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I wonder how Ron can stand having such a fine friend and girlfriend lol.

Love Me Forever Chapter 34: "Perfect", a Romione fanfic | @ FFN
Ron and Hermione kissed 19 years ago, leave me alone I'm emotional

Alt Link at AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/6727813/chapters/15379894

I. Have. Made. It. New chapter is up!

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It’s been exactly one year since I started posting this story (and about two since I started writing it). Celebrate with me!

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There are more thanks on the A/N at the end of the chapter, but I can’t post these links without a standing ovation for @jenahid, @otterandterrier, and @honouraryweasley12 bc you are all awesome and have helped me with this story in one way or another. And last but not least, a happy happy birthday to @wildegreenlight!

work troubles

pairing: Draco Malfoy / Cormac McLaggen / Hermione Granger

setting: postwar AU

for @rowanofferelden​, also … i’m sorry that this isn’t as fluffy as i originally thought it would be … but on the other hand it still has a HEA XD

word count: ~1.7k

alt: ffn, ao3

The whole thing started, with a small issue that was concerning Draco and Cormac – they felt that Hermione was overworking.

“And,” Pansy raised an eyebrow. “What’s that any different from usual?  Granger’s always like that, isn’t she, you called an emergency meeting for this?  She likes working, according to what Ron tells me.”

“Yeah,” Cormac snorted with a roll of his eyes, “according to your boyfriend, who always had help from her at homework during our Hogwarts days.”

“Honestly, is she really working to the point that’s affecting her health or something?”

Draco and Cormac exchanged a look. “Well, no,” Cormac admitted reluctantly. “We just miss her.”

Pansy smirked, “Awww, that’s so romantic.”  Her smirk widened at Draco’s expression, which was somehow a mixture of a scowl and a blush. “And you’ve got each other, but, eh, I guess I’ve always known you’re insatiable, Draco Malfoy.” She pointed a finger at him accusingly.

Cormac’s eyes narrowed at ‘always known’ and seemed to prepare to say something, and Pansy laughed. “Calm down, McLaggen.  Not that way.  Merlin.  We’re like siblings. That’ll be gross.”

“Gross,” Draco agreed, with a grimace. “No offense, Pans.”

“Well me, on the other hand,” Pansy declared happily. “I’m always on full offense.”

“We know,” Draco assured her with a sigh, and the smile he gave her was exasperated and fond.  He turned to Blaise, who was immersed in the latest fashion magazine. “Stop looking at the underwear models, have you got any ideas?”

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  • hermione: blaise! you should come with us and hang out
  • blaise: granger, i appreciate it but someone needs your attention all the time, yknow
  • hermione: oh you mean draco? oh don't be silly! he's fine with it. right love??
  • draco: yeah mate she's right. besides, it's been a long time since the three of us hang out. we could go downtown and have some tea
  • blaise: er... uh i don't think i am necessary
  • hermione: blaise we have some catching up to do!!
  • blaise:
  • blaise: alright
  • [at the cafe]
  • hermione: *talks with blaise but most of the time draco*
  • draco: *constantly flirting with hermione*
  • draco and hermione: *then snogs each other*
  • blaise:
  • blaise:
  • blaise: god damn it nothing lasts forever
Another commentary...   :-)

As it might be guessed, I just love listening to audio commentaries, and the other day I was re-watching one of my fave Spooks episodes (7.5, namely) and decided to listen again to the commentary. Not Richard, unfortunately, but interesting anyway, for us RA lovers….

Katie Swinden (producer): Richard Armitage has joined Spooks this year, and he’s fantastic. He’s an absolutely lovely man to work with. Again, incredibly focused. He’s been in Robin Hood and he just has so many talents, but he’s very, very intense and very understanding of his character, and brings a lot to it. It’s been wonderful to have him on the team.

Christian Spurrier (writer): He’s the one member of the cast who comes back with notes on the scenes sometimes really good notes!  (they laugh)

Edward Hall (director): You said “sometimes”.

Katie: Poor Christian, he got a little tired, I think all his writing for Spooks is quite a challenging process, we go through a huge amount of drafts, and we do sort of pore over every line, so with every writer there’s a point where you just go “I can’t face another note”, so when we think we’ve all got it finished, and somebody comes with an extra note, no matter how good it is, sometimes it’s hard…

Christian: It’s true, and he’s pitching in as well... (they laugh)… that’s the last thing I need. But he had some great thoughts. They’re going to play the scenes, and so you want them to really believe in, buy into what’s going on.

Edward: I love this scene, because I think Richard and Hermione look like a golden couple, I love the way they look together, it’s great.

Christian: Richard’s got a huge challenge in a way, becoming this sort of leading man of the show, but everybody was very excited about it.

Edward: I never felt that Rich was ever trying to be anyone other than himself, that was a lovely thing, I didn’t feel like he brought any pressure onto the set.

Katie: I love this scene. There’s so many sort of little moments between all three of them, three very, very talented actors.

Katie: Richard was very excited about that car… he gets to drive it now [in the scene]. He only had to drive ten yards, but he managed to wheelspin it and every single time he’d end up driving round the block… Richard, come back!

Edward: It’s funny when you give the keys to somebody, a car like that, you just need to start and they disappear for 20 minutes… (laughs)

Well, I knew he was multi-talented, intense, lovely and fantastic. He’s always the same, writing notes on his characters and annoying the writers with his punctiliousness. He’s a big boy with a toy: apparently he likes sports cars   I can totally relate: that Aston Martin is a jewel!

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Rowling had a huge part in casting the people from the Gary potter movies. If her vision of hermione was a PoC character, then hermione would have not been played by Emma Watson. Rowling is just defending black Hermione to pander to you PC idiots and to not be called racist. If you all Wanna be in an "al black" movie, make ones yourself. Race bending characters will not bring positive representation.

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You only see her as white because you're white. and white people always assume everyone is white. It's a fact. If you think about it, assuming Hermione is white is just stupid and narrow minded, because JK never said she was. She just described her hair and teeth. But of course there's no such thing as a brainy, bushy haired black girl, that would be ridiculous. Sigh.

You are completely right. I am white. I’m white now, and I was white when I first read Harry Potter. 

You know what else I was? I was a little girl whose hair was too frizzy and whose teeth were too big for her mouth. I liked reading, and I liked learning, and I was pretty smart. I was bossy too, boy was I bossy, I got called a know-it-all more times than I could count. I wasn’t that good at making friends, or keeping them for that matter. It basically sucked.

And then I read this book, and there’s this character - this frizzy haired, know-it-all, bucktoothed little girl who couldn’t quite get anyone to like her. And then, and this was the kicker, that little girl got to be a hero. She made friends, she was top of her class, and she saved the day again and again. And in the end, she didn’t just get to be smart, she was brave and pretty too. I was amazed, and I was ecstatic, and I was determined to be just like her. For little, lonely Maeve, Hermione Granger was a blessing.

Hermione Granger has always been white for me because that was what I needed, and I’m positive that she’s been black and hispanic and asian and short and tall and thin and chubby a million times over. Because the beauty of a fictional character is they can be anything you want them to be.

Don’t be a dick about people’s favourite characters, you douche weasel. Hermione Granger would be ashamed of you.


Soo, i may have been a little miffed about JKR’s Romione announcement