Highlights from Lucie Pohl’s AMA

(These are all in non-linear order, so you’ll have to go up and down the AMA to find them)

  • She’s good friends with Jen Cohn

  • She loves Pharmercy and thinks the ship is ‘awesome’!

  • She says that the writing team are ‘always open’ to the VAs sugggestions

  • And that she might try to ask for more voice lines between Pharah and Mercy (!)

  • She said she would love to meet Ana’s VA, and pretty much confirmed she is going to Blizzcon

  • She’s also working on going to GamesCom, and will be at FanaticExpo in September

  • Lucie also says she’s a ‘Mercy main’

  • She also says she’d love to cosplay Mercy someday

  • And that she’d love to see a Steampunk skin for Mercy, and a ‘Futuristic Robot Skin’ for Angela

  • Her favorite projects that she’s worked on:  “The comedy shows I write are always my favorite projects because they come from me, the biggest projects I have worked on have been Overwatch, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Red Dwarf. All of them were incredible experiences!”

  • “If you could have any ability from any hero in Overwatch, what would it be and why?” Lucie: ‘I’d love to have some of Lucio’s Sonic Amplifier because it’s so badass!’

  • She loves The Wire (!)

  • The best dessert ever? Cheesecake. And her favorite flavor?  Salted caramel

  • ‘What is harder to save… heroes or cupcakes?’ Lucie: ‘Definitely cupcakes. They get eaten so quickly.’

  • When she first moved to the US, the first thing that ‘intensely fascinated’ her was spray cheese

  • What Mercy does in her spare time: “Mercy plays soccer and eats chocolate in her free time! She looks for honesty, kindness and loyalty in a friend!“

  • She can speak German, English, and can understand French, Spanish, Italian and Greek!

  • Her favorite character in the game, aside from Mercy? Soldier 76. No scratch that, she says she ‘loves them all’.

  • As for how much of an influence Lucie herself has on Mercy: “I think a lot of my personality influences Mercy because the emotions have to be real and have to come from somewhere!”

  • Lucie’s favorite type of music? “I like soul, funk, jazz, hip hop, classical music, flamenco….a lot of different kinds of music!”

  • She’d also love to visit Iceland and Sweden, and the Philippines too. 

  • Lucie lost a few of her family members during the Holocaust, and that ‘her grandmother had to wear the yellow star, was held hostage and was not allowed to continue studying’.

  • She says she’d love to turn ‘Hi! Hitler’ into a TV show. Or a film

  • And the best part about voicing Mercy? Getting introduced to the ‘wonderful gaming community’. And the fans!

anonymous asked:

I mean, I basically have to say Quill.

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life 

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff (okay we all know this bitch is too fucking complicated to fit into any of the houses GOD KNOWS WE HAVE TRIED but if I absolutely had to pick I would say Hufflepuff because loyalty is her main trait, and while she isn’t nice, she is kind in her own way - plus in the actual verse she would pick Hufflepuff bc close to kitchens so yeah, the saltiest Puff out tbh but really just the weirdest hatstall ever)

best quality: ooooooh I mean, I have to say her resilience, probably? she lived through years of oppression and then a revolution/war where she became the leader and still didn’t die, and then she survived months of being a slave while cut off from her most fundamental belief/way of life/essence of who she is, so yeah, she’s so fucking strong, and I’m really proud of her tbh

worst quality: I mean she has very questionable morals like I get she always had a good reason or what she considered a good reason but BLOWING PEOPLE UP IS BAD QUILL also she’s so thirsty like goddamn Quill find a drink of water seriously (who am I kidding, it’s hilarious, never change babe)

ship them with: Dorothea, Ballon, Missy (under certain circumstances, the ship gets less and less plausible the more you think about it when you realise just how much Missy stands for everything Quill has fought against), mainly the maths teacher OC I made when I desperately needed someone to hug her and canon was giving me nothing, 236k is a lot of time to be very emotionally invested

brotp them with: Matteusz, Tanya, Charlie in what I call a “wtftp” kind of way because their relationship is impossible to label

needs to stay away from: anyone who wants to take her freedom away again like seriously let her be HAPPY FOR ONCE IN HER LIFE jfc

misc. thoughts: why did my favourite character of all time, who feels specifically catered to what I look for in a character (and no I’m not just talking about the fact that she’s hot and I’m gay, I mean her whole personality and backstory and demeanour, it feels like Patrick Ness looked into my head and created her just to cater to my interests), have to exist in a show that only like 20 people care about, it’s not FAIR

send me a character! 


“I wanted everyone to be able to relate to [Diana], not only women but also men, not only girls but also boys because at the end of the day you can’t empower women if you don’t educate men about [women’s empowerment]. As far as Diana concerns men and women are the same and I think that was a smart decision because once you don’t make a big deal out of it and then you just show how weird this is when people make a big deal out of it: ‘Oh you’re a woman so you can’t get in the Parliament, you’re a woman so you can’t vote’ and you’re like ‘What?!?’. Diana was the ‘what’ and I thought it was very refreshing and the smartest way to show that we should be equal, that we are equal. ”  – Gal Gadot

no wonder solange performs in museums. that’s performance art, her songs are art, and the fact that they’re performed in museums is also a statement. she said herself she wants to make space for black people to be avant garde. she wants to send that message and is so intentional about it, and it’s such an important mission on its own too. like yes, black people are avant garde. black people are art.