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Bughead idea

I have a very twisted serial killer AU idea for Bughead I desperately want to write but I’m writing so much! But I have so many ideas.

-Jughead who kills poetically

-He meets Betty who finds the crimes to be macabre but beautiful and falls in love

-she’s his uncorrupted angel

-so he starts killing for her, leaving lilies st the scene because he knows she loves them

-very very dark!jughead and dark!betty

-him writing letters to her like this:

Dear Betty,

I’ve never done something like this before. But I hope you’ll forgive me for my shaky hands and lackluster prose. You are truly an angel, uncorrupted by the world. I wish I could lock you up, my sweet song bird, so you would sing gentle things only to me. But I do not deserve such beauty in my presence. I’m a demon in mans skin.

I do hope you enjoyed the lilies. I know here your favorite.

Love forever,

A Ghost*

-dang I wanna write it so bad

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why don't you and Ellie ever post pics together? the fact you've been together so long at around the same age as me is inspiring as a wlw tbh... wish you the best and hope your struggles disappear little by little these coming months

This is mad invasive and wlw is actually something I find to be…. off? I don’t like seeing that I can’t explain it. I mean hell yea we’re lesbians but the whole wlw movement thing is very much a thing I can’t really say I know about. Elli and I have been in love since 2014 and living together since 2016. Elli doesn’t like for me take pics of her because she has horrible dysphoria and I am not one to push anyone to feel uncomfortable ever considering I hate having my picture taken and have severe body dysmorphic disorder. I think you probably haven’t been following our relationship for very long so it’s understandable if you don’t know these things. Speaking for us (which is weird but also fine we’re so similar) I feel like we don’t want to make each other feel bad just for the sake of social media. We take pictures sometimes but we keep them personal. Life is more than a blog or a page you know? Sorry if this is abrasive but I want to convey a message that even if you admire people or a relationship, we’re all just people, and living in our own ways.

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Hiiiiiii! ❤ + luvia and light sprinkle (I'm feeling very luviaish this morning)

Hello lovely!! :) ❤ This is the sweetest hc prompt! (apparently I am too as this brought on a very small ficlet as the hc - I hope I didn’t get too side-tracked!)

Lucy slipped her hand into Juvia’s own, her smile wide as she walked beside her girlfriend. It was nearing the end of summer but the weather was still beautiful. Out of the blue a light sprinkling of rain pushed through the smattering of clouds. Lucy glanced over at Juvia, though she knew not all rain was her rain, it still worried her. “Are you alright?”

“Me?” Juvia smiled, “Of course! Summer rain is my favourite…” For Juvia, a sun shower reminded her the rain isn’t always sad, plus in her eyes, Lucy was sunshine itself. 

“I s’pose it’s mine too…I like to dance in it, apparently it’s good luck!” Lucy giggled, and with a squeeze of Juvia’s hand she pulled her into the position for a relaxed waltz.

Juvia didn’t hesitate to fall into step with her, Lucy’s laughter was music to her ears.Yeah, sun showers are definitely my favourite rain… 

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It feels like the 'romance' between Jon and D are entirely by D point of view. At least for me. It's very difficult to know what Jon is thinking. And I don't believe undercover theory is totally right, but yes I think Jon tries to manipulate her (like Kit says "In a very kind way") and falls in love with her?... Idk.. Any thoughts?

Jon thinks she has a good heart.. ? 

I don’t know what Jon is thinking and I prefer not to speculate too much because honestly, I don’t think the show wants us to, so I don’t think we should bother, cause there’s nothing there to guess. That is, if Jon is playing here, I don’t think there are hidden suggestions for it in the way he raises his eyebrows. The raven fiasco of 7.6 proves to me how they don’t want us to think at all, just enjoy the action, dragons and whatever they seem to think we want. It’s kinda insulting really, because I feel like they assume we’re all idiots who lack the common sense to spot total bullshit even when it’s undressing in front of our eyes, dancing in front of our eyes. Bullshit like the raven fiasco. And Jon actually being able to not only stand, but also respect Dany’s trash. 

That said… it’s book canon that Jon is hard to read. ‘His face gave nothing away’. We’re not really supposed to read Jon Snow. It’s a reason for me to accept the way Kit plays his role, he grows in the part more every season. Where Emilia fails painfully to bring the complexity of Daenerys to the screen, Kit succeeds in making Jon a brooding, chronically depressed good guy with strong morals and a ruthless pragmatism, without actually doing much. A reason for us to either hate or love Daenerys is that Emilia can’t bring her greyness to the screen. That is, Emilia does nothing even though she should, and Kit does nothing and gets way with it cause it works. As Jon’s face doesn’t give much away. It’s not surprising to me that the Jonerys disaster came out of nowhere to many. 

That said, Tyrion saw him stare? And Davos? and I swear I saw Missandei wink at Dany at one point. 

My head canon is everyone on set eventually realized and accepted Kit and Emilia’s chemistry was cringy at worst, unnoticeable at best and therefore they just threw in those ‘Jon stares at Dany’ awkward mentions to not make that chicken filets rolling on top of each other scene too random. 

i told myself i was gonna finish that really old sketch of maevaris and i finally did it :’0)


emma swan + autumn

“I’m not letting you damn yourself!”

- Chapter 6: Family, The Awakening

art by @ichigomaniac


me, last night when I thought my best friend was abandoning me: I hate her and she’s the worst person ever and I’m never going to speak to her again so she’s knows how I feel!!
my best friend, this morning: hey, wanna hang out today
me, now: 💖💖💖💕💕💕❤❤😍😍😍😍✨✨❤❤💕😍😍💖💓😍💓💘💘😍💞💖💕💛💟😍💜❣💙💓💚💓💕❤😍😍💕💘😍💗 YES!!! ABSOLUTELY!! LET ME CLEAR MY SCHEDULE!!