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that one fallout oc edit only slightly better than last time

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Wait Mitch's ex gf??? Who? Where? Omg

Um Yeah, if you check Mitch’s wiki page there’s this

And I do know about her, but that’s because I talk about her with Mars and I’m not gonna reveal that Information (SHE’S GREAT THO I LOVE HER!)

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blushyalec, claryfire, hufflebee, lightshook, magnusragnor, howisalexander.

@blushyalec jule is an angel??? and her blog is pure gold??? and i love her even tho i didn’t talk to her?? ((but i know she’s amazing and wonderful cause… c’mon these are just facts so it must be true))

@claryfire i didn’t follow you before ((why? idk but i fixed it now)) and i already love your blog and you seem nice and i can’t wait to know you better! +ur theme is so beautiful and i want to steal it??? and ur edits are amazing! i’m in love!!

@hufflebee oh boi i could talk about francy for years!! she’s the purest soul on this website ((don’t even try to fight me on this)) and every time i talk to her or about her my heart is just so full of love??? and her writing??? is just??? amazing??? i love every word of everything she writes?? so yeah fracy is super awesome and if u don’t follow her you missing on life #facts only

@lightshook i only followed you recently but you’re amazing?? and ur blog is amazing too?? and i kind of admire you from afar cause you’re too cool for me? ;’’)) but yea you’re great and i love you

@magnusragnor elle!! my love!! my heart!! you have no idea how much i love you??? you’re the greatest and you deserve the whole world and more and i hope you know it? i love you more every time i talk to you??? i’m just one big ‘asdfghjkl’ when i think of how wonderful you are, seriously; and i’m always so happy when i see other people noticing how amazing u r and showing u all the love you deserve? i just love you so so muuuuch!!! ((and ur writing is a whole new topic? like i’m in love with every of ur fic? and i always want more?))

@howisalexander sandra!! another absolute sweetheart!! we met on gc that i almost didn’t join because of how socially awkward i am?? and now every time we talk i’m like ‘wow there was a chance that wouldn’t be friends with this wonderful human being???’ you deserve only nice things in life!! you’re so kind and loving and i just love you so much? like very very much?? and i hope people will keep showing u all the love u deserve ((and more)) +ofc it wasn’t me 👀

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Charlotte: A Character Study

Anyways…can I just say that I really love and admire Charlotte as a character????

Like, she was a jewish, gay, black woman who—given that Falsettos is set in the late 1900s—undoubtedly was met with harsh discrimination and unnecessary obstacles due to her identity, but she was so passionate about her work that she still became a doctor and stayed true to herself by not hiding anything and being so genuine in the fact that she was openly jewish and living with her girlfriend. And like, I get and love that her character was a metaphor for the lesbian allies of the beginning of the AIDS crisis, but she was also shown as a woman who deeply cared for her work and her friends and to minimize her as simply a plot device is really gross. And like, Charlotte even had some flaws that I wish could have been better explored (ie: as implied in “A Day in Falsettoland”, she was easily dismissive of Cordelia’s complaint of restlessness in her domestic role, which—while also serves as a further critique on the confining roles of domesticity that evolve beyond heterosexual couples and even affect healthy gay relationships—shows that she can be just as self-absorbed as the other characters), and her relationship with Cordelia was easily the healthiest one of the whole musical (at least consistently).

She was Whizzer’s doctor and friend, and she had to watch him wither and die while everyone else in the world pretended that it wasn’t happening. “Something Bad is Happening” is such a chilling song because 1) Tracie Thoms’ amazing voice and her vocal range is WILD, 2) it’s an honest depiction of what was happening in society at the time, and 3) it explores Charlotte’s desperation and despair over her career. As shown in “A Day In Falsettoland,” she is very happy with her life and career, and she feels powerful in the fact that she helps so many people. But then we flash forward to “Something Bad is Happening” and even “Jason’s Bar Mitzvah” where she, Cordelia, and Trina sing that “I feel more helpless than I have in years.” This is especially chilling for Charlotte given that she has been portrayed as such a pillar of strength and happiness.

She is shown to be very devoted to the medical profession but you can’t help but wonder just how much the AIDS epidemic, watching her friends die and suffer, and silence from the medical field and even her own community had left her jaded.

Like… I love her. P l e a s e, more recognition and love for Charlotte.


Tom Hiddleston lifting Ladies not so gently with only one arm