i love him


I fell in love at a young age
5th grade,
I still remember him like it was yesterday
We talked for seven years, on and off,
He treated me differently,
Or so it seemed
He told me he loved me,
Only to never speak to me again
My heart was crushed at losing him
I guess I was unwanted.

The second love was a girl in high school
She was very popular, as I was too
Our love affair was private
All was swell
Until she told me,
I can’t love you anymore, I don’t want to go to hell
I guess I was unwanted.

I loved again, this blonde girl
Pretty and thin
Sarcastic and quick as a whim
Caught my attention, snared me in
She picked and tore at my aching heart
One day she wanted me
The next she did not
Played games with my mind, until she said to me
I’m not gay, but proceeded to kiss me anyway
With mixed emotions,
I decided,
I was unwanted.

Another girl caught my eye
She was so pretty and yet, so shy
The sexual tension was clear at first
Sitting on the couch, touching me close
I was too nervous to make a move
The next day I drove her to class
Our lips met, so soft and sweet
Then I didn’t hear from her for over a week
I guess I was unwanted.

The final girl, so sweet and kind
Her smile could honestly leave me blind
Her heart radiated like the sun, it was clear
I felt love drawing me near
Until I realized she wanted someone else from before
And I was left,
Unwanted once more.