i love her little leg pose

One of my favorite things about overwatch as a whole is how much of their energy went into the character animation. Every single one of them has mannerisms that are all unique even down to their “Hello!” hand-waves. Seriously, there’s a difference between Soldier’s slow and minimal open-palmed wave and Ana’s salute, between Sombra’s curly-fingered long nailed wave and Reaper’s wave seeming more like he’s trying to grab something, between Bastion’s choppy finger-wave and the repair module waving in sentry mode and Genji’s short bow with a distinctive hand motion. It’s all completely unique to each character to express something about their personalities even with the same general motion.

This isn’t even the half of it. Compare EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER’S seated emote for example. Even if characters are in the same pose, like McCree and Bastion and Lucio? The way they ENTER those poses is completely different. McCree holsters his gun and sets his hand on the ground before seating. Bastion spreads their legs a bit, balances with their arms, and then PLOMPS onto the dirt unceremoniously. Lucio fuckin BREAKDANCES into his seat, how extra can you get, what a show-off, I love him.

And the guys who take a knee instead of sitting down??? Also completely different. Pharah does a little flourish with her weapon before kneeling. Soldier just sweeps into it, all no-nonsense and efficient. Ana sweeps her cloak behind her first and gently eases into the kneel. Reinhardt fuckin hefts his hammer murder-side down and kneels like a knight, gazing slightly upwards to some imaginary monarch he’s in the service of. Zarya clonks her whole gun on the ground and kneels beside it, and it really starts to make sense just how BIG and HEAVY that thing is when you see it beside her like that.

The meditators? Fuckin. Nothing is safe from the character quirks and differences. Genji makes some kind of hand pose on one foot and balances into meditation, keeping his hand near his face. Zenyatta hovers a little lower, bows his head, and his orbs spread out to chime like prayer bells. Hanzo sets his bow down and sits seiza, with his hands on his knees. On that note, Mei also sits seiza but doesn’t meditate, instead awkwardly looking around and glancing at snowball for confidence.

And the COMPLETELY unique poses are probably my favorites. Junkrat wants you to paint him like one of your French girls, fingers tapping on the ground and OOZING such misplaced confidence and insanity that I can’t NOT love him. D.Va reveals her stash of snack food and plays on her Future GameBoy for a while, completely uninterested in what else is going on. Symmetra’s too pompous and confident to sit on the ground, so she creates a seat for herself out of hard light to sit on instead.

Just. I fucking love this game.

Overwatch Outfit-Swap: Tracer and McCree

[Submitted by: @youusedtorecalltracer and an Anon] 


That’s literally all I have to say. And also, has anyone ever noticed how freaking long her legs are?! It was hilarious trying to transfer Tracer’s pose to McCree’s body type. This was endlessly entertaining - so much so that I put a little more detail into colouring the glowy bits. We all love our glowy bits. 

Thank you for the submission! 

My oc Teagan in H2 from this post . 

Thanks for requesting her @solicoolios


Elesh Norn Sprite!

Spider alert!

Behold! My favorite kind of wolf, the wolf spider. Saw her bumbling through as I was planting, she let me get a couple of photos of her before I decided I had taken enough time out of her day.

They are surprisingly docile, I didn’t get a single threat pose out of her. (Now that I think on it, I’ve never had a spider rear defensively at me. All the spiders I’ve encountered here are skittish little 8 legged teddy bears.)

And yes, Minnesota has the bittiest wolf spiders, it seems.

I use the tags “spider,” “arachnid,” and “arthropod” for photo and text posts like these. Feel free to block if need be!

I finally finished my modern Elizabeth! o(≧∇≦o)

I meant to have this done during Elizabeth Appreciation Week, but clearly that never happened…

But anyway, my kink is modern Poldark characters, so here’s some Lizzie love for everyone! I was tossing up perhaps having her with shorter hair like Heida in a few pictures I’ve seen of her, but I couldn’t help myself and just had to draw her with voluptious hair! o(^∀^*)o

I really like her in mauves and purpley colours hence the colour of her sweater. For some reason I just pictured, as I was doing this, that she owns horses for some reason.

Anyway, I enjoyed doing this, and look! A different pose!


Alrighty, spacemuffinz, I think I got everything in there…

I dunno… I think it lost something. I probably should have moved them around a bit to compensate for… well, for that big-BLEEP hat mostly. And Rabbit ears… I had a hard time with the Walter Girls as they kinda have pigment issues and tend to fade out, especially when Beebop has decided to hunker down to get into the picture. But Beebop is the thing I added and I’m proud of myself because it matches the angle of Steve’s body in the original (and he’s waving! Hey, Beebop). I suppose at least one leg should have been in there too, but it was busy enough. Rabbit has hands but hands is hard… she’s pulling a Bela Lugosi over on the right hand there, and the left hand is in the classic ballerina/doll pose. Much Barbie. And making Rabbit smile… it just makes her look like she’s trying to decide which vein to go for first. I love that, mind you…

I shrank Sam a little as requested and made David’s hand a little bigger, and HOLY SHRIMP Rabbit is well-endowed in the original, yeeps… Hatchworth is not Sam, though. That chin… he has to be a robot now.

I still like the original better. I could look at Chelsea’s hair and Sam’s mustache all day. And Steve… he’s got to be hanging from a helicopter… or just on the down swing of a bungee cord.

Made to Move Barbie Review

About a week ago, I bought a Made to Move Barbie (specifically Lea). I wanted a body for my LA Girl that had articulation, as those Fashionista dolls are horrendous. Lea’s skin color seemed to match the best, but Barbie might have worked as well. I just really don’t care for Barbie’s face.
I love the body on the Made to Move dolls. She’s a very sturdy doll, which is great for holding poses. Her legs swivel at the thigh, much like the Frightfully Tall girls if I’m not mistaken. Her torso is jointed right below the bustline, and her arms swivel below the shoulder where a bicep would be.
Her only weakness are her flimsy little ankles. It’s extremely difficult to pose her standing up, and the majority of this photoshoot was spent picking her up after she fell. She can bend in any position, do any yoga pose, but she can’t stand up to save her life. Now I’m wondering if trying a different pair of shoes would help. She’s currently wearing the LA Girl sandals, which give her ankles zero stability or support. Perhaps wearing taller shoes would help. I’ll have to keep my eye out for some. Just know that she has a hard time standing on her own.
For now, let’s ignore the fact that LA Girl’s head is on the body. Overall, I really like Lea. Her hair feels really nice, at least where there isn’t hair gel. Her face up is really simple, but that’s okay. A minimal style can be good, and can be refreshing after working with dolls such as MH and EAH. But at $14.99, I think that their best use will be to rebody another doll for posing. Just remember that they really can’t stand on their own, at least with sandles. Obitsu will beat them every time when it comes to standing. If you want a doll that stands up easily for photos, Made to Move are not the ones for you. As for posing, she’s very comparable to an Obitu’s movement, but looks more natural doing it. These bodies are a lot more human-like in shape and size than other dolls.
TLDR: Posing range is fantastic, and body feels sturdy. Downfall lies in the weak ankles. A great doll for rebodying and posing, but not for standing. Lea’s head is on an Obitsu 27cm body.
Lets go over the Kyuranger designs and why I like them so much

Lets start at the top

Leaderman McLionpants over here is a good ass Red. Between his striking visor, black red and silver color combo, and nice matching transformation device, he’s all kinds of cool. Really strong way to start

I don’t know what it is, but something about Blue’s costume makes him look kind of thick. Like he has a really nice visor as well, but it kinda seems like his costume is made of thicker material. It might just be my mind playing tricks on me but he legit kinda looks like he’s covered in some kind of fur? He doesn’t look as shiny in the same way as everyone else, and kinda has more dark hues to his costume which makes him look like he’s covered in like… suede or something.

A BIG BOY THAT I LOVE VERY MUCH. I love bull themed super heroes and it isn’t very often we get a sentai member that is like… really clad in armor to make them look bigger. I love this beefy boy and his thick ass legs also his visor is the fucking best. So fucking cool!

A very sweet girl and I love that her visor is the head of the chameleon and the tongue envokes a cute little hair curl. ALSO HEY WE HAVE A FEMALE GREEN! That hasn’t happened before and it’s fucking radical! REAL GOOD!

Yellow boy here, between his pose and the look of his visor, looks like a really serious and noble type character, which makes me hope the Blue this time around is a goofball? We just don’t know, but I like the cut of this guy’s jib.

ORANGE! Yet again we have an orange ranger and I’m so glad it’s basically turned into a standard color that you HAVE to have now. Fucking orange is the best. His visor is really neat but kinda menacing so I’m a little worried.

Something I just noticed is that I’m pretty sure all the visors have a star pattern to them, so that’s really fucking nice.

Gold’s costume and visor are really nice, but he looks sort of robotic given the nature of his costume. Will we get a good ol robot Gold this season? Maybe! I can see how that would be used as “Balance” I guess.

Silver, looks a little plain, and a little brooding, but I like what little we can see of his visor and it’s good to have a gold and a silver again.

PINK LEGIT HAS WINGS! She’s amazing and I trust her because she has fucking WINGS!


I Love it When You Talk Dirty - an Everlark birthday drabble

Originally posted by isexualdisaster

Happy birthday to @iliveilaughiloveiread ! A little gift for you based on the prompt “I love it when you talk dirty.”

Katniss added soap to the bucket, then water, placing her finger over the nozzle so the spray would create mounds of fluffy, white suds. It was a beautiful day to wash her car, even though she’d rather be out hiking or swimming in the lake. But she’d taken her Jeep off-roading recently and with all the spring rains it had come away caked with mud.

“What are you doing?” The sound of a deep male voice startled her. She jumped, spinning around with the hose in her hand, pointing it directly at him and sending a stream of water across his chest, realizing too late it was her boyfriend.

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emilyprntisss  asked:

Hello! I know you just did a shit ton of prompts, but I was looking at your "how to make Hawley better" post (and btw I totally agree) and I saw something about demon venom. I was wondering if you could write something where Abbie gets injected with the venom and Ichabod is super concerned and just there for her. I don't care if Hawley is there or not, but the episodes lately have just lacked the standalone ichabbie I've been craving. Please and thank you!

She insisted on walking. She tottered from the car to the door of her building like a tin soldier while he trailed worriedly in her wake. But she stood before the flight of stairs that stood between her and home, she looked at him. Without a word, he took her in his arms.

Her legs would not bend as they should, but rather stuck out like twigs. He could feel the muscles in her thighs bunch beneath this hands as if she was about to take some tremendous leap into the air. And if Miss Jenny was correct – and she invariably was in these matters – it was all going to get much worse before it got better.

It took some doing to unlock the door, but between the two of them they managed. He nudged light switches to life with his shoulder and carried her to her bedroom. As soon as he set her upon the bed, she was ready to be rid of him.

“I’ll give you a call when this is all over.” Crane knelt at her feet and began unlacing her boots. “Jenny said I should be good as new by tomorrow.” He set the shoes aside. She’d likely be more comfortable in looser clothing, but he feared he would hurt her in the attempt. “Won’t be a fun night, but…” He settled for fluffing her pillows instead. “You’re not actually going to leave, are you?”

“Of course not.”

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Fluffy!!! This is absolutely amazing! Everyone’s expressions and poses are so darn fitting for them! The colors are incredible. Gosh, the lighting is so wild! I adore how excited Looter looks. He looks ready to cause trouble and look cute doing so. Convicky’s pose is so elegant; I love the legs and how you drew her dress. The way the green turns a lil’ blue-ish at the bottom is so gorgeous. Haha! Kleptom looks so snobby and I love how you posed his chubby, little legs. Loooove the vibrant yellow on him woah. Aaah! I’m always so happy to see Robby also! Such nice pinkish reds! He’s so adorable.
Gosh! Seeing the whole group together like this is amazing! Thank you so much, Fluffy!!! You rock!

Has anybody else noticed that the Senshi’s new transformations, so far, really echo their personalities?

Like, first up you’ve got Usagi. She thrusts her hand up, all energy and enthusiasm, pure Usagi, and then things get epic. Her hand drifts off to one side, really elegant-like, an echo of long ago. She thrusts her hands up and you see ribbons and lights—girl’s an anime fan and you know she’s into mahou shojo, don’t lie. We know exactly where those ribbons and lights came from. She crosses her arms in an elegant gesture, and then her legs—she’s mimicking all of the graceful and beautiful things she’s seen in transformations on TV. (Maybe even some show based on a manga by a woman named Naoko Takeuchi, who knows?) And then, the girly bow—sparkly!—and the pose.

External image

Here’s where it starts getting cool, and you can trace this back to Classic, too. Sailor Moon didn’t exist in the past, so this is literally Usagi deciding her own identity, what she looks like and who she is. And who is Usagi? A comic-loving pretty girl who believes you can fall in love and still be strong. Gosh. That sounds a little familiar:

External image

And it works on multiple levels—Lynda Carter’s Golden Lasso of Truth is pretty chintzy-looking, but go watch Justice League, yo. I see a Moon Tiara Boomerang right there. (Justice League Wonder Woman has a pose that’s pretty close to the tsuki no wa atte oshokiyo pose, too.) Even as Sailor Moon, she’s still our pop culture-loving little girl.

Next: Mercury! I can’t embed video here, but you can find her transformation easily on YouTube if you look up “sailor moon crystal mercury”. She puts her pen up like she’s told, and lets go slowly—this is her memento of Usagi, the first moments in her life she could actually say she has a friend. But when she takes it back—something is happening to her, something strange—she’s barely touching it. It’s not just a pen now, it’s a talisman, and something so powerful and wonderful couldn’t possibly have fallen into her hands, not shy little Ami who’s not good at anything but studying. It’s impossible. And sure enough—right away she yanks her arms in, hugs herself from the front. She’s still not sure. They’ve got the wrong Mizuno Ami. And she turns and she jumps, but when she does she tucks her arms in at her sides and keeps her legs close together:

External image

That is the body stance of someone who’s realy not sure what they’re doing here. The feet are pointed in awkwardly, the knees knock together, the arms are out to catch her after that leap but still pulled in toward her, still trying not to take up space. If you do Mercury’s pose in real life, you’ll discover that it’s very cramped—there’s a lot of room for her to expand to, but she’s choosing not to, to stay in a tiny, compact position:

External image

That’s the farthest we’ve ever seen her extend her arm. And it’s still in a straight line out forward from her body, her other arm still tucked in at her side. She’s still little Ami who fades into the background and isn’t going to be an inconvenience or take up space. And just that bit of assertion, just the guts it takes to throw her hands out and say “repent,” leaves her blinking and gasping in shock: is this me?

And then there’s Rei. She lets go of the pen at once, as she’s been told. And then she snatches it right back, because that weird talking cat just told her she’s chosen, she’s special, she has a purpose, and after all these years, you’re not taking that away from her. She throws her arms and legs out to the sides—let’s get this done, let’s kick some ass, I have the Sailor Senshi here who are waiting on me and I’m the dependable one, the angry one, the one who gets things done, I’m the one who will burn your heart if you harm my loved ones. And she ends up like Usagi—a strong and confident pose, legs spread, arms extended:

External image

But unlike Usagi, Rei’s pose is serious, a little more grown up. That right arm could pull back and punch you in the face any second now and you’d never see it coming. Her chest is pushed out and open—that’s a dominating, alpha gesture. In a real-life adaptation of Rei’s attitude here, it would be played by Lucy Liu or Meryl Streep. You wanna screw with her clan? Oh, you go right ahead, and one of those high heels will go right up your ass. And while you’re at it, go ahead and assume she’s just a pretty face, at your peril. She’ll throw her arms behind her head like a swimsuit model and then light you on fire while you’re still wiping up your drool. Even her final pose:

External image

She’s got cramped arms like Ami, but look at her face. She’s not keeping her arms close out of discomfort. It’s contempt. You’re not even worthy to be in her space.

Even as the Senshi, they’re still our girls—our flawed, chipped but not broken, isolated girls who are about to form a team of friends for love and justice.

And if that doesn’t get you crazy excited to see what they do with Jupiter, and the rest of what Crystal’s going to show us, I don’t know what will. (I’m looking forward to a transformation that doesn’t have that awful bodysuit error in it. Might just be me, though.)

~submitted by prismatic-bell 

Love this! Thanks for taking the time to write and submit it! <3 ~Silvermoon424

Asuna Dakimakura Cover + Kirito Bedsheet Review

So after a really long wait… I finally got them on Thursday and had the opportunity to enjoy one night with them before going home this weekend. I will have more pictures under the cut. They are just pictures I posted on Twitter last night so nothing too new if you already saw me fangirl yesterday. While I’m at it, take not that some pictures might not be safe to view if you have strict parents spying on you from behind. LOL

Warning: More than 20 images under the cut so expect for a long post and loading time (depend on your Internet speed).

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anonymous asked:

#14 VMin

#14 Things you said after you kissed me…

“Ewww,” Jimin squealed, pulling his face out of Taehyung’s hands and wiping at his mouth. “Dude, I said tell me how you kissed her, not show me.”

Taehyung giggled madly and shrugged, unfazed by Jimin’s punch to his arm. “I thought this would be more effective.” Jimin wiped at his face again, then licked his lower lip experimentally.

“Are you wearing flavored lip balm?”

“Yeah,” Taehyung answered, grinning. “It’s supposed to make my lips kissably smooth.” 

“It tastes like cough syrup,” Jimin said, wrinkling his nose. “Were you wearing that when you kissed her?”

“Yeah,” Taehyung said slowly, suddenly unsure of himself. “Do you think that’s why she left?”

“Maybe?” Jimin said, just as unsure. “You’re asking me like I have any more experience at this than you do.”

Taehyung looked at his lap and picked at the couch cushion beneath him. “Was it…a bad kiss?”

Jimin sighed. He hated to see Tae insecure. “I don’t know,” he said with a touch of exasperation. “I wasn’t really focused on your technique. I was a little too startled to pay attention to that.”

“Should I do it again, then?” Tae asked mischievously. Jimin instantly scooted down the couch away from him, raising his hands with a teasing giggle. Tae followed him slowly, puckering his lips like a threat.

“No, thank you,” Jimin said. “I’m sure your technique is fine.” Tae tackled him playfully and they rolled onto the floor in a tangle of legs and couch cushions. “Get off me, you dork.”

Taehyung laughed and sat up. They both propped themselves against the couch, grinning. 

“I love you, buddy,” Jimin said, patting Tae on the shoulder. “But I do not love you like that. I think you need to try again with the girl.”

Tae’s grinned slipped a little. “I really like her,” he said softly. “But I think I screwed it up. The trouble is, I’m not sure how.”

“Okay, let’s start from the beginning and try this again,” Jimin said, turning toward him and sitting cross-legged. Tae eyed him, and Jimin instantly threw his hands up again. “No. This time you’re actually going to tell me what happened. My imagination works just fine, thank you.”

Taehyung sighed and pushed away from the couch, mirroring Jimin’s pose until they were knee to knee.

“We were walking back from the shop, just talking and eating our ice cream. I grabbed her hand and she didn’t pull away. Good sign, right?” Tae looked at Jimin for confirmation, who nodded encouragingly. “We were taking side streets and alleys to avoid fans and a cat jumped out of a dumpster and scared us. Next thing I knew, I had my arms around her and our ice cream was on the ground.” 

Taehyung paused, and Jimin could tell by the vague smile on his face that he wasn’t entirely present. Jimin gave his a few more seconds of happy reminiscing before waving a hand in front of his face.

“And then you kissed her?” he asked, prompting.

“Yeah,” Taehyung said with a shrug. “She looked really pretty, staring up at me, and the moment seemed right, so I just…went for it.” He looked insecure again and fiddled with the rip in the knee of his jeans.

“And then what happened?” Jimin asked softly, sad that this experience had been less than stellar for his best friend. Dates were rare their line of work; it was a bummer to have it all go sideways.

“She pulled away after a second, blinked, and then just…took off down the alley,” Taehyung said forlornly. 

If it had been anyone else telling the story or if the disappointment weren’t so fresh, Jimin would be tempted to laugh. As it was, he wasn’t quite sure how to best express his sympathy. After a second of awkward silence, Taehyung amazed him by giggling. 


“Oh my god, Jiminie,” Tae said, his laughter bubbling out over his words. “She literally RAN AWAY from me. Could it have gone any worse?” The wide-eyed disbelief on his best friend’s chuckling face sent Jimin into gales of laughter.

“She could have screamed,” Jimin suggested between his own giggles. 

“Or run away while screaming,” Tae retorted. He opened his mouth in an exaggerated silent scream and flailed his hands next to his face, causing them both to laugh harder.

They lost themselves to their mirth for awhile. And the longer they laughed, the funnier it became, until they were laying side-by-side on the carpet, holding their ribs and spurring one another on. Eventually, they would fall silent, only for one of them to snort or sigh and they would be off again. It was likely ten full minutes before they were finally calm. 

“I needed that,” Tae said, his breathing labored. 

“Sorry it didn’t work out, buddy,” Jimin said, flopping his hand lazily onto Tae’s chest in some kind of awkward sympathy pat. Just then, Taehyung’s phone pinged with a text message alert. He sat up and swiped it off the couch. His face split into a cautious grin as he read the message.

“What’s up?” Jimin asked, propping himself up on his elbows.

“She’s outside,” Tae answered, biting his lip. “She says she’s sorry she got scared and asks if I want to try that again.” Jimin grinned at his friend and shoved his shoulder lightly. Tae grinned stupidly, his eyes taking on the vague, dreamy quality he had a few minutes ago.

“Are you going to take her up on her offer?” Jimin asked pointedly.

“Oh, right!” Tae exclaimed, scrambling up from the floor. Jimin flopped back onto the carpet with a satisfied smile. He wiped at his lips again in disgust as he heard the front door open.

“Before you go down there, do something about your lip balm!” he called out. “It’s seriously gross.” He heard Taehyung scurry back into the dorm and down the hall to the bathroom. 

“Thanks, buddy,” Tae called on his way back through.

“Anytime,” Jimin answered, flashing him a thumbs up. “Wait. Scratch that. I’m always here for advice, but don’t ever kiss me again.”