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Title: interview

7 days of imagines

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“So uh can you talk about the prosthetic a little bit and what was the process?” Chris asked
I sat in the crowd as I watched Chandler talk on live tv about the episode “Sing Me A Song” where he had a huge role in. Chandler gave Karen a shout out with all her hard work and talked about how it was a advantage and disadvantage with it.
“…I also lost my depth perception for like 10 ½ hours.”
“That’s how carl has to live everyday man!” Chris joked which made me laugh
“Yeah. The twin who play Judith hated my prosthetic though. They were scared of me! They used to love me. They love my girlfriend though, she brags about it all the time” Chandler told them
“Ah, yes your girlfriend (Y/N) right? Wow, it’s so weird, your still the 10 year old to me so hearing you have a girlfriend.” Chris said
“Yeah, she’s amazing with the kids. She’s just amazing” Chandler told him…and everyone in the crowd and everyone watching at home.
Chandler nodded and smiled. He then looked over at the crowed and smiled at me. I waved at him.


I will never get tired of Peridot talking about how much she loves the Earth and the life she has now.

I’m so fucking happy for her.

“I’ve been just… living!”

And that’s the catch.

That’s the answer to Amethyst. Just… live.

Also I will never get tired of Peridot bragging about her metal powers.



“Earth can set you…free.”

I couldn’t have put it better myself.

What a good dorito.


Reasons to Love Aracely: The only part, because if I included them all it’d just be every appearance she has ever made in a comic ever <33

Watching Critical Role Live: episode 78 - The Brunch Club
  • Laura matched her nails to her sweater she’s too cool
  • Liam was wearing two kinds of plaid at once and somehow made it work
  • Taliesin’s Percy playlist is Cruel and Unfair
  • I’m glad their dad isn’t there, but I was kinda hoping Thordak would eat their dad as a Christmas Miracle.
  • “High-tech Hindenburg” = “metaphor for Vox Machina”

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Anyone else stressing out about how Supergirl has changed in 2A? I don’t know if it’s because of the move to the CW but I feel like Kara’s not as badass now than in season 1. And even though I know Calista didn’t want to come back for season 2, I still miss Cat so much she made me laugh so hard with her interactions with Kara and the whole CatCo storyline. I loved Kara and James together as well I enjoyed the massive build up all through the first season and now it’s just not happened like it’s been erased and she’s already moved on to Mon-El. Where did Lucy go as well? All these characters that have left without a proper explanation makes me really sad. I hope being on the CW doesn’t mean the show will focus more on the romantic relationships between characters (including sanvers) because I freaking loved all of the fights and DEO scenes. Don’t get me wrong, I love sanvers but I don’t want it to take over the show as I fear it could do (I can already feel myself getting so attached to them oops). I don’t know if it’s just me but I just think Supergirl isn’t the same as season 1 and I’m praying the show doesn’t go downhill because god I love this show.

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I feel sorry for Chris Wood bc Mon-El would have made a really interesting side character but they reduced him to frat boy love interest and I feel sorry for Melissa bc I know her feminist self is not okay with Kara being guilt tripped into like Mon-El and I feel like the writers are trying hard but the network is forcing them to take a different route and bc the network has the money the writers have no choice Tl;dr Capitalism is antifeminist

Same like Chris Wood seems like a pretty good dude and Mon-el is actually quite funny when he’s not pining over Kara and poor Melissa was so excited for season 2 cause she wanted to see Kara grow more into herself but instead we got the shitshow that is kara/mel i’m mad anw in conclusion the cw can choke 

things i’ve learned from hannah kasulka’s twitter that make me love ben daniels even more:

- he calls her dog his girlfriend

- in one take alfonso’s shoe made a noise like a fart and he laughed so hard that he cried

- he nagged her about making a mess with her green demon vomit

- they both watch the show together so they can live tweet. she brings her dog.

Proposal Instructions by Papachika und Nozomom

I laughed so hard i needed my inhaler because im betting Maki would toooootally do this if the the time comes

but Nico has her overprotective parents Eli and they wouldnt just let their daughter get married to any other person even if it was the heir of the most renowned hospital

If you break her heart; I will break your face

Judy sing her babies (adoptive or not up to you) the animal version of Rock-A-Bye Baby (Rock-A-Bye Kit?) to lull them to sleep.  But when she gets to the “And when the wind blows, the cradle will fall, and down will come kit, cradle and all…” She crams “but I will catch you before you hit the ground and arrest who ever put you in a tree to fall because I love you, and you’re precious and special” into the tone as quickly, as seriously, and as much as she can.

Nick laughs so hard every time he hears her do it.

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I love Super Junior because they are great artists, period. Singers, actors, dancers, comedians, hosts, dj's... give each an opportunity and they'll shine in whatever area asked. And I love them because they made me laugh and feel during a very difficult time in my life: recovering from cancer surgery and complications while helping my sister as her husband was dying from cancer and helping my mother prepare to start dyalisis... Yesung's voice in particular helped and still helps to this day.

Oh my gosh, you’ve been through so much. I really admire your strength to get through those hard times. I’m really happy to know that you’ve recovered. I pray that both you and your family have a happy and healthy life ahead of you. :’) 

so earlier today i was watching return of the jedi with my mom and once it was over she made her way towards the kitchen to grab a snack and so i decided to wrap my blanket around myself like obi wan kenobi’s robe and i sneaked up behind her in the kitchen and then i seriously said “the force is strong with me, mother.” and my mom was like wtf until she turned around and laughed insanely hard and so she just fell to the ground laughing. i didn’t know whether to help her or feel accomplished 

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top 5 manga protagonists

  1. Yona from Akatsuki no Yona!!! She gets so much development, from a sheltered princess to a warrior and leader. I love her relationship with all the people she spends time with on her travels.
  2. Keito from Cat Street. She grows so much throughout the series and really gets to a good place, despite her past trauma.
  3. Momo from Peach Girl. I adore her so much…….. I love her passion and how outspoken she is!
  4. This is a purely nostalgic one, but I really love Hikari from Special A. She made me laugh so much, and I think my admiration of her (as well as many other similar characters) is the reason I work so hard to this day.
  5. Okay this technically isn’t manga but I LOVE Hong Sul from Cheese in the Trap. Of the characters I’ve listed, she is definitely the character I relate to the most. Honestly, I could write an essay about how much I relate to her and her circumstances, but I’d be here all day LOL

Thank you ❤️️❤️️❤️️


So everybody on your current team turn into walkers, who would be the hardest one to kill emotionally? (x)

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I was about to take a normal shower but you posted a new chapter so now it's going to be a crying shower 😂. But I do truly love the new chapter!

I’ve literally had the worst day ever (like crying in your office with your door closed bad), and this made me laugh so hard.

Thank you so much nonnie! You totally made my night LOL.

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I Can’t Save Her: Part 28

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Are requests still open? O: I know you've got a lot right now (take your time, if anyone complains then theyre, pardon my language, /fuckin rude ass people/) but if you end up getting to it at some point in this lifetime, may I have a short request to their gf saying she'll share her peanut m&m's with them? (This probably sounds really strange but I don't share my peanut m&m's with /anyone/ they're like drugs to me I swear, and I don't tend to eat many sweets either but they're an exception lol)

This made me laugh so hard but also made me super happy like you don’t even understand xD I know this took forever and I’m sorry I hope you like it~

Gifs aren’t mine

Seokjin was actually really touched that you would share something that you loved so much with him - especially if that something was food. He’d tell everyone that would listen that he got to eat some of your favorite food and they didn’t, a wide smile on his face the entire time.

Yoongi tried to act very nonchalant about the whole thing, but the gummy smile on his face as he savored the food you’d given him gave away how he really felt, though he didn’t really care that you knew; he didn’t mind if you teased him so long as you continued sharing with him.

Hoseok was almost giddy as you offered him some of your favorite food, nearly forgetting the food completely as he beamed at you and told you he loved you over and over again. He would eventually take the food from you, popping it into his mouth and eating it like there was no tomorrow.

Namjoon loved that you were offering your favorite food to him, but he didn’t want to take it from you if it made you so happy. So, instead, he acted jokingly disgusted by the food, scoffing and saying he didn’t like them; it made you laugh, and you got to eat all of what made you so happy, so it was a win-win for both of you.

Jimin actually was touched that you would share your favorite food with him, but he was going to over-dramatisize his reaction; he would act over-the-top as he “graciously” accepted the food from you, only to laugh and mutter a sincere thanks before eating what you’d given him.

Taehyung would assure you that you didn’t have to offer him any of your food, especially since it was your favorite, but he’d take what you’d offered and eat it before you could try to take it back, not wanting to miss his chance at eating the food that you loved so much.

Jungkook would end up making a joke about the whole thing, pretending to get flustered as he took a step back and asked if you were sure that you were ready for that step in the relationship. Of course, he’d snatch the food from you before you could take it back, grinning all the while.

Shadowhunters talking about Avengers
  • Livvy: In Emma's defense, Cameron's annoying, but he's hot.
  • Julian: *gives her a look*
  • Livvy: I mean, if you like guys who look like a readheaded Captain America, which I... don't?
  • Cristina: Captain America is definitely the most handsome Avenger, but I like the Hulk. I would like to heal his broken heart.
  • Julian: We're Nephilim. We're not even supposed to know about the Avengers!
  • Julian: ...
  • Julian: Besides, Iron Man is obviously the best-looking.
  • Mark: I have no idea who the Avengers are.

Fin made this at school for Saylor. She sounded out every word and wrote it all by herself, and you should have seen the grin on saylors face when Fin read it to her.

“Sister I love you because you make me laugh so hard and you make me jump so high.” 💗