i love him in this suit


Happy Fryeday, y’all!
Time goes by flying, doesn’t it? Well, I can only wish all of you have made it through these days safe and sound and that you remain strong no matter the problems you may be facing. Have faith only better things can come your way and never lose positivism! Now, here goes another fresh batch of wallpapers of Jacob in THE SUIT because none of us got enough of that classy Jacob in the game and I wanted to take pictures of him so bad! Do enjoy them and as bonus goes a desktop wallpaper! Have a great day and enjoy the weekend, lovelies!
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OMG HOW DO YOU KNOW HE WANTS HIM TO GO TO MIT? it's a headcanon or did i miss something in the movie??? btw, do you think that he's going to be an avenger in Infinity war or he is only going to help and then go? (also, does it bother you that i come to fangirl over irondad in here? sorry it's just that I can't wait man, too many feels)

That scene in India, when he was talking to Peter via the Iron man suit. LMAO I love that scene a lot btw he’s such a dad!! Yelling ‘Because I said so!!’ and then apologise to the lady and like, ‘Sorry, teenager’ I live for Stressed and Concerned DadTM Tony Stark so come talk to me about Iron dad anytime ;))))

Yeah that scene, when he’s driving away, and Peter’s like ‘Are you driving?’ And then he said ‘You know it’s never too early to start thinking about college, I’ve got some pull at MIT’ It’s not a headcanon, it’s canon that Tony wants Peter to go to MIT because he sees how much potential and how smart Peter is :) 

I DON’T KNOWhfdsjl from the descriptions we read from the d23 trailer we know that Peter is probably in space with Tony and the Guardians and Thor, I have no idea as to how he gets there but with the help of Strange, they dont even need a space ship to travel in space I guess. I suppose it’s an all hands on deck situation with Thanos and Peter is definitely gonna want to to help to protect the planet. I mean Tony’s already offered him the membership, it’s just whether or not he wants to accept it after Avengers 4 (I dont even want to think about what’s the fate of everyone after Avengers 4 sobss )

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19 with Bones, please? :D

19. Kisses because I don’t want you to go and maybe I can convince you to stay just a few minutes longer.

Bones x reader

(thanks for the ask, love <3)

“Alright, I think I have everything, I just need my com, my keys and… why are you looking at me like that?”

Leonard glanced at you from across the room, his fingers fixing the cuff of one jacket sleeve and you gave him another seductive smile. 

“That suit… Len… you look dashingly handsome.  Like James Bond.” You drew your words out, hoping that your sultry tone would make him pause for a minute, but when he started to dig around a drawer in the cupboard you huffed and rolled your eyes. 

“Is that the vodka martini guy?” He mumbled as he found his com. 

“Shaken, not stirred.” You pulled out your best Bond impression and Leonard gave you a side-eye over his shoulder. 

“Does that make you a…. Bond girl or whatever they’re called?” He retrieved his keys from his leather jacket pocket. 

“I guess, but usually James Bond is much more interested in them than you seemed to be interested in me.” You sat up on the edge of the bed, your legs dangling off and your toes pressing into the floor. 

The look of surprise and shock on his face as he turned to face you was priceless, “What are you talking about, darlin’?  I’m plenty interested in you.” He sauntered over and stood in front of you so you had to crane your neck to look up at him. 

“If you were than I wouldn’t have to try to seduce you into bed with me, or you would have taken me along with you to this gala.” You pouted, playing with the comforter between your fingers. 

Leonard kneeled down in front of you and tilted your chin up with his fingers so your eyes met his hazel ones. 

“Darlin’…” He started

“Don’t ‘darlin’’ me.” You snapped and patted the bed beside you, “stay.  Just a few minutes longer.”

Leonard checked the time and pursed his lips, “I really have to-”

You cut him off by wrapping your hands around the back of his head and pressing your lips to his fiercely.  His hand stroked your jawline gently as you kissed, but he quickly pulled away. 

“I’m gonna be late…”

“Shhh…” You pressed a finger to his lips and he raised an eyebrow at you as you leaned forward and kissed him softly again. “Stay.” You purred, tugging gently on his hair like you knew he liked. 

He pulled back from the kiss but kept you close.  His face was full of exasperation and amusement, “You are such a trouble maker sometimes, you know that?”

You smiled as you kissed his cheek, “I know.  So you’ll stay?”

Leonard shook his head but you pulled him into another heated kiss, and you felt his free hand slide up your thigh to grip your hip. 

“Maybe just a few more minutes, darlin’.”


here’s thots on this yj panel

  • why do these cartoons always have trouble using versions of wonder girl. like deadass this the second time this has happened
  • they put wally in the speedforce because it had a bigger effect than it would if they used barry i’m gonna. and everyone was crying in the booths too
  • lmao @ them not saying anything about jason
  • bring in donna you fakes
  • i want irey and jai so bad but i really love bart’s new suit
  • 2018 IS TOO DAMN FAR
  • miss martian wasn’t in either of the arts i’m i’m worried. neither was zatanna. they better be there
  • kaldur with a beard is something i didn’t know i wanted
  • also dick’s new stealth suit makes him look like a hitman lol
Video: The Defenders Cast 'Spoils' That Moment, Talks Possible Season 2
In their defense, they really tried. The stars of The Defenders — Mike Colter, Charlie Cox, Krysten Ritter and Finn Jones — dropped by TVLine’s Comic-Con interview suite on Friday and initial…
By Michael Ausiello

This interview is great.

  • Jeph Loeb hovers over his little Defenders like a careful (and potentially career-ending if they spoil too much) dad.
  • All of the kids stutter over answers while they try not to spoil anything. 
  • Charlie tricks Krysten and Finn into telling us what episode the hallways scene is in (episode 3), and I love him so much for it.
  • Krysten bragging about her memory is adorable. And her and Mike Colter are freaking amazing.
  • Jeph Loeb has to remind Mike that Luke Cage is in a relationship.
  • Charlie on what Matt Murdock is up to: “I think he’s been struggling for a while with his identity as a superhero. At the beginning of the Defenders, he’s no longer really engaging in vigilante justice, he’s hung up the suit as it were and putting all of his all of his energies into pro-bono lawyering.” The fanfic writer in me needed some tidbit about what the hell he was doing, so thanks again Charlie. 
  • There is a very confusing conversation about how Matt pays for his sweet apartment (If someone wants to decipher what the Brits are saying during their giggle fit, I’d appreciate it.), but at least they acknowledge it.

Mike Colter to Charlie: How do you make ends meet?
Kristen Ritter: Yeah, how do you live in that apartment?
Jeph to Mike: he doesn’t live the same kind of high lifestyle.
Mike: I’m thinking you’re like, squatting there.
Charlie: I don’t know how he makes ends meet.
Jeph: Yeah you do, we talked about it
Charlie: Yeah, we talked about it 

Me: Um…. thanks? That’s not cryptic at all…

  • 8 episodes took 6 months? Well, that explains why we’re waiting so long for the next seasons of Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil. That level of work makes me even more excited, though. 
  • I’m getting the feeling that I might like Danny Rand in the Defenders… Maybe.
  • Nice try, Jeph Loeb. Of course, this show is going to be the highest rated Netflix series. Then Stranger Things will follow and then The Punisher. I’m calling it now. 

 O L D E R   N O C T I S   A P P R E C I A T I O N

Quote from the official Final Fantasy XV guide by; Yusuke Naora.

why you need to see spider-man homecoming:
  • diverse school is diverse! normal kids are normal! 
  • this movie is funny as hell
  • they’re all actually teenagers or damned close(!)
  • peter is an actual awkward ass kid
—in and out of the suit
  • michael keaton is excellent
  • great soundtrack
  • super neat web-flinging action sequences
  • tom holland acts his ass off i am so blown away by him

  • ned is the perfect wing man
 and will have you rolling
  • there’s an actual twist!
  • hysterical supporting roles as played by hannibal burress and donald glover

  • the big school bully is the way they often are in real life—extremely educated, average-looking, and a total jackass
  • cap’s cameo(s)
  • liz is not another storybook high school crush—she’s beautiful and smart and lovely and not vilified by any other characters
  • zendaya is politically correct and salty and amazing

  • tony stark and co. are in it just enough without stealing the show

  • aunt may is hip and cool
  • we are reminded of peter’s vulnerability and strength every step of the way
  • “suit lady” and all the suit’s bonus features
  • some very direct socio-political commentary
  • probably one of the best ending lines ever written
  • people were  c a c k l i n g
  • the bottom line: this is the spidey we’ve started to see in the previous franchises come to fruition: un-glorified, imperfect, and eager to help others
  • go see this movie and smile your ass off
Things I loved about Spider-Man: Homecoming:

-Peters video diary opening during Civil War.
-The soundtrack
-Literally anything Ned said or did.
-Peter saving the cat from the fire too.
-The cheesy videos Cap had to make for detention and gym class.
-“Yeah he’s kind of a war criminal now, but the video is state required.”
-Tony on screen is always a good thing.
-Spidey trying to use web shooters in the suburbs.
- “No thanks, I don’t want to celebrate something built by slaves.”
-Marisa Tomei as Aunt May
-the diversity was pretty nice
-Him naming the suit lady Karen
-“Yeah Spider-man!”
-“Yeah Iron-man!”
-“If you really cared you would actually be here!” *Tony steps out of suit*
-The ‘I survive NYC’ shirt with hello kitty pj pants. -Michelle drawing people in distress.
-Peter during all the hoco pictures
-“I’m watching…. uh… porn?”
-Ned when he used the web shooter and saved peter.
-Tom Holland’s acting when the build collapsed on Peter.
-Peter not needing the fancy suit to still be a hero.
-“Actually, my friends call me MJ.”
-The bathroom scene with Happy and Peter.
-Possibly Pepper and Tony engagement??
-Aunt May in the end.

Being Tony Stark’s Daughter and Dating Peter Parker would include:

Author’s Note: I really love these headcannon lists so I decided to try them out, hope you enjoy <3

Warning(s): swearing and Deadpool tbh

Being Tony Stark’s Daughter and Dating Peter Parker would include:


•meeting him by chance at Starbucks.
-they’d call out ‘Stark’ to come pick up your drink and Peter would freak out.

•he’d try and talk to you about the ‘stark internship’ and you’d be like 'tf are you?’
-“Hi I’m P-Parker Pete, I mean Peter Parker”
-“okay do you want like an autograph or something???”

•he’d be like stumbling over his words and you’d think he was cute so you’d sign his arm with your number and he’d freak out.

•he wouldn’t know whether or not to call you or how to talk to you so he just wouldn’t.
-Ned yelling at him bc Peter is stupid.

•and you’d be upset that this Parker Pete dude didn’t call you back and Tony would try to cheer you up.

•you’d be a huge Spider-Man fan

•like high-key Spidey fan

•and for some reason Tony forgot to tell you that he knew Spiderman.

•so you’d flip shit when Tony would come into the compound with an unmasked Spiderman.
-“you?? Know?? SPIDEY?? And you??? Didn’t??? Tell me???”
-“(Y/N) please, I’m old and highly susceptible to heart attacks”

•then you’d flip shit on Peter for not calling you.
-“and you Parker Pete! You didn’t call me??”

•completely ignoring the fact that Peter is spiderman.

•dropping by during training sessions.

•distracting Peter.

•getting sent out bc you’re too distracting.

•convincing Tony to let you go public school so you can 'monitor’ Peter’s progress.

•Peter showing off your friendship to everyone.

•picking up Ned and Peter in one of Tony’s flashy cars just to prove Flash wrong.

•sticking up for Peter 99.9% of the time.

•Peter being grateful for having you as a friend.

friend :’)

•you end up crushing on Peter haaaard
-it being painfully obvious to everyone but Peter
-Ned teasing you for it until the end of time.

•he asks you out at one of Liz’s parties during 7 minutes of heaven.
-“so- *kiss*-I was thinking- *kiss*-maybe later we could- *kiss*
-“yes Peter I’ll go out with you”

•keeping it a secret from Tony bc he thinks dating will interfere with Peter being Spiderman.

•dating for like a year behind Tony’s back.

•the avengers finding out bc Wanda accidentally reads your thoughts one day :)
-“you made out with Peter?”
-“WHo toLd yOu ThAt?”

•overprotective mother!Steve Rogers.

•dates swinging above the New York skyline.

•cute nicknames




•Peter sneaking into your room when he gets hurt.

•making up crazy excuses when Tony almost barges into your room.
-“I’m too old for this”

•Tony inviting Peter to team dinners.
-holding hands under the table.
-blowing kisses when Tony isn’t looking.

•makeout sessions on the roofs of sky scrapers.

•attempting to do the Spider-Man kiss.
-“Peter I think we’re doing this wrong”
-“No I got this” *web snaps* “AHhH”

“Y/N NO”

•Ned being disturbed by your PDA.

•kisses by the lockers.

•flash flirting with you


•he’d like clench his jaw and glare and you’d find that really hot tbh.

•but then flash would say some dumb shit like “how’d penis Parker get a hot babe like you?”

•you almost breaking Flash’s arm

•Peter cheering you on.

Slapping Peter’s ass at school when no ones looking

•Peter blushing all the time bc it happens on a daily basis

•Getting angry at your dad when he takes away Peter’s suit.
-“Y/N talk to me”
-“Not until you give Peter back his suit”
-“he doesn’t deserve it”
-“he deserves everything in the world and so much more than you. He tried to help you, but you didn’t listen!”

•Tony being hurt bc you’ve never fought with him before.

•him wondering why you’re defending Peter.

•it finally clicking that you’re dating Peter.

•Tony being mad at you for keeping it a secret.

•Peter not wanting to come between you and your dad’s close relationship

•coming to Peter’s defence when Tony tries to 'kill’ him.
-“dad no! I love him”
-“you love me?”

-“ew this is so sweet I can feel the diabetes already”

•PDA around the avengers tower after that
-“The 'making out’ is disturbing me”

-“Same, Thor, same”

-“you’re really soft”
-*you booping peters nose* “yeah well you’re really cute”

•dad jokes.

-“Peter! Peter! What time did the man go to the dentist?!’’

-”(Y/N) go away"

-“Tooth hurt-y! get it?”

•study dates
-turning into makeout sessions
-resulting in you guys being supervised by vision

•you trying on the suit
-almost suffocating
-accidentally swinging out into the streets of New York
-you going to hospital
-lectures from Tony.

•getting the talk from Wade
-crying afterwards bc Wade is weird.
-Tony trying to kill Wade


•passing notes in class

•staring at each other in class

•detentions together
-resulting in you making out in the back.
-resulting in you guys getting kicked out of detention
-never getting detention from other teachers bc they are disturbed by teen romance

•girl talks with Michelle and Liz
-Ned and Peter trying to spy on you guys
-Ned and Peter treating it like a secret mission and having code names.
-“Nedstar 101, I have visual on the birds”
-“copy that Peterpiper”
-“you know we can see you guys right”
-“abort mission! abort mission! We’ve been compromised!”

•getting mad when Peter doesn’t ask you to homecoming.
-him being really confused bc he thought he didn’t have to ask since you guys were dating.

•Peter getting the silent treatment.
-“PlEASe talk to mEee”

•Asking Ned for help
-failing miserably and making you even more mad.

•going to Tony for help
-also failing miserably.
-“she’s your daughter??? How did this go so wrong???”
-“I don’t know!? I’m a failure!?”

•Peter sitting outside your bedroom door for like 2 hours.
-forgiving him when you come home to find him sleeping there.

•tickle fights
-Peter accidentally kicking you in the face.
-going to the hospital again.
-getting lectures from Tony and Steve.

•cooking with Aunt May

•May loves you

•girl talks with May
-Peter trying to spy on these.

•going to Thai restaurants with May and Peter
-sometimes Tony would come
-things would get weird
-Thai food puns

•May and Peter coming to spend family holidays with you and the avengers.
-Tony being weird with Aunt May

•forehead kisses

•Peter bringing you lunch bc you always forget to eat.

•Peter crying over the titanic
-“Pete are you crying?”
-“No this is liquid pride”

•Movie nights with the Avengers
-Tony and Peter crying and laughing over the same scenes
-you and the avengers being weirded out.

•Peter braiding your hair

•Playing with Peter’s hair
-it helps him fall asleep or calm down from stress.

•falling asleep on one another
-the avengers taking photos of you guys
-someone knocking something over effectively waking you up.
-proceed to you screaming at the avengers for like 5 minutes.

•naps together

•you being the big spoon
-Peter never admiting that to anyone.
-you telling everyone.

•late night calls
-effectively running up Tony’s phone bill.

•Tony showing off you and Peter’s relationship
-cos he’s a proud dad
-uncle!Tony loves his spiderling.

•You making Peter the happiest he’s ever been and vice Versa.

“I love you”
“Meh you’re alright Pete”


All the cast got together tonight to live tweet - and then there’s Cole.

And for some odd reason, i’m still more interested in the 10 seconds of him eating an apple with M. Moseby aka Phill Lewis aka Riverdale’s number 1 fangirl 😂