i love him in this interview

i’m just going to say it. south korea still hasn’t accepted the lgbt+ community but this didn’t stop namjoon from saying that her is about EVERY kind of love in his apple interview. namjoon is truly the best man out there i love him

I always love Roman’s responses in interviews. They’re just honest and real and he really don’t give a fuck.

  • Like the part where he says that him and Cena are NOT friends and though they have respect for each other, business wise, they really are competing against each other. 
  • Or the part where he said he really doesn’t care what Cena thinks about him, personally or in the ring. That’s why Cena’s jabs at him in ring have no effect on him whatsoever. 
  • Or the part where, in developmental, he wanted to be the best at this. He wanted to do this. He had to do this. That he was frustrated thinking he wasn’t going to be what his family needed him to be and not be good enough to do this. 
  • Or the part where he talks about being with his babies and all he wants is to be a good father and husband and provide for his family.
  • Or the part where chants like “You Can’t Wrestle” or shit of that nature don’t phase him at all because as the interviewer said, “you’re one of the best in ring performers, not only in WWE, but in the world and you have to know how good you actually are in that ring”. Roman has confidence in himself and knows what he can do in that ring, but says he’s learning and progressing every day. 
  • Or the part where he talks about “main event energy”. And he talks about how he prays before he goes through the curtain and asks to get that experience of full blown big fight energy.
  • Calls himself and the other bigger dudes in that Summerslam main event: “set of meatballs” (put that on my tombstone)
  • Or the part where he’s told that AJ Styles said that the minute he locked up with Roman, he knew it was gonna be special and his response is that he has deep respect for everyone he wrestles and that both he and AJ know that their program was special. 
  • Or the part where he jokes about how he’s gonna use a HEAVY DUTY ZIPPER for No Mercy. “Only one Big Dog is coming out that night.” 
    (side note: he said that it really was broken that Monday on RAW. That he was doing a self-check two minutes before he had to go out and broke the zipper handle. He couldn’t do anything about it because he would have to take off everything to put on a new pair of pants. And that he was actually surprised Cena picked up on it, but was glad his “Big Dog” line worked and is now famous.)

More interviews please.
Listen to this one here.

Dinosaur Band-Aids (Tom Holland x Reader)

Hi! I love your imagines I’ve read all of them 😂 I was wondering if you could an imagine Tom Holland x reader and they are dating but she gets hurt once while (I’m very clumsy😂) and they talk about it in interviews and idk I’m in need of fluff so you can interpret this in any way! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

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Tom mumbles to himself as he walks with his phone out in front of him, speeding up every second. His shoes make a tapping sound with each step as his foot hits the cement tiles of the New York pavements.

“Bub, we’re not mad at you. It’s not your fault that we came this way,” you say gently as you rest your hand on his arm. He slows to a stop and lowers his phone before sighing. He turns and kisses your cheek before pulling you into a hug, resting his chin on your head. 

“I know, sweetheart, It’s just that we’re almost ten minutes away from a place we need to be at in two minutes.”

He’s tired. Tom and you have been to almost nineteen interviews in the past week for Spiderman: Homecoming and they’re getting very repetitive. The constant questions about your outfit that day, how Tom’s coping with the fame, the many rounds of “quickfire” questions that can’t end soon enough. He’s tired. You’re tired. Harrison is tired for the two of you. 

Trying to lighten Tom’s anxiety, Harrison says, “Celebs are always fashionably late anyway, mate. Don’t stress about it,” patting Tom on the back.

“Yeah,” Tom agrees, “Plus, they never start on time anyway. But I want to get there as soon as we can though, yeah?”

With nods from both you and Harrison, Tom grabs your hand and starts speed walking towards the hotel, Harrison beside him. People pass as you rush through New York City and you find yourself distracted by the tall concrete buildings surrounding you. You can almost see a maze in your head of what you think New York looks like from a birds-eye view. The mannequins in the store windows distract you from your thoughts until you feel yourself falling. Suddenly, you’re on cold cement, hands and knees grazed and bleeding slightly, your skin indented with tiny pebbles from the floor. You haven’t been on the floor for five seconds before Tom lifts you from under your arms until you’re standing again, supported by his arms around you.

“Bug, you know I love you, but now is not the time to be clumsy,” Tom says laughing before kissing your lips gently. Your mind comes back to Earth and you look down at your hands and knees.

You brush your knees down gently, removing the pebbles before saying, “I know, I know, I’m sorry. Let’s go.”

In the hotel room, Tom gets a few dinosaur band-aids and an antiseptic wipe from his bag and kneels between your legs to clean off the scrapes before the interview. Tom’s used to this by now. Your clumsiness causes many problems when on set, including the ripping of one very expensive greenscreen one time. He wipes down your knees carefully and makes sure to remove the one stray piece of gravel from your leg. He rips the band-aid backs off and puts one on each knee and each hand, giving each of them a kiss once he’s done. With a peck on the lips, he tells you he’s finished and sits down in the chair next to you before intertwining his fingers with yours. 

The interviewer sits down in the plush chair across from both of you and speaks to the camera guy about how long she has to film. She introduces herself as a host for some news Youtube channel before saying, “I’m here with Tom Holland and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) for an interview about their new film, Spiderman:Homecoming. I’m supposed to ask you about your outfit, (Y/N), but honestly, I’d rather know why you’re wearing three dinosaur band-aids?”

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What is your interpretation of the song "Dear Friend"? I feel so confused trying to interpret it..

Dear Friend was Paul’s response to ‘How do you sleep’. While “Too many people” had a spiteful tone, Dear Friend was an attempt to kindly talk to John and let him understand that Paul wanted to reconcile with him. 

In fact, while in the first part of the song he tries to understand if it’s really the end of their friendship, singing  “Is this really the borderline?”, in the second one he tries to calm down the tension reminding John that he still loves him. “I’m in love with a friend of mine.” 

And, in my opinion, when he sings  “Are you afraid, or is it true?” it’s Paul’s way to ask John if all the rant he had about their fight, in his songs and in the interviews, it was John’s way to deal with his fear of losing him ( in ‘Jealous Guy he’ll sing about it too…) or he really meant that words, and of course he meant the first one.

This is what Paul said about Dear Friend,  Club Sandwich interview, 1994.

“ “Dear Friend” was written about John, yes. I don’t like grief and arguments, they always bug me. Life is too precious, although we often find ourselves guilty of doing it. So after John had slagged me off in public I had to think of a response, and it was either going to be to slag him off in public — and some instinct stopped me, which I’m really glad about — or do something else. So I worked on my attitude and wrote “Dear Friend”, saying, in effect, let’s lay the guns down, let’s hang up our boxing gloves.” 

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I need your help I absolutly hate Johnny Depp with all my heart but I love Jack Sparrow and I consider them too different people but I'm like Johnny is vile but Jack isn't

Well keep considering them as two completely different people, you know how Jack is and you love him, that’s ok! As for Johnny Depp, you don’t know him (personally), you only know of him from the way he acts in interviews and reports of him, so you can judge your appreciation of him on that (if it’s the whole beating stuff that’s bothering you then don’t pay attention to him that’s all)

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Hello! I saw a post you made about Elia and Rhaegar. I found the part about GRRM saying that it was a complex relationship intriguing. Btw, completely agree that Rhaegar didn't have it in him to be in love with anyone. Anyways, do you happen to know in what interview GRRM said that about Elia's and Rhaegar's marriage? Thanks!

As far as I can tell, GRRM made that comment at ConCarolinas 2014.

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an interviewer asked Shawn about that Brazilian girl and he didn't want to answer the question. I love him

Good for him.

EDIT: I just watched and he didn’t not want to answer the question. The interviewer brought up him following her and he kind of rolled his eyes and said news travels fast and then the interview said “making Brazilian friends?” and he said “yes I am making Brazilian friends.”

Let’s not try to blow things out of proportion. Literally that is all that happened.

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Hi, I have a rhetorical question. Don't you think ML feels at all guilty when people keep saying Blake left her for Gwen and make him into the bad guy. She must have loved him at one point. Doesn't she feel the need to speak up, be decent about it? I have recently seen some comments on twitter doing this and see Gwen and Blake's fans respond but I don't think they should be the ones clarifying at all. Its someone else's responsibility to show courage.

I don’t think she feels remorseful at all.  And I’m not sure she ever did love him. I do think she loved the idea of them being country royalty.  Every interview I’ve seen of him back then, he’s praising her.  Every interview I’ve seen of her back then, she saying something negative about him.  Even saying he’s in a good mood all the time and how annoying that is.  

I think ML is one of those people who creates and believes the story she needs to in order to absolve herself from all guilt.  She probably thinks she tried to be friends with him and followed Gwen and they turned her down, so they brought her wrath on themselves.  Her album title said it all to me.  It showed no guilt or remorse.  She was referencing what a burden her wings (cheating on and leaving Blake) were to her.  How it hurt her, not him.  Ugh.

- B