i love him so much oh


I can’t even believe it!! I haven’t been this happy in so long!!

What a BEAUTIFUL night for Caryl and what VALIDATION of their love! There were just so many scenes, and just SO MUCH. SO MUCH detail that went into every quote and motion and nuance, from Daryl’s “She gets hurt; she dies; she catches a fever; she gets taken out by a walker; she gets hit by lightning—anything. Anything happens to her, I’ll kill you.” To Caryl inviting him in after rejecting Ezekiel and the crying, and the hug (BOTH OF THEM). PLUS the fact that Carol is 100% honest with Daryl no hesitation and no front–JUST UGH.


I was honestly keep a sort of reserved space for myself, because we do tend to get too excited about spoilers, and premiers and there’s a lot of speculation so I was figuring maybe it was going to be a small scene but NO. They knew what they were doing, they knew what they were going for. This was 100% Caryl. Nothing else. Even Carol’s tiny ‘shut up’ to Daryl’s joke was amazing, because even with everything he’s hiding and she’s fearing, they can still joke around with each other and he tries to get her in a good mood, and in a safe place because he doesn’t want her to be consumed (wink) by the bleakness.

I’m going to rewatch this episode, which is so rare for me because I haven’t rewatched a single ep in TWD ever, but I’m on a high. 


I have a new one, I’ve almost finished the book.


At the end, when Starling catches Buffalo Bill, the little dog Precious needs a new home.

In Season 4 Will listens to the news about Buffalo Bill, sees the little dog in distress on television and goes asking for her adoption.

That’s how Crawford manages to catch him and Hannibal at the end of season 4.


They give them adjacent cells.

Hannibal: Will… This isn’t even the stupidest thing you did in your life…

Will: Oh no, it isn’t.

Hannibal: Did you give them our real name to adopt the dog?

Will: Y-yes…

Hannibal: WHY?

Will: I thought that Precious Lecter was a perfect name.


Hannibal: My God, I love you so much… Will they give us conjugal visits?

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Um hey, I just, I want to ask, my boyfriend just told me that he danced with and kissed another girl he had been really close to lately, but he seems really upset that he did it, so what do I do, cause I don't know anymore...

I might sound a bit harsh fyi…

But oh goodness, first of all, I’m so sorry that this happened to you love! TT TT Uh how much do you like him? How much do you trust him??? I mean, it’s good that he told you and that he feels remorse (he better feel fucking bad for doing that), but I wouldn’t let him go that easily. Because that’s a fucked up move… it makes me angry for you. If he can’t even control himself after getting close to another girl recently– then that just says a lot for how poor his self control is… A lot of my responses are going to be “ya fuck that guy, he’s not worth.” But just try and talk it out and see how you feel about him and the situation… Essentially what you do in the end is your decision. Hopefully you can work something out between you two, if not then… well you just saved yourself from being with a complete loser! c:

having sex with Ethan would include...

requested: yes

anon: Could you do an imagine/preference on what it’d be like to have sex with them?

anon: having sex with them would include…

( I swear for those of you who are innocent –like me– this isn’t bad AT ALL) 

↣ lots of dirty talk

↣ probably a bunch of hickies

↣ usually super rough but like your first time would be super slow & passionate

↣ compliments like every 3 seconds

↣ him calling you baby/babygirl

↣ leaving marks/scratches on his back that would be really red and visible the next morning

↣ ethan being super tired and sweaty afterwards

↣ kisses EVERYWHERE.

↣ “I love you so much baby,”

↣ him loving it when you scream his name

↣ him smirking the whole time !!!

↣ ethan groaning in pleasure

↣ “holy sh- oh my god y/n”

↣ him begging you to give him a bj  

↣ falling back on the bed breathlessly just staring at the ceiling replaying that recent events in your head

↣ literally having sex anywhere/everywhere. on the floor, in a bathroom, at the park. anywhere

↣ “round two?”

↣ “yeah, why not”

↣ you literally falling asleep on top of him

↣ and him being super okay with it and playing with your hair

↣ then in the morning you guys would be super sore/tired so you’d end up doing nothing the whole day.

a/n – this wasn’t too smutty and like i have NO experience but I thought this was pretty good haha (:


Requested by anonymous

“I’m a complete idiot aren’t I?” Archie said letting out a half hearted laugh as you looked over his now finished homework. You were Archie’s best friend but you also happen to tutor him as well. Currently you were helping him with his homework.

“No no Archie it’s really good” you said honestly with a smile “very well said and written,. I think you’ll get full marks for that”.

“Really? That’s great. It’s all thanks to you”.

“I only helped a little”.

“Don’t be like that. You help me out. Seriously [Y/N] I love you so much”.

You went pink at his choice of words.

“Yeah how could I not love my best friend”.

“Oh yeah. Right…”.


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I love your krypto headcanons! But what if krypto was gigantic? Like polar bear sized? I imagine hilarity would ensue

i love my boy krypto so much.

oh wow, that’d be a pickle (and honestly, then they really couldn’t all the cute stuff like walking him in the park because can you imagine the people gawking at him) but yes hilarity

-kara invites lena to game night and right before she opens the door- lena insisted she drive them over, kara sends alex text after text to please clean up for me, please- and the door shakes

-krypto may be learning how to control his strength but he’s excited and oh, kara’s definitely going to have to reinforce her door

-lena freezes and kara’s just okay, so i maybe forgot to mention, i have a. .dog
and lena’s thinking yikes-she’s not used to animals- but okay. it’s kara and her dog, it’s probably the tiniest thing and cute. lena can totally handle it

-kara opens the door and that’s a bear, kara



-lena almost walks right out. kara being supergirl? it’s fine. she gets to see kara’s arms a lot more, it’s great. but this massive bear barely being held back by kara? nope

-you think lena gets one step away without a hello from krypto? no. he wriggles right out of kara’s grip-you try holding on to a dog that big winn, superstrength doesn’t matter- and lena disappears under a mass of white

-she can’t breathe. she can’t breathe and her last sight will be kara’s wonderful smile as she shoves krypto off before being tackled herself

-cue winn being dragged around by this giant, happy dog who just wants pats

-omfg, you know those big dogs who don’t know they’re big? times that by ten and you got krypto

-maggie has entirely too much fun

okay, i love huge krypto while i’m having major korrasami and naga flashbacks

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The first wedding ep was amazing 😍 When Aaron said dirty little grease monkey I lost my shit! And poor Ryan, you could really see him limping. Be honest...how many times have you watched it?! I'm glad there's been no preview for tonight's ep, the vows are gunna kill us! Love your page btw ❤️ 😋

thank you! we literally know so little about tonight’s episode oh my god?? and to say yesterday’s was perfect, imagine what today’s will be like, when it’s written by maxine and they actually get MARRIED

honestly? I’ve lost count of the rewatches I’ve done. and as I’m typing this I’m currently sat in spoons watching it… yeah this is pretty much my life from now on

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Can we talk about the way Robert's voice almost breaks when he ask 'Do you think he knows?' when Aaron's gone missing, though. He just was so nervous and wanted everything to be perfect... oh hon

YES OH MY GOD he sounded so sad about it. He wanted it to be perfect. He was… so nervous, up until the point where Aaron told him that it would be perfect no matter what and calmed him down. THEY ARE SO IN LOVE.

Also I love love love that his way of including Liv was trusting her to decorate and she was so desperate to do a good job too oh my god both of them wanted it to be perfect for Aaron and for each other and ahhakajsj THEYRE SUCH A LITTLE FAMILY

I’m literally obsessed with this being about the three of them just as much as it is about Aaron and Robert’s love, because that’s exactly how it should be and oh my god. I have. Emotions.

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Hey there! Apologies for the incorrect term of 'fic rec' previously. It's more like a library really huh? Anyway. I'm after a fic that I've read previously but cannot remember the name or find it on search. Moriarty makes Sherlock forge a relationship with Molly, S doesn't want to encourage her but begins said relationship. Eventually falls in love etc, but Moriarty monitors him via mobile and tells him what to do next in the relationship and so on. I think Moriarty just leaves in the end. Help?

Oh yeah, I know that story QUITE well. It’s this one:

Love Stories and Tournaments of Lies by nocturnias (Rated M, Complete, Multi-Chapter) virgin!lock AO3 2015

Nocturnias is @sherlolly here on tumblr if you want to let her know how much you love her story!

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“We were friends for so long. I was always in love with him, but I thought, ‘Oh, he would never love me back. Don’t make it weird, Margot. Don’t be stupid and tell him that you like him,’” she continued, adding, “And then it happened, and I was like, ‘Of course we’re together. This makes so much sense, the way nothing has ever made sense before.’- Margot Robbie on her now hubby. Engaged for 2 yrs. Both wore gold bands for 2 yrs. Hwood never knew. Fam invited to "dinner" & married!-- LScribbles

Originally posted by kiyumie

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What is your favourite thing about Ryuu? I personally love how he always seems ready to fight someone?? Idk hes great id love to know your favourite thing about him! -Kinshiro

oh my gosh I never expected to get this question haha put I find it funny tbh and adorable that he’s always ready to fight someone

ahhhhh I can’t say I love him so much I guess my favourite thing is his design I love cute charaters but of course must their personality also be good ahhh I’m so bad at explaining and I can’t decide what my favourite thing about him is so sorry this becamme me rambleling about Ryuu Ill but under a read more if you’re not intrested to read

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Ok is it just me or do you find taehyung looks extra fucking good this era like his hair looks like it has gotten longer and it just looks so good and when he wears the headband oH MY GOD

Kim Taehyung is no longer in my life. That motherfucker has been exiled for playing with my heart and my feelings. I will see a photo of him and that stupid head band in hell as I burn.


But yes. i agree hahhaha

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For the character ask, Laurent.

Why i like them:

oh MY GOD. i could write so much for this but my favorite thing would have to be how big and loving his heart is despite the things he’s been through and the things he was surrounded by. 

Why i don’t:

hmmm. he was very, very harsh with aimeric at the end of PG. i know he was essentially projecting his personal feelings on him and basically screaming at himself, but being that he knew what aimeric went through and understood that he had been manipulated, it makes for a really painful scene to read.

Favorite episode (scene if movie):

excluding lamen scenes, when we realize he went back to that little girl and taught her his magic trick to try to cheer her up and make her feel better OH MY GOD i loved him so much in that moment i could have died.

also any scene with him just sitting on a throne like the badass he is.

Favorite season/movie:

book 2. i can’t even begin to explain the process of how i went from being afraid of him to wanting to straight up sacrifice myself for him in PG.

Favorite line:

i’m gonna specify this more because I’m blanking on serious quotes. my favorite savage line is probably “You can tell my uncle boykiller that he can cut the head off every child from here to the capital. It won’t make him into a king, it will simply mean he has no one left to fuck.” in terms of banter i love “if you didn’t fit Enguerran’s shoulder piece, i was going to suggest you try the panoply off his horse.” HE’S SO FLIRTY AND OBVIOUS ABOUT HIS SIZE KINK GOD.

Favorite outfit:

i really like the thought of him in intricate tightly laced veretion clothes




Makedon tbh.


he has long hair i literally do not give a fuck about the text. he has a KILLER sweet tooth. he does something to commemorate nicaise. he comes untouched all the time. he brings home random animals he finds on the street like once a week. he does something to help the overall population of children (does that make sense?) i don’t know how to explain but he is very involved in helping kids as a whole.

Unpopular opinion:

I don't think he was extremely over the top “are you serious i can’t handle this” attracted to damen from day 1 the way a lot of people do. I also think he is the more jealous one and felt jealous when he was around jokaste.

A wish:

my biggest wish was him sexually healing so bless tsp. other than that, two things. 1- its quite evident that he views himself as tainted, and i sincerely hope that with time he comes to see that that isn’t the case at all. 2- i know he’s wary of having kids and said his line ends with him, but i think he would be an unbelievable parent and i just want him to adopt every child in the world. 

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen:

doubt his abilities as a ruler and a king.

5 words to best describe him:

strong, loving, layered (?) brilliant, capable 

My nickname for them:

honestly?? he's my lemon 

This weeks rant on Shadowhunters

Okay Izzy, if youve dropped yourself to the point that you are begging vampires for their blood, you should see that yin fen isnt good for you AND not to mention the favt you are shaking so much… you should have listened to Raphael

Isnt Raphael adorable?!?

Max is such a cuite i wanna hold him and never let go!! And see he doesn’t care that Alec is dating Magnus, hes such a cutie

Alec you should know Magnus LOVES throwing parties!! Oh, he wants to defend his relationship

Simons so nervous to tell Clary and he literally doesnt have to worry. FUCK IT ALL. I mean i expected it, but i didnt think it would happen.

Why does Magnus have so many cats though, and the fact that Jace is like naw im not about this cuteness right now

Okay im over it already i want the climon to stop right about now

Maia and Jace interaction is my absolutet favorite thing in the world

Maryse is such a bitch, honestly

Da fuck Simon, oh so now you think dating Clary is a mistake i mean it is, your like brother and sister, and Maia gets it

I still love that Magnus calls Clary biscuit and how he’s literally an older brother to her

See Izzy, this is why i told you to sweat it out and not take Raphaels blood. Raphael is so fucking supportive of Izzy and that she can break this habit. WHAT THE FUCK IZ!! WHY DA FUCK WOULD YOU CUT YOUR ARM IN FRONT OF A VAMPIRE JUST TO GET HIS BLOOD YOU ARE LOCO

Fuck maryse just try to kill your surrogate son, just go ahead

Again Raphael is a sweetie

I love Magnus calling Clary all these nicknames

Fuck why did Clary have to pass Alec while shes under a spell, just look at Alecs face

Im loving how Magnus is just casually throwing up and down his wards like oh lets be flamboyant. But honestly did she really think she could break into the HIGH WARLOCK OF BROOKLYNS house


little tidbit Maxs first rune is supposed to be on the back of his dominant hand

Jace is so cute to clary, why cant they just date right now, oh wait i forgot about Simon. Oh my god is Jace crying. Oh my god Maryse is breaking in front of our eyes, this is so sad, im sad i called her a bitch but at that moment she was being one

Possible new Pokemon Moon plan; get all the pretty sons. Just got an oricorio (his name is Petals) for the team and I am loving him so far! Decided to draw a pokekids version of these two like I did with my Sun Team (even though PrettyBoy isn’t a primarina yet, but we’re getting there!)

Not much more to say other than that…. oh, except a speedpaint!

Boom, hope you have a good night everyone!

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I still like to think that Harry was there every step of the way before, during and after the xfactor. This must have been an enormous act of strength for Louis and I bet him and Harry discussed it and he also encouraged and supported him so much to do it. A lovely thought. Cause things like this also speaks for a great family and partner imo x

Oh I have absolutely zero doubt that Harry encourages and gently pushes Louis at every turn, just like I believe Louis does the same for Harry. They’re the dream team!

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Maggie's backstory for the episode really hit me in the feels. I was kicked out when my biological father found out I like girls (only I wasn't 14 I had just turned 13) though he tried to claim it was for other reasons. And the fact Maggie went through that too and still turned out to be such an amazing person makes me feel so much better. Cause I'm 18 now and I still have trust issues because of him and seeing someone who overcame the situation makes me feel all sappy.

Oh sweetheart, I am so sorry you experienced such an injustice, but yes, I promise you: there is incredible hope. You are a beautiful person, and you deserve full happiness, and you will get there, I promise. I am so proud of you for being exactly who you are: you are perfect and you are so, so, so loved <3 <3 <3