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Suggestion: davekat flower shop au. Kk works at the flower shop w Rose and Jade. Rose isn't very good at gardening but she's interested in learning how. Jade puts her at the counter but it's fine because she can see kanaya every day as she takes care of the flowers in the front room. Dave comes in all the time to talk to rose n Jade and also eye the cute boy working there I mean have you seen him Jade what's his name he's beautiful. 1/2

2/2 dave also gets help from the girls when Dave and Karkat do start dating. They help him get the perfect bouquet of flowers for special occasions with flowers that mean specific things like love and passion and adoration and happiness. It’s cheesy and romantic and Karkat fucking eats that shit up. Also he looks adorable in his apron and little sunhat. He’s very good at arranging the flowers and he also deals with the weirdest customers. It’s adorable and romantic and they’re in LOVE

this is really cute and pure and i support it wholeheartedly. heres a pretty flowers karkat i whipped up just now

one afternoon they’re hanging out at even’s place by the window, and at one point even is like “wait, don’t move” and isak looks at him questionably and even goes to his room and comes back with his drawing pad and a couple of pencils. “this is too good, you have to stand still” and isak shakes his head and says “nope. i’m serious. even, no. the last time you said you wanted me to model for you, you shaped my face like a slice of bread” and even actually laughs at the memory (isak gasping when he saw the drawing, and telling even “that’s it, we’re over” and even apologizing with a kiss on his cheek, telling isak he’d throw away the ridiculous drawing - which he didn’t, it’s still hidden in one of his drawers) and says “you had bread crumbs on the corner of your mouth. the inspiration hit me. i couldn’t resist.” and isak feigns annoyance and even adds “i promise i won’t draw your face like a slice of bread. promise promise.” and isak doesn’t budge, so even quickly kisses him and he repeats the word promise in between quick kisses all over isak’s face until isak can’t help it and he lets out a giggle and says “okay, okay okay. since you promised” 

and they’re facing each other and even tells isak “lean your head against the wall. yeah, like that” and he starts drawing and they keep talking and isak tries not to move but after a while he says “eveeen. my neck is started to hurt” and even is looking down on his pad, concentration in his eyes and a small smile across his lips and he tells isak “it’s okay, you can move now”. the first thing isak does is move toward him like he wants to take a look at the drawing but even quickly hides the pad against his chest “nuh uh, i’m not done yet” 

so they hang out by the window the rest of the afternoon, and even finishes the drawing as they speak about nothing and everything. and then even is done and he gives the pad to isak, with the drawing facing down and isak is like “well, well, i can’t wait to see that” because, well, he doesn’t expect the drawing to be anything serious. but then he looks at it and his heart skips a beat and 

it’s beautiful. it’s isak’s face. a realistic drawing of his face. it’s not the type of drawings even usually draws, isak has never seen even draw something, someone like that. and there’s the way he drew isak. he drew light in his eyes. and isak is a little speechless and his lips are a little parted as he keeps staring at the drawing when even asks “do you like it?” to which isak replies “are you kidding me. even, this is amazing. i don’t know what to say. it’s just. beautiful.” and even is beaming and he says “see, told you i wouldn’t draw your face like a slice of bread. you don’t want me to throw this one out, right?” and isak is quick to reply “if you throw this one out, i’m actually never speaking to you again” and then he asks “can i…keep that one?” even doesn’t say anything, just hands out his hand, asking isak for the drawing pad. and when isak gives it to even, even quickly writes something, and then he removes the drawing from the pad and gives it back to isak, with a note at the bottom that reads: for isak. you look beautiful in this universe

@disney if kylo ren isn’t canonically in love w/ rey then you seriously messed up because you

  • wrote him so he acts completely illogically whenever Rey is present; stopping to carry her in his arms through a battlefield so he can’t defend himself, waiting for her to wake up so he can talk to her instead of just yanking the info from her unconscious mind, unmasking himself for no reason other than her implying she thinks he’s monstrous while he wears it, walking toward where she was unconscious in the middle of a goddamn fight with Finn for no apparent reason, not shoving her off of a cliff when he had the chance
  • had him completely trash Finn and Poe when in confrontations with them but then not leave a single scratch on Rey
  • made them have similar goals and flaws as characters beyond what is typically expected for a protagonist/antagonist dynamic
  • cast a guy who makes doe eyes at her instead of murder death kill eyes like you would expect to see from the main antagonist like oh my god even in the saberlock he’s just looking at her with determination instead of hostility
  • again can i just.
  • the eyes
  • look at the way he looks at her

am i just imagining things? maybe. but man if i am i feel like i have plenty of reasons to do so based on all the shit kylo does (or in some cases doesn’t do)

Things To Do For Your Boyfriend:

1. Kiss his forehead when he’s angry
2. Hold his hand out of nowhere
3. Let him lay his head on your lap
4. Ask him about his day and actually listen
5. Try to get interested in stuff he likes
6. Talk sports/video games/books etc. with him
7. Serenade him with embarrassingly cheesy love songs
8. Get along with his friends
9. Buy him a valentines gift
10. Be more excited for his birthday than he himself is
11. Be nice and love his parents like they are your own parents
12. Love him like every girl on this site wants to be loved and give him a reason to treat you like a princess

—  because boys deserve to be loved right too

so when isak gets his grades back for the fall semester, his did best in biology and physics. and even asks him how it went because he genuinely wants to know. he’s interested in anything isak tells him, and he knows isak’s grades matter to him, so it’s something that matters to him, too. isak tells him he aced these two classes, but he admits sana’s notes in physics helped him a lot. and that’s when even first says it. “sana’s great, but i’m sure you would’ve also done well without the notes. isaac newton“ and isak chuckles and half slaps even on the shoulder and replies “oh shut up” but his words are full of fondness. even loves to tease isak, and isak pretends to be annoyed when he does, but the truth is that he loves it, too 

and then even keeps calling him that, the rest of that day. at some point they’re in the kitchen, looking for snacks and even grabs an apple and he jokingly says “isaac, did it hurt when the apple fell on your head?” before taking a bite. and isak sighs and shakes his head. “you know that’s like…a total myth, right?” even raises his eyebrows questionably and isak mumbles “i…read it in a book once. i mean…he told people about the apple falling and how it inspired him but there’s no, like, actual source that says it hit him on the head. that’s just something people came up with over time you know”. even is smiling during isak’s explanation and he puts the apple on the table and then he cups isak’s cheeks and just. looks him in the eyes. and his smile makes isak smile. and even doesn’t say anything, simply kisses him

when they go to bed, even is pressed against isak’s back, and he’s nuzzling isak’s hair and he says “so according to the laws of physics, you have the softest hair in the universe” and isak breathes out a little laugh. “you know that…doesn’t make sense” and even lets out a long sigh, isak can feel the warmth against his scalp. “isaac newton doesn’t know how to take a joke. and compliments” and isak turns around and he quickly kisses even’s nose and says “not true. but, you know, i might end up studying physics and i am not going to handle three years of being called isaac newton” 

and there’s a moment of silent after isak says that because? they don’t usually talk about the future, it’s not something they do because they prefer to mostly take things step by step. and, yeah, they are kidding, but after a few seconds, it’s like isak can feel the weight of his own words. but then even breaks the silence. “i think studying physics would be great for you” and it immediately lightens up the atmosphere. then even adds “i think you’re going to do great, is-” and isak cuts him off before he gets the chance to say it “don’t”. but even simply looks him in the eyes, his thumb stroking his temple and he says “i said, i think you’re going to do great, isak valtersen” 

so I finally watched Logan (spoilers)
  • ok first things first this was one of the best movies I’ve ever watched
  • the visuals were absolutely on fleek
  • old and confused Professsor X ripped my heart out
  • also i liked the southern villain guy 
  • LOVED sassy badass not speaking kid aka laura aka X23
  • the dinner with the farmer family was so bEAUTIFUL
  • “I ran a school for kids with special needs” - literally the entire theater was losing their shit laughing
  • when laura kept the kids ipod aah
  • logan wanting to die bcs of guilt noo
  • charles xavier died thinking logan killed him
  • there was not enough time to mourn charles
  • also caliban sacrificed himself 
  • the kids were amazingly portrayed without making it cheesy
  • them shaving his beard was so funny
  • like generally this was a surprisingly funny movie
  • was the leader of the kids group magnetos son or something? metal powers just saying
  • the camera technique they used in the woods scene was BEAUTIFUL
  • logan and laura fighting alongside each other was everything i ever wanted
  • the X at the end i was a 100% sobbing mess
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: for fourteen years now, hayden christensen has gotten so much hate for playing anakin, when, realistically, he did such a good job. hayden not only acted anakin skywalker as the perfect angst-ridden, overeager, self-destructive-for-the-sake-of-trying-to-save-something-much-more-important person that anakin was, but he really Got the character. coupled with cheesy lines, a fucking greenscreen in EVERY SCENE HE HAD TO ACT IN, and direction that kept telling him to pull back when he could have been playing anakin at full capacity, i think that his portrayal of anakin was spot on. hayden spent so much of the movies shaking and vibrating and fucking TREMBLING with pent up anger and frustration and rage and passion and love, simmering constantly with the war inside of anakin to save padmé; save the one person in his life that he loved more than ANYTHING. even while pulling back as much as george lucas directed him to, you can clearly see the way that anakin was being torn apart from the very beginning of attack of the clones, while juxtaposing that by acting like a whiny angsty teenager, who wanted to be viewed as great as he thought he was on the road to becoming. you could clearly see his grapple with power coming out through not only foreshadowing (which attack of the clones did a stellar job with displaying), but in hayden's acting of anakin. even in lighter scenes with padmé, you can see some of that anger and passion seeping and slipping through. you could see glimpses and fragments of the person anakin was turning into in spite of everything he did to try and stop his worst nightmares from coming true. hayden showed the essence of who anakin was as a man, as the monster he turned into (in a horribly, disastrously misguided attempt to save the woman that was his whole world). hayden christensen played anakin skywalker the best he fucking could under the shitty circumstances he was given and i will defend him until i die and then beyond the grave

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  • Staying up late to greet Chanyeol when he comes back from the studio because you know how much he wants to see your face after work.
  • Cuddling and watching random dramas that come up on tv.
  • Him humming while petting your hair.
  • Cute selcas on his phone that he refuses to delete because he likes to look at them when he misses you.
  • “Babbbeeee”.
  • “Jagiaa”.
  • “Babbyyy”.
  • “My Love”.
  • So many pet names. Too many.
  • Warm back hugs.
  • His head resting on your shoulder or the top of your head because you’re small, compared to him.
  • “Chanie”.
  • Him pouting when he wants attention.
  • You being thrown over his shoulder when you ignore him.
  • Adorable cheesy smiles.
  • Getting used to sleeping next to his fluff ball.
  • “So… My sister needs babysitter so i kinda said yes… I hope you don’t mind helping me with a couple kids for a few hours.”
  • So much cuddling.
  • Kisses all over your face because he loves to hear your giggles when he kisses your nose, forehead, cheek and ect.
  • Watching EXO live from VIP seating.
  • Being really good friends with the rest of EXO, especially Beak.
  • Kissing Chanyeol “Good Luck” before he gets on stage.
  • Facetime calls 24/7 because he loves to see your face.
  • Long tired phone calls when he can’t facetime.
  • “I love you so much, you don’t even understand.”
  • Him making you laugh endlessly because he loves the sound of your laughter. 
  • Kissing him good bye at the airport.
  • Wiping his tears away and trying not to cry yourself while saying good bye.
  • Having to try to pry him off you and get him on the plane.
  • Matching couple rings.
  • Going public with you after a year or so of being together.
  • Him being so protective now that people know your together.
  • Being pulled closer to him when you’re walking through a big crowd.
  • Constant compliments.
  • Comforting him when he’s upset because you are one of the few people he opens up to.
  • Candid pictures of you being posted to his instagram occasionally, with cheesy captions about how much he loves you.
  • Him posting videos of you being silly or singing to show how much he loves you.
  • Singing together when you’re bored.
  • Watching disney movies together.
  • Him picking you up when you need to reach something on the top self.
  • “You’re so cute Jagi.”
  • Him carrying you to bed when you fall asleep on the couch.
  • You wearing EXO merch that say “Chanyeol.” on the back because he loves it.
  • Being friends with his older sister.
  • Sitting on his lap and occasionally kissing his lips with a small smile.
  • Wearing his shirts.
  • Him letting you put hair ties in his hair/ playing with his hair.
  • Face masks together.
  • Sweet morning texts.
  • Helping him with his music.
  • His lip bites.
  • Snapchats 24/7. (Sometimes nudies)
  • Lots of sucking him off.
  • Slight daddy kink.
  • Letting Baekhyung move in because Chanyeol uses the “He’s my bestfriend.” card.
  • Getting into useless fights with him.
  • Honestly wanting to kill him, sometimes but then just wanting cradle him in your arms. 
  • Always would want to see you smile.
  • Overall, Chanyeolie would be the cutest, most loving, and wittiest boyfriend in the world. You’d have the most fun with him tbh. Have fun.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY YEOL! (He’s my exo bias whom i love so much)

Also happy thanksgiving!


you are my sunshine (i tried)

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

Error felt at ease with the soft sound of inks voice filling his ears(?) in a calming matter. Error was laying on his back with his head in inks lap slowly getting rocked back and forward while ink was sing a familiar tune which seemed to put all errors nerves into a relaxed mode as he just laid there with his eyes closed listening to the voice he loved most.

You make me happy when skies are gray

error wanted to smile at the cheesy song ink was singing maybe tease him about it a little. But when he tried to open his mouth words didn’t come out, only a little whimper got escape his teeth. Error frowned. why couldn’t he speak? and why did he throat hurt? Error thought to himself as he started noticing the burning feeling at the bottom of his neck which was slowly making its way up to his mouth.

You’ll never know dear, how much I love you

Error tried to move so he could get up and maybe get a drink but he could only move his fingers and maybe lift his arms a little. He felt heavy so heavy what’s going on? Ink why can’t I move?  He tried again so speak, to move, anything but all he could do was open his eyes a little and see inks blurry from above him.

Please don’t take my sunshine aw-ay

his voice broke on the last word, followed by a soft sob which were slowly growing louder and louder. Was ink … crying? Error started panicking a little now, ink almost never cried. Ink starts mumbling soft words in between his sobs, error could only make out few of the words. “I’m … sorry ……… error ….. hang ……. say…….don’t die” die? Was somebody dying? Is that why in was crying? Oke stupid question that was probably what was going on, but who how could be the person ink would cry over like this? … unless

The it hit error, memories came flooding back into his mind. The argument between them, ink going after error, hiding in another au not wanting to confront ink, the angry people wanting error away, the mean words, not being able to escape, the hit.

Error was dying.      


No, he can’t. he doesn’t want to die, not jet. Fear took over errors senses, fear of leaving this world alone, fear of leaving ink alone. He doesn’t want to go now he finally has something to hold dear.

He tried to move again, to reach up or get a hold on something, anything. but he only became painfully aware of how numb his body really was, like every body part was asleep and never walking up again with a thick heavy blanket over himself that he couldn’t push of. And it was slowly getting worse, starting by his toots making its way up bit by bit.

Ink must have noticed how error was struggling, because he gently lifted his head out of his lap careful not to jolts him and moved him a bit higher up to his face, this way error could see ink clearly even though at that moment he wish he couldn’t.

Inks face did bring a sense of clam over error but a wave of sadness as well. Ink had his eyes almost closed, tears constantly seeping out from the little space they could and slowly making their way down his cheeks dripping into his scarf and sometimes on error.

With his the little energy he had error tried to speak again, maybe now he was closer to ink he could actually hear him. So he opened his mouth and spoke in a breathy barely audibly voice.


Inks eyes snapped open looking down to error with big eyes as if he couldn’t believe he was still alive much less speaking to him.

“error you’re awake”

Ink spoke in a voice that didn’t really fit him. A sad one like there was no hope anymore, error didn’t like this voice on him.

“why do you sound so sad?”

Error tried his best to speak clearly but it just tired him out faster, he needed to be more careful picking his words.

“b-because” ink paused a for a minute looking for the right words to say. “because I don’t know what to do error” another sob followed by some fresh tears going down his cheeks.

“please don’t die don’t leave me alone error” ink got out between hiccups and heavy breaths trying to get his breathing under control so he could speak clearly.

Error tried to get the last of his strength together and raised his hand a little up to inks face but right when he got his hand halfway up it almost fell down again if it wasn’t for ink taking a hold of it and bring it up to his face.

He gently Pressed errors hand against his cheek, nuzzling into it a little. making sure to keep it there as long as he could. “please” ink murmured in a small voice “I don’t want to be alone again”.

Error didn’t know what to say, but then what do you say when you’re dying in your “boyfriends” arms. “hey it’s going to be oke” nailed it. (nice one error)

Ink chuckled, he acutely chuckled. “you really aren’t the best with words error” error had to agree with that one “I know” he murmured weakly.

His voice was growing more and more tired, Like his body was growing more and more limp and right now both ink and error are well known of that fact. All there is to it is to say goodbye now.

“hey skittles” ink let out an amused breath at the nickname “yeah?” error took a deep breath “can you do me a favour?” error slowly moved his thump over inks cheek bone gently wiping away some of the tears that were still flowing down.

“of course what is it?” the numb feeling was at errors waist now (work with me here) but he managed to show a little smile “remember me oke”  inks eyes widened a little “w-what do you mean I’m no…” his words got cut of but error covering his mouth.

“sing with me”

Error started humming the same tune ink was sing to error a little while ago. It was low and maybe a bit raspy but ink could still hear error was starting where he left of so he didn’t want to take this away from error and started singing again.

You told me once, dear, you really loved me

Error smiled, inks voice once again putting his nerves to ease.

He kept humming.

And no one else could come between.

The numbness was taking over fully now, he could feel himself slowly disappear.

He was still humming.

But now you’ve left me and love another.

Error stopped humming.

You have shattered all of my dreams.

His hand fell but never hit the ground.

You are…

 “goodbye ink…. I love you”

 A loud cry slipped from inks teeth he clutched errors jacket against his chest pressing his nose (?) into the only thing there’s left of him now.

 “I won’t forget error” he cried into the jacket careful, to not let his tears black tears stain the fabric.

 “I promise”

 “I love you too”  


well this took me a lot longer the i wanted but yeah stuff happens

anyway here you go this is dased around a drawing you made sorry i can’t really rememder which one it was

sorry for the mistakes hope you like it

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You know that like Victor’s skating is going to be like so much more beautiful and joyous next season like IDGAF how cheesy it is I so want that to be commented on by commentators and other skaters and fans and everyone. “Oh wow there’s so much more love and emotion in it! I thought it was amazing before, but when I compare what we’re seeing now to what we saw before, it’s so wonderful.” Like whatever that’s corny as can be I DON’T CARE. Give me all the Victor’s so filled with life and love for Yuuri now that it’s pouring over into his skating and it’s amazing and everyone is so touched watching him wow. And like P.S. you know he’s skating totally romantic programs because of course he is. 

did i mention how much i loved that Eun Tak was portrayed as doing everything for herself?

like, the woman she became wasn’t the result of Shin’s love, or knowing Shin, or him making her stronger etc because she didn’t remember him

that beautiful woman we meet at the age of 29 is all of her own creation. her goals, her strength and her willpower.

and going from that young girl who just needed someone to lean on, to a grown woman who helped herself throughout her worst, i think it was some really beautiful character development.

there was no cheesy “his love made me stronger”, it was her own love that made her the person she became. 

My dear followers...

Just watch Ice Fantasy. I know it has some weird CGI and it’s a long drama and maybe a little cheesy…

But then you have this cutepie

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Being also a badass warrior and an amazing brother (yeah killing you with his awesomeness)

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and who is also in love althrough he denies it with this badass woman ps she is also inlove with him and flash news THEY ARE IN OPPOSITE TRIBES AKA STARCROSSED LOVERS BTW

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You have his brother who is awesome too

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who is also in love with an badass woman (YES EVERY SINGLE FEMALE HERE IS AWESOME)

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(I’m sorry I couldn’t find another gif of them but yeah warrior human woman and dorky and clueless but yet powerful god couple)

And all the sidecharacters are great like magicians and warriors from different tribes (very Avatar like, I know). Just hold into episodes 5-10 (when the plot trully start)! Give it a chance!! (The show ends in Novenver, so you have the end very close)


Dating Isaac Lahey would include:

- Lots of really cute cuddling

- Him never using the front door and always sneaking in through your window

- Wrapping his arms around you from behind

- Saying “I love you” all the time.

- Always being there for each other

- Cheesy pick up lines

- Making out in the middle of movie nights

- At first he wanted to keep the supernatural hidden from you

-Him telling you how much he loves you

- Listening to your heartbeat to calm himself down

valentine’s day headcanons
  • it’s everyone’s favorite holiday y’all
  • let’s talk about yamaguchi and how much of a romantic he is
  • v-day brings out the cheesiest side of him
  • he gets flowers for EVERYONE
  • tsukki is allergic to pollen so yams buys him plastic ones
  • they don’t die though, so tsukki doesn’t throw them out…
  • …..which means his closet is full of plastic bouquets from years past
  • anyway
  • yamaguchi takes his time to make treats for all his friends
  • which he packs into adorable pink gift bags
  • with personal notes about why he loves whoever the gift bag is for
  • so the whole team gets one, obviously
  • tsukki doesn’t get one, however
  • it’s the first year he’s been left empty-handed
  • yams has the smuggest smile while everyone else unwraps their bags in the club room and tsukki is just. dumbfounded.
  • so he complains
  • “yamaguchi, where’s my bag?”
  • “i left it at home. you can come by and get it once we finish up this meeting!”
  • so tsukki agrees
  • and yamaguchi still looks smug
  • they go to yamaguchi’s house
  • tsukki does not see a gift bag anywhere and complains again
  • but yams tells him to close his eyes
  • and he makes him promise not to look while he goes and gets the “gift bag”
  • except
  • it isn’t a gift bag
  • tsukki feels a long rectangular box in his hands
  • and yams tells him to open his eyes
  • and it is a box. a black box with no writing on it or anything
  • “are you proposing to me?”
  • “just open it, you dummy.”
  • tsukki opens it and
  • wOAH
  • it’s a….bracelet
  • it’s plain black leather with a tiny silver circle
  • it kinda looks like the moon
  • but it has an engraving of the letter “T”
  • he assumes it’s for “Tadashi”
  • and suddenly tsukki is blushing but not ANYWHERE near as much as yams is
  • “it matches mine.”
  • and yams is wearing one just like it
  • except, upon closer inspection, it has the letter “K”
  • which is obviously for “Kei”
  • and tsukki, although still salty he never got a gift bag full of food..
  • is very happy
  • because he loves his boy
  • even if he is the cheesiest
  • “happy valentine’s day, tsukki.”
  • “so this means we’re valentines now?”
  • and yams blushes even harder but nods because DUH
  • tsukki hates consumerist holidays but
  • he could never hate one that yamaguchi loves
  • because DUH
  • he loves him
Dating Jun (SVT) Would Include:

Another one! I’m trying to be productive lmao let’s go :)))

  • You meet him one day at a show
  • You’re one of his backup dancers for their next comeback and he’s been admiring you for your skill and passion for ages but he never said anything
  • But when Seventeen win another music show award and you congratulate him he starts gushing about how brilliant you are and then something starts
  • After a few months he asks you out and of course you agree
  • You thought he was flirty before whoo boy you see him now
  • Uses really cheesy pickup lines on you even after you start dating
  • “So do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?”
  • “Junhui we’ve been dating for 2 years isn’t this getting old?”
  • Couple items
  • Mostly tees and shoes and shit
  • Loves showing you off
  • To everyone
  • Has more than once bragged about you to a stranger whilst you watched and shook your head XD
  • Kissing and holding you around the others as if to say “yep she’s mine”
  • Is all over you in general
  • Really clingy
  • Loves hugging you because then he can show off his strong ass arms as well
  • Back hugs when you’re cooking or unsuspecting or whatever
  • Normal hugs most of the time
  • Sleeps spooning you
  • Also loves it when you curl up to his side so he can wrap his arms around you and feel like he’s protecting you :’)
  • Likes to kiss you slowly and deeply to work you up
  • Is a hella big tease
  • Does that and acts sexy to get you really hyped up before deciding he wants to watch TV or smth
  • Meanwhile you’re whining incessantly bc how dare he whilst he laughs like the lil shit he is
  • Long ass makeouts
  • Lots of em
  • That are really lazy like your just straddling him on the couch and it’s a regular day but he decided why not lmao
  • Holds your ass or your hips whilst you do and 99.9% of the time you’re gonna end up naked there and then oops
  • Slow passionate sex
  • Rough kinky sex
  • You never really know with this man he likes to keep it interesting  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Pouting when he’s jealous and whining because he wants your attention gIVE HIM ATTENTION
  • Loves it when you kiss that pout away just saying
  • Both of you helping each other with Korean
  • Playing video games together till like 2 am
  • And getting really competitive
  • And binging on so many sweets that you feel a lil lightheaded XD
  • Singing to you / getting the boys to sing to you when you’re upset
  • Recruiting the help of sunshine line when cheering you up bc he wants to make you smile but he’s panicking because he doesn’t quite know what to do???
  • Or if you’re ill or on your period or whatever he pulls you so your legs are over his and your cuddled up to his side and rubs your back or smth like. He’s very comforting to have around.
  • Really romantic outdoor dates or dates laying on top of one another binging on films there’s no in-between XD
  • Always mocking him for his old films bc he’s so fucking CUTE
  • And him just going along with it because whatever he’s famous he doesn’t care B)
  • And he’s heard it all from the boys
  • When he’s down he’ll literally ask you for hugs and kisses till he feels better
  • And ofc you’re more than willing to cuddle with him and stroke his hair and talk to him and stuff until he feels okay
  • Being able to sit in silence and still love every moment together like. You’re one of those couples everyone envies bc you’re so perfect together you always have fun together
  • Doing random dances together all the time
  • Both serious choreographies and silly little dances XD
  • Going to performances to cheer him on and seeing him do better because of you
  • Going to practice for the same reason
  • And because the boys love you because more often than not you bring them snacks and drinks and bring Jihoon coffee when he’s working late and drag Junhui home and just
  • You look after them
  • For which Seungcheol is also grateful :’)
  • Doesn’t want to order Chinese or eat Chinese food ever
  • Bc he likes to cook it for you the way he was taught
  • Kissing your cheek a lot
  • Kissing you a lot in general
  • Your lips are so soft he just can’t resist okkkkkkkk
  • Gets all gross if someone flirts with you like. He will shove his tongue down your throat to make a point XD
  • He’s kinda a greaseball but he’s one hell of a gentleman and he’s 100000% lovable jfc I’m crying
  • Constant compliments
  • “Baobei?”
  • “Yes?”
  • “Just wanted to tell you I love you.”
  • ^You get that a lot
  • Because more often than not he doesn’t feel good enough for you but he treasures you more than anything and just wants you to know
  • And bc he knows you tend to feel the same sometimes :’)
  • So give him all of your love because you know you have all of his! Anyone else can see how crazy for you he is, and even the members have to admit they’re jealous of how great you both go together ^^

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-Admin Belle

Mystic Messenger Characters + Favorite Halloween Movies!



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  • It’s not too spoopy for this sweet cinnamon roll
  • There’s love! So cute
  • Perfectly festive enough to cuddle on the couch together and watch
  • “I’m not afraid of scary movies! I’m a manly MAN! I just prefer this over blood and guts…”
  • Such a romantic



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  • He’s not super into films that are fanciful, so American Psycho‘s black comedy surrounding the neurotically rich is right up his alley
  • He??actually??really??enjoyed the film?????
  • “Perhaps it’s time to redesign my business card…”
  • Sometimes you call him ‘Patrick’ jokingly
  • He doesn’t think its funny



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  • It’s a musical
  • He loves the energy of the film
  • And the musical numbers
  • After a few beers you guys sing together while you watch it
  • ♪ ♫“Damn it, Janet!”
  • “I love you!”♫ ♩ ♬ 



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  • So cheesy. So scary. So spoopy!
  • Movie marathon, anyone??!
  • A staple of horror films
  • So many classic moments
  • You guys watch these no matter what time of year it is



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  • Cute boys???
  • Plus it’s a classic
  • Jaehee is crazy about the classics
  • And vampires!
  • “I’d love to see Zen play the role of a vampire. He’s so elegant, he could easily pull it off with his chiseled face, piercing eyes and long gorgeo-”
    • “J A H E E   P L E A S E !” ‘
  • “Oh, sorry MC…” *ahem

◉ V


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  • He really enjoyed the book
  • Not a huge horror fan
  • But this is more of a psychological thriller
  • So he likes it
  • Enjoys the fact that it provokes thought
  • Creepy enough that he can still hold you close while you watch



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  • Likes how weird and unconventional it is
  • Not scary to him, really hasn’t found a movie yet that totally creeped him out
  • But he knows it makes you jumpy
  • He loves when you clutch onto him for comfort ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Usually ends up making out with you half-way through the movie anyway
Imagine your tc...

behaving different than normally. You’re wondering why, shooting him a questioning glance during the lesson. He seems to shrug it off. You’re becoming a bit worried, as it seems something really bad happened in his life or in the life of someone close to him, and the worst part is: there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. You’re just his student. After the lesson you’re packing up very slowly, hoping he’ll tell you what bothers him. Everyone else has already left the room, and you’re about to do the same, as he holds you back. He looks at you for a bit too long, before hugging you. Not a brief hug, more like hanging on to you for dear life. You’re overwhelmed, you never saw this coming. A bit taken aback, you carefully place your arms around him. After a good five minutes or so, he let’s go of you. “Sorry, I just needed this,” he mumbles, his face bright red, and hushed out of the door. You’re left behind wondering what that was, but you’d be the last person in the world to complain about it.