i love her srry


100 days of the 100 ladies ♡ 18/100

i ship klema brotp

i just want ema skye and klavier gavin to be 

  • buddies
  • friends
  • bros
  • gals
  • homies
  • amigos
  • nintendo
  • pizza
  • complaining abt each other
  • talking about boyfriends
  • light hearted teasing each other
  • unoffensive burnfests
  • yo mama
  • listening to music in the office with speakers up all the way
  • confidants
  • the person b that complains about winston and gaspen paine to the other’s person a that throws snackoos at the paynes when they aren’t looking
  • buddy convincing the other buddy to coordinate with her boyfriend for a social event
  • “lets get drunk because our boyfriends are going back to their country for the time being and they have jobs and we have jobs”
  • practical jokes
  • practical jokes on miles edgeworth on the entire prosecutor’s office 
  • house keys
  • water your plants while you’re on tour/investigating cases in khura’in?
  • i just 

i just



rapier squadron

okay so i read ‘before the awakening’ and took copious notes about poe and his rapier squadron aka the squadron he commanded in the republic and took with him to the resistance as well 

so here are some new characters you can use in your fanfiction from now on!!!! (please do use them they’re amazing)

  • rapier squadron is an x-wing starfighter squadron
  • its members are:
    • commander poe dameron
      • callsign is “rapier leader”
      • he loves his #squad very much
      • extremely devoted to the resistance
      • basically a resigned dad @ karé and iolo’s antics
      • wants to make sure everything he’s been doing is worth it because his father’s greatest fear was that what he was doing was not going to be worth anything in the end
      • his mom (also a pilot) died when he was eight
    • lieutenant (later promoted to captain) karé kun
      • callsign is “rapier two”
      • she is honestly a knockout. she is gorgeous
      • a legitimate piece of information we are given is that karé’s legs are too long for the cockpit
      • always puts her hair into complicated braids
      • has no problem with being playful and cracking jokes even in dangerous situations
      • becomes a captain when they join the resistance and captains the ‘stiletto squadron’
    • lieutenant (later promoted to captain) iolo arana
      • callsign is “rapier three”
      • a pissbaby
      • no just kidding he just complains a lot about everything
      • has a tendency to ramble
      • a bit of a reluctant hero - kinda has to be dragged into stuff but when he commits he commits 100%
      • unlike karé and poe (and possibly muran), he is not human - he’s actually keshian. keshians are, for all intents and purposes, exactly like humans, except for one thing: his eyes are larger and weirdly colored and can see not only visible light but UV light and infrared radiation as well
      • becomes a captain when they join the resistance and captains the “dagger squadron”
    • lieutenant muran
      • callsign was “rapier four”
      • died in one of rapier squadron’s missions when they were still working for the republic and is the reason why the three of them went against their superior’s orders and caught the attention of leia organa
      • not a lot is known about muran but he was a bit of a stickler for rules
  • basically all just great friends!!!
  • super fangirl-y about each other (at the end of one of their missions they spend about five minutes exalting their own virtues and how good they are and how well they all work together i mean can you imagine)
  • have a lot of fun together - karé and iolo like to make fun of poe a lot and poe reprimands them but laughs along anyway bc he loves them and they are all best friends
  • here’s my favorite quote that really sums them all up:

“Rapier Two.” Lieutenant Karé Kun sounded positively bored. “Everything’s green, Commander.”

“Rapier Three, and I have to agree with Rapier Two, Commander.” This was Iolo Arana, flying to Poe’s withdrawn starboard. “This is another waste of fuel and time.”

“Rapier Four. Standing by.”

“You see,” said Poe, “you should all follow Muran’s example, there. You hear how nicely Rapier Four reported in, without editorializing or anything?”

The sound of Karé’s yawning for effect came over Poe’s speakers. He grinned, despite himself.

SHINEE Music Recommendation

if you’re new to kpop or shinee , here are some of my favorite tracks from this group. Some of them are not really popular, but still a jam. please know that this is my personal opinion, all of shinee’s songs are great, but these ones are really great (at least for me lol)

READ!! I only putting the korean songs in this list, but if u want a japanese songs recommendation, ask me to do it!
Also, all the albums are not listed, because as I said, these are my favorite songs of them, but check out all the other albums, they are 🔥

If u want to read the info of this group click here


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* 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay) The First Mini Album - EP

- In My Room
- 사.계.한 (Love Should Go On)

* The Shinee World

- 산수 같은 너 Love Like Oxygen

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- 내 곁에만 있어 (Best Place)
- 혜야 (Y Si Fuera Ella)  *sheds a tear while listening to it live*

* The 2nd Album ‘Lucifer’

- 화살 (Quasimodo)
- Wowowow
- Your Name

* Sherlock

- Sherlock (Clue + Note) 

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(srry not srry )
- Alarm Clock

* The 3rd Album Chapter 1. 'Dream Girl - The Misconceptions of You’

- Spoiler
- Punch Drunk Love
- Runaway

* Why So Serious?: The Misconceptions of Me

- Why So Serious?

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- 오르골 Orgel
- Like a Fire
- 떠나지 못해 Sleepless Night

* The 5th Mini Album 'Everybody’

- 상사병 (Symptoms)
- 닫아줘 Close the Door
- Colorful

* The 4th Album (my favorite album)

- Odd Eye
- Love Sick
- View

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- Romace (my favorite)
- Black Hole

* 1 and 1 - The 5th Album Repackage

- Rescue
- If You Love Her
- 1 Of 1

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i’m srry I just had to
- Feel Good
- 투명 우산 Don’t Let Me Go
- Lipstick
- Don’t Stop