i love hiatus season

BELLARKE 4x03 RAMBLING (here i go again)

i’m SORRY but recently i came across a gif of bellarke from 4x03 (this gif) 

and i have been obsessed with it ever since. i even made it my new header (all credit to @bellarkegifsdaily ) and i just can’t get over it like oh my god 

before we begin, it should be noted that clarke never smiles anymore, and that the only times she’s smiled this season (if i remember correctly) is when they a) figured out that the ark was a solution for the radiation and; b) when bellamy’s been making shitty ass jokes (#shitty bellamy humour) 

first: bellamy is fresh off a shitty ass attempt at a joke (always glorious) “if anyways entitled to a lucky break, it’s us” and no one says anything, and he has this nervous little flustered look on his face but he turns to look at clarke a) for her reaction; b) to CENTER himself a little bit and; c) to see if she’s holding up alright amongst all this mess that they’re on the road trip on for. i mean the boy’s just trying to lighten the mood 

WELL HE SUCCEEDS because he’s rewarded with the cutest most adorable smile from one clarke griffin. she turns and looks him right in the eyes and gives him this freaking adorable half smirk for a quick second and turns away again. 

BUT WAIT!!! there’s more 

she turns away, AND THE SMILE STAYS ON HER FACE. not only is she still smiling, she’s just a little bit happier and a little bit more hopeful, which ofc was bellamy’s whole point 

for his part, bellamy both turns to and turns away from clarke AT THE SAME TIME SHE DOES (they’re so in sync i can’t even believe) and looks off in a different direction after, looking a little thoughtful and a lot smug because “gdammit i just made clarke ‘no fun’ griffin smile” and he has to remind himself to breathe (me too bell). all this combined with the fact that making clarke smile is something that makes bellamy genuinely happy just makes my heart explode 

LIKE WOW how can they get more adorable and perfect??

the fact that in all this mess bell can give clarke a reason to smile is so damn precious, which is why this is one of my favourite bellarke Little Things™ to date (as well as the cobwebs in the hair from this same episode but that’s for a different post) gbless these two i wish all the happiness in the world for these two adorkable munchkins

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It was a good year in Densiland <3

7x01: “I love you”

7x02: “Kensi this is my mom”

7x03: “If you really want to get into my pants”

7x04: “I don’t care where I have breakfast as long as you’re there”

7x05: “You’re shipping us?”

7x06: “That little display of affection last week on Lincoln at the stop light”

7x07: “Love conquers all”

7x09: “You always look good”

7x10: “You’re cute”

7x11: “Do you have any idea how much I love you right know?”

7x12: “Twinkle twinkle little star”

7x13: “God I love when you talk math”

7x14: “We’re moving in together”

7x15: “Me, you, together, lying naked”

7x17: “At least you and I have somebody to go home to”

7x18: “I love you and you know I love you and I love living with you”

7x19: “Was it too crazy for two people to get married?”

7x20: “Roses are red violets are blue…you’re worth it…I love you”

7x21: “The love of my life”

7x22: “A small beach wedding sounds absolutely incredible”

7x23: “You couldn’t make it 2 days, 3 days tops. I’m irresistible, I’m a manimal”

7x24: “I appreciate your stealthy operational skills, Special Agent Blye”

Shandy fandom waiting for a proper Shandy kiss

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i-gotrunover-bya-lexus replied to your post “oh my GOD i just watched the psych s4 finale and i had chills pretty…”

Ahhh i’m so glad that you like psych!!! It really is an amazing show

AHHHHH IT’S SO SO SO GOOD! I never want it to end!! You know when you just start watching a show and you’re not fully attached yet but then comes That scene/episode where you’re like “……….yep. this show is going to ruin me”? WELL THAT MOMENT CAME AND THE FEELING GETS STRONGER WITH EACH EPISODE AND I KNOW I AIN’T READY TO FINISH ANOTHER SHOW 

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"HL is ruined for me. I even have lost interest in reading fics. Not to mention that I loved rewatching the previous seasons during the hiatus, I certainly won't do that anymore." Sadly, I agree. Especially the whole rewatching the show thing. What's terrible is I've been rewatcthing the show for months now repeatedly looking forward to S6. And honestly, I mostly got back into the show due to Quinn and the possibility of C/Q. S4 is an example of a great plot season, but S6 plot dull-S7? No

Don’t do that. Fic is better than canon. Almost always. Just FOCUS.

Think about it. How often did you think you’d get what you wanted in canon? What were the odds, hopefully? Even, at best? 

Fic is not for everyone… but I’m telling you. It beats out Gansa for pure audience reward every fucking time.

Gaiz.. .  I love and hate sewing.  Sewing is the most damn stressful out of any costume I make.  I can sit on props or other objects from various other materials for days and enjoy myself.  But sewing..  . .  . I end up in a tense stress ball by the end of the day.

Hair frizzled, crazed eyed mess.  But this is only the tunic for him .  May the Gods spare me from too much stress when it comes to the coat.  Lmao !

I may or may not manage to get an ask/reply in tonight or tomorrow.  Gonna try anyways.  Miss you all, and miss this old bat most of all.

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HL is ruined for me. I even have lost interest in reading fics. Not to mention that I loved rewatching the previous seasons during the hiatus, I certainly won't do that anymore. A damaged good...I'm so disappointed and angry!!!!!!!!!!!

We know exactly how you feel.

But think a moment about our lovely Laure’s perspective: Canon is just one of many universes. We can tell plenty (better) stories. Stories in which Quinn gets what he deserves and stories in which Carrie learns to allow herself to love.

It would be a shame if Gansa’s mindfuck that 6.12 would ruin this for you forever.

Maybe you just take a break and come back then?

I just can’t wait to meet next season’s villain on Once

I mean just imagine that he’s like hey Henry i’m your grandpa’s brother’s son-in-law from the future in freaking ep 1

and everyone would just shrug and be like yeah why not we had worse

and then in, like episode 5 or 10, he would be like lol NOPE i’m just a nobody but you guys totally fell for it

and even the characters would be like did NOT see that one coming and the writers would just laugh their asses off-


Glee Hiatus Challenge Day 4:

  • The first character you fell in love with

Rachel Berry; “I’m like Tinkerbell, Finn. I need applause to live.”

Welcome back to hiatus, Clone Club

Look around, dust off the old fic ideas, bring out the AUs, get that photoshop booted up and ready to work, prepare your binge re-watch parties, welcome the new blood. So much has happened here.

And so much is about to.


Monty Green Week

Day 6 (January 16th): Favorite Trait
How extremely blunt and over-honest he can be at times