i love him just because he said absolutely tbh

Episode 5 of TWDG ANF

 Yeah I’m ready finally :D 

I sure need a replay because I’ve played right after release and the cloud was bugged and didn’t record my results (plus I want to get an ending I want and save a certain fave). But the episode was beautiful with all its unexpected stuff!

Let’s go in plot’s order: the flashback was pure gold and Rafael Garcia is the coolest one :D I loved all that dad jokes™ and his personality which we could see very good here.

I felt VERY uncomfortable when Kate came back and ran directly to Javier while not even looking at David. And he then noticed it and asked about it and I (as me, not Javier) was like dude, same, I didn’t even romance her. 

I didn’t forgive Eleanor, she was the most indifferent character for me during the whole season tbh. After Episode 4 I tried to explain her for myself that maybe Joan blackmailed her with Tripp’s life but then I realized Eleanor talked to Joan before Tripp and Ava were captured, so… And in her dialogue in Ep5 she made me distance from her even more. Like she says she had to put her priorities and I can understand it, because let’s be honest - she and Javier’s group are not that close to each other and she can have her own priorities over them and mind her own business whatever it is. So no hate, just separate ways, no one owes nothing to nobody ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

I don’t blame David on anything he did in Fern & Rufus scene, I’d probably do the same to protect someone of mine (like I’ve already did with Conrad pffffft). Our main characters group was my only top priority in this episode because I was too afraid to loose someone.

I just LOVED all the dialogues I’ve got in this episode so much, they’re all pure gold! David & Javier’s dialogue on the roof just opened whe whole David’s character for me and I’ve seen directly what I was always thinking he is. I was supporting him all the time and he confessed that he wants to change but doesn’t know how to do it and that’s why he was always trying to change everyone else. And when he says he don’t know any ways to be something other than a soldier, he can’t be father, husband, etc. and you can choose to say that he will always be a brother and there’s always a way to change, I literally cried. This is good that he understands his problem and wants to do something with it. 

I was also defending David in a dialogue with Gabe when he said that in his childhood David was telling him not to be like Javier. Because seriously, it was past when Javier was a very flawed one, so that’s it. Gabe then said David needs our help and I hope it was my impact from dialogue :’) 

And the dialogue about AJ!!! I was thinking there was something like that after the detail I noticed in previous episode - that David gave AJ’s drawing to Clem - but in game actually it all was even better than I imagined. We need a DLC about David looking after AJ while he lived with him, lol :D 

Tripp wasn’t alive in my main save but I watched his plotline in second one and despite I’m upsed he dead his death didn’t look like a waste and he was in his character until the very end. 

Everyone’s face expressions were priceless when Clem told them the thing with walker guts :D But I wonder how they didn’t noticed it themselves during all the years. 

I never did anything romance with Kate and I was hoping David will not fight my Javier buuut thanks Kate he did ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don’t understand why she had to say that she loved Javier in front of David, like come on, we made everything clear in Ep4 please keep it to yourself and don’t make things worse BUT NOOOO! XD I understand it (and even like it) when Gabe called me out about Conrad because I was really guilty there and I don’t blame Gabe but in this case with Kate when I did nothing and it was only she and her feelings???? I’m not complaining tho because David’s reaction was absolutely in character and I said I love him all 3 times because I do. And I went for Gabe & David because they’re top priority. I didn’t know tbh how Kate was going to save Richmond but if it can help her with her guilt feels she can do what she wants.

AAAAND here we came to the most prank moment in my whole gaming experience :D When Javier found a car with Gabe & David (Clem went with Kate) I failed the last qte and he got bit. I thought it was just a fail but the game continued???? Gabe came out from car and got a heartbreaking dialogue with Javier???? And he dead???? And I get a heart attack???? And then you see YOU ARE DEAD which means you just failed a game and press X to restart????


(I really think it was sort of a prank but a thought that it’s Javier’s possible plot death which was put away from the plot but the scene was left like that still haunts me lmao)

So I’ve got the ending when David got bit. His death scene was heartbreaking and his last words were about Mariana, Gabe and Javier :’)

Kate gone missing and I’ve got only Javier, Gabe and Clem in the end. I loved that memorial wall with photos in the end, it’s beautiful. 


Clem/Gabe absolutely got me and that dialogue when Javier was cutting Clem’s hair was priceless XD As well as the detail when Javi mentioned he knows a team from Clem’s hat!

This was the first TWDG ending when I didn’t cry because it was so heartwarming! To know that Clem now has friends WHO DIDN’T DIE and a place to come back where they’re waiting for her, I hope she will take AJ back and come back to Richmond to her friends because she doesn’t need to walk around alone and homeless anymore :’) I was very skeptically about playing as another main character in the very beginning but what can be better than develop FINALLY A REAL FRIEND (and not even only one) for our beloved fandom daughter Clementine??? I’ve realised it and been talking about it long before, I love to see the season finale proving my thought was right. 

And it just blows my mind how many variations there are of how certain scenes can go in their details and how everything REALLY determines and impacts everything, and it’s not just some dialogue options right before the thing, it’s choices from the whole game, everything develops in process from the first episode to the last, and everyone gets something special. The developers​ did a giant work on improving their game’s system and making it the one we all always wanted, this season was the best one. @telltalegames you deserve all the hugs and all the best wishes for making it the way it was made, idk how to express all I want to express so I’ll just say that I love you one more time ♥ 

broniewubz  asked:

Ein kills anything just for the fun of it Tbh. I hate Einmau because it's a legit abusive relationship. Ein constantly said that no matter how many times he hits her, she would still love him. Hitting people is literally abuse :///

Ein has absolutely no respect for Aph as a person, he abuses her mentally and physically, and he completely thinks he’s above her; einm@u is no bueno

Do you ever think about that moment in the woods, after their conversation, just after they’ve kissed and they’re just sort of sitting there, taking a moment and breathing one another in? And Robert, in that instant, reaches into his pocket to go pull out the ring, because you know, you just know that that’s literally the only thing Robert can think of - that he wants nothing more than to be married to this man, for them to spend the rest of their lives together.

It’s not that Aaron kisses him and Robert looks at him and thinks ‘I’m going to propose to you soon’, it’s that Aaron kisses him and Robert doesn’t even need to look at him, and thinks ‘I need to propose to you now’. He wants to say the words and make that commitment to Aaron and have them take that step into the next stage of their relationship right then and there, he absolutely doesn’t want to wait any longer, because his heart is so full, he’s so in love, they’re so in love and he’s just told Aaron something huge about himself he’s never been able to put into words before, and Aaron has just said something to him he hasn’t been able to say in over a year and… Robert doesn’t want to wait.

I just think about this a lot idk.