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top 5 in-ring outfits!

thank u cat!! i love this one omg ^^

1.) becky!! i love all her attire tbh…but her black trenchcoat with the steampunk goggles and the silver and black gear under….Iconic.
2.) i adore kazuchika’s fancy ass sparkly ass cloak and pants!! the Best
3.) charlotte’s fucking robes. all of them. have me. deaded. but in terms of in-ring i love her blue and white corset-looking gear! 
4.) sheamus and cesaro’s kilts and jackets when they make their entrance ohmygod. ik it’s not technically in ring but i can’t not include that TvT
5.) any of naomi’s glow gear man that entire look changed my life 

Do you know what makes me the giddiest about the CS Wedding? It’s that fact that now and forever, when I rewatch my favorite episodes, it’s going to be like this:

The Crocodile - the camera pans up from those black boots and leather clad legs to that windblown hair. Emma Swan is going to marry that.

Tallahassee - all of it - They’re gonna get married! They’re gonna get married!

In the Name of the Brother - he’s in the hospital bed and she pokes him in his broken ribs - Ha! She’s marrying him!

Straight on Til Morning - the whole being a part of something speech - CRYING

Good Form - That was a one time thing - 4,000 kisses and then they get married!

Dark Hollow - “When I win your heart, Emma…” - He so did - and she married him!

New York City Serenade - “Perhaps there was another man you loved…” - Perhaps? MARRIED! (and she wasn’t even close to running out on either of those proposals.)

CS Movie - Emma never stood a chance. *sigh*

White Out - From the ice bucket comment, to the loot conversation with David, to David lifting Emma into Hook’s arms and all the canoodling afterward - She’s got it soooo bad, and they’re gonna get married!

The Apprentice - after the kiss - You know it, girl. You know this is THE guy - the one you wanna marry guy.

Darkness at the Edge of Town - look at happy Emma, getting her jacket, meeting her boyfriend with the coffee and the little kisses right out there on Main Street. Hee. Married!

Poor Unfortunate Soul - “Don’t you know, Emma? It’s you!” Crying! Because, MARRIED!

The Price - coming down those steps at Camelot - Her first wedding gown!

Broken Kingdom - the ultra romantic kiss amidst in the Middlemist field - Her second wedding gown! She’s getting her white picket fence married life!

Last Rites - he is returned to her and she is so overjoyed all she can do is kiss him all over his face -  He is SO hers. She’s gonna marry him!



Ben & Sophie at Wimbledon final, July 10 2016 - pt 3 (pt 1, pt 2)


The Court of Nightmares: Queen Morrigan

A queen—a queen who bowed to no one, a queen who had faced them all down and triumphed. A queen who owned her body, her life, her destiny, and never apologised for it.

Song: 6 Inches- Beyonce


from the “hey, you are my partner, okay? it’s a guy hug, take it” to the “i love you so much and i’m so worried about you that i just want to hug you to make sure you are okay”

Okay. I think we can all agree that JBM are all massive trolls especially when it comes to people who are idiots about their relationship…

So Chetta has a huuuge family and they’re big on family events so she’s constantly invited to these super dull parties and all her older relatives always ask her whether she’s found a nice boy… Anyways just when she was getting tired of always disappointing … suddenly she’d found two!

It starts out kind of by accident… She fully intended to take both of them and come out but.. There was an ‘incident’ and Bossuet couldn’t make it so she just takes Joly and by God her family LOVES him because why wouldn’t they he’s adorable and sunshine and most importantly he’s going to be a Doctor!!!

Anyway next event Joly is working so she takes Bossuet with the full intention of coming clean… Except her family is like immediately super rude and won’t give Boss a chance no matter how polite and lovely he is all evening and they keep taking her to one side to ask what ever happened to 'that nice Doctor boy’.

So they decide to mess with them. Each new event she’ll take one of them. Never any pattern and never giving any explanation as to why. So they either come to the conclusion that she keeps breaking up with one and getting back with the other OR she’s seeing them both behind the others back.

Anyway. This goes on for ages and then Bossuet proposes to them both and suddenly it’s like whelp should probably come clean now…

Except rather than tell them straight away she takes Boss to the next event and has him re-propose to her… And THEN Joly comes bursting in like 'Stop!’ and like her whole family is like =O and he just marches directly up to Boss (who is still on one knee) and they probably think he’s going to punch him except he doesn’t he says 'You can’t marry her! I love you!’ and fucking pulls out a ring like 'Bossuet Marry Me!’ and Chetta just gasps and is like 'Joly no! Please don’t do this. I love you! Marry ME!’ and SHE pulls out a ring.

Meanwhile Boss is just like 'Chetta my love please!’ And they’re all just there on the ground with three engagement rings facing each other doing this whole soap opera dialogue and then finally one of them is like 'Okay Wait. So. He loves you and I love you and you love me and her?’ like this is some big revelation they JUST came to. And the other two nod. 'Sooo how about we all just get married?’ and the other two are like - shrug- 'yeah okay’ and they all exchange rings in totally the opposite order to how they proposed, hold hands, stand up, take a bow, and leave. Meanwhile Chetta’s family are all still staring at the spot where they all were, a couple have fainted and her parents who obviously have known the whole time are just chilling out at the back with wine laughing to themselves and preparing for the onslaught of questions.

Needless to say it’s a while before Chetta has to go to a family event again but when she does its with both her boys on her arm.

reasons why that whole darn episode was amazing:

  • marlon’s fACE when faith makes a break for it is p r i c e l e s s
  • “she’s like the usain bolt of grandmas.” “who needs a wheelchair?”
  • rob being so upset that the wedding wasn’t perfect and aaron not caring because all that was important to him was that, at the end of it all, robert was his husband
  • i know i’ve said this at least six times now but i cannot even believe they got married in the damn garage they fucked for the first time in
  • also the garage is so much more significant than that? like, that’s where aaron attempted suicide, it’s where he first started to really grow up and be responsible, not to mention that’s where robert made the first attempt at even a friendship, never mind the affair
  • “remind me why i’m marrying you and your massive ego again?”
  • aaron’s little choked up, emotional giggle at the end of the “i wasn’t expecting you to do the whole ‘til death do us part’ thing” i mean the lad honestly sounds like he could cry of happiness at that moment
  • “that’s how it works, idiot” i love how this has just become their pet name
  • i really, really love how they keep coming back to the “but you know” “i know” thing
  • “i never thought i’d have this with anyone. and i never though i’d have it with you.”
  • foreheadkissforeheadkissforeheadkiss
  • all of aaron’s little smiles because aaron dingle’s happiness is my happiness
  • charity ringing the bell i love her like as much as she teases them she loves them
  • ADAM
  • the damn pink confetti
  • diane “break his heart and you’re dead” sugden is my queen
  • the “drink from the welly!” chant
  • cain, who once beat the absolute daylights out of robert, getting annoyed with him when he’s taking too long to do it
  • paddy’s “he does love you. i think anyone can see that.” he’s going to start accepting rob’s presence in aaron’s life
  • also the whole padron scene, i’m so glad they’re slowly fixing them paddy just needs to stop being so wrapped up in his damn self
  • “better go and rescue my husband”
  • just anytime they refer to each other as “husband” i mean really
  • “one’s enough, i like him conscious”
  • the way rob steadies himself on aaron after the welly idk why i like that so much i just do
  • the way rob grips aaron’s face as he kisses him in front of everyone and doesn’t even care #charactergrowth
  • if you blink, you’ll miss it, but right as the camera pans over before they disappear behind chas as she walks past them you can see rob gently kiss aaron’s neck
  • the way robert presses his face into aaron’s shoulder, his lil smooshed nose, and the way they both light up when they see chas
  • faith calling rob “blondie” does she even know his damn name? anyway if they wanna make rob and faith best friends i’m here for it
  • speaking of robert’s friends, robert has friends!! even if they were just background randoms that he never actually interacted with! but where the f was bob?!
  • how peaceful aaron looks in robert’s arms
  • robert and belle interaction, that made my life
  • robert’s drunk stumble (which is mostly ryan’s post-surgery knee)
  • “oi, have you seen me husband? dead grumpy, but he doesn’t look bad in a suit.”
  • the way reality hits aaron like a freight train at the end of the ep broke my damn heart but was beautifully acted god bless u ryan and danny
  • mr. dingle and mr. sugden
  • robert knowing aaron’s not fine
  • “i don’t wanna leave ya” “i don’t want you to go”
  • aaron apologizing to robert destroyed my heart like yeah thanks i didn’t need that or anything
  • “you’ll come home to me, and we’ll never look back”
  • also, the weird cover of ‘please don’t stop the music’ playing behind them in that scene
  • and of course, that beautiful wide shot of just them in the night with some candles, clinging to each other because they’re the most important things in the world

Roughly sketches of Human Diana in some cute 50’s clothes @miikedrop


Emma holding Killian’s ring

This ring has a special meaning for Emma. With this ring Killian said “I love you” for the first time, he gave her a ring with an special meaning to him, one who belonged to his brother, and always protected him, and now he wanted the ring to protect her. And the one she believed he was going to propose in 5x07. And now she is looking at it with such longing…

Maybe Emma remembered the moment Killian gave her the ring and his promises, maybe it gave her hope (even if for a moment) that Killian didn’t abandoned her)

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I hope...

Happy Mother’s Day, Dana Scully!

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I hope that after saving the world & his boys, she is living the best days of her life. I hope that today of all day she is the happiest. I hope that Mulder asked William to run to the nearby florist - really, it’s just one of the neighbours who recently moved in - to bring a huge bouquet of Scully’s favourite flowers. I hope, while their son is on this mission, Mulder makes sure that the love of his life, the mother of his only child will be woken up in the best way possible…

”I love you,” she gasps when he closes his lips over her clit. 

By the time William comes back, his parents are sitting on the porch, holding hands and giggling like two teenagers. I hope that William finds them adorable and when wishing his Mum ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ they both get a bit emotional and shed just a couple of happy tears. 

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I hope that Mulder prepares the best ever Lasagne for lunch and I hope the whole family goes hiking in the afternoon. I hope Daggoo keeps William with good company while on the trail and that Mulder shares a funny story when he took Scully to an actual nice trip to the forest and it rained sleeping bags. They laugh and William asks many questions about everything.

“I love you,” he says to his Mum while hugging her tight, remembering how this was the one thing he missed the most.

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I hope that by the evening William’s uncles - The Lone Gunmen - come over and they all watch “2001: A Space Odyssey”  while eating pizza and popcorn. I hope that after William went to bed and The Lone Gunmen drove away, Mulder takes Scully for a romantic evening walk. 

I hope that with the moon guiding them with its light and upon seeing the stars reflecting back on them from the surface of the lake, they feel the safest in a long time. I hope Mulder dares to ask ‘The’ question again. I hope when Scully hears ‘Those’ words from the love of her life, this time she won’t hesitate. 

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“ I love you,” he whispers when slipping the engagement ring on her tiny, beautiful finger. 

I hope finally they found their truth, the truth they’ve been searching for together, forever. I hope its their love and devotion for each other and for their son. I hope they won’t lose anything anymore. I hope they live happily ever after. I hope Dana Scully gets the happy ending, she deserves. 

*Happy Mothers Day, Dana Scully!*  

highlights of 4x02
  • Ilian is a bean and I love him already
  • Kabby 4ever holy shit that was cute
  • like Marcus recognizing the importance of Abby keeping her ring and not trying to override Jake’s presence in her life is SO GOOD
  • Octavia looks hot af
  • Monty’s so smart my baby I love him
  • Jasper’s shower scene
  • Raven’s awkward little “gooo”
  • “There’s nobody I trust more to do this than you” PRINCESS MECHANIC RISE
  • honestly Jaha isn’t that bad like he made shitty choices but so has everyone and he was just trying to help. and now he’s recognizing the wrong he has done and how he has to live with it and he wants to make things better so let’s just give him a chance guys!!
  • I missed happy Jasper and tbh he has a point…but also give my girl Clarke a break she’s trying so hard
  • Bellamy’s faith in Raven makes my heart sing
  • that was such a tough choice on Bellamy but I think he made the right one!! “we save who he can save today” my boy sticking to his guns
  • also Harper was so great this episode
  • AND Monty was too!!! being faced with the opportunity to kill his father’s murderer and instead freeing the slaves so they could do it…dark decision but honestly so intriguing I love him
  • Abby willfully giving up her ring and moving on to Marcus but also not forgetting her husband…good shit I tell ya
  • assassin!Octavia is not necessarily something I condone but…I am quite interested in seeing where/how far she goes
  • Bellamy definitely just adopted that little girl