i love him a lot tho tbh

imagine yoosung being busy in a LOLOL tournament so MC buys school supplies for him
  • MC: *calls seven* yoosung asked me to buy school stuff for him,, I'll be at your house in 5 min
  • seven: HoHoHHh im ready
  • *MC and seven go to target, get the weIRDEST designs for him*
  • *mostly cats*
  • *some minecraft*
  • *a lot of unicorns tbh*
  • *sports erasers? Fuck yeah*
  • *princess binders? Oh he'll love it*
  • *mc and seven go to yoosungs apartment*
  • Seven: Honeyyy we're homeee
  • Yoosung: MC, hey ba-you're not MC
  • MC: we got you your supplies-
  • *yoosung takes the bag*
  • *what in the fuck*
  • Yoosung: why do you guys hate me
  • *seven and MC high five*

Yukito is the nicest dork and i love him very much

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Bihh tbh thats why i only read yoongi smut bc even his stans know he a headass and rarely make him a fuckboy in fics tho a lot of di time its complicated relationship type fics 🤔 but hes always so soft. He fr the type to be in love with someone he cant have. Also stop tryna make fuckboy dom!jk a thing, he a true sub bihh

“He fr the type to be in love with someone he cant have” this is fr yoonseok if i had to describe their natal chart compatibility. it’s literally in the stars,, , like i always say , yoongi is/would b wayyy more in love w hoseok than hoseok would b w him ☕️ also … exactly fuckboy and dom jk really isn’t a thing like this boy is way too sub i’m hollering. like i said, jimin is more dom than jk tbh

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Amaimon for the character thing?😇

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

Hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

best quality: he loves his cute demon dog behemoth

worst quality: he might have emotions down but he needs to express them come on amaimon show me something

ship them with: shiemi and that’s about it really haha

brotp them with: his big bro mephisto

needs to stay away from: rin wtf all he does is fight him

misc. thoughts: he’s actually prob my favorite or second favorite blue exorcist character tbh I love lucifer a lot too tho so who knows!

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Could you talk about the issues of Supergirl being with that one guy, mon el? I have only seen very few episodes of s1 and would like to know what to expect before i decide if I will watch the rest. Thanks so much in advance! ;)

ooooh yes I could talk about this all day tbh!

So first of all, and I don’t see this talked about a lot anymore unfortunately, but I just really hate how he replaced James as Kara’s love interest out of nowhere (which was plain racist tbh). She was in a relationship with this really great guy who was supportive of her and who actually listened to her and respected her and there were just good together. But then the writers just decided “ah no you know what?? we’re gonna get rid of James and make Kara break up with him for literally no reason and make her be with a white guy instead” even tho Mon-El as a character just doesn’t even begin to compare to James Olsen and doesn’t deserve Kara like he did. Honestly the entire situation is just completely absurd and I hate that it contributed to James getting sidelined on a show where he used to be one of the main characters.

And even if we ignore all that (which we shouldn’t of course) Kara x Mon-El is still the worst couple on TV at the moment because basically Mon-El is just a whiny fuckboy who used to be the Prince of Daxam which was a sexist planet with some kind of medieval ways of life where he actually owned slaves and had even less respect for women than he does now. Even his first appearance was very violent tbh and his and Kara’s relationship started with him disrespecting and insulting her and yet they somehow still ended up together.

What happened was that he’d only just came to Earth and didn’t really have anyone so Kara kind of took him in and helped him. Which would be fine if it’d just involved helping him adjust to life on Earth as an alien but then she also had to deal with him constantly being disrespectful towards her and lots of other people and she had to explain to him every time why what he was doing was wrong. So you know, you have that whole “woman fixes man” trope which is frankly getting kind of annoying and out of hand. But that’s not all, because despite having Kara trying to make him see why it’s not okay to keep acting the way he was on Daxam he’s still not really making any progress??

This is a guy who clearly can’t handle the fact that the woman he’s in a relationship with is capable of so much more than he is. It’s like a supernatural version of a couple where the man doesn’t feel masculine enough because his wife makes more money than him. First of all, Kara is an actual superhero, she can do anything and she can handle things so much better than this little boy who just came to Earth and is still learning how to use his powers. But he still keeps meddling and doesn’t respect it when Kara tells him she can take care of a situation. Once after he did it and got in the way of Kara doing her job and ruined everything he said that he was “defending Kara’s honor” lmao. They had an argument and Kara told him she didn’t need his help and just wanted him to respect her and he still didn’t seem to understand. And after Winn told him the same thing and said that Kara can take care of herself because she’s capable of anything, he was just like “Oh but then what is left for me??”. like????????? I don’t know just being a decent person would be a good start???

Also omg his sexism!!! He literally says things like “it was easier on Daxam where I could just objectify women and get away with anything” wtf. He isn’t unlearning all his prejudice he learned on Daxam, he’s just looking for evidence of same prejudice on Earth to justify his gross rhetoric. After he and Kara had an argument over him lying to her for months and months about who he was he still didn’t want to admit why he was wrong and all he said was that he did research on how relationships work on Earth and found out that “by this time the girl usually forgives the guy for whatever stupid thing he’s done”. Tbh he says a lot of gross stuff that makes me wanna put my head through a wall.

And you know I would even be fine with his character if that was just some 15-year-old boy under Kara’s wing, not her boyfriend. He was actually the first one to develop feelings for her and when she figured it out she got freaked out and told him she didn’t want to be with him. But you know of course as time passed the writers made Kara “fall in love” with him too even tho I still can’t comprehend why on earth anyone would be attracted to that whiny ass baby I mean it’s just not realistic?? What makes me even more mad is that they used that sickening “guy chases girl who isn’t interested in him at all until she convinces herself she reciprocates his feelings” trope (I hate that trope). The problem is that not only is that trope sexist and annoying but it also contradicts what they did in season 1 where they actually didn’t make Kara develop romantic feelings for Winn who admitted he was in love with her. It was so nice to see a woman being allowed to not like a man back so it’s just incredibly upsetting to see Kara being forced in a relationship with a guy she originally had no interested in. It’s such a huge step back tbh.

Mon-El as a character is also kind of violent and likes to threaten people. And he doesn’t seem that bothered by that fact that he used to own slaves until Kara points it out. He also escaped Daxam before it got destroyed by letting everyone else around him die and we still didn’t get to see him reflecting on that and feeling some kind of remorse. When he first came to Earth he was just lazing about and continuing to behave the same way he lived on Daxam. He didn’t care about anyone and didn’t want to help people despite having superpowers. He only decided to try to become a superhero because it would let him be with Kara, not so much because of his own calling. Basically anything that can be classified as “character development” for him (lmao) is tied to Kara in a sense that if he does something good it’s just to impress her, apologize to her, etc. As a person he isn’t really changing that much and continues being gross. (with some exceptions I guess, but they are not enough tbh)

I feel like I’m still forgetting something but the problem with Mon-El is that when you watch their storyile there’s nothing that makes you feel like it’s a good relationship or that Kara is actually in love with him. There’s no respect, there’s no romantic chemistry, there’s hardly even friendship, literally nothing about this couple is good. Which becomes even more noticable when you compare their relationship to Kara’s relationships with all of her friends. Literally everyone treats her better than he does?? (Esp Lena Luthor, she should be with her). It just!!! it makes no sense!!!

Ugh, okay this is already waaaay to long but I also want to mention that Kara doesn’t really let him get away with all this stuff. She does call him out all the time and doesn’t put up with his bullshit which is why they argue in literally like every episode. There are things said in the show that point out how wrong this situation is which sometimes makes me think that the writers are doing this on purpose and actually want to show Kara get out of this mess of a relationship but that’s not likely to happen and so far this has been a very bad example for young girls watching this show. Right now it’s showing them that no matter how great and independent you are you’re still not allowed to turn down a man who’s being an ass to you but says he’s in love with you. Kara deserves so much better than this and it’s just not fair to anyone.

Tbh there are people who explained it much better than me with illustrations and quotations and everything but I hope this helped :)

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Your pining K theory is true tho. Ppl do tend to pick fav characters based on their own traits. As someone who loves K I like his introversion and how hes seen as a mean person but hes just misunderstood (which are things I can relate to tbh). As an abuse survivor, I do tend to project terrible situations upon my faves bc it's a coping mechanism in a way and not for "uwu yaoi, have S go save him" but bc ive had a lot of traumatic experiences and I gotta dish 'em out somewhere. So essentially

2: your theory is true (to me at least). It’s ok to self project to some points, but L fans really become disgustingly unbearable w it and its gross how K is diluted to this one dimensional clingy trophy wife for L. I thought it was me being sensitive at first but its true that some KL shippers dont even like half of their otp. Some of them treat K as a character so terribly sometimes, its upsetting. Sorry for so many asks, its just that ive thought about this before and to see it addressed is neat

I’m sorry you had to experience that. I think we all know that self-projecting can be a good way of coping - I do it too.

But, ironically, one of the reasons I take Keith’s mischaracterisation so serious is because I see myself in him. When people completely change some aspects of his personality it feels like those people want to change me. As if who I am isn’t good enough for them. And while I know that’s not an intended attack, it still upsets me personally. Is it the same for you?

PS. Don’t be sorry for sending asks! Shower me with your controversial opinions all you like, it’s chill

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girl, is it just me or yall also cringe when bts say that they like chris brown?

not gonna fake n act like i wasn’t a chris brown stan for di longest, he was my whole childhood n early teenage years tho. still got love for him in my heart even tho he broke it smH

but i mean ppl stan who i stan i guess??? plus i mean is korea even hip to a lot of di western celebrity gossip??? is there any sources over there that talks about western celebrity gossip like there’s sources (who b lying like hell) that talks about k idol gossip here?? i don’t think bts couldve been truly aware of how problematic chris was. like tbh A LOT of korean artists look up to him n i don’t think many ppl would if they knew how much of a mess he was bc chris has done stuff where netizens would fr behead his ass in korea if he was a k artist tbh. but i guess k idols just bop to his music n see him dancing on instagram n watch his interviews n that’s it’s probably.

but tbh, i ain’t really hear bts say nothing about stanning chris brown lately tho, as far as i kno di last time i heard it was 2015???? so i don’t think we worryin about NUFFIN ,

Dating Kim Taehyung
  • dogs, just, dogs
  • “tae give me back gwiyomi!”
  • “no shes my daughter”
  • “tae she’s a pug”
  • “mine”
  • so many dubsmash wars
  • he would send you all of his and you’d send him responses using dubsmash
  • he’d use your stomach as a pillow 100% guaranteed
  • peppering kisses all over your face to wake you up
  • “play the sax for me tae”
  • hitting the fair every year
  • going to carnivals whenever possible
  • taking selcas all the time
  • forcing him to wear snapbacks bc damn
  • he would hug you so tightly tho tbh
  • “tae i cant breathe”
  • “neither can i, you take my breath away”
  • “tae”
  • “sorry”
  • you sending him ugly selcas for fun
  • him saving them to his phone to look at and giggle at when he misses you
  • “hes so cute can we keep him”
  • “tae we have like 4 dogs”
  • so many i love yous
  • moonlight walks
  • hes a handful when drunk tbh
  • just
  • the worst
  • a lot of hugs did i mention this
  • saying “i love you” every night before you sleep
  • even apart
  • just
  • the funnest relationship, never boring
  • everyone should date a kim taehyung

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Smh Chris gets a lot of undeserved hate tbh. Those anime girls with big bouncy gravity defying boobs and panty shots are much more disgusting.

I think animators did some pretty interesting animation for Chris’s skating. That being said, I think we’ve seen a lot of evidence that Chris while performing and Chris off the ice are pretty different. People can dislike who they choose to, but I adore Chris and plan on giving him a lot of love ^ ^

Tbh, I don’t even consider really male-fantasy-fanservice anime girls to be disgusting. I am judging the people who created them a bit tho.

when you go to georgia for the 4th of July with your Best Hockey Buddy and catch a glimpse of him watching the fireworks on the back porch and your chest starts to feel a little weird

based on this wonderful post about a check please baseball au. i just really really loved it a lot y’all, so i made this. it was just gonna be bitty and then maybe a quickly drawn jack reacting to cutoffs, crop top, and a Very Patriotic popsicle

EXO Reaction to seeing you defend them in a fight vs. the other members

We really made a lot of reactions today! Tbh we love doing them, even tho it’s a little tiring >< ENJOY! Admin A~ <3

/I don’t own any of the gifs used unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: *Supports you* “This is how you do it Y/N!!”

Kris: *Gives them that look* “Don’t you dare to say something against her… She is always right”

Sehun: *He is touched by your efforts*

Tao: “Hush darling, this is my fight”

Kai: *He is kinda scared of the you being angry* “Wohoa!”

Xiumin: *He knows you don’t want him to intervene so he watches trying to hold himself*

Baekhyun: *Tries to say something but you don’t let him*

Luhan: “Oh no no no you didn’t speak to her like that” *Manly man appears*

Chen: “Way to go girl!” *He knows he has the best girlfriend in the world*

Kyungso: “Are you trying to pick up a fight, man!? Never raise your voice to my girl again!” *Teaches him a lesson*

Lay: *He really doesn’t care what the others say but he loves how cute you look when you are angry and defend him*

Suho: *Is actually proud that someone defends him sometimes*

joshua’s not on the photo bc he’s too busy scrolling down the seventeen tag on tumblr and witnessing our reactions aka the day we lost all our chills and the chills of our chills and just laughing at our posts because he’s just like that joshua u savage but @joshua follow me ily