i love her so mush

Help my wife found 12 new soft food recipes just cuz she doesn’t want me to starve since I got my wisdom teeth out. She’s so sweet and I love her so much for making me mush

anonymous asked:

just wondering, did you cancel amotale? sorry i are dumb

“ warning my bad English”

no i didn’t , i just need time maybe until glitchtale finch  

if you know glitchtale ( you should watch it 100\100 beautiful work ) 

i need to make sure me and @camilaart  have different story 

i love her work so mush <3 and some her ideas on glitchtale were the same ideas i thought about before ( no she didn’t take any of my ideas it was just Coincidence we have the same ideas )

for ex : the shapeshifter evil character i was thinking about that too be she did it before me \ undyne being a cop “ later in the chapters”\ the school and there will be a different kind of souls\ and many more….. X’D.

and sometimes people come to me and be like : Oh you are copying Camilaart 

no i am not in fact i made AMOtale before she made the second season of glitchtale  

but that’s not mean i am angry I am in fact  very happy to see how diffriend and same we think about “people \ monsters\ undertale “and how it will work out after the true ending .

and thank you for reading 

Fic: Romancing

A Chris Evans fanfic

Summary: Natalia takes a page out of Chris’s Mr. Romantic book.

Dedicated to @raveviolet for coming up with this amazing and sweet idea. Thanks, doll. :)

Warnings: language, slight angst??, fluff

Note: I found this one lost in my drafts. Thanks for reading! xx


He was tired. Tired and stressed. And fucking hungry.

What was originally scheduled for an eight hour filming day had quickly made a turn for the worst when the director had expressed again and again his dissatisfaction with each and every take. There were only so many ways an actor could recite the same, “This is operation suicide,” line before it would lose its hilarity. Chris was almost certain the new director was purposely being a dick for not appreciating a directing suggestion Chris had offered up the previous day, because it was now fifteen hours later – seven hours overtime.

“Fuckin’ asshole,” he cursed to himself, climbing the steps to his trailer. He was ready to crash after inhaling whatever he could scrounge up, hoping Josh was able to stock up the fridge before he had to hastily head off set to do whatever mysterious urgent matter he had to attend to.

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“This isn’t funny, Dean,” Castiel says shortly, balancing his cell phone between his ear and shoulder while trying to keep Claire from getting any more food in her hair. “It’s on the ceiling too! She got applesauce on the ceiling!”

On the other line, his boyfriend laughs.
“Well,” Cas huffs. “I’m glad my pain and suffering is amusing to you, Dean.”

“No, babe,” Dean manages to say in between all the laughter. “It’s just that now I know that when we have kids, I’ll probably have to be the one doing all the dirty work!”


Castiel almost drops his phone as his boyfriend’s words slowly process in his head. Dean said when they have children. Meaning that Dean sees him as someone he wants to be with for the long haul. So much that he’s thought about what their lives would be like if they were to raise children together. 



Dean sounds nervous, like he’s afraid he’s done something terribly wrong. “Um…I’m sorry for laughing at you, okay? And what I said…If you don’t wanna have kids with me I get it…I was just…”

“I love you, Dean,” Castiel interrupts any and all negative train of thought his beloved might be having. “I love you so much.”

Claire is still mushing applesauce into her face and Cas brushes a tiny blonde curl from her forehead. The brief contact makes the baby smile up at him with her messy face and only two little teeth and yeah, he can’t wait to have this with Dean.

“Yeah, Cas,” Dean says fondly over the line. “Me too.”

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I dont know what to say, this girl is nothing else then absolut amazing! Love her so mush and i know we are going to do some absolut awsome fun things together! @amyanderssen5 #siliconebimbos #siliconeboobs #plasicsurgery #plasticbarbies #dolltransformation #la #alnight #humanbarbie #humandoll #beauty

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All I want to be, yeah, all I ever want to be
Yeah, yeah, is somebody to you.
All I want to be, yeah, all I ever want to be
Yeah, yeah, is somebody to you.
Everybody’s tryin’ to be a billionaire.
But every time I look at you I just don’t care,
'Cause all I want to be, yeah, all I ever want to be
Yeah, yeah, is somebody to you.