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~College!au Pen Pal Yoongi~PART 7

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Hoseok ran past Yoongi, giggled erupting from his mouth. That looks suspicious, Yoongi thought. With that, he stood up and trailed after where Hoseok ran to. 

Hoseok and Yoongi, along with the youngest out of their friend group, Jungkook, were hanging out at the lounge of their dorms. There wasn’t much conversation going on; just them sitting near each other on the two couches and single love seat in the lounge.

“What was that?” Yoongi inquired, with a raised brow. Hoseok looked up from his phone, a mischievous smile painting his lips. “Oh nothing. Just texting…Bubbles.” Yoongi, who was aimlessly looking around the lounge, snapped his head toward Hoseok. 

“What? Why?”

“Oh come on, hyung. I was curious!” Hoseok raised his arms in defense at the glowering boy in front of him. Who knew Yoongi could be so defensive?

“About what?” Yoongi crossed his arms, a look of genuine interest on his face.

“About how you’re able to talk to her so easily…and not even know her! I just want to meet her; the legend,” Hoseok smirked at the last word. Yoongi scoffed. Legend? The only thing that made her legendary was the fact that he hadn’t cut ties with her after the first conversation.

“It isn’t easy talking to her,” Yoongi denied, rolling his eyes.

“Please,” Hoseok rolled his eyes, “I see your face when she texts you. No frown. Not a look of disappointment.” Just as Yoongi was about to disagree, Hoseok smiled. 

“Hm, even sometimes it looks like you’re looking at your phone in…content.” 

Yoongi raised his eyebrows and let out a humorless laugh, “Wow, that’s real funny Hoseok. Who knew you could be such a jokester?”

“I’m not joking,” Hoseok said, his voice dripping with seriousness. 

“Content? With talking to Bubbles?” Yoongi scoffed again. He didn’t hate talking to you, but it didn’t delight him, either. Right?

“See? Right there! Who else you knew have you given a nickname to?”

“That doesn’t count,” Yoongi waved his arm, “It was part of the assignment to have another alias so the other person didn’t find out who you were.”

“She couldn’t just went by you as ‘Unknown,’ you know that right?” Hoseok raised an eyebrow, both boys walking back toward the couches they were previously sitting on.

“Yeah, but she wanted a nickname,” Yoongi let the words fall out of his mouth before realizing what he said. 

“So you gave her what she wanted? Huh, that’s interesting coming from the guy who wouldn’t even share his food with anyone!” 

“Jungkook, tell Hoseok he’s being melodramatic,” Yoongi waved his hand in front of the maknae’s face. Jungkook, looking up from his phone, scoffed.

“Hyung, I agree with Hoseok hyung. We all do.”

“Unbelievable,” Yoongi muttered.

“You gotta admit, though. The way you act around us while texting her. You ignore us.”

“I always ignore you.”

“Yeah but this time you’re ignoring us for someone else,” Jungkook shrugged, “Hell, I do the same! Stupid Sarcastic Princess doesn’t know how much time I spend on her.” Jungkook then sighed, a small smile gracing his lips. Yoongi rolled his eyes. He doesn’t even hide his crush well, Yoongi thought.

“Face it, hyung. You’ve gone soft,” Hoseok concluded, leaning back in the sofa, a grin spreading his face.

Yoongi couldn’t reply. Soft? No, that wasn’t possible. No mater how hard you tried, you’d never get him to be soft. Hoseok has no idea what he’s talking about. 

“No I haven’t!”

“Look at you now. The old you would’ve just brushed it off and not cared. Now, you’re getting all defensive,” Jungkook laughed but silenced as soon as Yoongi started to glare. 

“Whatever. What were you texting Bu-her about?” Yoongi stared at the phone in Hoseok’s hand; the phone he hasn’t seemed to let go of. 

“Just what I told you: I wanted to meet the girl who managed to get through to Yoongi. Oh, and I might’ve let slip that you talk about her and think about her all the time.”


Yoongi chased a giggling Hoseok around the lounge, all the while Jungkook hid behind his phone, recording the entire thing.

AYYYY PART SEVEN! And it’s in Yoongi’s POV👀 I wanted y’all to see how he acts and when the boys tease him aww. What an oblivious soft boy.


Part 8?👀

EXO reaction | to you wearing their shirt


  • He would be surprised at first though extremely… interested.
  • He’d think you look cute all dressed in that black sleeveless shirt of his, resting just above your mid-thigh.
  • Oh, and let’s not forget his black cap.
  • He’ll adore you wearing all his clothes despite looking awfully hot.
  • He’d definitely know what that could eventually lead up to.
  • And he’d be playful, oh yes. 

“Trying to seduce me in my own clothes, are we, princess?”

“Maybe…Is that what you want?”

“Oh, yes, yes.”

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  • It would definitely leave him flustered and all.
  • A giggly mess.
  • He’d be confused as to what you intended with that.
  • Did you only want to be playful and wear that so flatter-fitting white shirt or did you expect something more?
  • Either way he’d find you completely adorable.

“You like my shirt, eh, darling?”

“It smells like you.”

“Ah–” -shies away-

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  • Would love it.
  • So much, too.
  • He’d find you more lovable, wearing his shirt.
  • He’d love the idea of you being comfortable, more so if it’s because of him
  • –even in an indirect way.
  • He’d adore your smile and cute giggles when you find him staring at you funnily. 

“How is it?” -twirling around in his shirt-

“Beautiful. Do you like it that much? Do you want more? Wait, should I get more so that you can use them too?”

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  • Well, he’d be all for it, honestly.
  • Even more when he’s not exactly that tall
  • –and it doesn’t really fit you that long.
  • You know what I mean.
  • He’d joke around at first, obviously.
  • But…

“Staring like that, eh, Byun? Give me a break, I might wear off.”

“Oh, no, just an idea, that’s all.” “I could always, you know, try your shirt on too or something… Let me just get this one out of the way first.”

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  • Unexpected.
  • He’d be unexpected.
  • You’d have thought seeing you in that not-quite-long-not-quite-short long sleeved shirt of his would, I don’t know, activate that little part of his brain.
  • But no.
  • He would become so sweet and careful with you
  • Thankful for having you with him, so, so close.

“You know I love you so much, right, (Y/N)?” -hugging you-

“Dae, I can’t breathe.” -struggling-

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  • Boy, oh, boy.
  • He would be very much whinny.
  • Why didn’t you wear his stuff more often?
  • For once he would complain about his height.
  • His shirt reaching down almost to your knees, fitting much more loosely than desired.

“Baby.” -whining-

“What.” -whining back-

“Don’t you think another shirt will fit you better than that?”

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  • Okay, so, here, his hair grew.
  • “no, no, no, no, no, baby don’t say you want no bad guy”
  • But really, he would feel bad.
  • You standing there
  • A little lady sporting his shirt around mid-thigh, innocently soft and all–
  • he would feel bad.

“(Y/N), do you really want me to be the bad guy here?” -pouting his bitten lip-

“I never said I don’t want a bad guy.”

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  • He’d be so fluffing excited, honestly.
  • A giant tail-wiggling puppy.
  • Would have so many things in mind.
  • No, not those things.
  • Yes, you look damn good, but you know what is damn good too?
  • Cuddling down next to each other to watch some movies and binge on sweets. 

“WOW, baby, you look great. wAIT, what if I get a shirt on too, get a movie going, pop some corn–”


“–get some chocolates, and pillows and blankets aND–”

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  • He would try to keep his calm on, alright.
  • Oh Sehun is proud.
  • Letting you know he’s feeling all flustered and chummy chummy by the simple act of you wearing his shirt would damage the reputation he’d built with you
  • (that of a cool, composed boyfriend)
  • –one which, after all, always broke with your antics. 

“Mhm? Something wrong, Hunnie?”

“W-Why do you ask?”

“You were staring.”

“Was I?”

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Kang Daniel | Attraction

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prompt: you move into a new apartment complex. daniel’s your neighbor who owns the cats that always seem to find their way into your home…and your heart.

note: THE START OF MY DANIEL WEEK. so it’s my birthday week (my bday’s on the 26th of october hehe) and as a treat to myself, i’m posting a daniel story each day this week! annie @fromwannaone also requested this because she knew i was desperate for daniel requests :’) a true friend, y’all (also tagging @mongniel because who else should i share my daniel trashiness with than my dearest wife?)

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things we learn about carlos from “it devours”

 we learn some nice things about carlos in the new book, and if u cant read the book ive provided some of my favorite tidbits for you! all with page numbers in case u ever pick up the novel, which i highly recommend!

also, spoilers ahead so beware!

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Finally happy

Pairing: Eggsy x reader

Word count: 1192

Warnings: swearing

(a/n: no hate towards Tilde’s character at all, I just thought of this idea, I no way intend hate on her!)

Eggsy was caught in a trap. He didn’t know how to get out without hurting somebody.

He loved you. He loved you so much more than the swedish princess that slept next to him and he hated it. The two of you had been friends for years and only now had he realised that he loved you - it all made sense to him now. For years he felt butterflies whenever he saw you, and whenever you smiled, he smiled but he never thought it meant he loved you - oh how he was wrong.

Eggsy looked over at Tilde next to him, watching as she slept peacefully before looking back at the ceiling, thinking everything over in his head. He couldn’t break her heart but there’s no point being in a relationship with someone you don’t love - it’s not fair on that person when they give all their love to you when they could be giving it to someone who will reciprocate those feelings back.

But Eggsy wasn’t the only one stuck. You were too.

You were dating a man that you didn’t love anymore. You loved Eggsy but you couldn’t have him; he was in love with a princess and you were supposed to be his best friend, there was no way he had the same feelings.

Oh the irony.

You sat up on the edge of the bed, looking behind your shoulder to check if Charlie, your boyfriend, was still sleeping before you went into the bathroom, splashing water in your face. You loved Eggsy - there was no doubt in that but you hated it. It was unfair on Charlie, unfair on Tilde and unfair on yourself.

You remembered when you were with Eggsy, you were also a Kingsman recruitment for the new place of lancelot and Charlie started to pick on Eggsy. Being the good person you were, you stood up for him but soon enough you and Charlie started flirting with each and eventually it bloomed into a relationship.  You remembered everything feeling strange and at some moments uncomfortable but now, looking back on it, everything added up.

You loved Eggsy.

“You alright babe?” you heard a voice say from behind you. You turned around to see Charlie, shirtless and looking very sleepy.

“Uh, yeah I’m fine” you responded, giving him a small smile which Charlie returned before walking over to you and wrapping his arms around you waist. He peppered kisses up and down your neck, his stubble scratching your neck - you felt guilty. You felt extremely guilty.

Here Charlie was giving you all his love and attention and you did nothing in return, you just let him carry on placing kisses down your neck. You felt no love, no attraction to him - I mean, you did think he was very hot but you didn’t feel anything in the perspective of feelings and love. It felt wrong.

“Charlie, I’m sorry-” you said, blinking back tears as you pushed him away from you, “I can’t do this anymore”

Charlie looked at you puzzled, and slightly hurt, “What?”

“I can’t-…I can’t pretend anymore” you said quietly, as you left the bathroom and gathered your clothing that was scattered around his room.

“Can’t pretend what anymore?” Charlie asked as he watched you put on your clothes and followed you as went to his front door.

“I can’t pretend to love you anymore” you said very quiet, but loud enough for Charlie to hear. Charlie moved in front of you and blocked the door so you couldn’t get out.

“What?!” Charlie said in anger and disbelief, “After all this attention that I give you, you give up on me like that?”

“Charlie, I’m sorry that I don’t love you anymore” you said, “But please…just look at me”

Charlie reluctantly looked at you, and you stood on your tiptoes, placing a kiss on his cheek - your lips lingered on his skin for a few seconds before you pulled away and looked him in the eye.  “You figure everything out and you’ll move on, Charlie. I’m sorry”

Charlie moved aside, letting you out and watched as you walked away.

You pulled your jacket closer to your body, walking through the cold streets of London to a bar that you knew was open at all kinds of hours. Opening the door of the pub, you entered but stopped once you saw Eggsy sitting in the corner, looking at his drink distantly. You made your way over to him, surprising him as you sat opposite him.

“What are you doin’ here y/n, you should be asleep” Eggsy muttered.

“Could ask you the same thing” you spoke softly, studying his sombre appearance.

Truth was, Eggsy had just been through the same as you - but worse. Charlie had let you go but Tilde reacted very different, she had every right to, Eggsy believed.

He knew he broke her heart and she had every right to cry but Eggsy didn’t want to stay with someone whom he didn’t love.

Eggsy had woken up Tilde, he couldn’t hold it in any longer and had to confront the swedish princess. He told her everything, how he loved you - which probably wasn’t the best idea but he did anyway - and how he felt so stupid and sorry.

“You love, y/n?” Tilde asked in strong disbelief, Eggsy nodded trying to avoid looking at Tilde. “Get out! Get the fuck out!” She had yelled at Eggsy and he left very quickly, going to the pub he always went to. When you had walked in, Eggsy felt a slight wave of relief.

“Did you and Tilde fight?” you asked softly, Eggsy shrugged.

“Something like that…” He said, you noticed how he was avoiding looking at you. “What about you? Why are you here at two in the morning?”

You let out a sigh, “I, urm, I broke up with Charlie” Eggsy’s head snapped up, and he looked you at.

“Y/n…I’m sorry-” Eggsy started.

“Don’t worry, it’s fine. Didn’t really love him anyway…” you admitted to Eggsy, tucking a piece of you hair behind your ear, “that makes me sound like a bad person, I promise I’m not” you chuckled lightly.

“I don’t love Tilde anymore” Eggsy quickly confessed. You looked at him, with your eyebrows raised in shock but inside you felt relieved as well as guilty. “I love someone else..”

“So do I” you said, not breaking the eye contact you had with Eggsy. Unexpectedly, Eggsy leaned over the table and captured you in a passionate kiss.

“Eggsy..” you said as you watched him pull apart and move so he could sit next to you.

“Y/n, I love you so fuckin’ much” Eggsy whispered, hovering above your lips, you smiled, leaning your forehead on his.

“I love you too, Eggsy” you whispered pressing your lips against his, wrapping your arms around his neck.

You feared what was to come: picking your stuff up from Charlie’s, going to work the next day and encountering Tilde at some point but now you had Eggsy and Eggsy had you, the both of you were finally happy with the right people.

R: Their s/o changed their hairstyle

Requested by anonymous:

Hi!~ Can you make a reaction for when BTS doesn’t recognise the person they’re dating, after the person they’re dating changes their hair style? Thanks if you can do it, and hopefully you have a wonderful day/afternoon/night!~

A/N: I’M IN VACATION AAHH I’M HAPPY. Thank you for requesting sweetie! I actually really like this request ‘cause it’s quite cute and the idea is funny to me as I’ve been in this situation ~ If you’re reading this : requests are open! 

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*Note: in this fanfic, I’m writing as if the KOL Concert is the first time Taylor saw Joe, which isn’t correct but we’re not familiar with their timeline so I’m writing this well aware that they had met before. Enjoy :)*

Music was blasting through the speakers and people were dancing like never before. Kings of Leon were playing a concert in NYC that night and Taylor couldn’t miss it for the world. She gathered a group of friends together and they made their way to the location, going through a private back entrance obviously. All of Taylor’s friends had been separated during the concert and were dancing with other people, fully drunk yet fully enjoying the moment too. Taylor was with Martha at a table near the bar. She wore a tight black dress, with a see-through top that made her black bra underneath visible because of the flashing nights. Her hair was tied up in a cute little pony tail and she looked hotter than ever in her black combat boots that she was obsessed with. They had been taking shots of tequila as a celebratory task, just as an appreciation for their friendship.

“So what is this, 4 years now?” Martha asked, taking another shot of tequila. 

“Who even fucking knows at this point?” Taylor stuttered as they both laughed amongst themselves, clearly starting to get very tipsy. 

“Come on T, take my hand, let’s dance!” Martha exclaimed, pulling Taylor away from the table and closer to the bar counter where there was some space for them to dance. 

“Just like a reverend, like a reverend on the radio!” They both sang loudly at the top of their voices, as they moved their hips to the music. 

“Your heart will never say so!” They both sang to each other, giggling away as if they were in their own little world. Once that song ended, they both made their way back to the table, fixing their hair slightly after the outburst they just had to the music. 

“You know what” Martha spoke as she poured herself and Taylor another shot.
“Who needs boys when you have good fucking music and tequila?“ 

"I agree!” Taylor shouted as they both took the shot and started to feel the alcohol kicking in. 

As the night continued on, Taylor and Martha danced like nothing else mattered. They didn’t even know where the rest of their friends were, probably busy dancing with others they assumed. Taylor was starting to get really intoxicated and slightly unaware of her surroundings, that was until her eyes locked with a certain fella who made his way over to the bar counter. The only thing she could notice was that he was tall and blonde, and his ass looked great in those jeans, she thought to herself. He stood a few feet away from Taylor and Martha and looked back at them a couple times. Taylor watched as the man with luscious golden blonde hair and a skin tight top smirked at her before turning around to order a drink. Her heart skipped a beat as she stared at him without blinking. Her mind was all over the place at this point, but one thing she was certain of, was that he was gorgeous from what could tell from that far back. His smirk sent her mind wandering off in thoughts she wish she could avoid. 

“Duuuude, who you staring at?” Martha nudged Taylor as she looked over to where she was looking. 

“Oh fuck me….” Taylor sighed with exhaustion, still constantly looking over at the man who was clearly checking her out at this point. 

“Go ask him to then” Martha exclaimed as she finally understood who Taylor was staring at with heart eyes. 

“Martha!!” Taylor slapped her arm slightly.

“Okay, but what just happened to the whole ‘I don’t need a guy’ talk? Just drop it he’s probably a douche” Martha told Taylor, trying to turn her away from staring at him. 

“But he’s so gorgeous…..” Taylor whined, stamping her feet like a child having a tantrum. The alcohol was really starting to kick in at this point. 

“So is every other guy in this club!” Martha exclaimed, pouring herself a shot. 

“These guys aren’t worth it, they get close just to screw you off later and leave you to deal with the heartache alone. You should know that better than anyone” Martha was less drunk than Taylor so was still in her right mind. 

“Ugh for fucks sake, I need a drink” Taylor sighed, taking the bottle from Martha and pouring herself a shot, then taking it. 

Martha noticed that Taylor was peering over her shoulder. 

“Oh my gosh, are you really that intrigued? He literally looks like the type of guy who’d take you to his room once than disappear from the face of the earth” Martha put both her hands on Taylor’s shoulders and looked her in the eye as she spoke, knowing that Taylor was clearly drunk and whatever she was thinking was not a good idea. 

“I know, I know but…..” Taylor trailed off as a confused look surfaced on her face.

“What?” Martha asked, looking over at where Taylor was looking to see Garrett, a friend of Lily’s walking over to the blonde guy and sitting with him for a drink. 

“Wait, how do they know each other?” Taylor questioned, fully confused as to what she was seeing. She watched as he and Garrett chuckled loudly, sipping their drinks. Martha looked around for Lily, spotting her not to far away from them dancing, and pulling her over. 

“Lily, who is that guy?” Taylor asked desperately, as if her life depended on it. 

“What guy?” Lily asked, confused as to why her friends were acting so weird. 

“That blonde over there talking to Garret” Taylor tilted her head to the right to get Lily to look over. 

“Oh, that’s Garrett’s co-star from his recent film” Lily explained. “Why?” She questioned curiously. 

“Because Taylor’s in looooove” Martha mocked her, giggling. 

“Oh shut up! I’m not!” Taylor raised her voice slightly to make herself seem stable in her thoughts, when she clearly wasn’t. 

“Awww that’s cute Taylor, but weren’t you just preaching yesterday how every guy is a douche?” Lily giggled, seeing her friend completely head over heels for someone who is a stranger to her. 

“Will you two stop, all I’m saying is that he’s just really pretty okay, I don’t wanna get in his pants or anything” Taylor shrugged her shoulders, trying to sound as believable as possible. 

“Ooookaaayyy……” Martha rolled her eyes slightly, clearly not believing a word her drunk friend was saying. 

“Do you want to talk to him?” Lily asked Taylor. 

“No!” She responded immediately, knowing she would make a fool out of herself in this state. She looked over to the two men at the counter, and noticed that they were both looking back at her. She watched as they both got up from their stools and started making their way over. 

“Oh fuck, they’re coming here, um” Taylor began fixing her hair, trying to look as decent as possible. 

“Oh calm down, I thought you didn’t care anyway?” Martha joked, seeing how flustered Taylor looked. 

“Lily!” Garrett greeted her, with the blonde following behind him. 

“Garrett, how are you?” Lily asked. 

“I’m doing great, thanks! Lovely to meet you ladies, I hope you’re having a splendid evening” he spoke to Taylor and Martha, but Taylor was in her own little world. She had made eye contact with the guy once, and looked away suddenly. He was beautiful, he really was. So much better looking closer up. His eyes were a gorgeous blue colour, the type you only see at the beaches in the Bahamas. His lips were beautifully pink and plump, making Taylor breathe in deeply to compose herself. 

“Hey ladies, I’m Joseph, or Joe for short” he spoke. Taylor’s heart literally sped up so much she felt like she had just ran a marathon. He was British, and he had the most soothingly sexy voice that sent Taylor’s mind In a spiral. The way his words flowed, she couldn’t contain herself, it was like he was deliberately speaking knowing well enough that she was checking him out too. 

“Nice to meet you Joe, I’m Martha and this is my friend Taylor” she greeted him by shaking his hand. 

“It’s lovely to meet you, Martha and Taylor” his deep voice echoed in Taylor’s mind, as she processed how he said her way in the most attractive way possible. She was drunk at this point and was struggling to fight the urge to act normal. 

Tayyyy-lahhhhh” Taylor repeated in a crappy British accent and giggled like the happy drunk she was, mocking Joe’s accent as a coping mechanism to not blow her cover of clearly being so attracted to him. Martha shot over a ’what the fuck’ look at Taylor. This caused him to chuckle, his laugh sounded so beautiful in Taylor’s mind. 

Just then, the rest of Taylor’s friend all ran over to join them, causing Garret and Joe to move closer to Taylor to give the other girls space to stand, forming a circle. Joe was stood right beside Taylor, and it was causing her to go crazy. What was even happening right now? Who is this guy? Why am I so attracted? Taylor’s mind filled with endless thoughts of how she ended up in that situation. He was stood so close to her that she had even accidentally brushed her arm against his, feeling his tensed bicep, that literally made her heart begin to flutter. His side profile was absolutely gorgeous. He was perfect, and Taylor knew deep down that she wanted him. She did her best not to make any eye contact with him and just ignore him entirely, but the thought of touching him wouldn’t leave the back of her head. 

The music volume increased at this point and people began raving to the music, all of Taylor’s friends and Garrett began dancing to the music. Taylor was dancing a little bit but couldn’t focus on anything other than Joe next to her, who she still hadn’t looked over at. Just then, the hairs on her hand stood up as she felt something brush up against it. She looked down, to see Joe slowly touching her hand and grabbing a hold of it. Taylor made direct eye contact with him, finally, and he smiled the most sweetest smile she had ever seen. Her heart was beating like crazy at this point. Was he actually trying to make a move on her? Not that she minded it, but still. Taylor noticed that she hadn’t let go of his hand either, and they both just stood there, gazing into each other’s ocean blue eyes with lust, his tender touch making her go crazy. 

“I saw you looking” he finally spoke up, smirking at her and breaking the silence between them. Her heart stopped for a second as she realised her cover was blown and she had clearly made it obvious that she was checking him out. Taylor opened her mouth to speak but no words came out, she just looked down shyly, biting her lip, and slowly let go of his hand, which she noticed were huge, sending her drunk mind into thoughts she wished she wasn’t having at that point. She was so nervous by how gorgeous he was that she couldn’t even say anything, especially not to his face. What was she supposed to do at this point? Ignore him completely, or give in and exchange numbers? Maybe she should invite him over? She suddenly stopped herself as she had that thought, thinking she was going insane. She had literally just met the guy and now she’s already thinking of jumping into bed with him? Come to your senses Taylor, she thought to herself, but was aware that her drunk mind was far different and much more inappropriate then when she’s sober.

Just then, Garret spoke and Interrupted her train of thought.  

“Hey bro come on, I’ll introduce you to Caleb” he said to Joe. 

“I’ll see you around” Joe mouthed to her, then smiling as he walked away. Taylor watched lovingly as his gorgeous physique walked away, her heart feeling so warm and fuzzy. She couldn’t deny that she was very attracted to him, but was it lust because she was drunk, or was she genuinely falling for him? 

The rest of that night consisted of Taylor and her friends dancing, and drinking even more to a point of becoming completely wasted. As much as she tried focusing on the present situation, she couldn’t stop thinking about Joe and his beautiful face, and accent, and that smile. Oh my gosh, am I really falling in love with this stranger, she thought to herself.

Taylor was now back at her NYC apartment, her bodyguard had dropped her off safely and made sure she was okay before he left. She sat on her bed, her hand on her head that was aching from having drunk so much. Meredith and Olivia were sat on the bed in front of her. She sighed to herself, replaying the event of that night in her head. Joe. That’s all she could think about. His face, the way he spoke so elegantly. The way he said her name, and she cringed to herself remembering how she must have made a fool of herself when she mocked his accent. 

“What do I do now?” Taylor began speaking to her cats. She usually has drunk conversations with her cats quite often. 

“He was so pretty I just…..I couldn’t help myself from staring. And I literally made it so obvious too. Way to go Swift.” She sighed, feeling slight embarrassment but also annoyance at how head over heels she was for Joe. 

“I shouldn’t trust him right? He could just be trying to get with me because I’m, well me" 

Meow. Olivia purred and Meredith shifted slightly, making herself more comfortable. 

"Yeah you’re right, I should just forget about him. We all know what’s gonna happen. He’ll probably hook up with me once and I know I’ll be left devastated and wanting more. The cute guys are always the worst” Taylor threw herself back on her bed, and then unexpectedly threw a pillow across to the other side of the room. 

“But he’s just so gorgeous arrggghh!!!!” She shouted at the top of her voice, she hated how conflicted she was feeling right now. She knew in her gut that she shouldn’t trust random people, that she was smarter than this, but deep inside, her heart was telling her the opposite. Go for it, have fun, see where it leads.

She lay in bed that night, cuddled up under the covers, feeling hungover and so much more worse than she had imagined. She had never drunk THIS much, but seeing Joe made her lose all self control. It was her way of dealing with the situation of not being able to get to know him, just drink it away, she thought. But that clearly hadn’t worked. 

I’ll see you around, his soothing voice echoed in a loop, haunting her mind for the rest of the night before she finally dosed off to sleep


“Hey, love.” Albie greeted his girlfriend with a peck on the cheek.

“Hey love, you’re home late. Busy day at work?”

“No, I just had to stop back by my apartment to check my mail.”

“Huh…When is the last time you actually slept at your apartment?”

“I don’t know…maybe a month ago? Two months?” Albie grimaced. “Oh gosh, have I overstayed my welcome? I can leave–”

“Nonono!” Zinnia assured him. “That’s not it at all. I was sort of thinking the opposite, actually. I kinda figured, since you’re here so much and all…would you move in with me? Get rid of the apartment? We can even add your name to the mailbox!”

“Yes! I’d love to, Zi.”

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heya ! how are you ? gettibg better ?? Do you sleep/eat correctly ? :0 so ! um, actually i really like Jaws, and i was wondering, if i could draw a little ccomic about him and my persona ? im pretty sure if i was his friend, i would be like the annoyibg hyper cuddling little sis lol, but just wanted to be sure before ! and if yes, i'll send it to you before posting it ! byu ♡

Hey! I’m doing well, feeling pretty good and getting as much sleep and food as I can healthily intake! And oh my goodness of course! Thank you for being so considerate and asking me first! I love when people draw up stuff with my bois it makes me stupid levels of happy. Feel free to draw up the comic, and please tag me when you post it so I can reblog it!! 

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Not sure if you do other groups, but could you make a reaction for iKON and Monsta X when their gf comes home with a new facial piercing? If you don’t do other groups bts is fine too :)


Donghyuk: *is utterly in love with your facial piercing*

“I’m so jealous~” “I’ve always wanted an eyebrow piercing like Bobby’s” “I love it so much ahhhhh~!”

B.I: *likes your facial piercing*

“oh hey is that a new piercing I see?” “It looks good on you babe”

Bobby: *gets excited seeing your eyebrow piercing that matches with his*

“baby I can’t believe you got the piercing!” “yes! i’m so happy!”

Yunhyeong: *cutely moves closer to your face to see your new facial piercing*

“new piercing?” “nice nice” “it looks really cute on you”

Junhoe: *gets offended that you didn’t consult him about your facial peircing*

“omo you got a nose piercing?” “why didn’t you tell me!” “aish you always do the things you want to do without talking to me”

Chanwoo: *finds your new piercing very sexy that it makes him nervous around you*

“woah baby” “you look uhm nice” “I mean you look really good” “idk why i’m getting shy all of sudden haha”

Jinhwan:*gives your facial piercing a kiss*

“I noticed there was something different about you” “You look sexy with your new piercing princess”

Monsta X

Shownu: *gets shy finding your facial piercing sexy*

“baby I like your new piercing” “it really looks sexy on you”

Hyungwon: *shook as you walk in with your nose pierced*

“is that a nose piercing?” “when did you get it?” “it looks really cool”

Wonho: *tries to touch your facial piercing*

“is this real?” “you look really sexy with it” “should I get one as well?”

Jooheon: *tries to hold back his adoration for your new facial piercing*

“damn princess you surprise me everyday” “I really like your new piercing” “it brings out the sexy in you”

Minhyuk: *gets mad at you for getting the facial piercing even though he specifically told you not to*

“what is that on your face!?!?” “take that off right now or else!!”

Kihyun: *honestly doesn’t like your facial piercing*

“what the-” “why did you pierce your cheeks?” “why would you put a hole on your beautiful face?”

I.M: *pretends to be shocked when he saw your facial piercing*

“omo you got the piercing?” “I didn’t know you were going to get it”

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For the fic prompt #14 and 15

#14: Please, just, don’t ever leave me again

“Oh thank God you’re home!” Is what greets him when he drops his overnight bag on the floor inside the door. He’s only been away overnight, a long distance scrap run but apparently he’s been missed.

“Well I like being missed but I sense you don’t mean that in an I love you so much I hate being away from you kind of way.” He crosses the room to his husband and pecks him on the cheek.

“I mean it in a please, just don’t ever leave me again, kind of way.” He laughs, mostly at the state of Robert’s hair, which he’s obviously been running his hands through all day. “I’m not kidding, Aaron, she’s been a nightmare!”

“She’s your daughter!”

“Yes, you often say I’m a nightmare. Looks like she’s carrying on the tradition!”

“I doubt that. Where is she now?”

“Upstairs putting all of her books back on the shelf. At least that’s what she’s meant to be doing after she pulled every last one off the shelves.”


“She wanted to make towers out of them, so we did that, then she refused to put them back. I told her she could come down when you got home.” He collapsed down onto the sofa. “I’m exhausted.”

“You’re a drama queen. She’s a four year old.”

“Yeah going on forty!” Robert laughed, the affection clear in his voice.

“What else has she been up to?”

“I don’t make cereal as good as you. I tried explaining that it’s milk and sugar but no you’re the master apparently. She missed you I think, crawled into our bed last night.”

“Well I missed the pair of ya. I hate hotel beds.”

“No you don’t!” Robert joked, getting up and grabbing his hips.

“I do when I’m not with you. Right I’m going to see her and get changed.”

As he climbed the stairs he thought back over the past four years and how much his life had changed. Again. He’d thought life was perfect with Robert, after everything they were sorted, but he was wrong. Now they had Ella it was perfect.

He remembered bringing her home from the hospital to the freshly painted nursery that they’d spent weeks deciding on, the furniture that they’d argued over assembling. They’d completely ignored the advice of sleep when they sleep and had sat up with her the first couple of nights just watching over her.

It hadn’t all been easy, like everything else with them. The nights on end when she wouldn’t stop screaming, the days she threw tantrums at nursery or when she ended up in hospital after cutting her head open and they’d panicked until they’d been able to bring her home.

He could hear her singing away to herself as he rounded the corner to her room and he stood just out of her eye line watching her, blonde pigtails bouncing as she bent to pick up the books to put on the shelf. He knew Robert was exaggerating about how she’d been while he’d been away but she’d somehow picked up both their stubborn tendencies so there were regular battles over all sorts of things, most of which had he and Robert laughing when she was in bed.

“Hi bug.”

“Daddy!” Within seconds her arms were tight around his legs and he swiftly bent down to lift up her. “I’ve been waiting hours!”

He chuckled and kissed her forehead. “It’s not even lunchtime yet. So, have you been good for Dad?” She nods her head up and down, eyes all innocent. “Really?”

“He made me eat my peas!”

“Well they make you big and strong so he’s right. He also told me you wouldn’t put your books away this morning.”

She breathed out dramatically and he bit his lip to stop himself laughing. “There are so many!”

“Well you like reading Bug, but you know the rules. So,” He swung her down to the floor, “You finish up while I change and then we’ll see if Dad wants to come to the cafe with us.”

“For ice cream?”


“Did someone mention ice cream?” Robert poked his head round the doorway, all smiles.

“Daddy said!”

“If you finish tidying.” He shook his head and walked across to their bedroom with Robert. “You beast, making her eat her peas.”

“We’re doing alright with her aren’t we?”

“She’s brilliant, just like you.” He couldn’t help stealing a kiss before moving to find clean clothes.

“You’re never leaving again though, right?”

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Hcs of Bren riding Ryan 👀👀👀

I gotchu bb

  • So as much as Ryan really loves fucking Brendon, especially from behind, there’s just something about Brendon riding him that just absolutely drives him insane. Maybe it’s the way Brendon just tosses his head back and will go to town bouncing on Ryan’s cock like it’s nothing, like it’s his favorite thing in the world, maybe it’s how good Brendon feels, how deep he can get inside of Brendon, maybe it’s just everything about it. 
  • Brendon will sometimes play dom when he’s riding Brendon, say stuff like “Oh, you like this? Like me on top? Like me being in charge?” and then he’s flat on his back and Ryan’s fucking into him, hard and snarling about how Brendon will never be in charge
  • Sometimes when Brendon is just hyper as shit, Ryan will have him ride him to burn all of the energy bc he just can’t take another minute of Brendon asking him a million questions only about what if the sun exploded and killed them all. It works too, because after he’s done bouncing like a damn rabbit on Ryan’s cock, Brendon falls asleep pretty much as soon as his head hits the pillow and Ryan can bask in the beautiful quiet
  • When Ryan’s stressed and tired, Brendon will gently push him down onto the bed and slowly strip him down, and then himself, and he’ll put a show on for Ryan by getting himself nice and stretched and then rides Ryan real careful and slow and keeps his eyes on Ryan’s the entire time, whispering soft sweet nothings to his boyfriend and the occasional dirty sentence or two, but mostly he just kisses Ryan while he lifts his hips and lets them fall down gracefully
  • Occasionally when Ryan’s just had it up to here and wants to punish Brendon, he’ll just lay back and make Brendon do every single bit of the work and also won’t let him cum until Ryan has, and Brendon whines and whimpers as he slams down hard onto Ryan trying to get him as deep as possible but it’s just not the same without Ryan thrusting back up to meet him

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Binch jealous Richie over people hitting on his bf stan

I love stozier so much oh my gosh

  • Stan was goddamn adored by the entire school 
  • Richie, of course, adored him the most
  • His curls, the way he bites his lip when he’s super focused, his angelic eyes, how could Richie not be utterly in love with his perfect boyfriend
  • the problem was, the whole school was too
  • everyone flirted with the boy who looked far too good in his baseball pants
  • Richie did not enjoy that at all
  • Well he enjoyed the baseball pants
  • not the flirting
  • unless he was the one doing it
  • Richie always made sure people knew Stan was his.
  • holding hands in the halls
  • making out against the lockers (”Richie I have to get to chemistry!”)
  • Putting his jacket on Stan every single time it was chilly
  • Everyone knew the only person on Stan’s mind was Richie
  • and vice versa
  • Richie knew it too
  • so he was jealous
  • but he knew Stan was his

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a03 wouldnt let me comment on chp4 of qpq so. This is amazing omg i love it so so so so so much ash i just he seems such a good lover and person to talk to and he is just amazing in this oh i love how you wrote everything its so so real so real the feelings everything and ash head tilt thing and ooh the food sounds lovely but where did he learn to be a masues? and the love was just awww it was perfect for the h/c i loved the olympian/greek nod as well and how in love but not in love these two

I’m so so glad you enjoyed the chapter. *bounces*

(Ash doing the head tilt thing gives me life, like I kind of love that he’s always calling Gwyn puppy when he is, himself, the biggest puppy, and is happy to admit it).

but  where did he learn to be a masues? 

Ash has spent a lot of time in the human world. He is both a stock-market whiz, has invested in all kinds of gems and a lot of gold bullion, and has gone to like thousands of courses over the years. Thousands. Which is how he became a masseuse.

He enrols himself in free day courses at universities around the world (he is multi-lingual after all), he’s sat in on lectures and he’s done whole semesters. I mean he lives in the human realm, and when he’s not fucking (which he generally saves for weekends) he’s actually kind of a universal student.

Ash not only knows massage, he knows like 60 different kinds. That’s one of the reasons he talks about being rusty sometimes, because he doesn’t have the time to chase a lot of those things up.

Ash is kind of a ‘jack of all trades, master of none.’ Except by human standards, he’d be a master of a lot of things. Though Ash is most interested in psychology since that started trending upwards, and philosophy before that. I mean Ash knows how to repair and drive cars and he doesn’t even own one. Ash is that dude who could hotwire a 4WD and then drive one pretty damn well while Gwyn and Augus just watched with their mouths half open like ‘what the hell.’ He even has his own microbreweries and distilleries.

I mean Ash has had 3,000 years in the human realm. He’s lacking in a lot of knowledge of fae world politics, but if he had any desire for real power, he could be controlling the human world right about now, lol.

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Hi there! Could I request headcanons of Shikamaru falling head over heels, "uh oh, I've fall in deep" style, in love with someone before knowing if they even like him back?

Hello! I hope you like these headcanons!
– Admin Vann

↳ Nara Shikamaru | Safe For Work
Fandom: Naruto Shippuden


  • Shikamaru may seem he’s relaxed and that special someone isn’t doing any effect on him but in the inside, his heart’s beating so fast and the feeling bubbling in his chest is warm. He didn’t realize how much of an effect they put on him until now, he definitely can’t erase the feeling bubbling deep within his chest whenever they speak with him.
  • The moment he realized he fell in love, the first thought that was brought up into his head was: “Oh shit, I fell deep, didn’t I?”
  • He didn’t even think about them liking him at first, he was just there; letting all those feelings get to him and making him feel all warm and cozy inside. But every time they both conversed, he mostly thinks if they felt the same way for him; if they felt warm, cozy and happy. He always forgets about the fact they may not return their feelings towards him. He lowkey flirts and asks them out for dinner, in a friendly way.
  • Shikamaru couldn’t build up the courage to confess, literally. He’d rather let them tell him their feelings because he knew he was going to say “Hell yeah” instead of no, but if it was the other way around; he doesn’t know what they feel for him. It takes a while for Shikamaru to directly confess, he’s a man that waits for the perfect time.
  • Shikamaru may not notice this, but all his friends could tell Shikamaru’s head over heels towards that special someone, he’d let out the tiniest bits of stammers– hoping his friends wouldn’t notice but hah, too bad.
  • He would also be very hesitant on confessing, if he and that special someone person built a special friendship together, he’d rather not confess than having a very high chance of ruining their friendship they built together so long ago.

im watching Jacksepticeye’s slime rancher livestream,,,, and I just,,, love this boi So Much,,,,, im cryin. oh my god.

I just. My feelings for this boi (approximately):


A good boi. The best.

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Thank you so much for doing this Derek Hale gif project It makes my day seeing his beautiful face on my screen! Also your commentary is amazing, especially in these early season scenes. Derek doesn't owe anybody anything. I hate when people say oh I love Derek but I hated him in s1/2 he was an untrustful dick, like is he supposed to be happy go lucky and trusting when he's lost everything and is still constantly traumatised and s1/2 legit takes place over the course of MONTHS! Leave him alonejfc

So glad that tumbr only has a 500 word limit or I would of left an essay in your inbox on why Derek Hale deserved better in the early seasons and would have me fawning over your gifsets 😂sorry bout that I just have Derek Hale feels in my eye

I’m really happy you’re enjoying this and agree!! I’ve been meaning to gif everything derek for months and I’m really glad I finally started. This boy means the world to me <3 I guess I better start adding commentary to every gifset now tho haha it wasn’t the initial plan but I guess I can’t help myself!

Thank you for this message. It’ll keep me motivated for sure :)