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Here’s a silly one. Rank Katie’s roles in terms of hawtness (@rtracker).

Alrighty. This killed me, because personally, I would just choose them all. Can’t I just have them all??? It was almost as difficult as having to decide which character I would date (a high point in my life), so thanks for that! But first I had to consider my criteria for Maximum Hawtness™. It was necessary. I mean we all know Katie is gorgeous and hot af no matter what. So instead I had to consider things beyond Katie’s perfect face.

Sooo personal style, attitude, the way she carries herself, innocence vs. …naughtiness? Sauciness? Can that be a thing? Sure! Oh, and chemistry and interactions with other characters. That’s a big one. Leaving out the usual characters. So here is my list.

1. Kate Foster (But of course!)

Pretty sure a lot of you have seen me freak out about Kate. When it comes to judging hawtness, I am all for the sharp and pointy. When did the question of wanting fries cause anyone to become uncomfortably aroused?? When Kate Foster asked the question, that’s when! Kate is smooth, seductive and she spends pretty much her entire date with Erica looking like she is ready to rip her clothes of with her teeth. …Yeah that’s pretty hot. Bonus points for the lingering touches and the sex hair the morning after. #shooketh

2. Lena Luthor

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The perfect combination of sharp and pointy and soft and squishy. There is definitely something about her that has drawn so many in. The heart-eyes, the perfect buns, the eyebrows, the lip-bite, the red lipstick… Then there is the fact that she dresses like she’s on her way to view the next big line during fashion week (That Magenta Coat™ tho). Speaking of the lip biting, heart-eyes, and eyebrows, is it me or is Lena more flirty than pretty much all of Katie’s characters combined? Throw all of that on top of the fact that she is an angel and classy af and you can just consider me deceased.

Pssst. If you are for any reason interested in more of Katie being hot and/or my somewhat warranted opinion/endless thirst, keep reading! Ok let’s move on.

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Unrequited Ch.1

The common room was full of smiles and laughter as the team of humans and Alteans took a moment to relax. They played a number of games, suggested by both species in the castleship. Norwillian Jerkestand was a surprisingly fun game that seemed like a combination of Truth or Dare and The Question Game. One person would be asked a trivia question and given a ridiculous dare. If the person answered correctly or completed the dare, then they would give the asker a personal question they had to answer truthfully. However, if the person answered wrong or failed to complete the dare, then the asker would ask the whole group a personal question they had to answer truthfully.

That is how they got in this situation, with Lance dangling hazardously from a support beam he was dared to climb. He got up to the beam, but he slipped before he could reach the light that was his goal. Hunk and Shiro stood below him, ready to cushion his fall.

“Guys, if I fall, and you’re right below me, there’s no way you could catch me. I’d land on your heads!” After Lance’s surprisingly good point, Shiro and Hunk each took a step back. Now, both of them held their arms out bridal style next to each other. Lance decided that would be good enough, so he let go of the beam he had been holding. He let out an embarrassing squeal as he dropped the short distance into his friends arms, where his breath was knocked out of him. Shiro and Hunk supported Lance perfectly, but Lance landed in their arms the wrong way. His thighs were alright, but it hurt when his sternum impacted with two large arms.

“You good, bro?”/“Are you alright?” Hunk and Shiro asked as they gently set Lance on his feet. He stood for a moment in silence, worrying the others that there might be something wrong, before he spoke up.

“I failed the dare.” Though it was a simple statement, and didn’t mean anything bad, Lance spoke as though a great tragedy has occurred. Keith simply scoffed, smirking.

“I told you you couldn’t reach the light,” Keith stated.

“Well why don’t you try it then?” Lance retorted.

“That’s not the way the game works. You have to answer a question now, and so does the rest of the team,” Keith taunted.

“Fine. What is it, then?” Lance pouted.

Everyone waited while Keith paused, realizing he had forgotten to think of a question. He racked his brain for something better than ‘what is your favorite animal’ or ‘what is your best subject in school’. He glanced around the room, trying to find something that would inspire a good question, but there was nothing interesting enough. Suddenly, he saw Lance rub his wrist, and he immediately knew what to ask.

“Who’s your soulmate?” Keith was genuinely interested after he thought of it. Lance is always flirting with random aliens, maybe his was platonic or something. Lance had paused, but Coran cut in before Lance had a chance to answer.

“On the fact of soulmates, I had been wondering how those work for humans. I wasn’t even sure if you had them,” Coran mentioned. “Would one of you mind explaining human soulmates to Allura and I?” His eyes scanned the crowd.

“Soulmates are complex things. Almost everyone on Earth has a soulmate,” Pidge spoke up with an in-depth description of Human soulmates, likely found on her computer. “They’re marked by a name written on the inside of your right wrist. The most common type of soulmate is a romantic bond, it means that they are destined to be together and love each other. The second most common type of soulmate is a platonic bond. Platonic soulmates are destined to be together, but they are there more for mutual comfort and support rather than love. There are three more types, but all of them are exceedingly rare; mentor, unrequited, and unmarked bonds. Mentor bonds are when the soulmates are destined to teach each other. This could manifest as a student-teacher like relationship or simply as someone leading you to a large revelation in your life. An unrequited bond means that one person has a soulbond, but that person either has someone else, or has an unmarked bond. This could lead to some form of a relationship between the Unrequited and their soulmate or it could leave the Unrequited lonely or depressed. Unmarked bonds are when someone simply doesn’t have a soulmark, so they have no way of knowing who their soulmate is.”

Coran spoke next, “For Alteans, soulmates are not simply assigned. We do have differing types of soulmate bonds, as humans do, but ours are bonds that were built. There are many different types of soulmate bonds, ranging from familial bonds to lover bonds to soldier bonds and more. Familial bonds mean that you have formed a platonic connection strong enough to be considered true family. This can be seen mainly as siblings or parent and child, but can be found as cousins, aunt/uncle and niece/nephew, grandparent and grandchild, etcetera. Lover bonds are just as they sound, a strong bond between lovers. Soldier bonds are when a bond is formed during a time of struggle. This can be seen as an actual war, or as something like fighting depression or anxiety, or having a large conflict with another. There are more types as well, such as one similar to the mentor bond you mentioned, but there are much too many to speak of now. Though we do not have any sort of ‘unmarked’ or ‘unrequited’ bond, as we form our own. For an Altean, your bond is shown during a time of great connection through the coloring of our cheek scales. The colors represent the bonds, and can oftentimes have more than one.”

“Dang, that’s so cool!” Hunk exclaimed. “So, are we going to share our soulmates now?” He paused for only a single tick before continuing. “Because I wanna go first! Okay, my soulmate is Shay.” Groans were heard from the group, accompanied by an ‘I told you so’ from Pidge as Hunk continued speaking, “She is really cool and awesome, but we aren’t sure about what type of relationship we have. It’s either platonic or romantic. For now we’re settling on platonic, with the whole, oh you know, war with the Galra to save the universe going on. When that’s over though, we wanna explore a bit together and see if it might be romantic.”

“D’awwww. Hunk, my man, you’re so cute. You have such a huge puppy-love crush on her, I would bet my favorite pair of sunglasses that you guys have a romantic bond,” Lance cooed, loving the way Hunk would gush about his perfect lady.

“Alright, well aside from the fact that Hunk in no way has a platonic bond, I do,” Pidge butted in, “None of you guys would know him though. It’s a guy I met in sixth grade. We bonded over nerd stuff and he actually helped me learn how to act like a guy and get used to pretending to be a guy when I snuck into the Garrison.”

There were various comments from the team of how her acting made more sense and how cool that was. There was a slight pause before Shiro decided to speak up next.

“I always wanted to meet my soulmate on my own. I didn’t want to search them out by their name or always wonder if anyone who had that name was my soulmate. Because of that I- I didn’t really pay attention to what the name was. I usually covered it with a sweatband or something and tried not to look at it much. When my arm was taken, I didn’t have to worry about that anymore… But now I can’t remember their name and I have no way of knowing who it was.” Emotions ran heavy through the air as Shiro took a few calming breaths.

Keith placed a hand on Shiro’s shoulder, silently reassuring his brother-like figure.

“You’ll find them, they’ll know,” Hunk said as he passed a plate of cookies over to their leader.

Pidge gave Shiro a sympathetic look from over the top of her computer, and Lance smiled sadly, “Hey, they’re your soulmate. They’ll find you.”

“Now you are free to find your own soulmates, like us,” Allura said. “I haven’t found a soulmate yet, though with these times being as they are I’m nearly positive that my bond will be one of alliance or soldier.”

Coran dove in shortly after, “I have found my soulmate! You all will actually know of them, especially you, Allura! King Alfor was my soulmate.” A chorus of exclamations rose from his listeners at that statement, settling down only after realizing Coran would not finish until they were quiet. “We were brothers who became soldiers together. I was only a servant at the castle before we found our bond. After that, Alfor started looking more into my files and decided to promote me to Royal Advisor! We worked and joked side by side for many a year before the terrible incident with Zarkon. He saved the lions, his castle, daughter, and brother. I only wish I could have saved him as well.”

Allura rested her hand on Coran’s shoulder. They took a moment of silence before looking up and motioning to the final two paladins that they should tell their stories. The two looked at each other and communicated with their eyes. Keith seemed unwilling to share about his soulmate. Lance steeled his resolve and spoke up.

“You guys all have such cool stories about your soulmates, I kind of feel awkward about how short mine is. I have an unrequited bond. I met them long ago, but they never recognized me even after I tried to approach them about it.” Lance stated it like a long-rehearsed verse, quick and to the point. His tone left little to question, except—

“Who was it?” Shiro asked. Lance simply shook his head, refusing to say a name.

Keith took that as his queue to speak up. “My story is also pretty short. I have a soulmate. I haven’t met him.”

“Well, can we ask you who it is?” Hunk prodded.

Keith nodded, rubbing his wrist gently. He spoke one simple word, a noun, a name. As Keith moved his lips to say it, Lance’s world stopped. His whole universe jerked to a halt and started spinning in reverse, his mind was racing faster than the castle going through a wormhole.

“Wait… What?”

I finally got this posted!! I have been trying all day to post this!! Here is chapter 1, 1775 words of my first story! I hope you all like it!

We met in a kindergarten. A Yousana AU

Part I here

Part II here

Part III here

Part IV

“Who’s Sana Bakkoush?”

“No one” Yousef said closing his laptop

He was at Adam’s with Mikael and Mutta. He thought the boys were still outside playing basketball so he had taken the chance to search for Sana on Facebook. He knew it was lame to do that but it was the only way he could think to contact her. Still, as soon as he had found her profile all he had done was staring at it not daring to send the friend request. It wasn’t until Adam had arrived and asked him who she was that he realized how much time it had passed.

“She’s clearly someone, you were looking at her profile” Mikael, who was standing next to Adam, said

“I wasn’t looking at her profile”

“Who’s profile?” Mutta asked as he entered the room

“No one” Yousef said

“Sana Bakkoush” Adam corrected him

“Bakkoush?” Mutta frowned “Does she have a brother named Elias?”

“Yeah…do you know her?” Yousef asked confused

“No…well…I know her brother, Elias. He’s at my gym, we’re gym buddies” Mutta explained “And I think her sister came by once to give him some keys”

“Are you sure it was her?” Yousef insisted

“Well, I don’t know, she didn’t say her name but I think Elias said she was his sister. I didn’t actually get to see her that well but she was petite, tough look, wears a hijab?”

“Yeah, that’s her” Yousef said

“Well, she’s hot” Mutta shrugged

I thought you hadn’t seen her that well” Yousef said squinting his eyes

“Ohh!! Yousef is jealous!!” Adam joked

“I’m not jealous”

“Come on Yousef, tell us, who is she?” Mikael asked

“She’s the aunt of one of my students. I’ve only seen her like three times or something like that but…damn she drives me crazy. She’s beautiful and smart and witty and sarcastic and funny and she’s like the best aunt ever and god she’s so beautiful”

“Yousef man, you’re in love!” Mutta laughed

“I don’t know what this is but I do know that this has never happened to me before”

“Then ask her out” Adam simply said

“Do you know me? I’m Yousef. I’m awkward Yousef, I don’t know how to do that. The closer I’ve got to that is telling her that I want to drink real coffee with her”

“Well, it’s a start” Mutta said

“Why don’t you add her on facebook?” Mikael asked

“That’d be weird.” Yousef said shaking his head “The thing is that I don’t really know when I’ll see her again, the only way I have to see her is when she comes to pick her niece up so…who knows how long it’d be till I see her again?”

“Well if you want to see her sooner, then you have to do something about it” Adam said

“Or, you could wait and see what happens. If you two are meant to be together she’ll come soon” Mutta suggested

“Since when are you this philosophical?” Yousef asked chuckling

“What are you talking about? I’ve always been the wisest of the group”

The boys laughed at that and while Adam and Mikael teased Mutta, Yousef thought about his choices. Maybe Mutta was right, maybe he needed to wait and see what happened. If they were meant to be together she’d go to the kindergarten again and maybe then Yousef could do something about it and finally ask her out. All he could do now was hope that it wouldn’t be long till he’d see her again.


Luckily he didn’t have to wait that long.

Two days after that conversation Yousef was talking to one of the teachers at the kindergarten, Lotte, his back to the door when he heard the door being opened. Before he could turn around Lotte stopped the conversation and walked to the person that had entered the room.

“Can I help you?”

“Uh…yeah I’m here to pick up my niece”

He heard her voice and smiled to himself before turning around. There she was, Sana Bakkoush.

“Uh…there are still 15 minutes left. Do you want me to call her or…?” Lotte said looking at her watch

“No…no…I…I just” Sana looked around and her eyes landed on Yousef who was looking at her amused.

“Lotte, it’s okay, I can take care of it” Yousef said walking over to them “I know her”

“Oh, okay then I’m going to get going then, Emmelie said I could leave early today” she said as she grabbed her coat and leaving.

“You could’ve come sooner” Sana said once they were left alone

“Yeah but I was having so much fun watching you trying to find an excuse as to why are you here so early”

“I don’t need and excuse, I’m just a punctual person, you said it yourself” Sana said matter-of-factly

“Sure” he said chuckling

“You know, I have something for you but I don’t really know if you deserve it” she said pointing at the bag she was holding

“Okay, okay, I’ll behave” he said putting on an innocent face

Sana rolled her eyes and took the cups from the bag. She handed one of them to Yousef with a smile

“Since you’re always bringing me coffee, I thought this time was my turn” Sana said smiling

“Wow…this I wasn’t expecting” Yousef said grinning widely at her

“I can be nice sometimes” Sana shrugged

“You are” he said taking a sip from his cup “This is actually really great”

“It’s from the coffee shop in the corner. You said you wanted real coffee”

“Yeah well when I said that I meant it as us two going there to get it on a date” Yousef said without thinking

Sana widened her eyes and blushed.

“Too blunt?” Yousef said biting his lip

Sana opened her mouth to talk but no sound came out of it, she was still in shock by his words.

“Wait, have I left Sana Bakkoush speechless? Sana “you can’t tell me what to do” Bakkoush doesn’t know what to say. This is epic” he said laughing

“Shut up Mr. Perfect” Sana said glaring at him

“It’s Mr. Rules if you don’t mind” Yousef corrected her

Sana shook her head and laughed.

“Hey want to see something cool?” he asked her


“Follow me”

He turned around and led the way to the teachers’ room.

“Oh, Emmelie I didn’t know you were here” Yousef said a little startled to see his boss there

“Yeah, I’m just finishing some stuff…everything alright?” she asked looking at Sana

“Yes, yes, uh she’s Sana, she’s Nadia Bakkoush’s aunt”

“Oh, Nadia is such a lovely girl” Emmelie said smiling

Sana smiled back at her awkwardly.

“So is there something wrong or…?”

“No, no uh…Sana, she came to pick Nadia up and she had some…questions about her so I thought that we would be better here” Yousef said nervously

“Okay, sure” Emmelie nodded

“Yeah…uh…maybe someone should be out there in case someone comes?” Yousef suggested trying to make Emmelie leave

She squinted her eyes at him but then nodded, understanding what was going on.

“Sure, I’ll go there, you can stay here”

Sana smiled shyly at her as she walked past by her.

“So I have some questions about Nadia, huh?” Sana asked raising an eyebrow at him once they were alone

“Would’ve you preferred me to tell her that you’re here to flirt with me?” he teased her

“I am not here for that” Sana said crossing her arms in her chest

“Well, that’s a shame” he shrugged

“Okay, where does this bluntness come from?” She asked chuckling

“Honestly? I have no idea” he said, and he didn’t.

He wasn’t the kind of guy who would easily flirt with a girl, he was Yousef, awkward Yousef, dork Yousef. But with Sana, it was different, he felt so comfortable that he sometimes would forget to think before talking.

“So, what did you want to show me?”

“Oh yeah, well the other day we were teaching the kids the difference between emotions. So we asked them to write the people they loved the most, the people they had fun the most with and the people they admire the most…Want to see Nadia’s drawings?”

“Uh, yeah of course!”

Yousef opened a folder and searched for Nadia’s drawings.

“These are the people she loves the most” he said handing a paper to Sana

Aww look at Jamilla and Abdu…I love how she painted Jamilla’s sunglasses in her head, she always wears them there” Sana laughed

“Yeah, she has talent” Yousef agreed “This is the person she has the most fun with”

“Ahh, Elias, that doesn’t surprise me” Sana said smiling as she looked at the second drawing “Elias has like the same mental age as her”

Yousef laughed at that comment and picked up the last drawing

“And this…this is the person she admires the most”

Sana took the picture from his hand and looked at it. For a moment she was confused. Nadia had drawn a girl dressed as a doctor and with a black hijab. Then it hit her, Nadia had drawn her. Joy tears came to her eyes.

“Is this me?” she asked

“Yeah, she told me she wants to be like her aunt Sana”

“Thank you, thank you for showing me this” Sana said moved by the drawing

“That girl loves you Sana…and I can see why” he said smiling at her “So…are you a doctor?”

“No” she chuckled “well, not yet. I’m studying medicine at the Oslo University”

“Wow, I knew you were smart but damn…”

“Okay this new bluntness in you is making me blush” Sana said looking at the floor

“I’m sorry, I just can’t help myself” he chuckled

Sana looked at him and smiled. Who was this boy that could make her feel like a kid and an adult all at once?

“Yousef, the classes are about to end” Emmelie said as she opened the door

“Oh, I better wait for Nadia outside then” Sana said “Uh, thanks for your time Yousef”

Sana smiled at him and then she turned around and left the room.

Yousef started to follow her but was stopped by Emmelie who looked at him with a smirk

“So, since when do you have meetings with the kids’ relatives? And with coffee?”

“Oh shut up” he said rolling his eyes but embarrassed at the same time.

He got out of the room and looked around to find Sana but there were too many kids and parents there and no sign of her. She had already left. What was it with this girl that always disappeared before he could properly ask her out?


This is the fourth part!! Next part will be the last one

I don’t know if this is any good but I hope you’ve liked it

Thank you all so much for reading♥

For anyone currently going through Game of Thrones withdrawals, I would like to offer up an advertisement for a potential replacement - Black Sails. The premise is it’s the prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, and it’s basically like GOT if it was about pirates and also consistently good.

Some points in its favor:

  • similar themes about the nature of storytelling and the power of tropes and narrative to shape people’s lives
  • like GOT, frames itself as the gritty, realistic alternative to some of its genre’s more romanticized offerings
  • lots of morally gray characters and no one clear ‘villain’
  • serious and respectful depiction of rape and its aftermath
  • 75% of the queer characters survive to get happy endings
  • Anne Bonny is a tiny psychopath with two swords and zero fucks and I love her
  • Look at this asshole‘s ridiculous sunglass-wearing face and tell me you don’t instantly want to know everything there is to know about him: