i love him in this interview


Run. Seriously, just run. Run and do not look back, ever. Get the hell out of there. It’s not sweet, it’s not romantic, and it’s only ever going to get worse. RUN.

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The office au gives me life. Going around interviewing everyone asking them what's up with Stanley, and everyone answering with something along the lines of "He thinks we don't know that he has a crush on Lefou and he's very hopeless" and then it gets to Lefou looking confused and just being like "Wait what's up with Stanley did I miss something". Stanley's up to speak and he's just like "I danced with him once and then excused myself to go scream in the bathroom for 20 minutes"

I snorted so loud just now. This needs to be written or illustrated or something because this is genius.

Also after the “I excused myself to go scream in the bathroom for 20 minutes” bit it cuts to Stanley just shrieking into a pile of towels. Then back to his completely straight face. Then Tom’s just like “I walked in on him screaming his head off in the bathroom. I just let him do his thing at this point.”

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I remember when GOT7 were telling us to be prepared for one of them moving out since seven guys won't live together forever haha, I am upset about Youngjae moving out but I think it might be nice for him, I'm sure he will really love it, and since he's with his brother he will have a lot of fun <3

Hi dear, 

Yeah, I think Jinyoung also said in his recent interview where he mentioned about GOT7 was going to move to a new dorm. I know we all upset and honestly I’m upset too and it was like there’s a hole in my heart when I knew he’s going to move out from the dorm but as a fan we should be happy for him. It’s a big decision actually to decide to move out from the dorm especially now that they’re getting busier but I know Youngjae won’t be making that decision selfishly. I’m sure he did discuss with the members, his family, and the management before finally decided to move out and live with his brother. As I said, in the previous ask, it’s going to be a good way for him to be independent and at the same time having a family to live with. Youngjae is super close with his brother as they are both sharing the same passion for music and I think they can create lots of memories together before his brother will eventually start his own family and he can help Youngjae in his music too.  Also, I think it also helps us to prepare ourselves in the future when knowing that all GOT7 members will finally decide to live on their own. But don’t worry as I’m sure leaving separately with the other GOT7 members doesn’t mean they’re not going to be close anymore. Youngjae will always be there with them except during the sleeping time.   (◕‿◕)

interviewer: so can you tell me about columbia’s h-
rob stringer: harry styles? columbia artist harry styles? we’re very excited for harry styles to release his first work through columbia
interviewer: oh.. nice. i was actually going to say about columbias hope f-
rob stringer: our hope for harry styles is very high we love him very much at columbia, where harry styles is signed, at our label, harry sty-

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Eating a banana in front of Shawn😏

It would be the funniest thing in the world to do it behind the scenes while he’s giving an interview or something, knowing it turns him the fuck on. Watching how his cheeks turn redder and redder, how he bite his lip harder and harder, how he struggles to sit still and focus on speaking, because all he really sees, is you eating that banana wishing you’d be “eating” him instead.

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Hey Jenna :) I'm kind of a socially inept weirdo and I'm finding it difficult to write believable interactions between characters that don't feel forced - I've started trying to interact with others in social settings to inspire more realistic dialogue & body language - could you suggest anything else I can try? Thanks for everything you do :) sending you love & light as always <3

1. People watching.

2. Psychology. Research, take a class, learn learn learn. An understanding of psychology is SUPER helpful for creating characters and relationships. 

3. Read your dialogue out loud. See how it sounds when verbalized.

4. Interview people. Just ask them what they would do in certain situations. It never hurts to ask. I’m constantly rolling over toward Cliff and asking him, “would a guy really say this?” His answer is usually something along the lines of If a guy is a douchebag, yes or If he’s a decent guy, yes. Which is even more helpful, because I can see if his answer coordinates with the character’s personality.

Hope this helps :) 

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Hi i am starting to hate mcu for what they are doing with tony always calling him the villian always putting him with the blames and burdens. Its the same routine in every movie. mcu has potential but the piss on tony parade is just too much of a dampner for me each movie! And as i have loved tony stark since the 1st time i read marvel Adventures comics, i feel its cruel of mcu to put him through this much shit for whatever reasons they deem fitting. Is his self loathing not enough for them?

I definitely don’t want to see Tony get blamed for another bad guy, though, to be fair, it is a bit premature with Spider-Man, considering all we have is a few lines from an interview.  We don’t really know how Vulture’s origin story might play out.  I’m a bad guy because Tony Stark was…helping people clean up New York?  That’s kind of a terrible attempt at laying the blame at someone else’s feet.  I’m not even sure how people who don’t like Tony twist that one into somehow Tony’s fault.  Though, I’m certain there are those who would try.

Tony isn’t perfect, by any means, and he has made mistakes.  Some truly monumental mistakes.  So have others, but that’s a terrible argument to try to justify Tony’s failures, and I see that way too much with Tony.  The thing I like about him is that he acknowledges his mistakes (probably shoulders a bit too much blame) and tries to rectify them, if possible, or at least address the issue.  No one is perfect and superheroes are going to be fallible on scales that are a bit bigger than the mistakes made by us regular folks.  For me, I don’t have any interest in a hero who is perfect all the time.  It is how he deals with these failures and mistakes that makes him truly heroic.


Kym had just finished Monday night’s show. She and Mr.T answered the questions for all the after-the-show interviewers. She now drove up her driveway and walked inside.
Kym set her gym bag down, she was exhausted. Robert waited up for her and met her kissing and hugging her.
“Baby you did a great job, I love watching you dance every week.”
“Thank you,” Kym answers. She smiles at him still wrapped in his arms, but she felt she was still needing something.

Kym just wanted to take a shower and get everything out of her hair and the makeup off her face. So after a few more kisses she made her way up to the bathroom.
She was standing there staring into the mirror, trying to reach around and pull all the ties and bobby pins out of her hair. She was in a funk. She knew she was tired, but it was something more.
Robert comes in and sees her still working on her hair, so he simply walks in and takes over. Carefully removing the pins and undoing the braids. Kym just watching him in aye. This was what she needed.

She turns to him, “Robert. I’m so disappointed in our scores. I know Mr. T poured his heart into that dance, but we still got 5s.”
He sees the sadness in her eyes, “Baby you both did great, now don’t worry about that dance, it’s over, you’ll never do that dance again. Just look forward to the next dance.” They both smile knowing that’s what she told him after he was disappointed with their scores.
Kym just realized what she needed, she thought she was tired from having 2 years off and her body aching from being 40 and still trying to keep up with the 25 year olds. But it wasn’t physical, it was mental. “Babe, I thought I was exhausted from being older and taking 2 years off, but I just realized it’s a mental thing. Last time I went through this I had you. We did this together, the good and the bad, we could talk about everything. And no matter how bad the judges scores were I knew that these arms were waiting for me.”
“Well I’m here for whatever emotional support you need. No matter how far you go in the competition, or whatever you do in life, you’ll always find these arms waiting for you.”

Kym still didn’t know how she got so lucky. How they were able to find each other. But they did. And she felt like it was the greatest love story ever written.
“Thank you baby, I love you.”
“I love you more,” Robert whispers. They kiss. Kym felt a renewed sense of energy. She takes a quick shower then gets into bed. She snuggles into Robert’s arms. What she was needing, she had. And she fell asleep peacefully knowing she would have it forever.

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honestly, i am so damn proud of namjoon. he has led all of the interviews that they've done. working hard not only to translate in his head what the mc is saying, what he needs to say, but also translating for the other members. i'm sure that bighit could have gotten them a interpreter, but namjoon probably wanted to feel more connected with the audience by doing it himself. namjoon is the best damn leader & he's so determined to show his love for us & he deserves recognition for his hard work.

!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love namjoon the best leader i love him so much and im so proud aaahhhhhh