i just want yall to remember that i love™ molly weasley so much ok because she is not only an spectacular mother but also a fucking amazing human being. my mom has always told me that sharing is important, no matter how little we have. and that’s what molly has always done. this woman didn’t have much but that didn’t matter!!! she cares about people so much that she would rather have less than she already had than to see other people with nothing. she is a fucking strong™ woman, so fucking strong ok. she was present in a war twice!! twice!! and in every war she lost someone she loved, she lost her brothers, she lost her own son, but god, that woman’s strength! always trying to keep the family strong and united. i mean, why people don’t talk much about molly queen™ weasley, this woman deserves so much love and happiness. a fucking great example of a great woman, that’s molly weasley.

dami im is so fckin cute

- wore stockings with cats on them for her audition
- “i’ll try my best. if they like it, that’s good, if they don’t like it…i’ll have my husband!”
- most adorable laugh on earth
- her little bounces when she got four yes’s from the judges!! oh my god!!
- when she found out she was gonna be a top three…she bounced again all over the room…and buried her head in the sofa whilst squealing…oh my god my heart
- dami im is the fucking cutest person ever

i actually can’t believe im so fucking lucky to be in love with my best friend who is ridiculously understanding, caring, compassionate, loving, hilarious, and drop dead gorgeous like!!!! what did i ever do to deserve this angel in my life

Da'Vonne Rogers was a contestant on the CBS show Big Brother she has recently has gone viral with the gif below. She was the only entertaining thing about this season. She will not let anyone talk down to her, as seen in the video above, which everyone will perceive as “the angry black girl” stereotype. Facing the usual struggles that black people go through on this show, she was also sexually harassed at one point. Vote for her here until September 19th http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/americas-favorite-houseguest/ and help her win $25,000 to support her daughter

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