i love him and want to look at pictures of him forever

Also: Welcome to Street Fighter V, Alex(#”/(&!# FINALLY.)

So we got news that Alex was going to be the first DLC character indeed…and he’ll be in March!


Alex fans have waited way too long. I was actually expecting Balrog, given he’s apparently very solidly done in game already, but they threw this lovely curveball which got some damn hype up! 

I’m almost expecting, since Alex was first in line of the pic, for the next two to be Guile and Balrog as well. (Would be fitting to sort of get the other Shadoloo guy in and since Guile is heavily involved with Nash who is looking at Guile’s picture, I’d see them getting in.) I’d love Urien to be in earlier than later-given it’s been forever for him too-but they may want to book-end the first year DLC with ‘Old Timers who Hadn’t Been Seen awhile.’)

Really looking forward to how they handle him. He’ll have his grappling and striking mix I imagine; probably a 5 power, low maneuverability type with good reach. Able likely to strip off a health bar with speed, he’ll probably have his business as usual moves(air stampede, chop, etc). Command grabs will of course be there and I look forward to seeing what they do with his V-Skill and V-Trigger. I don’t see him being high-offensive like Necalli. I can see him being pretty good at filling a stun meter potentially with brutal hits. (His anti-air for some reason may be lacking in this, I get a feeling.) 

In any case, again, HAPPY. Well deserved first DLC spot, Alex. Your fans are finally getting what Capcom have been leaving out for far too long. 

Malcolm Reynolds x Reader: Memories

Mal sat on his bed, holding the picture. God how he had loved her. If only… No. He can’t let himself hold on to her forever. She left him a long time ago, and he was marrying Inara in a few hours. It was true, he loved Inara, but he wasn’t sure if he could really, truly, let go. He heard footsteps coming down the ladder. He looked up to see Zoe climbing down into his room.

“You okay?” She asked.

“Yeah.” He replied, putting the picture face down on the bed and standing up.

“You know, this is what she would’ve wanted.” Zoe said, gesturing to the photo.

“Yeah, I know.” Mal said, walking past her and putting a hand on the ladder, “C’mon, let’s go. I don’t wanna dwell on it any longer.” He left the room with Zoe behind him. He may not be able to move on, but he could try.


“I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.”

Mal leaned in and just before their lips met he said, “I love you more than all the stars in the ‘verse.” Then he closed the gap and kissed her more passionately than ever before. They broke apart after about 15 seconds and smiled at each other. He gently rested a hand against (Y/N) cheek.

“This…there is no way I could be happier. I truly love you.” She leaned her face into his hand, breathing in the smell of apples on his skin.

“And there is no power in the 'Verse that Could ever keep me away from you.” Pressing her lips to his palm. “I love you.” Just then, Zoe came running up from the small crowd.

“Mal. We have trouble.” She panted

“Of what sort?” Mal asked his hand still around (Y/N)’s waist.


“Well then,” (Y/N) said, pulling a pistol out from inside her dress, “Let’s go kick some Alliance butt!” Mal smiled at her in a loving manner, then, he grabbed her hand and they ran.

~ ~ ~

”(Y/N)! You are not goin’ to fight in this battle and that’s final!“ Mal shouted frustrated.

"Malcolm Reynolds if you ever say that’s final again, I swear by my pretty floral dress, it will be. Now you listen here, I am only a month pregnant. Please Mal, let me fight, you need all the help you can get. You know I hate the idea of the Alliance just as much as you do, an’ I’d like to be part of takin’ it down from it’s high throne.” (Y/N) pleaded with her husband.  

Mal sighed and put his hands on her shoulders, looking her in the eye, “You know I’d love to have you fightin’ by my side, but I can’t risk losin’ you or my child. Just please, stay here.” He leaned down and kissed her passionately on the lips. (Y/N) didn’t waste a second in kissing him back. Mal brought his hands up to her face, cupping her cheeks in his palms.

He broke away and rested his forehead on her’s, “I love you, don’t ever forget that.” He whispered.

“I love you too. Just promise me one thing, come home?” She looked up at him with pleading eyes.

“I promise.” He pressed a swift kiss to her forehead and walked out of the front door.

(Y/N) watched from the window as he got into the vehicle, a tear rolled down her cheek.  "I’m so sorry Mal.“


It was the heat of the battle, the battle that would later be named infamous Battle of Serenity Valley. Guns were firing and people were dying left and right. The Independents were fighting hard, but the Alliance was winning. In the end, they were beaten. Mal and Zoe were staring at the sky in despair, they had lost. Everything they had been fighting for, destroyed.

“Mal…” Zoe started.

“I can’t believe it. The gorramed Alliance won.” He said, still in shock.


“She’ll be so disappointed when she finds out.” Mal hung his head.

“Mal, I think she already knows.”

“What do you mean by tha…” Then, he saw her. She lay there, on the ground, bleeding. She had three bullet holes in her, all in deadly places.

“(Y/N)!!!” He yelled, running over to where his wife lay dying, “Oh, Ta Ma Duh, (Y/N)!! C’mon gorram it! Stay with me!” Mal shouted at her, “Zoe! Get some pressure on those wounds! Now!!!” Zoe didn’t hesitate to do this, (Y/N) was like a sister to her, and she would do anything to see her come out of this alright.

“Mal? Is that you?” (Y/N) whispered, her breathing shallow.

“C’mon!” He yelled, “I can’t lose you!” He reached down frantically and pressed his hands down on one of the wounds.

“Malcolm Reynolds, I love you. Don’t ever forget that.” She whispered, she reached a hand up to his face and pulled him into a loving kiss.

“I… I love you too. Just promise me one thing, come home?” His voice was breaking, tears threatened to flow from his eyes. She nodded, and then, she stopped. She stopped doing everything. She stopped nodding, blinking and most of all, breathing. Mal grabbed her wrist and felt desperately for a pulse. There was none. (Y/N) (L/N), the love of his life, the mother of his child, was dead.

(End of Flashback)

Mal sat up in his bed, Inara lay sleeping next to him. He gazed off into the distance. Why had she gone? Why couldn’t she have just stayed home and safe? She was just too damn stubborn for her own good.

He knew it wasn’t his fault that she went to fight. There was nothing he could have said or done to stop her. But still, he felt guilty. Not only had she been pregnant when she died, she loved him. She loved him with all her heart, and he felt the same.

“Mal?” Inara asked sleepily, “Is everything alright?”

“Yeah. Everythin’s just shinny.” He reassured her, “Go back to sleep.” She hummed in response and put her head back down onto the pillow, falling asleep almost immediately.

Mal lay down beside her, wrapping an arm around her waist, just like he used to do for (Y/N). It was in that moment that he knew, (Y/N) would have his heart for eternity. There was no way he could ever love Inara, no matter how much he tried.

“(Y/N),” He thought, “I love you, an’ only you. Don’t ever forget that.”