i love him ok!!


the brightest star that hangs in my sky is all the way across the other side of the earth but that’s okay bcs there’s no corner his light doesn’t reach. it makes me so happy he is living his dream nd being loved by it. it makes me so happy that he’s so full of love, hes declaring it to the world abt how much he loves his loved one. nd i, i love him to andromeda nd bck nd then 218 billion more times 💘


ok ive been on spring break and im kinda dead art wise rn but ive been considering. a zamasu/shin fusion bc theyre my favorites and uh… kibito/shin was a cute fusion so it got me to thinking. shimasu is their fusion name and hes literally gorgeous. probably has trouble concealing his emotions and is very concerned abt being a good God. a good man

also he has a lot of hair and its kinda wavy but REALLY luxurious

Apparently people think that folks are lusting over Mr Krupp because he has the Once-Ler’s voice like….? I don’t know about y'all but I’ve always had a huge crush on him? Like this isn’t to be like “I was into this a long time ago!!” But I want to make it crystal clear that Ed Helms has 0 to do with my lust for this angry fat principal. I just love him ok

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why do u love seahoon

ok i love him so much i cant even put it into words but ill try :(

look,, first of all hes unbelievably handsome,, like hes the most handsome person ive ever seen and ill probably evER see like dam nd hes so cute nd adorable nd lovely nd sweet nd his lil smile is the cutest ever, his eyes are so beautiful and whenever i see him i want to wrap him up in a blanked nd cuddl with him for 8 hrs and tell him hes so beautiful nd i love him so much !!!! hes so hardworking and passionate, he rlly always trys his best with whatever he does !! :(( look how his chinese improved soo much i bet he studies alot :(( and his rap nd singing got so much better he really wants to make us proud an dfhnsdkjfns oh my god i love him ,, hes so confident nd i love that !!!! he knows he looks good and hes proud of his dancing and he rlly can bc hes amazing 💕💕 also his loyalty and friendship with the members iS INCEDIBLE ?? SJKDkyds you can see tht he really cares about the members and the members love him too its so cute,,I love his friendship with ksoo, chanyeol, baekhyun and especially suho !!!!!!!!  they all care about sehun so much :(( hes also super funny nd  i lOVE HIM also his predebut story is the funniest thing evr

hey today has been pretty rough could someone please rb this w a pic of john boyega smiling


bonding moments w/ my bby boi lance <333

it just hit me how much viktor actually loves yuuri?? like
-he remembered a drunk dancing japanese man for a year and waited for him to ‘call’ to him
-he danced with him, a complete stranger, and didn’t take advantage of him at all
-he gave up his entire career to get to yuuri
-he’s still letting yuuri make his own choices and isn’t forcing him into anything
-he’s always kind to yuuri and is sweet and caring
-he made that one kissing innuendo and just !!!!! yuuri pLs
-cried over yuuri because he was happy and frustrated that he was going to leave him
-the first time viktor cried in this series was because he thought yuuri was leaving him
dude just
wow viktor. you’re a legend.