i love him in denim jackets

Isak now has Even’s JACKET

Those who haven’t seen my The Jacket™ meta read it 



Let me explain first and build this up dramatically 

so in every clip this season we have had Even wear his denim jacket and then finally mondays clip we had him wearing a different jacket

making me think that maybe balloon squad confronting Even and Isak at the karaoke bar led to Even finally revealing that piece of himself he was scared to (maybe not all) but enough to let Isak in. He let Isak in and took off his armour (the jacket)

and now? 

oh my god


Even hasn’t just taken it off but he has trusted it in the hands of the boy he loves. This is warming my heart so much because I believe this is a sign that Even isn’t just being more open to Isak about everything that has happened and all he feels, but he is trusting him. He is giving Isak his armour because now he won’t have to wear it again. 

around Isak he can be without it, he doesn’t need to worry anymore. 

he is okay. 

he doesn’t need his armour anymore now that he has learnt how to be vulnerable with Isak. 

he trusts him with The Jacket™

i’m not crying you are. 

need me

pairing: billy hargrove x reader
warning: none

request: Can I request a billy imagine where you get into an argument but he won’t let you walk away because he realizes he needs you?
requested by: anonymous

*** psa: i do not condone any of billy’s behaviour, he is an awful person and his tragic backstory does not excuse his actions whatsoever***

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running on ice - reddie

pairings : reddie

warnings : jealously ?


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a/n sorry this took so long, I have so many request right now and i’m like mentally sinking under pressure. I hope this is okay anon!

Eddie always came along to Richie’s shows. It was a tradition, even both they started dating. Eddie would face his fear of the germs to come and listen to his boyfriends loudly obnoxious band play covers of songs he’s never heard, in favour of watching Richie get hot and sweaty as he periodically exhorted his energy banging on his drums.

 Richie on the other hand would come to the pep rally every Friday night to support Eddie’s appearance, regardless of his hatred for most of human kind nothing could rival seeing your boyfriend in tight pastel pink booty shorts. 

Eddie usually sat backstage at Richie’s shows, this was usually due to Richie not wanting Eddie to panic and cause an asthma attack from stressing over anybody out on the floor.

But today was different.

Eddie claimed that sitting behind the curtains just wasn’t good enough for tonight, therefore he just had to stand dead centre stage to watch his lover perform. Richie was hesitant because he didn’t want to see the fragile boy get hurt. He knew how rough the floor could get scattered with intoxicated youths and Richie knew it was no place for a five foot four, skinny, pale, flower crown wearing teenage boy. But Eddie had insisted that, that there wasn’t any other place he going to be regardless of Richie’s protests.

Richie had placed himself behind the drums, twirling the drum sticks that loosely rest in his hands. As he scanned he crowd, it was a pretty good turn out tonight. A small non-existent smile made it’s way onto his lips at the idea of people actually appreciating him for his talents, a wave of relief fled through his body, maybe he could actually get somewhere in life. Soon the idea of the masses of people seemed to have changed his opinion.

He scanned the crowd looking for Eddie’s figure, even if he wasn’t dating him, the poor boy he stuck out like a saw thumb among the copious amount of dark clothes that stood on the floor, covering the space with an aura the Richie was all too comfortable with.

 Blinking behind his glasses, he narrowed his gaze slightly to this side of the stage where he found Eddie standing leaning slightly against a tall bar table. Richie noted that Eddie had found someone to talk to, and that in itself made Richie smile. Knowing that Eddie was comfortable in one of the only other places Richie was. Richie must have been staring at the pale boy for a bit longer than he thought because the only thing that broke him from his gaze was the fact it was getting harder and harder to see him. The stage lights had begun to dim and the loud strum of the bass guitar echoed the dark room.

 Richie straightened his back and placed his drum sticks in their selected hands, starring out at the audience and seeing only the faint outlines of human bodies.

 The coloured stage lights were suddenly turned on, and Richie heard the loud cheer from their small crowd. He heard their lead singer speak into the microphone probably asking the basic and stereotypical ‘hey, how’s everyone was doing tonight,’ but Richie paid little no attention as he looked back over at the space Eddie was currently occupying.

His mouth dropping a gape as he watched the boy laugh at something the delinquent had said. Richie whole opinion on the other male had changed as fast as a drop of a pin.

Eddie’s back was turned to the stage and his full attention was focused on a complete and utter stranger. He faintly heard the beginning of song start and he subconsciously hit drums the way he had been practicing for the past weeks but his gaze still pierced the back of Eddie’s head wondering what was just so interesting that he couldn’t even face the direction of his actual boyfriend and pretend like he was enjoying the music even though Richie knew otherwise.

Richie narrowed his eyes as he watched a hand creep up the sleeve of Eddie’s jacket. Eddie obviously didn’t feel the need to brush him away. One of the only faults that Eddie Kaspbrak will ever exhibit is the inability to be able to recognise that literally everyone wanted a piece of him. Richie wasn’t even going to hide the fact he was jealous. He gave that up long ago.

Eddie was his, and only his. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Eddie, he just didn’t trust anyone else around him. The boy was small, cute and docile, meaning he would be just as easy a target as it would be to steal a puppy from a shelter. Eddie trusted everyone, and Richie was the complete opposite.

The band played a few more songs before they were able to take a break. As soon as the stage lights turned off and the floor was lit, Richie rushed down onto the hard concrete despite the protest from his lead singer about their need to recuperate behind stage.

Richie’s long limbs were seen jumping from the side stage and striding five short steps in Eddie’ direction. Once arriving the older boy sat  his head onto of the younger and his arm sliding around Eddie’s waist. Eddie flinched away from his touch and Richie tried not to let his disappointment show. Glancing to the right he saw the denim jacket wearing loser that was trying to steal his boyfriend, sipping on a drink that was clearing not cherry cola. He glared at the side of the strangers face as he brought the glass cup to his lips.

Eddie turned his head to meet the hard face of Richie Tozier. Body immediately relaxing under his touch. “Hey babe.” Eddie said, a comical expression plastered itself on his face as he observed Richie’s stoic look. Turning slightly to kiss the taller boys cheek. Richie tore his glare from the other the boy and focused his gaze on Eddie. “It's been a good show so far.” Richie scoffed.

“Yeah, like you would fucking know.” Richie said, sound muffled by Eddie’s dark brown curls. “Watcha doing with this guy.” He gestured across the table to where the guy now stood starring across at the pair.

The unknown guy reached his arm across the table holding out his hand. “Hi I’m-” “I wasn’t talking to you.” Eddie pushed back against Richie’s chest and moved from out of the taller boys grasp.

“Richie that wasn’t very nice.” Eddie’s eye widened in surprise at the blatant bluntness coming out of Richie’s mouth.

Richie’s eyes widen, “Can you not see that he’s trying to get with you!” Richie gestured wildly, sending his long limbs flying about. Eddie sighed, and turned back to the mysterious man informing him that the pair will be right back. Eddie gripped onto the side of Richie’s leather jacket, pulling him through the masses of people toward backstage.

As they past the heavy black curtains, Eddie let go of Richie’s sleeve and turned to face him. “What’s up with you?” He asked, curiosity shown in his eyes. His eyes travelled over Richie’s sweat cladded face, dark curls clung to his forehead, his face was flush with a light shade of pink making the freckles that Eddie loved disappear for an apparent amount of time.

Richie kicked the tip of his shoe against the concrete, reluctantly looking into Eddie’s eyes. “Nothing, Eddie Spaghetti.” Richie beamed a smile toward the boy. Eddie quirked an eyebrow at Richie’s all too wide smile. Eddie placed his hand son his own hips and gave Richie an expected stare. Richie rolled his eyes and dropped the smile off his face. “I don’t like you talking to that guy.”

“Rich, you can’t get angry every time I talk to other guys,”

“Eddie! He was touching you! I was watching the whole time, you didn’t ever turn to face the stage once!” Richie sighed. “I love you too much to just sit back and watch. I don’t want to lose you to som-some denim jacket tattoo covered freak!” Eddie’s lip twitched into a side smile, as he reached out and took a hold of Richie’s hand.

“You are the only denim jacket tattoo covered freak for me baby, I promise.” Eddie stood upon the tips of his toes, to press a chaste kiss upon Richie’s lips. Richie faintly heard someone callout for him, informing him he’s got two minutes until they go back on stage. With an annoyed grunt, Richie pulled Eddie into his embraced, wrapping his arms around the smaller boys shoulders tightly. Richie felt Eddie hug back just as tight, while wrapping his own arms around Richie’s middle section. Muffled by Richie’s jacket he faintly heard Eddie’s teasing tone say,

“There’s no need to be jealous, Rich.” Richie scoffed and pulled away began walking in the opposite direction, shouting in response.

“Shut it Ed’s.” Richie walked away with a genuine  smile on his which made a few of his bands members send him questioning looks which he all dismissed with shake of his head.

As the stage lights turned back on, Richie glanced through his fingerprint cladded glasses to see Eddie’s bright smile staring right back at him from  centre stage.  

Richie couldn’t be happier.

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Can I Be Him?

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: You’re Bucky’s best friend and he loves you dearly. He loves you as a sister and more. This is an unrequited love story. Based off of James Arthur’s song “Can I Be Him?”

Warning: angst

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When you walked into the room, you took Bucky’s breath away. You were stunning. Sure, you fashioned just a simple t-shirt, a denim jacket, and black jeans, but, to Bucky, you were beautiful and breathtaking nonetheless. As he continued to stare at you, he realized that his heart now laid in your hands. You’d stolen it and you didn’t even know. 

“Hi! I’m Y/N!” You offered him a bright smile and stuck out your hand…your left hand. Bucky was apprehensive. You stepped closer to him and took his metal hand into yours, shaking, “It’s okay.” Two simple words, yet had a powerful affect on Bucky.

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who is pete wentz writing songs about?

mikey way. okay, here we go.

so, in the summer of 05 is when most people think it started because fob and mcr played warped together, but, they had also played the year before and thats when i think it started. as many know, pete single handedly wrote the entirety of from under the cork tree, which was released may 3rd of 2005, which means he had been writing some of it the previous summer. most of the album is quite cheery, depicting the emotions of someone who is battling some darker force within themselves, but is also experiencing a happiness from someone else they dont think they deserve or should have (short version: an emo is in love). also, theres the parallel between dance dance and favorite record- dance dance depicts a literal and emotional dance, and then in favorite record you have “i cant remember just how to forget the way we danced”. so, based on research and educated opinion, i believe that the petekey fling started in 04.

then, the next summer both bands were again picked for warped, which only intnsified the relationship. after weeks of spending excessive time with each other and attending each others shows, the media took notice. in an interview that summer, when asked about it he responded “me and pete wentz arent dating. we are both heterosexual males… sort of… maybe… umm… next!”. on may 16, 2005 mikey was spotted at a fueled by ramen show watching fob at house of blues wearing a white jacket that allegedly belonged to pete. a few days later, pete posted a list on live journal of things that get him hot and bothered. on taht list were a.having a crush on a person i speak to nearly every day and b.white denim jackets….

on tuesday, june 28, 2005, pete posted the following on livejournal: “Amazing New Mexico sunset. im hanging on a bridge with my friend mikey from my chem. its all orange and pink above us. we went to another water park again. i love high fives again. totally back in love.” on july fourth he posted an entry that ended with “hot and miserable but totally back in love”. on july 15 he posted “Though I am over hearing your thoughts on haircuts and pants. I’m over us trying to be perfect tens for your little eyes. We don’t care what you think of us. Listen to a song and time your heartbeat. Let it be okay to fall asleep slow tonight. Think about a good friend. Think about god. Think about death. Think about someone elses hand clumsily on your belt in the dark. Think it will be okay. No more rants. No more poetry. Not tonight. True love for the believers”. on july 17 he posted “wrote you a goodbye note (you just wrote me off) on your arm when you passed out. bestfriends, exfriends- better off as lovers not the other way around. racing through the city in the back of yellow checkered cars. the takeoffs are the worst but the skin from your shoulder to your ear makes it all worth it. and im sorry the way my moods flicker on and off like old light on your porch, but i know you wouldn’t have it any other way. sneaking in your window instead of out. the way you hold a cigarette cause you don’t know what to do with your hands when we are sitting this close. the way the waists of pants feel better at the ankles. the way you always were my best excuse for calling in sick on everyone else. i miss you”. which later became the song bang the doldrums, which was origionally titled summer of like (pete mentioned this in a rolling stones interview), which is now what fans call the relationship between pete and mikey in 05.

during that summer, fans claimed that mikey and pete didnt want to be photographed together, which is kind of suspicious…. but there are a few circulating the internet, and quite a few of mikey wearing clandestine (petes clothing line). at this time it was also common for fob and mcr to trade band members, mikey would play bass for fob so pete could take his mic into the crowd. pete also frequently watched mikey play with the stupidest smile on his face….

there are also fan reports of them being seen together. “ at my warped date i got there early in the morning and hung out by the fob bus because i wanted to get a pic with patrick and around 10 am the door opened and a very tired looking mikey stepped off with pete right behind him and they appeared to be holding hands until they saw the people around and they both refused to have their pictures taken together ”. and “during Fall Out Boy’s set (they were one of the closing bands that night) they dedicated one of the songs to Mikey, who was watching from the side of the stage. Pete said, “This song is about revenge. Right, Mikey? Revenge!” Mikey smiled and nodded, and during “Grand Theft Autumn/Where is Your Boy” he mouthed along to all the words.”

pete also posted at one point “i wish you were my bass, not just my friend”. on august 19 he posted “ Warped tour was fun. Since being home I remembered that showering and sleeping are fun too. My real feelings on the sunburst bass. I loved that thing. But then it started cheating on me with mikey way. I had to hit it. Its not my fault- spousal abuse is an ugly thing. I’m in therapy that includes playing lots of warcraft online. Writing messages on your arm for someone to see at a show is the new away message - stealing peoples real diary is the new livejournal”.

on september 4, pete posted “on the getaway car, the rush of blood to the head: it’s strange to find myself again back at the feelings of the blue cover after going through the red and the gold. its kind of always like that. i am sorry if i am not making any sense. but everybody likes to take chances and make bets. i always put my money on the longshots. and no matter where my head was in the world i always dreamed of waking up next to the biggest brown eyes i have ever seen/’meandyouunderneaththehoneymoon’. “go back to what it meant back then”: and you imagine yourself moving deep into the summer and disappearing, and for me it was always with you. and then things got crazy. you stopped calling me back. i stopped trying to call but not in my head. and then you got malicious but i’m guessing only because you learned from the best- take back your taste and all. i never thought it would be just me again. but that’s okay. we’re gonna hole up and wait it out. i feel like i can see for the first time, like i was born just in the last minute. wake me up. baby boy, you’re gonna be okay. hearts between our knees sticking to the summer sheets. are you catching my drift…. its gonna be alright. your love would be hell but its just not hot enough baby.” (Note… baby BOY)

after petes nudes were leaked, hey chris wrote him a public letter which contained the following: “you know the friends i have and you know how we feel about loyalty. you know who im talking about and you know they’re not happy either.” and shortly after chris posted pic of him and mikey saying he’d “found new love”

the summer of 06, peter once again had some interesting things to say. on july 7 he posted “im so sorry, but not really. (‘straighten up and die right’) i said i want to be rebuilt like a frank lloyd wright only without all of the water damage. or painted over like a monet only less blurry. she said “no, youre something different”. like what? “something better”. it gave me the rush of warm blood like you see in cartoon dogs right before their eyes pop out and all of the bells go off. my head is spinning like a car off of an icy guardrail. show me what you are made of. your eyes were always rolling but youd tilt your head so they were somehow always still stuck on me (have your cake and eat it too). i feel safe but not like a bet more like the way mothers feel when the lock the car doors in bad neighborhoods. i am blue waves across the red rootlike veins in the bodies drawn flat in medical books. i wonder at the way that someone can write thousands and thousands of pages about my insides. when i met you i gave you a name- not your own- but in my head so i wouldnt ever mix you up with anyone so ordinary- i cant tell you- but to me it meant salvation. you only wanted reaction. but i cant be bothered. not anymore. ill see you in the spring. first pew on the left. wear your white veil and dont forget the words. warped tour. sun drenched days. bestfriends. new roads. so long salvation. dont worry your pretty little heads. i am sleeping safe tonight.” then the next day, on the 8th, he posted “the fraternal order of the handsome boy. ive been watching you from afar. my breath on the inside window as you walk in from the carcandy caned lies in red and white against clashing patterns bending in and out of understanding. ”youre the stranger ive been dreaming of”, stranger than any ive ever known. love through a telescopic lens. when the air is clear i can see how perfect you are for me. late at night when the city sleeps i cast a spell on you to make you think of me the very same way i think of you. i only love how the words feel in my head when i write them. fireworks over the valley. how can i tell you i gut people for a living. that everything you say is likely to end up as evidence when i rewrite history. over and over again. how everything you do reminds me of something else, someone else. how i get paid to be humble and arrogant at the same time,to be chased and never caught. that i just want to stay up late and wake up early to talk to you. that i want to show you all of my jealousy and insecurity and have you not care. youre like a light switch and i just want to turn you on and watch them all shrink away. the words come out of my fingertips on impulse. it is instinct. my head cant keep up. i envy the comatose. i admire the bedridden. i am addicted to the way i feel when i think of you. ”im blowing smoke rings around the moon….” i wish i was the exact opposite of how the world knows me.”

then, there is infinity on high, which is basically completely about mikey (especially bang the doldrums, because it was born on live journal right after that summer of like…) and ab/ap, due to the constant reiteration of a past love, my favorite being fourth of july with “you are my favorite what if, you are my best i’ll never know”

also othe fact that neither of them can hold a true relationship with women without it ending badly. perhaps because there is someone out there that they are simply destined to be with…. 

so yeah. pete wentz writes a lot of his music about mikey way.

“What do you think about this pic?”

  • dance couple: Jimin and Jungkook trying to do a ballet dance couple because “kooookie please, do it for me” and the youngest didn’t want it accepted because “everything for you”. But Jungkook usually dances with power technical choreo so he always ends up to step over the short boy saying while trying to hide his  embarrassment “i told you, i’m not good at this”. Jimin just laughs thinking how cute is his Jungkookie. 
  • the famous “where do you think to go?” that happened on vlive in eat with Jin: “oh my god, where did i put it? “shit, they’re gonna kill me” “it’s late heeeelp” “please tell to hobi hyung that i will be there in a minute” “OH JESUS CHRIS WHERE DID I PUT IT?” “no wait i can’t  go out with those messy hair”. Jimin is a mess. Actually he thinks he will face the death the soon as possible and that’s because he promised to Hoseok that he would participate on his broadcast dance street with J-hope and that fucking vlive literally started and he wasn’t there yet. To not forget where the fuck did he put his denim jacket. At the other hand, Jungkook is standing on the wall, giggling at Jimin. He’s cute. “Where o you think to go?” he says grabbing Jimin’s arm who walked over him. “Jungkook, cmon you know, i’m seriously late” “No, where do you think to go without kissing me?” Jimin just rolls his eyes and giggles with him. “You’re so stupid”. At the end Jimin ended up cuddling with Jungkook watching Hoseok’s broadcast on vapp. “I can’t believe guys, Jimin ditched me for Jungkook”, Hoseok laughed looking at the camera. 
  • Jungkook just loves pick up Jiminie: “kookieee, let me go” Jimin cries while laughing. “No, I’m gonna take you to the practice room so you don’t have to walk” “But kookie, the practice room is just two steps from here.” “I don’t care” “But everybody looking at us” Jimin whispers little bit shy. “Uh, what happened to kookie, you should treat me like a prince. Look how Namjoon hyung treats Jin hyung! ?”Jungkook said and everybody laughed. Jimin became a fucking potato. “Cmoon let me go!” “nope.” 

Any others ideas? Tell me! Requests are open. 

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Can you write a fanfic about Bughead getting caught making out by either one of their parents and then that parent gives them the awkward 'safe sex' talk?

I love doing these

“Mmm juggie” Betty whispered against his neck, her hands tugging at his long, dark waves. He dropped his hands from her waist and slid them underneath the unbearably short cheerleading skirt she had on, his fingers digging into her thighs as she nibbled on the spot below his pulse point.

“Betty” he moaned, taking a deep breathe and inhaling the strawberry and cream that seemed to always be coming from her hair. She was a drug, addictive and healing, Just the brush of her lips on his was enough to keep him from drowning. She always knew where to touch, where to kiss, where to press. It was unbelievable the things he felt for her, the way she made him feel was something he had been certain he would never have, but he did have it and it was right underneath his fingertips.

“I love you.” He whispered against her lips, his hands moving to slide through her silky, honey blonde hair. She smiled against his lips and ran her fingers over his biceps, reveling in the feeling of his bare skin. His flannel was laying on the floor right beside her denim jacket and scrunchie.

“I love you too.” She whispered back, her lips moving against his as he dove in, sliding her closer to his body and groaning at the friction.

Suddenly the door slammed open causing the old trailer to rock and Jughead to Squeeze Betty tighter against him as she jumped.

“I’m home! Who wants pizza? I’m in the mood for…” F.P stopped dead, staring at the couple currently straddled on his living room couch, his gaze dropped from the flannel on the floor to the tiny blonde cheerleader resting in his sons arms.

“Dad! What are you… I thought you had.. you said you wouldn’t be home.. what is..” the normally long worded, dictionary Filled boy, stuttered and looked around frantically as Betty hopped out of his arms and grabbed her scrunchie from the ground.

“Mr. Jones! We were just.. ” she trailed off, tightening her ponytail.

“Okay..okay. Yes. Now is a good time. Alright you two take a seat.” F.P nodded to himself as he dropped down to the table in front of the couch.

Betty glanced nervously at Jughead, who just shook his head confused.

“So.. well.. how do I begin.. when two people who are your age, and are feeling… the feelings.. that you do, the engage in something called Sexual Intercourse..”

“Oh my god.” Betty mumbled, her cheeks flaming bright red as she brought her hands to her face.

“Dad! No! We are not..” Jughead shouted, his eyes going wide as he stared at his father in shock

“You two shouldn’t be embarrassed about this, its totally natural. In fact me and your mother..” F.P continued

“No, no, no! Absolutely not. We are not having this conversation, me and Betty are safe, we know what we’re doing.” He groaned, dropping his head to his knees and covering his ears.

Betty giggled slightly at her embarrassed boyfriend, her cheeks still pink
“No offense Mr.Jones but I do have a pregnant Sister, I’ve gotten the talk about a hundred times. I love Jughead and we respect each other , we know each other’s boundaries and I promise you we are very safe. You definitely don’t have to do this.”

F.p sighed relieved,
“Thank god.” He stated, clapping his hands together “now that that’s done. Who wants pizza?” He got up from the table and headed into the kitchen.

Betty turned to Jughead and giggled at his mortified face

“You okay?” She asked

He shook his head, draping an arm over his girlfriends shoulder

“Next time, we’re making out in Mr. Andrews pickup truck… somewhere far, far away.” He mumbled as she smacked his arm and led him into the kitchen where his father was grinning against the counter, phone to his ear as he blew kissy faces at his son.

so ᵘʰʰʰʰʰʰʰ i decided to write the punk!eddie hc so. Here u go

  • when eddie found out his mom had been lying to him practically his entire life, he took every opportunity he could to rebel against her
  • it started out with little things like sneaking out at ungodly hours of the night to hang out with the losers (not like he didn’t already do this, but he started to make it obvious just to piss sonia off)
  • eddie started borrowing richie’s records and shit to blare music through the house because he knew his mom hated it, but he actually really started to enjoy what he was playing
  • from that point on, eddie practically threw himself into the punk rock scene
  • he completely restyled his entire wardrobe, replacing his polos and shorts with band tees and ripped jeans
  • richie had to admit that he missed seeing eddie in his shorts (but holy fuck did eddie look hot in ripped jeans or what)
  • when eddie and richie first got together, eddie confessed his feelings by serenading richie with friday im in love by the cure outside of his bedroom window at 2am (richie may have cried a little bit)
  • eddie and bev bonded like crazy over music, clothes, and stuff like that. the two of them were inseparable
  • bev would paint eddie’s black and eddie loved it
  • for his 16th birthday, bev bought him a denim jacket and the two of them spent the whole day sewing patches and attaching pins to it and eddie couldn’t have been happier
  • that was the day eddie realized he wasn’t doing this stuff to rebel against his mom anymore, he was doing it because it made him fucking happy

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in response to your dork even ask getting cuddles, what do you think are even's top excuses/actions to get bulk cuddles from isak?

hello my love! i’m so sorry this took so long but with the recent photo i felt like i could probably be a couple minutes late to work so i could write this:

  • every time even wears that denim jacket means automatic cuddles. like, it literally makes no sense, because isak could be dressed cozy and warm in his rocket ship pajamas, with his teeth brushed and his eyes droopy, but when he sees even sitting there under his blankets, still dressed in that goddamn denim jacket even though it’s midnight, there’s no controlling his impulses. it’s a little ridiculous how quickly isak tackles him to the bed. 
  • even’s writing a romantic scene, and he needs to figure out the dialogue for this one part, so he goes, “baby, come over here and cuddle me, i need to know what love feels like.” isak rolls his eyes because, “you fucking know, you asshole, what the hell are you talking about?? was picking your hair out of the sink not enough love for you.” even opens his arms wide and says, “but i need to be reminded.” isak hates himself a little bit, but it totally works.
  • isak cuddles even every time he makes breakfast! even wakes up first, always gets something started before isak even starts blinking his eyes awake. isak comes up behind even’s back, wraps his arms around his waist like a limpet. it’s getting a little distracting, and even tells isak as much. isak says, “do you really want me to let go? me?? the man of your dreams?” needless to say, isak does not let go, and even ruins their food once or twice. 
  • in the end, though, there’s no real need for even to do anything or make any sort of excuse to get cuddles from isak. isak loves touching him because he can, because there’s no more need to fear holding a boy’s hand, or running his fingers through a boy’s hair, or laying his head on a boy’s chest when he gets nightmares - especially not when that boy is even. isak will continue holding him for as long as he wants, as long as he needs, just as long as they’re together. 

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Hi eden!! So my dash is in flames rn and im sure yours is too so im looking for some positivity? What are your favorite louis' looks OF ALL TIME? Love your blog ❤

anon just know that you’ve opened pandora’s box… and i’m sorry (i’m not) but this got EXTREMELY long bc i couldn’t narrow it down so ,, be prepared

firstly let’s start with football louis. an absolute fav of mine, for so many reasons but like, mainly bc he looks ? so good ? in every picture of him on a pitch idk how he does it

yellow on him is just ? a blessing ? even tho it’s in bib form it’s still beautiful i don’t understand

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punk!stan & pastel!bill stenbrough

for @gazeboseddie <3

join my 100 celebration!!!

- okay but idk if it’s just me

- but do y’all ever get the feel that stan & bill don’t gradually make aesthetic changes

- like stan becomes punk overnight

- and bill goes on one (1) family trip to hawaii and comes home ready to turn his whole wardrobe pink and flowery

- they come to school the next day, saying fuck it and going all out and double take when they see each other

- “you know s-s-stan, i really w-wasn’t expecting you to like denim th-that much”

- “it’s my style now william”

- the older they get the more finesse they find in their respective styles

- like at first bill was a bit too neon with his color choices and now he hurts people’s eyes less

- stan gets rid of his terrible seventh grade fauxhawk

- they each have had subtle influences on each other’s accessories 

- stan has a lot of flowery/light colored patches on his Cool Punk Jackets that bill has bought him over the years bc he knows his boy loves patches

- bill may or may not have gotten an ear piercing w/ stan so he wouldn’t be alone 

- stan absolutely loves taking bill to punk shows bc everyone there is like “excuse me whos the hot flower boy” and stan’s just 

- “my man that’s who”

- bill has about 400 polaroids of stan with flowers in his hair that bill 100% puts there every damn time they go outside

- helping each other decorate their rooms???? in the color scemes they want?????

- painting bills room soft blue???????

- everyone assumes bill wouldn’t love stans taste in music bc its so?? dark?? 

- but bill goes hard to thrash metal

- like bill is So Into It

- stan SWOONS when he sees his man moshing with the best of them

- stan and bill in house show mosh pits is all you need to know really

It’s Halloween, Man

Summary: Dean doesn’t realize what couples costume he agreed to…until it’s too late.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,022

“Pleaseee, babe.” You plead to Dean, straddling him and then kissing his neck.

“Y/N…I know what you’re doing and it’s not gonna work this time.”

Yes it will.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You feign innocence, having the wide eyed sweetness down to science.

"You realize what you’re asking me to do, right? It’s ridiculous!” Dean gripes your hips, pressing his fingertips into you hard enough where there will be  bruises.

You whisper in his ear, “I’ll let you do that thing you like…”

Dean’s head snaps to attention, his eyes searching your face for any deception. He shakes his head and sighs, “Ok, sweetheart.”

“Yay! You’re the best!” You squeal jumping off of your boyfriend’s lap. “I’m so excited!”

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anonymous asked:

What are your favourite yoongi, namjoon, seokjin and hoseok airport looks ( you've done everyone but these!)


  • The colors go so well together plus i love denim jackets, this one is one of my favorites (x)
  • One thing yoongi knows how to do is put colors together, he did it perfectly here  (x)
  • Comfortable yet well-put together, I love this one (x)
  • Again, he knows hot to play with and put together colors, notice how the main focus is the pastel blue coat and kept everything else black (x)
  • I can’t say this enough, you can never go wrong with an all-black outfit paired with a leather jacket (x)  (x)
  • All-black outfit. PERFECT (x)
  • I love how he does casual outfits (x)
  • I love this one so much, one of my favorites. all-black + oversized cardigans + comfortable + stylish (x)
  • Notice how the main focus of this outfit is the color of the jacket (x)


  • Personally not something i would wear but it’s just so him (x)
  • Clearly I have a thing for all-black outfits and Namjoon does it perfectly (x)
  • I fell in love with this whole look, one of his best (x)
  • all-black (again lol) + comfortable + stylish + well accessorized  (x)
  • I love everything, the denim jacket, the color combination, well accessorized. It’s perfect (x)
  • BTS got me into the padded jacket look (i used to hate it) (x)
  • Iconic, legendary, everyone’s favorite (x)
  • LOVE LOVE (x)


  • Simple, comfortable, nice colors (x)
  • I love jin’s style, it’s simple yet well-put-together. He knows what looks good on him (x)
  • Just like suga, he makes sure the main point of this outfit is the pink coat and keeps everything else in dark colors (x)
  • Wow just wow (x)
  • Too much pink in one single outfit can be intimidating, he did it perfectly here (x)
  • This is just so him and I absolutely love it (x)
  • Something I would wear (x)
  • The main point of this outfit is the ripped sweater and everything else is kept simple. (x)
  • I absolutely love denim jackets (x)
  • This one is great, i love how comfortable it looks (x)
  • I’m in love with this whole look, so simple, not much going on but that’s what i love about it (x)


  • All-black, i just really love this one (x)
  • I love the color combination here, that big plaid scarf completes the look (x)
  • I love how comfortable this looks (x)
  • I love everything about this one, the right shoes, the right jeans, the right cap….he did this all-black look perfectly (x)
  • J-hope is one of the members that’s not afraid of color, he did it perfectly here without it being overwhelming (x)
  • Everyone’s favorite (x)
  • Comfortable yet well-put-together. I love putting together whites and greys (x)
  • Everything is just perfect here (x)
  • Two all-black looks that I would 100% wear (x) (x)
  • Another one i would definitely wear. bomber jacket + boots + all-black (x)
  • classy, clean, yet gives it a more casual touch with the black cap (x)
  • Again, comfortable yet well-put-together (x)

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[song inspiration: Rain - Rainism]

pairing: jung hoseok x reader
genre: straight smut
word count: 1.6k
a/n: this is the sequel to Rain as requested by the lovely @freehoseoksdick

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Prompt #37

Prompt: “Because I love you goddamnit!”
Pairing: Jughead x Reader
A/N: this didn’t turn out as well as I hoped and I’m sorry but the storyline is pretty cute I think.

“Jughead! Jesus Christ you scared me. You can’t just sneak up on people like that.” You placed your hand over your heart to calm yourself as your friend stood beside you. He had just ran up behind you and pulled out your earphones as you were walking home from working on the Blue and Gold.
“Sorry. It’s dark and I didn’t like the idea of you walking home on your own given the current atmosphere in our little town.” He said as he started walking in step with you toward your house.

Jughead had been acting a little off lately; clingy and protective. It gave you butterflies at first, given the fact you had been in love with him for several years. Except now, two months since his odd behaviour began, it is both worrying you and getting on your nerves.
“I think I’m probably old enough to walk home on my own Jug, but thank you.” You smiled at him, taking a moment to appreciate his profile in the wintery light. It was dark and the moonlight cast shadows across his face and illuminated the dark curl that fell loose from his beanie.
“There’s a murderer on the loose. You can never take chances.” His eyes were alert and steely, looking straight ahead.
“Jughead what is going on with you? You have been acting so weird the last few months! When did you get this attentive?” Stoping dead in your tracks, you had enough of this and decided to get to the bottom of this.
“What the hell Y/N, if anyone is acting weird it’s you. I’m just taking care of you! You need to be kept safe!” He turns to you and now you’re both standing face to face underneath a lamppost.
“Excuse me? Don’t turn this on me Jones. Why do you feel the need to take care of me? Do you n-” You got cut off in the middle of your sentence by Jughead shouting.
“Because I’m in love with you goddamnit and I wanted to spend more time with you and look after you!”

Neither of you said anything for several minutes. Both in shock, neither of you expecting that to come out of his mouth. Unable to find words, you decide actions will work better.
Striding straight up to him, you grabbed the collar of his denim jacket and brought his lips down to meet yours. Responding immediately, he cups your cheeks and you snake your hands around his neck. This kiss doesn’t last for very long, but it certainly leaves it mark in the form of fireworks exploding inside your head.
Pulling away, you realise it’s started to snow. Looking at the sky, you chuckle.
“Could this be any more cinematic? Two people who love each other kissing in the snow under a lamppost.” You shake you head and look up at Jughead who has a goofy smile plastered on his face.
“So you love me too, huh?” The smile is soon replaced by the signature smirk.
“Yes, Jones. Yes I do.” You said, still in disbelief that the stuff of your dreams was unfolding in front of you.
“Well then, I think it’s time to reshoot our cinematic moment.” Jughead smirks, pulling you in by the waist.

Safe to stay, the snow may have been cold, but you two felt pretty warm.

Drunk in love // Reddie

((This ship has taken over my life and I am completely OK with it. I love my sons))

Richie took a swig of vodka and grimassed when the burn hit. He then passed it onto Eddie who was beside him, watching as he too took a swig and grimassed. They were sitting in Bill’s backyard while the other losers were inside. They were partying and drinking just the seven of them and Richie had gone out for a smoke. But Beverly had been too busy dancing with Ben to come with so he had asked Eddie. They had been out there for a while now and Richie had smoked at least five cigarettes just because he didn’t want to go back inside. He wanted to stay out there with Eddie for as long as possible.
He took a hit of the cigarette and blew the smoke out through his nose, the burn having a relaxing effect on him. He then looked down at Eddie who had wrapped his arms around himself. 
“Ya’ cold Eds?”, he asked and Eddie rolled his eyes and nodded. 
“Don’t call me that. But yes. Very. I think I might go back inside”, he started to stand up but Richie grabbed his wrist. He didn’t want him to go. He loved it when he got to spend some time with Eddie alone and especially if Eddie had been drinking. And he just looked so cute tonight, his hair all curly wearing his new denim overalls. Richie had been in love with Eddie for as long as he could remember he had just never had the courage to tell the younger boy. Also Richie had just now, at seventeen, learned to accept his feelings for Eddie. 
“No. Stay. You can borrow my jacket”, Richie said and he could have sworn he saw Eddie blush when he nodded and sat down. 
“Ok. Thanks Richie”. Richie nodded and took off his denim jacket, putting it over Eddie’s shoulder. Eddie put his arms through the holes and Richie couldn’t fight back the smile that grew on his lips. 
“It looks way better on you than it does on me Eds”, he said and Eddie giggled and stood up. Richie was about to protest but then Eddie walked a little on front of Richie and started posing. 
“Do I look badass?”, he laughed and Richie had to stop his mouth from flying open. 
“You look amazing”, he breathed and Eddie’s smile grew. 
Footloose then started playing from inside and Eddie started dancing and singing. Richie stared at the brunette boy in awe. How was it possible to be that perfect? He lit a new cigarette as he watched Eddie’s carefree dancing with a smile. His curls bounced up and down and his eyes were shut. He looked beautiful. Eddie then looked at him and a smirk found it’s way to his lips. He then grabbed Richie’s hands and pulled him up. 
“You’re not gonna let me sing the chours alone are you?”, he asked and Richie chuckled. 
“You bet your ass I’m not”, he answered and together they both sang from the top of their lungs while busting drunken dancemoves. They looked absolutely ridiculous but they didn’t care and Richie felt like his heart could burst from happiness any second now. 

When the song ended they both sat down and breathlessly stared at eachother for a couple of seconds before bursting into laughter. When the laughter had died down Richie lit another cigarette and took a long hit. Eddie slid closer to him and took the cigarette out Richie’s hand, put it between his lips and took an even longer hit, keeping eye contact with him the entire time. Richie felt as if all the air had been pounched out of him and he but his lip. 
He never thought Eddie would ever touch a cigarette, let alone put one in his mouth. He had also always said that he would rather lick a toilet seat than see his perfect, neat Eddie with a gross cancer-stick between his lips. But the sight of the boy with a cigarette between his lips drove Richie insane. 
Eddie smirked and placed the cigarette between Richie’s slightly parted lips before running a hand through his own curly hair.
Richie stared at him for a while and then threw the cig on the ground. Fuck it, he though, grabbed Eddie’s collar and soon his lips were on the other boy’s. The kiss was short and when Richie pulled back he almost didn’t dare look at Eddie. But when he did, he didn’t see anger or disgust. Actually he didn’t get to see much before their lips was once again connected. This time by Eddie and a lot harder. Eddie’s hands were in Richie’s hair and Richie wrapped his arms around Eddie’s waist to pull him closer. The kiss was long and passionate, but they had to pull apart to breathe and when they got eye contact they both started giggling like the drunk, lovesick messes they were. And right at that moment as he said there beside the boy he was hopelessly in love with in the moonlight, the sound of his friends singing from somewhere behind them, he knew that he would never be happier than he was right at that moment.

IG: sandyhussam

The story behind this photo op is actually pretty funny so have a seat kids. So on Saturday during Misha’s panel (guy with the denim jacket), he was struggling with Twitter and I offered to help him and he accepted my offer. Later on at his autographs, I asked him if he recognized me and he stared at me for a good 5 seconds trying to remember who I was. So I said while lifting up my phone “Twitterrr..???” And he said “did I meet you on Twitter?” And I jokingly said “wow I am sooo offended” but then I explained that I helped him with his tweet about chocolates. He recognized me and I said “that’s okay I still love you” and I blew him a kiss. As I was leaving, he said “I miss you already!” Then Sunday came around and I had my Jensen/Misha duo and I had no clue what to do. One of my friends jokingly suggested that I should have Jensen fight Misha for me because he didn’t remember me and I did that. I love Misha to death and this photo op was just a fun one. This weekend was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait till next year 💗

anonymous asked:

What are some of your favorite airport outfits from Jimin and Taehyung?

oh man…..I have so many!


  •  i love how casual yet well put together this outfit is and how he focused more on the accessories (x)
  • definitely something i would wear. i love muted colors (x)
  • I’m also a big fan of black/white outfits, he did it perfectly here (x)
  • you can never go wrong with an all-black outfit + a leather jacket (x)
  • simple and muted colors…i just really LOVE this one (x)
  • denim on denim can be hard to pull off but imo he did perfectly in these two occasions (x) (x)
  • clean, right amount of accessories, great colors (x)
  • perfect, that’s all i have to say, just perfect. (x)


  • I love this denim jacket + dress pants combination. he always does it so well (x)
  • what’s not to love about this one….i love everything here (x)
  • this is not an outfit many can pull off…..taehyung definitely can (x)
  • another plaid shirt + dress pant combination i absolutely love (x)
  • when in doubt, go black (x)
  • again, most of taehyung’s outfits not many can pull off,example? this outfit (x)
  • oh boy, that’s all i have to say (i’m in love) (x)
  • My absolute favorite. I don’t if it’s the outfit or how well it looks on HIM (x)