i love him so much oh

Isak now has Even’s JACKET

Those who haven’t seen my The Jacket™ meta read it 



Let me explain first and build this up dramatically 

so in every clip this season we have had Even wear his denim jacket and then finally mondays clip we had him wearing a different jacket

making me think that maybe balloon squad confronting Even and Isak at the karaoke bar led to Even finally revealing that piece of himself he was scared to (maybe not all) but enough to let Isak in. He let Isak in and took off his armour (the jacket)

and now? 

oh my god


Even hasn’t just taken it off but he has trusted it in the hands of the boy he loves. This is warming my heart so much because I believe this is a sign that Even isn’t just being more open to Isak about everything that has happened and all he feels, but he is trusting him. He is giving Isak his armour because now he won’t have to wear it again. 

around Isak he can be without it, he doesn’t need to worry anymore. 

he is okay. 

he doesn’t need his armour anymore now that he has learnt how to be vulnerable with Isak. 

he trusts him with The Jacket™

i’m not crying you are. 

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DONT GET ME WRONG undertale is great tbh (and i love ur mob AU even tho its been "stolen" by other creators) i just find it funny that u get this sudden wave of popularity over hyped fandoms WHICH ISNT BAD but iwant ur wonderful ocs to get some love too anyway giv baron a smooch for me i love him and also the old fishman

Oh man frickin… I don’t know what happened to UT Mob but, I’m glad people are having fun with it! (I still get messages and pings from people crediting me with the original AU it’s crazy UT fans are so powerful??)

AND DON’T YOU WORRY!!! I always return to my children eventually…. They get so much love 24/7 until I stumble into a new fan-thing, anyway. Just think of it as some kind of… vacation? They get a bit of time-off while my brain is occupied by other people’s IP, haha! (I kinda needed a break from my original stuff anyway, I’ve been pretty burnt-out from just working on BACKLASH and commissions since last August T^T)

Why I really liked Detective Conan Movie 17

When I was first watching DC movies, I understood surprisingly that some of them are not as good as the original series. Some of them are flat-out absurd, some have uninteresting motive and some of them have plot holes. Recently on DC Discord we did a podcast about movies and the only movie that got 10/10 for me were First and… 17th. 

Why 17? Well, I have a lot to tell about it.

1) Full cast

This movie had Conan, Detective Boys, Shinichi (as voice), Ran, Sonoko, Kogoro, Heiji, Kazuha, Agasa, Haibara and Tokyo MPD, Osaka MPD, Kyoto MPD. That was impressive. Everybody got their own role, nobody was on the background, this movie seemed like a good puzzle, where every piece has its own place.

2) Team Work

I must say: I love team work! When everybody execute their own strength in order to achieve something together. Man, that was great. When Police shared their face-recognition software, when Heiji and Kazuha were in Osaka, searching for spy, when they met with Haibara and Agasa… No, seriously. Conan, on ship, takes a picture of the female staff member. Sends it to Agasa and Haibara. Then tells Heiji to investigate. Heiji stealthy takes the liquid from the body and gives it to Haibara to analyze. And when Heiji and Kazuha were caught at the camera at Osakan park, while Conan and the others watched the monitors to try to catch the spy. It’s hard to explain, but the fact that it happens simultaneously kinda makes me happy. 

3) Nobody Noticed 

MAJOR Japan problem was about to occur, global national-wide problem and nobody noticed a thing. Civilians, I mean. Usually when stuff happens in DC movies, it’s big stuff and it involves massive panic, avalanches and/or rolling… Ferris… wheels… *eye twitches* 

In this movie nobody noticed a thing, and it was well-hidden. Even the helicopter was disguised as a training. Makes me wonder, how many national problems we faced without even noticing it.

4) Romance

Not a prominent part of the movie, but it had its moments. For example, Tropical Land flashback and the call from Ran to Shinichi. And Kazuha and Heiji moment, where he saves her from the bullet. Also little off-topic, but I like how Kazuha was involved. 

And obviously last scene…

5) Ran’s fight and Yuki’s courage 

Ran’s fight. Reminds me why I love this character so much. She only lost because the spy used a dirty tactic, but man, she fought great. Also Yuki. Oh, dear little Yuki. I loved how Ran and Conan behaved like adults towards him, comforting poor guy. Also I loved how he found courage to fight in his own way. Remember, he is 6.

6) Everything is connected

Mitsuhiko’s waterproof watch he gives to Ran at the beginning of the movie saves her in the end. Kogoro’s golden cards show her whereabouts. ‘I will always find you’ motive. Conan screaming her name made her lift her hand from the water, and that’s why Aegis was able to detect her.

7) Motive 

The motive of this movie’s case was not petty ‘I killed her because she didn’t appreciate me’ or not petty but cliche ‘I killed all those people to avenge my beloved’. Oh no. This movie’s case was espionage, national security and betrayal. Also even the ‘murder’ happens accidentally, so this movie doesn’t even have a criminal (apart from the spy of course).

8) Feels

When Sonoko cried for Ran. When she shouted ‘who cares about the sunset, FIND HER’. When Detective Boys flat out cried, and Shinichi felt like he doesn’t deserve to be the detective. When MPD felt at loss and Sato tried to comfort Sonoko. When Conan stopped caring about ‘nee-chan’ at public and just gave the commands to them. 

Feels were strong in this one. I must say, I cry in the end all the time.

9) All in all

All in all, it feels well-paced, doesn’t have plot holes, is really Japanese in all terms, shows the unity of the nation, uses all main cast, shows the power of team work, doesn’t have a petty murder motive, is clever, has an interesting case, heavy emotional, characters are not OOC, and all in all it seems extremely well done.


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If there’s one thing I learned from Disney’s Hercules, it’s that the surest sign that someone loves you is that they vehemently deny wanting to have any affection for you whatsoever.

…this is probably not a good life lesson to internalize.

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Today's clip was so so lovely, can we please see more of that? Just the little smile on Sana's dad's face when she said she wanted to be a surgeon like him? And Sana asking about Jamila (that friendship needs to rise, especially after the I'm just trying to protect you text) I'm worried about Elias though, I'm probably reading too much into it but something about his reaction to the bottle joke seemed off? But I can't pinpoint exactly what :/

Hiiii, my love!!!

YES, OH MAN the clip today? Just felt so authentic and true to home life? It felt SO SO SO familiar!

And I have a gut feeling we could be seeing Jamilla soon, this Friday maybe!

And about Elias, yeah, something’s defoz up with him. His reaction to the bottle joke was, I think, just any standard Muslim boy’s reaction to when their Abba jokes with them about alcohol, they get nervous and play it off, even if they don’t drink, because just …. the thought of alcohol, and your parents, especially your Abba mentioning it, scares us kids because we respect our parents too too much to have them even be suspicious of us being near alcohol, it’d let them down so majorly, and that would make us kids feel so … ashamed?

But yeah, I think it was that guilt and fear and shame talking in Elias, that, “oh shit what does Abba mean? Does he - no, oh thank Allah, he doesn’t know.”

But even besides that though, I still feel/100% believe, that something is up with Elias. Something’s … yeah, under the surface, eating away at him.

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Thomas Hamilton is ALIVE and was reunited with his truest love in a scene that was the most pure expression of love I've ever seen with my own two eyeballs and they are happy and will spend the rest of their lives together and this is an actual thing that happened on a television show what the fuck. I'm still not over it. HELP


also. just. imagine james just crying so much and thomas saying ‘ten years - feels like twice as long’ to try and make him laugh. imagine thomas’s kind smile and james laughing through the tears. and then thomas starting to cry because oh god he’s wanted this, needed this, for such a long time 


He’s arrived and oh my Surak, I love him to bits. It’s one of the most thoughtful and adorable gifts I’ve ever gotten. Gosh, how wonderful are you? Thank you so very much Miss Berry and live long and prosper to you, Mr Berry and little Milo.

P.S. - Sorry for being so absent of late, but hopefully I’ll be posting more over the coming weeks. Another dentist appointment tomorrow and I’m not looking forward to it.

Much Love

About Elucien and Elriel

I am pretty conflicted about this issue! On one hand, I’ve been shipping Elucien since I finished ACOMAF and now…there is this whole potential love triangle thing. (Oh boy.) 

Anyway, I like both couples, but would prefer Elucien for this reason: their differing personalities. I am a sucker for couples who are made up of two different personalities. We all know snarky Lucien is while Elain is very gentle. She and Az are kind of too similar, with them both being quiet. I would like to see Az with someone who is a little more eccentric. I believe that is why I shipped him Mor so much (and we know that can’t happen now, so…). Again, if Elriel plays out, I won’t mind because it is not my story, it’s Sarah’s. But yeah, I NEEDED to let my feels out somehow. Don’t judge me!! xD

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baberoe and While saying goodbye on the phone

thankyou a lot for this ask, especially since it gives me a chance to do something *gleefully rubs hands together* dialogue heavy which is my jam and i love you for it

im also so so so super sorry about how late this is oh gosh!! and for getting much too carried away with it again<3

1. Saying goodbye on the phone:

“Hey, Edward. I’m- I was just calling to let you know that I’m- I’m gonna be-”

“Late home again tonight, yeah, figures,” Babe had sighed into the receiver, rolling his eyes a little at the all too familiar greeting. He tried his best not to be bitter about having to cancel dates- knowing deep down that it wasn’t Gene’s fault for being so damn selfless that he couldn’t ever say no to an extra shift. That didn’t mean that it didn’t still sting, and though he’d cursed himself for being so sharp, he couldn’t have prevented himself from snapping if he’d tried.

“Edward, you know I- you know I don’t mean to upset you…”

“I… Yeah, of course I know that Gene, shit,” he sighed again, though it was much softer this time- barely audible above the noise of the hospital that always seemed to follow Gene, even when he ducked outside mid-break for a phone call. “I’m sorry, I know you don’t mean to be late- it’s just… God, this sounds so selfish, but it’s just hard, y’know?”

“I know, I’m sorry-”

“No no, you don’t- you don’t have to be sorry, I’m sorry,” and Babe knew he was rambling now, but also that he had to make things right. “I’m sorry, ‘cause- because I know you’re busy and I know the only reason you take so many shifts on in the first place is because you care about people and that’s- that’s real nice, Gene. It’s sweet, in fact, I just wish- I just wish sometimes you would care about yourself a little more often too. You’re always working so hard, always so busy, and you just- you need a break from it all. And besides I… I miss you, Genie.”

There was pause, and Babe wondered for a moment if the other could hear his heart pounding against his ribs, and his cheeks flushed crimson at the weight of his own words.

“Genie, huh?” A soft chuckle finally broke the silence, and Babe felt a sigh of relief escape him as the warmth of the laughter washed over him. “That’s new. I like it though, it’s cute. And I miss you too, I hope you know that.” Another pause. “Hey… How about I ask for this weekend off, huh? We can have the whole two days to ourselves, just us.”

“You mean that?”

“Yeah, I do. We could get food and watch all the Alien movies or something. Get tickets for Covenant too maybe. I know you have a crush on Michael Fassbender, you’re not that good at hiding it.”

“Oh come on! It’s not as if you don’t get all big eyes and fluttery lashes whenever Kane comes on screen- what, those magic medic hands of yours just itching to get a feel of that chest?” And Babe was pretty sure he would never get used to the beauty of the laugh that had followed, or the way it filled him with an odd mix of pride and butterflies whenever he knew he was the cause of it.  

“That’s gross, Babe. I’m offended. You know I’d be very professional about it and get him patched up in minutes. And if he wants to thank me in an unconventional, maybe hands-on manner? That’s entirely his business.”  

“I can’t believe you’re going to leave me for young John Hurt-”

“Who said I was leaving you? Could probably fit all three of us into one of those stasis things-”

Gene,” Babe had wheezed, which only made his boyfriend laugh even louder. 

“What? Can’t a guy dream,” Gene chuckled, sighing as a voice called out through the door to remind him that his break was almost over.  "Ugh, listen I, I gotta go get back to work, I’m sorry, but- but you take care tonight, alright?“

Babe whined a little at the thought of being left alone again, though he’d known their time would be short. "It’s okay, you stay safe too- hey!” He cried suddenly, as finally realised what his boyfriend had said earlier. “You called me Babe!”  

“I did? When?”  

“Like, just before- when you were distracting me with your weird space sex fantasies-”

“-I never said anything about sex-”

“-whatever! You called me Babe!” Babe’s entire being was alight with glee, and not even the prospect of his boyfriend having to head back to work could have wiped the ecstatic grin from his face.  

“Huh, guess I did,” and Babe didn’t need to see Gene’s face to know that he was smirking, and the thought made his cheeks flush crimson. “Well, Babe, this is terrible timing, but I really gotta-”

“No no, I know, it’s okay, you go, get back to saving lives and what have you. Oh, and uh, Gene?”


“I-” Babe paused for a moment to consider what he was about to say; did he? Of course he did. “I love you, be safe.”

He’d been preparing himself for an “it’s too soon”, or maybe even to be hung up on, and almost regretted saying anything at all before hearing Gene’s reply, which came without a moment’s hesitation;

“I love you too Babe, you stay safe too, okay? And see you soon.”

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For the Fuck Marry Kill: Tony, Bucky, Steve! I picked a tough one :)

Yes, you did and thank you oh so much. 

Alright, I would fuck Bucky, marry Tony, and I love love love Steve so very much but I’d kill him. I’m still a little bitter from Civil War but I do love him!

Ah, that wasn’t as tough as I thought it was going to be!

Fanfic Writer Wednesday, 5/24

Doctor x Rose:

  • Different Species Cuddling by @chiaroscuroverse (Nine x Rose)
    • Fluffy cuddles with an established relationship. Love it!
  • Other Plans by @hanluvr (Nine x Rose, human au)
    • Oh my. I love this! Rose finds out she’s pregnant, and it’s so sweet. :D
  • Midnight Cuppa by @perfectlyrose (Ten x Rose)
    • Ohhhh, established Ten/Rose with nightmare hurt/comfort. Someone’s been looking at my Christmas list. 
  • The Promise of Paradise by @skyler10fic (Ten x Rose)
    • This was so much fun! Human AU, John’s studying in Hawaii so Rose surprises him with a visit… and he surprises her with a ring. :D
  • Fool Me Once, chapter 3 by @pellaaearien (Ten x Rose)
    • We’ve moved fully into the Stolen Earth rewrite, and I love the changes that are happening. Rose just laying into the Shadow Architect gives me life.
  • Frustrated Inspiration ch 2 ch 3 by @countessselena (Ten x Rose)
    • This was a prompt fill for me, prompted by the word chocolate. And I think I really need chocolate like this–it might help on those nights when I can’t write!
  • If You Want by @skyler10fic (Tentoo x Rose)
    • Such a lovely version of their first real conversation in Norway. Hashing things out, working together… being together. I love it.
  • Sounds Like Home by @lizann5869 (Nine x Rose, Tentoo x Rose)
    • Such a lovely ficlet about Rose learning the Doctor has two hearts… and that he’s still the Doctor, even when he only has one.
  • Up In Flames chap 2 chap 3 by @perfectlyrose​ (Nine x Rose, bank robber au)
    • More of the brilliant sequel to Watch it Burn. In these two chapters, we learn more of John’s backstory especially, with a few little glimpses of Rose’s and a cameo by Amy.
  • “I don’t think you’ve been yourself lately.” by @deathlyfandoms​ (Ten x Rose)
    • Really lovely post TIP/TSP hurt comfort ficlet. This just makes me smile and feel warm and fuzzy inside.
  • Persausion by @lastbluetardis (Ten X Rose)
    • The sweetest pregnancy fic ever. Oh man, I love it when the Doctor is able to help Rose with difficult aspects of pregnancy–in this case, telepathically soothing their unborn daughter so Rose can sleep.

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Nookie NSFW with clingy Nate?? Like jeez, I live for that

Oh my god, yes

•Okay so, Nate is super clingy– Poor boy can’t help it, but he just loves Hunter alright? He’s his teddy bear after all

•Hunter thinks it’s adorable because he nuzzles at his neck and whines at the attention

•Hunter always squeezes his hands, whispers in his ears how much he loves him, always kisses and loves on him

•Nate always faces him when they fucc, arms around his neck, hands on his shoulders– He has to be touching Hunter somehow

•Nate gets a bit emotional too, especially if it’s been a while since they’ve seen each other because he’s been on tour, so Hunter’s always cradling his face in his hands, wiping away tears and kissing him

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H-Here's my confession~ There's this boy, I met him online and he's really the sweetest and cutest boy ever~ Like, I'm straight and all, but when I see him or talk to him I just feel so flustered and cry from happiness. He's always here for me and he's the best person in my life, I'm so grateful to have him as a friend and I'm so glad that he exists! And one last little secret~ This is you Gary, I love you so much~ ♡♡♡

OH MY GOD. I WAS LIKE. “WHO??!?! WHO IS THIS BOY!??!?!?!?” I’m seriously tearing up from how fucking sweet this is. I love you so much my little kitty cat friend ; u ; augh you’re the best. That was such a fucking twist I need a second to grab some tissues. like… awuh?!?!?!? I love you! I love you! I love you! I’m so grateful to have met you when I did ; u ; 


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How much do you love Reiji? (tbh husband material lol)



HE IS Like the best waifu material ther e is, he kno how to cook, clean and babysit little shits all day long without killing them ?? AND LIKES to collect some weird shit like teacups and shiny forks because who doesn’t get turned on by the thought of “OH MAN FORKS AND PLATES I CAN EAT OUT OF” because I admire that from him too and OH HE LIKES SCIENCE AND Create weird shit out of it like drugs and I am pretty sure what he makes is illegal but I KNOW REIJI WOULDN’T GIVE A FUCK BECAUSE HE A BAMF WAIFU OK I MEAN I PROLLY WOULDN’T WANT ANY OF HIS DRUGS BUT I’D DEFINITELY KEEP EM AS SOUVENIRS AND PRAISE HIS HARD WORK BECAUSE HE DESERVES PRAISE EVEN HE REJECTS IT BECAUSE OF HIS EGOMANIAC PERsonality but I still lvoe him anyways

tru luv wins and concurs

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What kind of books does Aurelis like? He's always reading and I wanna know what he's into! I live for fantasy and drama novels, but I also love mythology and historical fiction

Oh, man, that is such a great question! :D I think he would be really into kind of book that interested him at the time - so really pretty much anything. 

Given that he’s a healer, he would probably  sigh every time he read a classic who-done-it-or suspense mystery - like ‘no, stupid, don’t use that poison - nonononononono that’s just not going to work - okay now I have lost all semblance of respect for your planning skills you idiot-’ and right around then Rayzor would sigh and tell him that ‘you’re doing it again, Aurelis.’


Shiro is gonna be so Happy to have Matt Back, oh my goshh. 

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love story: i had a huge crush on a boy years ago, but nothing came of it, and i watched from afar while he dated other people. i was sad, but moved on, and i dated other people as well. we then re-connected after high school, became best friends, and eventually, we ended up dating. he still makes me feel the same way i did years ago when i had that huge crush on him and we always have fun together as friends too. we're married now!