i love her so much why

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i was just watching sanvers scenes in my room with my sister (i haven't come out to her yet) and she said she wanted to watch the scene where alex came out to her mom and i was like "well she didn't really come out to eliza, she just kind of figured it out" and then my sister went "oh kind of like how i figured out you're bi" and i was like BITCH WHAT THE FUCK


Diamond Dogs (Part 10) [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: Hi there!!! When do you think you’ll be updating the mob boss Barry AU?? I binge read it in about an hour and I am SO IN LOVE WITH IT. I’d love to see the reader be in a bit of trouble with Zolomon, maybe if she leaves with Cisco to go get something for Barry since he’s so tense, and Zolomon ends up hitting their car and taking the reader before they can do anything about it?? Or I’d love to see some domestic Barry and reader, cause I feel like the relationship Is really one sided at the moment - and I’d love to know why Barry loves the reader so much, and what he does besides like the fancy dresses to keep her happy. Really, like, what happens in their relationship that makes it so great. Thanks for being an awesome writer!! 💕💕💕

a/n: well, this is a lot..PLEASE RETWEET MY VIDEO!

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 |

Mob boss’ tend to be cold hearted. Barry is different though. He likes to think he was cold hearted once upon a time, before he met you. Somehow, you broke him. When he first met you, Cisco made a joke about him being ‘puddy in your hands’ because of how upset he got without you. Cisco didn’t make that joke again. But it’s true, he knows that.

His fingers card through your messy locks, brushing stray strands off your face. Your cheeks are flushed, puffed out slightly because of sleep. He sighs softly, hazel eyes glazed over in a daze, mapping out every crack and crinkle on you. His pale torso is twisted toward your body, arm drawn over his chest, curling underneath his side. “So beautiful…” he murmurs, fingertip outlining your cheek.

Fluttering your eyelashes, your eyes slowly and gradually peel open, adjusting to the stream of sunlight coming from the dark red curtains. Barry grins at you, rubbing circles on your skin. “‘orning.” you hum against his shoulder, making his heart soar. “Do you have a-…” you yawn, cutting yourself off, “any business today?” you ask in a tired voice, batting your eyes up at him. The loose white dress shirt hangs off your shoulders, exposing your upper back, the crease in between your shoulder blades crinkles.

Barry smirks faintly, “I’m all yours today, babydoll.” he mutters, hand roaming your sides. “What do you wanna do? Name it and we’ll do it.” he says quietly, light brown locks getting fuzzy from the velvet pillowcase under his head. Anything, he’ll do anything for you.

“What about… baby shopping?” you quip, nibbling on your lower lip. Slowly, his hand moves to cradle your growing bump, thumb rubbing against the skin.

His smirk turns into a smile and he pulls you closer, mindful of the baby. “Anything you want, doll.” he says softly, naked chest rising and falling. You grin brightly, fingers curling on his chest as his lips pucker at the top of your head.


Barry has never been shopping in his life. So, to say he’s a bit lost, is an understatement. Not that he’s…you know, going to admit to that. Instead, he continues to follow you around…what is it? Babies-R-Us?

“Don’t you think we got enough onesies, dollface?” he mumbles, gesturing the bundle of clothes in Cisco’s arms. Mob boss’ don’t carry their own stuff. Fact. You just ignore him, sorting through baby outfits. His black loafers scuff on the floor and he sways his black bomber jacket over his shoulder, red button down rolled up to his elbows. “He’s a fetus still!” he chuckles when you pick up a stuffed animal.

Scoffing you put the animal back in its place, spinning in your heel, baggy light blue sweater swaying. “I know that!” you roll your eyes, “I’m just looking.” you say curtly, nodding your head. Your sneakers squeak down the aisles while you glance around, picking up an item every now and then. “I’m hungry.” you pout suddenly, turning to Barry.

He cups your face, rings meeting with your warm skin. “Whatcha feelin’, babydoll?” he muses, nodding to Cisco to buy the clothes. The bodyguard staunters off and green eyes focus back on yours. Your brows crinkle together and you bite your lip. “Whatcha want?” he asks again, thumb padding across your cheek.

“IwantBigBellyBurger…” you mutter under your breath, words stringing together. He cocks an eyebrow. “I want Big Belly Burger.” you say more slowly, punctuating every word as you get closer to his face.

Barry laughs, brushing his nose with yours, “Okay, princess.” he says, voice airy. Oh, he really is puddy in your hands.

Listen. You can accept Noctis loves Luna and cares about her and still have your m/m ships. Like the game should’ve handled their relationship much better than it did and I’ll stand by that forever. But that doesn’t change the fact they do have one and it’s an important part of the plot.

I’m just so tired of seeing the same arguments and fan wars over and over.

  • Grant: Candice, why have you been avoiding me so much?
  • Candice: Because, grant, all you do...
  • Grant: * Comes closer to Candice* Is what?
  • Candice: All you do is post, on Instagram about you and your girlfriend, hell, you don't even mention anything about Westallen, or promote episodes, I am left to feel embarrassed.
  • Grant: Candice... I...
  • Candice: No grant, I am done...* walks towards door*
  • Grant: Candice, we need to talk! *Chases her*
  • Candice: there is nothing to talk about!
  • Grant: I love you...
  • Candice: * stops in tracks, grins, to wide for the mood* What?
  • Grant: I love you Candice, I always have, and I always will...
  • Candice: is this Barry? or Grant talking?
  • Grant: *Pulls Candice in and kisses her* What do you think?
  • Candice: I think we...*kisses his lips* will be needing a room soon.

i miss falcore (my cat who died abt a year ago) so much. he was so sweet and chill and good natured. basically the polar opposite of bandit who is rly mean (except to me bc she loves me) esp to other cats and is always getting into mischeif. sometimes i lookat her and go “why cant you be more like your brother” lmao

cute flustered nerds

Bubblegum will never not be annoyed that Zigzag is so much taller than her lmao

I’VE WANTED TO DRAW THESE TWO TOGETHER FOR…. A LONG WHILE NOW. I mean, I’ve done it before, but now that they’ve actually interacted I have a BETTER GRIP ON IT I THINK. They’re just…. They’re cute ok…..

[Zigzag belongs to @alainaprana!!]
[Bubblegum belongs to me!!]

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Totally agree with your reading. Of course her reaction is because she loves him, but it's so much more than that. The fact that Quinn has to ask her "why?" triggers everything she feels guilty about. He can't comprehend anything because of a messed up brain that may be her fault. He doesn't know how she feels because she didn't reciprocate until it too late. He can't understand her concern because she sometimes took him for granted. So yeah, mountains of guilt that Claire conveyed PERFECTLY.

What’s interesting too about the scene is it reveals this incredible imbalance in their current relationship. What I mean by that is that Quinn is shown to know very little but Carrie (and by extension the audience) knows a lot. 

Quinn doesn’t understand how he got there, so she shows him the video.

Quinn doesn’t know why she saved him and she can’t explain why. 

Quinn doesn’t know that she woke him up in a deliberate attempt to glean more info from him when she knew well the consequences it could invoke and she can’t tell him. 

Quinn doesn’t understand that she loves him and she can’t tell him that either. 

Quinn doesn’t know that she knows that he loves her and none of them can say that either.  

Their relationship–in strange and beautiful ways–exists in things left unspoken.

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Hi! I dont think ive seen any speculation about that but i dont get why the oa records herself when she comes home. I dont think she believes homer will see the tape? Is it a coping thing because she was always recorded in the basement? An other thing is, do you believe homer was in love with her as well? I feel like the only moment when I felt love was from her narration, never from the pictures and it makes me wonder if she made that up? Thanks for this blog!

Honestly, I’ve thought about this so much, and I’m still not sure. Two possibilities are…
1. OA believes that she can reach Homer through transient space, like through technology (maybe because she believes Homer is now in another dimension, that recording and posting about it ((or just recording at all)) could reach him through the various layers of existence)
2. Her telepathy???? because let’s face it they NEVER explained how she “read” Steve and BBA’s mind in the beginning ? And with the dog and stuff?????????

And as for Homer/OA, yes yes yes yes yes yes!!! I DO believe that Homer loved OA!!! I think Homer is real, that OA’s whole story is real. Some BIG ASS indicators that Homer loves OA are…
1. he forgives her when the ziplock bag (with their letter and his RING) goes downstream
2. he then talks her out of her broken/self-loathing state
3. he volunteers to go first in the “awake during experiment” stuff, and tries and tries again… and not just for himself and his own escape, but for all of them – and especially OA, because before this they didn’t have any inspiration or any ideas… but at that point they know they’re all in it together, so he does this for all of them
5. his guilt after “cheating” on OA with Renata
6. and then doing the movements with her for HOURSSSS after they “make up”
7. his reaction to OA when they finally get to touch, however briefly, and how he reacts when Hap takes her away
8. them talking about the garden and making things grow… “and the rain will come.”
9. umm…. just….????????? the way they work together so naturally and begin to develop a sense of community that literally lets them survive?? how he always talks to her so positively????? omg i could go on

Thank you so much for this ask !! It was so fun to answer tbh. Please tell me what you think!

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I love Vilde so much I don't understand all the hate towards her... I mean, maybe it's because she looks like a lot of people: lost, confused maybe all the time, problematic... I just love her. (btw u are the best, ily)

i think the hate stems from her being pretty intense, which people can interpret as “annoying af”, and her constantly saying problematic stuff towards Sana and other people, you know?

idk man i love her with all my heart!!! she’s ignorant but you can see her try hard to understand when noora tries to explain to her why what she said is wrong!! i think she’s gonna get much better in the future and i just want her to be ok!!

(also thank u!! ilysm)

Today om campus I ran into one of my best friends and as soon as she saw me she said “why are you so calm and happy, you have an oral exam in 10 minutes” and that’s what I love about her, she senses the slightest change in my mood. It’s almost as if she can read my mind. She knows me so well and she actually saw I took my anxiety meds. I’ve known her since I was a toddler and oh my goodness I love her SO MUCH



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*sees your post abt seventeen + Greek gods/goddesses while mumbling to self* Honestly if I were a Greek god I'd be Hades- *scrolls down to see Dino as Hades* *Begins freaking out because I love Lee Chan/Dino* WHY DO I LOVE HER SO MUCH IDK BUT THANK YOU -Dino's nerdy fangirl

Tbh I don’t know a lot of gods off by heart so I was on Wikipedia and I was running out of gods to co-ordinate to the boys and I saw Hades and I was like OH YES

I knew I needed to use him. And I pictured Dino in the suit (but prolly without the jacket and tie, with some buttons undone and some THICC eyeliner), just sitting in a big hell throne with his knees spread wide in a nice Daddy stance and all slouched down. Like hell yeah

I want this AU now. (But I already have too much on my plate fuck)


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Hi Callie! This is super out of the blue but I saw you put a really sweet tag on my selfie and then I saw you have a PIGEON and ahhhhh are there pictures? is there a pigeon tag??? I wanted one for such a long time, I heard they're absolutely lovely! (ALSO HEY thank for the nice words, this is why I clicked over int he first place)

HOO BOY I love talking about my bird more than anything!!! I usually tag stuff with her as “quinn the pigeon” but I haven’t posted much about her recently so I’m taking this opportunity:

(she likes the lamp)

After a bath!!

An LGBT Icon

Some cute things she does:

- Will follow me if I leave the room for .5 seconds Just In Case

- Hops on my head in the morning cause she’s awake so why aren’t I????

- Will tuck her little feeties up underneath her and loaf next to me all the time

- Tries (and fails) to eat things that are definitely not food (ex. pens, remotes, a badminton racket)

- Refuses to fly upstairs unless absolutely necessary, she prefers to hop up or down one stair at a time

- Gets so excited about treats that she will fall over her own face

- Has decided that only certain people are allowed in certain rooms and will yell at anyone else

We got her as a rescue last August. She had flown into an apartment building and got picked up by a dog rescue who’s owner had some experience with doves. She wasn’t in great shape when we first got her, being drastically underweight after living on her own out in the world. Despite being banded her previous owners never claimed her and she had quite the fear of humans (still isn’t super comfy around people, but we’re working on it.) I’m so happy to have her in my life and I would literally die for her I love her so much!! Also I just wanna say your art and comics are amazing! Fun fact, I was reading the cornerwitches when quinn hopped on the keyboard and somehow closed out the tab and made it impossible for me to type anything but shortcuts for a while lol so I’m pretty sure she’s a fan as well (just a little overexcited!)

@thedasiian replied to your photo “dragonageconfessions: CONFESSION: Even though they were pawns in…”

Can’t say I agree that they were all in a happy healthy poly group, otherwise it wouldn’t have been so easy for Taliesen to have killed Rinna. There may have been more than just jealousy to stem it, but I think it was in Taliesen’s mind, in his best interests, and he probably thought Zev’s too if Rinna was out of the picture. Let us not forget that they had come into the Crows together as children, so they had a lot of history together.

Except Zevran allowed Rinna to be killed and we all believe he loved her very much, why did he not stop Taliesen then? Truth is they were trained to turn on one another easily as Crows, tortured to do so. So yeah it would be easy (physically at least). In fact, it is one of the tests of the Crows to kill one of your own or be killed by them and I actually believe Zevran says so.

And maybe this is where it is getting confused, but actually Taliesen was led to believe that Rinna was betraying them, he didn’t suddenly come up with it out of jealousy or make a mistake fuel by it. The Crows planted the evidence and let Taliesen find it, they wanted Rinna dead because she was the bastard child to the throne. So his belief of betrayal was very real and Zevran believes so as well (after killing Taliesen one of Zevran’s dialogues mentions he was far too loyal to the Crows and how sad that was in the end).

Also they all spent years together as a team that worked and functioned with great romantic interest in one another (everyone seems to think Rinna and Zevran and Taliesen and Zevran were the only thing, but no one thinks about Rinna and Taliesen), as that is how it is stated in the WoT Volume.

Honestly, there is no reason for it to be believed that Taliesen agreed with killing Rinna because he was jealous and wanted her gone, other than for the drama and want for it all.

To the guy who opened her heart again

She used to be a big fan of first loves since that’s what she have read on books and watched on movies. Clearly, there is so much emphasis on every person’s first love. As what she used to believe, your first love should always be the last one too. Little did she know, that idea is absolutely wrong in so many ways.

She got her heart broken by her first love and even told herself that she’d never love again. And then you came in to her life. You met each other and asked herself, ‘why not try again this time? This thing might work out. You might be the one I have been waiting for all my life. You might save me from the depths of my agony and despair.’

So she opened her heart for you. She lowered the boundaries around her heart for you to be able to get in. You pushed through the walls she used to protect herself because she had been hurt so badly before. She let you in. Now you’re inside her heart. She fell inlove with you. She had discovered that she have the ability to fall inlove again after that soul-wrecking, gut-wrenching heartache she went through.

It’s been a long time since she opened her heart to somebody else and it’s been a while since she felt what love feels like. It must be tough for her, starting all over again with a new lover - because that will really take time to let you know what her favorites are, what she disgusts the most and to know more about her and that thing goes the same with her knowing everything about you, too.

You made her believe in second chances. That everyone is worthy of it.

You made her believe in love again after her heart was crushed into tiny pieces. She used to be broken but now here she is, loving you with all her might. Because you taught her to fall in love again. You made her put her first love aside, something she never imagined she would be able to do.

You brought her so much happiness, she never thought she would be able to feel again. You made her laugh. You made her want to be goofy and silly always. You gave her that calm and warm feeling. You gave her that roller coaster kind of feeling with that twists, turns, loop-de-loops, plummets, and uphill climbs—in other words, you made her feel how exhilarating and exciting it is to fall inlove again.

You made her stop believing that all guys would treat her bad and break her heart. It is so easy to believe all guys are the same. It is easy to believe because that is her way of protecting herself from being hurt again. Her defense mechanism, perhaps.

You may not be her first love, first date, first kiss, and etc, but she will make you feel like you are her firsts in everything and that she is the firsts in your everything, too. Like, making you feel like you just fell inlove for the first time.

It must be really tough for her before, but now, she is eternally grateful that you bumped into her life. You helped her see the wonders of falling in love again. She stopped believing in fairytales, thinking that these were just nasty childhood stories that made us think happily ever afters do exist. Yet now, here she is starting to believe at it again, hoping that you are each other’s happily ever after.

You changed her perspective about first loves. It is not the one that matters the most, but it is actually the one who opens your heart again—and in her case, that is absolutely you, her second and most importantly, her best love. ♥

By: Meigan Dannielle

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Did you know Brian's albino Burmese python (I'm pretty sure it's a Burmese) Sunshine died a little while ago? He's like "ohhhhh idk why she died" hm maybe because you constantly took her on trips and left her in a cage where she can barley move. She died of stress I promise

“I love her so much she’s my favourite snake in my collection… let me continue to neglect her.”

Yeah I heard that, I don’t watch any of his videos anymore b/c I don’t want to give him money :/

Ugly Anger

“A beginning of the crushing defeats..”

I can’t turn away. Not anymore. It’s too late to realize all of this. If only there was a chance where I was given a chance to change it all I would gladly took it and be free of this suffering. Why do I have to see you being happy while here I am hurting so much inside? Why? Well, will there be even an answer for this, I don’t know. All I know is that it’s too late.

It’s a given that my love was unrequited. I know it far too well. The way you see her. The way your eyes gazed at her affectionately. They broke my heart. But what’s there the thing that I could do to prevent this from happening? Nothing. Because I love you too much and I want you to be happy. Well, the happiness that I wanted wasn’t something like this, but sure it’s enough. Enough of a torture. I need to break free. Sure, if I had the courage to do so. But the reality was?? Hahahaha

In the bus heading to Numazu, You-chan and Yoshiko sat on the far back seat, all covered in silence. A strange silence. They both showed the aura of an endless suffering but they spoke no words about it to each other. Even though it was advised by Mari before to consult to each other if there’s something wrong happened, they didn’t do it. Why? Isn’t it obvious. They were hurting too much by the people they hold dear so much they couldn’t even find a way to forgive themselves for wishing something other than a complete happiness of their loved ones.

“Why don’t you two start a relationship instead?” once said by Mari to the duo, but the sudden and firm rejection finally hit Mari that it’s wrong for her to encourage something like that. Especially not to these two. It’s just too cruel for them. Because all that was focused on those eyes were their loved ones only. While on the other hand, their loved ones were loving each other. Well, it’s true they might be happy if they could forget their pain by sharing it with each other, but till when? Will it even worked forever? Will it even worked just fine if someday they saw their loved ones hug or kiss each other? Will they do just fine? They didn’t think so.

Tears started to form on You-chan’s eyes as she looked at the direction of the sea. Yoshiko realized that but she kept silent all the way until they parted their ways at the bus station. The tears she saw on her senior was too painful for her. Why? It’s too similar with the way she herself crying in the middle of their practice whenever she saw her beloved happily chatting with their leader. Of course there was a form of hate inside her heart for their leader, but will it even worth it to blame it on her? No, it wouldn’t. And that’s why she kept on trying to hold her tears until there is no one but her to see herself in her lowest state possible. A crying fallen angel? It’s too funny. So funny it hurts.

The pictures of her childhood with her loved one. If only she’s able to spend her days without worry like back in the past she might be very happy right now. But well, things get rough no matter how hard you struggle yourself. It’s life, after all. Regret came and gone for all she care but for the matter of her loved one, it’s different. The hurt she felt inside was too great she couldn’t even let it go until now. And all it took for her to realized her world was crumble was a single new meeting. How fragile… Yes, her heart, that is, not her beloved one’s.

Tomorrow came and another practice day would began in another hour. Another torture to be embraced, said You-chan and Yoshiko in their hearts as they saw the sight they never wanted to see happening right in front of their eyes. Cruelty really does kill them so bad they didn’t die from it. And to make it worse, the way their senior saw them was also killing them. That pity. “Oh love, you sure love to play with people’s hearts, huh?” said Yoshiko inside her heart, slowly chanting a spell she made whenever she saw the hateful scenery there. Just when will she find a way out from this? So does You-chan, always faintly praying so her beloved one would realize just how much she’s hurting right now. When love? When will you let us go from this torture?

In the next day, as if there was some kind of miracle striking from the heaven and greeted them in the most luckiest form possible, Yoshiko and You-chan saw the moment they always been waiting for. The fight. Yes, the one they’ve been waiting for so long. A chance of separation between their beloved ones. “Make it works, make it works, make it works, please make it works!!!” chanted deep inside the duo as the fight between their loved ones started to turn ugly.

“Ah, she slapped Chika’s face.”

“Oh, Riko countered the slap.”

The smiles on their faces couldn’t be kept hidden anymore as they saw Riko left the rooftop and passed them without even looking at her surrounding. Yoshiko instantly turned her head and faced her gray-haired senior. Her face was showing so much happiness she cried right on the spot. “It’s my chance, so go grab yours!” said her as she ran downstairs. You-chan, of course, agreed to such great proposal and thus she opened the slammed door and went to her childhood friend. “Finally, love is siding with us…” slowly repeated in their hearts.

“Oh, happiness… now it’s our turn to embrace you wholly, right??”

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Maybe Quinn realizing someone really does love him and also what he managed to overcome by not dying, will be what he needs to get up off the mat and keep moving forward. Those upcoming episode photographs with Franny make more sense now.

I know it was maybe super obvious but the idea of Carrie literally segmenting him into a separate area of her life – locked away in the basement – was never stronger and more symbolic than in this episode. And also never more obvious why she did that.

I love Carrie, deeply and profoundly and so, so much. Her ability to compartmentalize the entire situation, to open the door and close it and turn off the lights and go to bed. It’s all just so interesting. I need to think about it more.

hello , qts ! if you’re wondering why it’s ‘ canon divergent ’ it’s bc i hate the ending of the movie lmao , so , for my interpretation , she will not have gotten rid of her pig nose . she will have decided she loved it very much on her own . she would disconnect herself from her family , if this is what it took to make her mother realize she was serious . i think it would take years for her mother to come to terms with it and finally reach out to her with an apology . by then , penelope will have begun on her career as an pre-k / elementary teacher . her fame will have died down slightly , but she probably would recognized on the street for a good while . but , eventually , i think , she would find a groove of sorts . she would find a community . she would be proud of her pigness ! she would be proud of her face ! fck the message of the film , whatever it’s supposed to be lmao like … fck the way they handled it but w.e !