i love her just for this line

o this lady came thru my line in Walmart n she was obviously into Gothic fashion she was wearing it,, anyway ppl were giving her odd glances n I knew they weren’t thinking nice thoughts so I just said rlly loudly with a big grin “wow you look so Gothic and Chic! I love it!” And she was so happy it made me feel good

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how would you rank the seasons of skam and why?

s3 -s1 -s2. noora’s last bc it felt cliché, i still loved it outside the noorhelm line (although they did have cute moments) and i love noora but she deserved better.. eva’s second bc i see myself alot in her and i reaally loved that when ingrid finally listened to her they didnt fall back to their old friendship bc that just never happens and im sad she and jonas broke up but independent eva 👌 and isak’s first bc not only did i relate to him and even but fuck!!! it was such a beautiful season with all the symbolism and stuff and the acting was just……wonderful

forgotten jade harley trivia

i think the striders get a lot of rep in terms of strife specibus because they have the swords, which are typically heroic weapons and shit, but i think we overlook the oft-ignored and wonderful fact that jade’s specibus was just. gun

like john had a hammer and rose had her sorcery sticks and jane had a fucking pitchfork of all things but jade? huge fucking gun.

john’s over here beating imps away with his hammer one by one whereas jade lines up and fucking decimates ten at a time

dave’s doing all his fancy acrobatic sword-jumps kickflips around LOHAC whereas jade could pop off three shots and get the same amount of work done

do not forget that jade, the sweetest, kindest member of the group, would lug around a giant-ass machine gun


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I've followed you for about 2 years now, and I've always wandered how you came up with your ocs. So how did you come up with the We Are The Space Age franchise?

oh man ok this is a great question, so here we go:

the earliest memories i have of drawing main trio is back in 2013, the days when i was head over heels for futurama. that show sorta ignited my love for sci-fi, so i started doodling random robots on the side of my class assignments… instead of paying attention lmao. the first time i drew florence (love your url btw. its ironic cause i literally just drew her in a joy division shirt), was on the margins of some lined paper: 

the first time i drew riley was also during class, around the same time 

and the first time i drew stellone:

there wasnt really any.. clear cut way of making them? i just sorta started doodling. the fact of the matter is tho, i didnt keep their initial designs for very long. they’re literally always changing, even still. i try to keep up with trends too. 2013 ocs were always so dark too, like??? i even fell victim to that. idk why

my story has been a wip ever since i drew these guys 3-somethin years ago, too. the biggest reason for this is cause i change interests so fast. when im into something, like futurama, star trek, gta v, 80s aesthetics, certain bands, etc., i tend to put a little bit of that into my writing/drawings. 

Also, the main trio symbolize me in different aspects, like:

 Florence-my love for grunge and 80s shit (shes build to represent the 50s, but her heart lives in the 80s)

 Riley-my love for pastel pink and my uh.. stupidity haha. I’m not very book smart, if im being honest. 

Stellone- my insecurities and my extreme addiction for coffee.

i also incorporate lgbt issues in this story and issues involving mental illnesses and how to cope with them. nothing too deep though, i’m trying to keep it light and not super preachy… or get myself into trouble with something that i havent personally had to deal with.

the plot itself revolves around the characters and the decisions they make in life. it’s set about 400 years in the future. riley grows up in seattle and his moms rescue stellone from an abusive household. 15 years later, riley befriends florence and realizes shes got unique dreams and aspirations. she cant leave the diner tho because robots dont have a lot of rights. stellone meets his s.o. named leona. leona is a journalist who’s trying to defund the artificial intelligence corp. later, a couple of lowlife criminals stroll thru florence’s diner claiming that they can set her free, as long as she works for them. riley knows none of this, until it’s too late. (this is basically “season one”, so i’ll leave it at that)

tldr: i p much just write what i know. my 3 main characters are kinda like me in 3 different ways. the plot revolves around the decisions the characters make. my favorite things are usually incorporated in my writing in some way or another.

I don’t know why but for some reason I really feel so inspired and motivated in life lately. There’s a lot of things that I wanna do. And just make them happen. I wanna venture into business and like create a clothing line. I have a cousin who works in the garments industry and have asked for her help. I’m into everything Korean nowadays, be it the makeup or their clothing, and oh how I love Korean food and of course let’s not forget about Kdramas. So that would be sort of my peg in the clothing line that I want to make. I still have to think of a name though and create my branding.

I wanted to have a business on the side aside from my day job. A little extra money could help me to earn more so I could also upgrade my equipments (aka my laptop and pen tablet). I’ve been wanting to buy myself a new laptop. Mine’s getting really slow already and I wanted a bigger screen so it would be easier for me to do my artworks. My pen tablet also gave up on me a year ago. I miss doing some sketches on my pen tablet and it’s much faster and easier doing vectors if I have one. So I would really love to replace them with a new one.

This year I have transformed into a different kind of person. I feel like I’ve matured so much and got like business minded of some sort. What I really want to do in the future is have my own events company. But I don’t think its doable at the moment. So I’m sticking first to something I know I can do and afford to put up with just a small capital. To be honest, I hate asking money from my parents. Even back in highscool, whenever I want to buy something as much as possible I save up or if it’s too pricey I ask my mom if we could split the bill. And ever since I started working, I pay for everything that I buy. I really work hard so I could get the things I want. I just hope that everything I’m planning would be a total success :-)

Opinion on Ah Ro and the Love Triangle that Ruins the Drama

I have seen a few comments evolving around Go Ara’s character in Hwarang and how she gets some negativity because of the love triangle and how her character is “annoying”. So I have to write about this because it really bothers me.
At the beginning she seemed like an independent female character that can rely on herself but the writers ruined it with this love triangle and how both male leads want to control and protect her. (Like what happened to her story telling career? That was pretty interesting to me, why doesn’t she continue that in the Hwarang house?)
I especially dislike how they treat this thing with Ah Ro and Sam Maekjong. I know many people are into it but to me it’s a no no. Sam Maekjong’s most interesting story line is how he struggles with his mother and how he wants to get the throne. It’s really unnecessary to put this much impact into his love life and how he is just being so aggressive and pushy towards Ah Ro who clearly put him in the friendzone not once. And the writers just ruin his character with this plot. And it’s getting harder to watch as Sam Maekjong and Sun Woo are slowly becoming friends and I honestly would be the happiest if these two would become longterm good friends to each other regardless of this inconvenient love triangle. Which is probably not going to last long because soon Sam Maekjong will realize that he is not her brother and he will be jealous and Sun Woo will realize who truly the king is and that means revenge
One of the many reasons why I root for Ah Ro and Sun Woo because at least their romance is developing slowly and there is nothing pushy or aggressive about it. I know many people state there is no chemistry between the two, but to me this kind of trusting in each other and helping out each other is lot more attractive than a sudden ‘I’m going to kill everyone who hurts you and you need to stay by me so I can sleep in peace’ sort of thing. But I can understand that too because Sam Maekjong probably didn’t learn how to love properly as there was no one who showed him that and who truly cared about him (other than his 22 year old bodyguard… I love that guy). He also probably got everything in his life that he wanted (except for a loving mother and the throne) so it’s new to him that this girl is keep rejecting him. On the other hand, Sun Woo did learn how to love and be cared for at least by Ah Ro’s real brother who was there with him through good and bad. So we need to consider this too when we look at their actions. 
And don’t get me wrong, I’m very interested in the King’s story and I love to learn more about him, but that’s the thing. We don’t get as much development for his main story, but more like about his love life. And it causes trouble not just for Sam Maekjong but for Ah Ro especially, whose life is in danger now because of him. 
So I don’t know how things will develop in the next six episodes, but there isn’t a lot left and I feel like we are not progressing. Also, this is about the Hwarangs and I think they don’t get as much screen time as they should. And I think I’m not alone with this who would love to see so much more about the story of Hansung’s family, Sooho’s love interest for the Queen, Ban Ryu’s family drama and crush for Sooho’s sister, and like basically anything about Yeo Wool because do we know anything about him other than that he is fabulous and radiates rainbows from himself? But looking at the teaser for tomorrow’s episode, we might get something more but it’s just slow at developing and this is definitely not how I imagined that 75% of the show will focus on this unnecessary love triangle. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Goodbye 2NE1

So this is late and everything but I just need to say that Dara sounded absolutely BEAUTIFUL in Goodbye. Even though she didn’t have many lines every time she sang it was SO beautiful! 2ne1 has been my bias group since I was like 12 and so I love them all to death - but Dara has always been my bias. I’ve always felt she was underrated for not being their strongest singer but I love her voice and I hope she will keep singing because it blew me away in this song !

It had been so long since I heard Park Bom’s voice - I literally got chills because she’s been gone so long. She was literally perfect and I missed hearing her voice… it made me really sad that she hasn’t been able to sing for so long. For some reason I thought the song was just CL and Dara so I like audibly gasped when she showed up I was so shook. She’ll always be my inspiration ❤️ I’ll miss her and I hope she returns somehow, someway, soon.

I got to see CL at her American tour a couple months ago and I remember feeling as if something was missing, that it felt strange she was on stage alone. I felt like in Goodbye you could really feel her emotion and strength and she gets a lot of shit but tbh she was 2NE1’S leader all through this time and I feel like people should just appreciate that. She’s evolved over the years from cutesy and adorable to such a fierce and independent woman and I am SO ready for her to take on the world.

And Minzy, I can’t say how much of an INSPIRATION she has been from entering the industry in such a young age, to doing what’s best for her (leaving YG) when people don’t give her the credit she deserves or realize her potential. She is such a strong independent woman and I will always be rooting her on! The song had a emptiness without her :(

I look back at 2NE1’s old songs and some of them definitely had a role in shaping my life. I remember first getting into Kpop; Dara’s Kiss and Bom’s You and I were my girl anthems! I remember watching Go Away (probably my favorite song of theirs) and feeling so empowered when the jerk in the video was dragged by CL. 2NE1 taught me girl empowerment. As an young Asian woman, they taught me that we could be strong and be leading woman in the entertainment industry.
They inspired me with their humbleness and drive. I’ll never be able to forget 2NE1, and I thank them for everything they’ve given me!

BlackJack forever 💗

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“just don’t cry. just don’t fucking cry.”

(WOW i’m only doing select requests from this list now bc i have over 20 and this one caught my eye)


(from adam’s point of view)

break ups had never been this painful, this hard, this unsure. she didn’t really give a solid reason for it, just that “it would be easier that way.” maybe for her, but i was in misery. luckily, she’d done it in person while we had a break, so i had a few days to process it and recover in private. but then we had a show.

i had been doing fine the entire set, only having to blink away when i would see a girl that at first glance i thought was her, and occasionally focusing in on just the music i was playing rather than lines that i know she loved to sing. but when we came out to play medicine, and the stage around me glowed orange, and i felt that familiar ache in my chest. this was her favorite song of ours. she had told me that before we had even met, she connected with this song. so of course it would be hell to play for the next 6 minutes or so.

this song had always made me want to cry, but my heart was so heavy that if i started i might never stop. “just don’t cry. don’t fucking cry,” i muttered to myself as i turned around momentarily to avoid being seen. but when i turned back around, people were waving their phone flashlights in the air, and i couldn’t be strong anymore. as matty sang “i adore you,” a quiet sound came from my mouth as i bent over my guitar, and i wiped my eyes. a little bit of red eye makeup came off on my fingers, but i didn’t care. i missed her too much.

people are talking about how giving tracer a “I love my gf” voice line or having her talk about emily in game would be ‘stereotypical’ or ‘reducing her character to just being gay’ but like

this is the character so incapable of shutting up that she’s the only hero to have banter with herself. she would absolutely talk about emily to the point where it annoys everybody else.


What your father did to you, the choices I had to make.

You know what I really loved about Alex’s coming out scene?

Is that not only was it written truthfully but it was also meant to be for Alex and not to propel the ship forward.

Maggie just stood there and listened to Alex, she didn’t make a move on her. Alex didn’t kiss Maggie just for the sake of it. This is like the one time I’m glad that a f/f ship didn’t kiss.

Yes, Sanvers is gonna happen but let’s not rush it. We have time. This story line is Alex’s and I’m so glad we are getting it in it’s full extension and complexity without diverging to another plot line.


“We are at a lap dance. It’s a celebrity lap dance, which is where celebrities of all shapes and ages sign autographs for cash prices. It’s sort of like going to a strip club, except they don’t stuff cash in your underwear. But that’s… kind of it. […] They love [Leia] and I’m her custodian, and I’m as close as you’re gonna get. She’s me and I’m her.” – Carrie Fisher

“So this is one of those things we go to… at least once a month. Kind of a mini Comic-Con. Carrie resisted these lap dances for years. But… it’s amazing. You see these thousands of people behind me? They line up in 9 in the morning, they’ll stay here until 9 o’clock at night just to have two seconds with Carrie.” – Carrie’s assistant


Have you noticed that Zarya copies other heroes’ lines when she respawns?
Like, she copies Zenyatta when she says “A temporary set back”, Mercy when she says “A speedy recovery”, and D.va when she says (in a mocking voice) “Uh-uh, I am not a good loser”,  as if she wants to make her teammates laugh

and this…………. this just makes me love her even more