i love her like i really do

i don’t think we, as a collective society and culture appreciate holes (2003) like we really should,,,i mean where do i begin to list the things that this movie has that years later other movies cannot even begin to top

  • an actual diverse cast of characters  
  • three separate story lines that somehow all manage to line up together at the end perfectly  
  • the best romance ever seen in cinema history done in five minutes
  • kissin’ fuckin kate barlow 
  • the entire scene of louise the warden being introduced driving her cadillac to the digging site
  • sam the onion man
  • stanley stealing mr sirs truck to go save hector and crashing it .5 seconds later
  • “I can fix that”
  • hector zeroni hitting that gross ass counselor on the head with a shovel and leaning right down to him and saying “DIG” 
  • a well-developed female anti-hero and a well-developed female villain 
  • hector finding his mom at the end
  • “no good dirty rotten pig stealin’ great-great grandfather”
  • a happy ending for all of the boys at the camp and not just stanley 
Happy Birthday!!

Today is the birthday of one of my favourite tumblrs ever, @drac-ooh and I have therefore chosen to devote this little fic to her as a birthday present.. I really hope that you like it!! 
Ao3 link is here

It was supposed to be the best day of Draco’s life, but he was feeling like a complete wreck. He was so nervous. As his father still was imprisoned in Azkaban, Arthur Weasley had offered to walk Draco down the aisle. Of course, Draco was forever grateful of rotate, but that didn’t really make the uneasiness go away. In a few minutes he was going to marry the love of his life, Harry Potter!

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TRR theory

Despite that I love the concept of kicking Madeleine’s ass, I don’t believe it was her. I don’t think she sent the letters, I don’t think she staged the Tariq shit, or that she had anything to do with anything, really. It’s too obvious. I’m thinking someone close to the court, someone who wants to be in charge in some way so I think maybe, m a y b e it was the queen. She LOVES Madeleine, she’s not all that fond of MC, at least not me … and even if she liked us more, Madeleine’s more fitting for the position of fucking queen, so she probably wants to have Madeleines as her heir rather than MC anyway. idk, it’s just a theory, not a too thought out one but a theory nonetheless. Let me know what y'all think??

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Do you think 1.Camila will come out this year? 2.L/C will admit Camren? 3. LAND and C will show a little love to each other on social media platforms amytime soon? Sorry for so many questions in one but I really love the input you give out!💖

No worries, thanks for your questions! 

1. Most likely not, no. Her team are really forcing a certain image on C. Unfortunately, straight sells. I think there’s hints to her sexuality fans are picking up on, but definitely not a confirmation. I think we’re gonna get a “boy” in her life very soon.

2. At some point, it’s inevitable that something has to be confirmed. You can’t deny something went on between the two. Romantic or not, I think it will be addressed more seriously in years to come. At the minute, circumstances/contracts won’t allow it.

3. I really hope so to be honest. I think the VMA’s on Sunday would be the perfect opportunity for their team to put all this drama to bed. All we have to see is the slightest interaction between the girls and C, a wave/smile will do nicely. However, fans pick up on/pull apart everything and management know this. If their respective teams allow them to publicly interact, we will see straight through it. It then confirms our speculation that the girls are still friendly/ in contact and all this bullshit over the past 9 months has been a manufactured narrative that we have been sold and expected to believe.

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What do you think the Missus's phone background would be from when they were dating to when she has the kids?

Before she meets/dates Harry, I think she’d either have a lovely photo she’d taken on a holiday or a girly-trip she’d taken with her best friend after finishing college/university, or maybe a background she’s found online that’s an intricate pattern or a picture she really likes of something/someone.

When they do eventually get together and become a couple, I think she’d have a cute selfie of the two of them or a candid photo of Harry that she’s taken when he’s not paying her an ounce of attention - maybe when he’s watching the telly and dressed all cosily or when he’s walking ahead of her or when he’s just looking so peaceful when they sit in Primrose Hill for an hour or two. Or maybe even a photo that a friend had taken of them - maybe in a restaurant when they’d gone out for dinner with some friends or a pub where they’re so loved up and in their own little bubble.

And that would then change to a wedding photo when they get married; and Harry would do the exact same. She’d have a photo of him in his suit and he have a photo of her in her wedding dress and they’d both be lockscreens… with their homescreens being the same gorgeous photo from the big day.

When they have Persephone, she’d either have a photo of Harry holding their few hours old little girl or she’d have a midwife/Anne/her mother/Gemma take a photo of them together. And it’d be the same with Alfie and the twins - getting all of their little family in together for a photo to keep as a sweet memory of when their family expanded. xx

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Mom i need advice. I like a friend of mine. But its like, when im around her i want to hold her hand and make her laugh with my shit puns and buy her all the gross coffee she drinks. I want her to smile at me in the morning when we wake up, i want her to say i love you.... She identifies as bi, but she leans towards guys and she always has potential dates. I know i dont stand a snowball's chance in hell, but i have hope. What should i do?

Aaawww, yeah I’ve been there before. This is really hard to deal with. You can chose to take multiple routes with this. If you feel like it will jeopardize your friendship, you can keep the feelings to yourself. This hurts, trust me, but that is always an option. Another route is that you talk to them. This may be awkward, but if it gets you to feeling better and gets you a chance to get it off your chest, go for it! She may even have hidden feelings for you! Of course, there is the fillip side of that. She may not recuperate those feelings, but that doesn’t mean the whole relationship is over! Communication is key in every relationship, romantic or not. You call tell her how you feel, and tell her you don’t want this to harm your friendship. This is all about risk, and it’s scary. I understand how you feel. If you ever need me or want to talk more, I’ll always be here! 🖤

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I want more lgbt movies that happen to have lgbt characters you know. Like sure coming out movies are fine but where's my movie about the girl who wants to win homecoming Queen who happens to be trans and instead of the movie being like "look at her she is a trans homecomming Queen " it's "look at this homecoming Queen by the way she's trans" but also doing this without erasing her transness. For straight people this is a balancing act which is why we need more lgbt directors/ writers/actors

oh yes yes yes absolutely!!! I agree 100%. It’s a not-so-difficult thing to do that cis and straight writers have no idea how to do… or have no idea that it’s possible because of their internalized queerphobia. I would love to see more movies and books like this. I really really hope to have some in the future.

Buckle up because I have quite a few things to say about this here martian.

So I’m gonna start at season one.

One thing I really appreciated was how she and Artemis automatically got along, even though Artemis kinda flirted with superboy and M'gann got jealous. She was still mature about it and I was so relieved that she wasn’t petty about that.

I didn’t actually like her much until the white martian reveal. I freaking loved that. The way she latched on to the character of Megan and just became her was creepy but also kind of relatable? Like I myself have a lot of identity issues and if I could shapeshift I would probably do some shit like that. She had this idea of what a normal, likable earth girl is, and she is so afraid of being cast out and oppressed again because of being a white martian that she completely morphs into that false self and it feels like she kind of loses her own identity in doing so. I wish that plot line got a little more focus actually, I wanted more!

Yes, she was abusive. Even in season one. She named superboy after Megan’s love interest and that kind of felt like she was trying to mold him into something without him even knowing it. He was only a few months old when they started dating, and their differences in maturity and experience were never even addressed, which would have been nice.

Then you get to season two, and it all just totally spirals. She straight up abuses her power not only with her enemies, but with Connor, too, when she messed with his head to try to keep him from being mad at her. Plus she totally used La'gaan to make herself feel better and that’s not cool.

It’s unfortunate that she was written that way, because I think there’s so much that could be done with her character as far as her presentation and how she sees herself. At the same time, I think it’s important. There’s something to be said in that abusers are almost always portrayed as monsters: scary/creepy men usually. So it goes to show that even someone who seems otherwise really sweet and innocent (or portrays themselves that way) can be just as bad. Abuse is almost never so obvious.

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🔥Aradia 🔥Terezi 🔥Feferi 🔥Nepeta

aradia is good and i hate how people ignore her? even hussie ignores her its ridiculous. she overcame her depression and nihilism and i love her

terezi is my fucking girlfriend but people do her so damn dirty. i love vrisrezi but sometimes i see people act like her entire fucking character is only about vriska when shes extremely independent and capable on her own. she struggled with her own damn depression and addiction and abuse and trauma and still managed to get back up on her own two feet and DO shit with herself… your fave could literally NEVER

hm i dont really know about feferi. i think shes very pretty but im generally unbiased because same with nepeta the narrative didnt do anything with her unfortunately? shes a lesbian though

not exactly unpopular but nepeta is butch. thats that. no arguements. they hated jesus because he spoke the truth


  • has loved reading ever since she found out she was named after Cosette from Les Miserables, even tho she is mucho unimpressed by how weak of a character she was.
  • People assume she’s a quiet bookworm because she’s very reserved, but she will be really hostile towards anyone who gets under her skin
  • Her hair was blonde as a child but went dirty-blonde in grade 9 and she’s been dying it back to blonde since
  • She finds furniture at junkyards and flea markets, refurnishes them and sells them
  • She is the ultimate negasaurus

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I love shipping Jonsa but lately I have been seeing how so much of the fandom hates Daenerys? I love Daenerys with all my heart, seen as though we have followed her throughout the series and seeing all her hardships and struggles. The only thing I really hate is the need for D&D to think that her and Jon desperately "have to have" this intimate relationship? I personally just do not see the two as a couple, I hate the thought of them pushing the pair together. I think it really kills their arcs.

Hello Anonny, 

I also like Dani as a character though I ship Jonsa. I don’t know why liking one should automatically mean that you don’t like the other. Anyway, the whole point of Dani’s changing arc is to present to us an anti-hero whom we actually like and to whose story we are emotionally connected with. Restlessness has always been a part of Dani’s character arc. She’s never successfully governed one place and then moved on to the other. Dario says it first. Cersei says it again, that she’s a revolutionary not a monarch. 

We see the same when she lands on Dragon Stone. She doesn’t feel like this is home. There is this general theme of “not belonging” in Westeros surrounding her. She wants to rule a country she knows nothing about and over people who don’t want her to be their queen. She’s a beautifully complex character with many layers beneath her. Maybe that’s why it’s essential for her to get intimate with Jon who’s probably the simplest character on the show. If a Jon and Dani romance is happening something about it must be significant to the plot. 

Unfortunately, we’ll never know why until the final season. Thanks for the ask!!

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What do you think of Cornelia's music? I personally LOVE it. How are the Lesters dealing with so much talent in their family, what the heck.

on a more wholesome topic: Omfg i love Cornelia, i would die for her. I love that she’s a really good musician and martyn is actually a DJ, and dnp are youtubers, like that family is so fucking unconventional it’s so cool

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Do you think you'll ever show Pete interacting with Penny? I can't recall if you ever talked about their relationship now that she's older. I really like Penny, I hope we see more of her.

Hahaha. I love this ask (bc I was actually just plotting those scenes yesterday! lol). Yes, we will see Pete again, one day. Not anytime soon. And up to this point, he hasn’t so much as spoken to her since the day Clem left him. But… it’s definitely coming! :)

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BUDDY a ticket to anywhere is killing me and i'm just curious, do you think katya will have to build up a relationship with trixie before anything happens between them? bc i'm low-key loving all this angst but at the same time i'm conflicted because i'm like jfc just tell her you love her already

ahh! i mean, i’m not gonna say all that much because i don’t want to spoil everything, but it’s safe to say that katya is still completely dense about trixie and really truly has no idea that she’s interested. she’s going to need to get to know her a little better and maybe get a few more pushes in the right direction before anything’s going to happen!

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Did you ever post Camille, especially Camille nudes before Harry was linked to her? I've never seen what people are talking about when they talk about blogs and Harry stans doing this, until now, where it's been days in a row of Camille content where there was none before.

So if you’ve followed my tag and post meltdowns, one of the photos I’ve reblogged I’ve been like, hardcore in love with for a long time and never knew who it was. So yes, I’ve reblogged pictures of Camille (on a sideblog, here’s even a #receipt). BUT, even if I didn’t…. who cares? This isn’t really necessary to answer your ask, but I’m getting real tired of people acting like it’s awful to like a model because you find out about them from hanging out with Harry.

I love models, I reblog about models and fashion all the time. I usually find out about models from my friends, or from seeing them reblogged somewhere on tumblr, or –shocker– seeing them hanging out with other celebrities! I see them with someone I know, I think “wow they’re beautiful,” and I look them up and reblog a bunch of pictures. People have become fans of tons of different people just because they’re friends with Harry. I’m an American who doesn’t listen to British radio but I adore and reblog Nick Grimshaw, and I became invested in him purely because he’s friends with Harry. No one cares, no come comes at me being like “why are you stanning Nick you’re American you wouldn’t know who he was without Harry!!!111!!! ”. People also talk about Xander all the time, just cause he’s friends with Harry. I even reblogged random pictures of Waseem, I don’t even know really who he is or what he does, but he’s friends with Harry and posted cute pics so I reblog them! People had URL’s dedicated to Mitch (and Tom, and Fionn, and etc etc) before we even heard the guy say 2 words, and no one cared. 

There’s literally nothing weird about becoming a fan of someone because you learn about them from Harry and decide you like their photos or their social media or anything else. And nobody treats it as weird, unless it’s a model that Harry’s maybe dating. Then all the sudden it’s awful and terrible and we’re stanning a rando we’d never know about without Harry! Barring the fact that Camille is literally a really successful model who’s led major campaigns and walked in major fashion shows (stop devaluing models’ work, but that’s another story), how most people are treating Camille is the exact same way people have treated everyone else around Harry. You wouldn’t know who Mitch or Sarah or Clare or Xander or Waseem, and honesty for me, Nick or a ton of others, were it not for them knowing Harry. It’s almost like… people just freak the fuck out about women around Harry who are models… kinda Makes You Think™

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Hi again! Still enjoying your thoughts and images, you bring such interesting perspectives to the manga. I was wondering about your opinion on something that has started to bother me. It seems as if Ms. Tobosa actually doesn't like her own main characters going by her published comments and the only truly wonderful character (Agni) she killed off. Personally up until the past episodes I enjoyed the playful, diabolical Sebastian and determined intelligent O!Ciel. Thoughts?

Hey! ^^ Thank you for your nice words. I’m glad you think so. ^^

I’m sure it’s not that Yana doesn’t like her main characters. I think she loves them. It’s just that she also knows that they are not ‘good’ characters. Sebastian is a demon who doesn’t really care for humans and Ciel has a lot of issues leading him to do horrible things, as well. That’s something she often mentions in her comments but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like them. ;) It’s like many of us fans see it too, isn’t it? I mean, we know that Ciel and Sebastian did some bad things and aren’t as ‘good’ and selfless as Soma or Agni but we still love them for it. ;)

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Totally random but did you used to like Jacksgap?

Did I used to like Jacksgap? Did I? DID I?

Yes, yes I did. Jack and Finn were the first YouTubers I ever watched/fell in love with. I was in 9th grade history class and some girl (I didn’t really like her that much) showed me her lockscreen and said “Do you know who these guys are?” and I was like the fuck no and she was like “They’re Jack and Finn. They have a YouTube channel called Jacksgap. They’re British. You should look them up” and even though I didn’t like her I wasn’t going to turn down the chance to watch two cute British boys so I did. It was actually through them that I saw Caspar and through Caspar I saw Alfie and through Alfie, Zoe, and Zoe, Joe, and, well, you can guess how the rest of it goes.

So no, I didn’t used to like Jacksgap, I loved them

And to be honest I still do. Obviously their videos have changed but their passion for politics and the environment and the world is beautiful and I’m so proud of how much they’ve grown xx

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I missed all the anon stuff but I wanted to say your Kurdish Trish is super pretty! Do you have ideas for any of the other cast, like Bucci's group? (Unless you did and I missed it in which case I'm sorry.)

Thank you!! I think my ethnicity hcs for Buccellati’s squad are pretty similar to a lot of other artists on this site

Giorno: White English/Japanese
Buccellati: Romani
Abbacchio: White Italian
Mista: Black Italian
Narancia: Bangladeshi (1st gen)
Fugo: White Italian (maybe has Albinism?? I haven’t decided yet)
Trish: Kurdish/White Italian

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Hello, I was curious if you by chance knew of any spells to make animals more friendly towards their owners? I have had my cat for almost 3 years and she becomes mean very quickly. Like there is a 50/50 chance I'm gonna get bitten if I pet her. Idk wjat to do. She's never been abused, she always has had an easy life. Idk where she gets her mean attitude, but she treats me like she's the boss and all I want to love her. She also bites any company I have that wants to pet her too.

i really wish i knew what to tell you but i have little experience with animals other than rabbits. i never had cats or dogs growing up tbh.