i love him so much guys


take my hand, take my whole life too
for I can’t help falling in love with you

I’m doing zen’s route again and he’s so sweet it hurts

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Author’s note: oK NOW I’M GONNA STUDY


  • he would scream so loud but he loves the way his hair whips around even some of it got in your mouth
  • he will NOT go on the spinny kind though because it makes him nasueous
  • he also LOVES LOVES LOVES the rides that take pictures of you
  • he buys all of them and keeps them in his room he just loves them so much


  • she was honestly so scared and so precious
  • so you took her on those rides with swings that just spin you around do you guys know what I’m talking about?
  • She held your hand and giggled when it started aND OH GOD WAIT SHE GIGGLED ABORT ABORT
  • her hair is all crazy because of the wind but she doesn’t even attmept to fix it bc she wants to go on it again


  • he wasn’t aware it was a water roller coaster ride until it was too late
  • but when he saw MC sopping wet as well, he smiled
  • although he did try to sue the theme park for ruining his leather shoes
  • “They shrunk, and now they don’t even fit my feet!”
  • “But sir, there was a sign… and the name of the ride is super soaker…”
  • “Yes, well… that doesn’t matter now anyways!!”


  • he LOVES roller coasters
  • and then right before the ride started he pulled it out of his jacket and showed you
  • he just loves watching your face when it gets to the top
  • oNCE he brought a screw with him
  • “This just came out of your seat… Do you think it’s important?”
  • and then you started crying and he felt so bad
  • he promised to win you the biggest teddy bear after that which he did 

last four requests, all the requests were such a fun to draw! thank you a lot, guys! :3

Sam and Sam for mrblanchett (who wanted Sam Vimes but did not specify, so here are both because I love them so much ♥)
Ran and Hibi for iracher (sorry I don’t know anime Slayers, but I couldn’t refuse request for drawing my favorite manga, there is lot of them though, but Ran to Haiiro no Sekai is certainly one them <3)
Luke for Anonymous (I’m so glad I’ve finally got opportunity to draw him, I have always been so in love with him :D)
and the book scene where the trio goes to visit dog Sirius during their hogsmead trip for zoosemiotics :3

I’m so sorry to all of you whose requests I didn’t manage to draw, maybe next time ^^

Can I just say that Harry is beautiful in every sense of the word? It’s not secret that he’s extremely gorgeous and stunning. From his eyes to the last curl in his hair, from his bunny teeth to his love handles.. everything about him is simultaneously soft, lovely and super handsome and breathtaking. But what really seals the deal, what really leaves me completely in awe is hearing his thoughts and reading about his feelings. He’s such a polite, sweet, gentle guy. He’s so balanced for a 22 years old. It’s like he always knows the right thing to say, never makes bold statements that can lead to misunderstandings. He’s so well spoken and open minded, the way he talks about exploring new horizons in his career but also never closing the door about a one direction reunion, the way he speaks about the people he loves but never shares too much because he’s careful with his privacy. I just… I really admire him and how far he’s come and I’m looking forward to following him in everything he chooses to be and do in the future.

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Can I request headcanons of the guy's reacting to the Mc being the type of girl who likes to hug like everyone and say "I love you" is like so natural to her that she says it to everyone but the thing is that she wears revealing clothing(Thank you!😊

 Author’s note: here you go friend!!! I hope this is okay, sorry it took so long :)


  • -when he came hope and brought you lunch you were so happy
  • -you ran up to him and hugged him
  • -“I love you so much!!! You’re the best.”
  • -but when he didn’t reciprocate the hug is when you pulled away
  • -HIS FACE WOULD BE 707’S HAIR RED I realize that his hair is orange but worK WITH me
  • -“M-MC, look at your clothes…”
  • -you looked down and saw you were wearing nothing but pants and a bra because OH YEAH YOU WERE IN THE MIDDLE OF CHANGING WHEN HE CAME HOME AND OH
  • -you looked back up a the precious child and apologized
  • -bUT
  • -before you could run away he grabbed your wrist
  • -“I-I don’t, I mean, I didn’t mind…”
  • -cinnamon roll knows what he wants



  • -once again I will remind you
  • -low cut shirts are his weak spot
  • -so when you bought that EXTRA low shirt just for him, you couldn’t help but laugh
  • -you changed in the car and called his name when you walked in the house
  • -when he saw what you were wearing hIS EYES POPPED OUT OF HIS HEAD I SWEAR
  • - you ran up to give him a hug
  • -“I love yo-“
  • -but before you could wrap your arms around him he grabs your shoulders and stops you
  • -he gives you one lonnngggg up down and smiles
  • -“I like what I see.”
  • -he takes your wrist and drags back into the bedroom
  • -the end ;)


  • -the first thing she saw when you ran up to her was your smile
  • -the second thing she was that unbelievably high crop top you were wearing
  • -and when you hugged her, and her arms met bare skin she just about died on the spot
  • -when you pulled out of the hug and saw how flushed she was you put a hand to her forehead
  • -“Are you sick? What’s wrong?”
  • -“Y-your shirt, it’s so short.”
  • -you frowned
  • -she saw your reaction and pulled you closer
  • -“It’s short… and I love it”
  • -I will say this over and over but she’s just an angel and deserves the world and UGH



  • -he bought you that dress
  • -but what he didn’t know was how shORT it was
  • -and how TIGHT
  • -and how LOW CUT
  • -maybe he did know it and that’s why he bought it that sneaky devil
  • -but when you walked out and gave him a twirl
  • -he stood up and started walking toward your room
  • -you ran up to him and hugged him from behind
  • -“Do you not like it? I thought you would love it…”
  • -he spun you around and pushed you against the wall
  • -“It’s not that I don’t love it, it’s that I don’t want other people to see you in it. This dress is only for me. Got it?”
  • -he kissed your forehead and walked away, going into your closet to find you something else to wear


  • -you were running late for the RFA meeting and you had to grab whatever was closest to you
  • -the fact that the closest shirt to you was an EXTREMELY tight and low cut one was just pure luck
  • -so when you ran out to the car and seven saw what you were wearing, his jaw dropped glasses are broken AGAIN
  • -you hugged him
  • -“Sorry for taking so long, I didn’t realize what time it was!”
  • -when you pulled out of the hug you realized his mouth was still open is it stuck like that??
  • -you waved a hand in front of him
  • -“Earth to Seven??”
  • -when he came back to reality he smiled
  • -“When I saw you in that top, a little piece of me died and went to heaven. It’s a good thing you’re an angel!”
  • -you roll your eyes but love him so much
  • -he gives you his jacket
  • -“Wear this until we get home… I don’t want any of the others to get to see my angel too.”
Where are you? (Scott McCall Part 1)

Plot: teen wolf meets stranger things. Scott gets stuck in the upside down and you (his gf) and his friends are searching for him but have absolutely no idea where he is, will you be able to track him down? 

 A/n: This idea popped up thanks to an anon who requested a Teen Wolf x Stranger Things crossover. And i love both show so much and i loved this idea.This will only be about Teen Wolf but it’ll follow the event that happened in Stranger Things and I might make this into a series? If you guys like it, let me know. Feedback are always welcome!

Inspired by Stranger Things 

 You were pretty happy with how things were going. It’s been over a year since you guys fought the Dread Doctors and after that nothing has been chasing you and your friends. You want things to stay like this and you pray to whatever God that nothing evil is lurking around here and planning to do some shit. 

 It was another Saturday night and you were sitting on the sofa with your boyfriend, Scott, watching some movies. While Stiles was sitting on the floor, doing whatever on his laptop. 

 You leaned your head on Scott shoulder, inhaling his cologne that you love dearly. Scott turned his head to look at you and gave you a smile before turning his attention to the movie again. 

 “Isn’t this great?” You asked after staring at Scott for a while. Both Stiles and Scott turned their heads towards you and Stiles gave you a confused look.

 “What’s so great about staying home on a Saturday night?” Stiles questioned and i rolled my eyes at him. 

 “That’s not what i meant!” I exclaimed as i leaned forward to grab the remote to pause the movie. “I mean, nothing bad has happened to us in a year.”

 “Maybe someone or something is making a year long plan before attacking us.” Stiles replied and i stared at him, wondering why can’t he accept the fact that for once we are at peace. 

 “Stiles.” I said his name annoyed and he just stared at me. “Maybe for once, nothing wants to attack us.” 

 “She’s right. It’s always a pattern of 6 months before someone does something to us, but now it’s been a year and nothing has happend Stiles.” Scott mentioned and i nodded my head, agreeing with what Scott said. Stiles sighed and rolled his eyes before turning back to his laptop.

 “I’m just saying, anything can happen at any moment and we should be prepared.” Stiles stated while typing on his laptop. I looked over at Scott and he shrugged his shoulders now knowing what is up his best friend.

 “Okay so lets say something is indeed coming for us, but how would we know?” You pondered your own question, how would you guys know.  

 “They’d send us a text message.” Stiles replied sarcastically and Scott chuckle beside me, which made me hit him in his side before grabbing a pillow and throw it at Stiles. 

 “What the hell!” Stiles exclaimed as he picked up the pillow before turning around and glared at me. Before he could say anything else the lights in Scott’s house started flickering which made us all stop what we were doing and stare at eachother. 

 “Told you they were coming!” Stiles yelled and Scott told him to shut his mouth. I looked out the window and the light post outside were also flickering. “Scott, man, I have a fucking bad feeling about this.” 

All the lights were flickering really bad now and in all honestly, you were scared. What if Stiles was right and something is about to kill you three right now. You grabbed Scott’s arm and hold on him for dear life.

“It’s okay, nothing’s going to happen. It’s going to be okay.” Scott reassures you and he pulled you closer to him. You hide your head in the crook of his neck as you tried to calm your heartbeat. Nothing is going to happen, you repeated in your head over and over again.

 Suddenly the room lit up with a bright flash of lightening, and thunder rattled the windowpane, startling the three of you. You looked outside again and it started to pour rain. 

“Nothing to worry about, it’s just the bad weather.” You said a bit unsure, since nothing like this ever happened before but you tried shrugging it off and play it cool. 

“So you are saying that the lights flickering is just from the ‘bad weather’.” Stiles air quoted as he stared at you, annoyed. 

“Stiles, it’s pouring outside. The lighting must’ve done something to the electricity which made these lights flicker.” Scott addressed to Stiles and Stiles was shaking his head, not listening to a word we are saying.

“Seriously?” Stiles sighed in annoyance and shake his head. “Lights flickering isn’t normal man, it’s a fucking sign of something bad is going to happen or some ghost is near us and is ready t-” Stiles stopped mid-sentence as he stared outside the window behind you and Scott. You turned around to see what he was looking at but there was nothing.


“I-i got to go, i uh, something came up.” Stiles stammers as he quickly started to pack his stuff and you and Scott stood there just staring at him.

“Stiles, where are you going?” Scott asked his bestfriend, stepping closer to him. Stiles mumbled something under his breath before putting his jacket on. He grabbed his stuff and made his way to the door before he turned to look at us. 

“Something bad is going to happen. I can feel it.” Stiles warned us, before he jolted out the door. I stood there, not knowing what to do before turning my gaze to Scott.

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okay but im so glad that this little checkers guy is an emperor bc i was worried that hes just going to be like this helpless shy dude whos going to snap and stuff but with this hes a fucking edgelord loser and i l o v e this

sAME I AM SO FUCKIGN READY FOR THIS LITTLE SHITBAG MY GOD. like before i wasnt sure if i cared as much about him (bc out of the all the chara designs, whilst i did Love His, it didDN’T STAND OUT AS MUCH) but now

now oh noy 

The Little Guy

‘The Little Guy’, an episode about Wander and Sylvia befriending an abandoned watchdog named Wesley was the first full episode of Wander Over Yonder I ever watched! 

At the time (I was like 15) it was one of the newest episodes. I had seen snippets of WOY on TV and was a bit curious about it but didn’t want to be ‘publicly humiliated in front of my siblings’ by just turning it on on the television. I dunno haha.

Anyways, I then got on my computer and found watchcartoononline.com and then located the WOY episodes so far. I read quickly through all the summaries but found ‘The Little Guy’ to be the most interesting.

I was eventually enjoying myself with it so much, laughing and whatnot, that my twin came over and I ended up re-watching most of the episode with her. I love Wesley and really should draw him more.

It was love at first sight! And although I only really started participating in the fandom recently, it’s been one of my favorite cartoons. I can watch it with all my family, my dad LOVES Lord Hater, and it always puts me in such a positive mood.

@disneyxd this show means SO much to me, it’s given me nothing but joy since day one. We need to see how it all ends! It means so much to me honestly, I want to keep fighting for it.


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On a scale of 1 to 10, how much retconning do you think DGs gonna do in re to Frank?

I don’t follow her but from the little I’ve seen pop up on my dash, she seems to be almost personally offended that people think Frank is a twatwaffle. (Uh, *you* wrote him that way, lady.)

So given that and the amount she’s squeezed into or has hinted at in the later books, I’d say a 7.

But like seriously, Diana. You wrote him as a bad guy. Let him be that and just a distant memory of a shitty time in Claire’s life.


Your First Time

So.. I don’t know exactly where this came from, but who cares? I thought up a few lines, so I jumped on my computer and ran with it.

Summary: How you fell in love with each guy and your first time with them.

Warnings: None, really. I didn’t go into too much detail anywhere.

Word count: ~1500

Characters: (so far. Planning on adding to this by request.) Dean, Sam, Castiel, Crowley, John.

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Falling in love with the elder Winchester hit you like a lightning strike. You weren’t sure if it was something he did, or something he said, but the next time you laid eyes on him, you could feel it consume you. Your first time with him happened just as suddenly. The case you were on had gotten hairy and you’d been captured. Dean rescued you before things got worse, but his guilt and fear were written all over his face later that night. You wrapped your arms around him tightly, comforting and calming him. With Sam long since gone to bed, you tugged Dean over to the couch and curled up beside him. The two of you talked it all out, everything that had happened, with you reassuring Dean at every step that it hadn’t been his fault. When he refused to forgive himself, you plopped yourself down in his lap, took his face in your hands, and revealed the feelings you’d been hiding for so long. The first kiss was warm and hesitant, but neither of you were holding back any longer. Maybe having your first time on the couch wasn’t the most romantic way to do it, but you and Dean didn’t regret a single moment of that night.

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Sam was your best friend, your drinking buddy, your research partner. The two of you had been through everything together. You weren’t sure when you really started having feelings for him, but you could tell he was feeling the same. It was a subtle glance over the top of a book, the ghost of a smile while the other teased Dean, or the fear and worry that clung to you both whenever the other got hurt on a hunt. Eventually, Sam made a move. There was no real prompt for it, he’d just finally built up the nerve to tell you how he felt. When he learned that you felt the same, he was ecstatic. You both were. He took you out that night for a fancy dinner, or at least the fanciest that he could afford, and took you on a walk through a nearby park. When you got back to the Bunker, Sam walked you to your room and leaned in to kiss you goodnight. Once the two of you started, you knew you wouldn’t be able to stop. Pulling him into your room, you locked the door and let him lead you to the bed. Sam was rougher than you thought he’d be, but you loved ever second of it. Despite it being the first time, it was as if he knew your body as well as his own. He knew just how to handle you and when it was over, he wrapped his long arms around you and cuddled you to his chest. The two of you stayed like that for the rest of the night.

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Castiel had always been a fascination of yours. I mean, he was an angel for goodness sake, how much more fascinating can you get? He was sweet and compassionate, though a bit oblivious at times. You couldn’t help finding it endearing. You were the only one who took his side when you and the boys learned he’d been working with Crowley. You understood his motives, even if they didn’t. The boys had stormed out and Crowley had disappeared back to whatever hole he’d crawled out of, so it was just you and Cas in the cabin. He was still standing within the ring, though the angel fire was gone. You stepped over the line burned into the floor and pulled him into an embrace, your head tucked under his chin. The two of you stood like that for a while as you whispered to him, letting him know that it was going to be alright and that the boys would come around eventually. After a while, Cas pulled back, eyes roaming your face in a way that made your cheeks redden. ‘In case this is my last night,’ he whispered back, his gruff voice making you shiver, ‘Could I…try something?’ You nodded, and he leaned in, brushing his lips against yours. You kissed him back slowly, hands trailing up to tangle your fingers in his hair. When he finally broke the kiss, you smiled softly. ‘In case this is your last night.. Could I try something?’ He nodded hesitantly as you led him over to the dingy couch against the wall. He was slow to react as you settled in his lap, but you guided him through it. It didn’t take him long to catch on, and you lavished each other for the rest of the night. He was gone when you awoke, but you weren’t afraid. He would be alright, you just knew it. As he’d told you before you fell asleep, now he had something to come back for.

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Falling for Crowley wasn’t so much a lightning strike as it was a bonfire that had slowly built up from an insignificant spark. Half the time you wanted to strangle him, the other half you were dying for him to follow through on those oh-so-tempting teases he shot your way every time you saw each other. Your conversations with the King of Hell generally went one of two ways: You would end up red-faced and screaming at each other, dumbstruck by whatever idiotic move the other had made, or you were sitting across the table from each other, sending vague but arousing flirtations back and forth while the Winchesters watched on in horror. The night that things finally came to a head, you’d come back from a hunt bloody and bruised. Maybe none of the blood was yours, but Crowley seemed terrified either way. After the boys left, he confronted you, scolding you for not being more careful. Not one to be treated like a child, you spat back something about how the he wasn’t one to be lecturing you. Naturally, the argument grew louder and more heated, until you suddenly found yourself pinned against the wall. Crowley’s eyes had gone red and a spike of fear shot through you, wondering if he’d finally decided to just kill you. Instead, he crushed you between his body and the wall, his lips, teeth, and tongue clashing with yours as the heat finally consumed the two of you. With a snap of his fingers, you were in Hell, in a lavishly decorated bedroom, with Crowley shoving you down on the bed. The first time was hot and rough and ended pretty quickly, but that wasn’t the end of it. You had finally given yourself over to him, and Crowley was determined to ravish you all night long.

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What is there to say, really? John was pure sex, despite his temper. He was attractive, dominant, experienced, in so many ways, and you found yourself falling for him the first time you laid eyes on him. You were the fire to his gasoline and it didn’t take long for the two to ignite. Every word from the man was either a scolding or a flirtation, and you retreated to your motel room every night to dream of the eldest Winchester. His boys were nice, cute even, but they didn’t hold a candle before their father. It happened one night after a hunt. John had given you an order, but you had disobeyed. You had your reasons, but John wasn’t happy. Long after the boys had gone to their own room, you heard a knock at your door. You opened it to reveal John, arms crossed and eyes burning with an intensity you hadn’t seen before. He stormed in and slammed the door behind him, backing you against the wall. His voice was low and rough, like honey poured over gravel, as he told you how he was going to punish you for disobeying today. You knees threatened to give out, but his body was pressing yours against the wall so tightly, you knew you wouldn’t fall. Winding his fingers through your hair, John tugged your head back roughly and met your wide-eyed gaze with his own intense one. ‘Are you afraid of me?’ he growled, eyes narrowing. You swallowed hard and whispered a no. He smirked and tugged on your hair harder, drawing out a whimper. ‘That’s not what you say.’ With a soft moan, you clutched at his shirt, your own voice shaking as you said, ‘No, sir.’ He had promised to punish you, and punish you he did. His movements were rough and unforgiving as to threw you onto the bed and took you the way you’d been yearning for for so long. By morning you were sore and there were bite marks and hickeys showing up scarlet all over your body, but you were tucked against his chest, his arm thrown over you carelessly as he snored softly, and you knew there was no place you’d rather be.

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For the character thingy. Bill Cipher.Do Bill.Please.

@dmitrinightingale since you wanted me to talk about Bill too

How I feel about this character: bill is certainly a mean guy. But seriously, I love him. He’s such a great villian. His personality makes for such entertaining scenes and there’s just so much creative potential with his character, whether it’s wacky visual stuff or weird dialogue. He’s the embodiment of chaos and it’s great. But he’s also so freaking dark. Like he’s done some messed up shit and is capable of even worse, which makes him pretty damn scary.

All the people I ship romantically with this character: a smack on his pointy head no one

My non-romantic OTP for this character: his henchmaniacs I guess

My unpopular opinion about this character: he’s not misunderstood, he is EVIL

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: idk I’m pretty happy with what we got. Maybe more background info?

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Honestly people need to shut the fuck up and leave you alone about the Mark thing, like why is it even still a relevant topic to people on here anymore? You deserve to have your privacy and obviously they're too concerned about what's so wrong about him to even consider how annoyed you are with talking about the guy. But then and again it's the internet and people love to pry on other people's private opinions/lives.

Thank you so much for this message! Yes I get annoyed and I simply can’t do anything. If I ignore it, they just get more noisy and more curious. If I answer a couple of questions, I just end up looking like an attention whore. I’m like ??

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MY baby snake came today!!! I love him so much! Poor guy was so tiny he had to be shipped in a lil deli container awww… Look at him!!! I named him Kotaro because it’s a cute snek name www he’s in a big cage now so he has plenty of room to move and burrow

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Hi! I absolutely love your blog and use it constantly for advice and inspiration but I've seem to be stuck. I'm trying to find a reason for the main couple to break up but I can't think of anything big enough for the two to do so. I was thinking about one of them cheating however the guy, M, is far too in love to do that and I want the girl, E, to do the breaking up because of something M did. Could you help me with some other possibilities? I just can't think, & thank you a million ❤️❤️❤️

Hmm… maybe E could break up with M because he’s too in love with her. Some people don’t like that much commitment or maybe it could scare her a little bit to have a person want her so much. She doesn’t want to feel pressured to stay with him just because he loves her. 

I hope I helped! Happy writing! 

I just have so much love for how Bob’s Burgers handles Teddy’s character? Because I’ve seen Teddy’s before, and it would have been so easy for them to make him either an idiot who can’t do anything right, or an asshole who’s always ragging on Bob.

Instead they made him a competent handyman, supportive of Bob and Linda, friendly with the kids, and just in general the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet. Also, while he is very socially awkward and can be uncomfortably sensitive, neither of these are played as great failings on his part- just more of who he is as a person.

There were so many ways the writers could have done wrong with Teddy and instead they did a really good job with him! I just really appreciate that.