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Puppy Love

Author: @riversong-sam

Request: Anonymous asked:

Dean Mlm anon, can I have a one shot of Dean bringing home a puppy for reader? (It’ll be a good hunting dog someday but rn it’s just cute)

Word Count: 312

Parings: Dean x (Male) Reader

Warnings: fluff

A/N: Feedback is greatly appreciated. (PLEASE!!!!!!!!)

Dean and (Y/N) had been dating about eleven months now and Dean wanted to give him a surprise. So while Sam and (Y/N) were doing research he told them he was going on a supply run and left. He knew exactly what he was going to do.

Upon arriving in town Dean did a quick supply run then headed to the local pet store. He had bought a black lab puppy for (Y/N), and she was ready for pick up. He had gone the whole nine yards. Dean had gotten leashes and toys. Dog food and a doggie bed along with a kennel which the little pup was riding in on the trip back to the bunker.

“I can’t wait for (Y/N) to see you little one.” Dean said loading her in baby. The pup just wagged her tail giving Dean a little yip.

Once back in the safety of the bunkers garage, Dean unloaded the groceries first bringing them to the kitchen.


He looked up from his book, “Yes Dean?”

”Could you put away the groceries while I set up your surprise in our room?”

”Surprise?” (Y/N) asked smiling pecking Deans lips.

Dean smirked smacking his ass, “Yes now hurry up.” He chuckled as his boyfriend all but ran to put away supplies.

Hiding the puppy under a blanket proved to be slightly difficult for Dean as she barked and wiggled.

”Shh sweetheart.” He tried to get her calm as (Y/N) came in.


“Oh hey.. didn’t think you’d be done so fast.” Dean sputtered as the blanket began to move and a little puppy poked out.

”Dean oh my gosh its so cute.” (Y/N) gushed picking her up laughing as she licked his face.

”It’s a she. Do you like her?” Dean asked worried he wouldn’t.

”Dean I love her.” (Y/N) kissed him, “As much as I love you.”

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