i love her so much creys

MOM HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!Please excuse the fact that the thing above looks like it was made in 2 minutes (because it was) I’m still pretty flustered about this all jfdks

Anyway, lordy jesus, its been nearly two years since this blog has been up??? Time flies. I can remember when I first decided to dive headfirst into the Indie scene with this blog and with Riku as a character in general. NGL I was legit a nervous wreck, because I’ve always just been apart of fandoms specifically and I didn’t???? Know what to do lol. But slowly, I branched out. Gained lots of amazing friends, lost some, saw some amazing characters that still hold themselves near and dear to my heart. I as well as Ri have experienced many things, many feelings, and none of which is regretted. 

I hope you continue to follow my progression with this nerd child and make you totes not regret having her on your dash jkds;

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anonymous asked:

Can you imagine sex scene between Jaime and Brienne in TV show (season 6)? Who do you think will make first step? Tell me your headcanons!

*rubs hands together* Okay where do I start. 

Firstly, of course I can imagine sex between Jaime and Brienne, now the question is whether they will have it in season 6. I’m about 80% sure that they’ll at least admit their feelings and kiss by the end of the next season, although it’s kinda hard(heheh) to imagine them kissing without having sex but if this does happen, then that’ll be icing on this already delicious Jaime/Brienne cake. 

So, if we’re strictly speaking sex scene, this is how I imagine it going down. Something angsty will happen between them that will ignite this fiery passion they both share for each other. They’ll gaze into each other’s eyes, move in closer and voila! Kissing will ensue, and not just any regular kiss, a long, passionate one, something they have both longed for. I imagine Jaime placing his good hand on Brienne’s cheek, while this happens.They break away, look into each others eyes some more,(because eye fucking is what they do best, and Brienne has astonishing eyes), breathing heavily, they start helping each other out of their clothes/armor (idk i feel like Jaime would start this process, but then again, I can imagine Brienne taking off his jacket so idk idk). Brienne of course, takes off Jaime’s gold hand(i know, this is everyone’s headcanon), and drops it to the ground, and she places tender kisses on the delicate skin of his stump(paralleling Cersei’s disgust with Brienne’s acceptance). They move towards the bed(sorry table lovers), and Jaime moves on top of Brienne. I imagine their first time in missionary position since Brienne is a virgin, and missionary is the ideal first time position since it’s probably the most comfortable(I use that term loosely). Jaime aligns himself over Brienne, he plants kisses all over her body because feelings, she touches his chest, and explores his body as well. He leans in, pressing his forehead against hers, and enters her slowly. She grabs the back of his head, tugging on his hair slightly. He starts moving his hips slowly, letting her take him in delicately, and as he continues, she caresses his neck, biting his shoulder, while he kisses her neck in return. Moaning happens, it gets hot and heavy, and when the climax happens, he collapses on top of her, they embrace and it’s beautiful. :’) 

Wow, this turned out longer than I expected, but yeah pretty much something like this will happen. Ignore my shitty writing and grammar mistakes, I wrote this in a hurry, so yeah, this is Jaime and Brienne’s first love scene ever, or at least how I imagine it going down.

"Apologise to Annie!"

The more I think about it the more emotional I get. It was not just about “getting a slightly higher grade”. Getting A- made Annie doubt herself, she thought she took on more workload than she can carry because that minus must have meant that she slipped up, didn’t give it her 100%, this is why she had been crying. She just said in the previous episode that Forensics was her actual dream, and she already had given up on it once, presumably because she didn’t think she could make it.

And Jeff knew all that, because he knows her so well. (apparently better than anyone at Greendale, and  he’s the only one who can win an argument against her and only because he knows how to turn her power against her) Annie’s tears are always like a knife to his gut and “the bastard” actually made her doubt her own competence.

So this is why he was so angry, why he thought Professor Hickey deserved to be called a monster for giving an unwarranted A-.(can I just say I love how he assumes she is the best student in the class because she is Annie Edison, the unstoppable go-getter, it’s like his belief in her is absolute *bites fist*)

Jeff may be a jaded cynic whose dreams sorta went down the drain(not without his own blame) but he’ll be damned if he lets anyone ruin Annie’s dream. Not on his watch.


Maggie's birthday parcel for me came iiiin!!! ;u;

I had asked her beforehand if it was okay to open before the actual big day, and she said yes, soooo… I went to open it and I found:



and that wasn’t even all of it, noooooo, my little shit put something else in:

ohhhhh boy…


with my favorite flowersssss (sunflowers and roses!!)

her note reads “Perhaps TWO tiny Armins! <3

Happy birthday, Mari! (u old fart lol)

Thank you for being the most wonderful friend* I could ask for! ;u;

Maggie <3 <3 <3

* dead marco and tadashi jokes aside >3>”