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I just need a blurb of Harry talking about the missus during the interview. Like she found out Harry got to choose the songs and he like chose their song because he knew she was listening and he wanted to let her know he was thinking of her and she like texts him how much she loves him. Can't wait to combust.

He plays Here Comes The Sun, by The Beatles.

Because it’s a song she had loved since the moment he played his The Beatles vinyls around the house once they’d moved in together in their very first home that they had looked around together and purchased together, with both names on the contract, and already homing memories of the two of them as they made it their own. Because it’s a song she always puts on in the car when they’re driving somewhere, whether it be on the way to Surrey to see her family or on the way to Cheshire to his family, and it’s always one that they can never turn off when it comes back on. Because it’s the song she’s always humming the tune of on a Summers Day morning as she makes breakfast, dancing and twirling around in her underwear with his t-shirt hanging on her body, bare feet padding and sticking to the tiles of the floor as she wanders around. Because it’s a song that he swears is her alarm tone for the whole of August, waking up to the familiar sound of Paul McCartney’s voice when he decides that 7am is just too early for that particular day.

But, it’s not just a song she plays during the Summer months.

It’s one she has playing in the Winter months. Blasting from the speakers as he walks through the front door, shrugging off his coat and toeing off his wet boots, when she’s busying herself with cleaning the house because it’s too wet to go out and meet with people, like a prayer that she sun does come soon to wash away the dark clouds and the dull sky that resided above.

So she’s familiar with the start of the song. The piano melody. The gentle tune of one of her favourite songs. A smile on her face when she hears it play in the middle of Harry’s interview with Nick, to promote his first single and to talk about any upcoming shows and to give the rundown of his life to let people know that he wasn’t just being lazy and ghosting his way through life; he was working hard and he was producing things of what they wanted to hear and were antsy to get their hands on. It’s while she’s chopping up bacon strips and sausages to put on top of her toast when she hears Harry’s voice come through the speaker, a giggle matched with Nick’s speech, followed by a cough she knows he followed with a gulp of water.

“That made a change from Passionfruit,” Nick teases, “what was the meaning for that one? I know you’re a big Beatles fan, aren’t yeh?”

“Love ‘em,” Harry admits, “grew up listenin’ to them, didn’t I? My dad had them playing all the time so it’s kind of been the only music I’ve had around me till I ventured out and went down my own pathway,” he explains, “but this song? It’s got a meaning behind it. A personal memory comes with it so it’s one of my favourites.”

“Personal meaning your lady?” Nick grins, and she can only imagine he’s blushing profusely by the sound of Nick’s cackling, “it is! She’s listening, yeah? Managed to wake herself up?”

“I woke her before I left,” he smiles, “hopefully, she’s still awake.”

“Hi, (YN)! We’re missing you here in the studio. Know you’re not much of a morning person but we’ll be pretty peeved if you’ve fallen back asleep,” Nick taunts playfully, “just played your favourite song. Harry definitely pictured you dancing in your underpants. Pop by when Harry’s next on. We’d love to have you here with us, as always.” xx

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Of course, that's only Ricky's side of things. The same Ricky who still makes tens of thousands of dollars by attending The 100-specific cons, only to trash JRoth and the show right in front of his former cast mates, creating an incredibly awkward situation when they all clearly love their time w/ the show. It's amazing how he can't let it go. How when he's doing interviews for American Gods that he, the *subject*, is the one bringing up his beef with JRoth, not the interviewer. So mature.

Truly shocking how his old cast mates still love him and support him them isn’t it considering how he is “creating an incredibly awkward situation.” I just saw him and Richard voluntarily hanging out less than 2 weekends ago. They were going out around Syndey and going to the gym together. Ricky has done the same with other cast members.

I love how you all seem to think it’s wrong for this man to have a voice and stand up for himself against someone who had authority over him that was mistreating him. Instead of showing concern over the fact that this was happening, or wanting to figure out what happened, you’re giving him shit about the fact that he’s still earning a living. “Oh people love him and still associate him with the 100, a show for which he was a main character for 3 seasons? He’s a good person and he’s willing to meet Lincoln fans? Guess since he’s a decent human being and earning money, any bullying done to him is void!”

What you’re saying is that just because a person is successful, they have no right to speak up for themselves. Instead of showing concern for this man, you’re doubting him. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

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do you know why people are saying harry is boring? i've seen so many posts lately about him being dull compared to the rest of 1D esp. in interviews and i never noticed until now. i guess maybe because he talks slower than most people?? i think that's something that he can't help and is apart of him. i know lately he's been more quiet and shy in solo interview but that's probably due to the fact that he's on his own now. idk i just want someone to tell me that harry isn't boring lmao. I love him

i personally do not find harry boring at all. any people who talk shit about how he talks can get fucked tbh it’s rude and unnecessary to be mean about. i think harry is just a very mellow person, so while he might not be as in-your-face as some people, it doesn’t mean that he’s any less interesting or worthy of attention. i think he has plenty of lovely and well thought out things to say, where he chooses his words carefully and candidly, now more than ever. i think that he’s very good at switching between his more wild stage personality and his more reserved and polite interview personality. harry’s a confident guy, and just because he doesn’t talk loud and his sense of humor is a bit more subtle, i dont think that makes him boring by any means 

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I just want Louis to talk about his music taste in this promo time so much. Like we dont really know what he likes. We know so little about his music taste. I was so suprised when he said he loves listening Abba and his fav brit performance was by Amy Winehouse. And I just find out that he is a fan of Brand New. And we know that he had a Green Day phase as a teenager. But what else?? I would kill to talk music with him tbh

Hopefully we can have at least one interview during promo where he’s asked those things, it’d be incredible interesting considering he ‘surprised’ everyone when he said he listens to Abba. I want to know more! 

Interview: Simon

Today we’re joined by Simon. Simon is a wonderful young artist who is quite versatile and enjoys working in a number of mediums. While he does some writing, Simon prefers visual mediums and does a variety of visual art. It’s very clear that he’s an incredibly enthusiastic artist, as you’ll soon read. My thanks to him for taking the time to participate in this interview.


Please, tell us about your art.

I do a lot of different art. I love writing, drawing, painting, digital art, chalk drawings, minor calligraphy; I do video editing and photography if I have the time.

What inspires you?

Day to day life style. Especially if I’m just past a hard time like I am now. (A bit of teen gossip and stupid stuff with my “friends”). Long story short I found out who actually cares and dropped those who didn’t and I feel so much happier, and ready to create. I love watching other artists create as well, and even looking at how-to books to get ideas.

What got you interested in your field?  Have you always wanted to be an artist?

This is going to sound a little redundant, but I think where my appeal to art comes from is because when I was younger all I got for my birthday was school supplies, and I was never good at sports or anything else, so I said “what the hell, let’s try this,” and it was probably the best choice I’ve made.

Do you have any kind of special or unique signature, symbol, or feature you include in your work that you’d be willing to reveal?

I do! In all my recent pictures you’ll see a fish with a crown and in the fish it says “Fishermen” and underneath “Prince” in cursive. Made after a character I designed and fell in love with.

What advice would you give young aspiring artists?

If you’re friends we’re like mine, in which there was another artist in the group, or even another artist in general that is “better” than you, do not, under any circumstances allow yourself to be below them. Keep doing what you’re doing because you aren’t doing it for them. You wanted to do this, and one day your stardom will come. No matter how much better they seem, I promise you one day you’ll get there. I promise you you’ll regret giving up and giving into them. I almost did and I could’ve lost it all. You keep working on yourself and if anyone shadows over you, know you will progress and get better. I know it’s hard to not compare yourself to other artists, but believe me, it’s so much easier that way. Just because they’re progressing further doesn’t me they’re better. It just means they progressed further. I’m sure your art is rocking and you’re doing your best. And that’s all you could ever ask.


Where on the spectrum do you identify?

Oh boy I’m here. I am somewhere between flat out asexual and Demi, I guess. I feel like if I forged a strong enough bond with a romantic partner I could feel sexual attraction, but I know I don’t feel sexual attraction like everyone else does, if that makes any sense. I guess I’m “asexual until proven otherwise”? (I don’t mean any offense I’m just trying to make light of my situation ;))

Have you encountered any kind of ace prejudice or ignorance in your field?  If so, how do you handle it?

I can’t say because so far I’ve never run into it.

What’s the most common misconception about asexuality that you’ve encountered?

Ugh this where I wish I was more active in the Ace community because I can’t answer this either. I guess it’s that they cannot have sex, but like I myself, when I’m older, I’d be willing to do it if my partner wanted it. That’s about all I know, I’m sorry.

What advice would you give to any asexual individuals out there who might be struggling with their orientation?

Goodness child, if you’re asexual, that’s a-okay! I didn’t even know being asexual was a thing until maybe two years ago. I’m glad I know now, because it’s cleared up quite a few things. Such as when everyone fans over someone for being “hot” or “sexy” and I didn’t feel any emotions towards who they were talking about, just that they were somewhat good looking but I didn’t see all the fuss. This also doesn’t mean if your ace you can’t find people hot or sexy. Just if you don’t, that’s okay. If you don’t feel sexual attraction, it’s awesome, it’s all good. You’re okay. Besides if you identify as ace and figure out you’re not, that’s also fine! You don’t have to stay Ace for your entire life.

Finally, where can people find out more about your work?

Haha my Tumblr under (at nest-friends-are-best-friends) #my art or my Instagram at fishermenprince.

Thank you, Simon, for participating in this interview and this project. It’s very much appreciated.

Note: I`m glad you like them! I`m trying hard to make them good. This is a great request and I`ll just throw in a warning that these are just my assumptions and opinions based on my way of thinking about them and a bit information from interviews and such.


I could see him with someone that is pure and sweet. Not too crazy but still someone that would be positive and smiley. He works out a lot so maybe someone he could work out with, someone fit but not too buff. Someone caring, a bit like a mother figure, who would take care of him as he is the leader in the group so I think he`d love someone who`d take care of him for a change. 


I think I remember to have read somewhere that he`d like someone who`s the exact opposite of him. However that can mean a lot of things so here is my interpretation of it. I think he might like someone introverted and maybe even a bit shy. Someone who`s still pretty positive and caring though. Someone who`d only see him and that he could take care of. He`s also into chubby girls as far as I know.


Now Kihyun is a boy I can`t really figure out. However I could see him with someone who`s cute and nice but knows how to take care of herself. Like someone who knows how to behave but also misbehave when it`s needed if that makes sense? I can see him liking a girl that appreciates him for who he is and who he can trust with anything. Someone mature in serious situations but also a bit childish in a way where he could shake his head with a smile.


I think he`d like someone who he could make blush when he does something flirty. I can see him with a girl that he could laugh with and who would understand his humor. Someone not too hyperactive but still creative and open for new things when he`s in the mood for adventure. Someone who`d be supportive of his music and who`d see him as a man so he could take care of her.


As far as my knowledge goes he said he doesn`t even care about gender as long as they are good at cooking ramyun, so what else is there to say? Honestly this boy loves his ramyun For me he seems like someone who`d like someone who impresses him. That could be a very confident mature woman or a cute, introverted woman and I could honestly also see him with both types. I think he`d be a perfect match with someone who truly cares and loves him. Also I think he somewhere said he can`t see himself getting married so she/he should be okay with that.


He is another one I could see with a variety of types of women. Like he could date a cute, introverted, aegyo filled girl and I`d be like, yeah they fit together. But he could also be dating a badass, extroverted, sassy girl and I`d still be like, yeah they fit together. I think as long as she is supportive of his music and truly loves him he`d fit with a lot of different types.


I could see him with someone similar to him. Someone mature and mellow, gentle and kind. Not someone he`d have to worry about or take care of a lot but rather someone confident, who doesn`t swear a lot and someone who`d be on his wavelength with her interests. Someone he could show of and has a mature style. I could also see him with someone romantic and kinda classic but who has creative wind under her wings if that makes sense.

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Morrison hasn't lost his touch, so why was that Wonder Woman story "The Trial of Diana Prince" such a letdown? It wasn't bad, it was just kind of... there.

Because, for all his many and wonderful virtues as a creator, he’s a 50-something man who was trying to explicitly write about feminism and social justice in the 2010′s while also admitting in interviews he literally never uses the internet. There’s lots of cool ideas in there - I loved its conception of Amazonia - but it’s 100-odd pages of him trying to participate in a discourse he’s fundamentally disconnected from, especially in its modern state, with a character he’s repeatedly admitted he doesn’t especially have a solid grasp on compared to some of her fellow JLAers. It feels less like a story he really wanted to tell so much as that he likely felt that after becoming the definitive voice on Superman and Batman of the 21st century, he should probably do something with Wonder Woman too, and the result is probably his worst modern superhero comic, if as you said by no means a particularly bad one. I should get around to rereading it sometime, it’s a fascinating failure if nothing else that I’ll be curious to see the followups to, and a stark underlining of how creators being forward-thinking in the 90s doesn’t mean they’re necessarily going to remain on the cutting edge of social progressivism, even if they try.

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THE GIF ISN'T LOADING, GAH. The one where you said freddie's so cheeky, what's he doing?

*reposts gif in the desperate hope it now works because YOU NEED TO SEE THIS!* 

(If not, it’s from the interview with the brown leather jacket - Australia 1985, I think - and he sort of … casually gives the finger to the camera with this cheeky look on his face. I’m presuming it’s an outtake and I haven’t seen it before but the way he does it is so .. Freddie. Like a naughty schoolboy. I love him, I really do.

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my dad was SUCH A HARRIE (he passed away a few months ago thats whh i use past tense). but for real he loved harry so much - he was always like "if harry goes on tour were going", he was a tattooist and he used to google harrys tattoos and show me which ones he wanted, his background on his computer was harry and once i came home from school and he said "i watched one direction james corden interviews and harry is very handsome and very funny" he just loved him so much! bless!

i love this so much. im so sorry for your loss anon.