• me:-thinks about Dís meeting the future child of the Stonehelm and Bomfrîs- :’)
  • brain:hey, remember how Dís said she hadn’t been feeling hungry in chapter 39?
  • me:wait-
  • brain:remember how she lost her mother and grandmother and home to a dragon?
  • me:please-
  • brain:and how she lost her husband, brother, father and grandfather in one day?
  • me:...
  • brain:and then lost both her sons and her brother and didn't know their fate for months?
  • me, softly:please.
  • brain:hey, i have an idea! let's imagine what'll happen when she finally passes and goes to the Halls :D
  • me::'(

people: Taylor Swift only sings about her exes
me: *politely shows them “The best day”*
me: *shoves “Change” in their face*
me: *throws “The Lucky One” at them*
me: *plays “Never Grow Up” on repeat*
me: *broadcasts “Mean” across town*



Kimiko Glenn photographed by Jenny Anderson for Broadway Style Guide

I told my boyfriend, who wanted to see all the Oscar movies and was getting kind of frustrated because I never wanted to go to the movies with him, that if he could find a movie with an ethnic person in it, then we’ll go. It could be any movie, it doesn’t have to be a blockbuster, it can be an indie, just a movie that has ethnic people in it. And we ended up getting ice cream because he sent me an animation. It’s a bit disappointing.