i love her so much u don't even know

         since it’s DEAN’S THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY ( SEPT 2ND ), lou made a list.  

over the course of three years, i’ve encountered so, so many incredible people.  i know i can never thank everyone enough for all the kind compliments and the beautiful messages that i constantly receive here, but i’ve decided to leave a small message for most of the blogs i follow below, because i want as many people as possible to get a lil piece of recognition and appreciation !

lil note: for my own sanity, i’ve only listed the active people, in the order i followed from first to last.  this is one hell of a list tbh ( 100+ people ), so, i’m super super sorry if i missed someone, because i probably did.  i’ve gone through the list several times.  my intention was to get as many people as i could, and at one point it got quite overwhelming.  

tldr; as a way of saying thank you to everyone for following me, i left a positive message for as many people as i possibly could !

press ctrl + F and type your url, so you can find your message !

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ok azari loves her friends so much??? im just thinking of that scene when azari was gushing over the fire chariot that aira built for her, like she’s probably the type of person who keeps a picture of all her friends in her wallet and when somebody asks who they are, she goes off on a two hour rant about them and their accomplishments and how much she loves them 

the signs after a breakup
  • Aries: keeping themselves busy with little tasks but dying inside
  • Taurus: eat ice cream, sleep, wake up, cry, repeat
  • Gemini: plotting their death, will never get over it
  • Cancer: "lmao i don't even care i just wanna know why she would hurt me like that i loved her so much i trusted her with everything oH GOD WHYYYY" *breaks into tears*
  • Leo: is already with someone else
  • Virgo: wears black, posts depressing stuff on social media
  • Libra: "it's fine, i get it" doesn't get it and is a total mess
  • Scorpio: "I HATE YOU" the next day: "bby pls i want u back"
  • Sagittarius: enjoys being single because life is short and all that happy sag crap
  • Capricorn: does various analytical tests to see why they broke up with them but eventually just breaks down and cries
  • Aquarius: gets really angry and spreads hate about their ex
  • Pisces: is sad and cries for like, months

She is innocent, strong, humble but noble. She possesses that a great humanity, kindness and love, but at the same time she’s not afraid to stand up and say what she thinks. She’s very honest because she has realised that quality is very important in her new role. However, she can also be quite ruthless as she is fiercely protective of Arthur and the kingdom. She has to make decisions which are quite harsh, but they are all done in the name of defending the ones she loves.  - Angel Coulby


Z  I  C  O    in   she’s a baby mv

She’s a baby, once you get to know her, she’s a baby
She’ll get in big trouble if you leave her alone all day
Bad bad, you better not touch a single hair on her
Let her sleep well yeah

Katharine Hepburn for the lovely katharinehxpburn 

anonymous asked:

boi (gender neutral usage) that mini fic u just wrote made actual tears well up in my eyes. i am filled with so much love and sadness and happiness and hope for these fictional characters, even bruce and clark, both of whom i have a complicated love/hate for.. v. enjoyable

awww thank you! and haha i just wanted to indulge in soft, fluffy things on this new year’s eve day and that is the image that my brain brought to me!! these characters mean a lot to me, even if they are fictional, and i just want to see them happy sometimes, bc seeing them happy makes me feel happy

i’m glad that you enjoyed it :D

This Too Shall Pass

a/n: a really late gift to a really cool friend. special thanks to my beta @werewlf !! and @somethingmorecreative1 for helping me through the awful process of making my writing semi coherent!!!

summary: in which annabeth leaves and percy writes an album.

After all this time his smile still manages to take her like a honeyed liqueur: warm and sweet and soft-butter slippery. Her stomach swoops in drunken greeting, recognizing a cause that once filled her up like sustenance.

God, that crooked smile.

Rasp clings to his song; she thinks it’s the evidence of years spent surviving under the burden of a huge heart, as if the love he finds in himself to spare for the perpetually undeserving weighs just atop his vocal cords. The familiarity of his voice awakens her weary bones from their long sleep as his lyrics snake around her heart, constricting, causing it to weep in the name of old love. He named his album ‘Annabeth’ and she remembers what she swore to herself she’d forget.

She never kept her promises, anyway.

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I love Tayvin so much but I don't think they will last till December. I feel like Calvin is not into this relationship as Taylor is. I just have a feeling that he is bored or want something different. I don't know what to feel anymore. It seems like he is not doing anything to See her. He can't even posts a fucking picture of her.

He went to her concert after eleven hours on a plane, he has been going back and forth to see her and u have to remember that he also works, he doesnt only lives for their relationship.


“What makes me cry? Oh, pretty much anything by Hayao Miyazaki. My Neighbour Totoro is, it’s er, when I met (I’m so happy and proud to be able to say this sentence) when I met Hayao Miyazaki last night I told him, with not a word of a lie, that he’s a household God in my family.” (x)

Lemme tell u something….I got so much hate for the past like almost two years for not agreeing with what Demi was doing. She was unconfident in her music and in herself and I felt that. I complained bc I cared and maybe went overboard but it’s just bc it sucked seeing someone who had so much to offer offer nothing in her music. Now it’s like she’s a completely different person within her self confidence and her ability. It makes me so proud to know girl who falsely put an album out thinking that was her sound that’s what made her confident…..figured out it wasn’t and revamped herself. this is the most confidence and steadiness I’ve ever seen Demi have in herself and her work. She finally took her own words and made them true. I’m so proud it’s unbelievable. I can cry for days knowing someone who deserves the world and more is so fucking comfortable and radiating everyday and truly KNOWS it. It’s been a bumpy 4 years since the whole treatment incident…..but I think of Demi as my long lost friend who I have the right to protect and love unconditionally. I love her so much and I’m so fucking proud of her more than anyone probably in her life can be. It’s crazy to me. She’s blossomed. My precious little flower has grown to reach the sun. ❤️❤️❤️