i love her so much u dont feel

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I wanted to say you have such lovely art! I really love the way you draw rose and i was wondering if i could request rose in her fancy drinking dress? (Sorry, i forgot what its called haha)

thank you very much!!! generally i dont take requests but also i feel so fuckign guilty lately because i draw so much esports my blog lacks lesbians?? here u go dude!!! oops i think i drew kanayas horns wrong kdsjflsd sry 

talk about a blessed image thanks u guys,,

ok like? i care for isabel and i want her 2 have feelings so here are some of my top Sad Isabel Feelings

  • isabel has scars on her stomach from the dog attack. she claims they dont bother her, and usually they don’t, but every once in a while they burn and are a constant reinforced reminder of a time she wasn’t strong enough
  • sometimes during private practice sessions she pushes herself too hard out of spite. spite for who? she doesnt care
  • grandpa associates negative emotions with weakness, and as a result she has serious trouble processing how she feels
  • numb 2 herself and trying to be tough so that she doesnt really? have insight to her own emotions
  • sometimes after argument sessions w grandpa she goes up to her room and punches a pillow and bites her hands
  • eightfold was her only real outlet for advice but guess who isnt around anymore
  • this isnt even a hc isabels canonically emotionally abused by her grandpa what the fuck
  • can isabel have someone who loves& cares abt her honestly

edit: forgot 1 

  • bc of grandpa she lowkey thinks violence keeps ppl in line but she secretly wants to fight him bit is afraid that hell turn on her like he does w spirits

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Would love a Modern AU with Jamie and Claire having to send flirty texts to each since family members/kids/friends are around and they have to be on good behavior. :)

Modern Glasgow AU

“Thanks, Claire – I’ll be only a minute!”

Geillis Duncan set down her coat on the chair next to Claire’s and darted up the theater’s center aisle, red galoshes squeaking on the linoleum.

Dr. Claire Fraser sighed and pulled out her phone. Geillis had been trying to drag her out for a girl’s night for what seemed like forever – or at least since she had joined the surgery team late last year. They were the only two female surgeons at the hospital – Claire was a young yet well-regarded thoracic surgeon, while Geillis specialized in orthopedics. The magic that woman could perform on broken bones was nothing short of miraculous.

Her taste in movies, however –

“Did ye read the novels?” The middle-aged woman at her right had turned to face her, smiling kindly.

“I haven’t – I work, and I have four children at home to keep me busy,” Claire confessed, absently twisting her fingers in her lap. “My friend and I went to dinner and this was all her idea.”

“Well then – ye’ll be in for a surprise to be sure! Half the things he does to her have to be seen to be believed!”

Suppressing the urge to make any number of unkind remarks – that it was all just a fantasy, that based on what she understood about the storyline this Grey would be a posterchild for emotional manipulation and abuse, that there was no way for *anyone* to have the lifestyle that seemed to be so easy on film – she merely smiled and unlocked her screen.

Five messages – four from Fergus, and one from Jamie.

Nothing major – just a group shot of Faith and Brianna and William and Jamie enjoying their dinner on the couch, and three selfies of Fergus pulling funny faces. Jamie had shared an adorable photo of two-year-old William with what appeared to be half of his dinner smashed all over his face.

Her heart soared with love for her crazy wee family – who were all missing her tonight, but certainly didn’t begrudge her a night to herself.

Even if she had to endure what undoubtedly would be the most excruciating movie experience of her life.

Just as the lights began to dim, Geillis returned to her seat. “Did ye see – they’ve got wine and beer here! Never seen that before. Now – do you want me to give you a recap of the first movie, or – ”

“I think I’ll be able to figure it out,” Claire sighed, thumbing one quick text to her husband as the previews began.

*Wish I was with you.*

Then she glanced at her watch, settled into her seat, and sighed. Geillis and her neighbor sat literally at the edge of their seats, riveted. Waiting.

Thirty excruciating minutes later, she glanced over to Geillis – who was absolutely enraptured with the fantasy unfolding on the screen – and discreetly slipped her phone from her pocket.

Two messages from Jamie – one a picture of all four children snuggled on the couch watching classic Bugs Bunny cartoons, the other just five simple words.

*how is it? miss u*

Claire dimmed the brightness of the phone screen and quickly typed a reply.

*It’s so far removed from reality. He has more money than God and still she plays hard to get.*

Immediately the screen flashed that he was typing a response.

*and here i thought money wasnt everything :p*

*It’s not, but they jumped right into bed again anyway*

Feeling absurdly self-conscious, Claire pocketed the phone and returned her eyes to the screen. But after feeling five vibrations over the following ten minutes, curiosity got the better of her.

*im glad we always talk things out, mnd*

*well not like we dont ever go to bed to help us find a way to talk, but the talking is so impt*

*i could talk to you all day and all night and id still find something new about u to love*

*whats happening now? u know rupert and scarlett really like the books, hes told me waaay too much about the story*

*picking up any new ideas?*

Seven years married, and her heart still skipped when she read his beautiful words.

*They’re at a masked ball. He’s still trying to control her – tells her what to wear, what to do with her money*

*a masked ball? fancy. would u ever want to go to one?*

*Only if we could do what they did and sneak away for some private time…* *ye ken that from the moment we arrive, id be plotting how to do that*

How he made her smile.

Then nothing from him for a while. She glanced at her watch – Murtagh’s present for her medical school graduation – ah. It was bedtime for the four wee Frasers.

One more message, and then she’d put the phone away.

*I do like how she’s not shy to tell him what she wants – even if her voice gets a bit quieter when she tells him. And even though he’s damaged, he always takes care of her*

The final 45 minutes of the movie weren’t much different than what had already transpired – but Claire wasn’t really paying attention. For she knew that while most of the women in the theater – and it *was* a majority of women – would be going home to empty beds, or to men who perhaps would not meet their needs in all the ways they desired, she could not wait to get back to Jamie. Not just because she knew they would probably make love before falling asleep – and that it would be full of so much soul-deep love and tenderness and passion that it would bring tears to their eyes.

No – it was because she knew that above all else, she and Jamie had intimacy. True intimacy – emotional as well as physical. The ability to laugh, and to share hopes and dreams and fears, and to face the joys and challenges of each day as an unshakable team.

This kind of intimacy was rare, and sacred – and certainly not what was portrayed in the movie.

When it finally ended – and she chatted with Geillis as they both slipped on their coats and made their way out of the theater – all she could think of was Jamie – her husband, her heart, her soul. His eyes, and his hands, and his heart.

She waved goodbye to Geillis, and pulled out her phone to get an Uber.

One new text from Jamie –

*look up*

She did – and there he was, standing in front of their battered car, parked across the road. Smiling.

She ran to him, and he caught her, and his kiss was everything.


-im sorry she seems nice enough im just very salty
-im sorry but cheekbones is her next of fucking kin and i just honestly can’t anymore
-NO MY BABY MORVEN i fucking love u girl and so does everyone else and we all feel ur pain
-MORVEN REASSURING JAC THAT JAS LOVED HER IS JuSt S0 NiCe AnD G00d anD and im crying again great
-damon is a g00d guy and i honestly just dont see enough people on here recognising this atm
-im just tryna live a fruitful life and then i saw jac’s wish and it just set me off again WhY D0 i Cry THis mUch
@ holby writers pls just make jac and morven happy that’s all i want pls

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Ok but the girls deff need more love how about NDRV3 girls trying out their s/o's clothes?? I feel bad for adding up to the tons of requests but i hope i dont come in late tho You guys are amazing writers!!!! I wish the best for u guys uwu

Thank you so much for the compliment Anon! Don’t feel bad, we love the ideas you guys give us and of course we wish the best for you too :D

NDRV3 Girls trying on their S/O’s clothes

Kaede Akamatsu:

- You invited her over to your house to just hang out

- You were just sitting on your bed and unfortunately you forgot to put some freshly washed clothes in the wardrobe so they were stuck sitting on a chair

- “Ah… Sorry Akamatsu - san I have to take care of something, excuse me for a minute”

- She just smiled and nodded but as soon as you left the room she quickly made her way over to the chair

- “I really shouldn’t but..”

- She quickly got changed into your clothes and started giggling, they were a bit too loose on her

- “Huh? Akamatsu - san what are y-”

- She looked super cute! You couldn’t help but stare

- “Do I look nice?”

- “You look amazing”

- She smiles and walks over to you wrapping her arms around your neck

- “You know… You should dress up as me more often”

- “Hm… I’ll think about it”

- You smile before pulling her into a kiss

Angie Yonaga:

- She invited you over so you could model for her

- “Nyahaha, F/n has to change into this!”

- She’s literally holding a sheet

- “What? Why?”

- “Angie wants to do a statue like they did back in Rome!”

- Normally you’d refuse but she just looks so happy about it

- “Fine…”

- After you’re done changing, you make your way back to Angie

- “Pose for Angie!”

- It takes quite a long while but you manage to hold your pose

- “Nyaha! Angie has finished, come see!”

- By the time you get to her easel she managed to run off somewhere, you do have to admit though, she did a really good job!

- “F/n, F/n! Look!”

- You see Angie standing in the doorway… Only… She’s wearing your clothes

- “Eh…”

- She puts her hands together before announcing

- “God told Angie that she had to dress up as F/n!”

- “I… See. Hey but… What am I supposed to wear?”

- “Angie’s clothes of course!”

Maki Harukawa:

- Even though the two of you were dating, she still seemed somewhat cold towards you

- “You… Do like me don’t you Harukawa - san?”

- “There’s no need for stupid questions”

- Oh… Okay

- “I’ll uh, go make us a snack”

- Does S/O really think I don’t like them?… 

- She scratches her head searching for ideas to prove that she does in fact like you

- Ah, of course!

- As quietly as possible she makes her way to your wardrobe

- By the time you’re back she’s standing there in your clothes

- “Uh… Harukawa - san?”

- “Wrong. I’m L/n F/n”

- “Eh..”

- “I think Harukawa dislikes me, but I’ve never been more mistaken before in my life”

- Before you can say anything she walks over to you and pulls you into a quick kiss

- “Don’t doubt me again got it?”

Himiko Yumeno:

- “S/O, I have a new trick!”

- “Oh really? Can you show me?”

- She nods happily before running off to get all her accessories

- She begins her little show by doing simple tricks such as making a rabbit come out of a hat and what not

- You clap every single time but it’s somewhat awkward with you being the only member of the audience

- “Okay… For my next trick I’m going to need a volunteer”

- You look around but no one magically appeared

- “You”

- She points to you with her wand

- You roll your eyes but make your way over to her

- She ties a blindfold around your eyes before announcing

- “As soon as I throw the cloth over you, something will change”

- You feel the cloth fall around you and after a couple of minutes you feel someone pulling it off

- “Poof!”

- You remove your blindfold to find Yumeno in your clothes

- Wait a second, if your clothes are there… You look down and find that you’re now wearing her clothes

- You’re clothes are way too big for her so they’re kind of hanging off of her, her hands don’t even reach the end of your sleeves

- That’s adorable

Tsumugi Shirogane:

- She’s a cosplayer

- She made you wear million of outfits before so she’d thought it was only fair to repay you in a way

- Although she did have to take allergy tablets before hand

- She sent you a text message asking you to come over to see her newest creation

- You didn’t think much of it at first, she did start a new anime after all

- You knocked only to find that her door was in fact open

- “Um… Shirogane - san?”

- You walked in looking around but all you found were stacks of clothes

- “Shirogane - san!”

- “In here!”

- You made your way to the room the voice came from to find her with her back to you

- “Um…”

- “Ah… You’re finally here!”

- She spins around to reveal a new outfit

- Wait a second, you could’ve sworn you’ve seen this somewhere before

- Oh wait that’s my clothes

- “So… What do you think?”

- She was buzzing with excitement

- “I think this is the best character you have ever cosplayed Shirogane - san!”

Tenko Chabashira:

- “S/O - SAN!”

- You instantly jolted awake

- You don’t remember falling asleep but clearly you have

- “Ah… I’m very sorry Chabash- Are those my clothes?”

- “Of course! Have you forgotten what you promised today?”

- Huh? What I promised?!

- “Are you… Talking about training?”

- “Not just any training! Tenko will try to teach you all about self defence! But Tenko thought that if she dressed up as you she’ll be able to understand you better!”

- That’s… Really sweet and considerate :’)

- You smile before getting up and wrapping your arms around her

- “You look cute, Chabashira - san”

- “E-Eh?!”

- She’s blushing but after a while she brings her arms up to hug you back

- “Tenko isn’t cute! Tenko is..”

- “Haha I know I know”

- You kiss the top of her head which causes her to bury her face in your chest

Kirumi Tojo:

- She was just doing the chores as always

- And it just so happened that she was laundering your clothes

- “Hm… “

- She’s doing this… For science…

- She quickly put on your clothes and inspected every inch of them

- They smelled… Just like you, she loved that feeling

- “Tojo - san?”

- She quickly turned to find you standing in the doorway with a massive grin on your lips

- “Ah, my sincere apologies. I simply wished to inspect the clothes for any stains and find the biggest creases to eliminate.”

- “Aha… Well my biggest question to you is”

- You walk up to her and pull her into a hug

- “How can you still look so elegant in hoodie and jeans?! You just have some wonderful charm to you Tojo - san!”

- You smile up at her and bury your head in her chest

- “Mmm… I love you”

- “I… Love you too S/O - san/kun”

- It’s a shame you can’t see her face, you missed her cute little smile

Miu Iruma:

- She wanted to trick you

- So as soon as she ushered you into the bathroom to have a shower you knew she was up to something

- “Just hurry it up S/O! You can’t keep a beautiful genius like me waiting forever!”

- She listened carefully until she knew it was safe to sneak in

- And sneak in she did

- She stole all your clothes, underwear included

- “Kyahahaha… S/O will get a little surprise now!”

- Needless to say, 10 minutes later

- “IRUMA - SAN!”

- “What do ya want?!”

- “Where are my clothes!”

- “Why don’t you come out here and find out!”

- You grumble but quickly wrap a towel around you

- “First of all, this is not funny. Second of a-”

- You look up at her and find that she’s now wearing your clothes

- “Uh…”

- “Your underwear is extremely comfortable!”

- You turn red instantly and wraps the towel around you more

- “W-Why did you…”

- “Kyahahaha! Plan accomplished!”

- “Wh-”

- Before you can finish she quickly comes up to you and pulls you into a kiss


fifth harmony .¸¸.*♡* (((like if u save any)


  1. I told my mommy that I wanted to be happy but I dont wanna leave 5h
  2. ally is so beautiful and cute I want to smash her in my arms and kill her for cause so much pain in me affff I hate this life so much %%%
  3. I cant take one more camila’s word anymore I dont wanna lose my mind BUT I aLreAdY LOst IT
  4. lauren causes me a huge pain but I love her, she is my angel
  5. there’s nothing else that makes me more happier than fifth harmony
  6. if u r not some girl of fith harmony dont talk with me 
  7. some people like sports, i like camren
  8. lauren eyes makes me feel hypnotized
  9. no matter what they do I’ll always support fifth harmony
  10. sorry mom, I like fifth harmony and I die a little everyday
  11. i’m in love with camren omg i cant !!! ¡!୭̥*ೃ
  12. ´´normani´´ she’s mine don’t touch
  13. dinah is my fav queen
  14. lauren causes me a huge pain but I love her, she is my angel
  15. reason i’m alive, better known as fifth harmony
  16. once in a lifetime i used to be happy seeing a pic of fifth harmony but now i just cry omfg i luv they
  17. in 2016 only a miracle can save me god pls take fifth harmony away from me
  18. normani’s voice its sdjshfjkdshg i just cant explain i feel good and sad at the same time i think i need some doctor
  19. stressed depressed 5h obsessed
  20. 5h aka oxygen
  21. roses are red, violets are blue, fifth harmony i cant breath without you
  22. shippo camren mesmo não gostou o processo tá aí pra isso
  23. ###cerquinha contra anti camren###
  24. dedico meu amor a fifth harmony
  25. namore alguem q te olhe como normila se olham
  26. 99% da minha vida eu passo falando sobre normally
  27. se ataca camren eu vou ataca
  28. meu sobrenome é alnah
  29. fala de camren pensa em camren 24hrs por dia
  30. fifth harmony no peito sempre seguimos firme nessa batalha
  31. eu amo fifth harmony por motivos nao preciso de motivos
  32. como sera a vida de quem nao shippa normally nao sei nao quero sabe tenho raiva de quem sabe
  33. la vem a que shippa camren opa so eu msm
  34. aqui eh fe em laurmani que o inimigo cai
  35. meu sangue eh harmony positivo
  36. so trabalho com fatos reais ou seja camren
  37. se normila eh real nao sei mas eh cada shippada que nos da
  38. se ate hj eu shippo alnah msm depois de tudo q ja passei nada mais me abala sigo firme e forte nessa batalha
  39. normila eh um nome muito lindo serio fecha os olhos e diz normila olha como soa bem
  40. o que falar de camren o casal mais shippado do mundo
  41. a verdade eh que eu amo fifth harmony d+ 
  42. pleno seculo 21 e tem gente q ainda acredita que esse amor por 5h eh passageiro
  43. exausta de sofrer by 5h
  44. nunca teria saído do saco do meu pai se eu soubesse que ia crescer e virar harmonizer
  45. [lauren’s voice] parabens pra voce nessa data querida mtas felicidades mtos papeis de trouxa na vida
  46. miga pufavo voce acha mesmo que eu vo para de ouvi work from home pra ouvi seus audio se toca loka
  47. tava de boas ouvi os live de 5h nao to mais
  48. edai que voce nao aguenta mais eu falano de camren uma coisa que eu nao so obrigada eh a parar
  49. lauren belissima toda top modelo linda igual a barbiezinha
  50. fifth harmony pisa samba dança ragatanga no quesito perfeição


  1. normallis
  2. camrentrono
  3. drycamren
  4. rflctions
  5. relfections
  6. takealnah
  7. fwtharmony
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  17. allyjaurengui
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  20. normila96

mandem numero e nome pra entrar no grupo do wpp porfa szszsz

guys i love ash ( @peonypyxels ) so much like if she wasnt taken i would ask her to marry me. u guys dont understand. she was the whole reason i made a simblr and shes literally the sweetest person ive ever met in my life. she makes me so happy and ive already cried twice (2x) bc of how great of a friend she is and how wonderful she makes me feel to have her as a friend. so i guess this is a highkey promo for her bc she’s literally the best person in the world and you will never regret following her. ash is the bestest.

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ok but yousef panicking before his wedding with sana like is he good enough for her and sana is like he still hasn't seen my body?? what if he leaves me???? what if i kiss him and realize im a bad kisser???? while elias tries to calm down both of them until he gives up and decides to break all the wedding rules and let's them meet to make sure everything is okay and they both talk it out and are crying and elias catches himself almost crying too because his best friend loves his sister so much

im legit crying 

and YES elias would so be eavesdropping the whole thing and being all teary and then yousef opens the door and elias is like “i was just about to ask if everything was ok!! ahahah is it??” and sana being like “elias were you eavesdropping” “ah ah ah me?? nonsense! so if everything is okay me and yousef are gonna go bye sis !” and just pushing yousef.

lmao elias would be so happy because wow he loves yousef so much he is his best friend and they’ve known each other for years, and he loves his baby sis so so much, he would do everything for her. and seeing both of them together and happy just makes him so so happy. 

AND when sana and yousef are talking and they tell each other what they are feeling the other is like??? what??? youre more than good enough!!! i love you so much how could you think you arent good enought and when yousef starts tearing up sana is like “dont you dare cry! yousef dont u dare!! if you cry im going to start crying and it will ruin my make up, yousef DONT”

send me cute yousana / the balloon squad / the bakkoush siblings headcanons !!

Magnus: so i kidnapped two guys and later they died purely because i was curious abt something
Fandom: lol love u magnus!!!!!!! it wasnt ur fault they died!!!! u did ur best!!!!!!
Lucretia: i was out voted, and what happened next was a terrible mistake i didnt even want to be a part of, and i did everything i could to make it right again despite that and im so sorry for not being completely honest. i am so sorry. i kust didnt want you to know you were responsible for deaths of thousands and thousands of people and wanted you to feel like heroes instead. im so sorry for my mistakes.
Fandom: hmm….still sounds fishy……….i mean she stole the baby voidfish…………..like…….obviously she cant be ALL GOOD right? like………..shes not the big bad but that doesnt mean i can trust her yet……….
me: yeah okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay

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I love your high school AU!! (Your drawings are super cute!) U can use this opportunity to tell us even mooooore stuff about it if u want hint hint wink wink ;D .......

TYSM ??? im glad u think its good :^; and that u like my art <333!! i really appreciate it !! hmMM what could i talk about– how about!! okay, like ages?! Urbosa is a Senior and has Beef with Revali who is ALSO a senior who likes to stalk their friend group and likes to poke fun @ link a lot smh —! Riju is probably one of the youngest, being a freshman that is lowkey in love with Urbosa and how cool she is– she wants her to teach her how to be cool tbh!! 

uhMM!!! link, paya,  zelda are Juniors, Sidon is also a junior, but he’s a year older than link, paya, and zelda!! Zelda is friends with Urbosa!! And they get along v well urbosa is gay for her and !! uHM idk what else to talk about theres so much i just – dont KNOW WHERE TO START U FEEL ??? agfdjshkrau gdf im just overwhelmed that ppl like it ;0; 

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Speaking of picking heirs, do you ever pick one and then fall in love with a different sim once they age up? I had everything planned for the oldest daughter. Then boom, the youngest ages up, and I just like her so much. I don't wanna get rid of everything I planned, but I'm so conflicted 😰

yes all the time!!!! never after actually announcing it or anything, but like when they’re teens and shit yeah, I’ve had my favourite switch fast and then I change my mind at the very last second. i’d say go with whatever you think you’ll enjoy playing the most in the end, if you force yourself to go through with your original plan you might get sick of it yknow?? you can always make new plans!!! :)

anonymous asked:

Why does everyone hate snape? Like I don't disagree with the hate towards him but I don't completely understand


  • so like a lot of people hated snape and then had a dramatic change of heart when they got to the chapter the princes tale BUT LIKE HIS SAD STORY DOES NOT ERASE ALL OF THE SHIT THAT HE DID BEFORE THAT 
  • like the entire snape/lily “”“"love story”“”“ is complete bullshit and offensive to me as a person liKE lets review okay: 
  • snape stalks lily as a child/offends and alienates her sister
  • snape and lily are friends at hogwarts while hes like in love with her
  • lily tries to stand up for snape and SNAPE CALLS HER A RACIAL SLUR
  • ((and need i remind u that before that lily had mentioned that she was freaked out by the death eater friends that snape was hanging around and he like defends them???? ok))
  • ““No—listen, I didn’t mean—”“—to call me Mudblood? But you call everyone of my birth Mudblood, Severus. Why should I be any different?””
  • A   N A Z I 
  • and ppl are just like well he realized he was wrong!!! like okay but if u think about it 
  • snape switched sides when he heard the prophecy that was created AFTER harry was born and like assuming he joined right out of hogwarts thats still FOUR YEARS OF BEING A DEATH EATER 
  • the fact of the matter is that he //only// cared about lily and like how many other “"mudbloods” or muggles did he kill or do nothing as they were killed before that??? being brave and being a hero isnt about doing something for someone you care about (or have a weird obsession with) its about doing it because u know its right. 
  • “You do not care, then, about the deaths of her husband and child? They can die, as long as you have what you want?” Snape said nothing, but merely looked up at Dumbledore.“ 
  • HE DID NOT CARE IF JAMES AN DHARRY DIED IF HER HUSBAND AND CHILD DIED AS LONG AS SHE DIDNT??????? like that is not a healthy love okay if he truly cared for lily hed realize that like her son and husband are just as important to her if not more than her life
  • watch this video where jk rowling literally proves this point 
  • another thing that bugs me is that even after snape changes sides HES STILL A GIANT DICKFACE 
  • he verbally abuses the trio for 6 years like. i dont understand how people can just FORGET THAT 
  • he was cruel to the point where he was NEVILLES WORST FEAR AT AGE 13 LIKE OH MY GOD WHO THE FUKC DOES THAT DO A CHILD?????
  • he was a bully plain and simple and he bullied CHILDREN who were just doing their best 
  • he constantly put down hermione for her work ethic and like MADE FUN OF HER APPEARANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE MADE FUN OF A TEENAGE GIRLS APPEARANCE LIEK WHAT THE UFKC I HATE THIS GUY SO MCH 
  • like i dont understnad if he loved lily soooo much like how do u think LILY would feel seeing her snape treat her child, the person she sACRIFICED her LIFE for, this way. if u think she would be anything less than disgusted ur wrong. 
  • also that can i just like so snapes patronus was a doe right??? the same as lilys. whereas james patronus was a stag and the stag the doe compliment each other and are eQUALs. like he has the same patronus as her like a copy u know idk where im going w this but u see it just like rubbed me the wrong way like thats not a true love u know
  • like his love for lily to me read as like the classic like friendzoned guy deal lIEK lily NEVER loved him and he spent all of these years weirdly obsessed w her because she rejected him (AFTER HE CALLED HER A RACIAL SLUR????????? OK) and then he hangs on to that for YEARS after she dies ???? 
  • snape is basically a fedora wearing douche and u cant convince me otherwise
  • one thing i see ppl say a lot is like bring up his childhood and like the fact that he was brought up w pureblood prejudice u know and like that argument is suCH bullshit to me like u know who also was brought up that way?????? both sirius and regulus black. sirius joined the order and like fought against that shit and regulus tried to take voldemort down from the inside. no excuses tbh. 
  • OH MY GOD U KNOW WHAT PISSES ME OFF SO MUCH in the third book snape tries at every opportunity to get lupin FIRED when lupin is basically the wizarding equivalent of disabled and hes been HOMELESS and weak and SICK hasnt had a job in so long and is poor and shit and like they were rivals when they were SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD and like snape still tries to get him fired like i dont care that u were enemies when u were teenagers thats abhorrent 

basically snape is the worst person ever and i hate that harry named his son after him i just ignore that that ever happened bc its gross and icK and gINNY WHY DID U LET HIM DO THIS i hate snape and so should u 

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Like how could u still believe in camren? Like i dont want camila to feel that alone again. People do change but that kind of pain that she felt? Thats just unimaginable for a young girl with too much pressure already from 'fans'. Yet no one, NO ONE knew she felt that. She loves L so she though it was worth it. But she woke up from that delusion and knew ITS NOT WORTH IT ANYMORE. She forgave her because she wont move on if she dont. But its not worth it. She deserves SO MUCH MORE.

Look they both deserve to be happy! L isn’t a bad person in this they’re both incredibly young and relationships’ are complicated as hell. Plus we don’t know the whole story of what happened. I believe that in time they’ll find their way back to each other!

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U okay frog? I hope u feel better after ur anxiety washes over!

yeah i’m doing a bit better now lmao, i watched some space videos and my cat made me laugh by licking wax off my finger and making essentially the cat no banana face i love her

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toras such a bad bitch, i love it. i love how shes like 'male, give me children' and hes like wtf women, no i dont even like you?? and shes like 'no listen, im having your children and hes just like,..,.,,,noOOo. i also love how 'noonicorn' your story is, i love it. im very excited for more c:


Yes honestly, I feel like a lot of people don’t like Tora, but I’m kinda loving her. WE NEED SOME STRONG FEMALES TO KEEP PREHISTORY UNDER CONTROL!!! U know??? I’m so happy you like my story, thank you so much omg ;____;

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i have no idea what number so u pick but u should defs do choluna im sorry im terrible ive never been into the ship so idk their dynamic™ ??? sry im???

ah, thank you, and it’s totally fine, don’t sweat it!! also, im v indecisive myself, so i used random.org to generate a random number lmao okay okay so!! here we go 8)

12: When we lay together on the fresh spring grass 

In May, Voldemort’s body thuds to the ground. A heavy weight. A dead weight.

And the war ends. It just–ends. Just like that. 

Years of fighting, and it’s all over. 

Cho lets herself breathe.

Time goes on. Of course it does. Its passage is slow and sluggish and…milky, almost. Cho blinks; it’s June. She publishes her first hundred-page collection of poems; it’s July. Her poetry makes it into the Muggle newspapers; it’s August. 

Then it’s May again, and the trauma all comes rushing back to her like a flood. 

She’s okay, though. She relives the same nightmare every day, but she’s okay.

She’s okay

It’s February. There’s a coffee shop where Cho sometimes goes on the weekends, to remember and forget in the very same moments, to write. She usually never sees anyone she knows there, but–well

Today isn’t a usual day. Not really

“Cho?” A voice at her shoulder, soft and full of wonder. “That’s you, isn’t it?”

Cho turns, and, at first, she’s struck by just how familiar the person standing in front of her looks. Long blonde hair falling over their shoulders like waves, starry eyes, a broad smile bubbling at their lips–

Luna?” She can’t conceal the note of surprise in her voice. “What–what’re you doing here?” 

She only considers how rude the question might have sounded after she’s already said it, but Luna doesn’t seem to mind. 

“Oh,” says Luna, “I don’t know. I was wandering through the streets and I saw this place and it looked–promising. I thought I could do with a little peace.” She gestures towards the rest of the shop, empty except for two other tables, and yes, that aspect is peaceful, but the blaring pop rock music is hardly tranquil. “And I also wanted a coffee. Or something. Care to join me?” 

“Of course,” Cho says immediately, and her stomach is doing an odd little flip–a somersault. She’s missed her friend, after all. More than she’d care to admit, really. They haven’t seen each other in so long, and yet–it’s so easy to lapse back into the circle of comfort that only the truest of friendships can provide–

Cho pulls out a chair and gestures for Luna to do the same. “I’ve missed you, Luna. We need to catch up.”

They take to coffee dates every Saturday, platonic coffee dates, completely and utterly platonic. Cho invests in a sort of relief in the consistency. They talk, they take swigs of caffeine, they laugh together. Same old, same old. The sun shines on Luna’s hair, reflects off her irises and sets a warm glow to her skin. 

It’s beginning to feel like–home, almost.


Not platonic coffee dates. At least, not for Cho.

She isn’t sure about Luna, though. 

And time does its thing again, that thing where the hours feel like eternity, but are strangely ephemeral in the long run. Cho publishes another poetry book; Luna invites her over for Christmas dinner, and maybe her stomach does that weird little somersault thing again, and her heart is in her throat and it’s choking her, but she manages to say, clearly and distinctly, “That sounds great, Luna! I’ll be there. Definitely.”

Another year passes. It’s May. Again. Hogwarts is remembering all the lives lost in the ugly, ugly war, and they decide to host a–gathering, of sorts, which Cho thinks doesn’t really make sense because why didn’t they do it last year, or the year before? Why remember the third anniversary but not the first or second?

When Luna suggests they go together, Cho doesn’t protest. 

When they arrive, though, she’s attacked by yet another flood of memories, but they’re the good ones, this time. She can still see herself scurrying through the halls, books cradled to her chest; she still knows the inside of Ravenclaw Tower better than she knows herself. And Luna. Luna, singing aubades in the shower, voice melodic and sweet. Luna, reading to Cho in the dead of night when the nightmares just became too much. Luna, Luna, Luna. 

Merlin, Cho thinks. 

They gather in the Great Hall and listen to a thousand sentimental speeches. Cho’s heart breaks all over again when she hears them talk about the war and honor the heroes and everything else. Hermione Granger steps up to the front of the hall at the very end, curls her lip slightly at her scroll, tosses it to the floor, and locks eyes with the audience instead. She intones, “We, as witches and wizards, as people, must remember that there is…strength in unity. And unity is something we can only achieve if there is peace. In a way, we all must come full circle.” Her voice softens. “To love one another, in soul or spirit, in friendship and harmony, is usually–well, it’s not rocket science. It isn’t difficult. We have to remember to love. All of us.”

Raucous applause. Hands come up to swipe at tears.

In a moment of pure reckless abandon, Cho reaches out and takes Luna’s hand. Her heart positively soars when Luna squeezes back.

“It kind of makes you think,” Cho murmurs, “doesn’t it?”

They’re lying together in the grass by the lake. The giant squad is still there; its colossal tentacles are splashing in the glistening water, and the nostalgia, for a moment, threatens to overwhelm Cho. 

Luna turns to face her. “What do you mean?”

“What Hermione said,” says Cho. “I mean, I know she was talking about friendship. And she’s right, of course, but–you know, I think I should have told you. I should have told you ages ago.” She inhales. Exhales. She can’t quite believe she’s really going to do this. “I love you.” 

Luna doesn’t miss a beat. “I love you too, Cho.” 

Cho freezes. “What?”

The other girl hoists herself into an upright position on the grass, and Cho does the same. They’re sitting, facing each other, and Cho knows that Luna is beautiful–in fact, she’s known that for a really long time–but in this moment, she’s so close that Cho can count her eyelashes. And, actually, it’s just a little bit…intimidating

Then Luna reaches out and touches Cho’s cheek, and Cho breaks out in a sweat

“This,” says Luna, and she leans in and presses her lips to Cho’s. 

The kiss is short and lasts three seconds, perhaps, but it’s there, and Cho can taste Luna, can feel the fact of it hanging in the space between them after they break away.

They regard each other carefully, and then Luna’s brow furrows and she says, “I thought you knew.”

“Knew…” Cho stops and takes another breath. “Knew what?”

“That I love you.” 

“Oh, that. Well–” There’s a smile on her face; she can feel it. She can see her own happiness mirrored in Luna’s expression, wholesome and open. “Well, I know that now.”

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please send me a ship and I will tell you

who’s the cuddler: definitely Tamaki! but once in a while, when Haruhi has a bad day or the thunderstorm scares her, she quietly goes behind Tamaki and wraps her arms around him.

who makes the bed: Haruhi, but Tamaki does it too when Haruhi goes early to work ((after he got a scolding when Haruhi came home one night and found the bed still in disarray))

who wakes up first: Haruhi does, to cook their breakfast, but Tamaki wakes up soon after because the bed feels cold without her

who has the weird taste in music: Tamaki likes exploring all genres! which Haruhi has to endure some times, sadly

who is more protective: Tamaki!!!!! poor baby gets protective over his Haruhi really quickly but Haruhi gets jealous too, but she doesn’t show it like Tamaki does. you can see it the way her eyes glaze over the other person, the way her hands clutch at Tamaki’s shirt unusually tight, the way her bottom lip pouts

who sings in the shower: Tamaki, and while his voice can be soothing while singing slow songs like “Wonderful Tonight”, Haruhi has to knock on the bathroom door thrice to make him stop from screaming belting to Beyonce

who cries during movies: Tamaki ((this is canon, actually))

who spends the most while out shopping: Haruhi has to place spending limits on Tamaki when they’re out because he buys all these items for his friends, and most especially for her. “Hani-senpai will love this cake mixer!” “Kyoya needs this faux fur calligraphy pen, right right?”

who kisses more roughly: Tamaki, only when he’s feeling passionate. otherwise, they kiss really gently and tenderly 

who is more dominate: Tamaki takes the lead most of the time

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 100/10!!!! URGHHH I LOVE LOVE LOVE TAMAHARU SO MUCH U GUYS DONT EVEN–

alrightpotter  asked:

give me all the riley/ygritte hcs i wanna kno all abt u two

  • we love each other very much and we are both capable of killing a man but when we r with each other we melt nd get all mushy and lovey
  • i love how free spirited she is like she dont give no fucks and she inspires me to be the same
  • i never dance but she gets me to dance with her on our first date bc shes so cute
  • she likes to jump up on her toes to kiss me 
  • if we’re with other ppl that we dont like or they say something stupid she can just look at me and ill start losing my shit trying not to laugh
  • we braid each others hair every day sometimes we match hairstyles
  • she likes to pretend shes tough and shit but she blushes whenever we kiss
  • she loves being the little spoon bc im “taller than her” and i “make her feel safe”
  • she tells every single person she can that im her gf and she loves me
  • she steals all my sweaters and i dont mind one bit
  • one time she tried to make me breakfast and almost set everything on fire and thats when we decided we would never cook for each other
  • she always gives me eskimo kisses
  • one time i told her i always wished my hair was that color and she was so confused like???? ur hair is the color of mahogany and its the prettiest thing ive ever seen?? 
  • i tell her every night how much i love her until she falls asleep

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I feel honoured to be part of the goal relationship though I don't even know your name, mysterious south boy. I'm Úlrik. (I'm too shy to show my url so yeah I HOPE THIS IS OKAY). Also yes I will definitely tell my aunt how much you love her cats. -Ice boy

i mean.. if you want to message this person i will gladly keep both your urls private.. i am rooting for u guys (also i dont wanna be the middle man for your chatting tbh)