i love him more then u can imagine


- Mikaela Hyakuya, who are you?
- Who I am? Who I am… Can you tell me just looking at me?… I am just a filthy vampire.


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“pls just imagine how prettily eggsy blushes though  i bet he’s…”

praise!kink is literally my favorite thing yall are killin me here ;;u;; …..[whispers] pls write more


eggsy who blushes so prettily and so readily whenever merlin compliments him, tells him how good he looks in his new suit, and is that a new haircut eggsy? looks really good and who will gently lean into merlin when he can, brushing shoulders and elbows and hips and merlin doesn’t do anything, just lets him and if he slips a hand to the small of eggsys back, slowly stroking his thumb up and down, well, only eggsy knows and he melts into the small touch.

merlin crooning over the tag, almost drunk with how well the mission had gone; ‘smart lad, eggsy, fucking fantastic!’ and how he’s so proud of “my sweet sweet lad, doing me so proud,” and eggsy breathes a little harder and has to take several deep inhales before he can stand straight, soft pink crawling up the apples of his cheeks to his ears as merlin chuckles a little through the comm.

merlin calling him love and darling and eggsy shivering, smiling against merlins shoulder because eggsy is so easy to please and wants to make merlin so proud and ducking his head and smiling when merlin praises him, stroking his hair and cupping his cheeks and kissing him softly, an arm around his waist, fingers stroking over his watchless wrist when they part because i there’s something that makes eggsy blush as much as being complimented, it’s being touched softly, even more so when merlin cups his cheeks and pulls him up for a soft kiss, murmuring how intelligent, how resourceful his sweet lad is, how pretty he is in that suit and how efficient and eggsy moans, melting into the kiss and the hand that’s still cupping his cheek even as merlins other hand drps to the small of eggsys back, where they both know eggsy likes being touched thee, how it makes him feel vulnerable and how he only lets merlin do it

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"ENGLANDX2 AMERICAS" holy fuck! sign me the fuck up for that! how about "2englandxamerica" though? like I have this fixation on modern England and pirate England x America



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Casmund :)))


Who would win tickle wars:

  • I’m pretty sure Caspian would try his damndest, but even though he’s bigger and stronger Edmund has years of experience - even though he appears younger - and is able to flip Caspian and render him useless with how hard he laughs.

Who would draw pictures of the other in their sketchbook:

  • I’m imagining Edmund drawing Caspian’s beautiful hair and eyes and I honestly can’t take this.

Who would holds hands while walking:


Who would gives cheek kisses:

  • Edmund would have to STAND on his TIPPY toes to reach this is TOO much

Who would start a snowball fight:

  • Caspian, but Edmund would quickly jump at the challenge and start chucking them back at the man with a wicked grin of his own

Who would slip the most on a date to go ice skating:

  • Caspian; Edmund would find it absolutely delightful 

Who leaves letter in the others locker:

  • Caspian 100%

Who would bring lunch to school/work for the other:

  • I JUST FEEL LIKE CASPIAN WOULD ALWAYS WANT TO HELP EDMUND IN ANYWAY HE CAN?? Even though Edmund adamantly tells him that he is not a child. But then, Caspian has never thought of Edmund as a child - he just wants to dote on him like a good boyfriend ;___;

Who would want cuddle at the movie theater date:

  • Caspian; dear lord I never realized how soft and romantic I’d pictured Caspian until now.

Who would buy cheezy cliche gifts for each other on holidays:


Who would start an argument about what color curtains they should have at home

  • Edmund can be very passionate when the situation calls for it.

Who would remember their anniversary:

  • I don’t think either of them COULD forget their anniversary tbh.

Who would blurt out how much they love the other in front of people:

  • Gosh, probably Edmund.

Who would offer to wash the others back in the shower:

  • EDMUND. Then he’d take the offer back when Caspian smirks at him - but ends up doing it when Caspian chases after him and kisses him all the way to the bathroom.

Who would post up statuses about the other on facebook:

  • Caspian - the cheeky bastard.

Who would have the others picture as their phone background:

  • Caspian probably has a picture of the two of them as his background while Edmund has a picture of Caspian looking all scruffy and bambi-eyed over a cup of coffee.

Who would take pictures of the other while they’re sleeping:

  • Caspian, he’d probably post them to facebook too! damn him.

Who says I love you:

  • I think Edmund would say it first, followed immediately by Caspian who can’t stop smiling and who probably brings Edmund right to bed after.

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Clau I wish the anons would leave our mama stevetony alone :’(

it kind of amuses me at this point more than anything.

if they want, we can picture steve saying all of this stuff instead bc he would. reminding tony how much he’s loved and how much he believes in him.

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i got tagged by babejongdae this is so cool thank you! <3 (and thanks for including ot12)

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zayn is more your fave than harry? smh poor baby styles

i M SORRY BUT YES i love harry soooooooo muCh hes my safe haven hes wonderful and makes me smile and stuff hES REALLY AMAZING i rly do love him but

he’s just not zaynie like zayn ….. like each song i hear, i think of him. whenever i see something cool i wonder if zayn likes it fam i was in mexico and i was like zayn would love this place then i started imagining us on vacay 2gether and he’d wanna get some local currency even tho u can just use ur card everywhere but he’d wanna try to learn the values and he picks up spanish with such ease he’d be speaking in no timE ok i loVE HARRY but he doesnt get that reaction out of me :/ zaynie does :/ thats why my reactions that 100% of the time come back 2 bite me in the ass are so strong bc i feel that strongly about him ok this was 2 deep im out

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you should write things based off a song, it could be for any boy. like 'kissing in cars' by pierce the veil!!!!!!

aw okay :-) (btw this is my first time hearing this song so if i like perceived it in a weird way i can write u something else)

you and michael were more in love than you could ever imagine. you were the ones for eachother. soul mates. spending countless days and nights by eachother’s sides loving every second of it. whether it was getting drunk at parties and hooking up in the bathroom or slow dancing in your kitchen to soft music at 3am, you and michael were endlessly in love. through all your fights, kisses, tears, screams, laughs, and smiles michael knew you were the one for him. although you two were both young, nothing could stop you two. faith always brought you back together to make your love strong again.

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steve likes to ride tony reverse cowgirl (boy, i suppose in this situation). he loves the feeling of his cock bouncing against his stomach. tony's comments on how much he likes seeing steve's perky ass swallow his cock are beneficial, too.


No more playtime like that unless Tony’s got a good grip on Steve to keep him up

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Mal, my boyfriend is gone over the summer and he's like in the middle of no where so I can't talk to him and it's the hardest thing I've ever done. I know this is random but I wanted to tell someone who might care and you're the first person I thought of. I love him a lot and i don't know what to do

yes ofc u can always come to me ok!! i am so sorry u have to deal w this i cant even imagine how hard it must be :( ur gonna see him again tho!! just think of all the awesome times ur gonna have when youre finally with him again!! and how happy youre gonna be :-) like being away from him sucks but its gonna make u appreciate him even more, ya know? im sorry i cant help more babe ily u can get through this

i wanna draw my hcs for the evils theatre inhabitants bc i dont think my gear gave him justice

like my post heartbeat clocktower hcs of him are:

  • deathly pale skin
  • probably a good amount of his physical body is damaged from removing his heart, i kinda imagine him as a ghost
  • his eyes would be rly glassy and would have the feeling he can see right thru u

idk i probably have more but i need to give him proper justice

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Hellos. Can I get a ship please? How is ur day going? I hope that u eat some good food and that the weather is nice wherever u live! Thanks lovely!! Have a wonderful day filled with cute boys or whatever and kittens!

Hi! My day was good i got to nap witch was amazing. How about you? Thank you!

ship hemmings  ⌇  clifford  ⌇  hood  ⌇  irwin

why you and mikey would be so cute together like can you imagine camping with him and it being in like the 50-60 degrees and just constantly cuddling and it would be so cute aw aw

ship name Mikeleen

better cook him  ⌇  you

who plays their music more  him  ⌇  you

url eh  ⌇  okay  ⌇  nice  ⌇  love it  ⌇  perfectioN

theme eh  ⌇  okay  ⌇  nice  ⌇  love it  ⌇  perfectioN 

lil fake tweet 

lil gif

ships/blog rates

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whatever u do dont think about him sparring w eggsy or merlin in tht kind of outfit becasue i

There’s nothing I love more than sparring. I’ll raise you, Harry and Merlin sparring, all casual clothing, no glasses, skin all shiny with sweat, Harry’s hair falling over his face, and probably teasing each other, laughing and grinning and Eggsy walks in and like stops dead and just stares for a moment because HOLY FUCK

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My dad has cancer and because of this, even though he'll be able to live a few more years with the help of radiation, he has to retire early. He's worried that he won't make enough money anymore for my family, and he wants to sell his guitar collection, and that makes me so sad whenever I imagine it because he loves his guitars so much. It hurts my heart. I don't want him to sell them I love him. I know u can't help I just am venting this I'm sorry. Thank you for having your ask box open.

I wish very much that I could do something to help

but in the least, I am here to hear your troubles always, if that will make it but a little easier 

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just reading your tags broke my heart, i dont even. thats such a rude thing for him to say i cant imagine what would cause a father to think/say that??? im super sorry, he didnt deserve your letter. i love your blog and you seem like the sweetest person ever tbh! ily bye

awww thank you, u are very kind for sending me this and ily more ;;;;;

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