i love her she is so adorable

You’re just a boy who likes girls
But you don’t like freaks
And you don’t like creeps
So I guess you don’t like me
Oh well, if it’s damaged it’s hard to sell
I get that you bet your mother will like her more
She’s the kinda girl that’s easy to adore
I get that you bet your friends will say “hey she’s cute”, for sure
But I don’t get you
Or those smiles you try and hide that hint you like me too
Are you afraid I’ll turn you into someone like me?
Or are you afraid they’ll see
that you were always someone like me?

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UGH how observant Anja was of Thelma throughout that whole scene with the religion debate still has me shook. That look when thelma was answering about the coke and when she got the phone call. gentle giant Anja is in love with her girlfriend thelma

i swear, anja is a treasure with how much she keeps an eye out on thelma.

girl is so aware. she’s literally the only one who notices it all (i want a massive PRINT OF ALL HER SMILES DIRECTED AT HER GF BTW). its especially notable in that scene because in my opinion - even tho thelma doesn’t seem to need it as she figures out how to keep the discussion going in her own unpredictable way (like, the surprise element is that she has an argument when she mentions the signals of phones and asks kristoffer to explain how those work, something that totally recalls the restaurant scene with her parents where her father tells her that she talks like as if she knows everything) - anja represents a type of backbone for thelma in a situation that doesn’t necessarily warrant it, but still wants to show that she’s there for thelma IF needed.

that’s something i love about her character construction because usually the type of character anja represents is this extremely socialized being that everyone loves and wants to be (who is also violent and kinda hateful towards the ~new, weird~ main character until they have some type of Realization that doesn’t benefit anyone within the story either most of the time to be honest), but anja is so vastly different from that concept? doesnt even come close

instead, she approaches thelma with genuine interest from the beginning (and notice how anja’s approach does not represent an issue in that sense - being with thelma does not equal to encountering a problem at all). she looks for all the interactions she can possibly have simply because she wants them (she cares and her choices are, in my opinion, deeply rooted in that feeling which is also why it all feels so organic). there is genuine support and she tries her best, even in the smallest gesture like in that scene or others really, to express that.

there is nothing for her to be appalled about you know? why would there be honestly. anja doesn’t look at thelma strangely (unlike kristoffer for example who actually starts the debate because it is “strange” to him). she actually - through observation - understands that thelma has been raised a certain way (same way anja herself has been raised a certain way - just look at what she says about her father/her scene with her mother later in the movie) and therefore behaves a specific way (she sees similarities/differences and even comes to experience some key changes that thelma undergoes in the film).

imo, anja wants to externalize the feelings she has for thelma and share them the same way thelma does, and that is just. the connection is very important to me because it’s a personal desire - they both want it. so, in a scene like the religion/science one she is more worried about how thelma is going to feel because of her friends than what her friends might think about thelma.

anja is pretty much holding up a middle finger to the idea of being mean, expressing hatred or even violence. she approaches thelma as the freaking gentle giant she is. and i love every second of it because that’s Love.

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So I literally met a girl one (1) time and spoke to her for 15? 20 minutes?? But I already have a stupid gay crush lol. Anyways she's beautiful and owns chickens and goats and after I met her at class I literally sat in my mom's car listening to 90s love songs and thinking I'm having an overload of caffeine bc my heart was beating so fast! I hope I see her again haha

aww that’s adorable! i hope you see her again too! 

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Beca is pretty sure her heart is going to explode at the rate it's beating. Her eyes are wide as she watches one Chloe Beale take a step toward her, looking nothing but predatory. "Uh-- Chlo? W-what are you doing?" Chloe doesn't respond, just takes another step toward Beca, hand reaching out to grab an arm and yank Beca forward. "This." Chloe points up at the mistletoe above them before she's kissing Beca softly. "Oh." Beca mumbles when Chloe pulls back. "Yeah." --SS

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Z’s latest insta post reminds me why I adore her so much. She’s clearly extremely talented and is still so vulnerable and humble like her taking at all in and talking about how she’s still kind of in shock and this is her 2nd movie and she felt the nerves is just so refreshing. She works so hard and is so dedicated and she deserves all the amazing things coming her way. She’s been so blessed to be in two huge movies and wow I just love her


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the hcs about Alex and Skylar are so CUTE I couldn't stop smiling while I was reading it. Alex being her adorable self like half Lexa and half Clarke and charming the girl she's in love with. ugh, so adorable...

Ikr! Now someone send me young clexa (like right after college) HC’s bc I need some more attention on that era 

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Valkyrie!!!! YAY! Oh, I'm so pleased you brought her in!! Her and Falcon??! Nice. And my lovely boys really are so horny!! Three minutes and Steve had his way with Thor?! Bless 'em!! Sweet drunkenness all round, and Bucky a little jealous of Tony? There's no need, Bucks! Tony loves ya! Excellent chapter!!

I love Valkyrie lol love the way Bruce was like OMG when he saw her and she just laughed about it and held his hands because those two are the f*cking cutest. Sam being so smitten is adorable.

And omg haha omg steve is SO EASY when it comes to thor??? I love it! Thors all “god of fertility” and Steve’s like “three minutes from our first kiss to our first f*ck somebody holla!!!” It’s so funny lolol

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Mutuals as nct members? Ily


Anyways (I will limit it down to nct127 tho)~

@nctplz is JOHNNY bc she is a cuddly soft giant (at least to me ok) and she is so easy to talk to and I feel comfortable talking with her and like I JUST LOVE HER OK ❤️❤️❤️

@kkobuksol DOYOUNG!!! Always speaks the truth, may appear kinda snarky/rough (???) but cares about her mutuals and followers so much (and she is smart af and gets things I don’t notice), she is honestly so nice and I love her too 💝💝💝

@hakyeons-fabulous-forehead JAEHYUN bc she honestly seems so soft like oh my god and she is so nice and easy to talk to 💗💗💗

@i-adore-jihansol TAEYONG bc she honestly seems so innocent at first but when you get to know her she is really passionate (especially when it comes to Hansol but who isn’t among all of us lol) 💞💞💞

@ishallbeyourqueen MARK honestly I haven’t talked a lot with her till now but she kinda gives of the cute maknae vibe and she kinda reminds me of Mark 💕💕💕

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~ Advent Calendar opens and gives you: Colorful Wooden Puzzle! ~

To her surprise, the calendar spilled out an adorable wooden puzzle. Immediately, thoughts of her own childhood came to mind and the memory fills her heart with warmth. Her hands are quick to fidget with it as images of her family played like a reel behind shut eyes. 

When she opened them, Rivienne had settled the puzzle in her hands. She was unable to give this to her own children, for she believed herself to be barren, but there were others deserving of such toys - especially when deprived of such simple luxuries. Gathering it up, the maiden made her way to her bedchambers and placed it upon her walnut nightstand. 

Upon kneeling at the side of her bed, she pulled out one of the boxes she was to send to Ishgard, and the puzzle found a home there among the blankets and throws within.

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I don't think I've seen Rosaly around before, is she a new troll? and if so tell us more about her :O

Rosaly is and adopt I bought from @taimatrolls ‘s special Mass December adopts.

Rosaly is mechanic with a deep love for 50′s fashion, working on custom cars and baking pies. 

Her day job is a mechanic and making customer cars with Chichi. Her, Chichi and Solera all own a big shop, Chichi and Rosaly work on the cars while Solera actually works with prosthetics, cyborgs and soul bots.

Along with her love of cars, she adores working on the BEST pies and loves to enter them into local contests.

She’s a lovely lady with a loud mouth, she takes pride in everything she does and holds herself to high standards. She is her biggest critic but if you try and tell her how to do her job she’ll be quick to snap at you.

She loves singing off key and dancing like a fool with Chichi when theyre supposed to be working. 

I’m still trying to get the hang of how to draw her so her sprites aren’t even started yet ksdjhgf

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honesty [ x ] | accepting; selective

ok so I,, adore Kevin. I love her for what she does, and how she’s given Ardyn so much depth that I am so so in love with her portrayal. I love all of him, and all she brings to the table. I love the threads we have, from angst to crack to disgusting old men sharing a shower. I have no feedback to give, no recurring error I have caught in my time writing with her, or following her. There is nothing I can say other than me simply key-smashing and gushing over her and her Ardyn. I love them both so much. 

She loved the way he looked at her, his optics bright and full of adoring worship. They told her more than words ever could how much he loved her, that every alloy of his frame and the entire essence of his spark belonged to her. Something else in them also told her that if she were to put her pede against his throat and press down he would thank her for stepping on him. It was a tempting idea, especially since she was granted permission to go all out on him this evening, but she shelved the idea for another time - or later, at least. For now, she just wanted to drink in the image of Redstrike laying beneath her with his hands tied by his own socket cable and his jack cable held firmly in her hand.

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aaaaa ive known my girlfriend for a couple years but we're almost at our two month anniversary of actually dating and im so excited i love her so much she wrote me a poem the other day it was so cute and she bought me a necklace (and I bought her a different one) and she's taking me to a con with her in January and I just aaaaaaaa

i love you guys already, this is such a precious little glimpse into an adorable relationship 😭👌🏻

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Kuyay is so adorable so I got her the biggest teddy bear I could find so she can chill on it :3

[Kuyay squeals in delight and claps her hands, reaching out for the teddy bear. Toriel chuckles and lays her down next to it. She clutches at the bear’s fur, occasionally losing her grip but always regaining it a second later. She coos, hums and laughs all the while.]

“You all are so kind. I’m very glad Kuyay can grow up with such a loving community to support her.”