. That ability to choose chaos over order… maybe thats why Amara is eating the souls? To get back all those pieces of herself that are spread out across the universe in the souls? (because i headcanon now that for God to create souls he had to use her power in some small way - because he couldn’t just create souls from his own ‘light’ powers like he did with the angels - i also theorise that the leviathan was him using way too much of Amara’s power over his own - but meh, that’s all just my own headcanons with very little canon evidence to back up my wildly outlandish claims.)

Going back to the idea of Dark Matter vs Light Matter, unlike the anti-matter idea, there is no cancelling out. the two types of matter work in harmony together to make a functioning universe. You cannot have one without the other (so the physics seems to suggest). So there can be no killing Amara, just calming her, and getting her to understand that she does very much have a place in the universe her brother created, that she is vital to the continued existence of humanity through free will. This could lead to a rather satisfying season end without another death or entrapment and instead one of unification and progression. and it will be our very own team free will that gets her to see it.

This is probably the most positive season end that we could hope for in all honesty, though right now it is more of a wish than anything I actually believe could happen. Since I am unfortunately one of those that believes that either Sam or Dean (most likely Dean) will end up out in the empty by season end.

This ask got away from me a bit! I got over excited about science theory like the geek i am and rambled. Hopefully this is relatively coherent! :)