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I met you guys at the Toronto warped date. It was the greatest thing of my life! I met up with Johnnie a little later and he was the sweetest human ever!  He probably doesn’t remember but I offered him skittles (not my idea!) anyways I love you guys so.much!!’ thank you for existing.


Please don’t hate on these because this is the first time in months that I’ve been marginally happy with my appearance (sorry there’s so many, and low quality too, I just am so excited with how I look!!)


Title: Colours

Word Count: 696

Characters: Cas x Reader

AU: Everything is black and white until you meet your soulmate

A/N: Okay guys. I just saw this last night and needed to do a little drabble thingy about it. Also Cas doesn’t get as much love as the other boys on my blog so I decided to change that a little bit. Hope you like it! :)

The first time he saw it he was shocked. Castiel had never imagined to be able to see the beauty of colour on earth because he had never truly believed that someone like him would have a soulmate as well. 

When he got on earth he had been terrified about the colorlessness which prevailed on earth. In heaven it was different. In heaven colour existed so that the people who died before knowing their soulmate would have the chance to see the beauty which entailed the colours as well. 

Castiel was aware of the fact that his father had made the world only black and white and that in order to be able to see colours, one had to find their soulmate. The soulmate was not necessarily a romantic partner. In fact everyone could be someones soulmate. A sister, a parent, a good friend or simply the dog. 

People began to see colours in the most different ways. Some started seeing them from the day they were born because one of their parents were their soulmate. Others started to see them when they got to school, went to their first party in the teenage age or even when they were already an adult. Sadly, some people weren’t that lucky though. The world remained black and white for them and Cas always thought that he’d belong to those people.

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Okay so I watched the Portal 2 fan map Mel Stories last night and oh my god.

OH. MY. GOD. I love Virgil!

You guys don’t even know. I think I like him almost, if not as much, as Wheatley. There was just something about how genuine he was. I was seriously waiting around to get back stabbed by this cutie at any point in the game but bless his little gears he was just so helpful. <3

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Ok but you and b getting your first dog together????? And he's so excited while you guys are going to the adoption center or whatever like he can't sit still and he's so overwhelmed by all the dogs and you see his eyes light up as he looks at one dog in particular and you know that's the one you're getting and you tell him that he can choose the name and he's so happy and he just loves the dog so much and they both fall asleep on the way home and I CANT DO THIS ANYMORE

im fucking crying at them falling asleep together hoyl shit

Sharing For The Day

Group: EXO
Member(s): Chanyeol & D.O.
Type: Smut
Warnings: Smut / Threesome

“Chanyeol why do you feel the need to pick on Kyungsoo so much?” I asked, watching as the younger boy was put into a playful headlock by his hyung. I shook my head when Chanyeol just smiled his signature toothy grin.

“I’m not picking on him. I’m just showing him how much I love him in a nontraditional fashion,” he said, patting Kyungsoo’s head adoringly only to have his dongsaeng elbow him in the ribs.

I chuckled as Chanyeol groaned and held his stomach, “I don’t have to go to work for another half hour. You guys gonna hang out here?”

Kyungsoo nodded, making room for me inbetween them on the couch. Chanyeol rested his arm behind me on the couch, and I didn’t notice it when it happened, but Kyungsoo watched Chanyeol closely. I knew Kyungsoo and Chanyeol both had crushes on me when our friendships first started out a couple years ago, but I figured they went away over time. I was wrong.

“Have I ever told you how beautiful you are, ______?” asked Chanyeol, looking at me admirably as he played with my hair.

“Not in a fond sense, I guess not.”

“Well you look extraordinary today,” he spoke huskily in his deep voice, “Isn’t that right, Kyungsoo?”

Kyungsoo nodded, a lump forming in his throat. He wasn’t sure what Chanyeol was planning, and he didn’t know if he was supposed to be going along with it. He wasn’t sure how he felt about Chanyeol being so close to me.

“Thank you, boys, but I don’t think I get what you’re hinting at,” I said timidly, glancing at Kyungsoo for answers, but he looked just as clueless as me. It seemed Chanyeol was in charge of this whole situation.

And he sure was. His hand continued brushing through my hair as the other rested on my thigh. My heart sped up as Chanyeol pecked a kiss to my cheek, taking me by surprise. Kyungsoo watched, slightly uncomfortable and, much to his shock, slightly aroused. Chanyeol noticed his dongsaeng’s awkwardness and wanted to lightened the mood. This was all just for fun. He always wondered what sex with me would be like but he never imagined a threesome with Kyungsoo. He didn’t mind sharing though, in fact, it sounded like an interesting learning experience waiting to happen.


“Yeah?” I asked, my breath shaking because I still wasn’t sure what was happening or how to react.

“What do you think about Kyungsoo and I sharing you for the day?” he asked, pressing soft kisses to my temple, looking over at Kyungsoo with a sly grin.

“I- I’ve never thought of it before,” I said, honestly speaking, “But I guess I wouldn’t mind.”

“What do you think, Kyungsoo?” Chanyeol asked.

The younger boy shrugged.

“Well, go ahead, start us off then.”

Kyungsoo glanced at me in a sort of search for permission. When I nodded reassuringly, he hesitantly put his hand on my waist and leaned in to kiss me. His lips were soft, just as I would think they would be. His lips told everything. They looked soft, so they were soft. They looked smooth, so they were smooth. As he kissed me, his hand went under my shirt and rested at my waist, rubbing circles into the skin. Chanyeol palmed himself through his jeans before finally deciding to take them off. Kyungsoo pulled away from our kiss to pull his shirt over his head and then mine. I hurriedly unbuttoned my jeans and underwear, tugging them off just as Kyungsoo did the same. Chanyeol was quick to discard his shirt too.

I was on my knees on the couch now, facing Chanyeol. Kyungsoo was right behind me, unclasping my bra and sliding it down my arms. Chanyeol marveled at the sight of my exposed breasts but he didn’t touch them. He couldn’t; Kyungsoo grasped them in his hands and massaged them as he kissed my shoulders and the side of my neck. Chanyeol cupped my face in his hands as my hand went down to his bulge, rubbing him through his boxers.

Chanyeol moaned, grabbing my face to deepen the kiss. His tongue explored my mouth as his fingers pushed through my hair and pulled me in closer to him. Kyungsoo kept one of his hands on my breasts while his other hand slipped under his briefs and started rubbing himself. Chanyeol’s bulge pressed into my hips as Kyungsoo’s pressed into my bum. I could tell Chanyeol was growing impatient so I figured I could speed things up. My fingers tugged at the waistband of his boxers so he pulled away from the kiss to remove them and grab a condom out of his jeans pocket. He ripped the wrapper open and slipped the rubber onto his erection, aligning himself up with my entrance. He pushed into me slowly and waited for me to adjust before he started moving. Kyungsoo got a little jealous and wanted more attention, so he took my hand and brought it behind me to his growing arousal, silently asking me to please him. He tugged his briefs down and his erection sprang free. I took a hold of it and started pumping him, earning a low moan from him as his hand squeezed my breast and pinched my nipple. While Kyungsoo tended to one of my breasts, Chanyeol kneaded the other, still thrusting in and out of me and leaving hickeys on my neck.

Kyungsoo left kisses up and down the other side of my neck. He moaned against my skin when I swiped my thumb over the head of his erection, spreading precum around the tip. His hips bucked into my hand as I continued pumping him, the skin getting warmer in my palm. I groaned as Chanyeol’s thrusts got deeper and harder.

I whimpered, the pleasure getting intense between Kyungsoo’s soft lips on my skin and Chanyeol’s thorough thrusts.

“Do we feel good, _______? Hm?” Chanyeol whispered huskily in my ear, a hint of a smirk in his voice.

I nodded, moaning a ‘yes’ under my breath. With a few more thrusts Chanyeol released, his hips shuttering. He slid out of me with a lingering kiss to my lips, sitting back on the couch. I turned around and had Kyungsoo under me. He already had a condom rolled on, so I sunk down onto his erection as his hands went to my breasts. My hips rolled against his rhythmically while his lips sucked and licked at my breasts. My hands tugged at his hair as he bucked up into me. Thrust after thrust my already-tense core only got tighter, threatening to unravel at any moment. Kyungsoo was pretty close too, his hips moving faster.

I released first, my cum coating his cock, causing him to grunt as he came after me. I rode out our highs and slowed down to a stop, catching my breath. I slid off of him and sat back between the two of them, all three of us in the same state. We closed our eyes and laid our heads back against the couch as our breathing calmed down to a normal pace.

“Well that was an experience.”
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could I get an imagine where y/n is a cheerleader for bh's lax team and her and Liam are cute after they win against devenford but brett comes along hitting on y/n?

here you go :) I changed it a little bit but not too much I hope you still like it

also I hate writing Brett as a sorta bad guy because I love him so much :( but whatever its still cute I think


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Joe Sugg: Surprise on Tour

Request: Can I have a Joe one you like in la and were a youtuber and a singer and your on tour and Joe and his friends came to see you and you met after the show and it was the best feeling to be in his arms again 💞💖 btw love your account

“Thank you so much for coming out tonight guys!!” you yelled into the microphone. The crowd erupted in cheers. You were currently on a world tour for your new album. You loved being on tour but you really missed all your friends and your boyfriend Joe. You think about him everyday and would do anything for him to be able to come on tour with you. “I love you guys and goodnight!” you yelled as the lights on the stage went out and you walked off. After getting a bottle of water, you walked into your dressing room. “Hey beautiful.” you heard as you were closing the door. You turned around a saw Joe sitting on the sofa. “Joe!” you said excitedly. You ran over and jumped up and wrapped your legs around his waist as he spun you around. “I missed you so much. I can’t believe you’re here!” you said as you leant down to kiss him. “Me either.” he said as he put you down. “And I’m not the only one.” he said. He grabbed your hand and drug you down the hall where all of yours and Joe’s friends were waiting. You ran over to all of them into a group hug. “I missed you guys so much!” you said as you got a little teary eyed. After several hours of catching up with everyone, you headed back to the hotel.

You and Joe were going to be staying in the same room, as you haven’t been able to see him for 3 months. At around 1 in the morning, the two of you settled down in bed. “It feels so good to be back in your arms.” you said. The last thing you remembered was Joe kissing your forehead and whispering “goodnight.”



NEW VIDEO: My TRXYE Story & The News of Wild!

Throw back to that one time last year when troyesivan announced his debut EP TRXYE. I feel like this one might bring back some memories for y’all. I hope you enjoy it. :)

One little thing, if Troye himself actually saw this I’d be so so so happy. Reblogging this and tagging him would be highly appreciated. (I’ll follow you as well)

Also, I’d really appreciate it if you checked out my channel, I’m really happy with it and really excited about its future, but you don’t have to do anything of course.

Thank you guys. I love you so much and I can’t wait for Wild. <3

I’m sorry but I need to tell you guys how much I love gryphonbutts and holy shit I get to see him a week from today because he’s coming out for my birthday and I’m so, so lucky to have spent these past four months giving my love to him and getting so much love in return

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Since everyone either hurls magic or has weapons will we see any exceptional hand to hand fighters in unsounded?

I’m always a little bit afraid of hand-to-hand because my knowledge of martial arts is so very low. Although I’m comforted by guys like Hiroaki Samura who can draw some of the greatest sword fights ever put on paper while admitting he knew dick about the art and got all his knowledge from movies. But everyone still loves him, so.

Still I tend towards brawlers like Knock-Me-Down who will just tackle your ass and break your neck (Duane is also in this camp, not much finesse, more of a street fighter). There’s a character later on who is a wizard (in a metaphorical sense) with short blades and he does a lot of acrobatics while he’s nicking your major arteries, so maybe he will satisfy.

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alli zayn is truly too good for this world. like he (rightfully) called that guy out. and even though he 100% deserved all the hate he was getting zayn still came in and told us in the nicest way possible to stop attacking him. he is so sweet and beautiful and i love him so much.

I love him

31 Days of MonHun!

Day 2: Top Three Favorite Monsters?

Uff, that’s tough one. There are so many great monsters, wich I ALL love (and hate). But Ill try: 

1. Lunastra

The Queen! I always liked Lunastra more than Teostra and REALLY hoped she would have a comeback in MH4G. But we “only” got Teostra. Don’t get me wrong, Teostra is awesome! But Both of them in MH4G would have been sooooo much more awesome! 

2. Lao-Shan Lung

I must admit: Maybe there is some nostalgia involved but JESUS! I love this guy! I really, REALLY hope he will be in a future Monster Hunter game again. Fighting him with friends was a blast! You could really plan out many different strategies to take him down. And when in the last area the main theme kicks in…. Mhhhhhh… Please come back, old friend! 

3. White Fatalis

Now this was a hard one… But I think the monster I like the most is the White Fatalis. This is the dragon that comes to my mind, when somebody asks me about Monster Hunter etc. I loved him in Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and nearly collapsed when I heard that he will be in MH4U! Also it’s one of the few monsters that I “fear”. I’m always nervous when riding into battle against him and this feeling hasn’t changed (yet).

Honorable Mentions:

As I said before: There are so many monsters I like. Its nearly impossible to limit it to just 3 of them. So here are a couple more of my TOP Monsters in MH:

• Tigrex
• Nargacuga
• Blangonga
• The Rath-Family (Exception would be the Pink-Rathian. She’s a bi***!)
• Gogmazios 
• Zinogre

Every monster is unique! Thats why I love the MH franchise!