i love him so much guys


       Happy 30th birthday Lionel Messi

I can’t believe that it’s he king’s birthday, just thirty years ago a king, a legend was brought into our world. I find it so hard to believe that I’ve been so lucky enough to watch this superhuman with my own two eyes. For everything he has done for Barcelona and the Argentinian National Team. For being the best in the world, and giving me so many memories. I’ve learnt so much from him, and as much as I can tell you about Lionel Messi none of my words are enough to describe the art that is Lionel Messi. My dad use to tell me so many stories about him when I was younger, and I never believed him about what he use to say. But the first ever match I watched him play, he left me speechless. Magic, superhuman, a king and a god. Happy Birthday Leo♡

this is my sweet postman. he’s friend with all my sims and always walk around in the morning, cheering people up, talking to kids and hugging elders. i love this guy so much and he’s just a random townie my game generated and never deleted since a year from now. always have been a postman to all my worlds.

yesterday i played for awhile and he was looking so down or heartbroken. i wonder how his life is going on. he’s so nice to evryone and nobody really know him… i should invite him for dinner or something. he’s just a full mystery.

As soon as I got to the guys, I was struck by a strange guy, I saw him for the first time!
To be honest, I was a little scared .. He was very cheerful and restless
From where in him so much energy?
Although, I quickly got used to it, he was very kind and sociable
So passed my meeting with a new friend
I love all the guys that surrounded me on this warm summer day
I want to remain their friend for as long as possible~♥
In this photo, Tom and I did not know that we were being photographed
Tom told some funny jokes to the guys and was so carried away that he did not even notice anything, 
I managed to draw attention to the camera at the last moment, so my face is so surprised :D

It doesn’t make any sense…why show us how Chris has changed and then making him look like the fuckboy he was at the start of the show?
And Eva, who was in a toxic relationship which made her feel stupid, dumb and not enough, is getting back together with the guy who treated her like that?
What kind of message is that?
Girls doesn’t deserve a little respect?
And any guy who was a fuckboy in the past cannot change?
I mean that was a really stupid choice. Half of the fandom hates William because of his past, even though they say otherwise. The other character with a similar past was Chris, who is loved from us, at least more than William. Julie had the possibility to demonstrate that all type of people can change, even the fuckboys that tumblr hates so much.
And, if she didn’t want to prove that he was changed, why she made him come back? That was not necessary. Eva could have been happy alone. Because there is nothing wrong to not be in a relationship.
So I don’t understand. I really don’t understand. And there is so much more wrong with this finale, but I’m too upset right now. I just know that I had faith in Julie, because Skam was - and is, even with this shitty finale - a great show, but know I really feel betrayed.

I primarily play support. Before, I totally sucked at it. Big time. A player who played top from a game we lost added me to his friends list just to complain how much I suck. He even volunteered to play normals with me, him as ADC and me as support. He taught me how to focus on protecting and peeling. We became so into it that we played everyday, brought our synergy to ranked and reached a high division together. I thank him for making me a good supp, and for meeting a guy that I love and loves me back.


i asked him to draw me a cactus BUT HE ALSO DREW ME A BIRTHDAY CAKE AND WROTE HBD since i told him it’s gonna be my birthday soon I LOVE THIS BOI

and can someone tell me what he wrote in korean plz coz i can never read his handwritings ;u; 

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I know people are finally starting to come around to the idea that a woman protagonist/hero can have a love interest without it ruining her character ala WW, I don't think people will be ready for said love interest to be less than perfect. Steve was basically the perfect guy and even though they had a love story- we know what happened to him by the end of it. Kylo is far from perfect, so is the public ready to have its heroine have an imperfect love interest w/o rey considered being ruined?

Well, I think they might well get over that by showing Kylo redeeming himself and making the right choices over the course of The Last Jedi. Then by the time Episode IX starts (I expect there to be a skip between VIII and IX) he’ll be much more palatable as love interest material. I totally understand your point and think it’s a good one, but I also remember Rian’s line to David Kamp on the romance question:

And that’s something that I would have loved for there to have been, but when we started working forward with these characters, it just didn’t feel -

That says, to me, that The Last Jedi may well move the characters into a position where they would be ready to embark on a proper romance. And while I don’t think those characters have to be Rey and Kylo, they certainly could be.


Donald O’Connor and Gene Kelly … two of the greatest dancers of all time!

“Nobody else in the business could have taken the beating I gave Donald O’Connor in ‘Singin’ In the Rain’ … Donald comes from vaudeville. He’s disciplined. I’ve seen him rehearse a step a thousand times.”

 ~ Gene Kelly ~

“Working with him? Yeah, he was miserable. No, we had a great time together… I was never offended by Gene, I love the guy too much.”

~ Donald O’Connor ~

And I love you both too much, you sweet guys ❤!

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about the i love u thing and he's like have u told him yet (the dude i friendzoned) and im like ne which led to the part where im apparently a demon lmao anyways so we walk back to the gate and it's there i realise holy shit my sweater where is it??? and it must be in one of the guy's cars and it's not with second dude so it's with first dude who i dont like that much but like a bit bc he's an asshole who's nice and knows not to cross the line so yeah moral of the story? (part 8/?)

be part of the ship of the classroom and you will go places. also make sure u have everything before you leave a place because it might end up in the hands of someone you dont trust. (part 9/9) THE END

thats an oddly specific moral but ok, hope u had some fun at least idk

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Love your blog! don't you think Luffy is the cuties thing ever to come out of anime!?sure he can be kinda loud but that is a reason to love him don't you? he brings me so much joy when I'm stressed cause I have anxiety form my autism your thoughts?

Originally posted by baeyuries

Thanks for your message and I totally agree with you.

Guys, you can check my reblog post about Luffy, I always tagged with “my angel” LOL

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Plain and simple I associate you with Park Jimin. It's not because you are so desperately in love with him (I read your tags lol), it's because I genuinely think you guys would make a cute couple. The most cutest couple tbh. ≧◡≦

JDJEBSAMSB I seriously don’t know what to say just thank you so much anon. It’s an honor to be associated with an angel like Park Jimin. ♡♡♡ You actually think we would make a cute couple?! IFHABADBSSH GOD!! I just can’t speak!! Im sorry anon. I’m just taking it all in. Thank you so much anon! Sorry that I’m weird! ♡♡♡ haha

@jeylovestoblog @the-third-guy-from-the-left @jinssmile @jungkookfortunekookies I’M SHOOK GUYS PLEASE HELP ME!!

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hi hun , im 19 and every relationship that i've been in has been emotionally abusive and awful and they have all rlly fucked me up. my first love was abusive & i dated him for 2 and a half years, so being with guys who are like that is what feels familiar to me. now i've been with this one boy for about a month & he is so incredibly sweet and kind and good to me and i'm so terrified i'm going to fuck it up bc im filled w so much paranoia/relationship anxiety bc of my past :( how do i help myself

im so sorry you’ve been thru that babe :-( do u think it would help if u opened up to him about ur past relationships so he can understand u better and will be able to comfort u when ur feeling anxious about the relationship? it’s completely up to u if u wanna tell him but if u think it would help u relax a little more around him i think it might be worth a shot! other than that, i think u should keep in mind that u r completely worth it and u deserve all the love and care this boy is giving u. and if u find urself feeling paranoid, remind urself that he’s not like everyone else u have dated and he only has the best intentions for u. don’t psych urself out hun! maybe even do some relaxing/trust building things with him so u can learn to let him in. i hope things work out for u!


I was tagged by  @juuzous13donuts  Thank you so much (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ ❤️‍ ❤️‍ rcztkuvglihojrxtcfzvguhlbjk

Rules: Choose three fandoms (in random order) then tag a friend

1) Haikyuu!!
2) Attack on Titan
3) Gintama

First character that you loved:
1) Tanaka Ryuunosuke   because it’s always guys like him who attract me the most
2) Sasha Braus  She’s my daughter.
3) Sakata Gintoki   because dude. I think this doesn’t even need an explanation

The character you never expected to love:
1) To be honest, I didn’t like Tsukishima at first. I just didn’t like how he constantly looked down on and made fun of everything and everyone. BUT DUDE his character changed so much and he doesn’t seem to hate everything anymore. My poor son had to go through so much hhhhhhhhh
2) Erwin Smith lol. I just really didn’t care about him at the beginning, but somehow I started to like him more and more. His eyebrows are my kink
3)  Kamui

The character you’d slap:
1) Everyone that has ever talked shit about my babies.
2) Reiner for lying the whole time. But after slapping him, I’d give him all the hugs and love he actually deserves. He had to go through so much and must be very traumatised. I kinda love him tbh
3) Hitotsubashi Nobu Nobu  because he’s a prick.

(3) favorite characters:
1) Bokuto Koutarou. Dude, it’s always and only Bokuto lmao.
… I really love Tanaka, Kuroo and Akaashi too, tho. Oh and Yachi, my poor baby ;;-;; give her some love, u cruel ppl. Oh and don’t forget about… U know, I love everyone
2) My kids Sasha and Connie and of course the mad scientist Hanji
3) GintokiZura Katsura Kotaro  and my absolute favourite of all apes Kondou Isao Gorilla

Character that you liked at first but not so much anymore:
1)  That’s just not possible
2)   Uhhh Levi, I guess? Idk ._.
3)  Hijikata Toushiro. I just lost interest in him after a while ._. i don’t know

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Can I still ask this?: Who would you wed, bed, behead, hug, comfort and go on a date with: the charismatic ace detective, Goro as little child, Shidos cognitive version of Akechi, Crow, the guy with the black mask and the dude who shows impeccable taste in dance wear with his red hoody and HERO-cap an -chain? So many different people, I know. xD


Wed: The one, the only, charismatic ace detective Goro Akechi. I love him so much talking about it physically hurts my heart 

Bed: DLC P4DAN Akechi. He looks like he’s got smooth moves LMAO also he better wear that hat to bed

Behead: Shido’s cognition of Akechi. He can go choke on Shido’s DICK

Hug: The guy with the black mask. Why is he always by himself? He needs a good ass hug. 

Comfort: Baby Goro. Hell I’ll take it one step further and adopt this child fuck you Shido fuck you orphanage this kid is MINE

Go on a date with: Crow. He’s cute, he’s happy, Makoto tells him to shut up often but I don’t care. Just got to make sure he doesn’t stab me in the face with his mask though.