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Wanna know the fandom’s best kept secret? These two make an awesome couple

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pidge for the ask meme!

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: her rambles (relatable) the tech obsession, the Floof of her hair, Anime Glasses Thing, lemme hack into this big galra system in 5mins nbd, dresses like a 6th grade boy 
worst quality: the gender discourse and the “she’s too young!!1 protect her !111″ stuff… yo she killed a man onscreen, she can handle it 
ship them with: her future alien gf 
brotp them with: lance, hunk, keith, allura and matt ofc
needs to stay away from: zarkon 
misc. thoughts: i love this character to death and she is so Relatable to me?? we are basically the same?? please i wanna be her best friend


🙌🏿👏🏿If you’ve never seen this full performance then, you should really look it up. I love her vibrato and she SANG it! #CarrieUnderwood #HowGreatThouArt #Gospel #Jesus #Praise #Country #CMA

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– I think everybody already knows that she is my girl and you know… I love her. – for the first time on the interview Axl looks shy.
– She is so fucking hot. – Izzy whispers, Axl looks at Izzy and drinks his coca cola.
– Izzy are you gonna say something? – Axl asks and Izzy realizes that he just talked about his best friend’s girlfriend (he was thinking out loud) and says:
– No. – and then drinks his wine.
But he know that Axl will killed him because he knows how much Axl is jealous about you.

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Somone needs to hide all the lace material from the dresing room the next time Kate goes shopping😣😂 The woman is adorable but i cant take it anymore, someone needs to introduce her to silk, cotton and some floral designs or other bold dresses. Pleaseeee! Not more lace.... i have a feeling most of Kate's lingerie is lace👌

She looks lovely in lace but it’s just so uninspiring to see the same long sleeved lace dress over and over with just a change to the colour or the hemline. Did you see what Alexa Chung wore? I’m not a huge fan of her but she looked beautiful and I would love a royal to wear something like this: 

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Pssst, Percy. You wanna know what romance is in…

“Omg. He gave me some real good food when I asked for it. We must be in love!” Pfft bitch please. Lmao. People give me food all the time and never has there ever been any romantic tension from it. It’s called being “generous”. Heard of it Percy? Probably not.

Did I mention how BB describes it as a most unpleasant experience? And then swiftly tells Rae he’d do it again in a heartbeat for her. 

Look, I love pizza as much as the next guy, but if my bf could turn into a parasite and willingly get ingested by some gross ass vampire fucker just to rip through his intestines to find the gem that would save me, and then say he’d do it AGAIN?

Idk man, but that *MIGHT* just beat out pizza.

Plus, KF bought pizza for EVERYONE. Not just Rae. There was nothing significant about that moment AT ALL. She was *NOT* special. Like, at all.


That’s pretty indicative of romantic undertones, especially when he tells her he’d do it again FOR HER. 

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Poison Ivy Headcannons (facts)

So these are just some small hc I’ve had floating in my head for awhile so I’ve decided to post them! (These are just for fun btw)

•First and foremost she has bpd and depression
• Sort of going along with that one sometimes she’ll get really caught up in her am I human/not human and I a monster or a force of nature and she’ll get really depressed and just stay in bed and her plants comfort her or ofc Harley if she’s there
•She’s a huge supporter of #savethebees
•Sometimes when her and Harley are just chilling she’ll look at Harley and just think holy shit I love her so much and she just can’t look away cause she’s amazed and it’s sweet and gay
•You know that scene from b99 with Rosa and the puppy and she’s like I’ve only had him for a day and a half but if anything happend to him I would kill everyone in this room then myself…That’s pam after meeting Harley it’s canon
•When she’s not doing her whole seductress ploy and engaged in hand-to-plant combat with batman or whoever she’s not even amused she’s just that gif of that guy mouthing fuck you fuck you etc
•Like she has to kill the batman but God at what cost (the cost being her precious time)
•Harley makes meme jokes around her all the time but she lives in the fucking woods Harley of course she doesn’t know what bofa is
•In addition to that last one “Hey red I found a new plant today called bofa” “Bofa???” “Yeah bofa deez nuts *cue cackling*” “Like macadamia nuts???” *cue more cackling with a side of tears*
•She once flipped off batman (he flipped her off back…when he was like a mile away and out her line of sight)
•She leaves post it notes with threatening messages on them to people who don’t take care of their plants right because she can talk to plants she has all the recipts
•The news title reads Eco Terrorist turned memester’ “Eco Terrorist Poison Ivy leaves yet another message for local plant owners this one recived by this young lady states "if you keep buying succulents for your aesthetic then letting them die I will succ the life out of you”
•No Harley and Selina never let’s her live that one down
•Everyone is low key terrified of Ivy cause everytime she’s in Arkham she just stares the joker down zero fucks given cause if he even breathes near harl he’s gonna catch these plants
•OK last one but you know how Harley makes her own clothes well during the fall ivy is short on plant material to make clothing so while she can manage she loves sporting Harleys excellent fashion and brags about how talented her girlfriend is

Ok that’s all feel free to hmu with your Poison Ivy hc’s or just to talk about her I’m always free to talk about Ivy!!!