i love him in this shirt

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um hello can we get shirts and prints of your new wolf lord piece cuz i love him so much and need him in my room and on my body <33

My friend you know I’ve got your back ♥ You can find a bunch of stuff featuring werewolf boyfriend Lord Among Wolves right here!


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If the losers were each other for Halloween, who do you think would be who?

- beverly would be richie, she’d always wanted to wear his glasses and his dorky hawaiian shirts and it gives her a chance to run wild and tell stupid jokes

- ben would be beverly, because none of the other boys had the guts to wear a dress but benny boy and he rocked it

- i bet stan would dress as mike and just talk about sheep and cows all day and mike would glare at him because he didn’t like being known as the ‘farm boy’ but it’s all in good fun

- billy would dress as his boy ben and be quoting new kids on the block to make ben go bright red

- eddie would dress up as bill and steal one of his oversized checked shirt and he’d look so tiny in it but he’d just talk with an over exaggerated stutter to piss bill off and everyone would love it because he’s weirdly amazing at it??

- mike would be stan and tuck his shirt so tightly into his shorts and stan would let him wear his yamaka and they’d both love it because they both looked ridiculous as each other

- and of course, richie would dress up as eddie, wearing a pink shirt, little shorts, neatly combing his hair and even going as far as to remake eddie’s cast from all those years ago, and constantly pretending to use his inhaler (eddie hated it, kind of)


Author: Areiton

Summary: It doesn’t happen every time they’re out. But it happens. Enough that he stops thinking it’s strange.

Info: 2k | Not Rated | Fake Relationship, Protective Stiles

Notes: I really love fics where Stiles just gets Derek and how uncomfortable he can be when it comes to people flirting with him and only seeing him for his body. -C

Sneak Peek:

He pushes into the crowded pub and it’s easy to find Derek, in the corner booth they always gravitate too, looking comforting and familiar in his dark shirt and messy hair and stubble, his expression pinched as the server flirts.

His eyes narrow, and he doesn’t really think about it–not thinking is one of his specialties, after all.

He nudges against the waitress as he slides into the booth, pressing up to Derek and giving him a wide smile. “Hey, babe. Sorry, I’m late.”


Summary: Just some Sam PWP!

Characters: Sam x Reader

Warnings: SMUT

Word Count: 1,537

A/N: So I just read Last On Earth by @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid. Amazing! And that somehow sparked this PWP. I don’t know, it just happened. But I am so damn grateful! Technically my first smut. So, as @winsister91 would say, put on your smut glasses!

Sam stood in the door to the room, watching as Y/N climbed into bed. She had lifts under the legs, making the bed sit higher. She said it made her feel smaller, which she loved. Sam loved watching her climb into bed, one knee up, her ass in the air as she crawled forward on hands and knees before settling down. She didn’t realize what it did to him, seeing her like that. She didn’t realize her actions were appealing and the way she moved was beyond sexy. To her, she was just crawling into bed. To Sam, it was a test of his resolve.

Y/N turned to see Sam standing a few feet from the bed, his eyes narrowed hungrily in her direction, his chest heaving visibly with every fast and deep breath he took.

“Sam, are you ok?” She inquired, her brow creased with worry. Her soft voice calling his name crawled into his ears and vibrated through his being. His hands clenched and unclenched at his sides as he grappled with maintaining control. He wanted her, with everything he had. “Sam?” she whispered more softly.

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richie discovering eddie's only tattoo that's on his collar bone and it's of a tiny rose and he just think it's so cute but also really hot and he traces over it with his tongue when they're getting it on and with his fingers when they're just cuddling

i wrote headcanons i’m sorry i just love that. this is pretty long lol, also richie and eddie are in their senior year of high school, before people come at me. there’s barely any smut mostly just fluff and it’s terrible i’m so sorry.

🎈 richie thinks he almost doesn’t see it at first
🎈 because he and eddie are sitting in math class and eddie’s (like always) sitting up straight in his seat. and eddie’s wearing one of his shirts that are way too big for him.
🎈 richie thinks he probably wore it on accident, but now he’s so thankful for it either way
🎈 he goes to just stare at eddie’s lips as they purse when he tries to figure out a formula, and that’s when he sees it. if he was to blame anyone it would be his periphral vison
🎈 while he was fantasing about those pretty pink lips, he saw the shirt slide down just a tad. barely even an inch.
🎈 but since eddie’s so smol, it shows a good portion of his collar bone
🎈 poor wheezie is too focused on his work to notice that he’s somewha exposed. richie prayed that he wouldn’t notice for a while.
🎈 because right there, on the center of one mr. eddie kaspbrak’s collar bone, was what was probably the world’s smallest tattoo of a rose
🎈 richie thought it was very fitting, since both his sunshine boy and the rose we’re incredibly smol
🎈 he was actually a little surprised too. because tattoos could poison you if you didn’t care for them properly and were just very messy in general.
🎈 his cigarettes nearly fell out of his pocket because he was so shook
🎈 but it’s eddie fucking kaspbrak. of course that tattoo’s gonna get taken care of, boy probably cleans it like his own life depends on it. probably does it far more than necessary.
🎈 richie is perfectly content ignoring his work in favor of focusing on the ink, actually starts to fantasize about it and what it would feel like to trace over it with his-
🎈 but then the bell rings and he doesn’t have any more time to admire the adorable addition to his boyfriend’s body. he doesn’t try to hide his pout on the way out of the classroom.
🎈 eddie frowns and asks him if he’s okay
🎈 richie just shrugs it off with some overly sexual joke about eddie wearing his shirt, but it isn’t what he really wants to make dirty jokes about
🎈 although the t shirt thing is hot too
🎈to richie tozier, anything invloving eddie kaspbrak was hot as fuck
🎈 he thanks whatever god their is that math was their last class, and practically halls eddie over his shoulder to go to his car
🎈 he pretends not to think about the laughther from the other losers in the background or the fact that eddie’s tattoos is dangerously close to his ass
🎈 but we all know that this trashmouth likes to exagerate
🎈 he hugged the wheel while driving home, linking his fingers with eddie’s as he exhaled through his nose
🎈 eddie squeezed his hand, his mind was most likely searching through the worst possibilities and would eventually land on richie having some sort of disease
🎈 when they got to eddie’s house, like the fuckboi gentlemen he was, richie got out first and winked at eddie before opening the door for him
🎈 it doesn’t take them long to end up on eddie’s bed making out like the horny teenagers they are
🎈 richie pants as eddie straddles his waist, and seperates them to take his, well, richie’s, shirt
🎈 richie reaches out to touch it and eddie just stiffens and blushes as he tries to come up with something to say
🎈 “i-i was gonna tell you but i, um, i, completely forgot and i know it isn’t like me but i-”
🎈richie clasps his neck and pulls him for a deep and perhaps too passsionate kiss, not really replying to the “apology” with words, he pulls away after was probably a good couple minutes and leans his forhead against his boyfriend’s
🎈 “it’s fine eddie spaghetti, i saw it early anyway, at least i found a mew excuse not to my work”
🎈he wiggles his eyebrows for an extra added affect and grins when eddie rolls his eyes and tries to hide his smile
🎈 the “you love me” “fuck i really do” exchange takes places with lazy and in love half smiles and a look that could only begin to be described as fond
🎈 they spend the night at a much slower pace then usual, richie oddly enough being the one to suggest it because there’s no hiding how he feels about the tattoo now
🎈 he licks over it, bites it, and lightly scratches it as they both finish and their festivities for the moment come to a halt
🎈eddie collapses on top of him with a long drawn out sigh and richie combs his fingers through his hair because goddamn the tattoo isn’t the only aspect of his boyfriend’s appearance that he loves
🎈spoiler alert: it’s everything. INCLUDING THAT DIC-
🎈after taking a ridiculously long shower (seriously it was like the length of an indie film double feature) which lead to more tattoos appreciation times, they end up falling asleep with richie being the little spoon and eddie curling his legs around richie’s
🎈 richie reaches up and tries to trace the stem of the inked rose but he’s so exhausted his hand keeps falling, his eyes are struggling to stay open but he softly whispers “take that you fucking goverment”
🎈he always tries to start revolutions based on stupid things
🎈 the “eddie kaspbrak is my daddy” revolution was shut down so quickly the only real supporter was beverly, just because she didn’t really care, stan let it slide until richie brought the firearms in
🎈 eddie chuckles and pick his boyfriend’s hand up, he brings it to cradles to his chest and looks away in embarrassment at his own action
🎈 richie just tiredly gazes up at his soft bf and he’s so in love he doesn’t really know what to say
🎈 sure, he could come up with a dirty joke about someone’s mom. yes, he could insult stan on the spot and banter with him at the drop of a hat. but when it comes to the mushy gushy stuff, trashmouth tozier is at a complete and utter loss for words
🎈 he barely manages to write out “i love you” across the tattoo and the space of eddie’s chest before falling asleep and snoring
🎈 you best believe he adds “my rose” to his vast list of nicknames for eddie
🎈 you also best believe he had a wet dream involving that rose right after he fell asleep too

At Judy and Nick’s condo. Where they are having a little get together with their friends.

Finnick: *walks in* Hey guys I found this in front of your door. *holds up a bag*

Judy: Really? *walks out from behind the kitchen island and over to Finnick to take the bag*  Oh..it says it’s for you, Nick. 

Nick: Aw they shouldn’t have. But I do love getting gifts. *Judy walks over to Nick who’s relaxing on the couch and passes it to him* Hmm..wonder what’s inside *reaches inside the bag and pulls out a shirt* Oh…it’s just a shirt.

Skye: I think there’s something written on the back! Hold it up!

Nick: Hm…*holds the shirt up for everyone to see and reads out* Clawhauser 2.0?………………………

Clawhauser: Hey that’s so insensible and rude….I’m sorry Nick, are you- *pauses as he sees Nick’s facial expression change to shock to rage. He looked so angry that you could almost imagine flames burning around him* 

Skye: *tries calming Nick down* N-Nick it’s okay…it’s just a shirt. Whoever made that probably had no common sense anyway. 

Finnick: Pfft…th-that’s terrible….*clears throat* You don’t deserve to be treated that way Nick.

Judy: *starts thumping her foot in anger* When I find out who made this shirt!!!!

Jack: Oh no, now all hell is about to break lose….

Monsta x reaction to their boyfriend wearing a crop top


Hoseok has wore a couple crop tops in his life so he’d love when ever you wore them.

“You look amazing babyboy”


Everytime you wore a couple crop Shownu would shower you in compliments.

“Wow how’d I get so luck to have you as my boyfriend”


Minhyuk would start cheering the minute he saw what you were wearing.



Kihyun would joke around even though he loves when you wear crop tops.

“I think the rest of your shirts missing”


Hyungwon wouldn’t care to much but he’s going to compliment you because you looked good.

“There’s my handsome babyboy”


The fact he could see your mid drift would make him a bit shy.

“You look really good”


Like kihyun Changkyun would tease you even though he loves the sight of you in a cro top.

“Babe i think you lost the rest of your shirt”

I loved the 1 x6 of Star Trek: Discovery! (spoilers)

- Stamets is probably smoking his mushrooms at this point. I won’t be surprised if he gets so high that he’s gonna bring a huge disco ball in his lab because wearing the disco shirt is NOT enough groovy for him. I want that shirt by the way. Also, where is his BF, Doctor Culber? I need more ShroomDoc on my screen please.

- Lorca is basically Captain Ransom 2.0 from the VOYAGER episode “Equinox”. He’s just lucky that he hasn’t met someone like Janeway to kick his ass and remind him about his duty as a Starfleet Captain. He’s probably suffering from PTSD because of the war (the loss of his previous ship, the Klingon torture, the nightmares etc.) and he has lost his way. I hope this will continue to be explored very closely and progressively. Star Trek’s previous attempts at exploring some mental conditions have always been quite disappointing until now. 

- I fully support Michael and Tilly’s friendship. I desperately need to see women who are supporting each other on my screen. Feels good, feels organic. MORE PLEASE. Michael is not even questionning Tilly’s ambition to become a Captain despite the fact that she’s still a Starfleet cadet so years away from being able to sit in the Captain’s chair. Michael is helping her to do so while someone else would probably have judged Tilly harsly for that. And Tilly considers Michael as her mentor. OMG YES!

- Well. Sarek is certainly not the best dad in the galaxy. That’s not new and I liked how Burnham walks away from him in Sickbay like: “I’m not your fake Vulcan puppy anymore dad and next time we’ll fucking talk about your bad parenting whether you agree or not.” Yasss you go, girl tell him. Michael is definitely Amanda’s daughter. FEELS. Also, VULCAN POLITICS/SOCIOLOGY YES. 

- Ash Tyler a Klingon spy? Too obvious? Ash x Michael? Yeah mmh okay not that interesting but why not. People are already pissed at this, chill. This show is not the reflect of your Tumblr fantaisies *rolls eyes* You can disagree without being disrespectful, annoying…

- Next week will feature an episode with a time loop problem. Classic Trek. I’M SWEATING

- BTW, for our american friends: if CBSAA is messing up just wait until Monday morning/evening (like the rest of the World *evil laugh*) and go check SolarMovie. It’s a good streaming website, the videos are uploaded in HD and sometimes there are subtitles available. I don’t know if this could help. Yikes, this awkward moment when illegal websites are providing a better quality content than legal platforms…

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You’d had a crappy week at work and all you wanted to do was get a glass of wine and take a bath. But when you got in Bucky was waiting with a bag packed demanding you get changed. Humouring him you did as he said, making sure to wear you’re comfy plaid shirt, jeans and boots. “Gen, doll, we’re going apple picking, and then I’ve booked us in at a lovely b&b with roaring fires and four poster beds”


Fall Monday™

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Unpopular opinion: Benedict shouldn't be allowed to wear hats

He’s adorable in hats, even if they don’t match. Actually I’ll be honest – and this is probably an unpopular opinion that directly contradicts yours – benedict should be allowed to dress himself. I know his fashion can miss the mark and it ends up looking like he’s wearing 5 layers of the same shirt, trousers that don’t match, a cowboy hat, a sheep, and sparkly shoes; but I love it because I know *he* choose it himself and that allows us to have a peek into his mind, unflattering fashion sense and all. Idk but to me it’s more adorable seeing him in an “unfashionable” get up that we know he chose himself, rather than constantly seeing a “pristine perfect fashion icon” that’s chosen by someone else for the sake of maintaining an overly perfect but ultimately dishonest image. Ofc red carpets and formal events are a different thing, much like a job interview or going to someone’s wedding, we must respect the occasion and dress accordingly. But in this case, I’m talking mainly about his casual everyday wear

A/N: Sweetheart is a cute term of endearment, as is this ask! I decided to go for the birthday boy.


• Of course Pidge figures it out first, though Shiro was a close second.

• The blush on his face was enough to silence her. She loves a good wind up, but her and Keith are pretty close so she leaves him to it.

• Then Hunk finds out and of course he makes a galra keith joke.

• Lance doesn’t quite catch on.

• He has you cornered against the blue lion, looking at you with his trademark smirk.

• You stand there arms folded over your chest, rolling your eyes at his pick up lines.

• “No, Lance, I’m not going with you to-”

• Keith grabs the back of Lance’s shirt, pulling him away from you. He doesn’t hurt him, but there’s a certain look in his eye that makes you nervous.

• “Cool it, mullet, why would you care if they start falling for my charms…wait wAIT WAIT YOU HAVE A THING FOR Y/N!!!”

• Keith goes as red as his jacket immediately letting go of Lance and hiding his eyes beneath his hair.

• Lance doesn’t try anything with you again after that, he may be a flirt but he would never hurt his friends and he does think of Keith as his friend.

• But he does tease Keith relentlessly until it reaches the end of the week.

• Everyone’s sat at the dinner table nattering away, you happen to be sat opposite to Keith.

• He stands up so suddenly, yelling loud enough that the echoes reach every room in the castle:


• He notices what he’s done as he looks around the silent room at the shocked expressions on everyone’s face.

• He leaves before he’s had the chance to finish his meal, you trail after him and the two of you have a heart-to-heart in the privacy of his room.

• You emerge back into the dining room hand in hand as you announce the start of your relationship.

See you later

Requested by Anon - Prompt 19, “Is that my shirt?” with Benny Colon please
Prompts - 19 - ‘Is that my shirt?‘
Characters - Benny x Reader
Word Count - 525

You stretched as you felt someone, moving next to you. You then smiled when you felt someone press a kiss to your cheek. Your eyes fluttered open as you looked up and saw Benny looking at you with adoration and love.
‘Morning.’ You said groggily.
‘Morning.’ He replied, he rolled you onto your back him lying on top of you.
‘Your happy this morning.’ You said confused at Benny, he was normally grumpy.
‘Yeah, well… I’m waking up to you.’
‘Babe, you wake up with me every day.’ You told him, he smiled widely.
‘I know.’ He commented before he placed a quick peck on your lips before jumping up and heading towards the bathroom, you got up when you heard him turning the shower on. You sat on the edge of the bed, reaching for the closet item of clothing, when you pulled it over your head you smiled when Benny’s scent enveloped you. You stood up off the bed, making it quickly before making your way to the kitchen. You were half way through making breakfast when benny entered the kitchen looking you up and down.
‘Is that my shirt?’ Benny asked, you looked down and nodded shrugging your shoulders.
’You got a problem?’ You taunted him, whilst smiling, he shook his head.
‘Yeah, I do.’ He admitted, you turned around with a raised eyebrow.
‘Marry me?’ He asked, you froze.
‘What?’ You asked.
‘Marry me?’ When you didn’t respond so he took your hands gently.
‘I was going to give you a long speech about how much I love you and why I want you to be Mrs Colon, but seeing you hear and now, the whole speech has flew out the window.’ He told you, you couldn’t help the smile forming on your face.
‘Benny?’ You said to stop him from talking anymore.
‘Yeah.’ He asked slightly confused.
’I’ll marry you.’ You said, it took him a couple of seconds before he was smiling and kissing you, you giggled as you wrapped his arms around you placed you onto the counter behind you. You kept giggling as he placed kisses everywhere.
‘You’ll be late for work.’ You said as you pulled back slightly.
‘I don’t care.’ He said placing more kisses on your face.
‘I do.’ You said pushing his shoulders back slightly, he whined at the loss of contact.
‘Jason will find it out that you were with me through his weird powers and then I’ll never hear the end of it.’ You said to him, as you fixed his tie. He looked down and watched you fixing it. When you patted his shoulders, he looked up and smiled at you.
‘What would I do without you, Mrs Colon?’ He teased.
‘Oh you’ll never know.’ You said to him as you brung him in closer and placed a kiss onto his lips, before he could deepen it any further you pulled back and jumped off the counter.
‘I’ll see you when you come home Mr Colon.’ You said as you grabbed your breakfast and walked through to the living room. Smiling widely when you heard Benny groaning in the kitchen.

Tags (still open) - @worksaprobie (for the gif) @taliajromanoff @da1120   @applezima @gravin-dracula @ncisfanficsandmore   @littledizzyhurricane @katrinamariah

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CEO!Sam coming home after a long day at work and you would offer to give him a massage and all we know that massage led to something else HC

- CEO!Sam was the best CEO in the world;
- He would be so open and polite with everyone;
- But being the CEO of a Company was hard and the last weeks have been exhausting for him;
- Every evening he came back home tired and he went straight to bed;
- “Babe” You cooed climbing next to him on bed “Are you this tired?”
- “You have no idea” he murmured;
- “Can I help you with a massage, love?” Sam nodded vigorously “Take off your shirt, love”;
- He obeyed and you started caressing his soft skin, massaging his broad shoulders;
- A serie of moans escaped from his soft lips, he was in heaven;
- Then you stopped, the time to take off your shirt and you were massaging your boyfriend’s shoulders again;
- This time you laid on his back and kissed his neck as your hands played with his hair;
- Sam turned to see you face, you could feel his bulge growing under you;
- His hands reached your hips, a silent request that made you smile;
- “What’s the magic word, Sammy?”;
- “Pretty please?”;
- You started grinding on top of him looking at him squirming under you;
- “Babe, stop teasing me. I really need you” he begged you;
- Sub!Sam was a whiny mess loved watching you riding him;
- He complimented you a million of times;
- Calling you his ‘angel’;
- And lots of cuddles later;
- “You should give me massages more often, darling” he joked;

(Ok but this is my favourite headcanon ever, I want to write a longer one so stay tuned)

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Looking at those black and white photos of Jo and Nate from NHL media day I'm thinking of an AU where Nate is a good boy from an upper class family while Jo is a rebel from a lower class family and he's having trouble fitting in Nate's world

Hey uhhhhh holy fuck I finally saw those pics and can I get some peace and stability in my life without them fucking ruining it

Did you notice how Jo’s fingers are taped? It’s something that’s been eating at me since I saw a closeup of his hands like a month ago. Anyway are we talking lowkey Titanic AU without the ship? I love! rebel Jo who sometimes can’t keep his cool, who lets his opinions slip, who won’t smile politely and let people walk all over him. He gets into trouble with Nate’s rich acquaintances but Nate is too enamored to let that affect how he sees Jo

God I just. I wanna imagine how on date night, Nate comes out of his room wearing just a simple white collared shirt in some really nice material, and he’s wearing it effortlessly. Meanwhile Jo is wearing a suit, no tie, top button popped, and he looks good but it’s clear that he’s not fully comfortable in this outfit. But Nate is delighted anyway

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I printed these t-shirts that are all pink and cutesy with all these different boy band members on them but they're like johnny rotten and harry styles and jeff from the wiggles and last night I saw one of the guys on it's band and I gave him one of the shirts and pointed out his face on it and now there's some fan pictures with him wearing it and I got really excited when I saw them and also I fell in love with like 8 different girls at the show last night so like it's been a pretty rad 24 hrs

This is one of the purest asks I have ever gotten, I love you, Im so glad your shirt got some love and you had an amazing night <3