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Note: Prompt sent in by Anon-ie~ but another also requested a fluffy scenario (I hope this was fluff-y tho it started angst-y???) It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about Doyoung (sorry bunnyboo!) Also, excuse me for his weird nickname here. But it felt right somehow.

Pairing: Doyoung/ Y/N

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You sighed for what seemed like the hundredth time that day. It was already late at night but you still had tons of paperwork left to do.

The stillness of the night was your only company downstairs as Doyoung was probably asleep upstairs.

Hunched over your computer in the living room, you reached for your cup of coffee and brought it to your lips, only to realize it was already empty.

Great. Just great.

A vein pulsed on the side of your head.

You had a lot of things to finish and had to freaking pause to fix yourself another cup.

“Dammit,” you muttered to yourself. Your stress levels were already through the roof.

You were really so close to losing it.

But you also wondered why did you give your students so many activities again? Not only that, you had to prepare for 8 lessons for 8 different classes.

If only you could throw all the papers (and all your care) in the air.

You were about to stand up when a voice came from behind, almost frightening you.

“Y/N, why don’t you sleep?” Doyoung’s voice was a bit groggy. He must have already been asleep but woke up when he realized you weren’t beside him.

But instead of replying, your eyes snapped on the big clock on the wall. It read 11:50 p.m.

“Shi…” you whispered.

It was so late and you still had to wake up so early the next morning.

There was an urgent need to finish the tasks.

“Be right there,” you finally replied as you went back to your computer to prepare your lessons for the next day.

Suddenly, a pair of arms wrapped around your waist. Doyoung then rested his head on your right shoulder.

You paused for a moment, looked at him, and saw him pout.

He looked half-asleep, half-awake, too.

Jagiii~ let’s go to sleep,” Doyoung said, using his aegyo which you knew he didn’t like very much.

However, it just wasn’t working. It only made you more annoyed.

Shaking him off, you said, “I’ll be right there after I finish this.”

From your peripheral vision, you saw Doyoung straightened up to his full height and put his hands on his sides.

‘Great,’ you thought. ‘More nagging.’

You clearly weren’t in the mood to listen to him or argue with him about sleep. You’d much rather pour all of your time to finish the job.

“Y/N,” Doyoung said in full seriousness. “Go to sleep. You’ve been working at it for hours. You didn’t even eat dinner with—“

That was it. 

“What am I supposed to do, Dee?!” Your voice was in full volume and you were glaring at him.

You knew you should keep your voice down since everyone else in the neighborhood was asleep but Kim—Do—Young was being stubborn.

“Can’t you see I have a lot of work to do?! I’ll sleep when I’ll sleep!” You still weren’t done glaring at him. 

Doyoung glared at you, too, but you couldn’t care less. Red, from anger, colored his face. He bit his the inside of his lips to prevent himself from giving a cutting remark which would only worsen the situation.

“Go to bed,” you said with finality as you went back to your computer.

“Well, I’m sorry for being concerned,” he said in a sarcastic tone but you chose to ignore him. “It seems like you don’t need it.”

With that, you heard him leave you.

But right after, your fingers stopped mid-air as guilt washed over you.

You were too mean.

Tears pooled in your eyes as you glanced at your unfinished papers lying right beside you.

“Ah, screw it,” you said to yourself as you stood up and rushed to the bedroom.

Once outside the bedroom, you stared at the door with guilt still hanging over you like a guillotine.

You opened the door slowly and saw Doyoung hurriedly closing his eyes, pretending like he’s asleep.

You sighed again. You really hurt him this time.

Each step towards the bed felt heavy and you paused by the side of the bed to stare at him. He was so intent on pretending to be asleep.

You plopped on the bed and hugged him. Tight.

Then your tears fell. You reached your breaking point. All the stress that week and the fight with Doyoung spilled from your eyes.

“I’m sorry,” you whispered. A sob escaped from your lips. “I’m so sorry, Dee.”

You didn’t know how long you’ve been crying but you heard Doyoung sigh. The covers shifted and you knew he turned around to face you. He trapped you in his embrace.

“Y/N…” he whispered your name. “I’m sorry for being too pushy. But I’m just worried for you. You didn’t even eat dinner.”

“It’s just a waste of time,” you whined. Tears were still falling.

“It’s not,” Doyoung reprimanded. “Your well-being’s more important than work.”

“Are you eating well yourself?” You threw the question back at him in a whisper. “You’ve been busy with your solo activities.”

You were also worried he wasn’t eating well.

“Of course, I am,” Doyoung replied and that reassured you.

He tightened his arms around you and asked a question that brought a smile to your lips.

“Are we okay now?” 

You nodded.

“You love me?”

You smiled against his chest.

“I love you.”

You looked at him and saw his smile. It made your heart beat fast. 

“Let’s go to sleep?” you asked as you made yourself comfortable in his arms.

He nodded and that was when you closed your eyes, thankful for the rest.

Note: And I’m off to bed~ I was supposed to check papers, too, like Y/N here, but nah. Lost my red pen. So, here I am typing this one~ clearly inspired by my struggles right now. Hope you guys liked it! :D


PCY gifs 24/50: who finds him sexy in this angle?

Love You I Do (BrOhm)

Prompt: Chat!AU Bryce decides to try the old Song Lyric Texting Prank on Ohm. Ohm gets confused.

Song Used: Love You I Do - Jennifer Hudson

Ohmwrecker -> Brycemcquaid

Ohmwrecker: Hey, up for rainbow six? Toonz is askin

Brycemcquaid: I never met a man quite like you

Ohmwrecker: What

Ohmwrecker: Like what?

Ohmwrecker: Jus check the group chat bro

Brycemcquaid: Doing all he can

Brycemcquaid: Making my dreams come true

Ohmwrecker: Dude are you joking around or

Ohmwrecker: Just

Ohmwrecker: You up for a game dude?

Brycemcquaid: You’re strong and you’re smart

Ohmwrecker: Um thanks??

Brycemcquaid: You’ve taken my heart

Ohmwrecker: Ohohohh Brycey, have I now?

Brycemcquaid: And I’ll give you the rest of me too

Ohmwrecker: What happened to the innocent little Brycey I know huh?

Brycemcquaid: You’re the perfect man for me

Brycemcquaid: I love you, I do

Ohmwrecker: Wait bryce are you avtually being serious

Ohmwrecker: actually*

Ohmwrecker: Oh who cares

Ohmwrecker: I cant even joke and tease right now

Ohmwrecker: Cause idk if youre joking??

Brycemcquaid: Mmm, I love you

Ohmwrecker: Dude can I call, I cant tell if youre serious

Brycemcquaid: I never ever felt quite like this

Ohmwrecker: Like what…

Brycemcquaid: Good about myself

Ohmwrecker: Uhhhhhhh

Ohmwrecker: Thats good Brycey

Ohmwrecker: but from what that ive done?

Brycemcquaid: From our very first kiss

Ohmwrecker: Ok you’re certainly fucking with me now Bryce

Ohmwrecker: What do you mean?

Ohmwrecker: I havent even met you irl

Brycemcquaid: I’m here when you call

Ohmwrecker: Yea dude I know that

Ohmwrecker: but what is this about

Brycemcquaid: You’ve got it all

Brycemcquaid: And confidence like I never knew

Ohmwrecker: Uh thanks

Ohmwrecker: But you’re far more confident anyways??

Brycemcquaid: You’re the perfect man for me

Brycemcquaid: I love you, I do

Ohmwrecker: Alrigjt yea you’ve got to be joking right

Ohmwrecker: Did cartoonz put you up to this??

Brycemcquaid: You’ve got the charm

Ohmwrecker: Im flattered Bryce

Ohmwrecker: But you know Im joking with you half the time

Ohmwrecker: Since you’re straight as hell

Brycemcquaid: You simply disarm me everytime

Ohmwrecker: How man what

Brycemcquaid: As long as you drive

Ohmwrecker: What

Brycemcquaid: I’m along for the ride your way

Ohmwrecker: I dont even understand that

Brycemcquaid: You said it before

Brycemcquaid: There won’t be a door that’s closed to us

Ohmwrecker: No one said there is though? ?

Brycemcquaid: I’m putting all my trust in you

Ohmwrecker: Dude I’m always here for you, whats going on?

Brycemcquaid: ‘Cause you, you’ll always be true

Brycemcquaid: Ah, I never could have known this would be

Ohmwrecker: What

Ohmwrecker: Be what

Brycemcquaid: You and you alone

Ohmwrecker: What do you mean?

Brycemcquaid: All for me

Ohmwrecker: Dude idk what toonz or delirious told you but dont believe a word they said

Brycemcquaid: I know you’re the best

Ohmwrecker: Brycey thats flattering

Ohmwrecker: But can you just tell me exactly what you’re trying to say?

Brycemcquaid: You passed every test

Ohmwrecker: What tests??

Ohmwrecker: Goddamn im so clueless

Ohmwrecker: They told you didnt they??

Ohmwrecker: You really mocking me though?

Brycemcquaid: It’s almost too good to be true

Brycemcquaid: You’re the perfect man for me

Brycemcquaid: I love you, I do

Ohmwrecker: Thats like the thIRd time you said that Bryce

Ohmwrecker: Can I just call you

Brycemcquaid: You’re the perfect man for me

Brycemcquaid: I love you, I do


“What’s up, Ohm?” There Bryce was, with the biggest shit eating grin on his face as he immediately turned on his facecam.

“What’s up, Ohm?” Ryan repeated slowly, with big eyes. His mind was going crazy with all sorts of thoughts. Many of them questioning what the hell Bryce was just talking about.

Ryan opened his mouth to ask the taller of the two, before Bryce simply lifted his right hand, phone in hand. He made sure the phone was in frame before pressing play on what seemed to be a song on the screen.

“Never met a man, quite like you-”

The song suddenly clicked into Ryan’s mind, disappointment yet also relief washing over him, “You’re a piece of shit, you know that right Bryce?”

Bryce simply laughed, his hands grasping his headphones as they barely just fell off as he leant his head back.

Ryan hated it.

That the loud laugh and idiotic prank made his heart swell out of pure fondness for the blonde.

“I can’t believe you fell for it, though!”

“Oh, shut up, Bryce,” Ohm whined, his face hidden behind his large hands out of embarassment, even though Bryce couldn’t actually see him.

“Now, what did you mean by ‘Did Toonz and Delirious tell you’? Tell me what, Ry?” Bryce asked, a smug grin planted on his stupid, stupid… Beautiful face.

Ryan smacked his forehead, realising he almost fucked himself over by nearly confessing his feelings entirely.

“N-nothing. Forget about it Bryce, just message the group if you’re going to get on. Cartoonz is getting impatient!”


Brycemcquaid -> H2O_Delirious, Ohmwrecker, TheRealCaRtOonZ

Brycemcquaid: I’m on! :)

TheRealCaRtOoNz: About fukn time dude, someone invite him

Ohmwrecker: Ill add him

Brycemcquaid: Thanks Ohm, remember I love you, I do ;)

H2O_Delirious: LOOOOL WHA T

H2O_Delirious: Broooooooo

TheRealCaRtOoNz: Yo Ohm didnt know you told Bryce you like him already

Ohmwrecker: Fucks sake

Brycemcquaid: Haha, Ohm, forget to tell me something in our call?

Ohmwrecker: Oh ffs, someone just call the group and lets not speak of this again