i love him more than i love cookies

So here’s the thing

Yes Sara loves Scott more than life itself. She loves him more than she loves brownies and chocolate chip cookies, hard to believe I know.

But that does not stop her from messing with him.

And that means that every week he receives photos of their expeditions that become increasingly more elaborate.

It starts off harmless sure, the wish you were hear photos and hey I found this cool plant photos. But then.

One day Scott recieves a photo of a literal man-eating plant.

She sends him a photo of her and vetra wearing shades with spewing lava in the very-near background.

Liam picks up on this and soon he’s in a good majority of the photos and basically they’re both just giant goofy nerds

One day he gets a photo of Sara with a very confused Kallo in the background with the caption “I have a cute boyfriend and you don’t #suckit” and Scott is personally insulted that she didn’t tell him sooner

Then he receives a photo of Drack holding Sara over the edge of a cliff and he had a fucking heart attack.

She once sent him a blurry picture of her running frantically away from a hoard of giant beetles, and he later gets a photo of her stuck in a hole she used to escape the bugs, with Jaal trying to help her out and liam dying of laughter in the background. Basically she starts giving him a heart attack once a week.

He gives up on scolding her for being reckless after getting a photo of her, liam and Jaal silhouetted by a huge explosion. It’s no longer advised for his health.

Re: mended hearts and many reasons why

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+ “You like me more than you like him/her, right? Right?”
+ “I love you, you know that right?” “Yes, but why?”
+ “That’s my ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.” “Well, kiss me so they see.”

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Words: 1054
Requested by: anon

written for my 600+ Followers Drabbles Event

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“Shiver” - Kurt/Blaine

from a one-word prompt: “shiver”

Inspired by the recent weather (if you live in the northeast quarter of the States like Kurt and Blaine), here is some silly/smutty/sappy winter Fluff – in which Blaine wants to play, Kurt wants to stay in bed, and everyone manages to get what they want.

1770 words | AO3

Kurt startles awake at the sound of the wind whipping against the bedroom window, groggily blinking his eyes open with a disgruntled little whine. He’s alone in the bed, though he distinctly remembers falling asleep with a husband-shaped heating pad in his arms. “Blaine?”

Blaine’s leaning against the windowsill next to the bed, silhouetted against the dim gray light and staring out at the heavy snow that hasn’t stopped falling on New York City since yesterday afternoon. His hair is mussed and he’s only wearing a pair of flannel pajama pants. “Morning, baby.”

“It’s so early, why are you up? You know we don’t have to go anywhere today. Everything’s closed.”

“Natural alarm clock, I guess,” Blaine answers. Then he hums, pressing his hands against the windows, and says, “Gosh, the snow is so beautiful when it hasn’t been touched yet.”

“So am – I haven’t been – “ Kurt tries for a dirty joke, but he can’t even piece one together in his sleepiness. He yawns, shivering in the slight draft. “Just… come back to bed, it’s a snow day. Did years of school in the Midwest teach you nothing?”

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the one where he’s a cookie thief // c.h. college series

I initially started writing this series to be posted alongside of an Ashton blurb series written by @thesaltyspice​. We designed them so that they could be read/stand on their own. 

Anyway, here’s the start of my ‘Calum dates a college girl’ series. Enjoy!

It’s not everyday that Y/N walks into her kitchen after a long, grueling, and just plain shitty day with tense shoulders, a sore back and a snappy temperament. Okay…that’s a lie, it definitely happens more than she cares to admit. But generally, she’s the kind of person to retain a good, upbeat mood even after everything’s gone to shit–but today has not been one of those days.

But, seriously, it’s really not everyday that she comes home with aforementioned tense shoulders and sore back to find a famous, six-foot-something tall Australian leaning against her kitchen counter and stuffing his face with the homemade cookies she was looking forward to. “Who the fuck are you?”

He glances up from his phone, one thick eyebrow raised at her while the front door slams shut. “Seriously?”

The question is simple enough, but for some reason, it only serves to incite Y/N foul mood even more. It’s said like he’s shocked she couldn’t possibly not know who he is.

Of course Y/N already knows who he is. How could she not? Not only is her roommate (Ainsley, for future reference) dating the drummer of their wildly popular band, but it’s not like she lives under a fucking rock. She may be busy–always at work or in class or studying, but of course she knows who Calum Hood is.

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Fortune (Philip x Reader)

Word Count: 1,253

Warnings: food, soulmate, swears

Authors Note: yo yo yo. it’s been a hot minute. i missed y’all. sorry i’ve been so inactive, but i hope this pip soulmate fic makes it up to you. let me know what you thought!

Summary: Soulmate AU where the soulmate’s name is printed inside a fortune cookie. (i think this is original? i’ve never seen it anywhere but feel free to let me know!)

Requests: none- this is some sort of tradition that all my philip fics are not requested but random shit that comes from my imagination.


You sat in a dimly lit booth of your local Chinese restaurant, soft music filling the amiable atmosphere. The gold foil detailing of the walls were embedded in your brain, and you swore you could remember the number of tassels on each curtain by heart for you and Philip had came here at least once a week.

“You think today is the day?” he asked, looking up from his menu.

“I hope so.” you replied, eagerness settling in your heart.

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allthewaytovictorytown-deactiva  asked:

Café date HC with Ethan

Ohhh my goodness!!

•ethan ordering you his fave coffee because he loves showing you new things

•eth insisting you try it in front of him bc you’ll LOVE it

•"its really good babe"
“I knew you’d like it!!!”

•taking pics of eth while he sips his coffee

•eth making jokes about how he loves coffee more than you

•"coffees the only other thing id marry besides you"
“Its okay if i dont marry you ill marry pizza”

•eth buying you a heart cookie

•"hey (y/n)“
“I dont know what looks better, this croissant or you”
“You’re not allowed to watch MTV anymore”

•trying to work on your paper for school while youre there but getting distracted by how cute eth is

•eth blowing you kisses jokingly from the order line

•eth playfully writing his number on a napkin and sliding it to you

•"ethan why did you give me this, we’ve been dating for months”
“Yeah but every time i see you its like the first time”
“You’re so corny i love you”
“I love you too”

Wow ethan would be such a good boyfriend im crying

friend: i fucking love raw cookie dough holy shit

Ra follower: 🙄🙄 you think YOU 👈 LOVE RA?? ☀️👑 you couldnt even START 🏁 to know Him 📚📚 until you spend 26 hours a day ⏱️ seven days a week 📅👊 out in the SUN 🙌☀️😤 throwing ORANGES 🍊🍊 at BIRDS 🐦🐦😊 so next time you say you love Ra 😠 you better have a LIFE SIZE MARBLE STATUE of Him in your living room 🕴️☀️😍 cuz ya boy 💁 aint playin 🔪🔪🔪🔪

(Based on this post.)

“I made you a cookie but I…God, I’m so sorry. This is so difficult to say. There’s no point in lying to you. Please forgive me, but i fucking ate it. I’m so sorry.”

Yuuri just stared deadbeat at his Fiance from behind his glasses. Clearly Viktor seemed completely panicked at the situation that he had to desperately call Yuuri home from practice saying it was urgent. 

It sent Yuuri in a panic rushing home thinking the apartment was on fire or Makkachin was choking on something equivalent of steamed buns.

Viktor Nikiforov, five time gold medalist world figure skating champion, was apologizing to his Fiance over a fucking cooking.

“Viktor…” Yuuri starts after taking a deep breath, trying to speak in the calmest tone when Viktor flinched even though he had done nothing wrong. “There’s nothing you should worry about. I honestly don’t really care about-”

“But it was Makkachin shaped!” Viktor wailed dramatically which made Yuuri jump in his socks. “I wanted to surprise you after working so hard at practice but it just looked too good to eat and Makkachin was about to steal it from my hands so I just…shoved it in my mouth.”

Clearly eating a cookie you made for someone else was as bad as dying in Viktor’s book.

Yuuri sighed as he walked over and wrapped his arms around Viktor. “Come on, we can make more together. Surely there’s enough ingredients to make more than one cookie.”

Viktor looked up at him with surprise before jumping on him. “Yuuri I love you!”

“Yeah yeah, I love you too idiot.”

They ended up making over a hundred cookies and had to bring some over to share with the Russian team and coaches at practice the next day.

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What's your favorite thing about Bangel?

I could literally never pick just one favourite thing, so here’s a small list of my absolute favourite things about the ship:

  • Buffy not caring about kissing Angel while he’s in vamp face. It beautifully illustrates how she has always and will always see more to him than he see in himself.
  • All the small, sweet moments between them, such as Buffy bandaging Angel’s hand in Ted or the two of them necking in her window in Bad Eggs.
  • The fact that they both continue to talk about one another as the love of their life (“No one else mattered, not like she did” “I loved him more than I will ever love anything in this life”).
  • That Buffy can sense Angel without seeing him.
  • Every single freakin’ moment from I Will Remember You.
  • That they both understand and accept that there are bigger things than their love, that they may need to make the sacrifice to save others (and sometimes the world).
  • The ice skating date.
  • The cookie dough speech and Buffy’s small moment of panic when she realises she may be sending Angel away without letting him know that it’s still him she sees in her future.
  • The way their feelings always resurface around one another, regardless of circumstance or their present relationship status.
  • Close your eyes.
Being Niall’s girlfriend would include:
  • Him smiling when he comes home to see lying in bed with his t shirt on because he really likes seeing you in his over sized shirts
  • Stolen kisses on chilly mornings when neither of you want to move from the warm bed
  • Automatically being best friends with the other boys and them making sure you treat Niall well since you’re the first girl he’s brought to meet them
  • Sitting with him while he watches sports and not really understanding much or caring but enjoying how passionate about it he is
  • Him inviting all the boys over to watch the game and you end up playing hostess before Niall forces you to sit on his lap and help him cheer for his team
  • Niall making up cheesy excuses to cuddle even though you’d eagerly cuddle him anytime he wanted
  • Receiving texts telling you to “turn on channel 13 before you miss us singing”
  • He would make sure you watch every tv interview and performance they had
  • Restless nights when neither of you could sleep so you’d invite him over and he’d show up in his pajamas with bed head and a bag of McDonald’s as a welcoming gift
  • Waking up during the middle of the night to him laughing at some late night show and kicking him to shut up since it’s three am and you’re exhausted
  • Finding random one direction merch around the house such as cups, bracelets and even a few blankets and always somehow managing to find more random merch in the most random places
  • You don’t question this merch either because he’s Niall and he loves One Direction
  • Making him go on late night runs to the store because you’re dying for cookie dough ice cream and Niall was kind enough to finish the last of it without asking you yesterday
  • “I also got us some mint chocolate chip, moose track ice cream and some sprinkles and chocolate syrup because they all seemed delicious.” “I didn’t think I could love you any more than I already did, Niall.”
  • Him really wanting to teach you guitar and you failing awfully but him still being extremely encouraging and patient with you
  • Niall taking you to every award show they appeared at and holding you close to him to pose for couple photos on the red carpet.
  • Glaring at anyone who looked at you in your designer dress, that he insisted on buying for you, for what he deemed to be a moment too long
  • The following morning seeing all his retweets of his photos with you along with a tweet like “So glad my girl joined me at the ama’s. She stole everyone’s spotlight and lit up the entire room.”
  • Showing you off every chance he had because he’s so proud that he found a girl like you
  • Trying to keep up with his insatiable sex drive
  • Waking up with a text from him, only to open it to see he sent you a video of him jerking off
  • Little gasps and moans leaving his mouth as he fucked his hand
  • “Wish you were here, baby. Your mouth treats me so much better than my hand does.”
  • Niall buying you frilly lace panties with some bows on them just so he can see you walking around the house in them and one of his shirts–or even just them.
  • Saying something that reminded him of some song he hadn’t heard in years but suddenly remembered every word of and now felt the urge to sing the entire song to you
  • Attempting the typical couple date night of dinner and a movie but getting bored halfway through and deciding to head to a bar for a much more fun night
  • Him stealing your phone all the time to take hundreds of selfies of himself with different poses and props
  • Picking one of those photos to set as your background so when you see it he can see you grin at his adorableness
  • “You’re such a weirdo, Niall.” “Okay, but you still love me.” “Do I?” “You better or I’m gonna eat that Chinese food you’ve been saving for dinner.” “You better not…” “Watch me!”


Johnny, Kick a Hole in the Sky 3/7

“Oh gods then on Tuesday I promised Mama I’d run some errands for her so Jack said he’d love to come along. Day 2 was supposed to be the best! Small introductions the book said, there’s nothing I love more than a day about me.”

 “Of course being my awesome self I could have sworn I had the cookies for Carl when I left the house!”

Day 2 – Small Introductions


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Requested by anon <3
Prompt:  Could I please have something fluffy with the 11th doctor? Like something domestic around the tardis maybe x
A/N: please make me do more stuff with 11th i love him more than i love life


“Well,” You started, expectantly, “you’re not just going to stand there, are you?” The tips of your fingers were heating at a rapid pace through the thick fabric of cooking gloves, but your grip on the metal sheet did not loosen. The Doctor stood by the TARDIS console, his fingers loosely wrapped around a handle as with his free hand he was about to push some green button that would most likely blast you off to space. He stared intently; his eyes narrowing at the funny looking cookies that emitted a gingery smell that had an alarming whiff of burned dough and were decorated with an ungodly amount of colorful frosting. He raised a brow, pointing a finger at the tray.

“Are those supposed to be gingerbread biscuits?”

“Not supposed to, are.” You fired back, urging him to take one.

“(Name), my dear, they do look lovely but I think I couldn’t possibly rob you of the pleasure of eating them all by yourself now, can I?” There was a strained note in his playful voice as he turned away from your and fiddled with the console. You took the opportunity to approach him and nudge him softly, motioning for him to take one.

“I think I’ll manage without a few. Plus, there are more in the kitchen.” You could’ve sworn you saw him sweat, though it was probably just a trick of the light. Sure, you were never a great cook and if Chef Ramsay Gordon saw your deserts he would probably get a heart attack, but you weren’t that bad…Were you?

Seeing the growing conflict in your eyes the Doctor grinned, grabbing a still hot cookie and plopping it into his mouth with a second thought. His eyes grew wide and he coughed, quickly chewing and gulping the atrocity down before nodding. You grinned. “Delicious!” The Doctor said, “Very tasty. Doesn’t feel like coal at all! I don’t know what Amelia meant by saying that they do, because they clearly don’t. Splendid job. (Name).”

Upbeat you leaned in and pecked him on the cheek, “Wait till you see what else I made.” You told before retreating to the kitchen to fetch another one of your recipes. The Doctor sighed, a small knowing smile tilting on his lips as he softly shook his head and chuckled once he heard you approaching again. He didn’t have it in him to turn you down. Plus, seeing you happy was really the only thing he wanted, and if that meant he would have to stomach your terrible meals then so be it.

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just some rinharu shorts, the first 14 prompts of this post

1. [as a hello] 

Rin breezes up to Haruka outside the coffee shop, takes his hands, presses a kiss to his lips, and says too brightly, “I love you.” It’s because it’s still new, he’s still basking in the giddiness of saying it, of being able to say it and know the feeling is returned. Haruka sighs, lets his eyes fall shut in an expression of gentle exasperation, and says, “You’re paying today.”

2. [with a hoarse voice, under the blankets]

“You…” Haruka swallows, the backs of his eyelids painted with the image of Rin’s face between his thighs. The rush in his ears is finally quieting and his limbs are heavy with afterglow. “You really shouldn’t have done that.” 

Rin laughs gustily into Haruka’s shoulder, an arm slung over Haruka’s middle. “I didn’t mind,” he says, a slow drawl, and his voice is shot. “Did it ‘cause I love you.”

3. [a scream]

“The problem!” Rin screams, and his fists are clenched and his face is red and the veins bulge in his neck, visible even with the yards and yards of space between them. It looks like he’s barely keeping himself together, looks like he’s going to cry as soon as his voice breaks. “The problem, you stupid fuck,” he screams at Haruka, “is I love you!”

4. [over a cup of tea]

Haruka sets the teacup down, the mint and honey warm on his tongue even after he swallows. Rin meets his eye from across the table, quirks an eyebrow, gives an awkward little smile as they wait for Gou to return. “I love you,” Haruka says, for no reason other than he feels it so much in that moment, and needs Rin to know.

5. [over a beer bottle]

Two weeks earlier, Rin clumsily took the bottle out of Haruka’s hand, tipped back the rest of it, smacked his lips, and said in a drunken stupor, “Shit, Haru, I dunno how else to tell you this, but I fucking am in love with you.”

6. [on a sunny tuesday afternoon, the late sunlight glowing in your hair]

Haruka sits beside Rin on the back deck, sets down the plate of tangerines. “Did you finish the homework yet?” he asks, but he just has to turn and see Rin’s closed eyes, the smile spread across his face as the amber light shines off of his face and turns his hair copper, to know the answer. “Rin, finish your homework.”

“What do I get if I do?”

A slow, warm churn in Haruka’s stomach, as words rise to his lips that he’s still frightened by, even though he’s said them more than once. “I’ll tell you I love you.”

7. [as a thank you]

Rin opens his apartment door to find Haruka there, with the Econ textbook he borrowed last night, which he thrusts back into Rin’s hands with a grumble of “That was the most boring two hours of my life.”

Rin laughs, takes the book, gives Haruka a peck on the lips. “Love you.”

8. [as an apology]

“I love you,” Haruka says, gaze lowered, and Rin sighs and wraps his arms around him and says into his hair, “I know, it’s okay.”

9. [when baking chocolate chip cookies]

“What the fuck?” Rin says, for the fifth time, or maybe the sixth. “How have I burned literally every fucking batch when we put them in for exactly the same time and yours are always perfect?”

Haruka’s lower lip slips out from beneath his teeth, his smile growing too strong to hold back. “Rin,” he says. “I love you.”

10. [not said to me]

Rin wakes up in the middle of the night to their whispers and hushed laughter, the kind of giddy, lovesick laughter that makes his stomach drop. He hears the first “I love you” and his breath catches, things go dead quiet, the air goes too taught to breath. 

And then there’s a rustle, and Haruka whispers, “I love you too.”

11. [with a shuddering gasp]

Haruka mouths it, saliva-slick and shuddered against the hot skin of Rin’s shoulder, gasps it with his breath catching and his muscles tightening, exhales it with his head lolling, says it with a voice that is hardly his own: “Fuck - Rin - I love you.

12. [when we lay together on the fresh spring grass]

“We’re going to get grass stains,” Haruka says to him, and Rin chuckles and says “Yeah” but ninety-nine percent of his focus is on the way their hands bumped together when they lay down and Haruka still hasn’t pulled his away. It’s a breezy day, the clouds moving along quickly overhead, and the smell of freshly-mowed grass is almost too strong. Almost, if not for the back of Haruka’s hand against his. Into another cool gust, the air skimming over Rin’s cheeks, he whispers, “I love you,” letting it get whipped up and brisked away.

13. [in a letter]

I should have told you before I left, the words in Rin’s letter say, and Haruka’s chest tightens. He knows what’s coming, has known it ever since they started saying the words to each other with their eyes, after they started letting their hands brush a bit too often and the touches linger a bit too long. He’s known, even though they’ve never been brave enough to put voices to the words, and still aren’t. I’ll say it to you when I come back, Rin wrote, and then I’ll kiss you, and I think you’ll kiss me back. I think it’s a long time coming. I’m in love with you, Haru. So much. So much.

14. [a whisper in the ear]

Rin’s lips touch his ear, breath puffing out, hot and shallow like he’s trying not to laugh. Haruka feels those lips quirk, smiling no doubt. “I love you,” Rin whispers, and then he snorts, and dissolves into laughter against the side of Haruka’s face. And Haruka collapses into laughter as well, both of them sprawled out on the couch, a bottle of too-expensive champagne and a box of too-decadent sweets both open and empty at their feet. It’s been a mess of a day, but somehow it’s ended up better than Haruka could have ever imagined.

Jealousy (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Originally posted by yikesevans

Originally posted by couplenotes

Summary - Reader and Steve have been dating for 1 month and, Steve being the gentlemen that he is, hasn’t given her a proper kiss. That is until the Reader gets jealous when Steve being close with another S.H.E.I.L.D agent.

Pairing - Steve Rogers x Reader

One month. Only one month and you were already jealous. It was one of Stark’s Saturday night parties after a hard, long mission and you were currently standing at the bar, with Sam and Bucky, not paying attention to what they were saying. You eyes were glued to your boyfriend, Steve Rogers, talking to a beautiful, blonde S.H.E.I.L.D agent. It shouldn’t be a problem, but… She was flirting with him. You knew that agent had always had a thing for Steve, bu he was so oblivious, he never knew when someone was flirting with him. He mistook it for kindness. The cute idiot. It had taken the super soldier years to finally realize you were flirting with him. And you flirted with him pretty much all the time,  but he just didn’t see it. As frustrating as it was, it made you fall for him even more. 

“(Y/L/N), are you with us?” Sam’s voice interrupted you. You turned your head towards Sam, to be greeted with him and Bucky smirking. You tilted your head at them, not sure what the conversation was anymore. 

“Sorry, what?” You asked. The two boys chuckled, Sam taking a sip from his beer and Bucky shaking his head. You rolled your eyes and turned your head back towards the blonde flirting with your boyfriend. 

“Somebody is jealous.” Came an arrogant voice from behind the bar. You groaned, turning your gaze to Tony. He handed you a shot, which you took and downed it. 

“I am not.” You said simply, putting the shot glass back down. Bucky put his hand on your shoulder, a grin on his lips. You looked at him, frowning slightly. 

“Doll, I hate to admit this, but, Tony is right.” He said with a laugh. You shrugged his hand off your shoulder, mumbling that Tony wasn’t right. You flicked your gaze back to Steve, who was looking over at you, smiling. You smiled back at him, then he turned back to the blonde who had stepped closer to him. Your fist balled into a fist, slamming it down on the bar, making a dent in it. Tony groaned, complaining about how you were worse than The Hulk sometimes. Sam and Bucky laughed, looking at your fist then to you. 

“(Y/N), come on. You know Steve is crazy about you.” Sam smiled at you, making your fist relax slightly. 

“And he is oblivious to this sort of thing. You should know that.” Bucky added, nudging you gently with his knee. You sighed and nodded, placing your head on the bar. That’s when you felt a pair of familiar arm wrap around your waist. You lifted your head, a small smile on your lips and lent back into the broad chest behind you. 

“Hey, you.” Steve smiled, holding you close to him. “You look beautiful, as always.” You rolled your eyes, your smile growing by the second. You turned around, facing Steve and wrapping your arms around his neck. He smiled at you, holding you tightly. His eyes flicked to the bar, seeing the dent in the wood and his head turned to Bucky, making a light blush creep on your cheeks. 

“Buck, did Tony get your order wrong or something?” Steve smirked, dropping one arm from our waist, but keeping the other tightly around you. Bucky flew his hands up in the hair, huffing and stading up, calling Steve a punk under his breath. Steve turned to Sam, who was holding his stomach from laughing. 

“That, Cap, was your angel of a girlfriend.” Sam laughed, patting Steve’s shoulder and walking past the both of you. Steve dropped his arm from your waist and turned to you with a frown. You bowed your head, hair covering your face. 

“What happened?” Steve asked, a trace of worry in his voice. You shook your head, looking down at the floor. You felt Steve’s fingers brush away your hair from your face, which made you look up. God, that smile was going to be the death of you… Or just him in general. 

“I may… Or may not have gotten a bit jealous of that blonde you were talking to you.” You mumbled, hoping he didn’t hear any of it. But he did. You looked at him, the frown on his face making him look like a confused puppy. 

“Jealous? Why were you jealous?” Steve asked, which made your blood boil slightly. He was so oblivious, that it was no longer cute anymore, just plain stupid. 

“Why wouldn’t I be? She’s just like every other girl that flirts with you! Even when I’m standing right next to you!” You snapped. Steve’s eyes widened slightly. He gently took your hand and lead you out to the balcony, not saying a work until the doors were closed and it was just the two of you. 

“(Y/N), talk to me. Just let it all out if you have to.” Steve said calmly. You faced away from him, your breathing heavy. You wrapped your arms around yourself, sighing loudly and turned to face him again, many emotions displayed on your face; anger, sadness, pain. 

“I know I could never be one of those girls, okay? I’m still surprised that your still with me when you could have a normal girl! because that isn’t me! I’m not normal! I could never be normal again, even if I tried!! You yelled. Steve just stood there, looking at you with pain in his eyes. Where was all this coming from? 

“(Y/N), baby…” Steve started, but got cut off by another outburst by you.

“No, Steve! Why are you with someone like me? I’m just another one of Hydra’s experiments! I have super strength! My senses are heightened! That isn’t a normal thing for a girl! Just… Just why are you with me? WHY?” You screamed, tears rolling down our cheeks. You turned away from his again, rubbing your eyes fiercely. Steve wrapped his arms around you, pulling you close to his chest, kissing your temple. You tried to push him away, but he just held you tighter. 

“I’m with you because I love you.” Your head snapped towards him, eyes wide. He said it… First. He smiled, kissing your tears away. You laughed slightly, looking at him. 

“You love me?” You whispered. He nodded, bringing his hands to cup your cheeks. 

“More than anything in this whole world. I don’t care what Hydra made you because I know you. The real you. I know that your massive Disney fan and you could cry at any of the movies or even just listening to the songs. I know that you love having breakfast for dinner and ice cream for breakfast or cake or cookies, even when I try to tell you not to have any of that.” He said with a smile. You stared at him in awe. Was he really saying all of this?

“Hydra just gave you strength that you already had. They just made you aware of it. You aren’t normal and that’s okay. That’s why your an avenger. None of us are normal.” He smiled at you, kissing your nose gently. You smiled, placing your hands over his. 

“I love your smart you are. I love how strong you are. I love how funny you are. I love how beautiful you are. I love you, (Y/N). All of you. Every single part of you.” Steve whispered, leaning his forehead against yours. You looked at him, speechless. You didn’t know how to respond. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw some people staring out at the both you… Including the blonde S.H.E.I.L.D agent. You smiled and looked him in the eyes, placing your hands on his cheeks. His hands dropped from your cheeks. His arms snaked around your waist, pulling you close. 

“I love you too, Steve.” You smiled, leaning up on your toes and pressing your lips to his. His eyes widened for a second, mentally analyzing what just happened. It only took him a second before he kissed you back, dipping his head slightly. When you both pulled apart, you both smiled. Your moment was ruined when you heard banging on the glass doors. You and Steve turned to noise, seeing Sam and  Bucky standing there, grinning and giving you both thumbs up. Tony and Natasha was beside the, taking pictures of their phones. You blushed, hiding your head in the crook of Steve’s neck. He just smiled and held you closer to him. 

“Next time you feel this way. Please just come to me.” Steve begged slightly. You smiled and nodded, hugging him close.

Domestic Drarry feels

im such a sucker for cute stuff with drarry at home tbh. like just hear me out:

• i love it when they’re lounging at home naked all day doing nothing but staying wrapped in each other’s arms, intoxicated by each other’s scent and all that

• i love it when they’re taking turns cooking for each other, draco telling harry how strange his spaghetti and meatballs look like but loving it anyway, harry involuntarily moaning in pleasure (and then getting embarrassed afterwards) bc draco makes a mean shepherd’s pie

• i love it when they’re teasing each other mercilessly and everyone else finding it so amusing, draco telling everyone how poor harry’s fashion sense is and harry calling draco a girl for always taking an hour in the bathroom fixing his hair

• i love it when teddy lupin comes over and the pair of them have to babysit him, harry giving him home baked (by draco ofc) chocolate chip cookies and milk, draco spoiling him by buying him a muggle ps4 and telling the best imaginative bedtime stories ever

• i love it when draco and harry are hosting the annual christmas party at their house and their friends coming over, draco fretting over every little detail on harry’s clothes and “borrowing” the malfoys’ house elves to cook a scrumptious meal, harry being the “doorman” and greeting all the guest and taking their coats by the door; they’re so in sync i fucking love it

• i love it when draco, who’s more often than not a suit/robes person, is wearing harry’s worn out hoodies that are too big for him like it’s the best thing ever created (hell yeah it is)

• i love it when harry is reading draco’s fave books just for the sake of impressing him even if the classics make him want to fall asleep on the spot (draco knows this ofc and finds it cute anyway awwwww)

• i love it when they are surprise attacking and tackling each other with kisses when their other half gets home late, harry yelping in surprise but melting into the kiss and draco giving harry’s pert arse a nice squeeze while using tongue

• i love it when draco is taking a soothing long bubble bath and then harry joins him, giving him a well earned handjob and vice versa

• i love it when draco plays the piano and harry sits down beside him with teddy on lap, both are equally fascinated and excited, harry is proud af while teddy laughs and presses random piano keys

• i love it when i think about how rad it would be if draco and harry adopted a dog named cliffe (heh rad cliffe heh), both men giving cliffe a bath and getting soaked through (harry is wearing a white t shirt so we know what happens next !!!)

• i love it when they’re trying to assemble ikea furniture, harry being absolutely smug bc he actually understands something that draco mr. know it all malfoy doesn’t and milking draco’s confusion for all it’s worth (like afterwards they have this heated make out session on the couch but then it just collapses under their passion lmao it makes both boys laugh really hard ofc)

• i love it when harry is making coffee with the fancy machine (draco bought it bc it makes harry happy even if draco has no idea how the fuck it works lol really)

i love how to draco and harry, its always the little things that matter

i just love domestic drarry ok???? its gOT ME FEELING A TYPA WAY BRUH and i didn’t notice how long this got srsly haha


i love these two, and i just find them so drarry?!? So because i’ve always loved the boy’s rainbow-colored hair, i thought why not write this

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Draco couldn’t be pulled into his turn of doing the dishes that day, the home work was someone else’s concern, Harry’s concern, and yet again he found another excuse to escape the house chaos, and leave a sleeping Harry on their bed taking a nap.

The pretty Saturday afternoons to Harry were meant to be spent with his lover, cuddling in bed or doing something together, staying all warm and safe in each other’s arms, feeling the fine wind brush against them gently;  that was it until harry sensed a sudden change, something was missing, or rather someone, a certain source warmth wasn’t there anymore , he shifted in his bed as his eyes started to open slowly, and in realization that Draco wasn’t there beside him; they flung wide, each iris reflecting a deep emerald green color in contact with the sun light.

“Draco?” he called, his voice cracking a little before he took a swig of water from the bottle on the bed side table, and without even knowing it he found himself smiling.

Maybe he is downstairs cleaning up the mess in the kitchen.

Harry’s legs swirled from the bed to the floor; he stretched a little before trudging towards the door and down the spiral staircase of their fancy loft. Still smiling, he ran his hand through his tousled up hair that looked messier than usual; but it wasn’t like he could help it- Draco loved it that way.

As Draco was anything and everything his mind could adjust on at that moment, his hopes to see his lover down there- maybe cleaning the kitchen, collapsed before his eyes when he stepped onto the loft ground, Draco was nowhere to be seen, he sighed and grabbed his phone from the living room table desperately and called him, his brows creased and face tense.

He wore an expression of perplexity; It was the fifth time and Harry started to worry, so he began to bombard him with messages, however, it seemed like it was all in vain, there was nothing back from Draco, and of course, that was what he expected from a wizard learning to use a telephone.

We’ll see about this later.

Harry entered the terribly-looking kitchen, cringing. It had never been this dirty before, but he guessed that what happened when two people try to cook together, and not just cooking, he chuckled at the thought before he made a swish In the air with his wand, then everything was clean and shiny again.

To do it with his wand wasn’t as pleasing as harry thought it would be to see Draco wash them with his hands, to use no magic, he captured the boy in his mind standing shirtless, his hair naturally a little messy and the pouring water slightly splashing his bare stomach and caressing the scars on his chest as he ran his hands through it. The corner of Harry’s mouth twitched into his cheek.

Harry lifted his eyes up to the watch on the wall and he mentally gasped as he saw it was almost 5pm, “Damn I slept so long, He better be coming back soon.”

He put on his apron and got to work, planning to make some chocolate cookies.

Not so long later, the cookies were done cooking, Harry opened the oven and was hit by a very pleasant wall of the delicious smell of cookies, he sniffed deeply the aromatic fragrance wafting throughout the kitchen, and placed them on a separate plate, the soft smell of his treats still teasing his nostrils.

As Harry removed the apron, and placed it aside and was about to take the first bite, he heard the door open, the sound of hot summer air forced into a passage way then the door clicked close.

“Finally decided to come back?” harry asked crossing his arm before Draco came into the kitchen “Where have you been?” he frowned.

“I was, Um-with pansy,” he stuttered before his eyes could examine the kitchen “Oh I see you’ve cleaned the mess.” He smiled and moved towards Harry.

“What you were actually supposed to be doing with your hands.” Harry’s eyes shifted down from Draco’s eyes to his lips as the latter approached him.

“Oh really?” Draco cocked an eyebrow before capturing the other’s lips in a long needed soft kiss and wrapped his arms around his waist.

Harry’s eyes opened again slowly, and then once again his mind was a surging perplexity, the weather was hot, he literally could shower with cold water but why was Draco wearing a wooly beanie?

“Why is that?” he beckoned to the beanie with his brows, slightly tilting up his head, it was hiding Draco’s whole forehead.

Did he cut his hair? Does he have bangs now?

Draco’s expressions softening in realization; he smiled. “Take it off” he said to Harry.

“Sure,” said Harry getting even more close to Draco, their lips inches apart, his mesmerizing emerald green eyes locked with Draco’s grey deep ones and for a moment, he felt how hard butterflies collided in his stomach-

“Oh my god- D-Draco … Why?” Harry stammered “You really didn’t have to do that. You Look…”Harry lost any possible source of words as his eyes locked with the beautiful set of colors in Draco’s no-longer-plain-platinum-blonde-hair, he looked startled at the band of colors with an open heart, and different parts of Draco’s hair were colored in various rainbow shades. It occurred to Harry how much Draco cared about what he loved, through each wisp Harry found another source and meaning of affection and empathy, Harry set about trying to find any possible description to what was in front of his eyes, but to no avail, his eyes were shimmering, immersing in the beauty that was before them.

“Do you like it?” Draco asked softly, his eyes a fire with passion.

“Draco it’s amazing! I never thought you’d ever dye your hair in rainbow colors, I was just kidding that night.” Harry said enthusiastically.

Draco chuckled, “I support gay rights, I support our rights; you and I.” He pulled Harry closer to his body, their foreheads touching, Harry’s eyes sparkling with mirth and staring up Draco’s ones.

“I love you.” Harry said smoothly, he was afraid his voice went unheard, but as Draco pressed his own lips against Harry’s ones kissing him passionately, he got his answer. “I love you too, more than anything, Harry.”

Harry smiled purely at him, a swirl of warmth washing over his body, “I made cookies by the way, what about we go eat them while watching TV?” said Harry.

Draco beamed at him “I’ll bring milk, you take them, and I’ll be there in a minute.” He said affectionately, Harry nodded and took the plate from the counter heading towards the comfy sofa, the smell still refreshing his insides.

Soon enough, Harry caught from the corner of his eyes Draco coming toward him, he changed into a white v-neck shirt, his hair tousled just like Harry loved it, he was holding two mugs of hot steaming milk before he sat down next to his boyfriend.

Harry half-lied down a little, sitting upright, and then spread his legs wide for Draco to come, the latter approached him gladly and then sat in the same position between his hips but with his back and head on Harry’s chest.

Harry ran his hand through Draco’s hair as the latter took a cookie, he was amazed, and found himself falling harder at how soft and beautiful his hair was. So suddenly, he felt the utter urge to bury his face in Draco’s hair and inhale sharply, breathe through it. As he did so, a strong smell of peppermint shampoo invaded his nostrils thoroughly, Harry closed his eyes, it was as though he’d finally found his true source of oxygen, with the soft hairs brushing against his face.

Draco’s lips twitched into a pure smile as he listened to Harry’s heartbeat while eating his little cookie, he reached out and grabbed Harry’s hand and intertwined their fingers together. And just like so, they stayed there, their bodies twinkling with warmth and hearts glinting with uncontrollable love and desire.

(eng isnt my mother language so yeah pls ignore if there’s any mistake xx ) 

Christmas Eve Snow

The most magical thing in the world

A ridiculously fluffy SnowBaz fic for the Carry On Countdown

“Simon, are you coming to bed?”

           Simon didn’t turn away from the window.  “Just a few more minutes.”

           “You know staring at the sky isn’t going to make it snow, right?”

           Simon sighed and finally looked down.  “But it’s Christmas Eve, Baz,” he whined.  “It has to snow!”

           I smiled.  “It already has,” I joked, wrapping an arm around him.  “I’ve got you, haven’t I?  Simon Snow?

           He smiled with me.  “You know what I mean.  I’ve always wanted to see it snow on Christmas Eve.”

           “It doesn’t happen the way it does in the movies, does it?”

           “Not even close.”

           I gave him a squeeze.  “Maybe you’re making it nervous,” I suggested.  “It won’t snow if you’re watching it.”

           “That’s not a thing,” he chuckled.

           “It is if it’ll get you to come to bed.”

           He hung his head in defeat.  “Oh, alright.”

           I lead him back to the bedroom and we climbed into the warm covers, all the while he kept an eye on the bedroom window, hoping maybe the snow had started to fall in the last few seconds.  I circled my arms around him and brought him tight to my chest, his curls already beginning to tickle my neck.  I’d begun to get used to that tickle, kind of in the way I’d gotten used to his laugh, the way his stride was shorter than mine when we walked together, the way he would step on my toes when we danced so that I would let him stand on my feet as we rocked back and forth.

           “Hey Baz?”

           “Yes, love?”

           “This is our first official Christmas together, isn’t it?”

           “Yes, it is.  You’re right.”

           He pulled back just far enough to look me in the eye.  “Happy Christmas, Baz,” he whispered.

           “Happy Christmas, Simon,” I replied, pressing my lips quickly, softly to his.  He grinned before coming back for more, capturing my mouth in something a little deeper than a goodnight kiss.  This was sweeter.  This was hot cocoa and Christmas cookies snuck before bed and warm like a flannel scarf. This wasn’t goodnight, this was I love you.

           He snuggled his head into the crook of my neck and I dotted kisses into his hair as he fell asleep.  Our first Christmas.  Who would have thought a year ago that we might one day spend Christmas night falling asleep like this?  Wrapped in each other’s love, feeling one heart beat against the other, praying for snow?

           Just as I was drifting off, I took one last look out the window.  The sky looked lighter, softer, and there were unmistakeable snowflakes falling past the darkness.

           “Simon,” I breathed, but he was sound asleep.

           And then so was I.

that appreciation post (or how this blog reached 200+ followers and learned to love the bomb)

//no, but seriously, i need to appreciate all of you 208 followers for sticking around with this cranky cat man. really, all i want to do right now is to just sit here and wax lyrical about all of you lovely people and ramble about you precious human beans. 

//thank you so very much! <3 <3 <3 this old cat grandpa is just so much fun to play with and it’s just a wonderful role to build on with all the historical references and background research and finding out more quirks about both the real life and BSD versions of this character and to just have them be present in this one guy is just… so much more amazing than i thought it would ever be and a whole lot of satisfaction. i love him. i want you guys to love him too. i wish he would have a lot more screen time in the future and i wish a lot more characters in BSD would be further explored because heyyy they’re all precious cookies and you all should love them too. 

//…seriously, love all the other suggestions blogs too. follow them. read their stuff. appreciate their art. ask around. interact. make them smile. let them brighten your day. put some happiness back into the world. 

// @ all suggestions blogs: you are all talented people and don’t let anyone say you aren’t because i ain’t having none of that. you’re all great and lovable and i want to flail my noodle arms around and hug you just to say i love you all. i’m eternally grateful to know all of you heathens in this sandbox and thank you so much for everything! <3 <3 <3 

// @ followers that i have yet to mention: thank you all for putting up with sassy grandpa whiskers and i hope you’re up for more shenanigans here with BSD suggestions! bless you all and have a wonderful day! <3 <3 <3 

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