i love him more then u can imagine

jfc guys it was just confirmed everything (EVERYTHING) we saw Even doing from the minute he saw Isak was in order to get to know him

I honestly thought he may have joined the kose group to maybe make more friends but no:

  • he literally joined to meet isak SO
  • when isak wandered out to avoid the love game, Even PURPOSELY FOLLOWED HIM
    • can u guys imagine him wandering around the school wondering where tf isak went to and being like YES when he found isak in the bathroom i can’t
  • once he found him in the bathoom, he went as far as to COME UP WITH A PLAN TO TALK TO ISAK BY TAKING ALL THE PAPER TOWELS
  • THEN this smooth ass mf just goes “come outside” (you know internally he was like !! cute!! boy!! please!! talk!! to!! me!!!!)
  • NOT ONLY THAT but when emma came out to talk to them and ask if isak was in a group, he fucking intervenes to actually steal isak away from her??
    • hey isak BTW WE’RE IN A GROUP TOGETHER I JUST CAME UP WITH THIS PLAN RIGHT NOW LOLOL SORRY i have just met you and i love u

and it wasn’t just that first episode, this confirms so many things Even has done because of wanting to be with Isak

  • that smooth af walk across the courtyard KNOWING isak was watching him (he planned that entire gd moment)
  • ‘forgetting’ his ID (no doubt whatsoever in my mind this nerd came up with his idea in the store as he was looking @ beer)
    • you know he made a beeline across the room like NOOOOOOOOO MIIINNE

and so much more. SO MUCH MORE. guys Even fell in love with Isak at first sight and after that point became the most Extra person I have ever seen

I’m really emotional

.pumpkin. (Joker x Reader SMUT!)

Originally posted by suicidesquadsource

Requested by anons <3
Prompts:  hellooo , you could make a imagine where the Joker kidnaps you however he realizes that you are so insane as him and he falls madly in love ? ( Can end in smut if u can please ) thank you <3

I need some joker smut ///-: anythin ur down for

A/N: tbh there are soooo many joker smut requests that i cant fit them all in one fic. so i’ll make a bunch. i really tried on this one, still aint feeling it, but eh, i cant keep you guys waiting forever. i plan on majorly improving in the future. sorry for the rough start. stay tuned for more… ALSO! if you guys like it, lemme know!
Warnings: smut

Inspired by: sortha sequel to my previous imagine [x]


The tights leather straps burned your skin, the cotton bandage around your lips ticklish. The room – wet and cold - didn’t stop you from giggling silently, your (color) irises roaming the darkness in search of even a glimmer of light yet you found nothing. You budged against the restraints – the chair underneath you groaned. You sighed, a slick smile spreading on your itchy face. The screeching of a metal door opening caught your attention. The lights in the warehouse lazily flickered on. You noted a man strolling to you, your heart leaping in your chest as you recognized the familiar batch of green hair.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think you could do a "Yoongi as your boyfriend"? I'm not meaning to be rude or flood you with requests. Thanks!

i CAN amen, also you’re not being rude babe don’t worry <3 

Originally posted by queen-of-suburbiaa

  • i feel like he’d be a very supportive boyfriend
  • like you wanna be a doctor? “go for it babe” you wanna be an actor?he’ll be at all your premiers and see the movie opening night 
  • you wanna be an idol? he’s like YES i can help you write songs 
  • so cliche but imagine bringing him food at the studio, he was there for hours and forgot about being hungry until he smells the food 
  • you’re his savior and he gives u a bunch of kisses before digging into his food 
  • he’s super chill so like just hanging out together makes both of you super relaxed and yoongi is so content 
  • he loves sleeping and he loves you so sleeping with you? even better
  • likes being the small spoon 
  • going to a music shop and spending waaaaaaay more money than expected 
  • he’s like “wow if only i had a simple music store job” 
  • you both know he loves being an idol though 
  • watching anime together, sometimes including jungkook or tae 
  • if y’all get into an argument he probably goes and plays basketball to calm down 
  • i think he’d be similar to jimin, wherein he likes talking things out so you’re always on the same page
  • “communication is key”
  • teaches you some of his raps so you don’t sound funny when you’re jamming 
  • writes a song about you a diss track and then is like “hey (y/n)~ can you read these lyrics, i don’t know if they sound good”
  • you already know he’s up to somethin but you read anyway 
  • “yoongi are you blushing” “what no? what’s a blushing?” 
  • he asks if he can use it for bts’ next album and you’re like ya!!!!
  • probably not super clingy but does like attention 
  • doesn’t get super jealous (”i’m min suga they don’t stand a chance against me”) unless the other person is like… really feelin up to you 
  • then he’s like “HI we need switch places (y/n)” 
  • if he’s upset he goes straight to you because he trusts you so much
  • he likes laying his head on your lap and telling you whats wrong so he can see you and talk AND you can play with his hair which just relaxes him
  • when you’re upset he helps you work it out and comforts you 
  • takes you to the studio and plays piano for you 
  • this boy??? is so caring??? 
  • wouldnt talk about you all the time but only because he doesn’t want everyone to know everything about the relationship you two made 
  • making out sooo much 
  • if he’s older than you then he likes you calling him oppa/hyung (y’all know that gif where a fan asked him a question and called him oppa and he’s like “yes i’m yoongi oppa” ??? exactly.) 
  • but if you’re older he asks if you like him calling you noona/hyung 
  • getting another dog because you two don’t want holly being lonely when y’all are gone 
  • unlike popular belief i think yoongi would be very un-lazy in bed 
  • and he’d be open to lots of things, if you wanna try it he’s down but he won’t promise he’ll like it 
  • would love having you on top though 
  • and loves oral, obviously 
  • more so giving oral than receiving
  • LOVES TAKING PHOTOS OF YOU he treasures them and probably has like a binder with just photos of you 
  • not in a creepy wa y though hsfsdkgj
  • practices his rapping while cooking 
  • asks if you’ll sing for demos 
Love Hurts

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Characters: Y/n, Dean, Sam, Cas, Crowley

Pairing: Dean x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Fluffiness, wedding, happiness, angst, sadness, someone can’t have me!!!

Word Count: 732

Summary: Sam can only watch as Y/n gives the rest of her life to him…

A/N: Ok, more angst with Samuel…did it from his POV, which was strange, but I feel like it’s worked out ok… Hope u like it!! Also, shout out to my awesome hoe @wayward-mirage​​ for reading this over and making sure it flowed!! Ur awesome!!

Tagged Peeps: @waywardsons-imagines​​ @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname​​ @sallyp-53​​ @salvatorexwinchester​​ @helvonasche​​ @notnaturalanahi​​ @wayward-mirage​​ @riversong-sam​​ @nerdflash​​ @miss-miep​​ @impala-dreamer​​ @greek-geek481​​ @chelsea072498​​ @deals-with-demons​​ @plaidstiel-wormstache​​ @impalaimagining​​ @deathtonormalcy56​​ @the-latina-trickster​​ @aingealcethlenn​​ @squirrels-angels-and-moose @meganwinchester1999​​ @cubs2019-blog​​ @lucifer-in-leather​​ @straightestgay-voice​​ @professsionalsinner​​ @deantheotherkingofkinks​​ @50shadesofyes​​ @lucis-unicorn @kumaartz​​ @whispersandwhiskerburn​​ @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell​​ @colespriverdale​​  @daddysxlittlexsunshine @atc74​​ @wonderange @becaamm​​ @mogaruke​​


My breath was taken away as soon as she began walking down the aisle.

God, she looked stunning.

The white dress, the way it made her skin shine, the flowers in her hands, making her eyes glimmer more than usual.

It was everything about her, every little thing that I had fallen in love with.

And watching her walking down the aisle, Cas walking along side her, his own smile wide and bright, I couldn’t help the way my heart raced.

Our eyes connected for a few seconds, and I could swear, in that moment, I was done.

I knew she’d be the one I loved till the end of time.

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How’s That For Vanilla?

Request: “I love your Newt smut. It uh relaxes me tbh. Can I request one where like, the reader teases Newt to the point of Newt entering Beast mode and like yeah. Love your writing.” + “Boiii do I gotta request for u, ohmygod okay so lk I don’t know much about sex toys and when they were invented, but imagine how Newt would react upon you asking him to use them on you during the sex???? Like boi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) can you pls do a fic on this?? I would be most grateful <3 bless”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1500

Warnings: SmuT of course!

A/n: sorry that this is a lot shorter than I hoped it would be! but u know me, I have a lot more Newt smut to write! ;^)

Originally posted by sensualkisses

“I have a surprise for you.” You skipped as your rounded the corner to your apartment.

“Hm? And what’s this surprise?” Newt asked, raising his brow in a certain amused fashion.

“If I told you then it wouldn’t be a surprise, would it?” You giggled. The tall, freckled man wrapped his arms around your waist, spinning you with an excited chuckle.

He let you go, but the motion of the twirl had left the snowflakes around you zooming around in a slight whirlwind, one landing on Newt’s nose. You grabbed his hand with your gloved one and continued to the door of the apartment block.

“I’ll give you a hint.” You turned to him as he fetched the key from his pocket. “It’ll be sure to warm us both up.”

“Good. I’ll need something to unfreeze my bones.” He said, frowning as his hands continued to pat his pockets. You groaned, pulling out your own wand and chanting a quick “Alohomora”.

“How many times has it been now? 3 just this week?” You sighed. Newt shrugged.

“I bet the Niffler has gotten his grimy paws on it again.” He replied.  

You both continued up the stairs to your shared apartment, smiling wildly as the anticipation spurred inside of you. Once you got inside, Newt was quick to discard his coat and scarf, pulling you into a tight embrace so he could lay a warm kiss on your cheek.

“Time for the surprise?” He asked, his eyes lit up eagerly.

“Go wait in the bedroom.” You smiled, and he beamed back at you, turning to head towards the bedroom.

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Love at First Sight - Draco x Reader

Hi guys! This took a long time and I’m sorry! This didn’t turn out like I wanted it to and if you want me to re-write it with more of a jealous Draco, please just let me know! I hope you guys enjoy! Let me know what you think!! :) 

Request - anon: can you make a jealous!draco imagine please?? just how he would be jealous & what causes him to be jealous? thank u in advance!!

Warnings - strayed from the request a little bit, cursing, jealous draco, Seamus and Dean make their first appearance yay! If there’s more, please let me know

Draco didn’t think he was the jealous type. In fact, he had everything he had ever wanted - or so he thought. Draco wasn’t aware of his jealous tendencies until Y/N came along. Y/N was beautiful with her H/C hair and E/C eyes. She had a good vibe about her and people genuinely enjoyed being around her.

The first time he spotted her, she was bent over a textbook in the library. Her hair hung in her face. Draco could only see her profile, but he could tell she was attractive. He made his way towards the girl, but stopped in his tracks as a boy from Gryffindor sat across from her. Draco watched as she paused her reading. He studied her face now that he had a better look. If he had believed in love at first sight, he was sure this was what it would feel like. He didn’t believe in that though. How could someone fall in love without even knowing anything about the other person?

Weeks passed and Draco made it his personal mission to get to know the girl better. He’d make sure to sit at a table across from her. He would purposely sit closer to her in classes. The boy was so fixed on getting to know her that Blaise had caught him staring at her one day at breakfast.

“If you like her so much, just talk to her, mate. It’s not hard. I know Y/N and I could possibly introduce you two if you’d like.” Blaise suggested. Draco shook his head.

“I’m not afraid to introduce myself to a girl, Blaise. I’m not incompetent. It’s just she’s always hanging around that Gryffindor rat. Is she dating anyone?” Draco asked casually.

“Not sure. Would you like me to find out?”


By breakfast the next morning, Blaise had an answer for Draco. She wasn’t dating anyone, but she did have an eye on a certain boy in their year. Blaise begged and pleaded with her to tell him, but she wouldn’t budge. Draco was disappointed to hear that Y/N had her eye on someone, knowing it couldn’t possibly be him. He decided to step up his game. He headed to the library that Saturday to find her.

Much to Draco’s pleasure, he found Y/N sitting in the library at the same table she always sat at. Much to Draco’s displeasure, he found two boys sitting across from her. He sucked in a breath and continued his journey towards the table. Two idiot Gryffindors weren’t going to stop the Slytherin prince from introducing himself to a girl. Besides, she was worthy of more than a Gryffindor. He pulled out a chair beside her and sat.

“Sorry, is this seat taken?” he asked.

“No, it’s not.” Pink rose to her cheeks and she scooted her books spread across the table back towards her.

“What are ya doin’ Malfoy? She doesn’t want to talk to ya.” Seamus Finnigan stood from his seat across Y/N. Dean Thomas, the other boy who had joined the two today, rose from his seat as well. Draco stayed seated, knowing very well that he was not going to leave until he at least introduced himself.

“I just wanted to introduce myself,” he said, turning towards the girl beside him. “I’m Malfoy. Draco Malfoy. There will be no need to introduce yourself. I know exactly who you are.”

He winked and turned his attention back to the two boys in front of them. Seamus and Dean were staring at Draco like he’d lost his mind. Seamus took his seat once again, followed by Dean. Draco frowned. They were supposed to leave, not sit back down.

“We were going to study. Would you want to study with us?” Y/N asked. Her eyes met blue ones and she quickly looked away. He was too attractive to even glance at. He smirked. Draco shrugged. He had other things he wanted to do besides study. It was a Saturday. Why stay inside when the weather was nice outside?

“I was actually thinking of enjoying the weather while it’s nice. Care to join me?” he asked. He pushed out his chair and held out a hand with a confident smirk. Y/N seemed hesitant. She wanted to stay and study, but she also wanted to get to know the famous Slytherin prince better. She shook her head.

“Unfortunately, I have to study for this exam coming up. Maybe some other time?” she offered. Draco’s smirk dropped. He gave a curt nod and roughly pushed his chair in. He was pissed. What did Seamus and his weird friend have over him? He was perfect. He had good grades. He didn’t get in much trouble. He was a Slytherin. What more could she want?

As Draco made his way outside, he grabbed his broom and headed to the Quidditch pitch to clear his head. He flew around the grounds for awhile. The warm air hit his face and worked it’s way through his hair. He didn’t mind because lucky for him he’d stopped using hair gel awhile ago. His hands became sore from gripping the broom so tightly. His thoughts were mixed up. It wasn’t that he was jealous of Seamus and Dean. He was a Slytherin and they were Gryffindors. There was no way he was jealous of them.

He shook his head to clear his thoughts. He descended from the air. Draco put his broom away and headed back towards the school. His hope was that he’d bump into Y/N while she was alone. As soon as he returned to the school, he saw her H/C hair and familiar frame. Unfortunately, she wasn’t alone. She was with Seamus and they were walking around the courtyard.

She threw her head back and laughed as Seamus said something funny. Draco felt the rage he’d felt earlier. He wanted to make her laugh. He wanted to walk that close to her. Draco couldn’t explain it. He didn’t even really know her, but he was obsessed from the moment he saw her. She was beautiful to him and it was a surprise when he learned that she was single. How could anyone pass up a smart and funny girl like her?

Seamus and Y/N took a seat on a bench. Draco stood behind a pillar. He felt like a stalker. He didn’t mean to seem like one, but if she’d just give him the time of day, he wouldn’t have to be following her around. The two sat close to each other, their knees touching. Draco decided to act on his feelings. He was confident enough in himself to walk over and stand in front of Y/N. She rose from her seat as he approached.

“Hi, Draco! You were right, it is nice outside. I’ve been looking for you.” she smiled and Draco felt his heart skip a beat.

“You- you were?” he asked. It felt like a dumb question, but he just wanted to confirm what she’d just said.

“Yes, I was looking for you. I asked around and no one’s seen you since lunch. I wanted to take you up on your offer, but you were nowhere to be found. Luckily, I ran into Seamus again and we’ve been hanging out. Would you care to join us?” She looked to Seamus and he rolled his eyes.

“I’ll see ya later, Y/N. Find me when you’re done with the snake.” Seamus said and kissed her cheek. He took off in the direction of the Great Hall. Draco stared after him. Y/N glanced at Seamus retreating and then back at Draco. She smiled and waved a hand in front of Draco’s face. He flinched and turned his gaze back to Y/N. His fists were in balls and his jaw was clenched.

“Are you alright?” she asked. Her hand came up to rest on his shoulder and he took a deep breath.

“I’m fine.” he mumbled. She didn’t believe him and she wasn’t one to let things go.

“Are you sure? You seem angry. I didn’t say anything to upset you, did I? If I did, I didn’t mean to.”

“I’m just… how well do you and Seamus know each other? Are you guys friends? Or are you dating? If you’re dating, I will totally back off. You just told Blaise that-“

He was interrupted by his lips on hers. His eyes closed automatically and he savored the moment. She smelled like vanilla and an expensive perfume. Her lips tasted like birthday cake lip gloss. His hands traveled to her waist. He pulled her closer to him.

Her hands tangled in his hair. She couldn’t believe that she was kissing a boy she’d had a crush on since second year. They were in their fifth year now and she was surprised she’d had enough nerve to even be this close to him. He smelled of mint and fresh laundry. His lips were a bit chapped, but it was okay with her. She didn’t mind one bit. She pulled away quickly.

“Sorry.” she blushed. She tried to step away, but Draco’s hands held her in place.

“It’s okay. Er-“ Draco was at a loss of words for once in his life. “Like I was saying, I just feel like you and Seamus are really close and that he has a thing for you.”

Y/N laughed.

“He does have a thing for me, Draco. But, unfortunately for him, I have a thing for someone else.” She intertwined her hands with his and smiled up at him.

“Who is this someone else? Do I know him?” he smirked.

Their noses were touching. Her lips met his once again and she swore it was better the second time. They pulled apart and he wrapped an arm around her as they walked around the courtyard. Draco had had no reason to be jealous. Maybe love at first sight was a thing he could believe in after all.


Request Prompt: I just found your blog and I love it great work!!! Do you take requests? If yes can you make one where Jesus and the reader are dating and Jesus is busy then the reader start calling him daddy and teases him. Smut please. thanks.- khadija456fire

Request Prompt: Can u write jesus (paul rovia)x reader imagines? :)) your last one was so much fun to read🙈- Anon

Request Prompt: Can you make more Jesus smuts thank- Anon

Pairing: Paul “Jesus” Rovia x Reader

Warning: Smut

A/N: Don’t think I’m all that great with the daddy thing so here it is.



I stated at Paul as he slipped on his jeans preparing to go out on yet another run for Gregory. Some days I wish Negan would just take him out already.

“You’re really going out there again?”, I whined and he let out a laugh while looking at my pouting form in the mirror. “Yes. Gregory says we need more supplies.”

“Or he just wants Maggie and Sasha gone.”, I stated and he let out a sigh, making his way towards me. He leaned down to place a soft lingering kiss on my forehead before a small knock sounded at the door. He walked over, opening it to reveal Maggie and Sasha.

“We’re ready when you are.”, Maggie smiled and I frowned. “Shouldn’t you be resting like any other expecting mother?” She shrugged her shoulders as Sasha shook her head.

“I’ve tried to tell her but she’s stubborn.”

“I’ll be out in a minute. Just give me about 5 minutes.”, he told them and they agreed with smiles before walking away. He closed the door to finish putting on his clothes as I let out a whine of frustration.

“Can’t you go later?”, I asked and he turned to me with a grin.

“If I could I would.”

“So daddy is going to leave me alone?”, I smirked as his body froze letting me know I had him.

“What did you call me?”, he questioned with a surprised expression. I crossed my arms as I let the word slip past my lips once more. “Daddy.”

“Why are you doing this to me woman?”, he asked coming closer and I wrapped my arms around his neck once he was within reach. “I’m not doing anything.”

He crawled over me before crashing his lips onto mine. I gave a soft moan as his tongue grazed my bottom lip before I denied him entrance. He let out a low growl before squeezing my ass. I gasped and he took the chance to dart his tongue into my mouth. I pushed onto his hardened length as he slipped my shirt off. His lips found mine as he undid my shorts before sliding them down my legs.

“Beautiful.”, he mumbled into my lips before moving between my legs and tossing my underwear away.

His tongue circled around my clit as a single finger slid into me. I bucked into him causing him to hum in satisfaction sending vibrations up my body.I arched my back as he curled his finger inside me brushing against my g spot. My reactions caused him to groan as his started sucking on my chest. I whimpered when he added another finger to join the other.  I came close to my release before he pulled away suddenly causing me to whine. Without warning he pushed my legs up before he slammed into me causing me to moan out. He gave a smirk before slamming into me again finding his rhythm. I bit my lip as grabbed my hips bringing me down to meet his thrusts.

“Ah Paul.”, I moaned as he latched onto my neck.

“Don’t call me that.”, he stated and I bit my lip with a grin. “Yes daddy.”

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders pulling him closer as I clenched around him. My eyes fluttered closed as my thighs began to sting from his thrusts but it only turned me on more. He emitted a low growl before kissing me harshly and sliding out. I went to protest but he flipped me over so my face was in the pillow and my ass facing him. He rubbed the tip along my slit before sliding back into me.

“Oh god!”, I shouted ignoring the fact Maggie and Sasha were out there.

His thrusts sped up while his grip on my hips tightened as he hit my g-spot over and over again. I could feel he was close. His thumb rubbed circles around my clit and I screamed out as I came on his length. He chuckled before a groan passed his lips as he came shortly after. He let me rode out my high before pulling out and collapsing next to me. His arm was wrapped around my waist as I caught my breath. A knock on the door was heard again followed by Maggie’s voice.

“Paul, you could’ve told us you were busy.”, she laughed and I smiled before giving him a passionate kiss.

“You see what you do to me?”, he asked and I nodded. “I know.”

I Love You - Carl Gallagher
prompt: can u do a one shot where carl gallagher and the reader are either making out or doing the dirty (whatever you’re more comfortable with) and then he mumbles i love you and he had never told the reader but then she tells him she loves him too and lots of fluff? thanks!

“Mmm Carl I’m gonna cum.” You moaned out looking up to Carl, this wasn’t just a statement this was you asking permission.
“Go ahead baby girl, cum for daddy.” You came undone with these words. We both rolled onto our backs and breathed in the sex filled air, it was intoxicating. In the midst of this you heard a mumble, it wasn’t loud but you could definitely hear. You didn’t know if it was your orgasm or his words but your stomach flipped.
“I love you.” Those words had never left his mouth when it came to you, you didn’t mind you knew he wasn’t experienced with good stable relationships, but here you were. “Carl…” you were in shocked and he was scared. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t of said that I ruined the moment.” “No, no my pussy has never been wetter, I’m just shocked I didn’t think I’d ever hear you say that.” He chuckled at your choice of words. “I know I took forever to say it but I was scared you wouldn’t feel the same, it’d be just like the others.” He frowned.
“No baby I really do love you truly, never forget that.” I pulled him into a hug, he was really just a soft kid with a big heart trying to survive. “Well baby I love you, I really do.” We both smiled and he pulled out another condom. “I think I’ll be the judge of how wet your pussy is baby.” Yeah you sure do love this boy.


requested: “Can you do an imagine about the media talking about how shawn cheated on you and how toxic y/n’s relationship with shawn and then y/n started getting worried and its just fluffy and cute.”

authors note: i hope this is okay. i know what it’s like to have people constantly talk about your love life and giving you a bad rep and all that. i’ve experienced it, and i can’t imagine what it would be like to date shawn, where people would constantly be talking about your relationship with him. i didn’t write about him cheating on y/n bc i wrote this the other day and told myself that i was gunna incorporate the cheating part but i’ve been sick, and i was feeling kinda lazy on editing this imagine and adding more stuff to it. i sincerely apologize and hope u enjoy this imagine anyway tho.

“Reasons why Shawn Mendes shouldn’t be dating Y/N Y/L/N.”

“Treat You Better singer Shawn Mendes, supposedly breaking things off with long time girlfriend Y/N.”

You read multiple headlines and articles talking about your relationship with Shawn. You’ve been dating Shawn for a while so you were usually used to the media making up dumb rumors for attention. But lately you and Shawn haven’t exactly been on the same page, and it looked like the media could tell. The articles didn’t bother you that much, it was mostly what his fans had to say that hurt.

@/shawnmendesfanacc: ok but shawn doesn’t seem happy lately and i’m kinda worried it’s bc of y/n

@/shawnmendesfanacc2: guys shawn hasn’t posted any pictures of y/n on his snapchat lately and if that doesn’t worry u idk what will

Most of his fanbase was supportive of your relationship and so you had seen other tweets from them saying nice things to him, and wishing him well. Other tweets you saw were even wishing you well, and saying things like “I hope Shawn and Y/N are okay. They’ve been together for so long, they need each other.”

They were right about that. You did need each other, but they were also right about him not seeming that happy lately. You and Shawn haven’t had any huge arguments or anything, but lately you were just bickering about stupid things that for some reason got in the way of your relationship. You had told him several times that you thought it was the distance, but he only denied you. You were worried. Worried about him, worried about your relationship.

After reading several articles and viewing subscribed snapchat stories, you decided you’d had enough. Your relationship with Shawn was real, and you were both always honest with each other, so you figured if you just told Shawn how you felt, then maybe he’d understand. And so you wiped any tears from your eyes and picked up your phone to dial Shawn’s number.

Surprisingly, he answered almost immediately saying, “Hey love.”

"Shawn.” You said quietly and paused for a small second thinking of how you were going to say what you wanted to say.

"I know this might be dumb but like, have you seen all the recent articles and crap that have been put out about us? And not to mention what your fans are saying. Look, I know lately we haven’t been on the same page, and I’m sorry about that. But you haven’t exactly said anything about it, and it makes me feel like you don’t care, I don’t know. All I’m saying is, if you wanna end things then we can but like.. Why haven’t you said anything Shawn!!??“ You were getting a little frustrated and you probably sounded overdramatic but you didn’t care. This is how you felt, and you wanted him to know.

You heard Shawn let out a quiet laugh through the phone and that frustrated you even more.

"Oh so you think I’m joking or something?” You said trying not to lose it.

“No baby, of course not. Listen okay? You’re right, we haven’t been on the same page lately. But guess what darling? All relationships are like this. I’m not gunna leave you just because you yelled at me for not eating dinner, or because we don’t agree on global warming.” You chewed on your lip as your boyfriend spoke. You opened your mouth to say something but he cut you off.

“And the media can suck it. Those articles are what’s worrying my fans, making them think that I’m not happy or whatever. I thought about tweeting something about it but I didn’t wanna cause any drama of some sort. But maybe now I will. Either way Y/N, the media is always going to talk. Whether it be about my happiness or yours, or ours. But I’ll still love you. Always.” And with that, you felt so much better. Shawn’s sweet rambling always warmed your heart and it made you feel better to know that he probably hasn’t said anything about all this, was because he honestly wasn’t worried about any of it. Your silly arguments would never get in the way of his love for you and that made you happy to know.

“I love you too.” Was all you could think to say.

There was some small silence over the phone when suddenly a Twitter notification went off. You pulled your phone away from your ear to look at your screen. It was Shawn, tweeting a link to one of those articles, but putting a caption above it.

@/ShawnMendes: sorry “People” magazine but, y/n and i are still together! actually, i’m missing her terribly right now haha

“Shawnnn, I miss you too.” You said through the phone, your heart fluttering. You were lucky to have someone like Shawn who you knew would always come through during small rough patches like this.

Just Business- Negan (JDM) (Part Two) (Smut)

Part one, Part Three


Aghh! I love your Negan posts! I cannot wait for the show tonight, I love JDM. Can I request a part 2 for the Just Business post? Whenever you have time :-) thanks for your AMAZING posts!!

Can u do a part 2 for just business

hi!! I love your negan imagines and was wondering if you do a Dom!negan smut where there’s quite a big age gap between him and the reader (she’s not a minor tho) and make it kinda sweet but still a little angsty??? tysm 💕

Would you mind doing some more Negan smut 😍 I love your writing, but would you mind doing one without the daddy kink and just some slight bondage? Thank you love.

Tagging: (I tagged everyone who liked the requests so there’s a lot) @crzcorgi @outlast-fnaf-bio-stuck @grindonmegrimes @wickedkittycat @crazytxgradstudent @leatherandwinchesters @dida9189 @alykatv @mohkafe @baes-all-over-the-world @angelatronnn @sprinklies @charlottexrp @a-goddessofmischief @dreamerpikachu @albicelestezzz @supernatural-cheerleader @leatherandwinchesters @3savagemonster3 @wickedwitch1306 @oliviakhaleesiclinging @albicelestezzz @the-one-and-only-vampcake @wolfieshadow @green-eyed-asexual @albicelestezzz  @girlfuckewd

Warnings: Smut, light bondage, oral (female recieving), gagging, rough sex

IM SO SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG!!! Might do a part three?

You were tied to a chair, the rope was digging into your wrists and a gag stopping your speech.

Dwight was in front of you a smirk on his face and a horrid look in his eyes. The burnt side of his face was healing but it looked disgusting and made you want to gag.

“You’re people will be looking for you soon, you’ll know not to mess with us again when I’m done with you…” He stepped closer and you tried to move back into the chair, hoping to disappear into it.

You cringe away as he rested his hands on your restrained arms and lent over you. You were relieved when a deep voice made him leap back almost.

“Dwight Get away from her!” Negan snarled walking in. “She is our guest.” His hands came around to the back of your head and untied your gag.

“I’m not feeling like a guest.” You scowl and move your mouth around, enjoying the release from the gag.

He chuckled and placed the beautiful Lucille in the corner of the room, only two strides away as it was like a box. “Dwight leave, you make her uncomfortable.”

With that order he was gone, closing the door behind him and Negan started to pace in front of you.

“So why did you bring me here?” you ask with a smirk.

Negan looked over at you with a smirk of his own, “We’ll I believe you’ve been giving me mix signals…”

You raise an eyebrow, “Excuse me?”

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you know, i bet sera and anders would get along rlly well.

because like, even tho anders is a weirdy mage he uses his magic to help the little people, and sera would really appreciate that.

and sera has exactly the shitty sense of humor that anders would appreciate, she would really help him lighten up.

and can u imagine these two assholes planning pranks to play on the templars? like sera wouldnt like templars much more than anders does, beause they abuse their powers and stomp on the little people. she’d love to bring them down a peg. 

anonymous asked:

i want james and lena to be friends sooo bad can u imagine if like he starts calling her "kiddo" bc shes literally like over ten years younger than him and she acts like shes so annoyed by it but she loves it im gonna cry bith


I can’t do this alone.

im SOOO so in love with your stories So ~ I have to ask.( and i read all of your Harry potter stuff so i dont know if u write it yet ) how about something more sad at the beginnig and turning into good Thing bla bla . Beeing the Twins Friend from day one. Later Georges Girlfriend and helping him over Freds Death. I dont know. It could be difficult, may the get married and named thier son fred. Idk. I would love to read a Scenario like that. Let your awsome Imagination free. And sry bad English

The Great hall was crowded. The battle was finally over. Y/N couldn’t believe it, after all those years, he is gone. Voldemort is gone. But all she cared about now was finding George, her boyfriend. Y/N walked past people who were hugging, crying, kissing, … and she hoped that he was alright. When the battle had started they each went their own way, saying they would meet here. But here she was, and she didn’t see him. She was sacred, what if he was killed, she would never forgive herself. Her eyes scanned the people and finally, far away in the back of the hall, she saw Bill. She ran towards him. Tears were running over his cheeks and Y/N’s throat tightened. “no”, she thought, “no please, don’t tell me it’s true”. “Y/N, oh dear”, Mrs. Weasley said as she saw the H/C girl. The Weasley family was gathered around a person, who laid lifeless on the floor. “w-what happened?”, She finally managed to get out, “where is George, and Fred? Please Molly don’t say that-“. But her voice got more quiet, until she didn’t get a word out anymore. “Fred, he … he-“ “no, no! Not Fred!”, Y/N said. She walked past Molly, seeing the twins. Fred’s eyes were closed, George was sobbing, holding his brothers shirt as his head laid on his chest. The whole Weasley family was crying but Y/N didn’t.

“this isn’t real”, She said. Her hands grabbed her hair, tears forming in her eyes. “this isn’t true, this is a dream, right Bill, tell me I’m dreaming” but the older Weasley shook his head. “I’m so sorry, Y/N”, he said as he hugged her. Once his arms were around her body, she started sobbing, this wasn’t a dream. She really did lose her best friend. “no, no this isn’t real, stop it!”, Y/N said as she sobbed. All the laughs and the hugs and pranks, she’ll never do that again. No new memories, no new stupid inside jokes. He was gone, forever. “g-go home, George you too, you can’t stay here”, Mrs. Weasley said as she tried to pull George of Fred’s cold, limp body. “NO! I’M NOT LEAVING HIM”, George screamed. His voice echoed through the Great Hall. People gave them a pity look. “George, please”, Mrs. Weasley said, trying to hold back her own tears. George eventually gave up, not having the strength or courage to do anything anymore.

It was months after Fred’s death, but nobody even tried to do anything. The house felt empty, and silent. Mrs. Weasley didn’t talk, Percy quit his job in the Ministry and Charlie didn’t go back to Romania to take care of the dragons. And George? George didn’t leave his room, only when he had to go to the bathroom or to eat something, which he barely did. And after all those months, Y/N didn’t know what to do. Should she leave the Weasley’s alone for a while or should she be there with them? It was just as hard for her as for the others. And after all, she was still heart broken. From Fred and from George. George never contacted her, never tried to reach out. Nothing. She knew he needed to be alone but she didn’t know it would take him 6 months to reach out to her. And she needed him now. So she decided it was time. “Y/N, dear, come in”, Mrs. Weasley said as she saw Y/N stand on the porch. “thank you”, Y/N said as she walked inside. Everybody was in the living room. Bill, Percy, Ron and Ginny, even Charlie was there. Everyone but Fred and George. “Hi Y/N”, everybody said. “hey”, She said before she got tackled by Ginny, who hugged her so tight she could barely breath. “I thought I’d never see you again, that I lost you too”, She said as tears ran down her pale cheeks. “Of course not, you won’t lose me”, Y/N said as she hugged the girl, running her hand over her back. Everybody was silent as Ginny let Y/N go. “George is upstairs, he won’t come out of his room or talk to us” “he just lost his twin brother, Ginny” “And I lost my brother!”, Ginny snapped back at Ron, “please talk to him Y/N”.

All of the Weasley’s were now looking at Y/N hoping she would help them. They hoped that she could get the old George back. “I’ll talk to him, don’t worry”, Y/N said, as she walked towards the stairs. She passed the large clock in the kitchen and she looked at the pictures of the twins. Fred and George’s were on ‘Lost’ which made Y/N’s heart break.

He knocked on the wooden door of George’s room. “I’m not hungry”, said a weak voice from behind it. “it’s me”, Y/N said, her voice was quiet. She hoped that George wanted to see her, but she doubted he would want that now. But the door did open and once again she felt a pair of arms around her body, pressing all the air out of her lungs. “Y/N”, George said, like he didn’t believe his own girlfriend stood in front of him now, after 6 whole months with no contact. “It’s me, it’s okay”, she said as she felt tears fall on her shoulder were George’s head was now. “I-I”, George started but Y/N shushed him “go sit down, I think we need to talk”, She said, her voice sweet and caring gosh George missed this but after what happened, George didn’t know what to do. And he didn’t want to hurt Y/N, so he blocked her out of his world, and now she was standing here, in front of him. Her E/C eyes staring right in his soul and he, once again, felt safe and not alone. George took her hand and guided her towards his bed. George’s room didn’t change and Y/N thought that he didn’t even touch anything which was once Fred’s. “Georgie”, Y/N said, holding his hand as she sat down next to him on the soft mattress. “I know what you’re going to say, but I can’t move on”, George said before Y/N could go one. “Not what I wanted to say, but you should at least take care of yourself George, talk to somebody, eat something”, Y/N tried. But she knew that George wouldn’t just do what she said. He was having trouble. “everything I do reminds me of him, this room, the shop, and I can’t do this alone”, George said as he started crying again. Y/N felt her heart break as she saw George’s face. It was red and his cheeks were wet. “I miss him too, but he wouldn’t want this, he wouldn’t want to see you like this”, Y/N said as she held her hand on George’s cheek, “ and listen to me George Weasley, you’ll never be alone, Fred is probably looking at you and I’m by your side and so is your family George, it hurts them to see you like this” “you don’t know what it’s like, Y/N, I look in the mirror and I think I see Fred and then I realize it’s me and not him and I just wished it was me that died instead of him”, George said as she stood up suddenly. His hands were clenched into fists. “George, please”, Y/N said, a tear slipping from the corner of her eye. It hurts her to see George like this and she knew that she couldn’t help. George looked at his girlfriend and saw her crying. And it was like something inside of him clicked. He wasn’t the only one in pain, and by acting like this he only caused more pain.

Y/N covered her face with her hands and she sobbed in them. She felt the bed dip next to her and a pair of arms hugged her smaller body tightly. “I-I know you’re right, but I don’t know how to go further without Fred”, George said as he put his hand in Y/N’s H/C hair. Her body relaxed a bit and the sobbed slowed down. “but I can try, and I hope you’ll help me”, George said. Y/N looked at him. Her E/C eyes were red and George cussed himself for hurting her even more than she already was. “Of course I’ll help you”, She eventually said,” and we’re going to take it slow” “how?”, George asked her. Y/N stood up, taking George’s hand. “first of all, you’re going to eat something, you were always skinny George, but now it’s unhealthy. And you’re going to sit with your family”, Y/N guided him down the staircase. George walked in the living room, making everybody look at him. “George”, Mrs. Weasley said. “oh dear, I’m so glad you’re out of your room, oh dear”, She said as she hugged her son tightly. George patted her back as she let him go, “I’ll make something to eat”. Ginny walked up to Y/N, taking her away from the living room. “thank you”, She said. Once again Ginny hugged Y/N, her head resting on her shoulder. “it’s the least I can do”, Y/N said. She smiled once she saw George take a bit of a sandwich. “will he be alright?”, Ginny asked.  “he will be, but he needs time, and guidance, and I don’t mind helping him”, Y/N said. In the corner of her eyes she looked at the clock, George’s picture slowly moved. Y/N smiled once she saw it move to ‘home’ and she hoped that it would never go back to ‘lost’. Ginny had walked back to the living room without that Y/N noticed. “Love?”, George’s voice came from behind her. Y/N spun around, meeting his gaze. “Thank you”, He said as he hugged her. “You’re welcome, but please, don’t block me out anymore”, Y/N answered. George nodded as he kissed her slowly but lovingly. “I’ll never do that again, I need you, I only realized that today, a bit to late but I did realize it”, George said, with a small chuckle. “And I’ll always be here for you, Georgie, I won’t leave, you can always count on me, okay?”, She said as she hugged George tightly. Cause after all what happened, she felt happiness. Because George was finally home.


it was now a year after Fred’s death. George was still struggling while the other Weasley’s could place it easier. And Y/N, she was still helping George, she was always there for him. They even bought a little apartment, close to the joke shop, which George and Y/N now opened again, just so they could be together and Y/N could help George whenever he needed to be helped. “George, we’re going to be late”, Y/N said as she put her last hoe on. George walked in the room, smiling at Y/N. “you look lovely”, He said as he kissed her, “and honestly, mom is used to it by now that we’re always late” “it’s still not an excuse to come in too late”, Y/N said with a small smile.

Mrs. Weasley had invited the two of them over for dinner and it has been a while since George last saw his family, so they gladly accepted. “Y/N, George, come in”, Mister Weasley said as they stood in front of the door “thank you mister Weasley”, Y/N said as she walked past him. “How lovely to see you again, go sit down, dinner is almost ready you’re late George!”, Mrs. Weasley said as she saw George walk behind Y/N. “I know, I’m sorry mum”, He laughed as he hugged her. They quickly sat down at the table where the rest of the family was. Y/N got into a conversation with Hermione about the Ministry and Bill talked to George. “you seem tense”, He stated. George nodded. “why?”, His brother asked. “you’ll see later”, George answered. Mrs. Weasley walked outside with the last bowl of food. “well, enjoy!”, She said. The rest of the dinner was silent. Bill gave George weird glances and questioning looks and Y/N soon saw it. After dinner the girls helped cleaning the table and the boys went to the living room. “why was Bill looking at George in that … weird way?”, Y/N asked Ginny, who shrugged. “no idea”, She said simply as she dried off the last plate. “now, let’s go to the other”. The living room was filled with chatter and laughter and at the moment that Y/N sat down next to Harry, George took his chance. “can I have everybody’s attention for a minute”, he asked as he stood in front of everybody. Everybody went silent and looked at George. “Y/N can you come here?”, He then asked. Ginny pushed Y/N out of the sofa so she almost fell in George’s arms.

“Y/N, I know you for … I lost count of how many years but, I know one thing, I don’t regret it at all. You’ve been the best girlfriend anybody can ask for. We had ups and downs, but we got through it and you’ve always been by my side to support me. And after Fred’s death, I’ve locked you out of my life for 6 months and then suddenly you stood in front of me again. And I fell in love again. So I only have one question. Y/N Y/L/N, will you marry me?”, George said as he kneeled down and held a blue box in front of her. He opened the box, a big diamond ring inside of it. “Yes!”, Y/N somehow managed to get out. Everybody cheered as George and Y/N kissed. “I-I have also something to confess”, Y/N said as everybody got quiet again, “I’m pregnant”. Mrs. Weasley gasped and stood up to hug Y/N who was now crying tears of happiness. Once Mrs. Weasley stood up, George put his hands on Y/N’s arms. “how long?”, He asked, no emotion in his voice. “6 weeks”, She said. Y/N looked at George who stayed quiet. And then suddenly she felt two arms pick her up and spin her around. She giggled as George kissed her face over and over. “promise me one thing”, George said. Y/N nodded. “if it’s a boy, we call him Fred” “promise”

9 months later the Weasley welcome a new baby boy in the family, Fred Arthur Weasley. And George couldn’t be more happy with his new son and wife.

Auston Matthews - Tamales

*Side note Auston’s Momma is beautiful!* 

Can u do one with auston Matthews maybe where you’re Mexican too and you know how to speak Spanish and you cook him food (like Mexican food like menudo or chorizo con papas or tamales or something) and you and his mom get along really well (It’s okay if Like your busy I understand)

Author’s Note: I love this one! When I saw it I got super happy. My babysitter growing up spoke no English, so she taught me more about my roots then anyone. And every Friday the neighborhood made all different Mexican dishes for us to eat.  I do warn you that my Spanish is very rust. So I might get something wrong. Although I did suck at learning it too. - Julianne

You had just got done making the Masa when you got a call from Auston.

“Hey babe, what’s up?” You asked starting to make the filling for your Tamales.

“Nothing much. I was wondering if I could come over.” He asked sounding unsure of his words.

“Of course! The doors unlock so let yourself in my hands are a little messy.” You said while grabbing your pot and steam.

“Okay see you in a few. Love you.” He said

“Love you too.” You said hanging up.

You had just got done making the filling for the Tamales when Auston came in.

“Hey babe….are you…are you making Tamales?” Auston said as you turned around to face him.

I am…oh who this?” You said pointing your elbow to the lady standing next to Auston’s side.

“Y/N this is my mom Ema, Mom this is my girlfriend Y/N.” Auston said giving you a smile.

“Oh Dios Mio” You said looking shock. “Sorry..um it’s…it’s so nice to meet you finally I just wish someone gave me a heads up first.” You said looking at Auston.

“It’s wonderful to finally meet you.” She said pulling you in for a hug. “Son estos tamales?” She asked. “I love Tamales.”

“I do to. I haven’t made them in so long, so I thought tonight was a good time.” You said rolling the tamale up in a corn husk.

“Do you mind if I help?” Ema said putting her purse down.

“Of course not!” You said smiling.

Auston stood in the doorway watching you and his mom. The smile on both of your faces were priceless. He took his phone out and snapped a picture to post on Instagram. “Bonding over Tamales!” He wrote. After it was posted his placed his phone back in his pocket and walked over to you and his mom.

“How did I not know my girlfriend was Mexican?” He said wrapping his arms around your back side.

“You never asked.” You laughed placing another tamale in the streamer.

“Mom or dad?” he said pulling away.

“Dad, but I learned it all from my grandma since my dad wasn’t around. She use to make fresh tortilla’s every morning. I remember loving the smell so much I asked her to teach me some dishes.” You said placing the last tamale in the streamer.

“Your grandma sounds like a wonderful lady.” Ema said as she washed her hands.

After dinner you and Ema cleaned up while Auston watched the hockey game.

“I have to say I’m happy Auston found such a wonderful girl like you. Plus now he can have tamales whenever.” SHe laughed handing you the clean dish.

“Thank you for raising such a wonderful man.” You said back smiling.

“Next time we are making menudo.” She said smiling.

“Oh yes! I haven’t had that in years.” You said laughing.


anonymous asked:

Hello! Can you do a scenario for Lance helping his s/o while they're on their period and having awful cramps? Thank you so much, have a lovely day!

;;;hello!! Thank u sm for sending + i hope u have a wonderful day too!!! I wrote this with gender neutral pronouns so that it’s trans friendly :>

    Lance forces down the last of his cup of space juice, groaning as the bitter, sour taste kills his tastebuds. He would have had Hunk make him a proper breakfast if he had any more of an appetite, but right now he feels like space juice is the only thing that’ll energize him for the training session soon. Otherwise, he just chugged down a full cup of that nectar of the gods for nothing.

    Honestly, he’s been too concerned over [Y/N] to have an appetite. The last few days, they’ve been moodier than usual, enough so that Lance had begun wondering if something was bothering them. But [Y/N] always dismissed him with the usual ‘I’m fine’ or ‘You worry too much’. So he stopped asking, assuming that the space juice must have some kind of Altean behavior fluctuation ingredient Coran hasn’t told them about.

    Hunk walked up to him, already clad in his suit as he leans an elbow against the wall, “Lance, I haven’t seen [Y/N] come out of their room. We’re training soon, and you know how Allura gets when we slack off…”

    Lance stares at him, his eyebrow cocking, “What, really? Maybe [Y/N] just slept in on accident.” He feels a tinge of concern rise in his chest, “I mean, they can’t be, right? No one can sleep through Coran’s old man voice yelling through the intercom.” He points out to himself out loud, his gaze falling onto the marble floor of the kitchen.

    “Dude, I think you should go find out for yourself.” Hunk suggests, lifting his shoulders into a loose shrug, “Everyone’s probably gonna be waiting on them, then the whole schedule gets jacked, and Allura gets pisse–”

    “Okay, Hunk, I get it.” Lance gives him a lopsided smile. It must be nothing, right? He had just checked up on them the night before. He turns and starts towards the doorway, “I’ll be back with [Y/N] in no time, don’t start training without us!”

… . .

    Sure enough, [Y/N]’s door is still closed shut when Lance stumbles upon it. The touch pad beside the doors is red, indicating its non vacancy.

    “Knock, knock.” Lance purrs, pressing his wrist plate to the scanner to unlock it, “[Y/N], I’m coming in, alright?”

    When the doors part, Lance peeks inside. At first, he sees no one, but it takes a double take to spot the lump of blanket on the bed. Of course [Y/N] slept in.

    He steps in, hearing the doors automatically shut behind him as he approaches the bedside. He’s subconsciously walking soundlessly, trying to avoid waking them up more abruptly than needed, he’s learned the hard way not to use that fashion with [Y/N]. The bed dips a little when he sits down, and the bunched outline in the covers shifts, stifling a muffled groan.

    “[Y/N], you know we always practice early on Mondays.” Lance smiles a little, reaching over to pull the covers off of the sleeping beauty, “Come on, you’re the only one not up yet, sleepyhead.”

    [Y/N] doesn’t even try to stop him from pulling the cover away. Which is surprising, because usually they don’t like him seeing them with bed hair or anything. And when he uncovers their face, he can see that they look like absolute shit.

    Their hair is slicked to their forehead with sweat, face twisted and strained as if they’re in pain. [Y/N] doesn’t even open their eyes, only letting out another whimper as they reach up to cover their face.

    “Not training today.”

    Lance stares down at them, taking a moment to register their condition. Then, he clicks, “[Y/N], what’s wrong with y–I mean, no offense, but you look pretty awful?” He moves to rake the damp hair from their face, frowning worriedly, “What’s wrong?”

    They’re quiet for a moment, before shifting onto their back and looking up at Lance with a dim gaze, “Calm down, alright? That time of the month again, but it feels worse than usual, that’s all.”

    Lance’s eyebrows furrow, failing to feel relieved at all by their attempts to dismiss their health, “What do you mean ‘that’s all’? You look a few days passed death, I don’t think that’s okay.” [Y/N] only sighs and turns away in response, so he goes on to scoot closer and rub circles on their back, “Do you need anything? Food? Space juice? I’ll get you anything, just name it.”

    [Y/N] thinks for a moment, easing into his touch leisurely, “A heating pad would be nice.”

    Lance nods, already lifting himself off of the bed despite being reluctant to leave their side so soon, “Got it, I’ll get one out of the infirmary.” [Y/N] already closes their eyes once more before he leaves a chaste kiss on their forehead, smiling playfully as they flinch and blink up at him owlishly, face flushing, “I’m sure the others will excuse you from training, too! Don’t worry about it.”

    Lance makes his way back towards the doors, pausing before entering the proximity of the motion sensor, “You know, maybe the healing pods could work their magic on something like this…” He’s half joking as he lifts a quizzical finger to his chin in thought.

    “Lance. The heating pad.

    “Oh, right–!”

“I’m crying! These are so good!!! I don’t wanna be the girl who requests something u JUST did but I loved your Wally West imagine (bc I love Wally West and I think u nailed him). If you could maybe possibly sorta do a proposal imagine and/or a “living with/being asked to live with Wally” imagine. I’m sorry please don’t hate me I just loved it so much. I’ve only read two of the imagines (I’ve read the Wally west one multiple times though). Can’t wait to see what else you’ve got” 

This one goes out to you hellomgann1296. Thank’s for the request. Hope you love it! 

“Okay Y/N now just move it a little towards the right…”

You looked at your boyfriend with tired eyes. “Wally I have been moving it towards the right. I’ve been moving it towards the right for hours.”

“Well I don’t know how else to put it in there.”

You moaned again as you put your side of the couch down. “Look I’m tired and frustrated and starting to hate this couch. I know you needed help moving into your new place but I need a break.”

You went towards the kitchen where you took a seat at the kitchen table you guys just put into his new apartment. You guys have been together for about 7 months now. With Wally everything was fast and exciting. Literally. So you thought about taking your relationship to the next level. Moving in together.

Though that idea was shattered when Wally told you he got a new apartment. You were angry, but at the same time sad that he didn’t want to ask you to live with him. You just figured that he probably wasn’t ready for such a big commitment. You accepted it, but it didn’t help when he asked you to help him move.

Wally used his super speed to come sit next to you. “Okay, I understand.” He kissed you on the cheek. “How about I get some takeout and you go freshen up in the bathroom.”

“How are you gonna get out of here when the couch is in the doorway?”

He looked at me confused. “How do you think I got through the door into the kitchen?”

You blush out of embarrassment as you playfully hit him on the side. He grabbed your hand and kissed it. “Be back in a flash.”

You squinched up your nose as you took back your hand. “Don’t say that Barry Jr.”

He smiled as he sped off. You walked around his new apartment with that sad feeling you were feeling before. As you walked into the bathroom, you threw some water on your face and looked into the mirror. You grabbed a towel that you bought for Wally as a present. You looked around the bathroom some more as your eye caught glimpse of a small red box on the counter. You grabbed it and held it within your hands as delicately as you could, wondering what it could be? A necklace? A bracelet? Or is it a-?

“Y/N I’m back.” said Wally.

You took the box and went towards the kitchen.Hiding it behind your back. “Hey. That didn’t take long.”

“Yea I know right.” he said as he put the food down on the table. “Can’t wait to dig in!”

“Can I ask you a question before we start eating?”

“Sure babe.”

“What is this?” You pulled out the box from behind your back and showed him. He looked at it, back to you, then back to the box. Then he smacked himself on the forehead.

“Aww man. I forgot I left it in the bathroom.” he said. He took the box from your hand and smiled at you. “I was going to ask you this after we moved in all of the stuff. But since we got side tracked with the couch, I guess now is pretty good.”

He got down on one knee and you gasped as he opened the box. Inside the box…was a…key. “Y/N Y/L/N will you make me the happiest guy in the world and move in with me?”

You went in to hug him, resulting in knocking you both on the ground. You gave him multiple kisses on the face.

“I thought you would never ask.”

things that happened after the events of aaddtsotu

  • dante and ari went on many, adorable, shitty dates. dante found out it’s not just girls who like it when you buy them milkshakes
  • gina didn’t find out they were dating until she, ari and susie were talking about kissing boys and she was like “what would u know” and ari was like well, actually
  • honestly as much as i love this book sometimes i wish it was set later because can you imagine dante and aristotle’s text converations
  • dante and gina become best friends. ari jokes about dante trying to replace him. dante and gina gossip about ari a lot
  • dante is more effected by homophobic comments in public than he shows
  • they get high in the desert and make out. dante didnt expect this to happen since he kinda Broke up with his dealer but ari was like “you left him to die in an alley if you dont do this i will break your legs”
  • when they get married, dante’s little sister is the flower girl
  • ari contemplates the fact that they figured out they were gay with each other and theyre still dating. what if theyre doing the whole gay thing all wrong and they dont know bc theyve never dated anyone else? dante says speak for yourself ari, it’s not his fault u suck at being gay
  • ari buys dante a pair of those water shoes for his birthday so he can wear shoes on the swim team. dante is horribly offended
  • dante’s arms start to heal. he always had more secrets then he let on
  • dante talks about his reaction to first seeing ari got really hot with all those muscles. ari is so embarrassed
  • dante is a very demanding boyfriend. he insists that ari has to “grill him a cheese” and ari is like oh my god you lazy ass do it yourself
  • ari saved all the letters dante wrote him from chicago, even the horribly embarrassing ones. he teases dante about them later
  • they probably go on roadtrips and shit together. fucking losers
  • dante discovers how easy it is to make ari blush. he has such a good time with this
  • dante quits his job at the drugstore. his dad pesters him about getting a job. dante explains he doesn’t need a job, dad, he’ll just marry ari for the money

- Mikaela Hyakuya, who are you?
- Who I am? Who I am… Can you tell me just looking at me?… I am just a filthy vampire.

A Little Less Sixteen Shades, A Little More “Contour”

Pairing: Draco x Reader

Requested by @caswhatareyoudoingstahp : hey!! I love ur blog, just btw, ur writing is absolutely fabulous. I was wondering if u could do a Draco x reader where the reader loves makeup and has like a huge collection and one day draco just sits down and she explains everything to him, like super fluffy. thanks!! 

A/N- please ignore the fact that guys can’t access the girl’s dorms for this fic. Thanks so much!! I really hope you like this!  :) 

Delicately placing the sea of varying make up brushes into their set place, you begin to hum mindlessly to yourself. A pair of gentle hands brush your sides before wrapping themselves around your stomach like vines. 

You nestle back into the comforting arms gladly. Draco kisses your cheek softly before resting his chin on your shoulder. “What you doing, love?” he asks curiously. Observing with childish interest, the kaleidoscopic assortment of eye shadows that you have compartmentalised.

“Oh, I’m just sorting out my makeup.” you say enthusiastically. You’re very meticulous when it comes to makeup; with it being one of your deep passions. 

“Makeup…what in Salazar’s name is that?” Draco asks in bewilderment. “And what’re all these brushes for? Surely you can’t paint with those things..?” he finishes gesturing to the mountain of brushes set along the shared vanity table.

“Haha, of course not! They’re for putting on blush and…” you trail off as its evident on Draco’s thoroughly confused face that he has no clue what you’re on about.

Stepping out of Draco’s secure hold, you sit on the fluffy carpet rug and animately open out your box. Draco settles next to you and his left arm finds its way around your waist again and you blush lightly. You lean over to claim his lips momentarily, leaving him rather dazed. 

You begin to open each compartment and allow him to look. “So.” you start. The ecstatic energy buzzes off you like the electrical currents on barbed wire.

“And you use this for contouring your cheek bones to make them more defined but don’t ever put this on before using this. Trust me, I learnt that the hard way…” you continue rambling passionately; holding up various products as you do so. 

You glance over at Draco with a face that closely resembles the midday sun and eyes the size of awe-inspiring stars. The pulse-raising sight of him cuts you off. Draco’s angelic face holds a fond smile and his cobalt irises spellbind you with their unmistakeable portrayal of adoration. 

“What…?” you mumble bashfully. Self-consciously tugging at a loose strand of hair. A deep blush seeps through your cheeks which you mentally try to push back.

He just shakes his head adorably. Locks of his platinum hair ruffle slightly as though a zephyr has flittered through them. A toothy smile adorns his face and a light blush dusts his cheeks. 

Draco reaches a tender hand over to cup your face. His large thumb lightly caresses your cheek while his other hand brushes the strands of (h/c) hair away from your face.

Then he removes his hand. You pout sadly and consider whining. A light chuckle escapes Draco’s plump lips. “Come here, love.” he says gently. You crawl into his awaiting arms and nestle comfortably in his lap. 

With your back pressed against his chest, you resume your explanation of all the products. Grinning like the Cheshire Cat at Draco’s marvelling eyes.

“Now I hope you were listening Draco…Because I might make you do my makeup.” you tease playfully.

“Of course. I could do it blindfolded.” he boasts triumphantly.

“I’ll be holding you to that, sweetheart.” you wink evily. 

“Is that a challenge?” he asks lowly.

“Depends on the prize.” you say suggestively. Draco eyes you idily for a moment while he thinks of a worthy prize.

“Five chocolate frogs.” he says quickly.

“Make it ten and we have ourselves a challenge.” you negotiate manipulatively. 

“Deal.” he grins evily. Before you snuggle back into him. After a few moments you both erupt into uncontrollable laughter. Eyes watering, stomachs aching  and chests heaving, you cherish this incredible moment in time:

The moment where you and Draco nearly piss yourselves on Pansy’s bed from a fit of irrational laughter.