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Hi there! Um can I request Team Voltron's reactions to a rather fat/chunky S/O who thinks they don't deserve to be with each voltron members (Including Coran and Allura, please and thank you!)

sure! these hc’s will be shorter since it’s so many characters ahah sorry <3 enjoy! (sorry it took so long fffff-)


> He wouldn’t see anything wrong with it since he himself is on the bigger side even though he isn’t necessarily chunky. But even so he would make sure that they know it’s okay and they shouldn’t let their body image get to them.

> Always sure to use the same reminder that they’re in space and everyone looks different so it’s alright! No one would judge them harshly since everyone doesn’t have the same beauty standards as Earth.

> Hates when they feel so low about themself and voices how they think they don’t deserve Hunk. He genuinely feels bad and does anything in his power to make them feel better. Most of the time it’s making healthy meals that they can share.

> Helps them find a good balanced diet so they feel happier about their body but honestly even then he doesn’t think that they should change themself. They’re cute the way they are and he wouldn’t give them up for anything! 

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> Even though he can’t necessarily relate to the insecurities of his body image, he knows what it feels like to be down in the dumps every now and then and whenever his s/o is upset over it he’d do a lot of goofy things to make them feel better. 

> Appearance of his s/o doesn’t matter to him honestly. He only cares about his own appearance and that’s mostly just hair/skincare which is totally different in his opinion. Speaking of hair/skincare, he’d take his partners mind off of their sadness by also doing face masks together and listening to music.

> Would constantly reassure them that they belong together whether they’re feeling unhappy or not. He’d definitely use his pickup lines to do it to. “Now that I’ve traveled across the galaxy and seen all the different people, I know in my heart that you’re still the one for me. 

> Lance would hate having to watch his s/o breakdown and sometimes he’d sneakily get them to Blue, pull them into the cockpit with him and have them sit on his lap for a calming ride in space.

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> She’s most likely shorter than her s/o and to be perfectly honest this will be the one time she loves being short. She thinks her s/o gives the best hugs like they’re so warm and they feel like home!!

> She would have some trouble trying to understand the body image insecurity and the two often end up talking it out. She gets a better understanding of it with each conversation and she’s thankful that they’re willing to open up to her.

> Would do cute nerdy tech things to make them feel better about themself. It mostly includes Rover drifting over to them with sweet notes attached by a string if she’s feeling a little shy. 

> Pidge would only love to cuddle with her s/o and them only. She would hug them in any way possible, hold them close whenever their near each other, keep their hands always locked together, and so on and so forth. She would hold onto them and never let go for hours.

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> It would be kind of hard for him to help his s/o get over their insecurities because he deals with a lot of emotional damage himself but slowly, steadily they would help each other in little ways. Him telling them their the best that’s happened to him. Them saying that they feel like there’s no one else meant for them. It’s small but sappy.

> He would hate not being able to do anything so he goes to the others for advice and they all tell him contradicting things which only makes him even more unsure of what to do. He decides to hype the hell outta his s/o in whatever they’re wearing.

> He’d be sure to do it privately most of the time though or whispers it in their ear and makes sure that they’re feeling happy and confident with themself no matter what.

> Keith loves when they show off and makes sure that they always feel that way. He knows that they don’t think that they belong together and it hurts him but he understands why. He feels the same way but they come together and make each other feel more secure about themselves.

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> He would notice the change of behavior almost immediately without having to have his s/o tell him. Even so, he would ask what was wrong and find a secluded place to talk, most likely his room. 

> He’d hate to have to watch it happen but he’d offer a lot of physical comfort and wise words in hopes that would make them feel better. He’d reassure them that he wouldn’t want anyone different. He’d keep them with him as long as they needed to as well.

> Shiro wouldn’t want to leave them alone when they feel so low but would if they needed some time to themself.

> He would litter his s/o with kisses whenever he could just because he loves them so much and wants to show it in anyway possible. This is his absolute favorite way to do so and would do it constantly. It usually ends in the two of them giggling like idiots but it’s too precious so no one stops them.

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> He really wouldn’t understand what beauty standards are in the first place. But, it would still hurt his heart that his partner would think that he should be with someone else because he believes they were just made for each other.

> Hates it when they’re feeling upset over their weight because it’s just a number to him (but if it effects their health then he would do the best he could to help train them and make good meals).

> He’s known for his wise words but he would be so speechless to hear what his s/o thinks of themself when he finds them to be so perfect. He’d offer them some very sincere words from his heart in hopes of making them feel better.

> Coran genuinely would do anything in his power to help his s/o because he holds them so dearly.

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> Like Coran, she wouldn’t understand the beauty standard concept either because that’s not how her people were raised. Just thinking of being so judgmental makes her incredibly angry and she’d argue with anyone who agrees with the high expectations.

> Allura would adjust to helping her s/o feel confident and happy 24/7 but would also be there for them when they aren’t feeling at their best.

> She’d be very quiet about it though, only offering a physical touch or two before showering them with sweet and innocent affection. She wouldn’t stop until a smile comes to their face.

> Each time it happens she reminds them that they’re together for a reason and that she wouldn’t cut them off for such a silly reason. She’d cup their cheeks so they’d pout and call them cute until they giggled, she’d laugh too and give them more light kisses.

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I'm tired, kinda sick, hungry, and forced to be at school. Could you write me some cute headcanons? I don't care what they're about.

((girl… you can have as many headcanons as you desire. now let me introduce you to alabama native!peter simmonds and new yorker!jason mcconnell 🙌🏼))

• peter actually enjoys college football and is most likely an alabama fan

• his family lives in a small but very rich town where there’s nothing but big, fancy homes, each sitting on 50+ acres of land

• you wanna talk about living in bumfuck eqypt? come to alabama, where it takes you 30 minutes to get to the nearest gas station and another 20 on top of that to get to walmart

• he has a horse named hamlet :) hamlet tries to bite jason the first time they meet (he’s a jealous horse)

• peter says “y'all” and “bless your/his/her/their heart(s)” all the fucking time and everyone thinks it’s a compliment at first, but jason knows the truth

• matt thinks peter’s accent sounds funny when they’re like 11 or 12 and he makes fun of him for it, but peter just claps back and asks him why his hairline is already receding


• jason is just… so enamored with this little southern firecracker and can’t get enough of him

• all of peter’s old friends from back home know about him being gay and beg him to bring jason to alabama so they can finally meet him and threaten jason’s life if he hurts their best friend
- “did they threaten you in any way, honey?”
- *laughs nervously* “nope! they were nice!”

• peter drives a truck (cue jason drooling everywhere) and definitely has some mean ass road rage because everyone drives like they’re in the fucking fast and the furious down here, especially on backroads

• driving down backroads and there’s so. much. green. and so. many. ANIMALS. especially cows. jason’s in heaven.

• going to bonfires with peter’s childhood friends
- jason just thought he could handle his alcohol
- he is a lightweight compared to these people
- peter tried to warn him…

• jason swears he’s dying of a heatstroke every second he’s outside
- “sweetheart, it’s only 85°”

• getting caught up on all the small town gossip because honey, there is A LOT of gossip
- jason can’t keep up with aunt betty sue’s ex-husband’s affair with his brother’s wife

• peter defies the stereotype of southerners speaking slow and low and jason didn’t think he could talk any faster. boy howdy, was he proven wrong.

• THICKENED ACCENT WHEN PETER IS HOME (cue more drooling jason because that accent does some things to his soul)

going to the lake or the river for the day
- peter driving a boat (jason: 🤤)
- peter skiing and wakeboarding

• local diners with the best food jason has ever tasted
- “why am i just now eating cornbread?! this shit’s amazing!”

• fourth of july date 😍

• going on horseback riding trails once jason finally gets the hang of sitting on the saddle without falling off


• dealing with that one homophobic kid that peter hated growing up

• jason beating that guy’s ass for being a dick to peter at a party (ง •̀_•́)ง

• sneaking into bars to go listen to bands

• peter singing at a bar one night like he used to do every summer


• going to atlanta baseball games together

going down to gulf shores together to peter’s family’s beach house

• no cell service = high strung jason

• outside concerts galore

• these two idiots actually getting to love each other and not be harshly judged like people assume (because, contrary to popular belief, southerners are not as publicly nasty about homophobia as people believe)

• peter: “we need to have sex in the truck bed”
- “why?”
- “because… aesthetic, baby”
- turns out it’s kind of uncomfortable but they laugh about it

• peter is damn good at cooking (obvs) and jason finally gets to see peter really cook with an unlimited amount of food unlike back at school

• peter teaching jason how to cook 😌 it turns out to be a disaster, but at least he tried

((ok…. now let’s talk about new yorker!jason for a minute…))

• hockey fanatic and more than likely a rangers fan

• probs a new york mets fan when it comes to baseball

• prefers walking everywhere because the subway and taxis are gross af

• most likely lives in a nice loft in tribeca or somewhere of that nature

• he takes peter to his first broadway show, a baseball game, AND a hockey game when he comes to visit during spring break

• shopping spree in soho 😏 jason does not even give a shit about how much peter spends and just lets him loose in every store possible
- try to prove that he does this out of spite against his parents by maxing out all of their credit cards

• “so living here is why you walk so fast… WILL YOU SLOW DOWN?!”

• peter will never be satisfied with domino’s pizza ever again

• jason is a walking encyclopedia of new york city

• peter really really REALLY likes jason’s yankee accent when he sees him in his element 😛

• jason likes being super high up on skyscrapers and it scares the ever living shit out of peter

• so. many. PEOPLE. what the FUCK.

• peter freaking the fuck out at seeing every single one of his favorite celebrities just… walking by him…. jason is used to it at this point.

- “that’s it. i’m never going back to alabama.”

• peter is not used to all of the sirens, car horns, and yelling people when he sleeps, but jason is knocked the fuck out and sleeping like a baby

• jason always gives money to street performers when he can because he’s a nice person and peter is all 😍 because of it

• jason makes fun of peter for hating the cold
- “peter, it’s only 40° out”

((this post could go on forever, but here’s some of he best ones 😌 hope you have a better day, my dear! 💕))

everyone keeps saying how larry isn’t trying to help connor but the truth is he is trying, he just has no clue how to help his son the three adults are trying to help their teenagers, just in different ways based on their knowledge how to and it’s reflective of their jobs. heidi is a nurse so she knows all about mental health and treatments due to being in the hospital so she gets evan his needed therapy and medication, but she’s also a student so she’s stressed which can lead to her not thinking her actions through 100% (ex: yelling at evan during good for you she knows yelling at someone with anxiety is never good) and can gloss over important small details thinking they’re nothing (ex: evan going off his medication, how he’s much more stand offish to her in act 2, how abandoned he might feel when she tells him she can’t pick him up after school on the first day when she promised him she’d be home and they’d spend the night together ((i’m pretty sure it’s because another shift opened up so she took it.)) heidi has the most knowledge of mental illnesses out of the three adults, but she still has her faults. cynthia is confirmed to be a housewife/unemployed but she goes out and is probably apart of one of those housewives groups and does yoga (she carries a yoga mat during wtaw) this means the world probably comes easy for her. she isn’t exposed to the awfulness of the world like heidi and her children are at school because she’s mostly at home or with other woman in the same boat as her. she doesn’t understand the horribleness of depression and mental illnesses and doesn’t think of how terminal and dangerous they can be. she thinks it’s just a phase because she’s not exposed to that type of stuff. she also believes the body is a powerhouse, able to control everything, shown, through the yoga and healthy fads, and that connor being angry all the time is his choice when it’s the chemicals his brain is producing without having any control over itself. larry’s job isn’t confirmed (i think) but it’s canon that it has to do with business/law and in that world it’s kill or be killed. you can’t show any faults or weaknesses or else you won’t survive to see tomorrow so that’s what he knows. he see connor as just some rebellious kid who doesn’t want to follow any rules while in his profession, it’s all pretty much rules and guidelines. he is exposed to anger, unlike cynthia, but not the type of anger connor deals with. he deals with angry business men who get angry over someone spilling coffee or being late to a meeting while connor deals with anger he can’t control. larry is used to being able to control everything (or least have an effect on everything) so if connor tells him he can’t control his emotions, it’s something foreign to larry and his mindset. in to break in a glove, he says he tried to do what’s best for a kid who’s lost his way and it’s pretty obvious his best isn’t a lot, but that’s because connor wasn’t trying either shown in requiem when he says “i gave you the world you threw it away.” larry probably tried to reach out to his son, but connor pushed him away. leading back to the business man thing, you can’t show sympathy or give too many second chances because you’ll be stepped on like a doormat so larry treats him the same way because that’s how his brain is wired.

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I was wondering. What do you think of the game's treatment of Rinkah? I know that Rinkah and the Flame Tribe are supposed to be based on Oni, but the way IntSys went about it is pretty gross.

I have Many Thoughts.

I think in part Rinkah gets thrown under the bus due to the lack of attention that the game pays to the tribes. Granted, the games don’t dwell on any place for more than two seconds, but considering the overarching context of the plot(s), it seems a little silly to create all kinds of places with “unique traditions” just to ignore them once you’ve recruited “representation” from them. (IMO Cheve doesn’t count since it isn’t separated from the rest of the in-game world by being referred to as a tribe.)

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I find it really sad that the other anon who talked about Arya and Maisie Williams seems to think that being a Sansa fans mean wanting to undermine Arya (and presumably, that being an Arya fan means wanting to undermine Sansa). I realize there are fans of both girls who do this, and it's a problem that shouldn't be ignored, but is it really so hard to believe that many people love Sansa AND Arya?

This is just my interpretation, I’m positive there are many factors at play (some of which I elected to leave out.) But this is my view on what’s going on with this-

I wrote about loving both Stark sisters before actually because someone literally felt compelled to ask me “can’t we love both?” because of how some of the fandom reacts to them. 

This fandom (and many to be honest) have an obsession with binaries and dichotomies even when they don’t really exist. The Stark sisters may be the best example in some ways, but they are in no ways the only one:

  • Stannis vs. Dany- you can’t possibly like both and think both are accomplished rulers with different skill sets that make them competent and capable of ruling people
  • Sansa vs. Tyrion- you can’t possibly feel sorry for both Sansa and Tyrion during their farcical wedding. I mean clearly condoning Sansa’s refusal to kneel means you don’t feel sorry enough for Tyrion’s humiliation and sympathizing with Tyrion’s frustration and shame in that moment means you aren’t appropriately sorry for Sansa’s pain
  • Starks vs. Lannisters- you can’t possibly recognize that both are sympathetic in their own ways and that it’s more than a right and wrong/black and white scenario 

It goes on. Without a doubt, there will always be forced binaries (because we are supposed to sympathize and appreciate both halves of all these wholes) that people just run with. 

Arya is my favorite character in the whole series, I think most people have picked up on that by now. Sansa is my second favorite female character (she switches on and off with Jon for my second favorite character overall though.) I have never had an issue with loving both because I find both very relatable. I didn’t even realize there was such a divide in the fandom while reading. Of course, I have two sisters (two years younger an done year older) and Sansa/Arya’s relationship really resonates with me- I have been the older sister and the younger sister, I have felt compared to my sisters all the time (especially by my parents,) and I have definitely both been the sister who feels like she’s in the shadow of her sister’s greatness/beauty/effortless social skills (like Arya) and also the sister who feels that my parents coddle and have lower expectations for my sister(s) so that I felt I never got as much recognition as my sister(s) got for their lesser accomplishments (like Sansa.) Plus, I really related to trusting the wrong people (like Sansa) and feeling like an outcast (like Arya.)

The funny thing about this whole Sansa vs. Arya debate is that they’re not even competition and haven’t been since book 1 (if they ever were.) I mean it’s not like they are on opposite sides, they’ll both succeed if they survive, reunite with their family (i.e. each other,) and regain the North. It’s not an either or situation. This isn’t like Cersei vs. Dany for instance. It’s not like either Sansa or Arya lives/thrives/survives, they both can and would be happier if both do so I honestly don’t get it. 

I think unfortunately it’s part of (or a result of really) sexism. I always try to fight against this idea that female characters need to be pitted against each other, because unfortunately they often are. I don’t buy it’s because of Arya and Sansa’s rivalry in AGoT because that was so inconsequential in the grand scheme of things and not at all on the magnitude of the fandom’s Arya vs. Sansa-ing.

But back to the sexism, have you ever noticed that male characters are defined more by what they do and deeper characteristics (witty, heroic, cunning, strong, ect.) while female characters tend to be forced into binaries? They are judged by superficial things- their level of femininity, their attractiveness, and their relation to male characters- often enough.

Are they a “girly girl” or a “tomboy” (like what??? besides the fact that these terms really are so absurd anyway, have you ever met a girl and immediately categorized them by how feminine they are? no? maybe because that’s so weird, there’s so much more to a woman than how many “macho” traits they possess to you, because women are complex and humans, they cannot be categorized so simply.)

And that’s not even getting into the issue to define a female character by their relation to male characters (the hero’s love interest, the sidekick’s sister, the villain’s daughter, ect.)

There’s a reason that an entire concept (the Mary Sue) was created to hate on women who otherwise have no qualities to take issue with as a fictional character. I mean Mary Sues are basically Batman (see this article for details.)

My point is that it’s probably a combination of sexism (or reactions towards it) and these forced binaries that fandoms are so fond of.

'legally blonde: the musical' starters
  • "I'm doing this for love, and that's how I'll survive."
  • "I grew up in the [city] slums, with my mom and a series of bums."
  • "You know why cheerleaders always get the guy and keep the guy?"
  • "A girl sweet as you has a future."
  • "That's a good school!"
  • "He's a lucky guy."
  • "Mazel tov!"
  • "I think he should be shot."
  • "Three words - spring break cabana!"
  • "It'll wreck your senior spring."
  • "You're breaking up with me?"
  • "How is this helping?"
  • "Is he gay or European?"
  • "This wouldn't work if I tried all day."
  • "Just try it once, and he'll buy you a drink!"
  • "Happy people don't just shoot their husbands! They just don't!"
  • "Whoever said tangerine was the new pink was seriously disturbed."
  • "I thought you were proposing!"
  • "Each time [name] walks in the door, your IQ goes down to forty... maybe less."
  • "Bring that ring back and show it to me!"
  • "It's 99.99% effective on straight men."
  • "I'd never sleep with a man in a thong!"
  • "Sure, I broke his nose, but I got to spend 4 and a half hours with him in the ER and in the ambulance! It was the most romantic time of my life!"
  • "Look, do it, and I'll go away."
  • "It was a move designed by cheerleaders to break the will of the other team."
  • "I see the problem here, and it's not physical. It's spiritual."
  • "Don't forget, I got into this school, too."
  • "Now, you may have heard the same rumors I did. '[Name] is ruthless, s/he bathes in the blood of sheep!' Well, rest assured, those rumors are only partially true."
  • "My word means something."
  • "Check, please."
  • "Keep it positive!"
  • "Fine, I'll pay your way if you get in."
  • "Back the hell out of her way!"
  • "When I'm wrong, then I say I'm wrong, and I was wrong about you."
  • "I think I'm here to stay."
  • "I crash and burn ten times a day."
  • "Cheerleaders scare me."
  • "He's gay! Totally gay!"
  • "We'll never look good trying to make each other look bad..."
  • "I may be in love, but I'm not stupid."
  • "I bought a new salon. We also feature dog grooming!"
  • "Now we have two kids - and one more on the way!"
  • "I'm not quite sure where this metaphor's going."
  • "Maybe [name] saw someone who was sleeping her way to the top, but I see a woman that doesn't have to."
  • "The answer could take weeks..."
  • "It has not worked out well. I wish that I were dead."
  • "Love led you here?"
  • "How many yachts can one man own?"
  • "I got through law school by busting my ass."
  • "[Name] quit. Said s/he makes more modelling anyhow."
  • "Omigod, you guys!"
  • "I need to marry someone serious - less of a Marilyn, more of a Jackie."
  • "I hoped that you'd understand..."
  • "Depending on the time of day, the French go either way."
  • "Hey, don't look at me."
  • "I've got a package."
  • "[Name] scares the crap out of me."
  • "Oh, so I'm not good enough for you?"
  • "What rich, romantic planet are you from?"
  • "I'm from [city]! I'm not exactly trailer trash!"
  • "No man/woman should be denied his/her dog!"
  • "You stalked some guy to an Ivy League school?"
  • "You're a perfect match, 'cause you both got such great taste in clothes."
  • "Pull her hair and call her 'whore'!"
  • "That's so sweet!"
  • "I haven't slept since [year]."
  • "You're fired."
  • "They're just like that couple from Titanic - only no one dies."
  • "Two jobs plus law school?!"
  • "That's it! I'm not covering for you anymore!"
  • "You can laugh, but she's made tons off her DVD and book."
  • "See if you can place a little sense in the space between her ears."
  • "This isn't some little sorority thing!"
  • "[Name] has trouble trusting me."
  • "There s/he is! Intern of the year!"
  • "I don't speak MTV."
  • "I don't go to parties a lot."
  • "Could it be the real thing in your way is the very guy you're trying to impress?"
  • "Didn't your mother ever tell you not to judge a book by its cover?"
  • "People have judged me my whole life."
  • "You know I'm right."
  • "I'm not about to celebrate."
  • "I gotta go get my asthma spray."
  • "If there ever was a perfect couple, this one qualifies!"
  • "We love you guys!"