i love him so much guys


Caitriona Balfe shows off her bold style as she arrives for the Delpozo Fashion Show on Wednesday afternoon (September 13) at Pier 59 in New York City….And guess this guy in the background is familiar.

Credit for the pics goes to Barranco Mary IG and for the awesome comparisons go the good eye for deatails of our amazing brazilian shippers that are bringing so much joy and fun to this part of the fandom (thanks guys, we love you!!!)

Again, can’t say for sure it’s Sam but I can say it looks a lot hell like him in every aspect, his freaking clothes and glasses match too and LOOK AT THE SHOES, at the freaking shoes. That did me in.
Also notice the date, that week he was supossed to have been in France, wasn’t he? Anyway, as always, believe what you want.

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shane is shooketh™

i call this the how to defend yourself from the demons using your tall long-legged friend as a shield manual by ryan steven bergara

  • My headcanon is that Richie fucking loves dogs. Like L O V E S dogs because he’s pretty much one himself what. Eddie, not so much.
  • I mean, he doesn’t hate dogs. He’ll stroke Mike’s border collie, Molly, when she comes trotting over with her tail wagging, and he loves cute puppy videos as much as the next guy, but…doesn’t want to own one???
  • Richie keeps badgering him about getting one after they move in together, and Eddie is finally like: “f i n e. A small one, Richie. Like, a chihuahua.”
  • And this puts Richie over the edge
  • “A CHIHUAHUA, Eddie? That’s not a dog, that’s a gremlin!”
  • So they continue having this little spat for weeks until one day, Eddie comes home to find a fucking golden retriever sitting on the couch beside Richie, who is casually just reading a magazine.
  • “What the fuck is that, Richie?”
  • “This is a dog, Eds. I call her Cinnamon.”  He doesn’t even look up from his article.
  • Eddie isn’t even mad, he’s just…confused???
  • “Where did you get it?”
  • “Found her.”
  • Eddie waits for further explanation, but nope that’s it.  And he just lets out this long, dejected sigh, puts his shoes back on, and goes out to buy dog food.
  • And that’s the story of how Eddie and Richie adopted their dog, Cinnamon. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.
IT’S WOOZI’S BIRTHDAY ((11/22)) !!!

It’s already November 22nd in South Korea which means it’s our genius producer Woozi’s birthday ! 

I’m always so proud of him and so thankful for his existence. I’m so proud to call him my favorite singer because he’s always so hardworking and he always does his best in everything. I love him so much and I wish for him to always be happy and healthy. 

I hope he has a great birthday and god bless him ((+ Mr and Mrs. Lee for obvious reasons))

Also, if you guys haven’t done so, remember to wish Woozi a happy birthday on Seventeen’s official SNS ^^

- Admin Leen

Yusei Fudo

Alright guys. I’m here to talk about Yusei Fudo and how important he is to me. As many of you know I absolutely love Yusei with every fiber of my being. I would die for that man. That being said I wanna try and explain why I love this wonderful and gorgeous man so much. 

First- Please appreciate this man right here. Look at him. He’s simply beautiful. The most beautiful man I’ve ever seen in my life. 

Okay. Listen, Yusei is an amazing being. Why? Let’s take a look at his track record. He’s one of the sweetest characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. He’s not overly sweet to the point it becomes annoying but he’s just the right amount. He cares about his friends more then anything and he is willing to go to many lengths to protect them. He’s loyal even when he doubts his friends (Yeah, I’m talking about Kiryuu) and he’s protective AF as seen below. Big bro Yusei gonna protect the children.

His personality is fucking great. He’s a sarcastic man and it’s honestly really funny when I get to see those bits of him. He’s got an attitude at times but to be fair I think it’s warranted especially given where and how he’s had to live. He can be fairly serious most of the time but there’s always good intention behind it. He has that tough guy look and he looks angry all the time? But really he’s just a big sweetheart who would give you the world. This man has been through a lot in his life. Yusei has been living on the streets, he’s been called awful names and he’s been electrocuted on several occasions and was fucking BRANDED which was a very painful experience since he was screaming through the process. But despite him going through so much hell he remains a very giving and loving person and honestly I don’t see that very much in people. He’s a genuinely good person and deserves the world. He’s just such a good person like I think my heart is gonna jump outta my chest because MY GOD he’s such a sweetie

Yusei’s view on friends is similar to my view and it’s that friends are one of the most valuable things you can have and nobody should ever have to be alone. Friendship is something to be embraced and the way Yusei treasures is friends is similar to how I treasure my own. He always encourages them and even if they betray him he never gives up on them. He’s a true friend for sure. Also his outlook with cards and how none of them are useless or trash, I think he believes that’s the same for people. He’s truly a wonderful soul. Look at him and his nakamas

Yusei doesn’t smile often but when he does it just melts your heart. I mean come on. Look at him. It’s the most precious thing I’ve ever experienced 

I love Yusei not only for his amazing character but also I really love his design? The hair is so symmetrical that it’s just pleasing to look at. Adding his alluring blue eyes makes it very hard to look away from such a perfect man. The marker on his cheek gives him a more unique look and while it contradicts the symmetry of his hair it actually makes his features balance out rather well. His clothes are amaaaaaaazing. I love the fact that he tucks in his shirt? I love his coat and the way it flows in the back. the color of his jacket is pleasing and the amber orbs surrounding his outfit mesh well with the blue. His boots and gloves are to DIE for. Like sorry but Yusei was chiseled by the fuckin YGO gods okay. Every feature on this man is so perfect that I might have a heart attack if I stare too long

I know people say Yusei is emotionless but like Yusei is reserved and doesn’t express emotion well but when he does it stands out. Like when he cries? It breaks my heart to bits and I can’t handle watching it sometimes because he’s suffered for so long and then he breaks and that’s painful. Seeing him in distress causes an ache in my chest and I just wanna help him. When he doubts himself or blames himself for Zero Reverse it’s heartbreaking because we see this level headed and analytical thinking man who always seems so sure of himself but then he breaks and he doubts that he’s strong enough and I think that is part of what makes Yusei relatable to some people. 

Also did I mention that this man is really intelligent? Like wow. He built 2 D-Wheels from scrap on his own like what a man. 10/10 would recommend. Also yeah, he has a motorcycle. Not only is he smart, sweet and super caring but he’s also a badass. 

He stole my heart guys and I am so grateful he did because this man, even though he’s fictional, has saved my life on many occasions. He’s been the one thing that has kept me grounded and he’s become what my therapist calls an ally. I love and treasure Yusei and honestly??? I hope this love stays with me unti the day I die because he gives me so much motivation and courage and I really don’t want that to go away. He’s the one man in life I know I can count on. I will never love a character the way I love Yusei. It’s impossible.

I’m sure there’s a lot more I’ve left out but I’m tired and I did this on a whim but yeah. I love Yusei Fudo guys

It’s my bias birthday!

Lee Jihoon



A cute person. An amazing heart. A genius composer, producer, leader of vocal unit!

I love Woozi so much, i wish him ALL the best things on this world including sucess and happiness cuz he makes a lot Carats smile everyday, i hope our Woozi smile a lot too.

Happy Birthday my cute hardwork prince, u will never see this but.. i love u so much ❤

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Engraved pt. 25


<– Engraved 24 | Engraved 26 –>

Short: With Jongdae recovering, the realisation of his return settles in more sudden than you’d expected, bringing back long pushed away memories.
Words: 5928
Notes for Update: 45
Warnings: Angst, mentions of death, mentions of ‘abusive’ relationships, bad relationships, not sexual abuse but…you’ll understand when you read. mentions of sex. 
Pairings: D.O. x Reader, Chen X Reader
A/N: After over a month I’m finally back with my one and only baby. I hope you guys remember it and still will love it as much as it deserves <3 Also Jangmi’s name is now Youngmi so don’t be confused upon reading her new name. She’s still the same person.

You stared at him, his soft brown eyes shining more than they had yesterday. The question hit you, the way it rolled of his tongue. So hesitant and unsure. He knew he was treading dangerous territory now, putting things on that line that didn’t need to be.

“Jongdae.” You whispered, closing your eyes.

“No, you don’t get to avoid me Angel. Answer me.” He said.

You opened your eyes, looking at him with a deep sigh. “I’m not answering that.”

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What about Shawn having to leave for work for the first time since your guys baby girl was born, and it's nothing huge like a new world tour or anything maybe just some promo or finishing up a tour like he is know and before he leaves for the airport he's like "what if she forgets who I am?" "Shawn, she's already the biggest daddy's girl. I don't think she'll forget you." And when geoff arrives to pick him up to head to the airport PT.1

PT.2 he goes in his baby voice “alright little booger be good for mommy. Auntie Aaliyah is gonna be over later too and mommy will finally get a break because everyone just seems to love you but I don’t blame them” and then he turns to you and is like “I love you so much. I’ll face time you when I get to my hotel” “I love you too. Have a safe flight, baby” and you practically have to take your guys baby from his arms bc he doesn’t wanna let her go and ugh

oh my fucking god this is so fucking cute I’m actually shitting this is adorable I wanna write this fully please let me write this

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Punk Chuuya goes to a store, were Oda is working as as side job to pay his college funds, sees this attractive man and makes it a point to flirt with him. Oda just ignores it but is polite since he can't be rude to a customer. He's not with Dazai when this happens and he has a good memory for this cute worker. The first time Dazai introduces him to Oda when the two started dating, Chuuya is internally screaming. Oda remembers him all too well and laughs because he knows Chuuya is freaking out


Chuuya thought Oda was hot, and he already knows that college boys like him. So, what else was he supposed to do but lay the moves on this guy? And, of course, it doesn’t work. Oda just ignores his advances because a) he already has a partner, and b) this kid literally doesn’t know him.

So imagine when Chuuya walks in to Dazai’s house, dressed in a suit and tie, walks in and kisses Dazai. Then, he turns. 

“Chuuya, this is my older brother Oda!” Dazai grins, holding Chuuya by the arm - and he’s so proud to show of his gorgeous boyfriend, too.

Chuuya freezes, his face paling. “U-um… hi, Oda?”

And Oda just smiles.

(He has a feeling they’ll work out.)

Yess! Mon-el is back!!!!! That Karamel reunion… Couldn’t relate to Kara more when she appreciated the beard, the beard was the real MVP this episode. The angst…you guys asked for angst and angst was received…  Kara’s sad speech, aww my lil precious space puppy!  Mon-el being emo, totally down for it!

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MonWinn… Hell yeah! Helping him out without asking questions from the start even when no one else trusts Mon-el… <3 My Monwinn heart got everything it needed…

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SaturnValor? I guess my Mon-el slutty stanning multishipper ass found a new ship to get onboard! Well hello sailor!  I might even be crushing on Saturn girl a bit…

I loved this episode so much, I’ve missed my son.. It’s been 84 years and how weird must this scene be to shoot considering that Karamel are dating in real life, no acting required here! Btw I also loved Reign’s origin story almost as much as Chris’s beard and that’s saying something!

Chapter 36

A/N: I am just spoiling you guys with chapters this week but because you have been such great amazing readers and have provided me with sooooo much feedback and lovely messages! Here is the next chapter, it is a long one so grab your popcorn and enjoy!

“She will be a few minutes Harry.” Carlson closed the door behind Harry before leading him into the front room. Harry heard scampering paws scrape along the hardwood flooring as Chance rounded the corner running full tilt to greet Harry.

“Hey boy!” Kneeling down to his level Chance showered him with attacks of wet nosed kisses. “Look how big you are now!”

Carlson tossed his head back in laughter seeing the dog attack the prince. “He has been ruling the house ever since he arrived. Even Willow has loved having a new playmate.” The Mackenzie’s family dog Willow sauntered into the room, an old shaggy looking golden retriever that hung her tongue out to see who came to the door.

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David Connor Walsh, a.k.a. Agent Washington

You guys: “Mod R, quit drawing Wash so much!”

Me: “NEVER!” *paints a mural of Wash on the side of a building*

Anyway, I really really like this one, so I hope you do too. 💗💗💗



I love him so much.

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would you possibly write 7 for erasermic?? I love your writing style so much by the way

7. fake relationship au for erasermic (aaa thank you I’m doing my best also who else thinks about these guys in high school sometimes???)

“I hear you’re dating Yamada,” Kirouku says, settling into Oda’s seat backwards so that he’s face to face with Shouta. “Nice job, I didn’t think one of us General Studies kids had a chance with any of the illustrious future heroes.”

Kirouku is the third person to come up to Shouta since the school day started and congratulate him on his new relationship with the guy he fought in the sports festival tournament a few months ago. There are multiple problems with this. The first is that Shouta and Yamada aren’t dating. The second is that even if they were dating, which they aren’t, he wouldn’t want his business plastered all over the school for everyone to comment on. The third is that he doesn’t even want to date Yamada in the first place. He doesn’t even like the guy all that much. They just keep running into each other. All the time. Which is not purposeful at all.

Shouta would like nothing more than to correct Kirouku but when he tried to correct Shindan earlier he was completely ignored so he doesn’t see much of a point. Instead he grunts his agreement and hopes that Kirouku will get bored and leave soon.

“How’d you guys even start dating, anyway? It’s not like we see the Hero Course kids all that often.”

Shouta thinks back to the increasingly bizzare situations that made up all of his interactions with Yamada over the past few months. “Fate,” he says, annoyed.

Kirouku laughs. “I didn’t peg you for a romantic.”

Shouta rolls his eyes. “I’m not.”

“You know,” Kirouku says, “you should really come to the mall with us on Saturday. I’m sure we’d all love to hear a story or two.”

Shouta sighs. So this is the point of Kirouku’s pestering. Kirouku has been trying to get Shouta to socialize since their first day in class together, claiming it was his job as class representative. “I’ll pass.”

“Come on, Aizawa, I promise you’ll have fun.”

Shouta seriously doubts that but he doesn’t have the time or energy to fight off an extrovert while at the same time trying to hunt down the source of the rumors that he’s dating another, arguably more annoying, extrovert. “I’ll go if you tell me who told you I’m dating Yamada.”

Kirouku laughs. “Shindan. You know how she is.” Shouta scowls. Yeah, nosy and impossible to get a source out of. “Don’t forget, Aizawa, you promised to go out with us on Saturday.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Shouta says, already planning ways to bail out early after making his token appearance to appease Kirouku.

“Don’t forget to bring that boyfriend of yours,” Kirouku says, standing up. “Come on, do it for us.”

Shouta scowls. “Fine, whatever.”

“Sweet,” Kirouku says, patting Shouta on the shoulder. “I’m looking foreward to it.”

Shouta sighs. He’s not looking forward to telling Yamada that the whole General Studies department is apparently convinced that they’re dating and that they’ve been strong-armed into going to the mall for a group outing this weekend. He wonders if he can get away with keeping Yamada in the dark and saying that he and Yamada broke up when Saturday rolls around.

“Aizawa!” A familiar voice screams so loud several people wince and cover their ears. He’s not even using his quirk. Shouta already has a headache.

“What are you doing here, Yamada?” Shouta asks, turning to Yamada where he stands in the doorway.

“I have to talk to you, it’s an emergency.”

“Can’t it wait?” Shouta says, trying to glance around the room to clue Yamada in to literally every other person listening in.

“No,” Yamada says, pink dusting his cheeks. “It’s about our, uh, relationship.”

Shouta sighs. There goes hiding it from Yamada and hoping that it will all blow over. He stands up and ignores the whispering. “Fine.”

I’m currently filling prompts from this list~!

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How do you feel about Shawn now since all this Hailey stuff? I’ve seen so many peoples opinions of him drastically change. I know you think he’s being dumb and it doesn’t make sense but you’re still posting him and seem fine so i was curious. Love your blog, Bee. 💕

At first, I felt pretty heated over it. I know too much about Hailey and she’s basically the last person I ever wanted any of my faves associating with. But after a couple days, it felt stupid to care. Because he’s a 19 year old guy at the end of the day. Everybody I knew and who I was at 19, did not have the best social judgement and did things and hung out with people they shouldn’t have. We all learn as we grow up and he’s still growing up. This person will definitely fall into the category of people who teach him a lesson about the wrong kind of people.

At the end of the day, I’m not going to judge him for this. He’s still the guy who brings his grandma to award shows. Who sets alarms to make sure he never forgets to call his sister. Who openly and lovingly supports his trans friend through their transition. Do you have any idea how many 19 year old boys would NEVER post hearts and “I love you” on a trans persons social media because of their own toxic ass masculinity? He doesn’t give a shit about that and that’s amazing. He still the kid who has all of his childhood friends and barely any Hollywood friends. He’s still a good guy and to decide he’s a piece of shit or he doesn’t deserve respect or he isn’t who he says he is because of ONE person in his life that is very very good at being deceptively nice is really over the top to me. Maybe if it were a few years ago I would have been more aggressive in my opinion but I’m just not that emotionally invested in who his friends are. I may have negative opinions on it here and there but not enough to care that deeply. I’ve done that in the past and it’s toxic and you spend so much time so angry and so focused on people you don’t like it’s exhausting and does nothing for you so why do it?

My opinion of Shawn hasn’t changed. He’s a 19 year old who deserves the space to live and learn just like the rest of us have and it’s sad to see fans turn on him and not give him the same courtesy we all got. Nobody at 19 had a perfect friend group and made perfect choices. He’s no different.

I don’t like the girl whatsoever so she won’t be on my blog. I dig Shawn so he will be. That’s all there is to it.

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IT is adorable. The creators and the make-up artists have failed completely if they wanted him to be horrifying. First of all, the actor's choice. He's hot af ok? Second of all, the make-up. He looks cute. Creepy but cute. Third, the attitude. He acts like a stubborn kid, he's easily offended, like a drama queen. 100% best character ever tbh

You’re fuckin right, but everyone on set did an amazing job the entire move is a fucking masterpiece.

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"it's gonna be okay con maybe we can plan with you, mom and I and maybe Y/n and her mom to go on a vacation to get away from dad for a week or so!"Zoe wanted to do everything to leave her dad out of everything. Her dad messed up. Messed up to the point where she didn't want him doing anything with them. She's never seen Connor like this and neither have you. "That would be nice. Thank you Zo. I'll see you later." He looks at you with a small smile. "Bye guys thank you." The call ended.🕶 (10/??)

I love this story so much