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8.1. Happy Birthday, Takami Chika!


Yahoo I’m finally done with this work (:

See I’m part of an Illustration collective and we’re going to release our own designed deck of cards soon, so we had a draw. Each of us had to pick 4 cards and I got these. I thought it would be fun to make them based on my fav quartet

That was a long waiting lapse so I’m really sorry. Thank all of you who stick to me you’re osom :B and for those who didn’t it’s ok you don’t have to stay, this kind of things will happen to me often so there’s no way you’ll get along with this blog (: 

btw in case you don’t know my OTP yet, here goes a nice hint/bonus

I also make comics o vo

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✎ (You already did ones! so you can ignore it if you want)

nooooo! now i get the chance to draw her better than last time lolol! 


high society ep 7 || changsoo x jiyi

“You’re the first girl I’ve dated that I’ve said sorry to.”

“If everything’s a first, then I’ll think of it as a good thing.”

“I like it because you are so positive.”

“Since you’re smiling, I’ll think of it as a good thing…”

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I love your family au they are so cute, and I've been wondering what would the family do when they go holiday shopping and taking a family photo for their Christmas card.

Dude, they would so totally be that kind of family that would have a fam photo for their Christmas card and send it to their loved ones HAHAHHAHA 

[The Voltron Family] So of course, every year they take a photo in the living room beside the Christmas tree. You bet they wear matching sweaters because they’re cute like that. 

Shiro is fricking stressed because this year, Hunk is in Germany for that foreign exchange program and his flight was delayed for 6 hours and Keith is still at the airport waiting for Hunk’s arrival. Lance is stuck in traffic because he just had to get the newly released game–it was Final Fantasy so Shiro understands but still. Pidge is the only one at home with him and they still haven’t taken their family photo and Shiro is freaking out because that means he had to rush the printing company to make their cards. 

Pidge: *eyes her Dad* Daddy Shiro, calm down.
Shiro: Pidge, will you please stand beside the tree and–
Pidge: I’ve done that an hour ago and you already took my photos a thousand times. My face isn’t going to change you know?
Shiro: *runs his hand through his hair* Oh god, I’m sorry, sweetheart.
Pidge: *hugs Shiro* S’okay.
Shiro: *leans down to kiss Pidge’s forehead* So very understanding. *chuckles* *hugs Pidge tighter* What will I do without you here?
Pidge: *chuckles and looks up* Probably make the tree do different poses.
Shiro: *pouts* Mean.
Pidge: *smirks* You love me anyway.
Shiro: *smiles* Very much so.
Keith: WE’RE HERE!!!!! *suddenly enters* Lance is parking his car outside.
Shiro: *turns around* Oh thank god. Sweaters are in the couch. C’mon family, chop chop. We haven’t got all day for this. We’re behind schedule already. *claps his hands together* *sees Hunk* Awww, come here.
Hunk: *beams* *quickly makes his way to Shiro and hugs him* Oh god, I’ve missed your hugs.
Shiro: *kisses Hunk’s forehead* Welcome home, Hunk.

They took hundreds of photos because that’s just how it works. They decided to have different photos per card because damn people just need to see how adorable and beautiful the Shiroganes are. 

They always go back to Japan during Christmas, so this year wasn’t any different. They were, however, late with the Christmas shopping because they were all busy. And that’s exactly what they were doing at the airport before their flight to Tokyo.

Lance: Why are we–
Keith: Because it’s tax free, Lance. Now go and find something you want.
Lance: Can I get a new pho–
Keith: No. I’m not getting you a new phone. We got you one two years ago.
Lance: Exactly! *hands in the air* My phone is already o– *sees Shiro behind Keith giving him a look* *gulps* …oh-mazingly still working great! *nods*
Shiro: *nods at him approvingly* *holds Keith’s hand*
Keith: *startled* What? *smiles at their interlaced hands* 
Shiro: *bends down to whisper* What would you want for Christmas?
Pidge: *sees them* Oh my god. They’re doing it again, Hunk!
Hunk: *looks around* What what what? Who’s doing what?
Pidge: *points at Shiro and Keith* They’re flirting again in public.
Keith: *frowns at them* 
Hunk: *giggles* *grabs Pidge’s hand* C’mon, Pidge. I think I saw something nice here that would be great for Grandpa Thace.
Keith: *pouts* Sometimes I feel like they hate us or something.
Shiro: *chuckles* Highly doubt it. You know what I overheard the other day?
Keith: What?
Shiro: Pidge was talking over the phone. I think she was being interviewed for a paper or something. She was asked how it felt like to be adopted and have two dads. 
Keith: *frowns* Oh. How did it go?
Shiro: *squeezes Keith’s hand* She said it’s not as different from having a mom and a dad. That she’s thankful she didn’t get adopted by abusive parents. *glances at Keith* She was thankful for a lot of things. You should’ve heard her, Keith. She only hated one thing though. *frowns* 
Keith: *eyes widens* What? what is it? Did we do something wrong?
Shiro: *shakes his head* She hated the fact she didn’t feel anything for her real parents, because she didn’t get to know them, didn’t even remember them. She feels bad about it. This was when I realized she was crying. Because even though she’s adopted, not once did we use it against her nor did we treat her like one. She feels awful because if she were to choose, she’d rather choose us than her real parents. 
Keith: Oh, Pidge. *squeezes Shiro’s hand* I think I know now what I want for Christmas. *beams at Shiro* 

While Hunk and Lance went to meet Rax and Shay in Tokyo, Keith, Shiro and Pidge went to Space Museum TeNQ. They spent the whole day there and Pidge was fangirling over everything, spouting some random trivias as they go along the way. The three of them had a goofy selfie wherein Keith and Shiro both kisses Pidge on the cheeks and she looked so squished but happy. It was the most adorable photo and it became Keith’s phone wallpaper.