i love her soo

From beginning to end, Lillie was an amazing character in Pokemon Sun & Moon!!! Thank you Pokemon for such a wonderful companion!!! ❤️

Reasons I love Phillipa Soo

- her voice can move me to tears
- her heart is so big you can fit like 103847291927 of my crusty loveless ones inside of it
- the roles she’s had are so diverse but they all work for her
- she is so damned talented it is unfair
- you can see her personality in every picture there is of her.
- like literally every picture
- you see this happy girl that is too pure for this world and all she wants to do is spread joy and she’s pretty good at it
- two words: vocal range.
- her smile makes me feel like I’m all light and airy and I could fly
- “and your childlike eyes and your distant smile” is just,,, she sings it like she’s talking to you and at the same time she sings it to where it makes you think of that one person you’ve had a crush on for like five years and it just, sodhsldksn
- the EMOTION that she puts into her voice
- I got the opportunity to see her preform live once and I’m not even kidding when you hear her you feel like you’re being transported into another world
- words cannot describe how proud I am of her
- I just
- love
- pippa
- fucking
- soo
- this will be constantly updated because I find another reason to love her like every ten minutes