i love him okey

This is baby Sakio, he is the 2nd child born to Sasuke and Sakura.

  • Sakio is really tiny and his family calls him bean.
  • He is really awkward and doesn’t talk much. Is scared of people unfamiliar to him. When scared he hides under his kotatsu and calls for mama.
  • Sakio is a mama’s boy. Very stuck to Sakura.
  • Favorite food is lettuce or bread.
  • Favorite item is a tea cup his papa brought from his travels. He just really likes it and has it always with him.
  • He like to spend his days next to a kotatsu.
  • Sakio really likes to be warm. He wears always warm clothes.
  • For some reason he is really afraid of Naruto.
I liked Chanyeol before.

But after Law of the Jungle I love him more.

His sexy hair when he wakes up.

His wet hair and body. 

His determination of making a fire or digging out yam.

He works hard.

His pure happiness when he gets to eat yummy crab, which also shows his appreciation of the gain from all the hard work he and the cast have done.

His banana pun.

His emotional side when he empathizes with other people’s pain.

His cute CF in the jungle.

His bare face is so attractive and sexy.

His sweat.

His optimism when the jungle rains.

His kind-heartness when he shares the fan gifts with others.

His cuteness when he is conflicted about idol image and peeing in the jungle.

His music in the jungle :)

His unique way of blowing a heart.

louis william tomlinson,

i don’t wanna write anything depressing, cause you’re not a depressing person. don’t think of this day as the last of your teenage years. instead, think of it as another chapter in this story about you that continues to be written everyday.

directioners haven’t been there all 20 years of your life, so i’d like to thank your beautiful mother, jay, for raising you into the man you are today and being there for you the whole time. she’s honestly done an amazing job as a mother.

but the time that us directioners did get to know you…boy, we really started to like you! i think that the video diaries really let us into your world a ‘lil bit, and you welcomed us with your warm personality. i know this sounds cheesy, but every time i think of you i think of the sun. the sun is a symbol of energy and life, and that’s exactly what you remind me of, lou. you’re so full of energy and life. you are truly loved by those around you because your love for life puts a smile on everyone’s faces. i can tell that the boys would be kind of incomplete if you weren’t there. niall laughs at almost every thing you say or do and he smiles. i love when he smiles. and you and harry, zayn, and liam are almost like couples, haha. especially you and harry. you two act like an old married couple and i love it! you bring out the best in everyone, lou. 

so that’s why we celebrate you today. because without you in our lives, we’d be like life without the sun: lifeless.

continue to laugh, continue to love, and continue to inspire.

on behalf of all of the directioners, worldwide,

we love you, louis.

Their reactions having fanboys/ male friends, who like them more than a friend

Jin: You said what? Am I that handsome? Well.. I think it’s okey to love my face that much.

RapMonster: *teases him/them* No-one can resist my charm, right?

Suga: Hmm.. what can I do about it…. but you know, I can’t reciprocate your love.. But I still love you as a sibling.

J-Hope: Thank you for loving me *smiles angelic*

Jimin: *does aegyo* So I’m even adored by boys. Yea man. 

V: As long as you’re comfortable with my weird faces, I don’t mind if you’re near me.

Jungkook: Wow I even have Hyungs who loves me. If you’d take care of me for a day long… you’d change your choice. But thanks.

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