i love him more than foos



YugyeomSpring is the melody I want to dance withyou.

He would take you to the backyard where he teaches you howto dance, not the sexy swag like he does on stage, but a cute and romantic couple dance. He would let you stand on his feet, guiding every step for you as you left hand intertwines with his, your right one on his shoulder while his on your waist. You two would laugh bashfully, your cheeks growing red as Yugyeom spins you for a round. He would lean in to smother you with kisses when you hug each other tightly, saying I love you’s.

JB Spring is our cuddle time.

He would want a lazy day staying in bed with you. As the sunlight hits his back, he would turn over to engulf you in his arms, your back against his chest while he muffles sweet little nothings into your hair. You two wouldn’t need to go out to enjoy the season, just cuddling up with each other is enough to feel the spring plants its seeds into your hearts. “I love you”, you turn back, your arms find their way to snake around your boyfriend’s waist as he smiles softly. “But I love you more”, Jaebum says, capturing your lips with his.

JacksonSpring is our feast of love.

He would take you to a fancy and delicious restaurant. Since “eating is more important than sleeping”, you two would enjoy your spring date having your favorite food, feeding each other well. Despite being a person who can eat a lot, Jackson would spend this quality time to contemplating you more, the happy twinkle in your eyes is enough for him to feel full. “You look so cute when you eat”, he would say, causing you to chuckle and nudging him before kissing him. “I know. And I love you”, you wink and he kisses you back.

MarkSpring is only gorgeous when I have you.

He would take you out for a walk in the park. Knowing him, he would want to capture the beauty of life with his phone/camera – you. While you are amazed by all the flowers with their petals flying in mid-air, he would secretly take hundreds pictures of you without you noticing, the innocently cute look on your face would immediately become his home screen.  As a cherry blossom petal falls on your hair, Mark would gently brush it off, running his hand through your hair before he goes in for a soft kiss. “Cherry blossom princess”, he smiles softly. “Which makes you a Cherry blossom prince”, you says, chuckling.

Jr.Spring is when we enjoy the beauty of life.

He would walk hand in hand with you on the street, saying all the meaning quotes about the spring, which you would nod of approval. He then smiles, giving you a quick kiss on your forehead, his arm swinging over your shoulders as you two jog, breathing some fresh air of this peaceful weather. “You’re right. It is beautiful!”, you smile, snuggling into the juncture between his neck and his shoulder as Jinyoung beams. “Actually I know something more beautiful”, the charming cups your face, “or should I say someone”, he places a sweet kiss on your lips, which he thinks them as the most lovable present life has given to him.

BambamSpring is one of our adventures together.

He would take you to Han river where you two rent bikes to ride around the beautiful scenery, absorbing in the warming sunlight and the breezing wind. He would try to show off a bit with some tricks on the bike he has just learnt to earn a praise from you. Soon after, he would ride closer to you, then stop in a very impressive way to kiss you, with one hand cupping your face and the other holding onto the handle-bar. “Love you”, he says.

YoungjaeSpring is the love song I want to sing for you.

He would come to your house and serenade you with a love song he has just composed. Being a talented boy as he is, Youngjae would sing his way to your heart, making you blush and happy as the same time. As soon as he finishes nicely with a heart sign, he would jump in embarrassment, laughing his awkward handsome laugh as you come down from the balcony right away to embrace him tight. “I love you”, he murmurs into your ears and his lips falling right upon yours. “Love you, too”, you say.


In continuation of my Winter series, which you can find here. For mobile reader, please use your mobile browser and then click the link :3

I’ve planned to post this since forever but I can’t find the time. I have plenty of series in my mind so hopefully I can share them with you guys soon!

Hope you like it (∪ ◡ ∪)