i love him so much guys


he is the sweetest guy in this world

My Jared op from Torcon 2016. If I could bottle up the happiness I felt in this moment…

  • interviewer: would u say a few words about mr. stan? say a few words chris. please. god. a few please just a f-
  • chris evans: well since u asked , i think he is great. i mean wow he's just such a cool guy. like would i suck him off? i mean. who wouldn't u kno what i mean? i mean im not gay but like. you know what i mean? he's a great guy. like god he's just so cool. i mean i love him so much you know ? like i'd love to suck him off. like as friends because he's so awesome. he's just such a nice person. he's the sweetest guy in the world. like i wish u guys could meet him. i guess i'd marry him haha i mean i don't know...you know what i mean? he's just so cool. i love seb. anyway

look i’m gonna get sappy right now !!! when i first saw fantastic beast, i never thought i’d love newt scamander as much as i do. once i walked out of the theater, i cried because the movie and he was so perfect ???? i waited a week to make him because i’ve seen so many wonderful newt’s who would definitely play him better than me and i would be too intimidated tbh. but when i made him, everyone was so welcoming and even other newt’s had followed me, usually people who have the same muse as me don’t follow so i was surprised ???? it’s only been four days and i already have more than 100 followers, that has NEVER happened before on any of my blogs, i just want to cry, i love you guys asdfgbnbgfds <3 and i’ve but i love everyone in this fandom so much and you guys are so special. 


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I met a guy who broke up with a girl and he used to cry for her in front of me like a child and now i fell for him so much that my heart aches but he is sacred that he might never love anyone again with that passion and spark he is scared and i don't want to loose him help me with your poetry please

A poem won’t help fix how hard this situation is. Maybe go and hug him. That’ll fix him right up.

why was i just asked if leafy would date a black girl lol…. like i love answering asks so much and i love analyzing shit, i love talking about drama and youtube etc but you guys know i don’t know him personally? lmao

Bridges // Philip x Reader

Hey. It’s that trashy Hamilton fan you guys love. Anywaaaaaays, this is a modern (because modern is easy to write sorry.) AU and I’m writing this in a car kms, so enjoy.

Prompt: 233. “Meet me on the bridge in an hour.”

AU: Modern


You had hated Philip Hamilton the day you met him. What made you despise the boy so much? You truly did not know, you just hated him. Theodosia, your closest friend, had continuously tried to get you and Philip together. That involved one incident where Theodosia shoved you and Philip into a classroom after school and locking you in there, you and Philip had to wait until the janitor came and unlocked the door for the two of you. The thing was that you had fallen asleep in your near 3 hours in that one classroom, Philip carried you out, texting Theodosia to know where you lived. He snuck you through your window and out you in your bed before escaping to his own house.

“Theodosia, I swear. You need to stop trying to set me up with Philip. He’s a ass, how many times do I need to tell you?” You had repeated. Again. She didn’t get it, you barely knew why you were friends with her. She was a good person who cares.

“But (Y/N)! He’s a really sweet guy! I swear!” Theodosia begged. Then you got a text, from a random number. Strange. Meet me on the bridge in an hour. What even? Who was this? Who are you? You quickly texted back. You’ll see, Theodosia had about everyone’s number, you’d ask her.

 "Theo, who’s this?“ You quickly nudged her side, maybe a little to hard. She hissed in pain, grabbing your phone. She squealed.

 "It’s Philip! It’s Philip! Philip Hamilton! He texted you! To meet him on the bridge, oh!” The enthusiasm in her voice made you laugh.

 "I know who Philip is Theo,“ you giggled. Your smile quickly faltered into a confused look, why would Philip be texting you? Better question, how did Philip get your number? Your hate for him had slightly dilated when he snuck you home that night, but it still existed. Just not as bad.

 "You know what bridge he’s talking about, I know you guys live in the same neighborhood, just not close,” Theodosia said. You nodded.

 "I know what bridge. Theo will just shut it for a second so I can think?“ You said. Theodosia looked at you through slits in her eyes  but shut up. You breathed a deep breath and just thought. You visited the bridge Philip was talking about quite often, it was in the park near your home. It had small wild flowers growing and river underneath it, the bridge was stone, moss and cracks covering it. Large willow trees and many other trees you never bothered to learn the name of grew around it, it was breathtakingly beautiful.

 "We’re gonna get you home and you’ve got somewhere to be!” Theodosia said excitedly disrupting your thoughts. You rolled your eyes and smiled.

 "Okay,“ you were excited to see what you were going to that bridge for.

*   *   *

You hadn’t changed, only got a sweatshirt instead of a jacket. The fall weather felt good lightly phasing through your jacket and pants, your knees getting most of it considering your jeans were torn there. You made your way to the bridge Philip had texted you to meet him at. As you approached you saw Philip there already.

 "Hey,” you said.

 "52 seconds late, you are exactly 52 seconds late for about everything,“ Philip said looking over at you. You rose an eyebrow.

 "You count how many seconds I’m late?” You questioned. He nodded.

 "All the time,“ he mumbled.

 "That’s sweet and weird,” you giggled. He smiled. Your boots might a light beating sound as you made your way onto the bridge.

 "You look nice,“ Philip commented. You blushed and thanked him.

 "No problem,” he said grabbing your hand gently. You breathed a deep breath in.

 "Sorry, for like, you know, everything. I-I just don’t know how to act around you, your just so fucking pretty. An-oh my god I’m mumbling aren’t I?“ Philip said quickly.

 "Yes,” you giggled smiling. He ran his free hand through his hair.

 "I was about to kiss you to shut you up,“ you said gently. He blushed and looked up, a little less stressed.

 "My god, I have never wanted to hear those words come out of your mouth more than now,” he said gently grabbing your face. He brought his lips to yours and gave you a gentle kiss.

 "I like you, I like you a lot,“ Philip stated.

 "Same,” you said.

 "Now shut up and kiss me.“

How to Love a Walking Bomb

i. keep your distance, he could go off at any moment

ii. don’t watch him sleep at night, you’ll slow your own breathing to match his so you can feel connected somehow, you’ll fall like a rock in water

iii. take note of the way he shrinks in on himself when he is scorned, where did he pick that up

iv.a watch his bronze curls as they blow in the breeze, do you see how the sun gives him a halo at this angle?

iv.b sneer at him when he catches you

v. find ways to lessen your feelings. look at his eyes, they are dimensionless. watch his hands they are clumsy and careless.

vi.a ask yourself why you have a thing for boys with a hero complex

vi.b push him down a flight of stairs to see where that self sacrificing attitude will get him

vii. watch the gentle way he touches her and imagine him touching you that way

viii. scoff at his titles, ‘the chosen one’, ‘the mage’s heir’. all of it is garbage, he’s a useless mage with good intentions

ix. poke him until he goes off, laugh in his face, and then think about how much you would’ve preferred consoling him into submission

x. revel in the knowledge that you both made it back for your last year, albeit six weeks late, but back regardless

xi. propose a truce - for the time being, at least - maybe he will see that being a monster doesn’t eliminate your humanity

xii. do not reveal any weaknesses he can use against you. truce does not equate friendship.

xiii. do not let yourself be swept away by his eyes. do not let every burning touch leave you dumbfounded, you’re flammable for Christ’s sake!

xiv. lose yourself in the sense of comfort that comes from the domesticity of his socked feet in your home. it’s okay to be vulnerable here, isn’t it?

xv. his kiss is practiced and good - just like him

xvi. so, so good

xvii. when his world is crumbling you are his main anchor, remind him that he is still human, and good, no matter what thoughts are plaguing his mind

xviii. be tender with him, he is not as invincible as you once believed

xix. treat him kindly, you love him and he loves you.

Random spell in girls clothes

I love drawing him in girls clothes he gets so embarrassed but he secretly loves it

He likes skirts cause they are so flowy(sometimes he kinda wiggles his hips and watches the skirt spin XD) and he loves how diffrent each outfit can be

Cant really do much with guy clothes (at least i have a hard time with that)

ok hes yelling at me to shut up hope you enjoy~

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Hey there fellow Smaylor trash! I really don't want to offend you or anyone with my opinion but I don't think Oswald is gay. I think he's demisexual. It fits his character really well and Robin himself said once during a panel that he doesn't see Oswald as a gay man. And if you think about it this just makes everything more painful for poor Ozzie :/ Keep up the good work I love your blog :)

You’re not offending ofc! Everyone read their own ways into characters! :3 And yeah I know that interview, and I was actually a bit surprised because for me Oswald has been the gayest gay baby since day one basically x) But yeah what he said about Oswald just wants affection doesn’t matter who. So yeah tru but I still really sees Oswald as a prefer-guys character myself.  I like him as smolest gaygay birb :3 

And thank you so much! :333 

Me reading Pride and Prejudice for the 20th time : Oh Darcy… You can’t escape the power of sassiness of that independent piece of a woman… admit it, you love it when she laughs at your pride instead of licking your toes like everyone.

Oh Elizabeth… Spoiler alert : you’re gonna kick that proud guy’s ass then you’re gonna marry his sorry ass on your own free will and you’re gonna love him. If you knew how much you’re gonna love him…you’d probably laugh at yourself right now.

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So, what happened to Team Skull after all that bullshit with the first Alolan Champion?

☠x Plumeria x☠

      “…Yeah, we split up…” And boy did it HURT.

      “I mean, I still talk to some of the sibs. I still visit Po Town – Hell I still LIVE there, I’ve got nowhere else TO live. We’re still like a family, yeah. I love them as much as I always have.” She sighs then, looking away. They may still be a family but everything felt so DIFFERENT without Guzma there.

           “But, you see… Guzma and I had decided it’d be best to just, split… For the most part. I haven’t been able to forgive him yet. I’m not sure when, or even IF, I will forgive him.” and that’s what hurt the most.

      Her best friend. The guy who had been by her side through a lot of shit, the only one who’d ever understood her. She couldn’t forgive him and it HURT. It hurt so, so, so, SO bad but there was a grudge she just simply could not get rid of and she wished she knew why.

      “Guzma and I don’t talk anymore. I know some of the Grunts still talk to him, but he and I – We… Just don’t. Not anymore.” And it hurts more than what I am willing to admit.

      “Enough about that though. It is what it is.”

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i disscociate often and usually imagine a persons with me so i dont freak out as much and lately i used your bara sans and it helped me a lot so i just wanted to say thank you for your art, you sans helps me a lot.

oh honey that’s great ;^; sans would want to help you to the best of his ability and he sends you his best wishes and if you ever need him again he’ll be happy to hold you and tell you it’s okay

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I have something to confess. I just finished the mission where u see wrench's face and.. h oly sh it. I already loved him a lot, but like his face??? Is? b e autiful??. I don't know, I have a weak spot for characters like him. I'm too deep now?

Yes i know right? ?? I mean he isnt the much handsome looking guy if you want to look at the ‘normal society’ opinions. But honestly he is the most cutest game character i have ever seen. Im honestly all about the personality and really don’t care about how people look. (Explains alot why i think Junkrat, Roadhog, Defalt and Jhin Khada are so amazing characters.) But he is really precious AND DOESNT DESERVE IT TO BE TREATEN LIKE SHIT. I felt angry the whole time when he was with the FBI. Oh boi i wanted to fuck up that hipster guy so bad. No one is going to treat my son like that.

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707. You just seem like you'd really get along with him😊

I just love Saeyoung so much, he’s my precious dork and my definition of a perfect guy.
I think that because of Jumin everyone forgot that he’s also a “S” and yeah I am a “M” so we would make a perfect couple lololol ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Hi! My boyfriend and I have been dating for 4.5 months now. In January, he's coming up to stay with me for a week and honestly, I'm so excited. I love him so so much. He'd everything I could ever ask for. This visit it really important because we're talking about moving in together in August and this visit will kind of tell us if that's a good or bad idea. I hope it goes well. Now that I have him, I really don't want to be without him for super long.

Hi there, glad to hear you guys can meet each other soon. Thanks for sharing it. :) I wish you guys all the best. Hope you guys will spend a lovely time and have a great future together.