i love him in this interview

OMG OK LET ME LEARN Y'ALL A THING. My friend told me about this guy named Sufjan Stevens and all I can say is WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT HIM.

Okay so first, he is such a pure lil bean. He’s a Christian but get this– HE’S NOT SEXIST, HOMOPHOBIC, TRANSPHOBIC, RACIST, ISLAMOPHOBIC, OR APHOBIC. I know right??? He just loves Jesus a whole hecking lot and it’s so freaking cute. He’s also this cute shy lil mouse boy and he barely does interviews because he has anxiety. Just a lil flower boy with no time for neurotypical BSery.

SECOND. He writes the most ADORABLE, PURE, SQUEE-WORTHY mlm music. Like seriously, put that shit on your fic-writing playlists and you will be writing some cute-ass fluff in no time. He just loves boys a lot and it makes my heart so big and full.

THIRDO. He is a STEAL. Seriously, I have high standards and I would go frickledy-frack on him in like three seconds flat if I was even in the same room as him. Those blue-green eyes. Those delectable lips. Whew, is it sweaty in here or is that just me?

FOURTHERLY. He and his gay opera friend Nico Muhly are way too cute for words and I am frankly disappointed that the Tumblr fandom crew hasn’t made any ship content whatsoever. If they aren’t dating I am going to be literally shattered. My poor heart can’t take all the cuteness.

IN CONCLUSION! Listen to Sufjan Stevens or the Tumblr gods will smite you.

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Great now after rereading that part of the gryles Breakfast Show interview where Nick was like “I was like ohhh he’s testing me” and Harry was like “that’s called trust” I’m so… emo. Like nick was all worried that harry thinks he doesn’t keep secrets and harry so clearly was like “huh?” Like not testing him at all he just trusts nick, and nick clearly trusts harry too, but what nick didn’t trust was that harry trusted him back? And it feels like a metaphor for so much of nick, thinking about lots of other things he says. Like nick loves so freely but never really believes people love him back? Anyways I’m emo.

Lin and London updates

Miranda told me there are no plans on paper for him to step into the lead role in London. ‘But if the production is the success we hope it is, I’d love to jump in some day … even if it’s for a couple of months,’ he added.

One reason he’d like to do it, he said, is because he and his family ‘fell in love’ with London during the time that he spent shooting Mary Poppins Returns out at Shepperton Studios. ‘It was a wonderful chapter of our life as a family.’

He will attend some rehearsals and previews of the British show; and declared that there was no way he would miss opening night.

Most of all, though, he’s looking forward to watching the London company — particularly Westman, and Michael Jibson, who will portray King George III.

Miranda is curious to see our reaction to George, who’s depicted as being quite ruthless towards his American colony and its citizens. (The monarch sings a song in which he threatens to kill men, women and children if his will is defied.)

Miranda would not confirm it, but may also appear in a major TV drama that will film here.

Way to bury the lede, guys! What TV show?

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I love how in this new interview on red carpet Darren said that it was Mia who photoshopped his nude selfie for him, even though earlier he said that he photoshopped this pic by himself. Poor Darren, is this a memory loss? Still, not surprised at all after all his Hedwig make out stories.

Not to mention LOGO is the LGBT Network!  We don’t want anyone to be confused about the fact that DC is a straight man with a gf of many, many moons.  

Talk about just a whole bunch of uncomfortable topics.  

Why do I feel like the blissfulness of the past 10 days or so is about to end?

im rereading the interview where sayo talks about watching johnny weir perform and being really inspired by him and honestly i love how she talks about it

In 2009’s exhibition Johnny Weir performed Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” with his own choreography… It was absolutely sensational and it deeply impressed me. He self-produced a completely gender-neutral exhibition and skated it with make-up on. … —He was basically expressing his own self through figure skating. It was really amazing. He participated in the Vancouver Olympics and gave a wonderful performance, but didn’t get a very high score. That caused a storm of booing from the audience, and at that time I thought “I want to watch him perform live!”

she clearly fell in love with him and how he was true to himself and it’s obvious how her admiration for him also comes through in yoi and basically i really like her

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in an interview tom said that he wants to be the last spider-man and play the character for as long and as well as Hugh did wolverine and RDJ did stark so no one after him thinks they can top toms performance and honestly that makes me admire tom so much more than i did before

i know omg i remember hearing this and i really think he’ll be the last spider-man

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hey u were the one that had the about with jungkook and dragon spirited away thing.... what was the quote?

in the hyyh concert interview, when asked what his childhood dreams were he answered: “i wanted to be the boy character in ‘spirited away’. his name is haku. he’s good-looking and can transform into a dragon. so imagine how cool it must’ve looked in a 1st grader’s eyes. i was fascinated by him and thought, ‘i have to be like him later’.”

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🤔 Can you share what is your favorite thing about each nu'est boys? (Something like: his voice, eyes, something about them that make you love them even more; in my case: I love JR's eyes when smiles 😍, The way Minhyun looks at JR...)

Aw bless this is a such a cute ask, thank you my love. Well I love a lotta things about them so this might be long lol

Ren- The way he cherishes each love deeply. Despite being the most recognizable member until recently, he never became vain. He always makes awareness posts about human tragedy which has happened (e.g. sewol) and you can tell he cares deeply about it, he is very empathetic. His flirting with fans and cheesy romantic lines always make me happy!

When some interviewers are rude and misgender him by calling him a women/ saying he looks like a girl, he only says “Thank You” with a serious face, despite being the babied maknae he is super brave when it comes to dealing with hate. He fearlessly pushes gender boundaries and I love him for it! But deep down hes still insecure so we need to look after him. My favourite feature of his are his heart shaped lips.

Aron- I bias ot5 put ive been exposed for fangirling Aron the most by fellow loves many times lol. I love that he gave up his place of the prestigious NYU just to follow his dream. He went alone to Korea at 17 without knowing the language, so he was super brave. I love how he’s the Hyung but doesn’t act like it lol he doesn’t see the age difference between him and the other 4. I love his cringey Aegyo. I love how his main reason for doing this is his fans, and how he remembers every love who listened to his radio show.

 His voice is very distinct and stable live I love how it sounds I wish he got more lines. Lastly, these 5 months have been hard yet Aron did well, he knew fans wanted him to step up more. And his Instagram post after his hiatus was very emotional to me, he promised he would work harder for us, and I 100% believe him. Despite being the least known member right now, he still will work hard in the future. My favourite feature of his is his cute little nose and thick eyebrows. 

Baekho- THIS GUY LOVES FOOD AND AINT AFRAID TO SHOW IT. His voice?? er?? so strong?? so powerful?? is it even real??. I love how blunt he is, he says want he thinks, and he isnt afraid to make stupid puns even when the members roll their eyes lol.  Baekho is the backbone of NU’EST truely. He has AMAZING compositional skills (composed Canvas and Q IS with Bumzu and members) and his ears are sharp AF (when he called ‘avengers’out for doubling). When his dad got ill with Leukemia he stayed strong. When he had vocal surgery he also stayed strong. He is a very strong person who is also a puppy on the inside with the most ADDICTIVELY cute laugh. Even through this terrible period when he’s being attacked by so many people, I will protect him. He is strong and will make it through it.

My favourite feature of his are his sexy thighs!

Minhyun- I MISS YOU BBY PLS COME BACK HOME- what … er I mean Minhyun is a literal prince. A TRUE VISUAL. He is graceful in everything he does and yet has the soul of an old ajumma raising 4 kids alone lol. I love how he looks after the members like their mother (bc they became trainees so young and moved away from home) and is constantly making sure the members are OK. I like how he is clean and organised. I like his eye for knowing how to create a balanced group, his eye for talent, as shown on pd101. I love how crazily optimistic he is. Even when NU’EST were in hell he was always looking on the bright side and NEVER giving up on NU’ESTs dream. His work ethic is CRAZY he will work did his body gives out and he collapses tbh. He will work until everything is PERFECT. I love how despite being in Wanna One Minhyun is loyal to NU’EST.

My favourite feature are his small hands, fox eyes and bright red ears.

JR- Oh God. Where do I even start? This boy is truly the nation’s Leader. I love how despite having to shoulder the hardships of the other members probably took all the blame from their failure from Pledis, he still never ONCE complained. I love how he starting searching for his dream (and his father’s dream) at 13 (pledis first ever male trainee) and even now at 22, he has not given up on it! As shown on pd101 he puts other before himself, teaches others even if that means sacrificing himself. He has seen so much misery and pain as leader of NU’EST, yet he stuck with it for 5 years, and now things are looking brighter. I love how he gives 500% always (first one to wake up in pd101)

I love how innocent he is. I love his unique high voice lol. I love his emotional, intense and powerful lyrics and rapping ability. I love his amazing dance skills which he got into Pledis for in the first place (b-boying).

I love how he will always protect the NU’EST members with his entire being. I love how much he cherishes and deeply loves each member and would do anything for them. I love how he wears his heart on his sleeve and how emotional he is. I love the fact that he is such a ridiculously hard-working, beautiful, sincere and talented person he is my main inspiration in life.

My favourite features are his aegyo, eyes that shine like diamonds and his skin.


Got these boys deserve the world I promise loves will make it up to them!! First win is on its way and more success will follow.

God knows I love NU’EST will all my heart, it’s been years and it hasn’t changed, I will stick with them forever <3

Final final predictions...

Now I have watched 7x19 and all the most recent interviews with Sasha/shay/marlene here is what I think:

1. I want AD to be Ezra - I really don’t like him - I think Aria deserves someone better however I think after seeing the promo he may not be as I think he may get injured/killed one can dream though.  He is still number 1 on my list of suspects. He is also a “love scorned boy” as he wanted Alison way back in season 1… 

2.  I don’t think AD is melissa - I can break this down into a few parts:

a. firstly Marlene said about trying really hard to get her back for the final - Marlene has also said about knowing who she wanted AD to be from earlier seasons and how shes always had an idea of where she was going to go if they signed extra seasons.  It would be a bit risky having AD be a character who isn’t a main actor or actress as they aren’t contracted into the show like the main cast. So she has no obligations to come back if asked.

b. its been hinted that AD hides in plain site - Melissa hasn’t been around in ages although I know she could be in a mask I just highly doubt AD would be a stand in actor in a mask until the reveal. 

c. Also tying in with point b - Sasha said in a recent interview about asking a certain person the right questions to figure out AD for herself and Marlene said she had talked to the person and they had asked not to be revealed so their cast mates would not be affected throughout filming. Torrey has been filming elsewhere and hasn’t been around.

3. I don’t think a twin is AD either as I think this would follow too closely to the books and I HOPE marlene isn’t stupid enough to do that.  Also I think for example if one of the girls had a twin throughout previous episodes it would be in the script “spencers twin sleeps with toby” and then the cast would know and as said above Marlene has said the actor/actress asked to not be revealed. They would have to have had some crazy way of getting around this if this was the case. 

4. I think it may at some point in the final look as if there is a twin but really its AD using a mask - Marlene mentioned masks in a recent interview 

5. I think Emison have a boy 

6. Marlene says in her last interview that she isn’t going to say if Paige is in the final - I am thinking she may be in a flashback scene?

7. I think AD is someone using possibly a fake name in their everyday life but really is someone from the past whos been mentioned before e.g. bethany could be any of the female actresses.  Charles might not be dead and the whole charles is charlotte thing may have been lie to cover up things?  I don’t have a set theory on this but I think to make a better back story for why AD has done what they have done they would need to be someone who is really involved in one or all of the liars lives. 

8. I think there might be two weddings - one interupted by some shocking news/death/injury (Ezrias) and one that takes place instead of the one that is interupted. I hope for Emison.  

I may add to this later but these are just my intitial thoughts.