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daliaaaaa could you tell me your fave sterek fics please?? :)

How could you ask me this? Do you have any idea how many sterek fics I’ve read over the years? How many I’ve loved?

This is a short list of the very few I could think of off the top of my head. I think I’ll probably make a recs page, because I’ve been meaning to for a long time. I have a recs tag, but that includes different pairings as well.

Sideways and Slantways and Longways and Backways

“I called you a slave-driver!” Stiles cried hysterically. “I called you an ogre! I stole all the blue paperclips!”
Derek raised an eyebrow at him.
“That’s company property!” he shouted, waving his arms madly in distress.
Derek ran a hand over his face. “It’s not theft if the vice president of the company gives you permission.”

(Otherwise known as the Elevator AU)

The Price

Stiles must surrender the most important thing in his life to protect the town… and no one can figure out what it was.

Around The Bend

The first time Derek catches sight of the new yoga instructor, Stiles is in the middle of showing a class how to do downward-facing dog. Derek walks into a wall.

Things don’t exactly improve from there.

Derek can’t stop staring at Stiles, the bendy new yoga instructor at his family’s gym. Stiles thinks Derek’s a repressed homophobe who hates Stiles for making him want the D. They fall in love.

can’t be hateful, gotta be grateful

“Be cool, Dad, we’ve decided to con Grandma.”

(Or, the one where the Stilinski men drag Derek to Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma’s and she gets the right wrong idea.)

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Drops of Jupiter [Jimmy Darling x Reader]

Warnings: SMUT, NOT PROOFREAD, loss of virginity, possible spoilers, some really weird angst, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it), cursing, possibly more

Word Count: 953

Request: “Could you do an angsty smut thing woth jimmy where its thier first time and she’s like ‘touch me’ and he is so overwhelmed and happy cause omg she loves him???? Idk man but anyways its fine if not and i rlly love ur writing and yeah :)” - Anon

A/N: ty ty ty my child. And I’m not good with angst tbh so ???

And apparently condoms weren’t a huge thing in the 50′s like what? As much as I write unprotected sex, the idea disgusts me tbh.

(I’ve had this in my drafts for forever, sorry!)

“Jimmy,” You whisper as your boyfriend messily tugs the buttons on the front of your blouse. “I can help you…” He pulls the navy blue sleeves down your shoulders, and off of your arms, letting it fall on the floor, much to your annoyance.

“I wanna do it.” You quietly agree, but moments later notice Jimmy grumble, fumbling with your bra. You reach around your back, un-clipping the black garment. He lets out a small sigh, admiring you.

It’s like slow-motion when Jimmy’s lips smash against yours in a quick, passionate kiss that would lead to him tossing you back on the bed, and him un-buckling his trousers with a sly smile, completely forgetting it’s your first time. It wasn’t until he noticed how fast your heart was beating that he remembered, and to which he attempted to stop his actions. After reassuring him that there was nothing to be afraid of, he began again, very slowly.

“My God Jimmy, I’m not made of glass!” You said, a little bit irritated. Alright, a lot a bit irritated. He knew that he could touch you, that you wanted to be touched by him, but he just couldn’t ever get it through his brain. The two of you had fooled around before, going so far as to you sucking him off in bed during the late hours of the night, thankful that he had his own caravan, but never actually done it. Every time you got close to it happening, he backed out because he was nervous. You weren’t letting that happen this time, though. You were going to show him that it was okay. Whether he believed you or not, well, that was up to him.

Pulling him down on the bed with you, you flip over so he’s under you. Pulling his briefs down, his cock springs free. His size had never, ever failed to surprise you, and sometimes it felt like maybe he was too big. But through the times, he had managed to convince you that he wasn’t “too big” as you had originally thought. The thought still lurked sometimes, though.

“Darlin’, what are you doing?” You quickly shush him, trying to keep your thoughts (and confidence) in order. Sliding your panties off, you toss them to the side, along with your skirt, which Jimmy had previously un-zipped halfway. You hear Jimmy laugh nervously, mumbling something or another about you.

You line his cock up with your entrance, slowly sliding down. A small whimper escapes your parted lips, and Jimmy quickly brings his hands to grip your thighs. “Oh darlin’…” After a moment of adjusting to him, you raise yourself up, your hands on his chest, quickly falling again, the warmth already rising in your stomach. 

He groans again, feeling your warmth clasp around him. Jimmy mumbles nonsense, only every few words intelligible. You didn’t mind his sounds, just wished you knew what he was saying. You could make guesses, though.

With another thrust, the two of you fall into a nice rhythm. Every time you’d slide down, he’d buck up to meet you. It was a strange way to lose your virginity, but you weren’t really sure if there was a uniform way to do it. Moans spilled from your newly dirty lips, and somehow, pride was apparent in them. You were brand new to the game, but had Jimmy Darling (of all people!) a groaning mess beneath you.

“J-Jimmy!” You pant, Jimmy pushing you back down to meet his hips. He let out a loud grunt escape his lips, feeling you pulse on his cock.

Meanwhile, Jimmy was lost in his own little world. You were the center of his thoughts, how fucking gorgeous you looks sitting on his cock, the angelic sounds you made, the way your body moved… He was so proud of himself for landing a girl as amazing as you. His mind didn’t even jump to the fact that he didn’t deserve you, unlike usual. It was safe to say that you had blown his mind with your sudden dominance.

He had been with two or three girls before. They were awkward, mostly drunken encounters, who were quick and dirty in the back alley. A back alley Sally, if you will. And I mean, who would want to fuck the lobster boy sober? They had gone with whatever he lead with, and probably ignored him the entire time. None of them spoke up about what they wanted, or even attempted at communicating their needs. 

But you took charge, apparently, and Jimmy loved that.

With his hands still on your hips and in the perfect sync, he made an attempt at flipping the pair of you over, so that you were on the bed. A second later, you dismount the handsome boy and lay on the bed, the warm Florida breeze sticking to your skin. Jimmy eagerly takes the opportunity and climbs on top of you, peppering kisses on your neck and chest. 

It’s not but a few seconds before he’s mercilessly (well, almost) pounding into you. Now, it was your turn to be the moaning mess beneath your lover, enjoying every single second.

“Jim- Ah!” You shout, Jimmy’s hand quickly rising to cover your mouth. 

“Shh. We don’t wanna be caught, do we?” Shaking your head no, he lifts his hand. Quickly, and without warning, you feel yourself release over him again. He groans. Not but a few minutes later, both of you had finished and were laying messily sprawled out on the bed. “Well then…” 

“Well then, indeed.” You confirm. He smiles, pulling your bare body closer. And soon enough, the pair of you are fast asleep, praying that nobody entered the van until morning.

reminiscence || isaac lahey (!!)

author: @broodybell
pairing: isaac x reader
word count: 1,280

warning: nsfw

authors note: this is dedicated to my hay-babe @sarcasticallystilinski bc she’s ill and has major isaac feels, i luh u bby x x inspired by reminiscence (listen on repeat) 

summary: reader reminisces a night with isaac until her subconscious finally wakes her up. 

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can you believe them? they're like an old married couple, just bickering and teasing and laughing with and at each other, it's adorable. that live show was domestic af, i love that they just spend 24/7 together and then they're planning what movies they're going to watch TOGETHER on the plane, disgusting

they’re so much to take in sometimes. important insights that this ls gave us: 

  • they are Professionals. dan begs someone to book them. i thought they were trying to move away from hosting gigs. interesting comment
  • dan tries to act like he just now switched to seeing fabrice for his haircuts even though it seemed like he’s been using him for a while now? why the evasion? ? ?unclear 
  • honestly the whole first 20 minutes were a fucking shitshow and i loved them. one second they were talking about haircuts. the next second, someone’s saying clean me daddy. then lambs coming out of furry wombs. then loins. pork loins. i don’t even know man. this is just like, typical evenings in the dan and phil house and i was actually laughing out loud so much. phil even interjected “can we calm down” at one point and i was legit in tears theyre just so naturally funny and good together pls
  • ‘dan looks like a meatball’ i was pissing myself
  • also phil comin in with the ‘beez in the trap’ interjection dan losing his shit… why are they so funny
  • the bIT WHERE THEY REMINISCED ON INTERACTIVE XMAS ADVENTURE aka that fresh 2009 young and in love “vintage content” oh my fuckin ,, they were both so immediately fond over it i was screaming and they are so correct. it is underrated Art and Filmmaking and whatever other bullshit dan wishes that dinof could be lmao
  • next dapg vid is club penguin, i have no feelings about this, i barely know what club penguin is and have never been on it in my life but whatevs, i’m sure it’ll be good
  • bees are attacking their house and also they are good and fluffy teddy bears that need to be protected i love this
  • they kept saying “we don’t have a pet” and i wanted to die at the casual joint adoption of a pupper they kept alluding to. also dan said “we don’t have a life” when talking about making small talk with fabrice and that was Too Much
  • both of them dragging each others’ scents of choice (lemon humidifier vs. adventure in a can) was some top content™ 
  • all of their squabbling over opinions on things, esp that riverdale bit, damn can they chill 
  • YES the fact they’re planning movies to watch on the plane based on ones they haven’t seen (together) yet,,, too cute. i’m excited they want to see moana and hidden figures obvi
  • speaking of which, that bit when phil was talking about dan holding up popcorn in front of his face for minutes on end to avoid trailers. oh my god hahahaha. phil didn’t spell this out but i can literally picture his secondhand embarrassment so vividly he was probably hating his life in that moment and i’m laughing at dan giving no fucks at all 
  • dan keeps making little side comments about being busy w things, about doing some stuff, and phil pointedly seems to ignore all of them and that is Interesting
  • they’re also being hella vague on when they’re actually leaving to australia and notably left out that they’re going to hong kong beforehand (and maybe other places that they’re not telling us!) but they also made sure to communicate that they’re gonna be a bit absent in the coming weeks (phil said “our schedules will be a bit dodg” lmao) 
  • andrew garfield suffering is dan’s kink

carry on, darling, we were built to last


Victor startled so badly at the harsh use of his full name that the dish soap bottle he was holding slipped out of his foamy hand. It promptly crashed into the sink and with a colourful curse Victor jumped back to avoid the water that splashed everywhere. Breathing in relief, he thanked all the gods for keeping his shirt safe and sound before he remembered what startled him in the first place.

When he finally turned to Yuuri, already slightly unnerved, it didn’t help to see him holding Victor’s wedding band, which Victor had taken off only minutes before he began doing the dishes.

“Something wrong?” Victor asked, smiling, and trying really hard to seem natural about it. Meanwhile, his heart thumped against his ribcage a mile an hour and he could feel himself sweat even with the cooling breeze coming from the kitchen window.

Either he was out of practice, or Yuuri had gotten too good at seeing through his fake smiles, because he didn’t even blink, staring straight at Victor as if he was saying, “Do not bullshit me, Victor Nikiforov, I know what you did.”

Yuuri did not say that, though. Instead, he twirled the ring in his fingers.

“This isn’t the ring I got you.” Calm. Collected. Even if his entire face was closed off.

In a single moment, with just one sentence, Victor could feel his entire domestic life slipping through his soap lathered fingers. He opened his mouth, but nothing came out as shame of what he’d done returned to him once again. Grappling for an excuse, apology, anything he could do to salvage the damage, he swallowed.

“Yuuri,” he crooned calmingly, mind a complete blank. “Yuuri, sweetheart–”

“Where’s the ring, Victor?”

There was nothing in Yuuri’s demeanour that proved he was angry, and angry Victor had seen before so he’d know the signs, but the emotionless matter-of-factness was somehow even more grating than the full out anger. Bowing his head as the full weight of the situation settled with him, Victor admitted quietly:

“I lost it.”

“You lost it?” Yuuri repeated, voice as blank as his face.

“I– I really didn’t mean to,” Victor started explaining. “I was washing the dishes, you know, and it was there one moment, and the next it just… I tried to look in the drain, hoped it stopped somewhere on the way down, but it was gone.”

He bit his lip, ashamed, and chanced a glance at Yuuri, who was looking at him with something unreadable in his eyes. Victor gathered up his courage to come closer to his terrifyingly still fiancé, who thankfully did not step away.

“I didn’t want to upset you, so I got a new ring made. I’m so sorry for not telling you, and even more sorry for losing the one that you gave me. It was so special to me, to us… I honestly cried for like an hour after that.”

He offered Yuuri a shaky smile, wishing to unload some of the tension hanging in the stale air between them. It smelled like divorce papers, lawyers and cold nights alone in a bed far too big for a single person.

Victor quickly shook his head, resolutely deciding that he would not let it escalate that far. This was nothing they couldn’t recover from. He hoped.

“When did you lose it?” Yuuri asked.

“About a month ago,” Victor replied, feeling the nervous tingling in his stomach. “But I thought this was the exact replica… How did you know it wasn’t the same?”

Yuuri sighed then and pulled off his own ring to show Victor the inside of the band. There, so tiny that Victor had to squint to see it, was an intricate engraving of half a snowflake that Victor could now tell was one part of the whole – the whole that could only be complete with his missing ring. A tiny detail that could be easily missed if someone did not know it was there. And Victor didn’t. For all the time he was wearing the ring, he never even once looked at the inside of it. Never touched it. Barely even took it off.

And that was his mistake.

His heart tightened.

“Oh, Yuuri… I’m so sorry.”

He took Yuuri’s free hand into his without a care of the remnants of soap still on his skin. Yuuri let him do it, curling his fingers lightly around Victor’s as if to show he wasn’t mad. Victor smiled, a tiny, contrite quirk of his mouth.

“Let’s get this engraved tomorrow then?” he offered.

“Alright,” Yuuri agreed, and Victor squeezed his hand. “But if it ever happens again, or anything like this, in general… just tell me, Victor. Don’t hide things from me. Don’t pretend that everything is fine. I’d rather know from you than find out on my own.”

Yuuri looked him straight in the eye, serious, and Victor nodded, vowing to himself solemnly that if he could only keep one promise in life, it would be this.

“I’ll do my best,” he said.

He lifted Yuuri’s hand to his lips and kissed the golden band that rested on Yuuri’s ring finger. Yuuri smiled at him when he glanced up and relief made Victor’s own smile widen. Until–

“Now finish up the dishes, Vitya,” Yuuri told him, eyes bright with amusement, but Victor…

Victor grabbed the sides of Yuuri’s face in his soapy hands and kissed Yuuri’s smiling mouth with a laugh at the squeak of disgust that came from his lovely fiancé.

Not today, he said to the imaginary divorce lawyer in his head, grinning into the kiss that Yuuri did nothing to deny him. Not today.

Honestly don’t know with Supergirl anymore

The writing is so unbalanced, like some plot lines are fantastic, and others are actual shit….

Like for example, in s1 the danvers sisters plot was so amazing, and inspiring…

And when Alex started realising her feelings for maggie, that was honestly one of the best storylines of all time…

Sanvers dating… It was awesome and the couple faced their ups and downs, and they pulled through….

But the Sanvers breakup…. I realise it was going to happen no matter what, with flo’s departure, and what not, but that whole sub plot was poorly written…. Do you honestly think a strong committed couple will break up over children?? Like i understand, shit happens, but Sanvers were committed to each other. They were so in love… I bet if it was reality, Maggie would have stayed with Alex, because that’s a sacrifice you should be willing to make for someone you love. The departure was too rushed, i think it should have happened over a longer period of time, cause honestly the couple had like 7 minutes of screentime that episode. And that isn’t nearly enough time to get the point across. The breakup could’ve happened so much better, and could’ve been taken in better if it was a different story.

Second reason, is that Andrew fucking kreisberg sexually harassed staff that work for him, and that’s absolutely disgusting, its horrible…. Idk If the claims are true, but there is no way in hell im supporting that rubbish…

Anyways, im in for chyler, Katie, and Odette right now…

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I need more 2p sskk and skk since i cant see much. could senpai provide us thirsty af anons some links?


- Skk being disgusted 

- Get rekt Dazai 

- Just rly beautiful 

- Also just rly beautiful

- 2P Chuuya only but appreciate him pls 

- 2P SSKK 

Fingertips Between Us Chapter 7

I’m sorry it’s late >< *rolls away*

Chapter 7

Its silent. At least in your ears. You don’t hear anything, see anything, except for Jumin. Your eyes take in the sight of him, he looks…tired. His body sags slightly as if his breaths have been knocked out of him, his hair mangled and messy. But his eyes, his eyes tell a whole different story. They lock onto yours, and though he may have changed physically, you see a glimpse of the man you fell in love with 3 years ago.

Its Akari that pulls you back. “I thought we were going to the park…” she whines, upset at the sudden stop.

Instantly, you pull your hands away, forsaking the hat and scooping Akari into your arms. “We’ll have to go another day, I’m sorry dear.”

In your arms Akari begins to cry, wiggling and escaping from your grasp. You only tighten your hold as she begins to wail. All eyes are on you and the screaming child in your arms.

“MC! Wait!” Jumin calls from behind you, arms reaching up

But you run. Run as fast as you can. Those arms can’t lock onto you, they’ll never let go.

Jumin stares at your retreating figure, his heart aching, fingers still reaching out for you in longing. You had been right there. Right there and yet he felt as if he couldn’t move. He loosens his tie, feeling as if his airways are swelling into his throat. His fingers fall to his side, and he clenches them into a fist. What could he do now that he found you?

There had been a part of him that had expected you to throw your arms around him as soon as you saw him. To see that you missed him as much as he had missed you over the years. He had imagined that he would take you into his arms, touching you, feeling you again.

And yet, there had been a part of him that had been so frustrated with you, so angry. How could you agree to just vanish like that? After learning why you had accepted the money, of course he couldn’t blame you. But what hurt him, was how fast you ran. Had you been that afraid to tell him about what you had done? That afraid of him?

Returning from his daze Jumin pulled a file out from within his suit. The same folder his father had offered him short hours ago.  He wouldn’t lose you this time.

You could hear Akari’s sniffles from the living room. With a sigh you put your head into your hands, the cup of tea you made having no calming effect on you. Your kitchen table wobbled slightly at the impact. How had he found you? Coincidence? Or had Zen already gone and revealed your location? Mr. Han had promised that no one would find you here.

Mr. Han…the thought of him causes a knot to tie in your stomach. His cold gaze, his fierce warning.

With trembling fingers you reach for your phone, Akari still sobbing quietly in the living room. You’d take her to the park later. You dial a number you never thought you’d call again. The phone rings once, twice, three tim-

“This is Director Han”.

You voice catches in your throat. You weren’t sure what to say, where to even begin. Your thought process freezes, and you smack your lips in desperation. Calling was a mistake, man what a fool you-

“MC…?” He asks, and there’s something about his voice that makes you stop.

It’s…almost gentle. Soft yet gruff at the same time. Was this…was this the man Jumin had always believed in? The man he was proud to call his father? You could see why.

“Mr. Han…” You say, your voice finally returning to you

“It’s about Jumin…Mr. Han, Jumin is here. I accidently ran into him. I-I assure you, I didn’t contact him, he just-”

“Ah. I sent him to you.” Mr. Han states, as if he were discussing the weather.

You freeze. He sent him? Why? To test you? To torture you? To watch as your heart broke into small pieces?

You say nothing, your mind racing. Where father and son in this together? Were they both playing with you? But Jumin wasn’t like that…or was he? It had been a long 3 years. Maybe he wasn’t the same Jumin you remembered.

The sound of Mr. Han clearing his throat makes you flinch.

“Do not fear Miss. MC” He states cooly, and you tense.

“I sent Jumin there…for his own well being. It’s become apparent to me over the past 3 years that…you are essential to Jumin. Miss. MC, please…make my son happy.”

There’s a click on the other end of the line, and when you pull the cellphone away from your ear, Mr. Han has already ended the call.

What had just happened?!

You stare down at your cell phone in disbelief. Had Mr. Han…just given you his blessing? But why? You had done nothing to prove yourself. You were under educated, had a child, you had a whole new life now. And…you had abandoned Jumin. Could you really face him after that?

Akari, seemingly finished with her tantrum, flees towards you, her tear covered face nuzzling into your lap. You smooth her bangs out of her face, your hand patting her head gently. With a sigh you gathered your resolve. Before you could think and worry about Jumin, you had to finish attending to Akari.

“Akari…” you whispered. Her head rises up, just a tad.

You smile, “Go get your play bag ready. I’ll pack us some snacks and we’ll head to the park okay? We’ll bring Gil too.”

And just like that, Akari’s face lights up. She dashes from the room, Gilbert’s leash in her small hands.

With a laugh you begin to prep a bag full of apple juice boxes and crackers, as well as some fruit snacks. You sling the bag over your shoulder, and when you make your way towards the front door Akari is there waiting, Gil sitting patiently for you to grab his leash that’s already been attached to his collar.

With the bag slung over your shoulder, Gil’s leash in one hand, and Akari’s hand in the other, you made your way outside. The fresh air was a welcome slap to your face and you breathed a sigh of relief. Together the 3 of you climbed down the hill, a beat up path being your only source of footing.

And then, there, against a tree that decorated the end of the path, was Jumin Han. You weren’t surprised that he had found you so quickly. However, you were surprised that he hadn’t come to your house directly. You walked passed him silently, and as you did so he pushed off the tree he leaned upon, following silently by your side.

Gilbert made no sound, apparently not seeing him as a threat. Your happy attitude grew tense, neither of you speaking.

Akari peeked up at him from your side, and a large smile bloomed across her face.

“I know you Mister!” She said with glee, and you turned your head to shush her. But once a child begins…

Jumin turned to face her, having already recognized that she had been the small baby he used to hold in his arms 3 years ago.

“Yes, I know you too Akari” He said gently, throwing Akari into a fit of giggles.

“Auntie has lots of pictures of you.” She said simply, and you felt your heart ache.

You said nothing, your eyes staring down at the floor. Silence carried on, Akari’s humming being the only source of noise. Cold fingers brush against your shoulder.

You jump slightly, until the strap of the bag thrown over your shoulder disappears, and you see Jumin’s large hand carrying it instead.

“Thank you…” You mumble, swallowing down your desire to hold his hand instead.

You take a moment to glance over at him, dressed in a suit and carrying a tote bag with a smiling sun doodled all over. You had been an idiot to think he had changed.

He was still the Jumin you loved.

Nearing the park, Akari bolted, waving goodbye to you as you settled under a tree, leaning against a rock. You unhooked Gilbert, who instantly went to follow Akari, staring up at her as she climbed up the playground.

“He’s a good bodyguard.” Jumin says, settling next to you.

His chin is jutted towards Gil and you let out a small smile, “Yes, he’s protected us well.”

There’s silence again, your heart pounding, the cries of children drowning out your ears. Jumin says nothing. Perhaps he was angry, perhaps he was here to-

Rough hands clasp over your own. This hand is familiar. Its large, the skin smooth, and there’s a small indent in the palm that you could recognize instantly.

“I’ve missed you MC.” It’s a whisper. Low and quiet, but it makes your heart burst open. It makes your heart swell with affection, and all at once, the hardships of the past 3 years come streaming out.

Tears overflow from your ears, quiet hiccups and disheartening sobs rip from your throat as you start to speak.

“Jumin….Jumin….Jumin” You sob, and he pulls you into his arms, enveloping you into his warmth, pushing you against his chest. Its something you’ve longed for.

“I-I-I’m sorry. Akari sh-she was hurt and s-sick. I needed money! I couldn’t get a-ahold of you. I didn’t know what to do. Bu-but I had to save her! S-so I took the money. I’m so sorry. So s-so sorry.” You sobbed, your tears soaking into his chest, your body trembling. Was he disgusted with you?

A comforting hand rubs small circles into your back, “Shhhh…shhh its alright love. I know. I know. I read the file. I know everything. You’ve done your best. Its been hard on you.”

Words of forgiveness. Understanding. But why? Why was he so forgiving? Why did he love you so much? You weren’t sure, but there was something that you felt you needed to tell him. To make sure he understood.

“I love you.”

The words make him tense slightly, but soon after, you feel his body relax. He tilts your head up slightly, and presses a kiss against your forehead.

“I’ve finally caught up to you.”    

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My snake seems to be doing a new thing where he will climb up high on one of his sticks to poop, and then somehow smear it all over the glass/walls of his terrarium. And then he takes a bath to wash all the poo off himself. Why. Why must he do this. He spends so much time on the ground in his substrate, it's clean, he's a happy snake, but he's a jerk. He's disgusting. I love him so much.

He sounds terrible.

Please tell him I love him, too.

anonymous asked:

Could you do a jamilton where Jefferson has a panic attack or something and Hamilton helps? I know it's overdone, but I love them so much. Guilty pleasure. If not a panic attack, then maybe Jefferson gets bad news and gets upset?

sure thing anon <3

Thomas felt his chest tighten. He didn’t know why.

“Wh-” He tried to speak, but his throat was closed. Something ice cold stabbed his chest, robbing his lungs of air. Thomas gasped air, but somehow he couldn’t breathe. His vision dimmed, his mind spun; and he still couldn’t quite figure out what was wrong.

Hamilton stared at him- he was always staring, in anger or disgust or smug joy, but staring nonetheless- but now his eyes were wide. Knowing Hamilton, they were wide so he could take in every detail of the nothing comment by some nobody congressional aide that was currently tearing Thomas down like he were made of paper.

“Oh my God,” Hamilton shouted, something worried in his voice. Worried for what? Thomas couldn’t think straight, heart hammering too loudly in his ears. “Come on guys! Move along! Fuck off!” Hamilton shooed the crowd, baring his teeth. Something slight released itself in Thomas’ gut, the air suddenly a shade less heavy.

“Here, let’s go over this way where it’s quieter,” Hamilton’s voice didn’t sound like him at all, soft and cautious. It was strange enough, Thomas felt himself following automatically. “Can I touch you?” The question by his ear was quiet and polite. Thomas nodded pathetically.

A warm hand immediately splayed gently across his back, nudging Thomas forward. They entered a side room, some unused office space with a dusty desk and chair. Hamilton pushed him into the chair. “Just breathe for a bit. Long and slow, if you can.”

Thomas didn’t know what to do, so he tried to follow Hamilton’s direction. Whatever it was that had his chest in a vice grip eased with each exhale, far too slowly. Thomas rubbed tears from his eyes- he didn’t remember crying.

“Shit, I don’t know what I’m doing,” Hamilton chuckled, a high, worried pitch. “Do you need me to get you anything? Like water, tea, something? Do you need me to leave? I can get why you would- oh, sorry, I should shut up.” Hamilton fidgeted, lifting his hands and then forcefully settling them in his lap.

Hamilton was an asshole, and usually the last person Thomas wanted to see him like this, but the idea of him leaving seemed suddenly unbearable. Thomas shot a hand out to his sleeve. “D-don’t,” he forced out- throat still not working properly.

Hamilton stared, but somehow managed to not comment. Instead, he placed a hand on Thomas’, the one grabbing at his sleeve. Thomas latched onto the hand instead. The contact sent tiny bursts of warmth up Thomas’ arm, chasing away more of the panic crowding his body.

Silence settled between them, broken only by Thomas’ deep breaths. Hamilton continued to say nothing, forcing Thomas to address the situation first, when his lungs and throat were finally under his control again. “Tha- that was something,” Thomas winced at his own nonsense words. “I don’t,” He cut himself off for another breath. “I don’t know what that was.”

Hamilton’s eyes had never left him, but now his brows furrowed. “That was a panic attack, wasn’t it?” There wasn’t even a hint of derision in his voice, just honest confusion. In any other circumstance, Thomas would have assumed it a lie.

“A panic attack,” Thomas repeated, instead. Hamilton nodded, like it made perfect sense. “I’ve never had a panic attack in my life.” No, he’d worked long and hard to get past his social anxiety to the charismatic force he was today, but he’d never had a panic attack. He’d be damned if he was having one now, over something so dumb.

“I mean, I’m not going to tell you what you’re feeling, but that’s what it looked like from over here. Are you okay now, though?”

Thomas stared into Hamilton’s earnest eyes. They were soft and warm, like the hand holding his. Thomas dropped it like he’d suddenly been scalded. “Why are you being nice?” Thomas hissed, squinting.

Hamilton slapped a hand over his mouth, but it wasn’t quick enough to hide the instinctive grin, nor was it muffling enough to hide the snort. “I can be, occasionally, you know.”

“Not to me,” Thomas retorted, then winced. That sounded a lot more hurt than he’d intended. “Wait, you know what I mean!”

Hamilton made another noise, suspiciously like a giggle, before moving his hand back down. “Yeah, I guess I do. But you were having a panic attack, that’s different. I’m not that much of an asshole you know.”

Thomas didn’t know. “Sure,” he said anyways.

“Well, if you’re okay, I better head out. Wouldn’t want anyone to get any ideas.” Hamilton grinned, waved, and swiftly left before Thomas could say anything.

The crush, that had laid dormant once Hamilton had opened his mouth and shown just how little of a chance Thomas had, raised its head cautiously. It was too late for no one to get any ideas. Thomas had a few already.

4 types of saw fans

#1 *thinking no one following their blog knows about this guy* omg i just watched saw haha and I know it’s really weird, especially as he’s yknow a murderer and did some rly like… Shitty stuff, and I know he has no personality and barely shows any emotion, ever, which makes my romantic headcanons highkey ooc (but won’t stop me from making them) and I know he’s kindof damaged, but I literally want detective lieutenant mark hoffman to climb inside my thrussy?? idek

#2 unapologetically, fully aware of the consequences, “i want mark hoffman to go elbow deep up my ass”

#3 i honestly fucking hate this guy so much I cheered when he got game over’d and also got really disappointed when he didn’t die the first or second time he’s so disgusting and creepy how can anyone like him he is Dirt genuinely bad ghngh Im throwing up

#4 yh idk he’s alright lol


  • Bender: I bang so many hot chicks its unbelievable. Only robobabes though, and they gotta be a certain type of girl. No men, no humans, and ESPECIALLY no human men! That would be utterly disgusting. And don't even get me started on L-O-V-E. Don't even know the meaning of the word. I'm a manbot. Tough and secure. No need for such petty human feelings. It's always get screwed and get out when it comes to MY bed.
  • Fry: Hey Bender if I knock myself out with this crowbar, do you think I could hold my breath under water longer?
  • Bender: Wow he's perfect. He must be mine. I love him so much. A unique and beautiful object...