i love her so much im sorry

You are tearing me inside out and I can’t stop it because I let you in the first place

i told myself i was gonna finish that really old sketch of maevaris and i finally did it :’0)



that design actually won by A LOT and truth be told i kind of fell in love with it after drawing it too sdlkfjds SO YAY!! new crystal gem jasper design!! 

start of LIS episode 1: max witnesses her ex best friend get fucking shot, discovers she can rewind time, causes a school evacuation saving said ex best friend

start of BTS episode 1: chloe goes to a rave, has a wake and bake

most people in the barrio hear about baby sonny from usnavi before they actually meet him


bc mark’s smile warms even the coldest of hearts
↳ for the softest mark stan i know @99mqrk 🌻💛



@ whoever first made silena w a hijab bless you have a good day

Poor aphrodite kids having to wear the garish orange shirts, I like to think they work the system pretty well though. also this is my first time drawing a hijab, so please tell me if I did something incorrectly, thank you!


Managed to get out a couple messy things of the eps before bed efiownoiewf

i loved lapis’ song i love her color palette that i used from that one scene and pearl was dating pink diAMOND SO MUCH IS COMING TOGETHER TOO.

eeeee im totally gonna post more fanart tomorrow this whole thing is exciting

One of the things that will always get me about our relationship with Taylor is that she genuinely loves us. Not in the “thanks for supporting me” kind of way, but the way she would love her friends and family. She thinks about us — what we like, what we don’t, what hurts us, what makes us happy. She worries about us. She takes the time to learn about us individually. About our families or what’s going on in our lives and she genuinely cares. Even when I felt like I didn’t have a friend in the world or anyone I could turn to, I knew I had her, so I never felt alone. Even without speaking one word to me. Even without ever meeting her. Everyone has that person in their lives that they think of immediately when something happens. That they want to call up when they’re extremely happy or sad, because they know they’ll know exactly what to say. And for me, that’s always been Taylor. And maybe I’ll never be able to text her and get her advice on something personally, but she always knows what to say anyway, without ever actually saying a word to me. A relationship that transcends boundaries and distance? That’s powerful stuff, and that’s what she’s given to every single one of us. It’s a different kind of love, but it’s so, so meaningful. I can honestly say I have never loved anyone the way I love Taylor. And she feels the same way about us.