i love him so much guys

taylortheoriginalbamf: Nevermind Tour Backstage Pass. I just want to say I am so happy to call Nirvana my all time favorite band. Nirvana’s music saved me when I was going through a dark time in my life. I jam out to these guys almost everyday. I wish Kurt was alive so he could see all the people that love him and his music. I have so much love for these guys.❤️ I still melt every time I hear them.

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on a less serious note. imagine vision going to the grocery store and people staring at the purple guy with a gold cape buying doritos

vision asking someone what the best brand to get of something is and being helped out by the slightly terrified but very friendly dude in aisle 3

him humming a lil tune as he strolls to the checkout politely smiling at all the people looking at him with their mouths slightly open

the cashier just staring at him for a minute before she realizes he’s holding money out to her

a little girl pulling on her mom’s pant leg and whispering “why isnt anyone in OUR family purple”

vision hearing her and smiling to himself

yes omg i am totally here for vision doing the grocery shopping

I didn’t know I needed Hulk/Black Widow until I watched Age of Ultron

and then I realized that it really just made sense.  And I loved them.  And I wanted Natasha to have someone warm and squishy to hold her at night and to not want to fight or to have her fight.  And I wanted Bruce to have someone that he thought was totally out of his league and can listen to him and understand and keep up with him and at the end of the day he doesn’t have to be worried about The Other Guy hurting her because he knows that the Hulk loves her just as much as he does.  

So, yes, they’re perfect and I’m shameless and you can all go to hell for hating them.

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when they were around visions bed thing about to wake him up, the guy in the theater next to me was liek "oh no, dont open it. dont, its bad" and i was tryign to not cackle and tell him vision is a good guy. also, i now love vision. Thanks. Thanks so much.

lmao samE THING HAPPENED HERE this dude was sitting between me and another dude in captain america t-shirt like two major fans and in between them some poor lost soul like he didn’t even get why can’t anyone lift mjolnir 

so he was like sHIT THEY’RE GONNA WAKE UP THE VILLAIN and i gasped and captain america dude was like thAT’S VISION GET OUT and stared at him for the rest of the movie and when vision was attacked by ultron non fandom guy was like the villain will hurt another villain and i cackled and kinda yelled yOU CANNOT HARM him he’s untouchable and the dude went out of that cinema thinking vision is this psycho android who cannot be killed i’m crying

Zach Woods on Jared’s love

Q: “I’m always curious where [Jared’s] love and his ability to sacrifice comes from. Do you think it’s inherent to his personality? Why does he love these guys and Pied Piper so much? How did that happen? I don’t get it.”

ZW: “That’s a good question. I think when Richard decided to turn down the money, I think for him it was like … a whole other possible world opened up. I think he thought he was going to live out his days at Hooli being a second fiddle to Gavin, trapped in this kind of lucrative but unrewarding corporate existence. But then Richard went rogue and he was just so inspired by that. I think it’s just indigenous to his personality. And I think I’m talking about this like it’s Richard III or something - it’s a half hour comedy, I don’t want to be pretentious about it. 

Sometimes in scenes, I’ll think about it, and if I ever get lost in a scene I’ll just look at Thomas Middleditch and be like… I love you, I love you, in my head, to try to put myself back in the character. I think he just loves them. I don’t know why.”

AOL Build Interview with Zach Woods


Twelve years ago today, I lost my dad. I was only seven, and I wish I could’ve had more time with him. He was a great guy and a great dad and I love and miss him so much.

He used to sing me this song as a lullaby, and luckily I did not inherit his tone-deafness. This one’s for you, Dad

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Best of luck to Zoe for when she comes out! I hope she knows that no matter what happens there's a whole community of people that accept her for who she is <3 She can do it!

I hope Zoe has a great day today, she’s always so considerate and she’s really caring too!
hey zoe, you’re such a princess and I hope things go well for you :3
oh my god ya’ll? Zoe is soo rad? like i love her so much
i just met zoe and i don’t know her very well yet but. honestly, she is the cutest! and she’s going to come out soon- that takes a lot of courage. you go zoe!

and for Mason:

My friend mason is having a hard time with dysphoria lately. It really sucks cause he’s such a cool guy! We all love him here and hope he feels better. 😘
Mason? What a chill dude. Such a great guy. He’s just a genuine dude, y’ know?

And Bren:

Hey Bren! How old are ya? We could be buds, who knows? :)

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Hellloo how would v, jin and suga react if their gf is not specially the romantic type but she really cares about the little cute details in relationship *like writing little post its for them on their belongings or smth) have a nice week =)

Have a nice week too love ♥

V/Taehyung : Would find this really adorable, he will thank her everytime she does something like this, by kissing her a hundred times, and will remind her how much he loves her and all the cute things she does for him.

Jin/SeokJIn : Personally, I think that Jin is that type of guy too, so he would do the same kind of things, like writing cute notes for her, buying little gift time to time (…) A really cute and lovely relationship!

Suga/Yoongi : Everytime he will see a note, he will smile like an idiot, it will remind him every little cute thing that she does for him or for their relationship. like Taehyung, as soon as he will see her, he would thank her for everything she does, and will remind her that he loves her more than anything.

Admin K

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So, did you see Ray's stream where he was nearly in tears when he got $2500+ in donations? I wanted to cry watching him. Love that guy.

I didn’t watch the stream because streaming is too much of a time commitment for me (I think it’s like 4hrs-ish??? gosh) but I’ve seen gifsets and screencaps around !!!!! honestly I’m so happy for him and he sounds so happy on his twitter now, but ngl watching all the ah lps of him still kind of hurts, knowing that what he adds to the group dynamic is no longer there ;;;;;

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some rumple fans are saying that hook was harassing a por dying rumple and how he is still a bully to an old man who can't defend himself. are they for real ? oh and they also think that it's justified what he's doing to emma/getting his happy ending because he deserves it. sorry but hook had every right to brag because rumple thought emma would turn on this trip and there is nothing justified about what he's doing to emma or others just to save his sorry ass.

I’m not surprised. Most of the hardcore Rumple stans are so far up the guy’s ass they can’t see anything else. Was Killian’s gloating ill advised? Probably. Did I love it? HELL YES.

Rumple is responsible for so much death and destruction, he gets zero sympathy from me. He did this to himself, indulged in the darkness to the point that he’s “dying.” Even the heart thing with Belle gained him like a day’s reprieve. Fuck that guy.



He was a guy, just a guy he said

‘I’m just a guy’

Every time those words ran through her head a piece of her shattered

‘Just a guy’ three simple words, yet their meaning was so much more than that

He had a name, it was different than the rest

A name one day to bring endless smiles to her face

He was beautiful and her love for him was timeless

When they talked it was like everyone in the world stopped and only they were left

He was hers

She was his

Nothing in the world could change that

Then they started

The daggers were thrown and the sheets were torn

Every word likes flowers in her ears

Were daggers in her heart

He filled her world with pain so fast but her love remained

She grew weak over time and the strength she once was gone

She was different now but so was he

She was broken

He was fixed

She was lost

He was found

The love remained yet those once known as

“us” turned into ‘him’ and ‘her’

He found himself but lost her

Forever he thought

But maybe just maybe

He could be wrong.

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Those Harry 'fans' are terrible. They make it seems ALL Harry fans are like that, which is not the case! Seriously, he would be annoyed and angry with the way some of them talk about his brother, sister-in-law, and new Niece! Seriously, and they call all Kate fans hypocrites, they are the ones. They shouldn't even be called fans.

I think it’s really funny that they think that being his “fan” means hating on his family members. He’d hate that. I love Harry so much but I’ve stopped following most Harry blogs because I cannot stand how much of a helpless puppy they make him out to be. Like, that guy is badass. He can pilot an Apache helicopter and has served two tours of Afghanistan, amongst many other amazing achievements. Give him some credit. He doesn’t need 15 year-olds defending him from imaginary slights from his brother. It’s really sad that they don’t see how disappointed he would be in all the disgusting comments they make about him.

I love Tony Stark, and I will never apologize for that.

I love that they haven’t just blown off how deeply what happened in Manhattan affected him. He’s terrified. He’s taken so much on himself to try and protect everybody, to try and save everybody, and he can’t shake the feeling that it will never be enough. That he’s going to fail. And, wow, does he make a terrible, terrible mistake.

Sometimes it’s tempting to make Tony Stark the bad guy good guy. Sure, he can be an abrasive asshole, but, in the words of Star-Lord, he’s not 100% a dick. Everything he does here is out of so much desperation. You can feel it, feel that edge of panicky, breathless terror that he’s going to fail. He scrabbles to uncover the power from the gem, but not out of arrogance and a feeling he can do no wrong, but out of desperation. I’ve always thought RDJ was fantastic at portraying how much of Tony’s surface personality is all a show, and I thought he was amazing here showing the cracks in that facade that Tony can’t really paper over anymore.

The examination of different aspects of Tony through both Ultron and Jarvis (and later Vision to a degree), was nice. Ultron is that desperation given validation, but without any morality, without any restraint of love or hope, and the quest for a perfect, ideal way to save everything taken to the most horrific extreme. Perfection in death.

But, then there’s Jarvis, and though under-powered and out-AI’d, Jarvis let Ultron think he was defeated and then fought back from the shadows in the little ways that he could. Oh, good brave Jarvis. So like physical Jarvis was. The best of Tony Stark. The part of him that even in his fear, he still has hope. He wants to do the right thing. He doesn’t always succeed, but he always tries.

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Pearlnet prompt: Pearl and Garnet decide to investigate human things at the local amusement park.(Its easy to drag them through the tunnel of love, but you know they wouldget stuck in the mirror maze for like a week because of confusion/constantly looking at each others butts.)

I changed this a bit but hopefully you still like it! It probably could be read as gen instead of Pearlnet but I’m sure you guys can find it in there. :)


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