i love her top btw

side mad men note: peggy and the photography(?) clearly gay gal should get together and be those 60s /gal pals/

Top 10 Things About Gintama → #09 Kagura

“I like to fight. That’s the Yato instinct, I can’t go against it. That’s why I’ll fight with my Yato blood. I’m going to fight to change.”

To me, Kagura represents all that any girl should strive to be. She doesn’t compromise herself or her personality for anyone and she’s just herselfShe’s the epitome of a strong heroine. Not being restrained by her blood, she truly shows what it means for a person to be an individual. She lives by her own code and doesn’t let her past define her. You know what, she’s stupid, silly, gross, unbelievably kind, and the cutest girl in the fucking anime, and she knows it! Despite that, she’s without a doubt the physically strongest character in this anime–and she’s only 14. It’s almost like she’s a human! What! A strong female character with amazing morals and an eclectic personality! Insane!