i love him in this shirt

struggling musician luke playing some dingy old bar and he’s on a barely elevated stage, ripped jeans, boots, black denim jacket over a black t-shirt, scruffy jaw, messy hair, and his fingers are moving over an acoustic guitar while he sings a combination of rearranged covers and original songs but the bar’s mostly full of guys watching football on the tiny muted tv in the corner and his eyes are scrunched closed over a note but when he opens them and ducks away from the mic a little he spots you watching him intently, eyes bright over your drink and you’re just kind of amazed that this voice came out of this boy so he can’t help but looking at you through every song, a little smile on his lips, cause he doesn’t really care if no one else is listening at all anymore as long as you are

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Best friend MiKEY being in such a bad mood and he snaps at you for everything. He randomly gets up and sprints to your bedroom. Confused, you walk in and he's under the covers sobbing so hard he stops breathing at certain points. You slowly make your way towards him and get in bed and bring him into your chest, rubbing his back as he drenches your shirt in a waterfall of tears. Out of the blue, he quietly says "I'm so in love with you and I don't understand it, I'm not good enough for you" BYE

i just had to pause and stare out my window to control myself just now why what im so sad im so sdddsfbk;;’;

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What do all of the free! boys prefer - boobs or butt?

(this counts as an ask and i’m having trouble writing let me be)

Haruka: Butt. 

Makoto: Boobs. He finds nipples oddly attractive. (wtf Makoto)

Nagisa: Y’all even need to ask? Butts. Booty. Buttocks.

Rei: Boobs. (it’s a personal headcanon, but i can see him being into smaller boobs)

Rin: BOOBS. Strong boobage here.

Sousuke: I don’t call him Buttsuke for nothing (i don’t actually call him that)

Nitori: Butts! Cute butts are the only way for a cute duckling.

Momotarou: Boobs. Many boobs.

Seijuro: Boobs. (He especially loves when they bounce when a shirt is taken off. Y’know? That kinda bounce? Yeah…)

Kisumi: Both. He’s a greedy boy, and we all fucking love it.


Re-Watching Supernatural.

Season 1, Episode 6: Skin.
Dean Winchester.

Francesco Guidicini took some shots of Charlie for his interview with The Times newspaper, and this is what he had to say about this pic in particular:

“Every time I do something involving the Globe Theatre, Emma (Draper) and all the PR team are very helpful and that makes a huge difference. I previously asked if I could have a crown to play with because I thought it would be interesting to see the actor in his everyday clothes wearing one. When I got there it was low tide which created a lovely little beach just outside the theatre. I took some pictures on the stage then we went out on the beach with the old king sitting with his chequered shirt and his jeans, wearing an unlikely crown with the background of the City of London. Charles played the game from the beginning and it was a pleasure working with him.”



Remember when Louis wore his “Love Will Tear Us Apart” shirt on 13 March 2015 and then less than 2 weeks later Elounor “breakup” was confirmed?

I think that the message Louis is trying to send with his shirts is not necessarily about how he feels, and him wearing “Not Heartbroken” shirt today could mean a lot of different things.

It’s also notable that he was wearing “The Future Is Now” shirt for several consecutive concerts at the end of OTRA Europe, but not even once since then.

After Ten Years Final Part

Part 14

 You laid your hands on Luke’s chest, balling his shirt in your fists and pulling him to you. “We have to be quiet,” Luke said pulling his lips away from yours.

 “I’m not the one that’s giggling,” You said smiling.

 “Alright. Fine,” Luke said smiling.

 “We will tell people later,” You said smiling.

 “Why can’t we tell them now?” Luke asked grabbing your hand, and running his finger over your ring finger. “And why aren’t you wearing the ring? Do you not like it?” Luke asked again.

 “No. I love it,” You said smiling. “I just didn’t want people to question before you went on your big interview.”

 “Good, because I want my wife to be happy,” Luke whispered smiling as he brought his lips to yours.

 “And I want my husband to be happy,” You whispered smiling. Luke smiled and brought his hand to the back of your neck, pressing his lips to yours.

 “Tell people what?” Michael asked making you both jump.

 “Nothing Michael,” Luke said grabbing you by the waist.

 “Tell people what?” Michael asked again.

 “Oh brother,” You said shaking your head.

 “Tell people what?” Michael repeated.

 “Let’s go. The interview is about to start,” Luke said grabbing your hand and leading you to the floor. You waited as he sat down on the stool with his guitar.

 “You’re going to do great,” You said smiling.

 “Thanks babe,” Luke said smiling.

 “Oh I’m going to hurl,” Calum said making a throwing up motion.

 “And that’s my sign to leave,” You said smiling. Luke kissed you before you left, making you smile. You pulled away and walked to seat behind the camera that had been put there for you. When you met back up with the guys you hugged them each hello and then followed them to the hotel.

 When you got here you were bombarded with questions, but Luke pulled you away so you weren’t surrounded. Before Luke did pull you away they told you that they had a seat put out for you. After you sat down the interview started and they played She’s So Perfect. Luke would look up at you and smile throughout the song, making you smile.

 When they were done you the questions started. “So, when can we except new music from you?” the interviewer, Karen asked.

 “We have a new song coming out not too far now. So I hope people get excited about that,” Ashton answered, smiling.

 “And what about (Y/N)? Her new song, Tattoo, has become quite popular,” Karen asked.

 “That’s a question for her to answer. We make no plans for releasing music with her,” Luke answered right away.

 “Have you gotten her to join Hi Or Hey Records?” Karen asked.

 “We have mentioned it and we keep reminding her that she should,” Michael said smiling. “It’s not only because of her relationship with our dear Luke, but because she is one of our closet friends and we know her, and her talents, very well.“

 “That’s so sweet. Luke, speaking about (Y/N), how is your relationship going so far? You’ve been friends for nine years and dating a couple of months, and as the news says it was your ten year anniversary the other day,” Karen asked smiling. Luke looked at you and then looked at the boys before looking back at Karen.

 “We are doing great actually. I’ve never been happier, and I hope the same goes with her,” Luke said smiling to himself and nodding.

 “That’s so good to hear. Ashton..” Karen started.

 “We are actually married,” Luke said smiling, nodding his head.

 “What?” Ashton, Michael, and Calum yelled at once. The four boys looked at you and then everyone else. You sat there frozen before you shifted in your seat.

 “We’re going to take a break,” Karen said, breaking the silence.

 “When did you get engaged?” Calum asked.

 “On our ten year anniversary,” Luke answered, walking over to you.

 “So when did you get married?” Michael asked.

 “On our ten year anniversary,” Luke said again.

 “You got engaged and married in the same day?” Ashton asked. “And you didn’t think to, you know, tell us?”

 “We wanted it to be a surprise,” You said wrapping your arms around Luke. “We didn’t want you to yell.”

 “Do you even have a ring?” Calum asked looking at your hands. You nodded and pulled the ring Luke gave you out of your pocket, and slipped it onto your ring finger.

 “Do your parents even know?” Michael asked.

 “Of course they do. I talked to my mum and asked her how I should ask,” Luke said smiling at you. You turned your head to Luke and smiled. He pressed his lips to yours and then turned back to the boys.

 “We were actually going to run away,” Luke said, pulling you closer.

 “What?” Calum and Michael yelled at the same time.

 “Obviously it wasn’t going to be forever. Just until after our honeymoon,” Luke said shifting his weight.

 You and Luke had packed your bag and then rushed to the airport, doing very well at hiding who you were while you were rushing through the crowds. You finally got to your gate and sat down, close to each other. “Where should we go? Hawaii? Rome? France?” Luke asked running his fingers over your ring.

 “Austria. In the country,” You said smiling.

 “I love it,” Luke said smiling. “Anywhere that I am with you I will always be happy.”

 You sat there for a moment and thought everything through. Everything was happening so fast. You and Luke had just gotten married by an officiant the same day as your ten year anniversary. You were the happiest that you were ever going to be. “Luke, we can’t go,” You said shaking your head.

 “What? You were all for this,” Luke said looking at you.

 “I’m not talking about our marriage. I’m talking about running away like this,” You said shaking your head. “You have shows to do, and an interview to do. You can’t leave the other boys like this. It’s not fair to them.”

 “They’ll do fine without me,” Luke said lacing your fingers together. Luke sighed and kissed the back of your hand as you thought about this.

 “Yeah Luke. It’s not fair to us,” Michael said hitting him in the arm.

 “Look,” Ashton said putting his hand on his waist. “We’re happy for you, and appreciate that you didn’t just leave us. We’re going to have to work something out with management but right now we need to deal with this plot twist in the interview.”

 “Thanks guys,” You said smiling at them. They smiled before turning away. You turned to Luke and saw him smiling at you again. “Stop that,” You laughed.

 “I can’t. You’re my wife,” Luke said smiling. “Ten years it took us.”

 “That’s probably because for eight of those years we were children,” You said pushing him away. Luke grabbed onto your hand and pulled you back to him, pressing his lips to yours.

 “Stop that!” Calum yelled from across the room.

 “Alright. Alright,” Luke said pulling away. You kissed his cheek and then let him walk back to his seat. You waited out the interview, looking at Twitter with all of the tweets about you and Luke. You didn’t even pay attention to the interview, too focused on Twitter.

 “Babe,” Luke said walking up to you.

 “Are you finished?” You asked sitting up.

 “Yes and now we have all day to do whatever,” Luke said smiling.

 “I actually think that we should see Miranda and the others,” You said putting your phone back in your pocket.

 “We can do that,” Luke said wrapping his arm around you. “Is Twitter bad?”

 “I don’t think that it is,” You lied. Luke kissed the top of your head and then led you outside. You weren’t far from the next stadium, so you decided to walk. It wasn’t long before you got bombarded by people. They yelled question at you as you tried to push past them.

 Luke wrapped his arm around your waist, keeping you close to him so you didn’t get lost in the crowd. You kept your head down, like Luke, as you pushed through the people. When you were finally out of the crowd Luke hurried down the street and then pulled you into the back of the stadium, closing the door.

 “That went better than I thought it would,” Luke said pinning you up against the wall.

 “You’re telling me,” You laughed.

 “There you are!” Rena said when she

 “Here we are,” Luke said looking at the floor and pulling away from you.

 “What’s up?” You asked turning to her.

 “Congratulations,” She said hugging you.

 “Oh thank you,” You said hesitantly wrapping your arms around her and looking at Luke.

 “I’ll let you two have some time,” Luke said before walking away.

 “So, Sparks is finished. When do you want to record it?” Rena asked pulling away from you.

 “Oh, I haven’t actually thought about that,” You said looking at her. “I haven’t actually thought even about a wedding.”

 “That’s alright. We can record it here too. It sounds awesome,” Rena said smiling.

 “Alright. I’ll go talk to Luke about it,” You said politely excusing yourself and walking over to Luke, who was looking at his guitar.

 “Wife,” Luke said smiling as you walked up to him.

 “Husband,” You said smiling. Luke looked up and pressed his lips to yours before looking back down at his guitar. “So, what’s next for us?”


I started this story in honor of my favorite band leader’s love story. He met his wife at nine and then married her ten years later on the same day that they met. that’s what inspired this story and i hoped that you enjoyed it. the second part will be posted shortly, along with the new Luke Hemmings story, Fake. 



Harry was so adorable and crazy and beautiful. The way he walks across the stage is so graceful, like the way his body moves. I don’t know how to describe it. Also, his hair looks so beautiful and soft and silky. He’s so into every song, and he gave it his all the whole night. Everything about him is beautiful and perfect. I’m so in love.

Louis was so little and cute. He looked so good in his skin tight jeans and his voice was so good. I don’t know how people think he can’t sing. He absolutely slayed no control and his solo in drag me down. It was so cute when he was running after Liam with water guns and poured koolaid down his back. He’s just so adorable and charming.

Liam was so everything. He changed shirts like 5 times. He had a batman shirt on!!! His high notes and note changes are so lovely and perfect. He was energetic and dancing and reading signs and somehow I love him even more than before.

Niall was phenomenal. Apart from being super cute he slayed at the guitar and he made funny faces when his face was on the big screen and doing little hip thrusts. He does so good at Zayn’s solos. He really knows how to get the crowd hyped up.

DRAG ME DOWN was the best thing ever. It sounded amazing love and we already knew the words when Liam said “sing it” and it made the boys so happy. Also Harry done this thing with his mic stand during it and I think I died. Liam doesn’t want us to leak the album.. That he said they finished yesterday. Harry noticed a really tall guy in the audience and he was talking to him which kind of sounded like flirting and the whole stadium was laughing and then he made us sing happy birthday to Camren, cutest lil boy. Also Liam read a sign that said “did you sit in a pile of sugar because you have a sweet ass”. Harry made a weird face during little things.

I THOUGHT BUT IM NOT SURE, that Harry seen a Larry sign and like smiled at it and pointed.


dream dragon achieved! *blows trumpet*

I saw a very gaudy and beautiful shirt at work & instantly needed a dragon to represent it. chocolate/maroon/thistle is such a good combo. on the left is Eames as I got him and on the right is what I’ve done to the unfortunate sod.

just look at this magnificent fuck I’m so proud of him. :’)

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I'm sorry love. Here's a nice Headcanon for you. Leonard and Barry like to play board games together. But Leonard somehow manages to turn every game into strip whatever. Think strip monopoly, strip scrabble, strip candy land.


I love this. Barry has no idea how it keeps happening. He insists after every game “Nope. This is the last time.” But somehow Len keeps convincing him and on top of all that, Len cheats! Cheats in every single game so Barry ends up naked before Len even gets his shirt off and it almost always leads to sex so Barry just stops complaining eventually. Now, whenever Len suggests a board game, Barry just rolls his eyes and says “Let’s just skip that and go have sex already”.

And thank you so much, friend. (:

It was a long night of hot, sweaty, AMAZING sex. You usually didn’t spend the night with boys but Owen was different. The one night stand turned into multiple night stands that led to being fuck buddies that led to, well, you didn’t really know. 

You slipped on your underwear, trying your best not to look at Owen, or more accurately, Owen’s abs. 

He pulled down his shirt slowly, watching you. 

“What?” You asked, buttoning your pants.

“I think I love you.” 

You both paused.

You stood there shirtless and he stood there pants-less. Not really the lovey-dovey scene in most romantic movies.

“What?” You asked. You couldn’t of heard him correctly. This was Owen Grady. He didn’t fall in love.

“I love you.” He said, but he was more sure of himself this time. “(Y/N). I love you.” He rushed forward and his lips crashed against yours. The fabric of his shirt rubbed against your smooth skin. 
He kissed you like he ad never kissed you before. It was deeper, longer and had meaning. It felt right.

*Not my gif

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"What are you doing here?" Sherlock asks when Moriarty appears in his bedroom. "It's your dream," Jim replies, "so you tell me what I'm doing here." "I'm not sure," Sherlock frowns. "Considering the fact that I'm wearing leather pants and a see through shirt, I'd guess you wanted to have sex with me," Jim replies, "which is surprising because I thought you only had eyes for John Watson." "I do," Sherlock replies. "Then why am I here?" Jim smiles and joins Sherlock in bed.

Lol XD

this whole month at work we’ve been allowed to wear free dress instead of our uniforms as long as it’s a superhero shirt. So yesterday I went to work but I forgot it was free dress and I wore my uniform while all my other coworkers were wearing marvel/dc shirts so I looked a little out of place. When I was ringing up a customer, she noticed that my manager, who was standing next to me, was wearing a Captain America shirt and saw that I was in my uniform and asked, “Why aren’t you wearing a shirt like that?” And I said, “Unlike him, I don’t need a tshirt to prove I’m a superhero” and then the lady flipped out and was all “she’s so cuuuuuuute! I love her confidence!” And then my manger looked at me and said, “yeah I like her confidence too.”

ok but headcannon:

Nathan Prescott is a trans boy, its why his the thing with best son means so much to him and the under-shirt he has on is actually a binder and Victoria is super supportive of it and shes like one of the only people who knows at school and will help w shit


Greg is the cartoon clone of my dad. My dad always wanted to be a rock star and was alway singing and stuff. He went through lots of bands and I still have some of his band shirts and CDs. He was well known in the Cincinnati tristate area. You’d never catch him without a bandana because he was bald up top too lol. He was the best dad ever. I never got the chance to show him SU, but I know he’d get a kick out of it. And that’s why I love watching SU. I love episodes with Greg because they remind me of him. Mega lub to my dad.