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Movie Night

Warnings: lots of fluff and kissing, but no real smut

“Jughead, Jughead stop it!” Betty tried to sound annoyed, but her small giggle and wide smile made her anything but convincing, “C’mon Juggie I’m trying to watch the movie.” 

“I’m watching it too!” Jughead protested while playfully placing kisses up and down her neck, “Or listening to it anyway,” he mumbled with a smirk.

“You’re the one who wanted to watch this in the first place!” Betty attempted to lean away, but Jughead chased after her.

“Yeah, and what a stupid idea that was.” His lips traveled to her collarbone, hitting a sweet spot that evoked a small moan.

“You’re ridiculous!”

“Ridiculously attracted to you.”

She swatted at him, rolling her eyes. “You know for such an incredible writer you can be really, really cheesy.”

Jughead reached for her, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her into his lap, “Well, I usually write about murder, so you’ll have to excuse my novice approach to romance.” Jughead’s voice rumbled low in her ear, “I’m sure with a little more practice,” he placed a kiss on her temple, “I’ll become an expert in no time.”

In that moment, Betty could no longer resist him, her lips being magnetically pulled to his. She grabbed onto his face and gave into her hunger, their lips interlocking with growing intensity in each second.

After a few moments she pulled away, slightly dizzy. When she opened her eyes, Jughead was looking at her with a smirk.

“What?” She asked, a blush creeping up her neck.

“I just didn’t think I’d actually get you to look away from the movie.” The smug look on his face declared his perceived victory.

“Oh great, I can practically feel your ego expanding.” Despite her sarcastic tone and the way she pulled away in faux horror, Betty couldn’t suppress her grin. Declaring the moment to be over, she turned back to the screen in front of her. “We’re going to have to rewind, we’ve missed almost a full scene.” She grabbed the remote and began searching for the last part of the film she remembered.

“Hey,” Jughead spoke, capturing her attention one last time, “I love you, you know that?” He pulled her close and placed a single kiss on her cheek.

“I love you too,” Betty smiled, “Now can we please get back to the movie?”


The first person Bettie spoke to upon finding Diamond City wasn’t Piper, but John - that sweet, opportunistic barber whose shop sat right on by the entrance. Opportunistic, maybe, to someone who wasn’t as desperate as she was. But she was that desperate, and when she heard the slick snip of his scissors, she rushed over to him, reaching deep into his ratty letterman’s jacket with both hands, and said:

“I haven’t eaten in two days. My hair’s flat, these glasses aren’t mine, and I’m breaking out everywhere I can break out. Please. Please do something that makes me look a little more human.”

He showed her to Fallon’s after a nice haircut.

Welcome Home Juggie -- Bughead

Word Count: 1,550

Rated: R – but barely (Mostly fluff)

A/N: In which the deleted scene actually happened and Jughead is moving in. I loved writing this, the words just flowed onto the page. (Read on AO3)

“Betty, there are flowers everywhere. The bedspread, the wallpaper, the paintings on the wall. God, there’s even a vase of fresh flowers on the dresser.” Jughead looked around the Cooper’s spacious guest bedroom.  "I mean, fresh flowers? Your mom does realize it’s winter, right?“

"I’m sorry, Jughead, do you have something against flowers?” Betty replied. She grinned at her boyfriend, taking a seat on his new very pink, very floral bed.

“No, it’s just…” Betty grabbed his waist, forcing him to stand closer to her. “I don’t understand why she would put fresh flowers in a vase for me.”

“Relax, Juggie. This room hasn’t had anyone in it for ages, she just wanted it to smell nice.”

“Well, the color doesn’t exactly suit my style either. It’s very…pastel.”

The beautiful blonde scowled at him. Betty was wearing her usual light pink cardigan over a floral blouse. In fact, the pattern was quite similar to that of the wallpaper behind her. If he wasn’t already on dangerous ground Jughead might make a joke about her being camouflaged. He was smart enough to realize that a comment like that would only land him in a cold, empty bed all alone.

“You know I didn’t mean it like that.” Jughead said instead, dropping his backpack on the floor. He took a seat on the bed next his girlfriend. “Think of it like this. Imagine painting your room black and sleeping on denim sheets with flannel pillowcases.”

Betty shook her head at him, reveling in just how dumb her dorky, weirdo boyfriend was. “Denim sheets. That just sounds uncomfortable. And besides, Jug, you don’t have to stay in this room if you don’t want to.”

Jughead let his hand wander to Betty’s knee and began rubbing small circles on her leg. “Is that an invitation?”

“You have no idea.” Betty pulled Jughead’s lips to hers. “Let me show you.”

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Can we make it?

“Forget it okay, it’s not worth all of this! None of this is. I’m so.. It’s done.” Betty choked out, her voice strangled and raspy as thick tears dropped heavily from her eyes, her arms wrapped tightly around her body.

Jughead was staring helplessly at his girlfriend, his hands raised as he desperately tried to catch her eyes

“What are you talking about? I’m right here, I’m here for you!” His voice was raised and he could hear how pathetic he sounded, but it didn’t matter, not when the beautiful blonde was falling apart in front of him, hiding away from him.

“No.” she whispered, resigned “no you’re not, you don’t even see it do you?” She took a step back. Distance, she needed distance.

He moved closer,
“See what? What don’t I see?!” He was desperate now, reaching for her as she visibly shook.

“She told me Jughead, I should’ve seen it, how cold you’ve been, how distant, but I never thought…if you weren’t happy you should’ve told me.” She whispered.

“What? Told you what? Who told you?” The confusion was evident in his face and It only infuriated Betty more.

“I can’t do this, I can’t.. it’s over Jughead. It’s the best for everyone, your final piece of Riverdale baggage.” She stood over their booth in Pops, reaching for her bag and swinging it over her shoulder. Just as she was about to run Jughead gripped her elbow

“Don’t.” He whispered evenly, his voice scratchy and dangerous as he stared up at her, his eyes burning into hers “don’t do this. Don’t leave me.”

Betty laughed bitterly
“You did this to yourself, I hope… I hope you and Toni are very happy together.” She bit back a sob, heading for the door quickly, leaving Jughead alone in the booth, staring after the only person he had ever loved as she walked out of his life

“Toni?” He whispered to himself, his jaw hardening “Toni Topaz.” He growled. He was in his truck and pulling up to the trailer park faster than he thought was possible, his knuckles rapping on her trailer door. The dark haired girl opened it quickly, thick black eyeliner freshly applied.

“Hey jug.” She grinned “what brings you here?” She smirked cockily.

“Cut the shit Toni,” Jughead growled “you went to my girlfriends place? You talked to my girlfriend? What did you say to her?”

The grungy girl shrugged carelessly
“ I caught her when she was coming out of cheerleading practice.” She scrunched her nose and snorted in disgust. Jughead fists clenched, how had he not noticed how nasty his new friend was “anyway, we just talked. I mentioned how well you were settling into Southside High, told her about our friendship.” She looked away.

Jughead hissed
“What. Did. You. Say.”

She turned back to him, eyes dark, a wicked smile on her face
“I told her you didn’t want her. I told her about us, how close we are. I told her it would be better for everyone if she just stayed away, stopped interfering where she doesn’t belong.”

Jughead slammed his fist into the side of the trailer, startling the dirty teen.

“Stay the fuck away from me Toni, I’m done with you. I don’t want you, I’ve never wanted you. Get over yourself and stay the hell away from my girlfriend.” He stormed back to his truck, ignoring her desperate calls from behind him.

Slamming his forehead onto his steering wheel he cursed, he had wanted to fit in so bad, wanted to find someplace he belonged, he’d been so desperate for a home he abandoned the one place that he actually felt at home, with Betty.

Straightening his back he drove, and drove and drove until he saw the familiar White House. Slamming into the driveway he leaped out of the truck and opened the front door, he knew her parents wouldn’t be home, they never were. God he was such shit.

He bounded the stairs quickly before ripping her bedroom door open. His heart aching when he saw her curled up on her bed, long blonde hair messy and down, her nose was red and her eyes were rimmed and exhausted. She jumped up

“You can’t be here, get out. You have to go.” She whimpered, her eyes darting and her fingernails digging into her palms.

He ran for her then, his fingers prying her hands free and covering them with his own.

“I’m so sorry, I love you. I love you so much, and I’ve been awful to you, I just.. I wanted to fit in. I wanted to be someone. I promise you, Toni is nothing to me, nothing happened. You’re everything, you have to know that. How can you not know that?” He buried his face in her hair, tugging her onto his lap and running his hands over her body, she was unresponsive and his hands began to shake, tears falling freely
“Please baby, don’t leave me.” He whispered, cupping her chin, pressing his forehead against hers.

“I can’t be what you need.” She whispered, eyes closed.

Jughead shook his head roughly
“No. no you’re everything I need. I love you. I know you love me too, please.” He begged.

Betty finally opened her eyes
“I..” she trailed off when his lips landed on hers, pouring so much passion into the embrace, this was it, this was all he had. When he pulled away Betty sighed softly

“Okay. Okay, we can try.” She whispered.

They were gonna make it, it didn’t matter who or what got in their way, they were gonna make it, they had too.

riverdale, 1x01.

okay, so this is coming from someone who hasn’t read the comics.

  • kj apa is really cute. don’t get me started on cole.
  • archie’s “you’re too good for me, always was, always will be” speech to betty was the shittiest excuse ever. i hated it, i hated archie at that moment. just fucking say you don’t like her like that, that all you feel for her is PLATONIC. don’t say this crap. i hate when writers make characters say stuff like that!
  • i’m over the student/teacher thing. done too many times in too many shows. so i’m not gonna spend 3 hours talking about it.

  • i didn’t expect to love veronica, i thought it actually was going to be the opposite but she’s amazing! I LOVE HER SO MUCH ALREADY!!! Same for betty, she’s too cute. they’re amazing together!
    i love kevin!!! please don’t let anything happen to him! I basically love (almost) every character. like this is so weird, i usually don’t. 
  • more kevin/moose, i want to see where it goes.
  • when i watched the episode the first time i got CHILLS when veronica was defending betty, CHILLS!!!! i love her so much and i loved how she “destroyed” cheryl.
  • cheryl def killed her twin.
  • betty dancing in her room was one of my fav moments. she’s seriously so cute.
  • for next week’s episode, please more jughead! I NEED MORE JUGHEAD
  • also, i love cole’s voice. i don’t know why, i just do. i’m glad he’s narrating the story (so far, dunno if he’ll continue).
  • jugheag doing whatever the fuck he wants is my aesthetic.
  • high-key shipping betty/veronica more than archie and either of them. BUT if i had to choose, betty. and maybe veronica/jughead? IDK. he’s supposed to be asexual in the comics so i really hope they’re gonna keep his sexuality the same. first because if i was a archie comic’s reader i would be pissed if they didn’t so, yeah. AND because it’s a great opportunity for asexuality to be represented. and it’s important for asexuality to be represented on tv. but, either way (platonic/non-platonic), i feel like jughead and veronica would have such interesting interactions. i don’t know why but i feel it.
    and if he is ace i guess i just want her to be cool about it, to not shame him and everything. BUT I’M GETTING WAY AHEAD OF MYSELF RN. they haven’t even met!

  • the betty/veronica kiss. aksdlhsjhskh trying not to get too excited about it because it probably won’t lead anywhere.
  • i’m so HAPPY archie didn’t kiss betty at the dance when the teacher was looking, i feared he was going to but you can’t imagine HOW happy and relieved i am the writers didn’t go that way. that would have been such a douchy move and archie is a good guy in the comics, right?! so it would have been OOC for him to do that, i guess. AND it seems like he really values his relationship with betty so it makes sense he didn’t.

  • also jughead/archie. i want to know what archie did to fuck up their relationship so badly. i kinda want to see angst? i don’t know. i also kind of like the idea of something more than friendship between them (their scene made me feel that there was more/could be more between them?) but since judhead is supposed to be asexual in the comics… idk. argh THE STRUGGLE
  •  the actress who plays betty; the way she acts reminds me of someone but i can’t figure out who exactly and it is bugging me ever since i noticed it. maybe a bit like shantel vansanten but mixed with someone else? idk. OMG I THINK I JUST REALISED WHO: BRITTANY SNOW IN JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE!!!!! 
  • betty crying :( :( :( (outside her house)

  • yo, why did they replace jughead’s crown with a beanie?! i mean, i love beanies and cole looks good in one BUT IMAGINE HIM WALKING AROUND WITH A FUCKING CROWN ON HIS HEAD!!!!!! i think i would have died. 
    but the end of his beanie is “cut off”/shaped like a fucking crown AND SOMEHOW IT IS EVERYTHING!!
  • kj’s accent was really good, no?!
  • i need to read the comics even though the show is/will be different.


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betty & jughead's first time on the kitchen counter (like fast and needy)

Okay I just banged this out real quick at work. I hope you like it. Also, I just made it so the Serpents didn’t interrupt them, because the lovely @jugandbettsdetectiveagency is doing a fic WITH the jacket ;)

This is Bughead smut, if you don’t like it, don’t read it.

The First Time

“I love you, Betty Cooper.”

“Jughead Jones…” Betty said, smiling. “I love you.”

Jughead moved closer, cupping Betty’s face gently and brought their lips together. Something had changed between them, he could feel it. There was a new need; something raw.

He lifted Betty, cupping her ass as she wrapped her legs around his waist.  Their tongues slid together, their chests heaving as Jughead lead them towards the kitchen.

“Jug,” Betty moaned quietly.

Jughead dropped Betty on the countertop of the kitchen, grazing his fingers down the length of her thigh as he did so. Betty took off her sweater and dropped it on the floor beside him.

Betty tugged at the hem of Jughead’s sweater. He lifted his arms so Betty could pull it off. He kissed a trail down her jaw, settling on the delicate skin of her neck. He licked and bit, needing to taste all of her.

“Yes,” She murmured, rolling her head backwards so he could gain further access to her skin.

“Fuck, Betty,” He moaned, trailing kisses across her skin until he reached her mouth once more. He enveloped her lips with his, sloppy and messy and passionate. He kissed her as if it were his last night on earth. He grazed her lip with his teeth and ran his hands through her hair.

Betty reached behind herself and unclasped her bra, letting it drop between them.

Jughead’s breathing hitched. She was perfect.

Jughead quickly resumed his assault of kisses, peppering them over every inch of exposed skin. Betty hitched her bare legs around Jughead’s torso, needing to feel him closer.

“Jug,” Betty murmured, leaning back against the cabinets. She was breathing heavily, her chest heaving. Betty reached under her skirt, slowly pulling her underwear off her body. They dropped to the floor on top of her bra.

She reached out toward Jughead, unbuckling his belt and jeans. He followed her wordless order, tugging his jeans off and kicking them into a pile behind him. He cupped Betty’s face, rubbing his thumb against her jawbone as he kissed her once again.

His breathing hitched as Betty’s tongue trailed circles against his jaw. She sucked the skin below his ear as he slowly, excruciatingly so, ran his hand up her smooth thigh. He pressed himself between her legs.

He stopped and looked Betty in the eye before going any further. She nodded her head. He slipped a finger inside her as she peppered kisses across his bare shoulder.

He ran his thumb across her bundle of nerves, eliciting a gasp from Betty.  He smiled into the crook of her neck as added a second finger, slowly moving in and out.

He licked and sucked at the delicate skin of her neck as his rhythm grew faster. She gasped again, clenching around him.

Betty reached down, touching Jughead’s abdomen. She placed one finger inside the elastic of Jughead’s boxer-briefs. His breathing hitched. She could feel him against her.

“Jughead, do you have…?” Betty said, her voice raspy.

Jughead nodded, placing a kiss on her temple. “Don’t move.”

He came back within seconds, marveling at the goddess waiting for him.

He slipped his boxers off. “You sure?” He asked, his chest heaving.

“Very sure,” Betty assured him.

He rolled the condom on, stepping closer to Betty.

Both of them gasped at the feeling of him inside her.

“Are you okay?”

Betty nodded. Pleasure and pain, but pure ecstasy. Slowly, Jughead started moving, rolling his hips and gripping her bare skin.

“I love you,” He breathed as he moved in and out. He peppered kisses against her shoulder.

Betty wrapped her legs around Jughead’s torso. His breathing hitched. He bit her shoulder, trying to control himself.

“I love you, too.” Betty murmured.

Jughead gripped Betty’s waist tightly, lifting her from the counter. He placed his hands under her, moving away from the kitchen counter and into the living room.

Betty gasped at the sudden depth he had inside her.

Jughead laid Betty on the couch, entering her once more.  He pulled one of her legs so it was bent, giving him leverage. He thrust against her, his hand rubbing her bundle of nerves.

“Jughead,” Betty moaned, nails digging into his back. She bit against the skin of his neck.

“I’m going to-“  Jughead murmured, still rubbing against Betty. “Are you close?”

Betty nodded, raising her hips to meet Jughead’s thrusts.

“Betty,” Jughead murmured.

Betty nodded against him. Jughead stilled, letting himself go.  He breathed heavily against the nape of Betty’s neck as they came down from their ecstasy.

“I love you,” Jughead murmured, placing a kiss against Betty’s forehead. “I love you, I love you, I love you,” He smiled.

@aliceinwhateverland: I was thinking that a good plot for Bughead would be the prom night, where maybe as they don’t seem to be in a formal relationship they aren’t really sure if they have to ask eachother.

Such a cute prompt, I love tongue-tied Jughead!

”B, you have to come and look at this dress it would be totally perfect for you,” Veronica gushed from where she lounged on Betty’s flowery bedspread, resting on one elbow while her other hand scrolled through pages on Betty’s laptop. Betty twisted round from where she sat at her dressing table, peering over her shoulder to glance at the screen. The satin dress was beautiful, pale lavender with a full skirt and sweetheart neckline that sat slightly off the shoulder. She sighed, shaking her head to clear the image of her in that dress from her mind. 

“I don’t know why you’re looking, V, I’m not even sure I’m going to the dance,” she mumbled, looking down at where her fingers were twisting nervously. Veronica’s head snapped up. 

“What do you mean not going? Why the hell wouldn’t you go?” she said incredulously, eyes comically wide. Why anyone would miss the chance to get a new outfit and dress up for the night was completely beyond her. Betty didn’t meet her gaze.

“Well… Jughead and I… I don’t even know if there is… we’ve not really…” Realisation dawned for Veronica.

“He hasn’t asked you yet,” she stated, her voice unquestioning. Betty shook her head dejectedly. Veronica’s expression softened as she took in her best friend’s slumped shoulders and downturn expression. “He is Jughead. Going to dances, let alone asking someone to one, isn’t really his scene,” she said gently, wincing slightly. 

“Yeah, I know. I just thought that maybe, after we… It doesn’t matter anyway. It’s just a dance,” Betty rallied, straightening up and sending a smile Veronica’s way. It didn’t quite reach her eyes.

“Don’t worry, B, there’s still time,” she replied, trying to life the spirits from where they’d taken a drastic nosedive. “I’ll save the dress for you anyway.”


“Hey, guys,” Archie called out as he placed his lunch tray on the tabletop. “What’re we talking about?”

“The delightful wonders that come out of the Riverdale High cafeteria. Mystery Meat - why is it so mysterious?” Jughead deadpanned, mouth twisting in disgust as he reached for his fries instead. Betty cast a shy glance at him, smiling in amusement. He caught her glance and raised his eyebrows teasingly, pulling a silent laugh from her as she looked back at her tray with flushed cheeks. Jughead flung his free arm around her shoulders in a move that was still strange but becoming familiar. Betty’s body relaxed slightly, leaning into his side in comfort. Archie eyed the arm with wary eyes while Veronica looked on with a pleased smile. 

“Err, hey, Ronnie. I wanted to know if wanted to go to the dance next week. With me?” Archie blurted suddenly. Veronica startled. 

“Really?” she asked in surprise, eyebrows shooting up at the question. 

“Yeah. Well Val is gonna be on stage with the Pussycats all night so I thought it would be nice if the two of us went together,” he replied with a grin. From across the table Betty and Jughead wore matching expressions of disbelief as they took in what Archie had just said. ‘Second choice’ hung, unsaid, in the air. The corner of Veronica’s eyes prickled as Archie stared on oblivious, taking a breath and puffing her chest out to hide her obvious hurt.

“Sure, Archiekins, I’ll go with you,” she answered, plastering on a smile. Betty shot her a sympathetic look across the table that she returned with a slight shake of the head. The blonde’s sad eyes while she still sat beneath Jughead’s arm gave Veronica an idea. “In fact, the four of us could go together… like a double date,” she finished, staring pointedly at the couple across the table, sending a coy look Jughead’s way.

Jughead’s arm flew from Betty’s shoulder as he choked on the bite he’d just taken, fist pounding his chest a couple of times. “D-date?” he spluttered at the same time as Archie who looked sharply between the pair, Jughead’s eyes panicked as he chanced a glance over to Betty before narrowing in on Veronica. 

“Yes, Jughead, a date,” Veronica replied, refusing to back down. If she wasn’t going to get her man then she sure as hell would make sure her best friend got hers. 

“I-I’m not really sure… I don’t think we…” The hopeful look Betty tried to hide was fading fast at his hesitation. 

“I think I’m gonna go get another water,” Betty hurried out, standing swiftly and walking towards the school without a backwards glance. Jughead’s worried eyes followed her, looking torn between staying and following the girl he clearly loved as she moved away from him. 

“Alright, clueless wonder, what was that about?” Veronica turned on Jughead as soon as Betty was out of earshot, raising a single brow in accusation. 

“Huh?” Jughead replied, ever the wordsmith. 

“Betty! That girl has been looking at you like you hung the stars for months and yet you can’t repay her by asking her to one stupid dance?” Jughead was stunned into silence at the unexpected onslaught. 

“We just… haven’t really talked about it. Us, I mean. Y’know, as a couple,” he mumbled lamely. If there was one person that had the quality to render him moronic, he thought as he listened to himself trip over simple words, it was Betty Cooper.

“It’s so completely obvious that you’re in love with each other I don’t see the issue here.” Even the tips of Jughead’s ears covered by his beanie turned red at Veronica’s use of the word love. Archie stiffened, waiting for his reply. There was a beat of dead air before Jughead looked up with renewed hope.

“You think?”

“Well, I mean, I’m not so sure now. You kinda blew it, Heathcliff.” Jughead scoffed at her comparison, making to stand.

“I’ll go and ask her…” Veronica reached out to stop him.

“Whoa, slow your roll, silver-tongued devil, it’s going to take something more than just asking her to make up for this blunderbuss.”

“Like what?” Jughead asked apprehensively sitting back down.

“We’re gonna go full on Say Anything on this bitch.”


Betty tried not to watch the clock ticking faster and faster towards six o’clock. She sat, her biology textbook long forgotten in front of her, staring at the hands as they taunted her. 

Jughead hadn’t asked her in the end but she didn’t care, she told herself. She knew he wasn’t the kind of person who went to dances and she was just going to have to be ok with that. The image of him standing before her in a suit, bringing back memories of the one he wore to Jason’s funeral, holding her close as they swayed to some song she didn’t even hear invaded her mind. Standing there, unquestionably together, in front of everyone. She sighed. Not today.

The sound of something hitting the glass pane of her window shook her out of her revere. Brows furrowed she listened, until suddenly the sound repeated itself, catching a glimpse of the pebble that flew towards her room. She stood, tiptoeing over and looked down onto the lawn. 

Her mouth dropped as she took in the sight before her. There, in a suit just like she’d imagined him, was Jughead Jones, standing below her window holding a box above his head. She lifted the window, laughing in disbelief.

“Juggie, what are you doing here?” she shouted down to him, trying to make herself heard without alerting her mother. 

“Hey, Juliet. Just thought I’d come and tell you how much of an idiot I’d been,” he shrugged looking up at her, eyes glinting with mischief. “And to ask you if you’d forgive my blind stupidity by accompanying me to this dance?” Betty’s eyes shone with tears. 

“But you hate dances. You don’t have to do this for me,” she replied, trying to contain her pounding heart. He huffed out a laugh.

“My love for you is far stronger than my dislike for school functions, Betts,” he tried to quip casually, his heart leaping into his throat. Betty’s breath left her in a gasp.

“I… I don’t even have a dress,” she got out, mind still spinning from his confession. His eyes flicked to the box in his hands. “Jug, what’s in the box?” she asked suspiciously.

“Come and see.” She was downstairs in seconds, creeping across the dew damp grass to get to him. He looked even better up close, suit fitting him a little better this time, blue eyes glistening in the fading dusk light. She smiled at him from under her lashes as her shaking hands gently lifted the lid. The lavender dress stared back at her. 

“Juggie! How…?” she gasped, caressing the fabric in awe.

“Veronica,” he mumbled, with a tone of resentful gratitude. Betty laughed, staring up at the wonderful boy in front of her. Her free hand came up to grip the back of his neck, pulling him down to her lips in a sweet, slow kiss, pouring all of her gratitude into him. They pulled back, both breathing shakily. Betty didn’t remove her hand or let him get further than an inch from her lips. 

“I love you, too.”

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Hi, can you do a short piece where Betty finds Jughead after the dance and tells him that she loves him?


Her toes were bleeding and the bottom of her dress had come completely unhemmed, dragging behind her like a makeshift wedding veil. She was frantic, her silky blonde hair now had streaks of red caused by running her bloody palms through it in frustration and she was freezing, the soon to be winter chill seemed to pierce right through her bare arms as she searched the Southside Trailer park for her boyfriend.. or ex boyfriend? The thought made her heart instantly ache. How had it gone this far? How had she let it? Every time she tried to do the right thing she failed, it was inevitable at this point.

She had just come from Pops, her jaw was still tense at the memory of her friends betrayal. it was so wrong, so selfish and inconsiderate of Archie and Veronica, and like always she found herself pulled in, lumped into the same selfish category. Finally grabbing her heels from her feet, Betty slammed the pointed article at a wooden fence, angrily stabbing the rotted wood. She was angry, disappointed, hurt and at this point? Just tired. Where could he be? The town wasn’t that big, he wasn’t home, he wasn’t at Pops, his father wasn’t around he was in….
Oh my god.

Pulling her other shoe off, Betty raced through the quiet streets of Riverdale, it was way after midnight and she knew her mother would be anxiously waiting up, but she couldn’t care, not now. Squinting at Sheriff Kellers makeshift prison, Betty slammed through the doors, her eyes dragging around the room, he had to be here, there was no where else to go. She spotted F.P instantly, he was leaning against the bars and his eyes had gone wide when he saw the blonde standing in the doorway.

“Betty?” He asked confused, his face leaning further into the metal as he scanned her concerned, eyeing the bloody streaks in her hair and her absolutely destroyed hands.

“F.P” she whispered, wrapping her fingers around the bars, her eyes filled with tears “I’m so sorry, we’re going to get you out of here. I know you didn’t do this, there’s no way they can think you did. Just give me a minute.. let me think..” she mumbled as he slid a hand through the bars and touched her arm

“This isn’t your fault darlin, I know that someone’s out to get me, but you know how it looks, wrong side of the tracks and all that, you need to calm down.. you’re bleeding.”

Betty shook her head and opened her mouth to speak , when she was cut off suddenly by a very familiar voice from behind her


Whipping around, Betty gasped slightly when she made eye contact with jughead, his eyes were red rimmed and his beanie was gone, he looked exhausted but by the look on his face, she assumed she looked worse.

“Elizabeth? What are you doing here?” Sheriff Keller asked the blonde as he brought forward a tissue to wipe her hands.

Betty’s face turned nasty and she threw the tissue dramatically
“Don’t try and be nice to me Sheriff Keller, I saw what you did to F.Ps trailer, I saw the way you wrecked it! You can’t do that, even if you think someone is guilty you can’t destroy their property!”

The older man had the decency to look ashamed, he had gotten caught up in the moment

“No!” She cut him off “this isn’t right, you can’t do this! You know that he’s not guilty, you know he’s being framed! Why can’t you do your job! You need to find the real killer, but you’re just here wasting everyone’s time!”

F.P shot a glance over the fighting pairs head at his son and nodded quickly, nudging his head towards the door and mouthing
“Go. I’ll see you tommorow”

Jughead took the cue and gently took Betty by the arm, pulling out the door as she continued her rant. When they finally hit the fresh air, Betty stopped and looked up at him

“Juggie.” She whispered “I am so sorry, I should have told you but I didn’t know for sure, I thought maybe just once my mother would let me have something, let me have something that makes me happy!” Her lips were quivering and jughead fought the urge to take her in his arms

“Why are you here Bets?” He asked exhaustedly, the day finally catching up to him, he felt a sense of calm in Betty’s presence and it was enough to allow him to breathe.

The gorgeous blonde sighed softly, dropping her hands limply to her sides
“I’m doing this because your father isnt guilty, I’m doing this because you don’t deserve this, any of this and.. and I’m doing this because.. because I love you.” She whispered so quiet he had to strain to hear, his entire body tightening at the words, his heart was pretty much out of his chest at this point and he could do nothing but look at her wide eyed, how long had it been since he had heard those words?

“I know that this is terrible timing and we can pretend it never happened, but I just had to tell you.. I just had too…” she was cut off instantly when Jugheads hungry lips attacked hers with a passion she had never seen before, pinning her up against the wall her took her scarred palms in his own and dropped his lips to her hands

“I love you too.” He whispered, eyes finally coming up to meet hers, Betty gasped quietly and rested her forehead against his.

This had been the longest night of her life and this was definitely not how she expected to hear those words for the first time, but standing here under the harsh street lamp with jughead hands in hers, she couldn’t imagine another way.

I Just Have a Lot of Feelings

I’m not gonna pretend that Jughead wasn’t really harsh when he blew up at Betty, and that the whole situation couldn’t have been handled better. He definitely made mistakes this episode, no question.

THAT SAID. He’s a teenager, who had/is having a rough childhood, who’s friends/girlfriend put him in a situation he explicitly said he didn’t want and then got annoyed with him when he wasn’t happy about it. He’s admitted that his birthday is when he feels loneliest, and suddenly he’s surrounded by people he either barely knows or in many cases actively bullied him, and his best friends, the people who are supposed to know him best, allow it. Talk about feeling lonely. By the time he and Betty have their confrontation, there is no way he’s not in fight or flight mode. And the insecurities surrounding Betty’s love for Archie (which, she was in love with him for a long time and then started dating Jughead not too long after being rejected, so it’s not unrealistic to be insecure about that) needed to be brought up at some point in their relationship, and while it was absolutely very uncool to bring it up to essentially use as an attack, it is very believable for it to come out explosively during a fight like this.

Also, at the end when they make up, Jughead mentions that one of his fears is being rejected for being himself. And the thing is, at that point it’s not some hypothetical concern. From his perspective, Betty already rejected him (”Why is everything so doom and gloom with you, Jug? Why can’t it just be normal for once?” probably sounded a lot like ”I’m getting tired of who you are, why can’t you be different?”).

I guess what it comes down to for me is that Jughead made mistakes but it was understandable given the circumstances and he owned up to it so I still love him.

I Can’t Stop

Summary: What led to the famous cuddle scene ?

Word Count: 870

Notes: Wrote this so fast, hopefully there’s not too many errors in it.

It had been a very, very long day of trying to decrypt what the Black Hood had sent in that letter to Betty. It was late and she was, what one would consider, fairly annoyed. She was annoyed that all this fucked up shit with the Black Hood was even going on, she couldn’t figure this out, and t about Toni’s comment earlier about how she needed to, ‘loosen her ponytail.’

Luckily, Toni had left the Jones’ trailer, along with Kevin. Now it was just Jughead and her, rummaging through the internet, books, articles… everything and anything that could help. She kept repeating over and over, aloud and internally, that she had seen these symbols before, yet she couldn’t think of where on earth they came from. It was driving her completely ballistic, which was understandable.

Jughead was quite helpful, but he too, couldn’t find anything. “Betty, there’s nothing here,” he said softly and disappointingly. They needed to figure this out, but there was no use of going over the same things over and over again when it was of no help.

Betty scrunched her hair in her hands. “No, no. I need to keep looking. I can’t stop, Juggie. We gotta keep going,” she said frantically. Her stress levels were high, and it was noticeable. Jughead hadn’t realized it until words were actually coming out of her mouth. She then started to go through papers at a faster pace, one that wouldn’t do anything to help because she was going so quick she couldn’t read it.

“Betty, there’s nothing here,” Jughead repeated, sitting on the floor in front of her. He gently put his hands on hers, slowly helping her release her grip on the book that she was currently holding.

Betty was freaking out… full on panic mode. “No, Jug. No. I need to keep looking. I can’t stop. He sent this letter to me. I have to find out what it means. It has to be here, it has to be,” she blabbered. She was talking so fast that it was barely understandable, but Jughead got the gist. Tears started to prickle in her eyes then. “I need to figure it out.”

“Hey, hey,” Jughead called to her, feeling his heart break for the girl he loves. He wanted nothing but to kill the man that had made his girlfriend so upset… the man who had already killed or injured many people. Bringing his hands up to cup her face, he looked directly into her tired eyes and leaned forward. “We’re going to figure it out—”

“I need— We need— Jug—”

“We’re going to figure it out,” Jughead said confidently, wiping her tears away as he did so. “It isn’t here though. We have to look somewhere else, okay? But it’s midnight right now. I promise you that we’ll get to it as soon as we wake up.” He was speaking in a low tone, the only one that registers in her head when she’s anxious like this. “We’re going to handle this.”

Betty closed her eyes and leaned her forehead to his.“Promise?” The world came out shakily. She was just so scared. Feeling his breath on her skin though was giving her some sense of clarity.

“I promise,” Jughead said, kissing her nose. “We can’t keep going, especially without having any rest. Come lay with me. You need to close your eyes for a little bit, baby,” he whispered. It was going that he was being logical, because being obsessive over it was not doing to get either of them anywhere. Also, there was no reason to be literally whispering, but for some reason, it made Betty feel calm. He watched as she gulped and nodded her head. He then piled all of the information that they had been going through in a pile. Before doing anything else, he smiled at her, letting her know that he was there for her. Not allowing her to stand, the boy picked his girlfriend up and placed her on the couch. Before settling, he took his beanie and shoes off, and then climbed on the couch with her.

As they laid, the two of them were face to face. They both had their eyes open, showing all their emotion simply by the looks they were giving. Betty looks scared, tired, and determined, while Jughead also looked sleepy and frightened, but also protective. He wasn’t going to let anything happen to his girl, and she knew that. As the black haired boy ran his fingers down her profile, Betty said, “I love you, Jughead,” as a way to show her appreciation for him and to show him that through everything, he was always going to be her soulmate.

“I love you too, Betty,” Jughead responded, kissing her softly… so softly that it was practically just a graze of the lips, thought  it was still enough to feel a spark. “Close your eyes, you’re tired. I got you, alright?” Betty nodded. “Goodnight, love.”

“Goodnight, Juggie,” she whispered and closed her eyes. Within seconds, she felt herself drifting to sleep. There was probably nothing that she was more thankful for than to have a safe place here in Jughead Jones’ arms.

Santa’s Little Helper

I don’t really know what this is


Side note: If any of you amazing artists out there feel like drawing Santa!Jughead and Elf!Betty I will love you forever and ever

“I look ridiculous.”

Betty turned at the sound of Jughead’s voice, a small giggle unwittingly escaping her lips when she registered the costumed boy before her. Clad entirely in red and white, Jughead stood in the doorway in an over-sized Santa suit, missing only the hat and long white beard. As she tried to sequester her laugh, Jughead’s frown deepened, his arms crossing over his chest in silent protest.

“Oh, c’mon,” Betty said playfully, crossing the room to meet him where he stood, “It’s not that bad.” She poked at his cushioned stomach, knowing full-well it would only make him pout more. “You only have to wear it for one night - the regular Santa will be back tomorrow. Besides, it’s for the kids - it’ll be fun!”

“Easy for you to say.” Jughead mumbled, “You get to be the elf.” He reached out and thumbed the black belt wrapped around her green and red dress, pulling her close and wrapping his arm around her waist. “You look really good in those striped tights, by the way.” 

“And you  look pretty great in that coat,” Betty grinned, leaning forward to place a quick peck on Jughead’s cheek that caused the bell on the top of her elf hat to jingle. “Let’s go. Can’t keep your adoring fans waiting!”

She picked up the Santa hat from the table beside them, plopping it down on top of Jughead’s still-present beanie and giving it a gentle tug. He rolled his eyes in response, pulling the false white beard up from where it hung around his neck over his mouth. 

Betty headed out first, greeting the handful of families that had gathered outside the Riverdale mall’s makeshift North Pole set. She smiled as parents began to shush their children, prompting them to pay attention to the elf who had just appeared.

“Merry Christmas everybody!” Betty announced, purposefully heightening the frequency of her voice to sound more elf-like, “Welcome to the North Pole! Are you ready to meet Santa?” Satisfied with the cheers she received in response, Betty gestured toward the gingerbread house door, “Santa! Come on out!”

After a brief moment, Jughead emerged from the door and walked toward the designated throne while waving half-heartedly at the crowd. When he sat down Betty came up beside him, leaning in closely and whispering in his ear, reminding him to be on his best behavior.

When Jughead gave a hearty “Ho ho ho!” in response, Betty smiled and walked to the line of waiting visitors. 

Child by child went by, asking Jughead for puppies and race cars and dolls, one after the other. Betty smiled to herself as a frazzled mother plopped a crying baby on Jughead’s lap, her boyfriend caught of guard and completely out of his element. He accidentally laughed at a girl who legitimately requested a pay raise for her allowance and he struggled to maintain his facade when a young boy got a bit too grabby with his beard, but for the most part Jughead was a convincing Santa.

Three hours later visiting time ended, all the children who had come to visit Santa having made their requests and scurried home with their parents. The mall had started to clear out, closing hours fast approaching, as Betty put up a final sign announcing that Santa would be back tomorrow. 

Betty turned back to Jughead, walking up to his chair and giggling as he pulled her onto his lap.

“And what would you like for Christmas?” Jughead asked, Santa voice intact.

“Well,” Betty bit her lip, pretending to think, “Gosh, I just don’t know! There’s so many options… a barbie dream house, a giant teddy bear - Oh! How about a pony!”

Jughead laughed -  a real laugh - his fingers toying with the fabric of Betty’s skirt, “You’re really setting me up for failure, aren’t you? How’s a guy supposed to get a pony on a budget?”

“I don’t know…” Betty started, “Something tells me you’ll find a way to make it up to me.” She gently tugged at his beard, pulling it down off his face and leaning in to brush her lips against his. 

“You know,” Betty traced a finger up the white stripe on his chest, “You were pretty great with all those kids.”

“Even the one who almost threw up on me?” Jughead joked, “Thank goodness his dad pulled him away in time. I’m pretty sure it would render the suit nonrefundable.”

Betty smiled, tugging at fabric on his shoulder, “I’m serious. You’re a real natural. You’re going to make a wonderful father someday.” She was whispering now, watching as the weight of her words transforming into the familiar spark of flattery in Jughead’s eyes. Betty felt her stomach flutter at the adoration on his face, unable to resist leaning in one more time.

It was only meant to be a light kiss, but the instant she made contact Jughead’s hand tightened around her thigh, sliding up beneath Betty’s skirt as he deepened the pressure of his lips on hers. It was an action brimming with something deeper, a message unfamiliar and exciting. Her adrenaline instantly heightened, Betty reached her hand up to grip his jaw, holding on to him for balance as she readily returned his advances. 

She pushed her torso further up against his, tongue toying at his upper lip in a question of entrance. She felt him smile against her, surprised when he pulled away. Cockily, he dove for her neck, sucking along her collarbone and working all the way up to her ear. Despite her best efforts to maintain composure, Betty couldn’t resist releasing a breathy sigh when his teeth found purchase on her earlobe. Her chest arched upward as her fingers gripped at the hair by his neck, pulling harshly at the tendrils. His fingers skimmed greedily over the tights on her upper thigh and he brought her lips back to his. The push and pull of their mouths intensified, the two losing track of themselves so much so that they almost didn’t hear the voice calling out from the edge of the North Pole set. 

“Hey kids! You gotta go!”

The two of them jumped apart, Betty flushing red as she looked at the janitor with hooded, apologetic eyes. 

“Sorry.” She mumbled, climbing off of Jughead’s lap and smoothing down her skirt, “We’ll head right out.”

The janitor walked off, mumbling something indiscernible beneath his breath. When he disappeared from sight, Betty and Jughead locked eyes before smiling at each other sheepishly.

Betty reached out and took Jughead’s hand, tugging him up from his seat and pulling him toward the locker room. He happily complied, interlocking his fingers with her own.

“Admit it,” Betty joked, playfully nudging Jughead with her hip, “You had fun today.”

“I had fun a few minutes ago.” Jughead smirked, earning a light slap on the arm from Betty, “And I suppose,” He rolled is eyes, “the rest of it wasn’t so bad either.”

“So we do it again next year?” Betty asked, laughing when Jughead’s eyes widened. “Don’t worry I’m only joking.“

“Thank goodness.” Jughead laughed, wrapping his arm across her shoulder and pressing his lips to their connected fingers. “I did… have a nice time today.” He admitted nuzzling closer to her ear. “And for the record, you’re going to make an excellent mother on day too.”

Betty smiled, resting her head on his shoulder with a contented sigh, "I love you Jughead Jones.”

He tightened his grip on her shoulder, placing a delicate kiss in her hair, “I love you too, Betty Cooper.”

selenedarkbloom  asked:

Prompt: Betty and Jughead finally get to be home alone during summer, and after spending a lovely cute afternoon watching movies and cooking things start heating up and they go all the way. (Honestly, i'm in need for a bughead smut).

of course!! now, there isn’t very much smut in this one but it’s still there, just to let anyone who’s reading know! 

“Forsythe Jones, put that down right now.” Betty warned Jughead as he slyly picked up a bag of flower. The kitchen was a mess. There was ingredients for their cupcakes everywhere covering every single surface. Betty was armed with two eggs, while Jughead classically chose flour as his weapon.

Betty’s parents were gone away with Polly for the weekend and she had the entire house to herself. She didn’t want to take advantage of her freedom, but here she was. Covered in baking ingredients, sliding all over the slippery floors covered in egg and multiple oils.

Betty was never usually like this, but Jughead brought out something different in her. They had spent the entire day together. Starting with a hike to which Jughead protested deeply. Stating that he could just watch someone else go hiking on a movie and get the same experience in the comforts of her house. Betty promised him that after the walk that they would watch a couple movies and so he went on without any more complaining.

Once they had gotten back to the house, Jughead raced to the couch and flipped on the television. Betty rolled her eyes and giggled as she made her way to the book shelf that her family kept filled with DVD’s. She returned to the couch and presented Jughead with a couple movie options to which they decided upon The Blindside. Betty hopped off the couch and loaded the DVD into the player and returned back to the couch, snuggling up next to Jughead as he hit play and started the movie.

Once the movie was over, Betty stood from the couch and stretched before looking to Jughead. Raising her eyebrow she challenged him. “Hungry?” She asked, and without an answer - as if she needed one - she made her way to the kitchen with Jughead on her trail. So there they were, in the midst of baking a batch of cupcakes. The two of them on opposite ends of the kitchen, both poised and ready for attack.

Jughead stuck his hand into the bag of flour and narrowed his eyes at Betty who narrowed hers back, gripping the eggs in her hand a little more tightly. Just then, Jughead whips his hand out of the bag, spraying Betty with flower just as Betty lets one of the eggs in her hand fly towards him. Betty goes to turn quickly but Jughead is already beside her and she giggles as he picks her up and spins her around.

Betty playfully fights with him but Jughead is stronger than she is and she gives up, still laughing. Jughead chuckles, placing her back on the ground and spinning her around to face him again. They both look at each other, still smiling as Jughead moves his hand to cup her neck, brushing his thumb against her cheek, swiping away some of the flour there. They’re both silent for a moment before moving together into a deep kiss. Betty’s hands automatically come up to cup Jughead’s face as he does the same to her. Their lips move together like clockwork. Betty is blissfully surprised when she feels Jughead’s tongue trace her bottom lip asking for permission to which she gladly obliges.

Betty moves her fingers from Jughead’s cheeks up to his hair, tangling them there as his arms wrap around her hauling her up on to the counter. Betty let’s out a little giggle and Jughead smiles against her lips before planting softer kisses down her neck to her collar bone, making Betty moan in pleasure. Jughead smiles even wider with satisfaction when Betty starts up and he continues planting soft kisses on her skin as her legs wrap around his waist. “Jug,” Betty says breathlessly. Jughead returns then to her lips and Betty nibbles on his bottom lip making Jughead growl with pleasure.

“You are absolutely filthy Ms. Cooper.” Jughead tell her as she fiddles with the bottoms of his t-shirt.

Betty pulls back and smirks, her eyes narrowing before she speaks. “Well then, I guess we should clean up then.” She tells him and he curses himself for ruining the moment. To his surprise though, his blonde girlfriend hops off of the counter, grabbing his hand as she does and pulls him with her up the stairs and into her room. Betty disappears into the bathroom that’s connected to her room and Jughead hears the shower turn on. Standing awkwardly in the middle of Betty’s room, Jughead raises an eyebrow and watches his beautiful girlfriend emerge from bathroom still fully clothed. “You need a shower.” She tells him and Jughead chuckles.

“So do you.” Betty raises an eyebrow challengingly and purses her lips. He’s never seen her like this and he didn’t know if he should be worried or completely turned on. He went with the latter.

Betty stepped in front her boyfriend and looked up at him with wide sexy eyes. Looking down at his beautiful girlfriend, Jughead swallowed whatever saliva had been forming in his mouth and took a step closer to her with a small smirk. Reaching up, Betty tangled her hands in Jughead’s hair once again as their lips connected once again. This kiss was a little more heated than the first. Betty couldn’t remember how, but they were suddenly on the bed. She was pinned underneath him as he planted kisses all the way down her neck. Betty moaned softly and stroked his calves with her foot feet as she pulls at his shirt until he’s shed of it. As Jughead continues placing kisses down her neck and on her chest, Betty stokes the muscles on his back and Jughead grins and suddenly he has them flipped so that Betty is sitting on top of him, straddling his waist.

Still planting kisses and sucking on her skin, Jughead moves her bra strap away to get at the skin there. Jughead looks up at her through his eyelids for permission and she gives it to him. Jughead bites his lip, but can’t help but smile when he removes her shirt to reveal her beautiful breasts, held up by a white laced bra. Betty’s cheeks redden with colour and she watches him as he stares at her in awe. “You’re so beautiful.” Jughead whispers, his eyes meeting hers after a couple of seconds. Betty’s lips connect with Jughead’s once again, this time though with more passion and pressure than before. She was hungry for his love and she was going to fill up right here and right now.

Jughead pulls out of the kiss suddenly when she begins to fiddle with the button on his pants. “Betty-” He begins and he watches her face fall, so he shakes his head and plants a kiss on her lips. “Are you sure?” He asks, swallowing hard as his nerves spike. 

“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.” She tells him, her eyes wide and he could see the truth in them. Jughead nods his head and smiles as she brings their lips back together. Their kiss is faster now and more feverish. Betty’s tongue danced in Jughead’s mouth and Jughead’s in Betty’s, tangling together as Jughead reaches around her back unclasping her bra. Betty shivers as the air hits her bare breasts and Jughead’s warm hands trace them. All the while Betty unbuttons his pants and Jughead shimmies out of them leaving him wearing only his boxers. From her position on top of him, Jughead tugs on her pants until she is working with him to get them off.

Finally they both lay there staring at one another with pure love between them. Only dressed in their underwear. Jughead looks at Betty and raises an eyebrow and Betty nods confirmation before he pulls her panties off and he shimmies out of his boxers. Moving slowly Jughead took Betty and placed her on the bed and positioned himself on top of her, lining himself up with her opening. Once the condom is on and with one last look at Betty and Betty’s last nod of approval, Jughead slides inside of her. Betty let out a slight gasp at the new pressure inside of her. Jughead strokes her face lightly and kisses her lips. “I’m sorry.” He tells her and she shakes her head.

“I’m fine Jug.” She tells him with a smile before she bites her lip. “Go ahead.” She tells him repositioning herself underneath him and Jughead begins his thrusts. Betty moans with pleasure and clenches her toes when Jughead hits a really sensitive spot. Jughead dips his head into Betty’s collar and plants a kiss there before letting out a grunt of pleasure. “Faster Jug.” Betty demands breathlessly and Jughead does just that, ultimately bringing him over the edge. Betty let’s out a a mix of a moan and a gasp just as he does and Jughead falls on top of Betty, panting and gasping for air. Falling onto the space beside Betty on the bed Jughead takes her hand in his and brings it up to his mouth, kissing it.

“I love you, Elizabeth Cooper.” He tells her and Betty giggles.

“I love you too, Forsythe Pendleton Jones III.” Jughead chuckles at the use of his full name and she giggles with him.

I love you

Bughead oneshot about the three words that changed their relationship and how they became a part of their daily lives.


Betty tells Jughead she loves him in front of the gang and they freak out.

Warnings: fluff


“That’s why I love you Betty.”

“Jughead Jones, I love you.”

In the few weeks since those sentiments, their bond had grown stronger. Those words exchanged between Betty and Jughead more than once in that time. Over breakfast cereal on Saturday mornings when Jughead visited the Coopers. Curled up on Jughead’s couch in FP’s trailer, watching Jughead’s favorite black and white movies. Or waking up from a nap, Jughead’s beanieless hair astrayed and Betty’s face red from her cheek stuck to Jughead’s chest.

The expression took many faces, each had their favorite. Betty often preferred sitting close to Jughead twirling his loose hair that hung in his face. “I love you, don’t ever leave me.” It earned a shocked expression from Jughead. “Never ever Betts.” He would counter kissing her softly. Jughead on the other hand took his admissions when she was cooking him a home cooked meal, or when presenting her outfit to him for a night out. He’d let his eyes travel down her body and back up. “God, I love you.” He’d mumble under his breath. Betty would smile and make her way over to him kissing him. Sometimes words weren’t needed to express how much they loved each other, touches and kisses were enough.

One Tuesday afternoon, Betty and Jughead sat at their usual outside lunch table with their friends. “The Scooby Gang”, “The Breakfast Club” as you will.

Betty sat there nervously bouncing her leg, Jughead’s hand resting on her leg rubbing soothingly with his thumb. Polly had been rushed to the hospital early that morning, her signs of labor became evident and more consistent. Mrs. Cooper had made Betty go to school despite the events of day. Betty had perfect attendance and Alice wouldn’t let it be ruined by Polly’s “unfortunate condition.” Betty was a nervous wreck, waiting for a call from her mother, assuring her Polly and the babies were okay.

Betty’s phone rang out loudly among the soft chatter of her friends. She jumped in her seat flinging her flip phone open. “Hello!?” She (word?) into the phone. “Really? Oh great. Yes yes I’m coming!” She hang up the phone quickly and turned to face Jughead. “She had the babies! I gotta go, I can leave now since the half day counts as me attending.” Betty bounced in her seat excitedly, Jughead smiling at her. “We’ll go on, do you want company?” Betty shook her head, “I’m alright stay here, be a good boy and go to school.” She said chuckling. “But when school’s over, I’d love to have you there.” Betty cooed standing up from her seat. And then their favorite three words came rumbling out of Betty’s mouth and she placed a kiss on his lips. “I love you too Betts.” Jughead murmured back to her. Betty smiled at him and practically skipped away to the office where her mother would meet her.

Jughead let his smirk rest on his face, excited for his bubbling girlfriend and relishing in her words to him. He glanced up from his lunch tray to face a stunned Ronnie, Kevin and Archie. “What?” He asked crumbs falling from his mouth full of burger.

“Did we just see a real live first from Riverdale’s own Romeo and Juliet?” Veronica gushed at him. Jughead chuckled with a shake of his head. “I’ve love Betty for longer than I know. She loves me too.”

“But to say those words Jug… it’s a big deal!” Archie remarked, “Some couples don’t say ‘I love you’ until they’ve been together for months!”

Jughead shrugged as the bell rang. “Me and Betty, we’re soulmates.” He countered simply as he stood up and walked across the campus. The trio were left in shock as they watched him walk away.

As soon as school was finished Jughead jumped into his father’s truck instructing him quickly to drive to the hospital. “Everything okay Jug?”

“Polly had her babies.” Jughead explained quickly. FP nodded and started the car to drive to the hospital. “I gotta be there with Betty. Those babies are my niece and nephew.”

“Woah woah Jug, slow down. You’re not married. They are not your kin.”

“That’s where you’re wrong dad. I love Betty, and those kids and that family. They’re my blood as much as you are.” Jughead sat back in his seat as his dad grew silent. FP knew he was right and he knew that one day they would be his legal family. The timing didn’t it was what was in Jughead’s heart. And Polly’s heart who named Betty and Jughead as her children’s Godparents. Godparents, Aunt and Uncle, two kids who were hopelessly in love. Two kids who would always love each other no matter how many times they said those three little words.