i love him so much its disgusting


It becomes a disturbing routine - I start overthinking.

This episode left me scared. Joyful, but scared. Of Yuri.

The way he behaves now is different. When he saw Minami acting all “omg-its-yuri-i-love-him”, he changed in face so fast, that I could not take it as a joke. He seemed disgusted and uncomfortable. But few years back he was the same with Victor. Let’s face it - he still is. He is all fanatic sometimes, but seeing someone else doing the same to him - he is repelled.

And Victor saw it. The reaction from him is immediate too. He is deeply disturbed and disappointed in this, as he understands, that Yuri is looking at others, as they are much lower than him. Looks down on them for a second. Thank god, Yuri understood his frustration and supported Minami, but… What if he didn’t? What if one day we will see Yuri, as an antagonist of the series?

AND look at this hug. Victor not only hugs Yuri. He is lowering himself down. Not to be at one hight level with Yuri, but to be even lower. He slouched before him in hug and when putting gloss on him lips.
With hollow, emotionless eyes Yuri just acceps it, as if it was the thing Victor is supposed to do in the first place. And before this - when Victor tried to encourage him before competition - Yuri just walked away, leaving Victor behind.

Yuri is becoming less amature and bubbly, as he was in last episode. He is getting scary serious and harsh even. Victor knows that, and it hurts him to see Yuri like that.

Yes, it might be stress from competition, but look at it. Victor is changing his behavior a lot just to show Yuri, that he can be better. That Victor himself is just the same human, not so legend, as Yuri used to portray him. 

And I am deeply worried and scared, that Yuri might belive it. And become the asshole we thought Victor was. And, judging from his reaction to Minami - Yuri is already on the way there.

Any thoughts? 

official ranking of every rat emoji on emojipedia

the shading seems slightly off, but all around a friendly type. i trust this rat 

i love this rat so much. he is simple, very cartoonish, but very cute. 100/10.

he seems fun enough, though his outlines are too thick, he looks cheap and lazy.

he looks like something out of a Fisher-Price catalog. A cheese thief.

what. i have nothing else to say about him besides disgusting.

he seems fairly friendly, though his tail looks like a worm. 5/10.

he is rendered very strangely it barely looks like an emoji, but otherwise he seems like a cool guy.

where are his legs.


he is the odd one out, making a social statement. i support him fully.


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something that baffles me/makes me sick to think about: almost everyone in fandom calls shiro "space <<dad>>" all the time -> some people still think it's ok to ship him with other paladins

FUCK i KNOW its literally so fuckin disgusting, like why do they want him to be a father figure for the paladins but then 2 seconds later they start talkin about how much they love she/ith and sha/nce its so gross and bad and god i hate this fandom so much 

me:*gets jealous*
everyone: omg u piece of shit jealousy is so disgusting
someone else:*gets jealous*
everyone: its so cute omg i love him he cares for us so much

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also what's like. the most common/favorite cuddling positions of elitown i gotta know

RAAAAAGH ok so luke is most often the big spoon w eli whos much shorter w her back pressed against his chest bc they’re giant hets and the steadiness of his breathing helps her sleep (and its a small miracle when she sleeps) BUT eli rolls over onto her stomach All The Gdamn Time so usually its her lay flat n him w an arm over her all protective like… this is so in depth i hate myself

casual cuddling is just as hetero tho like. she’ll sit by his side and sling her legs over his legs so they’re sat crossed over each other n they just sit like that as if it’s totally normal they’re disgusting


They call Erwin fans salty! I dont get how saying the truth and expecting some respect for the COMMANDER is being salty and i sure as hell dk why Being sad over losing someone u love so much is being salty ?! What do you call those idiots who ignore how disgusting , disrespectful , ungrateful and selfish their FAVE chracters are and even DEFEND them and just go out telling us to CHILL bc they are just happy it turned out the way they wanted!!?? Its just so unfair ,it just hurts so much Erwin deserved so much more , THE LEAST y'all could do is to give him and his fans the respect they deserve…

some weirdo junkrat stan, somewhere in the universe, probably: mei/hem is a problematic ship…… specifically because mei is cruel and openly junkphobic towards jamie in her voice lines, is obviously bigoted against people who walk around on fire and constantly talk about how much they love blowing things up a bias which has some really gross implications on her part if you think about it, and furthermore the fact that jamison’s status as an ostensible freedom fighter disgusts her so much probably means that she supports the corrupt establishment and cant relate to his experiences as a stinky stinky bad man #mei critical 

Larries, when someone says they met and had a conversation with Louis: *excitement and fond*


Larries, after finding out that Louis and said fan talked about Freddie: *utter disgust and betrayal*, *hypocrisy at it’s finest* 

“lol ok” / “im tired”……………..

It’s all fun and games until Louis starts proving their ship fake by talking about everything but Harry.


“Pete has been one of the best goalkeepers for many, many years. He’s unbelievable, particularly in the year we won the Champions League, looking back on the final and the games towards the final and how much he saved us. I don’t think he got enough recognition for it on a world scale. People talk about other goalies in Spain and Italy, but nobody was in Pete’s class that year. At Chelsea obviously people recognise him. One of the downsides of being as consistent as him is maybe people do get used to you being that good. We’re very lucky to have him.”

Happy 33rd birthday, Petr Čech! May 20, 1982

rant time

you know what makes me so mad?? that people do all they can do to hurt ashton. like if you hate 5sos you come for ashton ike you come for his “daddy issues” or his looks it makes me SO MAD cause daddy issues are NOTHING to joke about  and that he “cant sing” LOL u thought bitch have yall heard him in broken pieces just saying dont stop and wilay and many others. and he takes all this to heart yall know that thats why you stay coming at ashton. people who come at ashton disgust me all he wants is your happiness and to like to make good music for us and you guys STAY coming at him he has such a big heart oh yeah and you guys come at his old mental health issues too which ISNT FUNNY AT ALL. its such a serious thing. hes just such an important person and he needs to be appreciated SO MUCH MORE than he is. hes amazing and he loves every single one of us unconditionally and it honestly breaks my heart when i know hes sad cause of us so before any of you come for ashton think before you say anything cause he sees it too and if i see ashton hate on my dash ur gonna be blocked. keep your disgustin opinions to yaself buhbye

I don’t know why I even dare to look through any of the replies to chris evans tweets anymore, I’m always so disgusted at what some “fans” say to him. granted most people are respectful and considerate but I’m appalled at some of the things people say. he is a human being with feelings not just some zoo exhibit for you to shout sexual things at omg. it doesn’t matter how much we love or are attached to certain celebrities we are strangers to them and have no right to invade their privacy or personal space ever, not even on the internet. if you wouldn’t say it to them in person because its offensive THEN DONT SAY IT ONLINE TO THEM please have some decency and show respect and treat them like human beings. it’s no wonder celebrities delete their social media and go to such lengths to be unnoticed in public if this is the kind of treatment they get from so called fans. It hurts me that I even have to rant like this to remind people to back off and be respectful.